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Magnetic bike lights from Copenhagen Parts
2012-04-23 11:14:00
There are very few good looking slimline bike lights. Copenhagen Parts wanted something that looked good, worked well and, most importantly, could be fitted and removed instantly. The answer was ? magnets. Magnets and steel tubes are an obvious match but we?ve spent a lot of time working on selecting the right components and perfecting the details so that they will fit to different tube diameters and stay there?. And the cleverness doesn?t end there. The lights turn on when placed on the bike and automatically switch off when removed, says Mads Kjøller Damkjær, co-founder of the company.   We have been riding with the prototypes for 6 months. They are so easy to fit anywhere on the frame and they stay put ? regardless of the road surface. And they just pull off to keep them out of the grasp of thieves? says Anthony Forsyth, bike-geek and one of the designers for Copenhagen Parts. The only drawback is that they only work on steel frames. However the vast majority of people still...
Copenhagen Ceramics
2011-12-17 15:48:00
Danish Ceramics have long enjoyed international attention and respect . With the opening of the gallery Copenhagen Ceramics, you will yet again be able to experience the best of contemporary Danish Ceramics in the Danish capital. The originators behind the gallery are Bente Skjøttgaard, Steen Ipsen and Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl and their ambition with the project is to show the current developments on the Danish ceramics scene, rendering visible the diversity and high quality, that characterize the work presently being made. The new exhibition venue opens its doors on January 5th 2012. Address is Smallegade 46 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The project span the generations and by coupling the artists in unexpected ways we are setting the scene for surprises from even the more well-known artists, explain the originators. Our curatorial approach will be reflecting what we as professionals find exciting and boundary-exploring right at this moment, says the founders of Copenhagen Ceramics.
Copenhagen Central Station Flash Mob
2011-09-16 07:38:00
Sekali ini ndak komik dulu ya :D Gw lagi kurang enak badan, tapi badan ga bisa diajak tidur :| Jadi gw keliaran di Youtube. Nemu satu video ini. Sebenernya bukan ?nemu?, tapi ?nyari?. Ada temen gw yang post video ini di G+ ? sayangnya gw lupa siapa ? dan gw nyari ni video :D Enjoy. The best flash mob of all time :D Gimana ya caranya bawa timpani dan harpa segede gitu? :| BTW, mereka itu dari Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra :D
A snowy morning in Copenhagen...
2010-12-22 11:31:00
For those not in Denmark right now: Do you realise that this Christmas season you are missing one the most Christmassy Christmases of all the Christmases that Denmark has ever offered up? It is truly amazing - the snow just keep coming. Hope it continues through Christmas and New Years... :-)And a few photos taken this morning... (and a short video too)      &-nbsp;        &-nbsp;  And a short video...
A snowy white December in Copenhagen - Episode 80 of
2010-12-20 13:56:00
?Episode #80 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo. "We probably have a more positive impact on Denmark in one single episode than the Dansk Folkparti does in an entire year, " says Tim in Episode 80 of Of course, that's not really all that difficult. It's hard not to have an opinion regarding the self-proclaimed Denmark culture protectors - as we discovered in the comment section of episode 79. Our discussion of Denmark's new family reunification point system last episode certainly generated some colourful and emotional comments. Free to add your voice.Besides making punchy statements like this, in this episode we take you on a tour through the streets of Copenhagen to help get you into the Christmas spirit by showing you how Copenhagen does it - with lots of colourful lights and decorations. It's been a snowy December, which we just can't resist taking advantage of! Copenhagen has rarely been more festive and wintery then the last few weeks.We fea...
Winter in Copenhagen ...on bicycle, Cycle Chic style
2010-11-26 11:12:00
With plenty of snow on the ground this week in Copenhagen, it's certainly worth giving a little shout-out to his fantastic Winter cycling in Copenhagen video (right below - it was made last year, but it's just as fresh as ever).We've mentioned before that we're big fans of Mikael Corville-Andersen's Copenhagen Cycle Chic website. Since moving to Copenhagen, personally I've never been phased by a bit of snow when it comes to hopping on my bike and cycling around the city. And I'm far from the only one. You could call it a another aspect of Danish culture, I suppose. Copenhagen January Cycling - Your Country from Copenhagenize on Vimeo. Alternatively, just click on over to his Cycle Chic 'Cycling in Winter' Guide.
