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15 Clever Tea Packing and Unusual Tea Packing Designs.
2012-06-01 14:42:00
Collection of 'Clever Tea Packing and Unusual Tea Packing Designs' from all over the world.Temae Tea Bags: An innovative tea packaging by German designer Janja Maidl that comes with some sort of a brew time display. It indicates the required intensity of the tea. Tea Bags by A Z Borowska: These tea bags created from handmade lace by Polish designer A Z Borowska. Squiz Tea Bags: These innovative, semi-circular tea bags with a built in flavoring envelope are the creation of German product designer Nadja Gowinkowski. 'Tea Me Up' Tea Bags: An interesting concept created by London based designer Emily Ellina. Origami Tea Bags: These creative tea bags packed like origami birds are by Russian designer Natalia Ponomareva. iTea: It's a single serving tea package with a built in filter system. Unusual Tea Bags: These look real, but unlike the real ones these have tea leaves. Lighting Tea Bags: Creative lighting tea bags concept by designer Wonsik Chae. Hangers Tea Bags: Creative creation...
15 Cool and Creative Ways To Reuse Ladders.
2012-05-31 14:42:00
If you have been looking for interesting and clever ways to reuse an old ladder, we are sure you will like these "Cool and Creative Ways To Reuse Ladders".Ladder Display: Fix a ladder on the wall above the couch to create a cool display. Ladder Bookshelf: It's a clever book storage solution; create a bookshelf using old ladders. Ladder Magazine and Book Holder: Ladder Photo Shelf: Ladder Organizer: Addition of simple planks to the row of steps extends to form longer shelves and gives it a complete makeover. Ladder Racks: Turn old ladders into racks. Ladder Shelf: Here a wooden painter's ladder is attached to the wall to create a cool shelf. Ladder Plant Stand: Turn a step ladder into a cool plant stand. Ladder Gallery: How about turning an old ladder into a classy art gallery? Ladder Lanterns Holder: How about using a ladder to hold lanterns to create a perfect evening setting in the backyard or patio? Ladder Shoe Storage: Create a unique shoe storage solution using a vintage ladd...
15 Creative Tablecloths and Cool Tablecloth Designs.
2012-05-30 15:43:00
Now decorate your table with these 'Creative Tablecloths and Cool Tablecloth Designs' from all over the world.Doodle Tablecloth: This cool cotton tablecloth looks just like a sheet of graph paper and comes with 8 fabric markers for you to create place mats or for working out homework. Embroidered Tablecloth: Creative embroidery design merges the plate and the cloth in this tablecloth. Take Your Time Tablecloth: This tablecloth is covered with 300 riddles, both the questions and the answers; and can be read from both ends of the table. Do it Yourself Tablecloth by Monkey Business: This cool 'Do it yourself Tablecloth' comes with four permanent marker pens that lets you create your own unique collage. Table Cloth by Rasner and Sharfstein: Tablecloth by designer Talya Rasner and Racheli C Sharfstein leaves no ambiguity about where to place your dishes. DIY Chalkboard Tablecloth: To make this chalk tablecloth two-pieces of 7 1/2 feet long each of Ikea paperroll were covered with cha...
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SHAPE DESIGN INC replied to Ian's discussion High-end Quality with Lowest Price in PATTERN, SAMPLE, GRADING and MARKING service in Downtown LA! in the group Fashion Design
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Design Manifesto 2012
2012-05-29 16:47:00
When Tim Brown said that ?design is getting big again?, he meant that Design is moving (or has moved, in my humble opinion) from a form giving exercise and into the boardroom where is have become a much bigger strategic activity. I agree. Design is fast becoming a more strategic and holistic consideration in many organizations evident with its application through out many levels of the entire business.
Web Design Vs Functionality
2012-05-29 12:30:00
The debate of design vs functionality is highly important in the web design community, and open to much discussion. Ultimately it seems a balancing act between creating a visually impressive website without jeopardising the usability is essential. If the website seems to be tricky to navigate then customers are likely to leave the site altogether, ...
