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Facebook Is Supposedly Building Its Own Smartphone; Another Rumor?
2012-05-28 16:03:00
There is some serious buzz about Facebook developing its own smartphone and this time it comes from The New York Times. The rumors about Facebook’s phone have broken out before too. Though HTC came up with dedicated Facebook phones, they were not truly Facebook phones and most of us thought that Facebook will probably never build its own smartphone. There were so many reasons and arguments against it. iOS and Android have a very strong footing in the smartphone segment. It would indeed be troublesome to displace biggies like Apple, Google, Nokia and their respective platforms. In the light of its IPO, things seem to be changing. Facebook has recently hired over a dozen ex-Apple employees who worked directly on the iPhone and the iPad hardware. This approach is mostly hardware driven and there is no word yet on the software platform. Check out this excerpt from the article: “One engineer who formerly worked at Apple and worked on the iPhone said he had met with Mark Zuckerberg, ...
By: WATblog
Impressive Building Relocation
2012-05-26 04:49:00
Machine Factory Oerlikon
VIDEO: How to Move a 6,200 Tonne Building
2012-05-23 17:28:00
From BBC News - Technology: A 6,200 tonne building is being moved 60 metres to make way for the expansion of a railway in Zurich. -- Video found by PWSlack Watch the video
The Swiss Move a 6200 Tonne Building
2012-05-23 15:58:00
K?NEX Mario vs. Piranha Plant Building Set
2012-05-20 17:56:00
If there’s one thing better than a building set it’s one that kids can interact with. That’s why we always enjoy the various kits from K’NEX. We recently received the Maria vs. Piranha Plant Building Set and the kids couldn’t wait to put it together. Bring Mario Kart Wii to life! Build Mario in his ...
5 Tips for Building an Ecommerce Website That Pays
2012-05-20 12:34:00
With online companies and businesses raking in profits from the Internet, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs everywhere are putting there money into building an ecommerce website, hoping that it will pay off in due course. However, while there are countless ecommerce sites out there, the number of successful ecommerce sites is rather low. ...
Ace Frehley: Hard Rock Hell Line up building
2012-05-19 11:19:00, we?re now in the 6th Cycle and upped the next adventure to 4 days of pure Rock n Roll hell. You voted yet again and we twisted the theme into something that I?m sure we can all have some fun with. Sooo - HRH VI will be themed A ?Fistful of Rock? and by god that?s what its all going to be. We?re going straight into spaghetti western mode, so expect anything from saloon styled debauchery to can can girls, on heat?of course there is the music too ?.Being out in the Wild West, it would be crazy for us not to address The Southern brigade, so undoubtedly we?ll be engaging in all sort of influences from there and around the world. Hopefully we?ll manage to cram 70 bands in this year with lots of nice interactive surprises along the way. We have had such a wide spectrum bands voted for this year, that it going to be tight to programme the music into the styles of stages we want, but heh, that?s a challenge we will enjoy as well as throwing in so...
George Lucas proposes building affordable housing on property
2012-05-14 21:23:00
It's been a while since "Star Wars" creator George Lucas did something bold to endear himself to longtime fans. But an unexpected announcement from the legendary filmmaker and producer may win him accolades with the public, if not his wealthy neighbors. Lucas has spent nearly 25 years planning and lobbying to build a state-of-the-art movie ...
Hezbollah spotted building new bases
2012-05-08 22:02:00
BEIRUT : Recently uploaded satellite images to the online Google Earth portal reveal what appears to be a Hezbollah military training ground constructed since 2006 in remote hills in the eastern Bekaa Valley along the border with Syria. The facility …Read more »
Google Penguin and Downfall of ?Improper? Link Building
2012-05-06 17:05:00
The extent of Google Penguin’s impact can be illustrated by the amount of blog entries I posted and the sudden flurry of articles since an apparent hibernation of this blog for months. It is believed that Google Penguin, which is primarily targeted at websites that previously made use and benefited from the so-called “unnatural links” ...
Analysis: China?s shipyards founder as building boom ends ? chicagotribune.