TBEX in Copenhagen, online shoes and much much more!: Episode 76 of MyDenma
2010-11-11 13:52:00
<br><br><br>J-ob Episode # 76 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo. In this episode we hang out at the Cirkus Bygning in central Copenhagen, spending the weekend at TBEX, the travel bloggers conference held in Copenhagen - actually the first TBEX held in Europe. It was a great time, and I especially enjoyed the opportunity to meet organisers Kim Mance, Maren Hogen and Courtney McGann and to join the video blogging panel as one of the speakers (alongside two fantastic co-presenters - Kim Mance of Galavanting TV - and TBEX organiser - and Robert Reid of Lonely Planet who is also the creator of "The 76 second Travel Show"). If you've ever wondered what it takes to be a successful travel blogger, TBEX is a great place to start. This week's Danish web resource we review is (equivalent to Zappos in the U.S.), where you can buy shoes online (yes, SHOES!!) - they offer a money-back guarantee and free shipping, so they are worth checking out. One of th...
Finding the X in Copenhagen (CPH:DOX Film Festival, WOMEX World Music Festi
2010-10-28 10:40:00
The latest episode of (Episoe #74) is rather relaxed and less "chaotic" than the previous couple. Episode #74 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo. However, in spite of the quickly shortening days and the onslaught of cold and rainy weather, the end of October is bringing with it plenty of 'warm and wonderful' events. Among them are CPH: DOX (Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival), Womex World Music Festival and TBEX Europe (International Travel Blogging Conference in Copenhagen). One of the cool aspects of CPH: DOX, aside from over 200 fantastic documentary films from around the world, is the opportunity to visit some of Copenhagen's more traditional theaters - of which there are quite a number around the city. A few of them include: Grand Theater (, Dagmar Theater (, Gloria Theater ( and my personal favourite, Posthus Theater ( Besides current events, we present a sim...
Kulturnatten in Copenhagen (and more): From Flash mobs to sweet deals - all
2010-10-25 15:33:00
We made it to Kulturnatten in Copenhagen for this episode (#73) of - and I have to say this is one of my favourite episodes - lots of action. Sabine put together a gruelling programme for the team - and they managed it with style (and a smile - check out the episode to see exactly how Sabine's smile can open locked doors). Culture Night (Kulturnatten) is the annual October evening in Copenhagen dedicated to Danish culture, as the streets are flooded with people as the shops and more importantly museums and cultural and political institutions across the city throw open their doors to the public. Once again proving our street culture credibility, we caught up with a flash mob at Hovedbanegaard (Copenhagen Central Station) - as if Street Dining in Episode 72 wasn't enough), then headed over to Black Diamond to watch some cannon shots, and finally ended up at the Copenhagen prison. We uncover a truly money saving resource called - which is well wort...
FC Barcelona - 2, FC Copenhagen - 0
2010-10-20 23:01:00
FC Barcelona moved to the top of the Group D with a laboured 2-0 victory against the Danish Cahmpions, Copenhagen. Two strikes from the World Player of the Year, Lionel Messi secured a vital win for Barca. FC Copenhagen had his fair share of chances to equalise in the match and would beruining missing those moments. Xavi who was pretty much doubtful for this match made it into the substitute bench after getting the all clear from Medical staff. But Valdes was ruled out of this tie with fever. That gave Pinto a rare start in Champions League. The defense had the familiar look of Abidal, Pique, Puyol and Alves. Guardiola decided to employ an ultra defensive midfield with Maxwell, Mascherano and Busquets. The front three were - Iniesta, Villa and Messi.With such a defensive midfield it was clear from the start that any creative spark has to come from way up the pitch. Iniesta and Messi looked to have agreed upon that one of them will drop into midfield all the time. And its no surprise...
