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Mike Moss: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-29 01:00:00
Guitar On Sky Competition Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - MIKE MOSS Entry
Hubert Malo: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-29 00:53:00
T-Rex Back On Track T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Hubert Malo
Richard Roncarolo: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-29 00:52:00
T-Rex Back On Track T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Richard Roncarolo
Ivan Mahya Deva: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-29 00:51:00
T-Rex Back On Track T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Ivan Mahya Deva
Christian Clemente: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-29 00:49:00
Guitar On Sky Competition Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - christian clemente
Pedro Molina: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-27 00:49:00
Guitar On Sky Competition Pedro Molina.- Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
Thiago Trinsi: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - great tapping
2012-05-27 00:10:00
here is my solo for T-Rex "Back on Track" I hope you enjoy. I am using a Yamaha Guitar RGX A2 plugged straight in to the interface using Guitar rig 4. T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Thiago Trinsi T-Rex Back On Track Plus off to the USA for special clinic dates
Brandon Gan: T-REX "Back on Track" contest
2012-05-26 23:43:00
T-Rex Back On Track T-REX "Back on Track" contest - Brandon Gan
Nau Barreto: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-26 23:40:00
T-Rex Back On Track Nau Barreto - T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
Pedro Molina: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-26 16:19:00
Guitar On Sky Competition Pedro Molina.- Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
Andry Sylva: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-26 16:04:00
Guitaronsky Shredding Contest Entry - Andry Sylva
Hussein Haddad: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-26 16:03:00
Guitar On Sky Competition Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - Hussein Haddad
Mark McGuigan: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-26 15:59:00
Guitar On Sky Competition Mark McGuigan - Guitaronsky Shredding Contest (
Contest Time: Bauer-Power Needs More Facebook Friends
2012-05-23 09:00:00
It's been quite the while since I've held a contest here, and figured it was about time I did it again. I have thought about it, and I just don't feel like I have enough friends on Facebook. Well, I should say I don't feel that the blog has enough friends on Facebook. Right now we have 193 good pals that follow us, but I would like to push that number up to at least 500. For that, I feel a little bribery is in order. Therefore I will have a contest here to inspire you all to be friends of Bauer-Power by liking us on Facebook. The winners (Yes I said winners) will get some free schwag from Bauer-Power Gear! Now before you scoff at that, we have some pretty cool stuff that you may actually want. In fact, I will be making available for the first prize, a free t-Shirt which are surprisingly good sellers. All you have to do to enter is like us on Facebook, then post the following on our wall: I love Bauer-Power, now give me my prize! That's it! We'll see the post and enter...
Rémi Nicouleau: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-20 23:50:00
T-Rex Back On Track This is my entry to Milan Polak's, T-Rex's Back On Track Contest . Thanks to Milan Polak and T-Rex for this amazing contest ! T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Rémi NICOULEAU
Carmelo Serrano: T-Rex "Back on Track Contest"
2012-05-20 00:38:00
T-Rex Back On Track T-Rex "Back on Track Contest" - Carmelo Serrano
David Eduardo Marroquín: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-20 00:34:00
T-Rex Back On Track David Eduardo Marroquín: here is my entry, with a low quality but anyways :) hope u enjoy it. T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest, David Eduardo Marroquín
Christian Clemente: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-20 00:32:00
T-Rex Back On Track Christian Clemente: my entry to.... t-Rex "Back On Track" Contest ..( I thank all those who organized this contest ) good luck :)) T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - christian clemente
Dhalif Ali: T-Rex Back On Track Contest
2012-05-19 15:56:00
T-Rex Back On Track This is my entry to Milan Polak's, T-Rex's Back On Track Contest, if you like what you hear, thumbs up!! Thank you Milan Polak and T-REX for having this contest for the guitar community around the world! Please do subscribe to these amazing guys : and yours truly.. THANKS FOR WATCHING! T-Rex Back On Track Contest Dhalif Ali
Vladimir Pocorschi: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-18 00:10:00
Vladimir Pocorschi Lives in Bucharest, Romania T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Vladimir Pocorschi T-Rex Back On Track
Hussein Haddad: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-17 22:24:00
Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - Hussein Haddad Guitar On Sky Competition
Las Vegas Elvis Tribute Artist Contest At Fremont Street Experience
2012-05-16 10:33:00
Third Annual Las Vegas Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Downtown Las Vegas was presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE), Las Vegas’ famed Fremont Street Experience and the celebrated tribute artist production “Legends in Concert,? this weekend. On Friday, May 11 and Saturday, May 12 Fremont Street Experience hosted the only Las Vegas EPE-sanctioned ...
