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Gustavo Guerra,Rafael Bittencourt, Mozart Mello: Guitar Player Brazil festi
2012-05-09 22:10:00
Okay time coming, guys! Near 18th and May 19th, 2012 will roll editing, here in Recife,the largest guitar festival in Brazil, GUITAR PLAYER FESTIVAL, a partnership of MinamiSchool of Music and Guitar Player Magazine ... and this time the crowd comes with band ... Faíska, Mozart Mello, Gustavo Guerra, Cauê Koury, Bob Kaiser, Hosea Albuquerque and Luciano Magno, and Project "freaking Ideas," led by guitar virtuoso Rafael Bittencourt, who is accompanied by the master Joe Moghrabi (guitar), Christian McCarthy (guitar), Felipe Andreoli (bass) and Ricardo Confessori (drums), a tribute to Jimmy Hendrix and other beasts of the guitar will be too much ... ... disclose to their friends and take your class ... 18 and May 19, Dona Lindu Park at 19:30. Advance tickets $ 15.00 in the Music School Minami (Phone: 3032.1070) ... DO NOT MISS!
Economic View ? Forget Europe. Worry About India. ?
2012-05-09 17:18:00
THE economic slowdown in India is one of the world’s biggest economic stories, but it is commanding only a modicum of attention in the United States. … India may not be alone in this slowdown. There is a more general …Read more »
Brazil Overtakes India To Become Number 2 In The Facebook World
2012-05-07 14:25:00
Brazil with more than 46+m Facebook user base has overtaken India as the second biggest country on Facebook. According to a report by a social analytical firm “Social Bakers” Brazil has registered a 22% increase in the last 3 months. India and Brazil have been in race for the second spot for long time now, while India has 45m+ and now sits on 3rd spot. This news throws light on tactical shift of social media consumption in the South American nation, as only in January 2011 did Facebook manage to overtake Google’s Orkut and become numero-uno social network in the country. Latin America is of great importance to Facebook, since reaching a user-base of 1 billion users will require the social networking giant to tap into the large reserves in this region and fend off the competition too. Source: Social Bakers While rise of Facebook in the country has been of concern to lot of companies specially gaming companies who have designed games and promotion setups according to Orkut...
By: WATblog
2012-05-01 08:51:00
The following list of Airports in Brazil covers the top twenty busiest terminals by passenger traffic together with contact info, maps etc. Be informed and thus better prepared to travel to Brazil...
Ex-prostitute in Brazil threatens to sue U.S. embassy over injuries
2012-04-26 17:03:00
A 31-year-old former Brazilian prostitute told Reuters she plans to sue the U.S. embassy over injuries she said she suffered outside a strip club in Brasilia late last year. Romilda Aparecida Ferreira, the ex-prostitute, is threatening to file a civil suit for "medical expenses, lost income, and psychological trauma after an embassy van ran over ...
Brazil sex worker may sue U.S. embassy over injuries
2012-04-26 13:28:00
A former Brazilian prostitute plans to sue the United States embassy and five of its personnel for injuries sustained outside a strip club late last year, complicating the second of two embarrassing incidents to emerge recently involving American officials and sex workers in South America.
Brazil?s Biofuel Boom: Mark McHugh
2012-04-12 22:03:00
The Energy Report: The biofuels sector encompasses a range of products. Can you give us an overview of this commodity space and how production processes differ? Mark McHugh: Biofuels are derived from agricultural commodities. There are three types of “first-generation”- biofuels, two liquids and one solid. Bioethanol is added to gasoline. It is produced largely from corn grown in the U.S., sugar beets grown in Europe and sugar cane grown in Brazil. Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils and/or animal fats. The third biofuel is biomass or biomass pellets, which are used in electricity generation to replace coal. The pellets are produced from wood chips or renewable energy crops. TER: With traditional fossil fuel prices ever steeper, is . . . → Read More: Brazil’s Biofuel Boom: Mark McHugh
Gay Travel Brazil - A Murder every 24 Hours
2012-04-11 23:16:00
The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association is  holding  its 2012 Convention in Brazil this week, while violence against gays in that country is making headlines - again. "Murders of gays and lesbians [in Brazil] are on the rise," according to the online news site The Daily Beast. ?Attacks against gays have climbed steadily for most of the last decade, with 272 murdered in 2011?one every 36 hours, according to GrupoGay da Bahía, a leading gay-rights group that tracks anti-gay violence. This year, GGB reports, it?s even worse, with 75 murders in just the first 10 weeks. That?s one every 24 hours.? These statistics are shocking for a country often cited as one of the gay-friendliest in South America. However, reports of gay-murders in Brazil are not new. According to a January 2011 article by Gay City News, there were 121 gays murdered in 2007, 187 in 2008, 198 in 2009 and 250 in 2010. - I am wondering what is the count of locals being murde...
