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Nafe and Wati in the Diary Room: Big Brother StarGame
2012-05-10 23:09:00
Nafe leads in mate-memory game in Big Brother
2012-05-10 23:07:00
Looks like Malawi has started its game well in the nearly one week old Big Brother Stargame showdown. On Tuesday Alinafe ‘Nafe’ Kulemeka, detailed issues about his game-mate, Watipaso ‘Wati’ Kulemeka when Biggie challenged the Housemates to express how well they know their home partner. Nafe, 22, answered all the five questions correctly, describing partner Wati, also 22 to beat the other contestants in the later afternoon Downville task. Lee, Jannette, Ola and Julio goofed along, with Hilda proving herself a drama queen on the hot seat. Nafe saved Wati from the agony of ‘electrocution’ in the hot seat. Nafe: in Big Brother house “She was in tears as she got ‘electrocuted’ whenever her country-mate, Julio got the answers wrong, “…and so far Nafe rules the roost,” said Big Brother Stargame website. The Area 47 Housemate answered right Wati’s shoe size and favourite colours, among other questions put up. T...
2012-05-01 22:23:00
Good News: Enrico Colantoni’s schedule just opened up for a return to PERSON OF INTEREST earlier than expected. Bad News: With today’s news that saw CTV announce that the upcoming fifth season will be FLASHPOINT’s last. [Source] Good News: Netflix has expressed interest in reviving yet another canceled fan favorite. Bad News: Is anyone outside of Skeet Ulrich’s agent seriously itching for the return of JERICHO? [Source] Good News: ABC has announced plans to take on the likes of CBS’ good-for-nothing BIG BROTHER this summer. Bad News: With a virtual carbon copy of the hit CBS reality skein called THE GLASS HOUSE. D’oh! [Source]
Imogen Thomas New Face of Slimsticks
2012-04-18 19:05:00
Big Brother star and former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas is the new celebrity spokesperson for weight-loss aid brand Slimsticks. The 29-year-old TV personality has been using Slimsticks and has already dropped a dress size (from size 12 to 10). The sizzling Welsh newsmaker has long confessed to having problems keeping her weight under control. Thomas said: My problem is ...
Ai Wei Wei installs live webcams in home - Artists winks at Chinese authori
2012-04-04 13:55:00
Artist Ai Wei Wei has installed live webcams in his home so that authorities - and worried supporters - can keep track of his day-to-day whereabouts and welfare. Feeling hemmed in by increasingly invasive state surveillance - being followed day-to-day, round-the-clock surveillance on his home, searches of his studio, phone taps, opening his mail -- Wei Wei decided to go the extra step and demonstrate that he has no secrets, despite the Chinese government's persistent paranoia.
Slater Young, Big Winner on Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited
2012-03-31 17:40:00
Slater Young is the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited, beating Pamu Pamorada who placed 2nd, Biggel who was 3rd and Paco, 4th. A shirtless Slater Young (Photo Credit: Elite Icons via...
Joseph Biggel is 3rd Big Placer on Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited
2012-03-31 17:19:00
Joseph Biggel or simply Biggel has just been named as 3rd Big Placer on Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Big Night. Fil-German Joseph Emil Biggel, the "Promdihirang Tisoy" from Marinduque, got 21.39% of...
Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Unlimited "Big Winner" Online Poll Results has Slat
2012-03-31 15:45:00
Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Unlimited Big Night at the Grandstand is happening tonight, March 31, 2012. Who among Joseph Biggel, Paco Evangelista, Pamu Pamorada and Slater Young will be named as BB...
Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited's Big 4 housemates named
2012-03-28 17:13:00
Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited's last eviction has just happened earlier revealing the most unfortunate housemate to be evicted with only 3 days left before the Big Night. And that housemate is the...
The inevitable results of a government grown beyond its limits
2012-03-27 15:47:00
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Government To Play Big Brother With Our Mobile Phones: What About Privacy?
2012-02-17 10:35:00
The Indian Government has indicated that it plans to track the locations of all mobile phone users in the coming years. The Government unveiled a new Telecom policy yesterday which specifies that tracking user’s location is a high priority task. As per the amendments made to the old policy, operators are supposed to comply with the Government’s demands to provide the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) with location data on its users starting May 31st. Initially, real time location stats will be provided by the operators only for the numbers specified by the Government. According the plan, operators will have to supply all the user’s location details in 3 years. The India Express has obtained documents that outline the details of this planned roll-out. The location data may have a margin of error at first but they are expecting that buy 2013, 60% of the calls placed in urban areas will be accurately tracked within 100 metres of a cell tower. This will increase by 2014 to 75...
