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As China Marches Ahead, Is It On Solid Ground? ?
2012-06-01 19:10:00
Could China be facing into a perfect storm? Widespread moral decline has long plagued the nation, according to both ordinary and prominent Chinese. Even the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, at a news conference in March, said that Chinese society and …Read more »
More players stream into the South China Sea | gbtimes
2012-06-01 13:20:00
Moving southward from the East China Sea, Manila Times listed “sixty-six Vietnamese from various backgrounds and fields,” including well-known intellectuals, scholars and a former Vietnamese ambassador to China, who support the Philippines’ claim to the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal and denounce …Read more »
Ishihara Unplugged: China A ?Thief,? America ?Unreliable? ? Japan Real Time
2012-05-30 12:58:00
Calling China a “thief” waiting to break in, and the U.S. a “rather unreliable” ally, Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara Tuesday made a new suggestion on Japan’s defense strategy: speed up the development of conventional weapons and space technology. … “China has …Read more »
The China War on Laws | Top Secret Writers
2012-05-30 12:00:00
The problem of China’s misapplication and lack of respect for laws is that it has taught her citizens to act in kind. The notion that no one is or should be above the law is a foreign concept indeed. As …Read more »
No Massive Stimulus for China
2012-05-30 11:06:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD JPY 0.06 GBP -0.22 … [visit site to read more]
US stock futures rise on hopes for China stimulus
2012-05-29 15:33:00
U.S. stock futures are rising on optimism that China will take steps to boost its economy which has been growing at a slower pace.
Kashgar?s Sunday Attractions: The Famous Bazaar and Animal Market
2012-05-29 14:30:00
Brooke shares a few popular things to do on any given Sunday in Kashgar, China.--------- Join Travel Blog Success today and learn to build a better travel blog. Membership includes 27 tutorials, 12 expert audio interviews, private support forum, and much more.
Kronologi Pengungkapan Penyelundupan 1,5 Juta Ekstasi Asal China
2012-05-28 12:01:00
BNN berkerjasama dengan sejumlah pihak berhasil menggagalkan penyelundupan 1,5 juta ekstasi asal China di Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok. 8 Orang berhasil diamankan dari operasi tersebut.
India and China ? ?Double-Trouble? for the U.S. ? China Real Time Report ?
2012-05-28 12:00:00
In short, to U.S. policy-makers worried about the long-term threat from China, India looks like a useful counterbalance. Not so fast, says a newly published book by George Gilboy, the chief representative of an international energy firm in China and …Read more »
China: The atmosphere for foreigners seems to be more hysterical than in th
2012-05-26 23:29:00
?We?re used to periodic crackdowns, but the atmosphere for foreigners seems to be more hysterical than in the past,? said Jeremiah Jenne, an American researcher and history professor in Beijing who maintains the blog Granite Studio. ?This time feels different, …Read more »
5 Reasons China Might Already Be in a Recession ? The Atlantic
2012-05-26 17:43:00
Beneath the headlines of 8 percent growth, China’s economy is grinding to a halt. It’s time to worry. China is a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma stuffed in a black box of economic data. There aren’t …Read more »
Chinese general cancels Japan visit in diplomatic protest [over Senkaku Isl
2012-05-26 11:00:00
A Chinese top military official has cancelled a trip to Japan amid new diplomatic tensions between the two countries on the disputed islands of Senkaku (called Diaoyu by China). General Guo Boxiong, who is also a vice chairman of the …Read more »
China Service And One Tiny Tiny Hotel Comment. Meaning Versus Nothingness.
2012-05-25 19:42:00
This blog has been around for more than six years and during that time we have picked up a number of regular e-mailers. Some of these are people who, for whatever reason, refuse to comment on the blog, even anonymously, preferring to leave their “comments” via email.  Then there are the people who have a regular agenda/theme. There is the person who for years has sent me emails “proving” China’s economy is a bubble that will inevitably pop.  There is the person who thinks China is amoral and that will eventually cause it to rot from inside. This person is constantly sending me emails showing how “bad” the Chinese people are.  On the rare occasions when I respond, I usually do so by pointing out something similar that just happened in the United States. Or I sometimes just say that one can certainly expect a lot of bad apples in a batch of 1.5 billion of them.  I have always thought this person keeps emailing in the hopes that we will eve...