U.S., Brazil uncork new booze protection deal
2012-04-09 23:24:00
This calls for a toast: The United States and Brazil took a big step Monday toward protecting some of their best-known exports?Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys and the sugarcane-derived cachaça.
Property rights in Brazil improve
2012-04-04 02:00:00
Brazil has made gains with its property rights for the fourth consecutive year. According to the Property Rights Alliance International Property Rights Index (IPRI), the nation saw its total score increase by 0.1 points compared to 2011. Every metric in the physical property rights category either improved or remained the same, which may add to the appeal of Brazilian real estate for investors. Overall, the country is ranked eighth in the South American region and 62nd globally. Last month, Samantha Gore, sales manager at UV10, stated she does not believe the Brazilian real estate market will experience a crash, despite the significant price increases recorded for residential property in the nation. She explained that, unlike in Europe, many of the homes in Brazil are being purchased by domestic owner-occupiers rather than investors. Ms Gore commented: "Instead of crashing, the consensus is that values will take a more modest path of growth."  
China Finds An Ally In Brazil ? Forbes
2012-04-01 22:10:00
Is China really the economic pariah that it is being made out to be? Fernando Pimentel, Brazil’s Minister for Trade and Industry, is at least one person who doesn’t think so. Instead, Pimentel believes that the problems with the global …Read more »
Brazil sees significant house price growth
2012-03-09 01:00:00
The value of homes in Brazil climbed significantly over the course of 2011. According to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, the cost of buying a residential property in Brazil increased by 26.3 per cent between the final quarter of 2010 and the same period a year later. The country also recorded a 4.2 per cent quarterly rise in the final three months of 2011, putting it well ahead of the other 51 nations surveyed. At the bottom of the table is Ireland, which has experienced a 17 per cent decline in the price of homes year-on-year, making the difference between the best and worst-performing destinations 43 per cent. Knight Frank suggested Brazil's real estate market is doing so well thanks to "strong population growth, rising household wealth and an expanding mortgage market". Last month, Global Property Guide published data which also highlighted Brazil as one of the world's top-performing property sectors. In its survey, the country came second to India, w...
Brazil Gets Aggressive
2012-03-02 09:58:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD GBP -0.19 CHF -0.20 EUR -0.22 JPY -0.55 FX risk appetite was slightly softer in the Asian session particularly in the risk sensitive currency such as EUR , NZD and AUD. EURUSD continues to drift lower trading from 1.3333 to 1.3289 while AUDUSD fell from 1.0818 to 1.0775. Interestestingly, the risk off trade in FX has not really spread over into stocks. Looking at the equity markets, it has been a broadly positive day for the Asian… Read More …
2012-02-28 22:25:00
There's no question that tilt-shift videography makes for epic visuals. Now apply that to the already beautiful scenery of Brazil's Rio De Janeiro and world-famous carnival and you've got this--an incredible short called The City Of Samba produced by Jarbas Agnelli.
2012-02-15 19:03:00
Brazil Travel...your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to travel Brazil and experience the most incredible vacation in your life. Are you ready?..
2012-01-26 08:35:00
Brazil par LZ TR-ADE Fin des votes 23/02/12 08:35commentaire : 5-
Brazil Looks Like a Buying Opportunity Again
2012-01-17 15:34:00
Majority of the population now in the middle class for the first time ever Brazil continues to impress as a country and economy, due in no small way to its government’s multi-year efforts and determination to make it an important global presence. Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world by geographical area and population (190 million), and now has the sixth-largest economy, having surpassed the United Kingdom last year. It’s long been known for its dirt-poor city slums, which are appalling. But its booming economy of recent years has increased the purchasing power of its population and moved an estimated 20 million out of poverty, with the majority of the population now in the . . . → Read More: Brazil Looks Like a Buying Opportunity Again
Watch this face. Victoria?s Secret model Lais Ribeiro covers Vogue Brazil J
2012-01-04 06:58:00
Once upon a time, the one to watch was model and face of Chanel, Joan Smalls. Now that her star is rapidly on the rise, the new model face to keep an eye on is Brazilian bombshell Lais Ribeiro (center). The now 19-year-old burst onto the fashion scene two years ago, walking several big runway ...