By: WATblog
Big Brother Google start privacy campagne
2012-01-30 07:02:00
Zoekmachine Google is zich bewust van de negatieve Big Brother bijklank en start een privacy campagne.
By: SpyBlog
Big Brother Google start privacy campagne
2012-01-30 07:02:00
Zoekmachine Google is zich bewust van de negatieve Big Brother bijklank en start een privacy campagne.
By: SpyBlog
Judge sends Kentucky Amish men to jail over fines
2012-01-12 22:35:00
Judge sends Kentucky Amish men to jail over fines MAYFIELD, Ky. (AP) – A group of Amish men were sent to jail in western Kentucky Thursday for refusing to pay fines for breaking a state highway law that requires their … Continue reading →
Orwell was Right - Big Brother Is Alive And Well
2011-12-17 19:19:00
It was around the mid 60’s that that I had to face the right of passage for virtually every school kid, reading George Orwell’s 1984. It was a gloomy picture that Orwell painted. Personal freedom had been eroded, people were mere slaves to the will of the privileged few. Unfortunately Orwell did to an extent write ...
Big Brother loves America's sneaky Mercury/Pluto duo
2011-12-16 17:04:00
US Mercury/Pluto, Eyes in the Sky, & Codes of Thomas Jeffersonby Jude CowellThese days it's easy to find mentions of America's dynamic natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (July 4, 1776) wherever you go (iPhone/iPad tracking; GPS) or whatever you read (emails/online articles/feeds) so I'm passing on to you a link to Wendy McElroy's article which strikes just such a Big Brother, Mercury/Pluto tone so familiar to life in America. Thomas Jefferson: Crypto-Rebel? covers current conditions along with a brief consideration of America's original postal service and the government's reading of colonial mail.Well, the 'Seer of Monticello'--Thomas Jefferson--is known, among other titles, as the Father of American Cryptography thanks to his lifelong interest in codes and ciphers. In fact, a Rosicrucian decoder was found amongst his effects after his demise--there was a Rosicrucian colony around Philadelphia in those days. (Founding Fathers, Secret Societies, Robert Hieronymous with Laura Cort...
Is "Big Brother" the Way to Go for Infection Control?
2011-12-02 15:14:00
Infection control is a major issue in any facility, and staff hand hygiene (lets not forget visitors) is a critical, although not the only, part of the control picture. But is real-time "live" surveillance the best way to track compliance with hand hygiene policies? Are the reported results worth th
Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited housemates revealed!
2011-10-29 17:25:00
The 4th Season of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB Unlimited) has premiered Saturday night, October 29, 2011, on ABS-CBN and introduced 14 new housemates for us to love or hate on the coming days. Among the...
More POV Spoilers for Big Brother 13
2011-08-31 12:15:00
Tonight?s taped episode of Big Brother 13 will cover the POV contest and meeting. As we know from Sunday?s show, Porsche is HOH and nominated Rachel and Jordan for eviction. BUT…, Porsche also opened Pandora?s Box. While she won $10,000, that she has to split with another house guest, by opening the box she revived the ?Duo Twist? from earlier this season. Everybody paired up, Porsche with Kalia, Rachel with Jordan and Adam got stuck with Shelly. No Julie Chen tonight but she?ll be on Thursday for the live eviction episode. Image Credit: APEGA / As we saw on Sunday, the whole Shelly betrayal of the Jeff and Jordan alliance led to many fireworks in the Big Brother house. Shelly tried to justify her actions but she got nowhere with Jordan, who is angry that Jeff got voted out. Sort of makes you wonder if she now regrets sending Brendon packing instead of Shelly? Jordan certainly regrets giving up her phone call to home to Shelly. Outside the house, Big Brother made nat...
Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Recap And HOH Spoilers
2011-07-29 15:51:00
Thursday night?s Big Brother 13 live eviction show recap comes with an added bonus today…, HOH competition spoilers! Yes, last night began an endurance test for the next HOH. But first, let us see what host Julie Chen has in store for the House Guests as we shift to individual play. Julie Chen tells the Big Brother 13 House Guests that they are now playing as individuals. Image Credit: Apega / Before we get into the live eviction vote, we are first shown taped items from the past couple of days. Much of what happened after the Power of Veto meeting revolves around Dominic and Danielle. Both are trying to convince Brendon and Rachel to keep Dominic in the house and boot Adam. Danielle is upset that Brenchel did not follow her advice to back-door Jeff. His partner, Jordan, talks with Kalia and learns that she had also heard about the plot against Jeff. Meanwhile, Jeff confronts Dominic and wants him to name names and spill the beans about everything. But Dominic denies...