Asia refocuses on China
2012-05-25 11:17:00
Source: Advanced Currency Markets | G10 Advancers and Decliners vs USD EUR 0.10 CHF 0.04
Vietnam: How a former enemy became a crucial U.S. ally in balancing China?s
2012-05-25 08:02:00
The South China Sea’s more than 200 small islands, rocks, and coral reefs—only about three dozen of which are permanently above water—are the subject of fierce, arcane, and increasingly geostrategic territorial disputes. Brunei claims a southern reef of the Spratly …Read more »
China Film: “There Will Be Culture”
2012-05-25 03:03:00
By: Rogier Creemers The following is a guest post by Rogier Creemers. Rogier is a post-doctoral Research Officer in Oxford University’s Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy.  Rogier “wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the relationship between media piracy in China, intellectual property law and media regulation, and globalization. His main research interests include the nexus between media policy and political change in China, with a particular focus on the processes of cooptation and confrontation between the vested regime and potential challengers.”  We thought Rogier’s expert take on China’s attempts to export its culture through film would make for an interesting post. So without further ado, here’s Rogier’s post: Amidst the flurry of cultural policy documents being flung at us since last autumn’s Communist Party plenum, a new export guidance catalogue for cultural products and services was published in the beginning of February. Li...
Romney?s second TV ad focuses on deficit and China trade
2012-05-24 13:46:00
Mitt Romney is out with his second TV ad of the general election, a spot that continues the theme of what he would do on "day one" of his presidency. Romney's first ad, released last Friday, focused on the presumptive Republican nominee's pledges to approve the Keystone pipeline, repeal President Obama's health care law and ...
Chen's brother flees east China village for Beijing
2012-05-24 13:37:00
The brother of a blind Chinese activist who triggered a diplomatic row between Beijing and Washington arrived in the capital Thursday after escaping his heavily guarded home, a rights lawyer said.
Bear in a China Shop ? By Arthur Kroeber | Foreign Policy
2012-05-23 09:45:00
It’s not the booming economy that’s about to burst — it’s bigger than that. Social discontent and, yes, income inequality could rip China apart at the seams. … At the root lies a political system built on a principle of …Read more »
Why China Won?t Rule
2012-05-22 22:25:00
Two important cultural values underpin China’s political system. The first is the hierarchical and familial character of Chinese political thought. Chinese philosophers acknowledge the value of spontaneity, but within a strictly ordered world in which people know their place. As …Read more »
Fake Electronic Parts from China Infiltrate US Military Supply Chain | Busi
2012-05-22 22:16:00
Over a million counterfeit electronic parts, mostly originating from China, have been found in the U.S. defense supply chain, threatening national security and the safety of U.S. servicemen, says a Senate report. A year-long investigation by the Senate Armed Services …Read more »
BBC News ? Philippines and China row worsens
2012-05-22 14:56:00
An escalating dispute over the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea between China and the Philippines has started to impact tourism in the region. Authorities in Beijing have warned its citizens against travelling to the Philippines after anti-China protests. …Read more »
Buron KPK Anggoro Diduga Kuat Berada di China
2012-05-22 06:22:00
Nama Anggoro Widjojo mencuat lagi belakangan ini seiring dengan kembali dipanggilnya sejumlah saksi untuk sang buronan oleh penyidik KPK. Di manakah Anggoro yang sudah ditetapkan sebagai tersangka SKRT berada?
Financing China Movie Co-Productions. Australian Producer Offsets Can Work.