2012-05-03 09:46:00
Four years into one of the worst downturns to afflict the global shipping industry, hundreds of small to mid-sized shipyards are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy as foreign orders dwindle and domestic lenders slash credit. “The building of this …Read more »
Link Building Due-Diligence: The Guest Blogging Checklist
2012-05-01 18:39:00
The Penguin update landed and the SERPs got flipped upside down - I’ve not got all the answers yet (nobody has) and this post certainly isn’t going to be a “how to recover from Penguin” - it is simply a best-practice checklist for ensuring you only acquire links which are going to be worthwhile for you now and long into the future. Guest blogging is really easy to get wrong, as with all SEO techniques, the secret sauce is the execution. It is very easy to destroy your rankings with some craptastic “guest posts” on low-quality splogs. With this in mind, and taking into account the opinion (my opinion!) that bad links can harm your rankings, today I will cover a few of the things we look for when we are assessing a site’s suitability: We look at a website from three perspectives Link strength Website...
'Freedom Tower' becomes NYC's tallest building
2012-04-30 20:29:00
One World Trade Center, the so-called "Freedom Tower" currently under construction in Lower Manhattan, technically became New York City's tallest building on Monday, as workers erected steel columns on the 100th floor, 1,271 feet above the street, to make it stand 21 feet higher than the Empire State Building's observation deck. The Freedom Tower, which ...
More families building their own tornado shelters
2012-04-29 22:06:00
When deadly twisters chewed through the South and Midwest in 2011, thousands of people in the killers' paths had nowhere to hide. Now many of those families are taking an unusual extra step to be ready next time: adding tornado shelters to their homes.
Empire State Building about to lose status as tallest in NYC
2012-04-25 01:56:00
One World Trade Center, being built at the site of the fallen twin towers, could surpass the Empire State Building as the tallest building in New York as soon as next week, an official said on Tuesday. The iconic Empire State Building, built in 1931, was the city's tallest at a height of 1,545 feet to the tip of its broadcast antenna until 1972 when it was overtaken by the original World Trade Center towers. It then regained the title after the September 11, 2001 attacks, which destroyed the complex. ...
Tetris Takes Over MIT Building in Case of Hack as High Art
2012-04-24 15:23:00
From Engadget: College pranks usually involve livestock, panties, the use of permanent marker on an unconscious, not-so-innocent partygoer or a combination thereof. But when you gather the cream of the geek crop at a hallowed higher learning institution like MIT, those playful tricks tur
30% Off Select Clics Building Sets
2012-04-24 09:00:00
For a limited time and while supplies last, get 30% off select Clics building sets.Expires May 7, 2012
News: Marshall building the biggest wall of Marshall ever seen
2012-04-23 23:40:00
Never before seen footage of the making of the biggest wall of Marshall ever seen! To celebrate our 30th Anniversary back in 1992, Jim and the rest of the team took a trip to the Hammersmith Apollo in London and built the impressive backline in celebration of Marshall's hitting the big three zero! Although photos of this event are in circulation, we have never released the video. We do so now in memory of our Guv'nor. Marshall Amplification - 30th Anniversary
Iran Says It?s Building A Drone Aircraft Copy
2012-04-23 20:49:00
The saga of the downed US drone aircraft in Iranian hands has found its way back into the head lines again. Now, the Iranians claim to have puzzled out the “many codes and characters”. From Nextgov: The chief of the aerospace division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, told state television that ...
Iran says is building copy of captured US drone
2012-04-22 12:40:00
Iran claimed Sunday that it had reverse-engineered an American spy drone captured by its armed forces last year and has begun building a copy.