Pamela Anderson at Indian Big Brother house
2010-11-22 05:16:00
Pamela Anderson hot stills in saree Pamela Anderson is set to enter the Indian Big Brother house, Pamela Anderson wear indian traditional saree     Pamela Anderson at Indian Big Brother house
Social Media Lobbyists - Facebook Fights Big Brother?
2010-10-28 14:30:00
During this past summer, Facebook reportedly spent more than $6,600 lobbying California state officials to kill the "Social Networking Privacy Act." While that doesn't seem like a lot of money, especially for Facebook, it does mark the first push-back by a social network in an attempt to quash state legislature from imposing regulations over social networking terms of service.
Big Brother Really is Watching
2010-10-21 20:51:00
Federal Agents Urged to ‘Friend’ People on Social Networks A privacy watchdog has uncovered a government memo that encourages federal agents to befriend people on a variety of social networks, to take advantage of their readiness to share — and to spy on them. In response to a Freedom of Information request, the government released a handful of documents, including a May 2008 memo detailing how social-networking sites are exploited by the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS). As of Thursday morning, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Digg had not commented on the report, which details the official government program to spy via social networking. Other websites the government is spying on include Twitter, MySpace, Craigslist and Wikipedia, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which filed the FOIA request. “Narcissistic tendencies in many people fuel a need to have a large group of ‘friends’ link to their pages, and...
Democrats, the Party of Big Brother
2010-10-14 17:55:00
Democrats, the Party of Big Brother AUSTIN, TEXAS - October 14, 2010 -- The Democratic Party portrays itself as advocates of civil liberties.  Their state platform calls for "freedom from government interference in our private lives and personal decisions".  It is clear that the actions of the people they elect do not match this empty rhetoric. The Democratic Party has had a history of assaulting civil liberties that they are sworn to protect.  Their elected Texas representatives have overwhelmingly supported statewide smoking bans.  They overwhelmingly support a ban on foods containing trans fat.  They achieve fame by leading efforts to ban sexy cheerleading (1).  In Congress, Democrats overwhelmingly supported the Patriot Act.  The administration of Bill Clinton expanded stealth surveillance of the citizenry far beyond anything seen under any prior administration (2).  Now with Barack Obama ...
Davao LGU: big brother?
2010-05-06 11:15:00
What’s the fuss over e-cigarettes? The ordinance regulating smoking in Davao City is on its 8th year already, and Dabawenyo smokers have long since become used to the rigors of the anti-smoking edict. On the whole, I am not unhappy with the situation, even though I am a smoker. I was brought up to observe ...
Davao LGU: big brother?
2010-05-06 11:15:00
What’s the fuss over e-cigarettes? The ordinance regulating smoking in Davao City is on its 8th year already, and Dabawenyo smokers have long since become used to the rigors of the anti-smoking edict. On the whole, I am not unhappy with the situation, even though I am a smoker. I was brought up to observe ...
The GTL? Sunday Guest Column ? ?In This Present Crisis?? By Christopher L.
2010-03-01 00:19:00
GTL? Sunday Guest Columnist: Author And “Moderately-Right-Of-Cent-er” Political Pundit, Christopher L. Doster Vents And Rants About The Mainstream Media And Its Hunger For The Latest Crises…… ?In This Present Crisis?? It seems a new ?crisis? presents itself on a daily basis,... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Sexy Cora Big Brother Sex
2010-01-11 14:39:00
Sexy Cora zieht heute in den Big Brother Container ein, in der 10ten Big Brother Staffel soll also wieder mal ein “Pornostar” die Einschaltuqoten erhhen. Ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf Sexy Cora?
Shilpa Shetty's Big Brother UK Saree Pallu Drop Pics
2009-12-18 08:11:00
bigbrother roundup bu Well this is a kind of embarrasment for Shilpa shetty where she is seen dropping her pallu to reveal more than what she expected to reveal.She was in confession room with big Brother when this happened. Enjoy the Hot Pics!!