2012-05-21 19:57:00
By: Mathew Alderson In my previous post, Aussiewood Film Finance And China Co-Productions. Ever The Twain Shall Meet?  I explained how a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of feature film production costs is available from the Australian government for films with “significant Australian content” if the producer incurred “qualifying Australian production expenditure” when making the film. This rebate is known as the “Australian producer offset.” In this post, I explain how “official” co-productions between Australia and China, and between Australia and certain other nations, are exempt from some of these requirements, making it easier to access this offset. But first, what is an “official” co-production? For purposes of the Australian producer offset, an official co-production is one made under formal arrangements between Australia and the governments of various countries. These formal arrangements are treaties or memoranda of u...
Berkaca dari Kebangkitan China, Kebudayaan Harus Jadi Panglima
2012-05-19 06:36:00
China dewasa ini menjadi kekuatan baru yang tidak bisa diremehkan. Produk-produk China menguasai pasaran berbagai negara. Kebangkitan China dinilai terjadi karena kebudayaan telah dijadikan sebagai panglima.
Using Customs To Protect Your Brand From China Counterfeits
2012-05-18 12:48:00
By: Rachel Buker I just returned from the INTA conference in Washington DC, a gathering of nearly 10,000 intellectual property professionals from around the world.  A number of speakers at the conference emphasized how using customs to seize counterfeit goods can be a very powerful tool for protecting brand-owners from counterfeit goods. The European Court of Justice recently set limitations on the ability of European Union (EU) customs agents to seize counterfeit and pirated goods.  The decision pertained to two joined cases—one case involved a shipment of electric shavers coming from China (with an unknown destination) that allegedly infringed on the design protection of a Philips product.  The other was a shipment of Nokia phones from Hong Kong bound for Columbia.  When Nokia applied for seizure of the phones, the request was denied because the goods were not bound for the EU market, and thus could not be considered counterfeit under EU regulations.   Nokia then brought ...
China/Myanmar Are Incredibly Risky And Difficult. So Run, Don’t Walk To B
2012-05-17 12:48:00
During my recent Los Angeles trip, I met with the person tasked with taking his company’s service business into China.  For about an hour we two talked of pretty much nothing but the difficulties he and his company would face.  Being the lawyer that I am, I am not sure I talked of anything other than problems and risks. Finally, the putative China head remarked, “I know, everybody is telling us we are crazy for even trying to do business in China.”  I replied, “Wait a second.  I never for a moment told you not to go into China. In fact, I am of the view that you have to go into China. Within about five years, businesses like yours will be making a fortune in China and if you don’t go now, you will have almost no chance of being one of them.” I then told him of my disappointment with American wineries.  More than five years ago, at least a handful of good-sized wineries came to us with plans for going into China, but all of them backed out whe...
Selling Your Product Into China. What You Need To Know.
2012-05-16 16:30:00
ABC News is pushing (I received two different emails from ABC on it) a Diane Sawyer/ABC News clip entitled, “‘Made in America’ Products Selling in China.” Though it is the proverbial 3.28 minute puff piece, it is right on the big picture. There are huge opportunities to sell American product and American products are viewed very highly in China. It starts out noting how “the Chinese spent $104 billion in U.S. exports in the last year — up 542 percent from 10 years ago.”  For more on how China has been greatly increasing its purchases of American goods, check out Selling Into China: The New Wave.  The clip then highlights a number of large and small U.S. businesses that are either trying to sell into China or have succeeded in doing so. Everyone is happy, everyone is at least a little bit jingoistic, and everything looks as easy as simply putting your product on the net and waiting for the hordes of Chinese consumers to come to you. Of cour...
China pushes North Korea to drop nuclear test plan
2012-05-16 12:19:00
China has been quietly and gently pressuring North Korea to scrap plans for a third nuclear test, said two sources with knowledge of the closed-door discussions.
Aussiewood Film Finance And China Co-Productions. Ever The Twain Shall Mee
2012-05-16 00:34:00
By:  Mathew Alderson During the Beijing International Film Festival last month, several Hollywood executives and film producers expressed interest in the Australian producer offset and asked me whether their films might qualify for it. Though these sorts of inquiries tend to arise in connection with official Chinese co-productions, they also come up in connection with Hollywood projects with no immediate China connection. In this post I will look at the Australian producer offset generally. There are significant exceptions to the rules in the case of an official Chinese co-production so I will look at the producer offset from the standpoint of an official Chinese co-production in a subsequent post. Under the Australian producer offset, 40% of the production costs of certain feature films can be recovered by the producer, in cash, from the Australian Taxation Office. The producer offset is claimed in the production company’s annual tax return filed in Australia for the year in...