Cab Tilt Design
2012-05-29 12:06:00
i want to start a whole new concept for cab tilt mechanism other than the regular mechanic and hyraulic system,if any one has any suggestions plz help
2012-05-27 03:16:00
Architect, Robin Falck, decided on Finland as the place to build his 96-square foot micro cabin. The ingenius home includes a ground floor living area, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft and side patio. All built out of recycled material at a cost of $10K USD. Where can we order one of these?
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Nadia Faubert replied to Nadia Faubert's discussion Fashion Design Online
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2012-05-26 02:24:00
Is someone snatching your prized sandwich from the office refrigerator? Or maybe a pesky roommate at the apartment or school? Fear not as the clever designers of The. have created a series of anti-theft lunch bags that are guaranteed to fool the food thieves. The bags are printed with blotches that resemble mold. Refrigerator warfare at its finest!
15 Creative Drawer Knobs and Cool Drawer Pulls.
2012-05-25 15:05:00
Transform dressers, desks, drawers and cabinets with cool drawer pulls and creative knobs.Square and Round Wooden Knobs: These cool knobs are available in square and round versions, and comes with cute googly eyes. Timepiece and Chronograph Knobs: These Roman numeral watch face knobs and stopwatch knobs are sure to look great on any dresser drawer or punctual cabinet. Dottie Knobs: These cool painted knobs have a steel base. Secret Key Handle: This vintage-style pull provides easy access to your drawers. Jute Rope Knot Knob: This handcrafted knot knob made of jute twine measures 1 1/2" in diameter and is sure to make your furniture one of a kind. Customized Cabinet Knobs: If you don't want to opt for expensive knobs, then you can create beautiful customized knobs at home. Just follow the instructions of how to turn wooden knobs into cool looking ceramic ones. Vintage Ball Knobs: These beautiful vintage ball knobs comes with ornate trim plates. Classic Beach Glass Knobs: Greyish Lak...
15 Creative and Cool Reuse of Corks.
2012-05-24 16:09:00
If you have been thinking of what to do with all the old corks, we have for you some really interesting, cool and functional reuses of corks.Cork Trivet and Coaster Set: Its simple yet elegant, to make these cork trivets and coasters, just follow the simple instructions. More ideas: 1 and 2. Cork Bath Mat: This cork bathmat looks stylish, simple and has a natural look with good comfort. Cork Trivet: Ciclus, a Spanish design company made this aluminum tray that needs to be filled with corks to create a trivet. More ideas: 1 and 2. Cork Plant Marker: All you need is corks and bamboo skewers to make this cool plant marker. Canapé Knives Cork Handles: Make handles out of old corks for canapé knives. Corkers: These cool creations come in 6 designs. Cork Penny Tiles: Using old corks, designer Jelinek Cork designed these cork floor tiles. The corks are cut into circular shapes and are sticked on a special paper to mosaic patterns. Corks in a Vase: Never knew corks in a vase will look so cu...