Big Brother 11 WINNER: Jordan
2009-09-16 05:09:00
Who Won Big Brother 11?? The big winner of the night at the Big Brother?s house was one of the favorites, Jordan, who took home the $500,000 cash prize on Tuesday (September 15). More details to come soon? More On Big Brother 11 Big Brother 11: Chima Quits & Leaves! (PHOTOS, VIDEO) Big Brother 11 Spoilers: Chima Evicted, Jordan ...
Big Brother 11 Final HoH SPOILERS!!! (Photos)
2009-09-09 13:00:00
Big Brother 11 final Head of Household competition is a three-part challenge that started with a difficult, long endurance challenge. The final three, Kevin, Natalie and Jordan, were up on a rolling log, holding on to their keys as best they could, while the seasons and weather changed around them. Jordan is the first to fall. ...
Big Brother 11 Pandora?s Box / Mystery Door SPOILERS!
2009-08-31 14:47:00
As we reported Kevin is the week 8 HoH (Head of Household) and nominated Jeff and Michelle. But Michelle has won the PoV (Power of Veto) competition and she will most likely take herself off the race. In that case, Kevin will most certainly nominate Jordan sealing Jeff?s fate. Jeff is considered one of the strongest ...
Big Brother 11 HOH Winner Spoilers: Kevin Is Week 8 HOH (Photos)
2009-08-28 15:13:00
After Chima Simone‘s eviction and all the drama that followed, life at the Big Brother?s house is back to its normal routine. This week?s Head Of Household (HOH) competition was a test of endurance as each competitor had to fill a 16-gallon bowl with hot chocolate using a 8-ounce cup. Michele, Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan start ...
Big Brother 11’s Garden Boy Jeff
2009-08-23 06:06:00
Oh my God! Jeff and Jordan are my favorites this season on Big Brother. They remind me a lot of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson (hmm maybe Newlyweds: Jeff and Jordan is a show in their future?) Anyway, I became overcome and all a flutter and a twitter when Jeff as “garden boy” was revealed. I’m a gardener myself, but don’t look nearly as good in swim trunks and watering can as he does. Jeff can come over and tend my garden as soon as he gets out of the Big Brother house while I lounge by the pool sipping a cool drink and taking in the “hot” scenery!
WorldNetDaily (?WND?) Sounds The Warning Alarm Again: This Time, It?s Presi
2009-08-09 01:49:00
Thank God For WND’s Bob Unruh — Without Him, We’d Still Not Know About President Obama’s Plan To Declare Martial Law And Toss All Right-Leaning Conservative American Citizens Into Nazi-ish Death Camps It wasn’t that long ago we Operation Iraqi Freedom and Aghanistan... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Abertas as inscries para o Big Brother Brasil 10
2009-08-01 19:41:00
Para quem almeja ser o vencedor da dcima edio do ...Abertas as inscries para o Big Brother Brasil 10
Computer Monitoring Software in the Classroom: Big Brother or Big Improveme
2009-07-29 13:00:00
Enough of being the police! I signed on to teach! One of the biggest struggles I've had as an educator in terms of working with computers is when students don't understand how to use a program that I demonstrated with the in-class projector. One student asks for clarificatio
Computer Monitoring Software in the Classroom: Big Brother or Big Improveme
2009-07-22 14:30:00
Last summer, I posed a question about whether Internet filters in schools were a foolish way to teach students about making responsible choices. At the time, I stated that blocking students wasn't a proactive way of dealing with online behavior. Rather, it was reactive and lessened opportunities
Channel Surfing with CT: BIG BROTHER, KINGS, HARPER’S ISLAND & More
2009-07-10 21:01:00
I ain’t gonna lie: Each and every summer, I become an addict and BIG BROTHER is the drug I crave. So of course, I tuned in last night for the season premiere. I had high hopes that the much-touted “mystery guest” would turn out to be Janelle, one of the most-loved houseguests in memory. But in the end, we wound up with musclehead moron Jessie. CBS’s bio of the guy calls him “the all American boy next door” but in reality the guy is an egotistical hothead with more issues than Entertainment Weekly. Early faves? While it’s hard to say since the opening hour didn’t offer a whole lot of insight into the houseguests, hottie Jeff came off as a pretty decent guy, while brainy Michelle would win my “first impression” rose if this were THE BACHELOR. Something tells me Chima is going to get annoying real quick and that Laura’s boobs — sure to be featured in men’s magazines from coast-to-coast — will be much di...
Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons To Watch BIG BROTHER Tonight
2009-07-09 16:14:00
By: CT 1) In 13 states, the show contains the highest legally-allowed guilt/pleasure ratio per hour. 2) You’ll feel silly when people talk about the “Chenbot” and you think it’s a dance. 3) CBS’ advertising calls it “the wildest season ever.” Surely they wouldn’t lie! 4) How else will you find out who the “mystery house guest” is? 5) Obviously you’re not going to be busy watching SAMANTHA WHO? If you were, maybe it wouldn’t have been cancelled in the first place.
Big Brother 11 Premieres Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 8pm!
2009-05-28 17:18:00
The Big Brother 11 premiere date has finally been set! CBS has confirmed that Big Brother 11 will premiere on Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 8pm. The show will then air on Sundays at 8:00/7:00c and...
No Boundaries for Big Brother?
2009-05-28 14:24:00
In the UK, government offices are asking communications providers to "record all Internet contacts" of their customers — for the good of the country, of course. Where are the boundary lines that define a person's privacy? The preceding article is a "sneak peek" from Pneumatics, a newslett
Big Brother 11 Finalists Selected!
2009-05-21 17:37:00
Big Brother 11 has selected it’s cast and finalists have been notified! Kassting Inc. has confirmed that the Big Brother 11 finalists have been selected. So if you had applied hoping to be on...
Big Brother 11 Commercial [VIDEO]
2009-05-19 20:06:00
FINALLY! Big Brother 11 is coming soon! I have seriously been going through withdrawals since they didn’t do the winter Big Brother this year. But if you can hold out until July, we’ll...
Davina McCall To Front Big Brother?s Big Mouth in 2009
2009-03-26 12:10:00
Channel 4 have made some changes to its Big Brother coverage this year and have reduced the amount of Big Brother’s Big Mouth shows from four per week to just one. The show will air on E4 straight after the main eviction show and this summer the show will no longer be fronted by Jack Whitehall, ...
Will Big Brother 2010 Will Be The Last?
2009-03-26 12:06:00
The Sun has reported that the eleventh series of Big Brother will be its last. Big Brother kicked off way back in the year 2000 and The Sun reported that Commissioning Editor Angela Jain admitted that she would rather end the programme this year, on its tenth anniversary. However Channel 4 is contracted for at ...
Big Brother 2009 Dedicated To Jade Goody
2009-03-22 18:58:00
This years Big Brother series is expected to be dedicated to its late housemate, Jade Goody. Jade died in the early hours of this morning and the Channel 4 reality TV show is expected to host a tribute to her when it returns this May. An insider told the News Of The World: “Jade was Big Brother. ...
The Ultimate Big Brother Gambit
2009-02-19 16:47:00
We would love to believe that we are safe in our own homes from privacy invasion. We think that ‘1984′ is just a book. We are convinced that our suspicions are generally unfounded and that we overreact to most things we hear and see in the media. What if we are wrong on all ...
Sneaking Big Brother into the Stimulus package
2009-02-16 10:13:00
I will leave it to the economists to figure out how using the present day credit crisis as an excuse to increase government spending will solve the world’s problems. But as a doc, I hate to tell you that there are a few worrisome items in that spending bill that you need to know about. The first ...
Big Brother Brasil + VIVO +Jota quest + EU
2009-02-15 19:43:00
Domingo nublado no Rio, e uma correria contra o tempo este ano. Em março Kite lançará seu verão 2009, tecidos diversos e muiiiiiiiiiita estampa que desenvolvi nesta pesquisa sem fim, que sempre, trocamos tantas figurinhas ( Simara - Kite Textil e eu) , e no meio do desenvolvimento, 13 desenhos diversos meus estão no Big Brother Brasil 9 , no show do Jota Quest, com bonecos Vivo gigantes todos super coloridos e forrados com ++++++++ estampa!!! enfim estou super feliz e alguns videos deste evento no BBB9 achei no YOUTUBE, e ai vc assiste minhas estampas dançando ao som de Jota Quest!!! com direito a pausa pra fotografia!!!Sunday cloudy in Rio, and I´m running out of time this year. In March Kite will present her summer 2009, diverse fabrics and manyyyyyy prints that I´ve developed in this permanent research without endless, that always, we exchange so much ideas (Simara - Kite Textil and I), and in the midlle of the development, 13 diverse drawings of mine are showing on Big...
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