The Great Canadian Smile Contest
2012-05-16 06:05:00
SPONSORED 90 per cent of Canadians consider their smile to be an essential part of their overall appearance*. We agree! Oral-B Canada wants YOU to have a great Canadian smile and are giving you the opportunity to win some AMAZING prizes: ? Five Oral-B ProfessionalCare 1000s ? Five Oral-B ProfessionalCare 3000s ? One grand prize of an ...
Patrick Demichiel: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-16 01:04:00
T-Rex Back On Track T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Patrick Demichiel
Patrick Demichiel: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-15 01:34:00
T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Patrick Demichiel T-Rex Back On Track
Anthimos Manti: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
2012-05-15 01:32:00
T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Anthimos Manti Entry T-Rex Back On Track
Anthimos Manti: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-15 01:30:00
Anthimos Manti: playing with custom drive pedal -SOUNDCHECK ORGONITE Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - Anthimos Manti Entry Guitar On Sky Competition
Guntara: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-13 22:01:00
Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - Guntara Guitar On Sky Competition
Carlos Hernández: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest
2012-05-13 21:59:00
Hi, this is my entry for Guitaronsky Shredding Contest (, PLEASE if you enjoy it the video PRESS THE LIKE IT BUTTON. Good Luck for everyone. PEACE. Carlos Hernández - Guitaronsky Shredding Contest Guitar On Sky Competition
KIA Dubstep Contest Euro 2012
2012-05-12 16:20:00
Io vi vedo lì un po’ dubbiosi, ma ecco, ve lo segnalo perché secondo me è una cosa assai divertente a cui alcuni di voi temerari potrebbero partecipare e ben figurare. Dunque: parliamo di un contest che riunisce un po’ … Continue reading →
Enter Draftstreet?s Free Fantasy Contest To Win $250, As Well As An Autogra
2012-05-11 00:49:00
As always I want to thank the loyal followers of Rotoprofessor!  You all are what makes this site what it is and I couldn?t do it without you. As a way to show my appreciation I have joined forces with … Continue reading →
Finding Your Rhythm as a Mom: Mom Connection
2012-05-10 19:52:00
I remember sitting in a room full of friends and acquaintances.We were going around the room giving prayer praises & requests.  My request was fairly simple.  "My husband just found out he is deploying to Iraq.  Pray for him.  Pray for us." That group of women was a room full of moms.  They were an important part of my community: my rhythm.  I was a mom of two boys, aged two and four.  I knew these ladies through MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers.  They were there for me as I geered up for hub's deployment, for the year he was gone and then rejoiced with me when he returned.  They were a piece of my connection with sanity. Connections.  They are so important in motherhood.  Amidst the craziness of sports-schedules, deployments, homework, TDYs/ TADs, simply fitting in baby's nap time some days, PCSing, drama, life.  We, as military wives and moms, need to be connected.  We ne...
8 Craziest Eurovision Song Contest Entries of All Time
2012-05-10 12:00:00
Last week, we gave you a basic rundown on the biggest annual non-sporting television event in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest, which is about to start up again, this time in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Jack Thammarat,Conrad Schrenk,Laurie Monk: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest (G
2012-05-09 20:21:00
Edwin Mclean from has a great new competition for you to enter with some great judges (if I say so my self :) ).. How to enter:1. Download the backing track as the platform of playing2. Start to produce and record a soloing video (also note that shredding is not everything, consider that the harmonic composition is more valuable)3. Upload your live performance video on Youtube (full appearance)4. Join the guitaronsky facebook page 5. Send the video response here below. Also note that I only approve the video response after you liked the guitaronsky facebook page6. Share the Youtube video and get the like thumbs as many as you can (videos views won't count, and dislikes have no impact on the counting process)7. Submission is allowed until 25th June 2012 (GMT-7) 8. There will be Three Videos only at the final 9. Announcement will be published on 28th June 201210. The winners should send the data details for the shipping stuffs max. 2 days after the winner annou...