Ccd Contact Barcode Scanner USB Light Rugged Design Black
2012-05-24 09:00:00
List Price: $109.95Deal Price: $59.24You Save: $50.71 (46%)This Contact CCD Barcode Scanner is very reliable and can be used for many applications. The NuScan 1000 series scanners are the most popular bar code scanning devices in our product line. Manufactured for durability and our exclusive ergonomic design for fort and ease of use make the NuScan 1000 bar code scanners the best in their class. For fast connection the NuScan 1000 simply plugs between your keyboard and PC or if you prefer USB the NuScan 1000U is the scanner for you. A serial version is also available. All three scanners send data to your active application as if you typed it from your keyboard. Designed for retail point of sale or any repetitive application where time and accuracy are important factors in making your business succeed.Expires Jun 7, 2012
Design Calculation
2012-05-24 07:53:00
Dear Sir, Material seeds are conveyed from one machine to Storage Silo . After coming from machine temp of material is 90 deg. cel. I want to cool it to 40deg cel . using jacketed type screw conveyor . What amount of water will requied to cool it to 40 deg cel. ? What will be the length of screw c
Evacuation Siren Design
2012-05-24 06:27:00
Please can anyone provide me with a sketch of their design on how the evcuation siren can be design,that includes all the electrical equipment needed up to the siren mounting thanks an hope to get some effective feedback
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2012-05-24 00:35:00
Marian Rebro, Erica Danielle and SHAPE DESIGN INC joined Fashion Industry Network
2012-05-23 17:48:00
Music and sound enthusiasts should know that today, May 23, 2012 marks the 78th birthday of Robert Moog (2005), father of modern electronic sound. The New York City-born inventor pioneered the electronic instrument market--one of his most famous creations being the Moog synthesizer. Google is paying tribute on their homepage via an actual flash-based version of the machine. Users can play, record and even embed their own custom sounds. Check it out and then find out more about Moog's instruments and legacy at Moog Music Inc.
15 Creative Knives and Unusual Knife Set Designs.
2012-05-23 16:10:00
Collection of 'Creative Knife Sets and Modern Knife Designs' from all over the world to make a cool addition to your knife collection.Belt Knife: This belt knife system features a stainless steel combo knife.Cheese-Knife Set: This cheese knife set comes with a bamboo cutting board and a storage drawer. It's designed to suit varieties of classic, gourmet, or artisan cheeses.Neolithic Knives: These ceramic cooking knives inspired from the stone age tools are the creation of M Kaeding.Key Shaped Pocket Knife: This creative pocket knife is almost similar size to an ordinary key.Pinzon Santoku Knives: The set includes santoku knives (Japanese-style cook's knives), a bamboo storage drawer, and a bamboo cutting board.Scissor Knife: This cool paperknife is made from black plated steel.Tiki Knife: This knife is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.Round Knife: Its simple design makes chopping effortless and easy.Manticuda Knife: It's a versatile knife that's multi-faceted, doubl...
Would Appreciate References to Custom Design Miller Type DC Power Unit
2012-05-22 22:21:00
Hello all, MagneGas use an off the shelf Miller DC Power Systems similar to that in the link below to power their submerge arc gasification process: Apparently they feel that with a custom specification efficiency could be improved,
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techpack design replied to Earlyn Lafaye's discussion CAD for Fashion Design
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2012-05-22 20:35:00
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15 Creative Skateboards and Cool Skateboard Designs.
2012-05-22 16:09:00
Collection of 'Creative Skateboards and Cool Skateboard Designs' from all over the world.Flowboard Skateboard: This flowboard design takes skateboarding to the next level. It comes with 7 wheels each on the front and rear. Log Skateboard by Oliver Schulze: Wireless Electric Skateboards: These boards are powered by a 24V or 36V electric motor and are controlled with a handheld wireless controller. Foldable Skateboard: Jin-Seok Hwan designed this unusual foldable skateboard deck concept. Transparent Skateboard: Cool glass skateboard by D Carbone. Carbon Fiber Longboard: This longboard designed by Louis Bradier is made of carbon fiber, and it tries to bring ski technology to the skateboard. Carved Skateboards: These hand carved boards are the creation of designers Owen Gildersleeve and Forsyth. Light Skateboard: Cool illuminated skateboard comes with inbuilt lights. Pumgo Skateboard: Shifting of rider's weight back-and-forth generates the deck's seesaw movement to propel the board...
