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Report: Hugo Chavez's cancer at 'end stage'
2012-05-30 17:56:00
This reporter has been told that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has "entered the end stage". The information and the quote come from a highly respected source close to Chavez and who is in a position to know his medical condition and history. This source says the prognosis is dire and that Chavez is now not expected to live "more than a couple of months at most." Chavez is running for re-elec tion in Venezuela but several sources--including the one who revealed the exact kind of cancer-- have told me that they believe it is doubtful the dictator will live to see the results.
I Had Cancer, red social de apoyo a personas con cáncer
2012-05-26 06:44:00
Revisando la lista de ganadores de los Webby Awards 2012 (Premiación Anual a lo mejor de la red en multitud de categorías) me topé con una red social de nombre (Yo Tuve Cá me pareció una excelente forma … Continue reading →Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Sígueme en Twitter, Facebook o en Google+.I Had Cancer, red social de apoyo a personas con cáncer
Book Feature :: I Have Cancer: What Should I Do?
2012-05-23 23:54:00
I Have Cancer: What Should I Do?: Your Orthomolecular Guide for Cancer Management by Michael Gonzalez, Jorge Miranda-Massari and Andrew Saul Very few diagnoses shock patients as much as being told that they have cancer, a modern pandemic around the world. Cancer is a multifactorial disease that requires a multifactorial treatment plan: medical, nutritional, and ...
Prostate cancer screening report sparks debate
2012-05-22 17:53:00
A controversial new report that recommends against routine prostate screenings has sparked a wide debate among doctors, cancer survivors and patients. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued its final report on Monday, recommending against prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening for prostate cancer for men of any age. The reason? Very few men actually need treatment ...
Panel: No routine PSA tests for prostate cancer
2012-05-22 09:55:00
In a move sure to unleash heated debate, a prominent U.S. government advisory panel is recommending that men of all ages no longer be screened for prostate cancer by undergoing the PSA blood test.
Google algorithm proves extremely useful in cancer study
2012-05-21 19:30:00
If you’ve ever had a problem with some of Google’s frivolity, it’ll all be forgiven after hearing this: researchers have used Google’s webpage algorithm to find cancer biomarkers, which can lead to early diagnosis and better treatment. Recently, researchers at Germany’s Dresden University of Technology ranked about 20,000 proteins by genetic relevance to the progression of pancreatic cancer and found seven that can help them diagnose the aggressiveness of each individual case. This leads to more effective and personalized treatment. These biomarkers were found by employing the Google webpage algorithm, which Google uses to decide in which order to present your search results. The algorithm is complex and involves many factors, but one key factor is the amount of interconnectivity a page has. A webpage with no other pages linking to it and no social media interaction seems less important to Google. In that vein, researchers helped narrow their protein...
Sob escuta: ?Cancer For Cure? de El-P
2012-05-21 14:30:00
Nos meandros do hip-hop underground de cariz experimental, El-P sempre foi visto como uma dos mais talentosos produtores da sua geração e por isso é que este novo álbum “Cancer For Cure” (C4C), o primeiro depois de 5 anos de interregno, é aguardado com tanta expectativa, em especial por todos aqueles que estão familiarizados com os seus inovadores trabalhos anteriores (como nós), assim como com os mais recentes (El-P foi o produtor do recente e brilhante “R.A.P Music” de Kller Mike). Felizmente que a espera está prestes a chegar ao fim e que o lançamento do novo LP de… El-P ...
Bee Gees? Robin Gibb Dies Of Cancer At 62
2012-05-21 01:40:00
Musician Robin Gibbs, member of the legendary Bee Gees, has sadly passed away after a long battle against colon and liver cancer on Sunday (May 20). Robin was 62 years old. Bee Gees ?How Deep Is Your Love? On American Idol (VIDEO) The family issued the following statement to announce the tragic loss of the ...
Sleep apnea linked to higher cancer death risk
2012-05-21 01:12:00
SUNDAY, May 20 (HealthDay News) -- Sleep apnea has already been linked to a host of adverse health problems, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Now, new research suggests that in people who already have cancer, the sleep disorder may raise their risk of dying from cancer.