Enter Draftstreet?s Free Fantasy Contest To Win $250, As Well As An Autogra
2012-05-09 18:33:00
As always I want to thank the loyal followers of Rotoprofessor!  You all are what makes this site what it is and I couldn?t do it without you. As a way to show my appreciation I have joined forces with … Continue reading →
I want ? I got?s Line Leather Jacket Contest
2012-05-08 19:38:00
The lovely folks at Line have provided me with a Leather Jacket to give away to one of my readers. I’m a big fan of the brand and their leather jackets are really amazing. I wish I owned one to be honest! Take a look at this baby, this can be yours if you win. ...
June Contest brought to you by Sportsman's Warehouse
2012-05-08 17:40:00
We are stepping up the prize level this month.  Sportsman's Warehouse is offering up a $50 gift card to one of our loyal  Bassin' Blog Readers.  YES, you read correct, that is a Free $50 Gift Card, which is like straight cash if you are an outdoors person!!!How do you win?  Pretty simple, but there will be a couple steps.  First, if you are not a Bassin' Blog subscriber, enter your email in the upper left corner to become one.  Then go to Sportsman's Warehouse website and check out their goods, come back to this blog post and post a comment with a link to the product you would use the $50 gift card towards.  (Take a look at some of the great products they carry from Optimum Baits)Earn bonus entries by going to my Facebook page and adding comments with product links to an existing contest post and if you can tag Sportsmen's Warehouse Page in the comment, extra entry as well.  This is a great prize and we want lots of people to get a chance...
2012-05-07 18:43:00
The following is a look into the civics behind communities and skateboard plazas. The town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in the U.S. serves as the case study. Brick By Brick: A Documentary on the Bethlehem Skateplaza covers the ins and outs of a plaza and how it has generated both local and possible national attention--a great example of how the building of a park can directly affect some of the socio-economic factors of a town.
Aquateko Contest Winners & Douglas Fantasy Fishing Picks
2012-05-03 17:37:00
Thank you to all entries!  And your winners are......Knot2Kinky Leader Material - Chris Van Eyde - we expect to hear how it holds up against Musky & Pike!And the 3 winners of Invisa-Swivel Sample Packs:Brandon Olson, Mark, Samuel Groves & Jesse Heinecke - can't wait to hear your thoughts on how they work!Winners will be contacted shortly.  If you missed out, I will start a new contest in the next couple days for a much bigger prize. So make sure you subscribe to this blog via email or RSS and/or tune into my Facebook Page.Below are my Lake Douglas picks, might tweek this, an Elite Series pro sent me a message and said to pick some flippers, not sure to go with this info or not.....Who knows, I am feeling less committed to this roster the more I think about it!
Anouck André: wins special prize for The French Guitar Contest 2012
2012-05-02 01:32:00
Anouck André: wins special prize for The French Guitar Contest 2012 Anouck André and Laurie Monk Musikmesse 2012 Anouck André  Video has over 25,000 views! Very Happy and proud to be' the voting prize' on the French Guitar Contest!!!thanks to everybody that gave me some support ! and thanks toKenny Serane, Nelly Tadjer, Patrick Rondat, Michel Lâg, Jean-Mi Kajdan, Kevin Cintas and to the great French brands that took part in this awesome contest! The French Guitar Contest : 'Special Voting Prize' Anouck André entry
2012-04-30 14:53:00
The Highbridge Library Council in conjunction with the YUCA Arts Program and several other community organizations are hosting a New York City-wide skateboard design contest that coincides with this year's Highbridge Community Fair. The competition is open to middle and high school students who can submit digital samples of their work via email to: arseno2007[at]gmail[dot]com. The contest deadline has been extended to May 5, 2012--keeping in mind that a physical submission of the board design must be delivered by May 11, 2012 to the Bridge Builders storefront (156 West 164th Street, Bronx, NY) between the hours of 10am-6pm. Good luck!
CONTEST: QUO Mother?s Day Pretty Palette
2012-04-30 06:04:00
SPONSORED With Mother?s Day approaching, we think that you deserve a little pampering, right? We’ve teamed up with Quo to give you the opportunity to win one of two STUNNING Quo Endless Beauty Deluxe Cosmetic Palettes.  Valued at $50, this palette, created exclusively for Mother?s Day by Quo and Shoppers Drug Mart, includes 35 versatile eye shadows, from pastel ...