Our Kickstarter Industrial Design Picks for Week 21
2012-05-21 23:00:00
Design Sojourn was originally conceptualized to live on the confluence of the Internet and Industrial Design. As such, one of the biggest shakers to bubble up from this confluence is the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. Kickstarter is changing the way we design and make things. I'll even go as far as to say that even the definition of Designer is changing. From today, we will be running a weekly column to help this new movement grow by sharing our picks of the plethora of great ideas and good industrial design worth considering. We rate these projects under the following five criteria: 1) Idea novelty, 2) Design quality, 3) Value for money, 4) Feasibility for manufacture and delivery, and 5) Contains an X-factor (i.e. solves an important problem, saves the earth, super awesome design etc.). If a project gets selected you can be assured that it contains all 5 of these criteria. If you are running a crowd funding program on Kickstarter or any other platform and i...
15 Creative Trivets and Unusual Trivet Designs.
2012-05-21 16:21:00
These 'Creative Trivets and Unusual Trivet Designs' are functional yet stylish and with their unique design are sure to look great on any table and countertop.Octahedron Trivets: These trivets in octahedron shape are perfect for holding cookware of any size. Concertina Wood Trivet: This walnut trivet can be extended and shortened as per requirement. Blossom Trivet: It's a multifunctional kitchen tool; it's a trivet, coaster, mitt and more. Seatbelt Coasters: These decorative over sized trivets are made from reclaimed seatbelts.Knot Trivet: It looks cool and its quite simple to make. Puzzle Trivet/Coasters: These can either be pieced together to make a trivet or taken apart and used as coasters. Toast Trivets: These trivets made of cork is the creation of Brazilian artist Patricia Naves, and looks just like yummy toasted bread. Pearls Trivet: This string of white porcelain pearls isn't your typical little trivet or stand, but definitely an amazingly well working one. Brass ...
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10 Creative and Cool Teacup Inspired Designs and Products - Part 2.
2012-05-19 15:58:00
Collection of 'Creative and Cool Teacup Inspired Designs and Products' from all over the world.The Cup: Designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, this unique sink design is inspired by a simple coffee cup. Teacup Napkin Ring: This teacup napkin rings comes in pastel colors with mini polka dots and little gold handles. Pouring Light Lamp: Designed by Yeongwoo Kim, it creates an amazing flow of light out of a teacup. Teacup Candles: These teacup candles look beautiful décor; making them is quite easy too. Teacup Lights: It's made from reused fine porcelain, teacups and cup plates. Teacup Bracelets: These cool vintage-inspired teacup bracelets are handmade. Teacup Cake Topper: Teacup Servers: These 3-tiered cupcake stand / tea stand looks fashionable yet functional. Teacups Lamp: It looks really cute. Teacup Clock: You too can make this awesome clock using teacups.Don't miss to check out "Creative and Cool Teacup Inspired Designs and Products - Part: 1| 2."More Interesting Posts:1...
Beginning Design
2012-05-19 12:34:00
what is a good book on circuit design fundamentals?
15 Creative Ring Holders and Cool Jewelry Dish Designs.
2012-05-18 16:04:00
Store your rings in these 'Creative Ring Holders and Cool Jewelry Dish Designs' that are functional and beautiful.Ringling Chrome Jewelry Dish: Store your rings and other small essentials in an attractive way in this cool jewelry dish. Jewelry Tray by Masashi Hanayama: Designed by Japanese designer Masashi Hanayama, its inspired by the beautiful yet ephemeral shaped structures created when a drop of milk splashes into a larger amount of liquid. Giraffe Ring Holder: This cute chrome ring holder comes in the shape of a giraffe. Bunny Ring Holder: These adorable figurines made of ceramic comes with extra long ears to hold your rings. Kaktus Ring Holder: Ring Holder by Alan Wisniewski: Alan Wisniewski designed this cool mini ring stand with chrome plating. Icelet Ring Holder: Cool mini ring stand with chrome plating designed by Quan. Tub Ring Holder: Designed by J Yatscoff, this mini ring stand with chrome plating is perfect for holding your rings. Umbrella Ring Holder: Another cool ...