Travis Montgomery: Building The Church
2012-04-21 15:55:00
I've wanted to cover this song for years, and I feel like I'm finally at the point that I can. I don't blame Steve for not playing the tapping solo live like he does on the's not exactly easy haha. Steve Vai - Building The Church
4 Unit Rent Fetching Brand New Building for sale in HSR Layout BDA
2012-04-20 17:00:00
Good Investment Property-High Rent • 2,600 sq. ft., 7 bath, 7 bdrm 4-level split "1BHK+2BHKx3" - Rs10,500,000 - Rs.105 Lakhs H.S.R. Layout, Bangalore  -  For Sale a Brand New Multiple Unit Residential Property in Central HSR Layout, built on BDA Plot with cauvery water and all facilities.This property has External staircase with separate home on each floor, there are 4 separate units having 2 bedroom hall kitchen x 3 units and single 1 BHK Unit.The Houses comes with complete interior work, sanitary fittings, Granite Flooring, separate Electricity Meters, ready to rent out.The Buyers can get an Annual Rent is around 6 Lakhs, that is Rs.50,000- Rs.55,000/per monthThe Expected Price is Rs.105 Lakhs+reg+1%Please call Farooq on 9343670806 or Ehsan on 9341221447 to visit the property and for more details. Property information
Behance Named as Top Portfolio-Building Tool on Mashable
2012-04-19 00:28:00
A recent Mashable post named as one of the top 5 user-friendly tools for building your online portfolio. Here's what they had to say: Summary: Behance is a platform for creative professionals to gain exposure and manage their careers. Users can create multimedia portfolios that showcase their work to millions of visitors. Best Feature: Behance turns your work into an online gallery; It claims to get 15 times the traffic of all other leading portfolio sites combined (including Carbonmade, the next site on our list). Recruiters can find and track talent and post jobs for the creative professionals on the site. What Needs Work: In order to have your own personal portfolio website, rather than just a profile on Behance, you need to join ProSite. This costs $11 a month, but it allows you to create a full website without coding, and it syncs with your Behance portfolio. Ideal User: Any creative professional wishing to showcase multimedia projects — images, text, ...
Teen is building her own car for her 16th birthday
2012-04-18 00:22:00
14-year-old Kathryn from Michigan has been rebuilding an old car for the past two years, mostly on her own.
The Building Materials Long Island Offers
2012-04-16 13:59:00
When you need building materials Long Island has a lot to offer. This is because the need for building materials Long Island has is strong and constant, since there is a lot of work being done in the area. It is a hot spot for growth, with new jobs, new homes and new services always being developed in the area. When you want to find building materials long island has some resources that will help make your hunt for the best building materials Long Island offers. This means that you will not have to be all on your own as you try to find the right materials for any building that you are working on. This may include siding or roof materials, or it may mean that you are on the hunt for the right material for a new door to your home, office or other building. The best quality of building materials Long Island has to offer comes from a supplier that has been in the business for a long time. This is a group that has only the best experts on hand. They get raw material from the best sources...
My Desktop Tech Frank Building His First PC
2012-04-16 09:00:00
We had a Dell Vostro 230 crap out the other day, and it was no longer under warranty. Since we work for a relatively new startup, we try to be thrifty. We decided it was cheaper to buy a new motherboard and case instead of buying a brand new PC. Well it turns out that my Desktop technician Frank had never built his own computer before. He's swapped out parts, but has never taken an empty case, and assempled his own machine. I felt it was high time he remedied that! So we got ourselves an ASUS P5G41T-M LX board and a generic case, and I had Frank scavenge the rest of the components from the old Vostro and put together his first PC while I took a some crude video footage from my camera phone. Check it out! If you want to check out some of the other stuff Frank is learning while on the job with me, check out his blog! tags: first, time,&nb-sp;building, pc, comp-uter, asus Related articles, courtesy of Zemanta: The Del...
Silver Miners Building for Breakout: Chris Marchese
2012-04-13 23:00:00
The Gold Report: This is an election year and everybody is waiting to see what happens with the economy between now and November. The Federal Reserve just signaled that it may be less willing to provide more stimulus. What’s your reading on that? Chris Marchese: The Fed meeting minutes signaled that the members are willing to be very accommodating if gross domestic product (GDP) slows down, if it doesn’t maintain a 2% inflation rate and/or unemployment starts to creep back up. Then they tried to play the metals down; they don’t like high gold or silver prices because they delegitimize the dollar. I think they are doing that in preparation for the next round of quantitative easing, which in . . . → Read More: Silver Miners Building for Breakout: Chris Marchese
3 Keys to Building Wealth Video
2012-04-13 13:30:00
Do you ever find yourself unsure about what to do with an investment decision? Should you buy now or wait? Is this a good time? Should I buy something safe or invest for growth? You are not alone. Most people struggle with investment decisions because they think short term and do not have faith in the ...
Novelty grenade sparks NYC building evacuation
2012-04-12 18:38:00
An inert World World II-era grenade, mounted on a plaque and delivered in the mail,caused the lower-Manhattan building 2 World Financial Center to evacuate this morning. The New York World Financial Center is located across the street from where the twin towers fell on 9/11. According to news reports, the Japanese bank Nomura Holdings was ...