News: The French Guitar Contest 2012 - The Results
2012-04-30 00:21:00
The French Guitar Contest 2012 - The Results -A project created by Nelly Rose http://www.nellyrose.-com1) André Niéri (Brazil) Julien Lacharme (France) Racim Djoudi (Belgium) Fayeed Tan (Philippines) Jeff Mignot (France) Max Sokolov (Russia) Adrien Bricard (France) Thomas Tiverman (Sweden) Marko Mijkovitzi (Serbia) Dhalif Ali (Singapore) Voting Prize: Anouck André (France) Mention: Théo Hoarau, 15 y.old (Reunion Island) Music is proud...
CONTEST: Get Yourself Some Sexy Beach Waves
2012-04-25 16:15:00
Lipstick Powder N Paint want you to get your sexy on! And what better way than with some fabulous hair? Achieving sexy beach waves is easy peasy with these goodies: ? John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner ? The Mermaid Hair Kit from Kevin Murphy ? AND a bottle of Lise Watier’s new ...
'Beautiful Bulldog' contest winner gives good face
2012-04-24 04:13:00
Tyson, a beloved English bulldog, doesn't bite ears like his namesake, boxer Mike Tyson, but he does share a title ? champion.
Aquateko Tackle Contest
2012-04-20 04:32:00
In the near feature I will do a review on a couple products from Aquateko, but in the mean time, no reason some of my readers should not get a chance to field test them as well.  Aquateko has two unique products, the Fluoro-clear InvisaSwivel and Knot2Kinky Leader wire material. The plan is to keep the contest fairly simple, so here is what you have to do for a nice sample variety pack (7 sample packs) of InvisaSwivels or some Knot2Kinky 25lb leader wire.All you have to do, is head out to the Aquateko website, check out the products and then leave a comment on this blog post about what application you best see for your fishing for any of the products.  The best three comments about the InvisaSwivel and best Knot2Kinky comments will win a sample pack, so yes a total of 4 winners for this contest.  You can leave a comment between now and April 30th.To double your chances, head to my Facebook Page, "Like It" and repeat your comment under the one of the Aqua...
Vinci Bluesky: The French Guitar Contest 2012 - cool solo
2012-04-19 23:35:00
Hi , this is my entry for this beautiful guitar contest so full of good entries and amazing guitarist , it's a deep pleasure to be a part of it . Many thanks to Kenny Serane and to all the people who organized this .I recorded my impro with my Ibanez AT 300 . Thanks for watching , hope you like it . All the subscribers to my channel are welcome French Guitar Contest - Vinci Bluesky - Ibanez AT
Snapdeal Is Slowly Shedding Its ‘Deals’ USP, Plans To Contest F
2012-04-19 14:14:00
Now that the ‘deals’ segment is slowly dying, Snapdeal which started with the deals business is slowly trying to distance itself from this model. They are now focusing on E-commerce and are thinking of getting into selling books online, something that Flipkart had started up before getting super successful and expanding to sell everything under the sun on its online store. Snapdeal’s Founder and CEO, Kunal Bahl told BusinessStandard that Snapdeal is still in the process of taking a call on whether they will venture into books and music online retail business. Flipkart has recently gotten into Digital Music sales with its FlyteMusicStore with much success. Both the companies may have different business models but they are both right now on a roughly similar road in terms of revenue and targets. They are both aspiring to reach $1 billion in sales in the next 2-3 years. Snapdeal’s acquisition of eSportsBuy means that the company is serious about diversifying further and expan...
By: WATblog
Dinosaur Train?s ?Dinosaurs A to Z? Countdown Contest
2012-04-16 17:43:00
If you’re a fan of Dinosaur Train, you won’t want to miss their one-hour special “Dinosaurs A to Z” premiering May 14th on PBS KIDS! This episode will encourage its tiny viewers to practice the alphabet while learning about the diversity of dinosaurs. Until then, Dinosaur Train is hosting a “Dinosaurs A to Z” Countdown ...
Mike Philippov: Tom Hess Guitar Playing/Music Contest
2012-04-15 00:57:00
Tom Hess Guitar And Music Contest finalist plays guitar. Listen to Mike Philippov play guitar in the final round of the Tom Hess Guitar Playing Contest. Tom Hess is holding this guitar competition for members of his online music business programs as well as for his guitar students. Get this free guitar speed mini course to learn how to play guitar fast: Tom Hess Guitar Playing/Music Contest - Mike Philippov
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