FC Barcelona vs FC Copenhagen Preview
2010-10-19 19:52:00
FC Barcelona will be hosting Group D leaders FC Copenhagen tomorrow night at the Camp Nou. FC København has found themselves clear on the top of group with two wins from their two matches. When the draw was made everyone expected FC Barcelona and Rubin Kazan to go throigh this group. I thought FC København was the real weak link, but they have proven me wrong. Following the inability to win in Moscow, this is a must win match for us. A failure to win this one complicates the entire qualifying campaign. Guardiola has plenty of injury woriies to ponder on. Gabriel Milito has been ruled out for two weeks, Xavi's injury most propbably will see him miss this clash and there is also doubt about Puyol's participation. If Puyol misses out on today's match, we could see once again Abidal moving into central defense. Add to that the average form of Pique in last few matches, it is definitely a worrying prospect. Xavi's injury looks more serious for me and it may not be a bad idea to rest ...
Street Dining in Copenhagen (!!), Kulturnatten, and regional Danish food: E
2010-10-18 10:38:00
The Street Dining segment of the latest episode of (Episode #72) is one of my all-time favourites. We met up with Sebastian Overgaard to experience just what it was like - it's quite likely that you've never experienced anything quite like it, but it really was something that brought hundreds of smiles to faces passing by. A truly wonderful experience. It's really the simplest of concepts - requiring just a small does of confidence and courage, but bringing wonderous results. Even the police stopped by to say 'hi'! Kulturnatten (Culture night) happens every year in October in Copenhagen, so we caught up with one of the organisers to hear more about it. The annual event sees thousands of people hit the streets of Copenhagn as loads of museums and other culture institutions (oftentimes normally closed to the public) throw open their doors to the crowds. Simply to wander around the streets soaking up the atmosphere is a great experience in itself, even if you don...
TBEX Europe 2010 in Copenhagen: If you're into travel blogging, this one's
2010-10-11 14:00:00
TBEX Europe 2010 - Travel Blog Exchange  - is taking place in Copenhagen from Nov. 4-6, 2010. It's the first time ever TBEX will be arriving in Europe. If this is a conference that catches your attention, it's probably worth a second look. It only costs $50 to attend, and the organisers are going to great pains to make this a standout conference in a unique and inspiring setting. I've had the opportunity to briefly speak to event organiser Kim Mance when she was here in Copenhagen scouting locations. I have to admit I couldn't have predicted the location she settled on, which is the Wallman's Cirkusbygningen, or more simply 'Cirkus' - a building that actually dates back to 1885. It really isn't your average conference venue - it's colourful, there's even a 'trampoline' screen and a lunch-time show.  No, it's not by any means most amazing building ever - but it is a refreshing change as a conference setting. Best of all, it is pretty much in the heart of Cop...
Wondering where to get a gourmet burger in Copenhagen? The answer is in Epi
2010-09-30 21:55:00
This week on (episode #70) we just couldn't resist comparing the 2 newest burger joints in town - Burger and Bun (in Vesterbro on Istedgade) and Cocks & Cows (on Gammel Strand right in the center of Copenhagen). These aren't just any burger places - these are places claiming to offer a homemade burger that you won't soon forget. If you're in Copenhagen and a fan of burgers, both of these places are well worth trying out and deserving of your hard earned cash, we can conclude - check out the episode to see which one was ultimately our favourite. There is a big price difference between the two - Cocks & Cows is definitely easier on your wallet. But that doesn't necessarily make it the best... We review the danish yellow pages online (, and offer a few resume writing tips. And finally we suggest a few language schools to check out if you are determined to learn Danish. Enjoy! Websites and resources shared in this ...