American Cancer Society (Sponsored Video)
2012-05-20 17:33:00
The American Cancer Society’s main goal is simple . . . to create more birthdays. They do this by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. Together with your help 11 million survivors are celebrating a birthday this year. Now that’s pretty awesome! One of their most ...
Can IPL Hair Removal Cause Skin Cancer
2012-05-19 17:43:00
IPL Hair Removal And Skin Cancer Risks Many people who think of doing IPL hair removal worry about skin cancer dangers. Read here all about IPL hair removal and skin cancer risks. There are many IPL hair removal systems for home hair removal, and there are many professional IPL systems used at the beauty salons preforming millions of treatments ...
Hugo Chavez shows strength after Cuba cancer treatment
2012-05-12 05:34:00
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez strode, sang and gave a rousing speech on Friday in a careful show of vigor after his latest cancer treatment in Cuba fanned rumors he was dying five months before an election. The socialist Chavez, who had only been seen live in public once in the previous month, addressed the nation after flying back from Havana where he has completed six rounds of radiation therapy. ...
#Golf PSA for Skin Cancer Awareness Month...this means YOU!
2012-05-10 23:13:00
May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month and, for golfers in particular who spend over four hours in the sun during a round, this public service announcement could save lives! Did you know: More than two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year This includes men and women who hit the links without appropriate protection from the sun ? from not using enough sunscreen to not wearing protective clothing. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the good news is skin cancer is easily preventable and ? when detected early ? has a high cure rate. Check out this 15 second golf PSA:, which just launched this week, has everything you need to know about skin cancer, locations for free screenings, educational material and local dermatologist in each market. The dangers of engaging in outdoor activities like golf without appropriate protection- sunscreen, hats, could kill you. Be careful out there so you can attend all ...
Cancer patients? lip-sync to Kelly Clarkson?s ?Stronger? goes viral
2012-05-10 18:33:00
Like" us on and follow Trending Now on Twitter: @Knowlesitall and @YahooTrending A touching lip-sync video to Kelly Clarkson's Billboard-topping hit "Stronger" is going viral. Young cancer patients at Seattle Children's Hospital collaborated on the project with nurses and staff members to bring attention to their fight against cancer. Recently diagnosed leukemia patient and hockey player Chris ...
Men?s Fitness Magazine article on how to prevent bowel cancer with curry in
2012-05-10 00:06:00
There is a wonderfully eye-opening article in the newest issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine about how to prevent bowel cancer from an ingredient found in curry – which is usually found in Indian or Thai food.  Curcumin is the ingredient and it has been known to be helpful for both stroke and dementia patients.  The ...
Curry's ability to fight cancer put to the test
2012-05-09 16:50:00
Reblogged from Headlines: Does an ingredient in curry have a role in cancer prevention? A chemical found in curry is to be tested for its ability to kill bowel cancer tumours in patients. Curcumin, which is found in the spice turmeric, has been linked to a range of health benefits. Studies have already shown that ...
Skin Cancer ? Check your body out! May 7th is Melanoma Day
2012-05-07 07:27:00
I am having some personal experience with something along these lines and urge you to wear sunscreen and go for your yearly checks – it really can save lives! Monday, May 7, is Melanoma Monday® and the official launch of Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month®. Also debuting on Melanoma Monday® is the SPOT Skin Cancer? program?s new website ? ? where visitors can learn how to perform a skin self-exam, download a body mole map for tracking changes in their skin, and find free skin cancer screenings in their area. The survey below was conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology to determine that young adults are not aware of the dangers of tanning beds and how to properly protect their skin from sun damage.   SURVEY STATISTICS: ·         Nearly one-half (45 percent) of young adult respondents agreed with the statement ?I prefer to enjoy sunshine and not worry about what I should do to protect myself from it.? compared with one-third ...
Can You Get Skin Cancer From Laser Hair Removal
2012-05-06 14:19:00
 Skin Cancer And Laser Hair Removal Many people worry Can You Get Skin Cancer From Laser Hair Removal? Well the direct simple answer is NO, you can not get cancer from laser hair removal, no matter which laser you use, or where you do it, at home or at a beauty salon. Because laser light ...