Nov 14, Brazil Attractions: Rio de Janeiro
2011-11-14 14:50:00
My Wonderful Experiences in Brazil: I am a girl from Sydney, Australia and I recently went on holiday in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I had always wanted
Texas de Brazil Offers Cheers To The Holiday With Fun Winter Cocktails
2011-11-10 01:17:00
Texas de Brazil Las Vegas restaurant celebrates for the holidays, as the Brazilian steakhouse serves up a celebration of cocktails this festive season. Guests are invited to indulge on the Christmas Cosmo, Mistletoe Delight or Candy Cane-tini to warm up from the frosty weather this winter. Five Holiday Cocktail Recipes Christmas Cosmo Cocktail Christmas Cosmo: Spice things ...
Mattias IA Eklundh: Brazil - where the nuts come from
2011-11-04 20:39:00
"I would like to thank everyone who came to see me play at Expomusic 2011, in schools and pocket shows where I performed in September/2011.Many thanks to Condor and CifraClub for kindly help promote the contest" Freak Guitar "and SANTO ANGELO by invitation and for allowing me to meet so many wonderful people in Brazil. I'll never forget you " OBRIGADO BRASIL Enjoy Mattias IA Eklundh nut powered soling at Jason Becker benefit concert. This won't be a standard gig, so expect some more wacky playing from Mattias IA Eklundh and some new guitar partnerships. This event will only happen once... so don't miss it... get your tickets now! Your browser does not support iframes. Guthrie Govan Stuart Hamm Mattias IA Eklundh Michael Lee Firkins Kiko Loureiro Atma Anur Marco Sfogli Daniele Gottardo Stéphan Forté Andy James Joop Wolters Marcel Coenen Barend Courbois Timo Somers It's Show Time Band Not Dead Yet site Face Book Page Direct Tickets Ticket Master VIP tickets Rehearsal tickets ...
Sydnei Carvalho,Alex Martinho: the boys from Brazil back for Sophia
2011-11-03 00:18:00
Sophia is a track from Double Vision DVD. Recorded last year in São Paulo city, Brazil, the DVD is the latest release from Sydnei Carvalho and Alex Martinho. They are very well know musicians in Brazil. The band is Ricardo Marins (guitar) Fabio Lessa (bass) and Rodrigo Martinho (drums). The DVD shows tracks from CDs Intensity (2006) and Intuition (2008), both where recognized as the best independent instrumental CDs by a major prize in Brazil. The DVD is unique. It has two discs. The first disc has a complete concert with extras and making of. The second disc is an instructional video teaching step by step how to play some tunes, shows techniques, composition and tone. Available on; CD; More Info: Sophia from Double Vision DVD - Sydnei Carvalho & Alex Martinho
Forget Brazil: Invest in this Emerging Market Instead
2011-10-27 17:00:00
Every investor knows diversification is crucial in order to maintain a successful portfolio. And in times like these, with the U.S. economy on a sluggish growth path, it really pays to invest in foreign markets. For a while now, emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China have all been catching the attention of investors, and for good reason. But it pays to be looking for the next big growth story, too. And right now, my eyes are on one country with a particularly bullish outlook: Chile. Chile's economy may be overshadowed by all the hype surrounding its Latin American neighbor, Brazil. But the country has a stable, prosperous economy and is becoming a leader . . . → Read More: Forget Brazil: Invest in this Emerging Market Instead
The 2014 World Cup trek
2011-10-21 22:15:00
FIFA have released the dates and venues for the matches of the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil, with the patience of traveling supporters set to be tested once again.Instead of keeping group games within a couple of venues located close to one-another, as used to be the norm, fans will face trips of up to 2,000 miles in order to watch all of their nation's opening clashes.One unlucky Group A team will begin in Sao Paulo, then trek 1,680 miles (2,700 km) up to Manaus, before an odyssey of 3,538 miles (5,698km) across the Amazon to Recife, a voyage one team from Group D and another from Group G must also endure. Even the hosts are not spared, with the seleçao kicking off in Sao Paulo before flying 1465 miles (2357km) to Fortaleza and then making another journey of 1042 miles (1677km) to Brasilia.The explanation for clocking-up so many air miles, according to the organising committee, is the varying weather, with the south of Brazil much cooler than the north."The climate is so differ...
Marcos De Ros: Brazil only competition
2011-10-17 23:46:00
Concurso Cultural Fuhrmann - Marcos De Ros
2011-08-31 17:33:00
Have you considered diving in Brazil? Find the top-score mergulho (Portuguese for scuba diving) options the South American giant has in store, including world-class Fernando de Noronha and Arraial do Cabo...