China refutes Dalai Lama?s alleged poison plot
2012-05-14 14:43:00
After the Dalai Lama accused China of trying to poison him, the Chinese government refuted his claims and said that if it wanted the Tibetan spiritual leader dead, it could have done so without waiting until he was 76-years-old. The Dalai Lama told The Sunday Telegraph that he believed the Chinese government had trained women ...
Kunjungi China, MUI Rintis Kerjasama Pendidikan Islam
2012-05-13 23:55:00
Format kerja sama muslim Indonesia dan muslim China perlu model lebih permanen dan berjangka panjang. MUI pun merintis kerjasama pendidikan Islam dengan China.
Dalai Lama: China may have plotted to poison me
2012-05-13 17:31:00
LONDON (Reuters) - Tibet's Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama, fears China may have plotted to kill him by training female agents with poison in their hair and on their clothing, he told Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper. China has ruled Tibet since 1950, and the Chinese government has repeatedly accused exiled Tibetans, including the Dalai Lama, of stoking dissent against its rule. The spiritual leader fled to India in 1959 after a failed uprising. Last year he was warned that Chinese agents had trained Tibetan women to kill him, the Sunday Telegraph reported. ...
Blind China activist Chen says arrested nephew a scapegoat
2012-05-13 08:24:00
BEIJING (Reuters) - Blind Chinese rights activist Chen Guangcheng said on Sunday that a nephew, arrested on charges of attempted murder, was the victim of vengeance by officials incensed at Chen's escape, which cast a global spotlight on his 19 months in house arrest. Chen confirmed reports that his nephew Chen Kegui was arrested on charges of attempted homicide over a confrontation that erupted after officials in their home village found Chen Guangcheng had escaped, defeating a seemingly impenetrable barrier of guards, video surveillance and walls. ...
China Luxury Spending Seminar. New York City On May 16, 2012.
2012-05-13 06:12:00
Just got back from Los Angeles, where I met with long-time China hands, Sage Brennan and Renee Hartmann.  Since returning to the United States, Sage and Renee have formed China Luxury Advisors, a consultancy focused on helping luxury goods companies market to Chinese consumers both within and outside China. These days its difficult to find any consumer brand that is not at least considering the potential to sell to Chinese consumers — whether by entering the China market or by targeting the hordes of wealthy Chinese shopping and traveling overseas. In the luxury industry, interest is even stronger. One need only walk down 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive (or Beverly Drive, for that matter, which is where I met Sage and Renee for coffee) to notice huge numbers of Chinese shoppers and Mandarin speaking sales associates in the boutiques to greet them.  Since Sage and Renee tell me that more than 50% of Chinese luxury purchases are being made abroad, these shops are getting it right. B...
Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue - AJ and the boys off to China!!!
2012-05-12 23:57:00
Sacred Mother Tongue - China tour promo
Asia Sentinel ? The Crisis in the South China Sea
2012-05-12 10:11:00
Beijing is suspending some tourism to the Philippines and stiffening inspections on Philippine fruit such as bananas, of which China is the single largest buyer. There are very real fears that this confrontation could lead to war. Even if the …Read more »
Questioning China?s Economic Model: One Spark? ? Forbes
2012-05-12 09:36:00
The New York Times’ As Growth Slows, China’s Economic Model is Questioned sets a tone in marked contrast with its enthusiastic accounts of China’s prowess. One of its most respected columnists, Thomas Friedman, has been singing the praises of  Chinese …Read more »
China Cleantech Stock Alert: Guanwei Recycling (NASDAQ:GPRC) Moves over 14%
2012-05-11 20:35:00
New York, NY - May 11, 2012 - renewable energy/green newswire), an investor research portal specializing in sector research including China stocks and renewable energy stocks issues trading alert for Guanwei Recycling Corp. (NasdaqCM :GPRC) - trading up at $1.6798, up 0.2099(14.28%) 2:07PM EDT on over 600,000 shares. The stock had a day's high of $1.72.