Tina Dickow - Copenhagen
2010-09-24 14:03:00
I'm a big fan of Tina Dickow - I'd go as far as saying she is one of my favourite Danish musicians. Her songs tend to grab you after a couple of listens ...and then you just can't get it out of your head. Sometimes the first listen gives you completely the wrong impression, because her melodies are so often so simple, yet they are incredible and powerful - it just takes a couple listens for them to sink in. She recently debuted her new song "Copenhagen" on Anders Lund Madsen's 'Det Nye Talkshow'. I have to admit I thought the lyrics were a bit cheesey the first time I heard them, but after seeing a few friends linking to the clip I gave it a second listen ...and there you have it again, her songs inevitably grab you. And hey, it's about my beloved Copenhagen! - episode # 69 ? Rites of Life Exhibition, Copenhagen Blues
2010-09-24 13:54:00
In this episode we attend the Rites of Life exhibition on the Strøget and Kongens Nytorv - the walking street in downtown Copenhagen - where we talk about and show you some of the 66 spectacular photos by Anders Ryman. We demonstrate a nice online tool to buy electronics in Denmark. For the Work in Denmark segment, we meet an analyst consultant at Børsen newspaper to talk about 'gazelle companies' in Denmark - these are companies with a spectular rate of growth over a several year period. It's impressive how many there are in Denmark - and how many have been able to grow, grow, grow in spite of the economic environment. This is great news for those who are exploring the job market in Denmark. Last but not least we answer a viewer's question about renting an apartment in Denmark. Enjoy the show! Episode # 69 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo. Websites and resources shared in this Episode: (Rites of Life Exhibition website) h...
Cooking on the Copenhagen Metro, Trine Lai's great food blog, and some advi
2010-09-01 15:39:00
This time on MyDenmarkTV (Episode #66) we check out the Copenhagen Cooking Festival (including the energetic MMM Metro event as it rolled across Copenhagen), suggest an inspiring food blog by Trine Lai, who also writes a regular column for the Danish newspaper Politiken (with great Copenhagen restaurant tips), and talk about the Danish working environment with one of DI respresentatives (Dansk Industri). And just for fun we run through a few popular Danish actors - both internationally and in Denmark. But really, it was MMMM Metro that provided us with such a great backdrop for this episode. Enjoy! Episode # 66 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo. Websites and resources from the Episode: (Copenhagen Cooking Festival) (A very inspirational food blog by Trine Lai) (A food section on Politiken by Trine Lai) (Dansk Industri - representing some 10,000 Da...
Episode #65 of Songwriting in Copenhagen, a job hunting we
2010-08-31 15:13:00
In the latest episode (#65) of we check out The Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, suggest an free Internet provider comparison tool and suggest a good job hunting website. Enjoy! Episode # 65 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo. Websites and resources in this Episode: (Copenhagen Songwriter's Festival) (A nice site to compare Internet providers in Denmark) (A website overviewing the top 1000 Danish companies - including a nifty little job alert tool for getting the latest jobs direct to your inbox every day.)
Episode 64 of Copenhagen Fashion Week, understanding how i
2010-08-20 15:43:00
For Episode 64 of, we checked out Copenhagen: Fashion Week (, and we kicked off a new segment called 'Work in Denmark', by talking about the work culture you are likely to face here. We also reviewed a website for understanding your consumer rights in Denmark ( Finally, we suggested a couple great events: Copenhagen Cooking ( and Copenhagen Songwriters Festival ( Enjoy! Episode # 64 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.
Episode 61 of - Copenhagen Friday Skate, travel Denmark wit
2010-08-09 10:19:00
In Episode 61 of there's a bunch of great stuff. If you enjoy roller skating and love getting around the city, the every Friday April through August the Copenhagen Friday Skate happens Wondering exactly where to go? Using to travel Denmark makes it easy. A closer examination of just how 'green' Denmark's culture is. work in Denmark: jobs for medical doctors. Enjoy!(And here's the links mentioned in the episode just below) (Copenhagen Friday Night Skate) (A great website to play trips/journeys in Denmark) (Danish Medical Association) (Jobs for doctors in Denmark)   Episode # 61 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.
Copenhagen Jazz Festival - Episode 58 of
2010-07-10 01:36:00
Well, this week we took in Denmark's biggest annual Festival - Copenhagen Jazz Festival during Episode #58 of That it is the biggest festival in Denmark may come as a bit of a surprise since it really doesn't attract the same level of attention as other festivals, particularly the Roskilde Festival. But at 240,000 guests its got the Roskilde Festival handily beat in terms of guests. Actually, this is part of the 2 part answer to the question: How do you know its summer in Denmark? (1. Roskilde Festival 2. Copenhagen Jazz Festival) There are so many concerts every year at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival that it's hard to know where to begin. There are a good number of public concerts for free, though I'd say (to generalize) they are not the best ones. If you really want to experience the cutting edge, you've got to shell out a few kroner. And there's a good number of international names every year - it truly is a top-notch, world class festival. So enjoy this w...