News: Guitar Battle in Brazil
2011-08-31 01:00:00
You'll already know that Brazil has some of the finest players on the planet... so no surprise that it has it's very own Guitar Battle for guitar playing supremacy... you can watch the battles and vote for your players here:
2011-08-16 17:14:00
This top ten Brazil beaches list will give you something to think about when planning your next Brazil vacation. Review you own favourites here as well...
Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big Porto Alegre - Brazil
2011-07-16 13:42:00
Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big Porto Alegre - Brazil
On the Brink
2011-06-29 21:16:00
Small-town cash crunch sends entire police force packing: Details of a nation on the brink. Plus... Bank of America flagellates with the largest fine in U.S. history: Why the worst is yet to come.
What will Olympic status do for golf in Brazil?
2011-06-23 15:56:00
August 5th 2011 marks five years to go before Rio de Janeiro hosts South America?s first Olympics and golf returns to sports? biggest stage for the first time since 1904. Tim Maitland looks at how the sport is evolving in Brazil as 2016 inches nearer. From Rio de Janeiro?s perspective, the final piece of the Olympic jigsaw was put into place in June when, during the IOC Coordination Commission?s visit, the decision to build a new course in Barra da Tijuca, rather than to refashion the nearby Itanhanga Golf Club, was made. For the Rio 2016 Organising Committee it meant that the venue master plan was complete. With the five-years-to-go point upon us, it gives golf fans a clearer picture of what golf in the Olympics will be like, with the International Golf Federation still working on the qualification premise it presented to the Olympic family when it successfully made its bid for inclusion in 2009: the top 15 men and women in the world rankings (with a limit of four p...
What Rebellion?
2011-06-13 21:04:00
Ctrl+Alt+Bernanke: Hackers break into IMF, while "Anonymous" ups the ante on Bernanke -- or does it? Plus... Brazilian currency, commodity speculation: Chris Mayer examines two more triggers for the next financial crisis
Alkaline Diet Recipe #116: Tofu Brazil Nut Steam-Fry
2011-05-18 09:17:00
Alkaline Diet Recipe #116: Tofu Brazil Nut Steam-FryA super tasty dish is this simple yet full of flavour! Tofu is known as a very good source of protein – especially for those who work out and want to live alkaline. Also we have the Brazil nuts which are packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals – and while these are not the most ...From Energise Alkaline Diet & Natural Health Blog - health news, alkaline diet resources & tips to make you happy! do something nice today...
Chinese Pump and Dump
2011-05-13 21:37:00
Deception, de-listing, and death threats: Surviving the thicket of Chinese "reverse mergers" on the Nasdaq. Plus... "Simply incredible" accounting fraud at a few bad apple Chinese firms, and how it's spoiling the rest of the barrel: We'll tell you which ones to buy.
Richie Kotzen: Brazil 2011 Ultimate fan video collection
2011-04-03 00:39:00
Richie Kotzen: Brazil 2011 Ultimate fan video collection
Beware the Wealth Effect
2011-03-28 23:36:00
Fed's "wealth effect" gives precious metals a smackdown: Dan Amoss on what the Fed really is likely to do next, and what you should expect. Plus... Six reasons natural gas is still a good bet... and 11 ways to play it.
LPGA Ambassadors on Olympic Golf Mission to Brazil
2011-03-01 19:32:00
Three top golfers on the LPGA Tour have decided to become golf ambassadors in order to gain more interest in the sport and to insure future Olympic success. Cristie Kerr, Suzann Pettersen and Meghan Francella are "on a mission" to Brazil to spread the word about the great golf the LPGA has to offer. The three ladies have committed to play in the HSBC LPGA Brazil Cup at the Itanhanga Golf Club in Rio De Janeiro on May 28/29 partly because golf will be featured in the 2016 Rio Games. The field will be made up of thirty golfers and event purse will be $720,000. Another reason for Suzann's call to action is because Pettersen was part of the official delegation that successfully presented golf?s "case" to the IOC in Copenhagen sixteen months ago. She believes the HSBC LPGA Brazil Cup has a vital role in growing the popularity of golf in South America before it returns to the Olympic family for the first time since 1904. Pettersen further said she wanted, "sports fans in Brazil t...
Vinnie Moore: Daydream Brazil 2010
2011-01-27 23:34:00
Vinnie Moore: Meltdown 2010 Brazil
2011-01-19 01:51:00
Mudslides Smash Through Brazil
2011-01-13 20:07:00
At least 348 people have died by mudslides in Brazil in the last 24 hours, as torrential rains wash down entire mountain sides.  The death toll is now over 361 people. Up to 10 inches of rain caused massive flooding and mudslides, with dozens thought to have been buried alive. Torrential Rains Kill Hundreds In Brazil There’s ...