If You?re NOT an EXPERT ? Don?t Weigh In
2012-05-17 16:05:00
Everyday my RSS feed and my email box is filled with recommendations and opinion pieces on rewards, recognition and incentive programs.  From what awards you should have to engage Gen Y to how to structure an employee service award. 90% of them are garbage.  90% of them are offered, proffered and pushed by people who ...
Researchers Seek to Improve Design of Hypersonic Engines
2012-05-16 16:30:00
From The Engineer - News: Stanford University researchers are hoping to improve the design of hypersonic aircraft engines by running simulations on thousands of computers at once. Read the whole article
15 Creative Scissors and Cool Scissor Designs - Part 2.
2012-05-16 14:59:00
Collection of 'Creative Scissors and Cool Scissor Designs' from all over the world.Magnetic Scissors: This awesome tool's head has power-magnets in their internal seam that uses the repel action for easy snipping. And at the flick of a button you can change the polarity to keep the blades secured in place. Freecutter: Its a combination of cutter and scissor; in this clever tool the cutter blade pulls back into one of the scissor blades. Smart Sizzors: It's a multi-functional scissors that can open bottle caps, cuts variety of stuff (meat, cords, fabric, and many more) and opens nuts too. Scalable Scissors: These scalable scissors can be pulled back, can extend and contract to cut almost any size. Pen Scissors: It has a compact design that looks like a pen that allows easy storage. Lay-Flat Slice Scissors: These lay-flat scissors are friendly to both lefties and righties. Scissor Tape: This cool scissors keeps the taperoll around for quick gift wrapping. Decorative Craft Scissor...
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2012-05-15 18:30:00
womenclothingcn added a discussion to the group Fashion Designthe small run clothing productionSpecialising in the small run production of women's fashion and workwear of high quality in quick delivery. We can produce by clients' designs. Our services include pattern making, sample making, fabric purchase, production, delivery and so on.Website: More
15 Cool Chopsticks and Creative Chopstick Designs - Part 2.
2012-05-15 15:46:00
Why opt for regular chopsticks when you have a collection of 'Cool Chopsticks and Creative Chopstick Designs' to choose from?Re-paper Chopsticks: Made from paper quality, these D-I-Y pack of paper sticks are easy to assemble and use. Reused Baseball Bats Chopsticks: These chopsticks are made from broken bats used during play. Each pair of these chopsticks features the team names, color and logo on them. Chopsticks from Art.Lebedev: These chopsticks are made of birch wood and hand-painted by Russian masters of traditional arts. Pocky Chopsticks: These chopsticks come in strawberry and chocolate flavors. Pods Chopsticks: These cute chopsticks are designed like the plug or small pods the pilots use to board their awesome robots. Apart from this you can even remove the small door to show a miniaturized version of your favorite EVA pilot. Anime Themed Chopsticks: These cute chopsticks are designed based on an anime aired in 1983. Bullettrain Chopsticks: These chopsticks are based...
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Barbie H20 Design Studio Doll
2012-05-15 09:00:00
List Price: $19.99Deal Price: $14.99You Save: $3.00 (25%)Barbie H20 Design Studio (African-American): Now girls can customize and transform Barbie fashions over and over again for tons of fashion fun! Just add water to design tools then spray, stencil, stamp, and draw right on Barbie fashions and designs "magically" appear! Allow designs to dry and then create all over again! It's easy and mess free! Includes Barbie doll plus extra fashion, water pen tool, spray bottle, double-ended stamp tool and stencil.Expires May 22, 2012
2012-05-14 21:01:00
We stumbled upon this documentary on the European-born architect, Costas Kondylis, thanks to Thirteen and their series Treasures Of New York: Building Stories. Needless to say, we were rather impressed with the story of an immigrant architect who struggled to find artistic identity in the midst of pressure and compromise from real estate forces. Definitely worth a peep!