Copenhagen Distortion Festival madness - Episode #54 of
2010-06-09 15:20:00
Now that was a party! The Copenhagen Distortion Festival was crazier than ever this year with an estimated 90,000+ participants roaming the streets (and clubs) of Copenhagen from Wednesday to Sunday last week. It really was something to experience. We did our part which can be seen in Episode #54 of - besides lots of party footage from the streets, we actually managed to film a 10+ minute interview with Distortion Festival Founder and Visionary Thomas Fleurquin WHILE CYCLING. You really couldn't have dreamed a better scenario for an interview in literally the middle of the party. Check it out and enjoy! Episode #54 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.
Copenhagen Distortion Festival 2010 is coming...
2010-05-31 22:12:00
Every year I look forward to the first few days of June when the Copenhagen Distortion Festival hits the streets. This year it's from June 2-6, 2010. If you are living in a hole or a similar dark space in Copenhagen and somehow missed the party in the past few years, understand that in 2009 there were over 60 events attended by nearly 40,000. It really is a hell of a party - though obviously the weather has a big impact on how it all plays out. My personal favourite 2 days are the Nørrebro and Vesterbro street parties, which I never miss if I can help it. We're filming an episode of in during Nørrebro Distortion on Thursday, and we've even lined up an interview Mr. Distortion himself, Thomas Fleurquin, who is the mastermind behind the whole thing - from when it was a tiny little bit of madness attended by a select few party people back in 2001 to now. I'm really looking forward to chatting with him about it. Do yourself a favour and check out the party at leas...
Carnival in Copenhagen
2010-05-31 21:13:00
It ain't Brazil, but it's a lot of fun. Check out the latest episode of - all about annual The Copenhagen Carnival that happens the last weekend of May each year. Actually, in all my years in Denmark, I'd never actually been to the parade, only the carnival itself in Faelledparken. Quite a spectacle. Enjoy! Episode #52 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.
A bit about photography in Copenhagen
2010-05-23 15:38:00
Interested in photography? Then chech-out the latest - episode #51 where we meet the organiser of the extremely active Photo Copenhagen meet-up group, and interview the creator of the Copenhagen Photo Festival - which happened last week.   Episode #51 - from MyDenmarkTV on Vimeo.
Cheryl Cole Jets Off To Copenhagen
2010-03-05 07:03:00
Cheryl Cole looked glum as she prepared to depart from Heathrow airport in London, England on Thursday (March 4) without her wedding ring on. The Girls Aloud singer was escorted through the crowded...
2009-12-18 21:00:00
by Esther Greenleaf MurerThere’s no such thing as global warming.There’s no such thing as global warming.Carbon dioxide is good for you.Carbon dioxide is good for you.Warming as carbon’s nothing therefor you; such good is global dioxide.Glaciers and ice are too much with us.Glaciers and ice are too much with us.The Eastern seaboard deserves to drown.The Eastern seaboard deserves to drown.Ice deserves the seaboard too muchand Eastern glaciers are to drown us with.We can get natural gas out of rock.We can get natural gas out of rock.No one needs water; let them drink Coke.No one needs water; let them drink Coke.Let no one drink gas; Coke needs rock.We can get them out of natural water.There’s ice deserves gas to letthe Eastern carbon rock for you.Natural dioxide no can get with usout of warming drowndrink no one needs.We glaciers are such as waterboard them;much sea is global Coke and good thing too.Esther Greenleaf Murer lives in Philadelphia. Her poetry has appeared most r...
The Real Impetus Behind Copenhagen
2009-12-17 18:12:00
Do you want to know the real reason behind all the meeting and agreements and doomsaying being done at the Copenhagen climate change confab?  Listen to the applause. First, the warm-up act, so to speak, with hints of what was to come. But before [Australian climate change minister Penny Wong] rose to speak the conference proceedings were ...