Building a Kilometer-Long Pipe Deep Under the Sea
2012-04-10 19:23:00
From Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion This schematic shows how the heat exchange works in an ocean thermal energy conversion plant. The heat differential between surface water and deep water in the ocean is used to generate s
CTPM contains the essential building blocks to online business success...
2012-04-09 18:25:00
Ever run into a struggling Webmaster online? Of course not! Struggling Webmasters don't get found! They may be up-to-date on the latest and greatest gimmicks, but they are among the millions that don't understand CTPM... They may pay it lip service, especially the "Content is King" part. Then they go right back to SEO details. They'd do much better if they got CTPM right... C = CONTENT T = TRAFFIC P = PRESELL M = MONETIZE CTPM contains the essential building blocks to online success. Without that bedrock foundation, everything else is simply building on sand. Discover More about CTPM- Content Traffic Presell Monetize: Permalink | Leave a comment  »
Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Sexual Tension Building Up For 8 Years
2012-04-08 14:57:00
No one can call Kim Kardashian out for jumping into a relationship with Kanye West. The two lovebirds have reportedly only been dating for two weeks, but they have a long history. The sexual tension between them has been building up for eight years. Kim Kardashian On Kanye West & Kris Humphries (Today Show VIDEO) ...
How Green Building Studio Works
2012-04-06 12:31:00
"Autodesk Green Building Studio is a web-based service that provides building energy and carbon analysis results of your project. Green Building Studio interoperates with Revit Architecture and Revit MEP software, as well as other compatible energy-analysis software via add-ins that are available for download from the Green Building Studio downloads page. The computationally intensive hourly simulations are carried out on remote servers, and the results are provided to you in a web browser. The Green Building Studio web-based service analysis process collects data from three sources: Your Revit software model. All the building geometry comes from your model, including the number of rooms, the connections between rooms, and their relationship to the exterior, exposure, and aspect to the sun; and the shape and total area of built surfaces or openings. If you are using Revit MEP you can also specify space types, interior loads, constructions, and HVAC equipment. Your ...
Junior Miners Building for a Rebound: Jordan Roy-Byrne
2012-04-04 23:30:00
The Gold Report: When we last spoke four months ago, gold and silver stocks generally, and the juniors in particular, were in their year-end, tax-loss-selling doldrums. What is your view on where these things are now? Jordan Roy-Byrne: I think the sector is basically in a bottoming process. It has been in a state of negative sentiment for weeks but has been unable to rally. We thought the market had bottomed last week but it now appears a final washout is beginning, which could be ugly. There has been a lot of technical damage inflicted on the sector. Over the next several months or so, I think we’ll see a rebound but a breakout to new highs is now . . . → Read More: Junior Miners Building for a Rebound: Jordan Roy-Byrne
Building a beneficial security is the
2012-04-02 08:26:00
Building a beneficial security is the key if you are looking to productively protect felony fees in the courtroom. Employing a skilled Polk legal lawyer may ensure you’re in the ideal posture to possess your edition regarding occasions presented in the courtroom. A superb partnership together with your legal professional can also be essential but if your case is usually to reach the end result you would like. If you wish to systematically protect yourself from any prison fardeau in court after that with a good security is key. Any prison law firm guarantees that you’ll be while in the superlative posture to provide your own circumstance in the courtroom. If you need a smart end result however you must have a superb relationship with the attorney at law. Developing a good security is important if you wish to protect on your own next to any kind of prison expenses in the court. With a criminal legal professional defend an individual in the court will certainly guarantee th...
Building Your Personal Brand ? Secret to a Successful Career Change
2012-03-30 17:15:00
We often hear the phrase “personal branding” in the mix of marketing lingo. But it’s hardly another prod by marketers to push goods and services in your face. Conversely, personal branding is all about you: who you are as a professional, as a job seeker, perhaps even as an entrepreneur. It’s a powerful tool for ...Building Your Personal Brand – Secret to a Successful Career Change is a post from the Money Crashers personal finance blog.