Mattias IA Eklundh: Big in Brazil, like the nuts!
2011-01-05 21:33:00
Big Bad Mattias IA Eklundh boasts a booming Brazilian following and makes it on to the cover of Guitar Player's Brazilian edition (not that sort of Brazilian)
RIO 2016
2011-01-05 05:16:00
Say olá to the official Rio 2016 Olympic Games emblem! Winning agency, Tatil, was selected out of a fierce lot of over 139 logo competitors. After completion, the Brazilian creatives were kind enough to showcase a behind-the-scenes video of the successful design process. Have a look!
Ake Parethas, Fabiano Rodriguo: Thailand and Brazil jamming!
2010-12-04 13:02:00
I really liked this song I wanted play it with my friend Thailand I knew his work in Contest Burning fire he is a great player guitar Rock! I hope you like, I followed only a little with some ideas The song was composed by Ake Parethas. Thank you very much! Version Original Eu gostei muito essa música que eu queria jogar com meu amigo Tailândia Que eu conheci o em BurningFire Contest ele é um ótimo guitarrista Rock! Espero que gostem, seguido apenas um pouco com algumas idéias A canção foi composta por Ake Parethas. Obrigado JAM Distance Thailand and Brazil - "SPIN"- Ake Parethas
Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap (BRF) goes negative by breaking below intra
2010-10-26 22:38:00
The intraday price for Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap has moved below its 200 period 30 minute moving average of 59.53. BRF is around 59 bucks now. Slope: -0.0283573314334214 Intercept: 59.55602704477626 close: 59.37
The One Brazil Stock Everyone Should Own
2010-10-26 11:09:00
Investing would be so much easier with a time machine. A person could simply go back in time and buy today's industry behemoths while they were still just up and coming regular companies.Too bad there's no such thing as a time machine.However, in today's fast-changing world, investors might not need one. Certain companies and countries are in a similar stage of development that the United States was many years ago. Companies are emerging as dominant players in proven lucrative industries in large and fast-growing economies throughout the world.One of the world's fastest growing economies is Brazil. The country has the world's fifth-largest population, and strong economic growth during the past several years has set the… . . . → Full Story: The One Brazil Stock Everyone Should Own
More Breezes in Brazil
2010-09-18 21:32:00
The all-inclusive resort company Breezes has opened a new Super Club Resort and Spa in Brazil. This new resort located about 110 miles north of Rio de Janeiro on a peninsula that offers guests a spectacular beach front location. The 329 room Breezes Buzios Resort and Spa will offer water sports, a full service spa, ...Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!More Breezes in Brazil
Mission Accomplished? ? But for Whom?
2010-09-01 22:06:00
The Iraq War: ?Mission accomplished?? for the Iranians. Tehran?s next step, and the events that could eclipse 2008?s oil record of $147. Three data points driving a big rally today? and one that?s being ignored. A currency milestone? and the trade that has our forex maven transfixed. Readers who know Brazil firsthand square off: Has the nation really strangled its growth for decades to come?
Our Take on the Sudden Commodities Rally
2010-08-30 20:41:00
Softs soar? The 5 chronicles the remarkable summer rally for coffee, corn, sugar, cotton and wheat. Chris Mayer delivers bad news? why you might want to reconsider investing in Brazil entirely. Another government-mandated disaster: Global helium supply on track to disappear in 25 years. Agora Financial analysts deconstruct Bernanke?s big speech? our thoughts and market reactions, below.
Ian Bemolator: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Brazil
2010-08-16 11:33:00
Ian Bemolator - Shred This III Brett Garsed and DiMarzio Competition
Official:Chelsea complete £17m capture of Brazil international Ramires
2010-08-14 09:44:00
Samba Boy:Highly Rated Midfielder finally complete Chelsea move The Blues have landed the Brazilian midfielder after courting him for several weeks in a deal that is thought to have cost the Premier League champions around £17illion.Ramires, who played for his country at the World Cup earlier this summer, has been a top target of Carlo Ancelotti during the close season and he has finally got his man on the eve of the new domestic season.Ramires, 23, admitted he was delighted to make the move to Stamford Bridge after he completed a medical successfully and was granted a work permit. "Every player in the world would love to play for Chelsea and it's a great opportunity that was given to me, I will give my best to repay this chance, and I am very happy," he said on the club's website.Manager Carlo Ancelotti added: "He is a fantastic player, a fantastic midfielder, he is very young and will be the future of the Brazilian national team, and I hope he will be the future of Chelsea." ...
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