15 Clever Business Cards and Creative Business Card Designs - Part 6.
2012-05-14 15:09:00
Collection of unique business cards and creative business card designs from all over the world.Mixtape Generation Cassette Business Card: The phone number is hand-written on this business card. Personal Business Cards: This business card is made on a transparent plastic, it's a personal project for Dario Monetini's own business card. What makes this interesting is that there is a series of different objects that you can align with the faces of your friends and family and take interesting photographs. Hair Dresser Business Cards: A perfect business card for hairdressers by designer Igor Perkusic. X-ray Business Card: X-ray business card by Van der Buzz. Plastic Models Business Card: This business card is designed as a modeling kit that can be used to create tiny plastic models. You can build a robot, aircraft, ship or a car. Cords Business Cards: A unique business card that visually represents it business. Business Card Buddies: These business cards features pieces that come out a...
iPhone 5/6 Design Not Yet Final? [New Report Claims Apple Has Not Finalized
2012-05-12 02:17:00
Now that the Galaxy S III has been officially announced, we?re waiting for the other flagship smartphone of 2012, the sixth-generation iPhone to be unveiled, a handset that will probably turn out to be a best-selling device, just like its predecessors. The new iPhone, currently called the iPhone 5 or ...
15 Creative And Cool Mustache Inspired Products - Part 2.
2012-05-11 15:58:00
Collection of 'Creative And Cool Mustache Inspired Products' from all over the world. Moustache Lightbulbs: These cool moustache light bulbs designed by Katrin Greiling adds a touch of humor to your home decor. More?.. Mustache Hangers: These mustache hangers look cute. More?.. Jumbo Mustache Magnets: This cool magnetic mustache is perfect for decorating up your car, fridge or file cabinets. More?.. Mustache Necklace: These mustaches are handmade and come with a shiny finish. More?.. Mustache Light Switch Cover: This cool decorative light switch and outlet cover comes with a mustache print on it. More?.. Mustache Cup Cozy: This cool mustache cozy is handmade from cotton. More?.. Mustache Wall Decal: These cool decals can be applied to walls, glass, metal, plastic, or wood. Mustache Necklace Holder: This cool mustache necklace holder is made of black wood with black holders. More?.. Mustache Ring: A cool frosted looking transparent ring that comes with a mustache. More?.. Mustache...
Virgin Atlantic?s New Upper Class Bar And Cabin Virtual Design Tour
2012-05-11 15:15:00
Virgin Atlantic teamed up with VW + BS studio to shape a new experience for passengers riding the airline 30 000 feet in the air. The first time the new upper class bar and cabin enchanted its guests was this spring, on a route from London to New York. This new aircraft hospitality space concept was created to encourage social…You're reading Virgin Atlantic’s New Upper Class Bar And Cabin Virtual Design Tour originally posted on Freshome. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Freshome on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
Sub-Station Design
2012-05-11 14:39:00
Hello, Can anyone please send me link for basics about sub-station design like Physical area requirement, How to select component/switchgear, Standards use, feeder size etc...
2012-05-11 14:26:00
Street artists JR and José Parlá have joined forces to recently install murals in Havana, Cuba. The project, part of JR's "Wrinkles Of The City", fuses his large-scale photography with Parla's texture and typographic work, resulting in some rather stunning (and fitting) pieces for the famous Cuban capital city.
News: Rotosound Launch Design A Pick Competition
2012-05-10 21:19:00
To celebrate the launch of their new guitar pick range, Rotosound are launching their ?Design A Pick? competition with a main prize of 200 of your winning design picks, plus the honour of having your pick launched by Rotosound. The competition is to design an image to fit on a standard pick shape. The design needs to be bright and creative, exciting and clearly show your passion for music. It will be a striking imaginative concept, well executed and have an originality and point of difference that makes it stand out from the others.There are eight categories to enter: rock, metal, blues, folk, punk, psychedelic, pop and jazz. Each category will have six winners who will have the opportunity to see their creation put in to production and go on sale worldwide, as well as receiving a 200 of their winning Rotosound picks.To enter simply download the pick template from design your pick and send your entry stating which category you are enteri...
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