Copenhagen Summit to establish global governance?
2009-12-17 17:18:00
Don't be surprised but this article leaves me about as speechless as can be. Tell me what you think, for Copenhagen is waiting for Barack Obama's magic wand on Friday:One of the Rothschild offspring laments the difficulty of establishing global governance. The December 2009 Summit in Copenhagen is meant to be a goosestep in the direction of fascist world domination bwo 'climate change' which was established years ago in a directive from the UN.You know, it isn't new for environmentalism to be used for taking over governments such as when Hitler used it to help establish the Third Reich.All of this reminds me of a dream I had after first hearing a few years ago that polar ice caps and glaciers are quickly melting - that a satellite with lasers was melting them from space! Crazy, huh? Looked pretty amazing as dream images go.Even crazier: that the ancient manuscripts of Atlantis holding the secret to longevity are thought by some to be under said ice. Thing is, the 'longevity' ...
Lockdown at Copenhagen
2009-12-17 11:29:00
It?s lockdown here in the Danish capital. But with about 100 police staying at my hotel, breakfast is a very safe affair. read more
By: Ekklesia
Industry reacts to Copenhagen opening video
2009-12-16 17:31:00
tweetmeme_url = '';tweetmeme_service = ''; Oil industries scrambled to respond to the opening video from the Copenhagen conference (above) after being inundated with letters from distressed children begging the corporations to stop making stuff. "We consider this a read threat," said Edison chairman, Peter Ludwig, as he looked down upon a throng of children, some covered in fake blood, others chained to power generators, while still others gathered their talking Barbies and PSPs and burned them in a huge pile. "I mean, when three-year-olds are going on hunger strikes, you can't just sit still." Mr. Ludwig has released a video of his own, questioning the practicality of alternative energies, that he hopes will produce a business-friendly counter-hysteria: SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Industry reacts to Copenhagen opening video', ...
Is Copenhagen summit heading the wrong way?
2009-12-15 17:20:00
As the world awaits a significant breakthrough in talks at the Copenhagen summit,there are many who feel after the serious deadlock between the developing and developed nations on several key issues, the Copenhagen summit would not turn out to be as fruitful as one would have expected. Some critics go as far as to say all the fuss about Copenhagen and fighting climate change has amounted to very little as a unanimous resolution on some key facets of climate change seems to be next to impossible. The recent issue of contention which has led to the developed and developing countries locking horns is that of the Kyoto Protocol. The developed bloc wants the Kyoto Protocol to be scrapped which makes it mandatory for developed nations to confine their emissions to set targets and to pay a penalty to the developing world in case they fail to achieve the set target. While the developing bloc is strongly opposed to scrapping the Kyoto Protocol, the developed nations are now not willing to fo...
Genesis, dominion and Copenhagen
2009-12-15 17:17:00
It's appropriate with all that's going on at Copenhagen right now that Bruce Clarke at The Economist has just directed my attention to two short visual essays by American film-maker, Steven Ounanian. read more
By: Ekklesia
Global Greens Public Forum in Copenhagen
2009-12-13 15:32:00
Copenhagen and beyond: delivering a meaningful deal on climate change – the Global Green perspective Sunday 13th December Stop Climate Change Leading Green politicians from every corner of the globe will be in Copenhagen. This event is the only time they are speaking together on one stage, outlining their views on what a meaningful climate agreement is and ...
600 arrested for Copenhagen protest
2009-12-13 07:07:00
More than 600 people have been arrested at a demonstration against climate change in Copenhagen today.What started as a peaceful demonstration calling for action on climate change, descended into rioting as hundreds of masked youths threw bricks and smashed windows in the Danish capital.Police in riot gear arrested between 600 and 700 people, who were cuffed and forced to the ground, before being taken away in vans.The scenes were in stark contrast to the rest of the colourful demonstration, which had progressed peacefully.Related LinksAn estimated 30,000 people attended the opening rally, which was part of an international "day of action" to mark the mid-point of the United Nations climate change summit currently being held in Copenhagen.Police spokesman Rasmus Bernt Skovsgaard said they had taken preventative measures to control activists at the back of the procession.Full Article: TIMES
In Copenhagen, go nuclear
2009-12-08 05:24:00
Governments are ignominiously incompetent at framing problems before they propose solutions.  Put many governments, each with a different objective, together in a single conference with the implied pressure to agree on a world solution to an ill-defined problem, and you have a formula for doing more harm than good.  Thus describes the situation at the ...