China?s state media threaten war with Philippines over disputed islands
2012-05-11 20:31:00
China’s state-controlled media are seething with threats of war against the Philippines in an apparent attempt to divert public and international attention from domestic political tensions. And although there is little real prospect that the words will become violent deeds, …Read more »
Prepare for war, says Enrile | Tempo ? News in a Flash
2012-05-11 20:30:00
Manila, Philippines – While most of the senators are calling for a peaceful resolution, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said the Philippines must be prepared for a possible war with China. “That is already an indication that China is grabbing …Read more »
How To Save Face In China. The Book.
2012-05-11 19:45:00
Unless you have a perfect mastery of Chinese language, symbolism, and social nuances (and who even has that of their own country, anyway?), consider picking up a copy of Anne-Laure Monfret’s Saving Face in China, a practical book aimed at aiding you in making a decent impression on your Chinese business contacts. Monfret is a French management and HR specialist who spent eight years in China. Her book addresses the trickiest areas of Chinese culture through thoughtful explanations and first-hand stories.  As she illustrates, it takes a whole lot more than common courtesy to navigate Chinese business meals, deals, and conflicts, all of which are fraught with complex hierarchies and expectations.  Alternating between big-picture concepts (e.g., western versus Chinese notions of “efficiency”) and concrete do’s and don’ts (do give a nice bottle of cognac as a gift, but never, ever give a clock), the book is a crash course in avoiding major social gaffes. Monfret concedes (an...
China-Philippines Dispute Over Island Becomes More Heated ?
2012-05-11 15:47:00
China escalated its quarrel with the Philippines over an island in the South China Sea on Thursday, halting Philippine bananas at customs for longer inspections and starting an official media campaign that suggested that any claims on the island represented …Read more »
BBC News ? China bangs the war drum over South China Sea
2012-05-11 11:52:00
War talk, it seems, is all the rage in China at the minute. Yes, there are serious people in serious publications seriously advocating war. You might have missed it during all the fuss about Chen Guangcheng, but, for a month …Read more »
China?s Big Banks Look More Like Paper Tigers ? Bloomberg
2012-05-11 07:43:00
After spending time combing through the financial reports of China’s biggest publicly traded, state- owned banks, I now understand what Jim Chanos, the famous short- seller, means when he keeps saying they are “built on quicksand.” He’s definitely on to …Read more »
China has banished Bo but not the ?bad emperor? problem ?
2012-05-11 07:42:00
For more than 2,000 years, the Chinese political system has been built around a highly sophisticated centralised bureaucracy, which has run what has always been a vast society through top-down methods. What China never developed was a rule of law; …Read more »
South China Sea: Asia?s most dangerous waters
2012-05-11 07:30:00
South China Sea: Asia’s most dangerous waters “We want to say that anyone’s attempt to take away China’s sovereignty over Huangyan Island will not be allowed by the Chinese government, people and armed forces,” said a report in the PLA …Read more »
Is this Cold War 2.0? ?
2012-05-10 12:27:00
A maritime dispute in the South China Sea threatens to draw in the United States … Where does the US fit into this toxic brew of jingoism, nationalism, and disputed territory? Its strategic shift to the Pacific, geopolitical rivalry with …Read more »
Maj. Gen Luo: China won?t ?abandon? war option ?
2012-05-10 11:54:00
The Huangyan Island standoff with the Philippines has lasted for a while, why has the Philippines made such a tough stand? I think the Philippines is conducting a “strategic test” in mainly three aspects: First, the Philippine claim that the …Read more »
Inside China: Hobnobbing, war hysteria escalate ? Washington Times
2012-05-10 11:22:00
?The Americans are giving us a very substantial agenda, allowing us to see their front-line units, especially front-line operational units,? said Rear Adm. Yin Zhuo of the People?s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on China?s state television May 5. ?The Americans …Read more »
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