8 Things I Learned from Cancer
2012-05-05 19:08:00
Today I celebrate life as a father and a husband. It was 9 years ago today I was told I had cancer .  Recovering from two surgeries made the summer of 2003 an extremely tough summer I’ll never forget. I’m not looking for sympathy today or even high-fives, but I am simply reminding myself of ...
Spirit Airlines to refund cancer-stricken flyer?s fare
2012-05-05 00:27:00
Spirit Airlines said Friday afternoon that it will make an exception to its refund policy and reimburse the fare of a terminally ill man who had bought a ticket on the carrier, but was then told by his doctor not to fly.
The Tumor Resector: My April Cancer Peep
2012-04-30 20:32:00
"Dr. Phil" Two jokesters entered my room to remove my three epineurals, which had been inserted to control pain resulting from my cancer surgery. The duo always bantered and this time was no different, as they bet on the size of the gape and number of stitches needed. I loved their jokes, however sadistic, and they relished my reception. Drs. Phil and Whidterschneidmannhaus were orthopedic oncology surgical fellows, working under Dr. M&M, a limb-sparing specialist and pioneer who always wore suits. According to Dr. Phil, he and Whidterschneidmannhaus didn?t have time to read the newspaper or keep up with the Redskins, a sin had they been in any other profession. Dr. Phil was present at my surgical consult and bone biopsy that would lead to a Ewing?s sarcoma diagnosis. He was the first person I spoke to after waking up from surgery. A week later he had to lower my leg from traction, the most painful seconds of my life, and then convince me that twenty milligrams of OxyContin ...
Driving Away Cancer: A 50-state Odyssey Begins
2012-04-30 18:00:00
One year ago, a man named John Nikas drove a tatty and tired 1953 Austin-Healey 100 from coast to coast, hoping that the drive would encourage the car's owner, a friend who had recently been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, to keep fighting. He named his effort Drive Away Cancer. Improbably,
Dental X-Ray Linked to Brain Cancer
2012-04-27 18:46:00
A study in the journal Cancer reveals that people who have had dental X-rays are more likely to develop a type of brain tumor called meningioma than those who have not. According to CNN Health: “The meningioma patients had more than a two-fold increased likelihood of having ever experienced a dental X-ray test called a ...
Divorce rate after cancer diagnosis studied
2012-04-22 21:39:00
This press release came out a few years ago, but it’s still worth reading. Source: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Nov. 10, 2009) Men leave: Separation and divorce far more common when the wife is the patient SEATTLE ? A woman is six times more likely to be separated or divorced soon after a diagnosis ...
Doctor: Bee Gee Robin Gibb has colorectal cancer
2012-04-22 20:04:00
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has advanced colorectal cancer and remains in intensive care after waking from a coma, his doctor said Sunday. The statement confirmed the exact nature of the illness afflicting the artist.
Widespread Contamination of Research Cancer Cells Found
2012-04-22 06:34:00
This is the kind of thing that really takes the wind out of your sails...Cancer researchers have found widespread contamination of the cancer cells they are using to find cures, the types of cancer cells are all mixed up, and have been for years....Now the problem is compounded by the reluctance of
Yahoo! readers help cancer treatment donation site go viral
2012-04-20 02:27:00
On Tuesday, we told you about 6-year-old Drew Cox, who in one day raised $10,000 for his dad Randy's cancer treatment?all through his lemonade stand.
Buffett cancer diagnosis: The real question facing investors
2012-04-19 03:22:00
The trading world trembled after the bell yesterday with the disclosure that Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett has stage 1 prostate cancer.
Breast Cancer Map 'A Key Moment'
2012-04-18 21:24:00
From BBC News - Science & Environment: What we currently call breast cancer should be thought of as 10 completely separate diseases, according to a study which has been described as a landmark moment for treatment. Read the whole article
Warren Buffett diagnosed with stage I prostate cancer
2012-04-17 23:26:00
Warren Buffett said in a letter to shareholders on Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer.
Son's lemonade stand raises $10,000 for father?s cancer treatment
2012-04-17 18:53:00
Three months ago, Randy Cox was diagnosed with seminoma, a rare form of cancer. That's when his 6-year-old Drew decided to use his lemonade stand to help raise money for his father's medical bills. "He is so important to me, we love to play with each other," Cox told Texas tv station KLTV. "Lots of ...