The Copenhagen summit 2009
2009-12-07 21:58:00
So here we are... as the world bears the brunt of the menace called Global Warming, the world fights back! It's time we fought this grave threat to our very existence with all the seriousness that it deserves and if things work out well in this very important summit comprising of almost all of the world, it would be a huge leap forward towards tackling this problem of Global Warming and Climate change. Here's a brief about this summit which is very much talked about all around the world:"In 2012 the Kyoto Protocol to prevent climate changes and global warming runs out. To keep the process on the line there is an urgent need for a new climate protocol. At the conference in Copenhagen 2009 the parties of the UNFCCC meet for the last time on government level before the climate agreement need to be renewed.Therefore the Climate Conference in Copenhagen is essential for the worlds climate and the Danish government and UNFCCC is putting hard effort in making the meeting in Copenhagen a ...
Copenhagen Climate Conference the Big Push towards a Global Hegemony
2009-12-07 15:51:00
Do not be fooled, ladies and gentleman: Global Warming is simply the biggest gun in the arsenal of those that would create a Global Government and tax you and me into oblivion, control every facet of our lives and starve and ultimately poison out huge swaths of the current human population. Does that sound like a SPECTRE plot from a James Bond movie? Well, it should, because Ian Fleming probably knew more than he was going to let on — who would have believed him? “Truth is stranger than fiction.” This week the scum and the fools meet in Copenhagen and will attempt to hijack the world through the use of bogus climate change data and alarmist gong-crashing and world treaty. Al Gore won’t be there though. He’s running scared from groups like We Are Change who are tirelessly exposing his global fraud. From the Associated Foreign Press (AFP), more alarmist lies right on cue: A landmark conference on climate change opened in Copenhagen on Monday, ...
Copenhagen, Climate Change, and Minimizing Impacts
2009-12-07 11:32:00
The climate is changing, and burning CO2 is a driving force in current changes. And with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15), there are a lot of people pushing for an international treaty of some sort that addresses needs for mitigation and adaptation measures to the changing climate. Each nation and each ...
Sarah Palin Mr. President: Boycott Copenhagen; Investigate Your Climate Cha
2009-12-05 23:07:00
The president?s decision to attend the international climate conference in Copenhagen needs to be reconsidered in light of the unfolding Climategate scandal. The leaked e-mails involved in Climategate expose the unscientific behavior of leading climate scientists who deliberately destroyed records to block information requests, manipulated data to ?hide the decline? in global temperatures, and conspired to silence the critics of man-made global warming. I support Senator James Inhofe?s call for a full investigation into this scandal. Because it involves many of the same personalities and entities behind the Copenhagen conference, Climategate calls into question many of the proposals being pushed there, including anything that would lead to a cap and tax plan.Policy should be based on sound science, not snake oil. I took a stand against such snake oil science when I sued the federal government over its decision to list the polar bear as an endangered species despite the fact that the...
Copenhagen Climate Summit Heat: from business to condoms.
2009-09-21 12:50:00
The more the December Copenhagen Climate Change Summit comes closer, it is interesting just watching the headlines flashing by. It seems everyone and his dog is starting to claim their stake, and to put their own spin onto climate change trying to ensure they "profit" from whatever comes out. Financially, politically or visibility wise.If you do "Copenhagen summit, climate change", "business, climate change" or "climate engineering" searches on Humanitarian News, you will see the blogosphere and news heating up:Politics were first:US and Europe clash over Copenhagen dealIndia will be key player at Copenhagen conferenceMaldives too broke to attend climate summitChinese adviser: 2C target unrealisticUS climate change bill faces fresh delaysIf Obama Can't Defeat the Republican Headbangers, Our Planet is DoomedE.U. calls on U.S. to do more to tackle climate changeEmissions per person in parts of China above rich nationsMerkel and Sarkozy want carbon tax on importsThe business hook:Clim...