Amazon In The Process Of Building Cloud Service: Next Logical Step After Ju
2012-03-27 07:37:00
Amazon made waves a few months back when they launched, an online marketplace where people can buy and sell their goods with ease. The launch went ‘viral’ even though Amazon didn’t spend any money on marketing it. Amazon had been very secretive of its plan since there was an issue of FDI in the country and they did not want to make their plans public. Now, we are hearing that something else may also be in the works, mainly in the ‘Cloud’ territory. Amazon, it seems has been busy building some kind of a ‘Cloud Service’ and this may be launched within a year in India. They have been concentrating mostly on setting up the tech infrastructure for such a service. CloudPro also reports that they will be leasing some infrastructure from Tata Communications. India does not have many companies offering a public cloud. Ever since Cloud became an ‘in thing’, we have been using global service like Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Amazon’s Cloud Drive. All ...
By: WATblog
Building A Bond With A Stripper For REAL Attraction
2012-03-24 18:00:00
A stripper gets weired out by customers all the time. Build a bond with her that will keep her comfortable as you lay the rest of the groundwork for the future! Related Posts Stripper Seduction – How To Pick Up A Stripper (For Free!) Stripper Seduction: The Key To Dating A Stripper How To Be James Bond In Bed: Lessons In Ending Premature Ejaculation Easy Tips For Building Confidence The Attraction of Confidence ? Why Women Are Attracted To Confident Men
Building Permits On The Rise
2012-03-23 13:45:00
The new construction housing market appears primed for growth.
Any Advise From Archtechs, Building Practical Civil Engieers/or Antbody
2012-03-23 12:10:00
i wish to change tiles in 3bedrooms from spartek to vetrified glossy. which tile r best .can anyone properly guide me .i am in chennai,whether woodenlaminated flooring will suit or not.
Beautiful Arch Metal Building
2012-03-23 07:57:00
People usually think that metal building always related to buildings like industrial, factory and warehouse, and it will be not suitable for school, commercial space, church or even houses for living. Actually metal building can be beautiful and quite commercialRead more...
Now Hear This~~~~The NSA Is Building The Country's Biggest Spy Center (Watc
2012-03-21 15:07:00
Now hear this. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. That Red White and Blue Ball Gag Used In S & A (shock and aweful situations) Might Be Placed In Your American Mouth.James Bramford opens his big wide mouth and tells us all what they, whovever they are, have in store for you U.S. Citizen in this just releashed WIRED Magazine article.Spying, Spying and more spying. Bramford is a somebody in the reading world.  Trying to figure out who the good spys and who the frightening and scary spooks are who do not have people's best interest at heart, is getting mighty dangerous and hard in these hard times.Keep in touch folks. The old "Nothing To See Folks, Move Along" attitude is sure to garner no attention over this subject on the real news in America. If you did not see on your Tee Vee it is not and did not happen. But the internetocracy knows better don't we.Then check out Bramford and Thomas Drake on today's edition of Democracy Now. Spying, Spying and more spying."I spy with my little e...
Bestselling Author Shares 3 Tips for Building Your Blog Audience
2012-03-16 00:02:00
After moving from New York City to Chicago and getting married, Rachel Bertsche realized that her new life was missing one crucially important thing: a local best friend. So she decided to go on one friend date every week for a year, and she documented her quest on a blog at But before Rachel even started the blog, the 27-year-old writer put together a book proposal based on her search for a local BFF, and successfully pitched it to agents, and then editors. She says, “After I sold the proposal, I decided to start a blog so that I could have a place to document my journey and some of the research I was finding. I also wanted to start building a community and to engage with readers.” It’s now been over two years since Rachel first launched So did she accomplish her blogging goals? “Absolutely!” Rachel says, “When my book, MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend, came out, I had a...
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2012-03-15 12:17:00
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Glenn Proudfoot: Building Patterns in the Pentatonic Scale, Part 2
2012-03-09 01:59:00
The following content is related to the April 2012 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store: his second Guitar World column, Glenn Proudfoot continues his look a building patterns in the pentatonic scale, this month focusing on using pentatonic sequences to create what he calls "power burst" runs. Glenn Proudfoot - Loud & Proud: Building Patterns in the Pentatonic Scale, Part 2
Butler Savings and Trust Building ~
2012-02-29 22:22:00
In the heart of town: Jefferson and Main.
K?NEX Building Sets
2012-02-23 16:52:00
One of my girls favorite kind of toys are those where they can use their imaginations and build things. That?s why we were thrilled for the opportunity to review a couple of building sets from K?NEX. OUR REVIEW We received two different sets that were targeted for different age groups: Sesame Street Best Friends on ...
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