Tiny 'factories' aim to make cancer drugs inside the body
2012-04-09 22:16:00
Cancer that has spread throughout a person's body is tough to kill without causing too much collateral damage. But tiny "protein-factory" particles could target tumors specifically by manufacturing cancer-killing drugs anywhere within the human body.
Use Of Canaboids For Cancer
2012-04-07 22:18:00
The therapeutic ingredient in professional medical marijuana called nine tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is at the moment to be researched because of its diverse functions, in different scientific... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Risk of suicide and fatal heart attack immediately following a cancer diagn
2012-04-05 17:23:00
People who are diagnosed with cancer have a markedly increased risk of suicide and cardiovascular death during the period immediately after being given the diagnosis. This has been shown in a new study from Karolinska Institutet, published in the prestigious scientific journal The New England Journal of Medicine. Being diagnosed and living with a life-threatening illness such as cancer inevitably causes great distress and may result in other health problems in addition to the disease itself. Previous studies have shown that cancer patients are at higher risk of suicide and cardiovascular disease, which, up to now, has mainly been ascribed to the emotional strain of living with the potentially fatal disease and the often physically demanding cancer treatment. Newly published data on patients with prostate cancer suggest, however, that being given the diagnosis may, in itself, be associated with a marked increase in the risk of stress-related disease and death. In this study, pub...
12th Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer San Diego
2012-04-05 08:29:00
Sunday, October 18th in Balboa Park October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In keeping with that, the American Cancer Society's 12th Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Balboa
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
2012-04-05 08:29:00
Facts and Events - October Breast Cancer Awareness Month "In the United States, an estimated 192,370 women and 1,910 men will be diagnosed with new cases of breast cancer in 2009. Breast cancer ra
Prayer for test results of No cancer
2012-04-05 03:37:00
* Denise * Prayer for test results of No cancer * Dear God and Dear Jesus, We pray that you will hear our prayers. Our daughter, Melissa is 22, and is graduating FSU this month. She was told on April … Continue reading →
Ultrasounds and MRIs Detect More Breast Cancer, Study Says
2012-04-05 03:35:00
Reblogged from Healthland: The breast cancer screening debate continues. A new study finds that adding ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) tests to annual mammogram screenings can increase cancer detection in women with higher-than-average risk of the disease. Read more… 566 more words
GNBT breast cancer prevention
2012-04-03 19:41:00
Generex Subsidiary Antigen Express Announces Press Conference at American Association for Cancer Research Related to the Immunological Response of its AE37 Vaccine to Prevent Recurrence of Breast Cancer Apr 3, 2012 8:30:00 AM WORCESTER, Mass. and TORONTO, April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Generex Biotechnology Corporation (OTCBB: GNBT.OB) announced today that the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) chose to spotlight a presentation on data from the ongoing clinical trial of AE37, an immunotherapeutic vaccine to prevent relapse in patients who have had breast cancer being developed by Antigen Express, in a press conference. The annual AACR meeting is one of the largest national cancer conferences in the US, highlighting the most significant advances in all areas of cancer research. It is being held this year from March 31 to April 4 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Il. The specific presentation highlighted by the AACR is entitled: "Immune response assessment in a phase II tr...
The War Rages: My March Cancer Peep
2012-03-30 21:57:00
Alexander Jack Green I received an email in September from two sisters, Sandful and Sandless. They had gone to high school with JD and knew about my cancer journeys. Sandless? son, Alex, was approaching his two-year cancer-free anniversary of Wilms? tumor, a childhood cancer of the kidneys. The Sand sisters invited me to participate in their special event, ?Alex's 3rd Annual Walk Toward Wellness 2011.? On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October, I joined the large close-knit Sand family and friends at Burke Lake Park in celebration of Alex. If I hadn?t been told that Alex?s mother was Sandless and his aunt Sandful, I would not have known who shared more genes with him. Their joyous tears and elation revealed a similar love for 7-year-old Alex. I met the anniversary boy. Through a likely combination of not remembering his cancer, not understanding, and not wanting it to define him, he was reserved. I approached him as a football fan instead of a fellow cancer survivor, admiring ...