Art Copenhagen
2009-09-18 09:32:00
Art Copenhagen The Nordic Art Fair proudly presents leading galleries from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.Art Copenhagen is the biggest art fair in the Nordic Countries and focus on contemporary and modern art.It is a unique meeting place in the heart of the Nordic art scene and is anually attended by art collectors, art dealers, artists, curators, art
By: weblogART
Copenhagen, Bikes, and Climate Talks
2009-09-12 00:00:00
On Democracy Now , Amy Goodman interviews John Hickenlooper and Damon Moglen about what the US is bringing to the climate talks. Both interviewees noted.... Posted on 09/12/09 at 08:45 AM
APOEL Nicosia Vs Copenhagen Live & Highlights
2009-08-25 08:07:00
APOEL Nicosia Vs Copenhagan Live & Highlights APOEL Nicosia plays Copenhagen in UEFA Champions League live soccer match. Watch APOEL Nicosia – Copenhagen live, highlights, free online at Goalcentre. APOEL Nicosia vs Copenhagen live :- Date : August 26, 2009 Kick Off Time : 19.45 GMT Venue : APOEL Nicosia Sopcast - Media Player - Watch APOEL Nicosia – Copenhagen live soccer match ...
On Call Gourmet Beach BBQ Delivers To Copenhagen Vacation Spots
2009-05-01 12:00:00
Sunning yourself in the lap of luxury at a Danish Beach in Copenhagen, the last thing you want to do is remove yourself from your perfect vantage point to the ocean, get dressed and go on a potentially endless trek for a junky beach fare meal. Capturing the market of people who have encountered this exact dilemma, Sommergrill is an on call beach BBQ service with a gourmet menu.
Copenhagen biker gangs...
2009-04-15 23:54:00
They can't all be hells angels or rockers...this group parked their high-octane bikes...well, choppers, to be precise (yes, pictured) then proceeded to engage in a ferocious round of...Easter Monday window shopping in Nørrebro.
Deluded nationalists unite! The Copenhagen Post wants you!
2009-02-23 22:15:00
Each week, The Copenhagen Post passes across my desk at work. For those with a limited knowledge of Danish with an interest in Copenhagen, it's a often the starting point for picking up a bit of Danish news (though a better one is probably the handful of English article published at As I can pretty much follow along with the normal Danish press, my need for the Copenhagen Post is limited - a good thing as it is hardly a comprehensive news source. But they do gamely (and oftentimes lamely) try.The Copenhagen Post has been making effort to resemble a more traditional newspaper over the years, for example, by adding an editorial section, where newspaper takes a stand on one issue of the other. Which is what motivated me to sit down a write this little piece.Now, trying to gracefully convey my feelings after reading the pile of smelly tripe they attempted to pass off for the reasoned opinion of the editor in the Feb. 20-26, 2009 edition will not be easy. But I shall ...
Snowy søerne in Copenhagen...
2009-02-16 22:49:00
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. The snowy lakes in Copenhagen...but watch out for frozen ducks...
With Transglobal Underground coming to Copenhagen...
2008-10-30 19:08:00
by: Timothy Anderson ( discovering that Transglobal Underground, one of the (many, many) favourite bands of The Copenhagen Report, was coming to Copenhagen for a show on Nov. 13, we got in touch with Tim Whelan, the band's leader, keyboard and guitar player, to find out in advance of the show about what they've been up to lately. But if you've never heard Transglobal Underground, it's a chance to check out their full-throttle live performance, which never disappoints...It's great to see the band showing up in Denmark (and Sweden) for a few shows. You could say the shows from the current tour have been pretty scattered around - how does the band decide where to tour these days?Most of the time we've been playing where the album has been released.....and it hasn't been released in Scandinavia so we haven't played there for 2 years up till the current invitation to play with Valravn.TGU has been persistent over the years - a good things for fa...
Is this where the best falafel in Copenhagen is found?
2008-09-14 17:56:00
The unpretentious falafel stand in Christiania. A fine falafel, they certainly sell. The best in the just might be, if you ask me.
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