Amid Debate, First Proton Therapy Center Opens in New Jersey
2012-03-29 05:46:00
Amid debate over the efficacy of proton therapy, the first proton therapy center opened in the state of New Jersey and the entire New York metropolitan area.
IsraScience: New weapon against pancreatic and prostate cancer
2012-03-28 15:16:00
IsraScience: New weapon against pancreatic and prostate cancer: This new medical breakthrough shows promise, although it?s still going through the clinical testing rounds. The compound, dubbed TL-118, comes from the labs of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It?s now undergoing its second phase of tests after proving effective against pancreatic tumors first in mice and then in more than 100 humans. Chief operating officer Dan Goldstaub explains that the company?s approach is based on a relatively new understanding of how cancerous tumors grow. Through an abnormal process called angiogenesis, the tumors ?recruit? blood vessels from neighboring tissue. Anti-angiogenic therapy is a revolutionary approach aimed at disrupting this process by blocking the tumor?s blood supply. ?Theoretically, we can treat all solid tumors this way,? Goldstaub tells ISRAEL21c. ?However, some tumors are more susceptible to angiogenesis inhibition, and each tumor uses different mechanisms of angiogenesis....
By: IsraGood
Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Link Stigma To Depression Among Lung Canc
2012-03-23 18:17:00
Studying the role of social stigma in depression for lung cancer patients, researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., have found that depression can be heightened by a lung cancer patient?s sense of social rejection, internalized shame and social isolation. These factors may contribute to depression at rates higher than experienced by patients with other kinds of cancer. Their study was published in a recent issue of Psycho-Oncology (21:2012). ?To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to examine the relationship of perceived stigma to depressive symptomology in lung cancer patients,? said study co-author Paul B. Jacobsen, Ph.D., Moffitt?s associate center director for Population Sciences. ?Given its strong association with tobacco use, lung cancer is commonly viewed as a preventable disease. Consequently, patients may blame themselves for developing lung cancer and feel stigmatized. Even lung cancer patients who have never smoked often felt - accurately ...
Circumcision Linked to Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer
2012-03-23 05:30:00
A new study published in the journal Cancer suggests that circumcision may help protect against prostate cancer.
Childhood Cancer Linked to Delays in Developmental Milestones
2012-03-21 17:30:00
Language, motor deficits, seen within months of starting treatment
Colon Cancer Awareness
2012-03-14 02:17:00
March is Colon Cancer Awareness month. According to the prevent cancer foundation website, 143,360 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer and an estimated 51,690 people will die of the disease. In the video above is my interview on local TV news talking about colon cancer and screening. If you find this interview helpful, I invite you to check out my other television interviews on local TV news at MikeSevilla.TV. Also check out the facebook page for this site, and, as always, follow me on twitter. Enjoy!
?New Girl?: Nick Freaks Out Over Cancer Scare
2012-03-07 09:30:00
"New Girl" (Tue., 9 p.m. EST on Fox) went with a very simple story this week, instead focusing more attention on developing the camaraderie of...
Book Feature :: The Eggplant Cancer Cure: A Treatment for Skin Cancer and N
2012-02-29 22:24:00
The Eggplant Cancer Cure: A Treatment for Skin Cancer and New Hope for Other Cancers from Nature’s Pharmacy by Bill E. Cham The Eggplant Cancer Cure touches on two types of common skin cancers – basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, both of which have a better than 95 percent five-year cure rate if ...
Higher Heart Disease & Cancer Risks Posed By Sleeping Pill Use
2012-02-29 10:59:00
When you see the data that researchers from Scripps Sleep Center have gathered connecting the use of sleeping pills with serious disease and early death, it will surely be enough to keep you awake....
Book Feature :: The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook
2012-02-27 22:41:00
The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook by Johanna Budwig Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and physicist developed and promoted from 1952 the Budwig Protocol/Budwig Diet, as an anti-cancer diet. The diet is rich in flaxseed oil, mixed with cottage cheese and milk, and meals high in fruits, vegetables, and fiber. The diet also avoided sugar, animal ...
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