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MIT's Needleless Injections Help You Get Drugs Faster, Doesn't Ev
2012-05-25 14:26:00
From Engadget: Afraid of needles? You may not have to be if a team of MIT scientists get their way. Researchers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are developing a jet-injection device (similar to this one) that allows professionals to pump you full of meds without poking you wi
Why do people take drugs!
2012-05-09 10:36:00
To feel god, the problem?  Drugs don’t care what the reason is. To fit in is difficult no one want’s to be left out. So sometimes even smart people make bad decisions. They don’t think  how drugs can isolate you from your family and friends. They don’t look past the party to see how things could turn out, or maybe just looking around to see who is not using drugs was to easy. Drugs help me to relax, I am stressed out I need to be wasted. Drinking and doing drugs is just easier than dealing with the problem. The thing is the problem is still there, and not only do they have to deal with their problems, but they also have to deal with them when they’re not at 100 percent and they’re feeling guilty or, even worse, when they’re not thinking straight. To feel growing up, a weird reason for doing drugs. Why would an adult want to do drugs? Probably for many of the same reasons you would consider. To be like a movie star, try to explain to your k...
By: home loan
2012-05-07 18:43:00
West Coast-based MC, ScHoolboy Q was recently on New York City's Hot 97 FM declaring a personal PSA against the use of "Lean" aka "Sizzurp" aka "Purple Drank" aka highly-addictive-and-bad-for-yo-u codeine and promethazine. Q gave listeners a first-hand account of the awful withdrawal symptoms of the drug and even talked about how he's been pleading with fellow music peer, A$AP Rocky, to get off the stuff too. It's pretty real and the message is pretty clear--kids, don't do drugs that hurt you!
Bobby Brown Talks Drugs, Whitney Houston In Matt Lauer Interview
2012-05-01 14:26:00
Bobby Brown sat down to talk about his relationship with Whitney Houston for the first time since her tragic death in an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer for The Today Show, which will air on Wednesday and Thursday (May 2 and 3). Bobbi Kristina Still Hears Whitney Houston?s Voice (VIDEO) When asked about his role ...
Anti-Psychotic Drugs Overused In Nursing Homes
2012-04-29 22:34:00
....The Globe study found that more than one in five U.S. nursing homes are using anti-psychotic drugs for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other ailments associated with dementia - approximately 185,000 people who have not been diagnosed with a psychosis.
Drugs May Ease Depression Without Worsening Motor Problems
2012-04-12 16:51:00
Certain antidepressants appear to decrease depression in people with Parkinson?s disease without worsening motor problems, according to a study published in the April 11, 2012, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. ?These results are exciting because depression is common in Parkinson?s but we weren?t sure about the best way to treat it. Older antidepressants are effective but have a lot of side effects. The newer antidepressants have fewer side effects but we didn?t know if they?d be effective in people with Parkinson?s. We were also worried that they might worsen the motor problems that come with the disease,? said research author Irene H. Richard, MD, of the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York and a member of the American Academy of Neurology. Parkinson?s disease is a chronic neurologic disorder that worsens over time, leaving patients less able to direct or control their movements due to the loss of cells in vario...
Mike Tyson on sex, drugs and Trayvon Martin
2012-04-12 00:28:00
Mike Tyson is singing to me?poorly?his version of "Cocaine," the J.J. Cale song popularized by Eric Clapton in 1980.
FDA Says Walnuts Are Drugs
2012-04-10 00:10:00
When Diamond Foods made truthful health claims about walnuts, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent the company a letter stating that ?Your walnut products are drugs? ? and ?new drugs? at that ? and, therefore, ?they may not legally be marketed ? in the United States without an approved new drug application.? The letter ...
Tiny 'factories' aim to make cancer drugs inside the body
2012-04-09 22:16:00
Cancer that has spread throughout a person's body is tough to kill without causing too much collateral damage. But tiny "protein-factory" particles could target tumors specifically by manufacturing cancer-killing drugs anywhere within the human body.
Ex-WWE Star Arrested For Doctor Shopping, Faces Jail Time
2012-04-04 19:38:00
Former "Surreal Life" star Maven Huffman -- a former WWE superstar -- was arrested in Florida on Monday after cops say he was "doctor shopping" to get his fix of painkillers. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops uncovered Huffman had gone to 3 doctors in 2 weeks and scored multiple prescriptions for Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. 35-year-old Huffman allegedly went to multiple pharmacies to fill his prescriptions -- in what appears to be a ploy to conceal his activity. In total, cops believe Maven scored more than 1000 pills. FYI -- in Florida, it's a crime to go from doctor to doctor to obtain multiple prescriptions for a controlled substance without telling the doctors about it. Maven -- who was released on $2,000 bond -- faces up to 5 years in prison if convicted of doctor shopping.
By: KLQ Blog
The War on Piracy = The War on Drugs
2012-04-04 00:33:00
But does the comparison really make sense? After all, the drug trade features violent cartels, ‘mules,’ overdoses, gang warfare… pooping condoms after cross-Atlantic flights! By comparison, the war on piracy involves ripping off Metallica; it features a finite number of supply channels (ISPs) and lots of legal alternatives…
Getting Organ Recipients Off Drugs
2012-03-19 06:00:00
Everyday an average of 79 people receive an organ transplant. Organ transplantation is a widely used medical treatment for patients with failing organs; but while the possibility of growing new organs gets closer every day, the 113,433 people on the organ waiting list can't wait for that breakth
2012-03-13 08:35:00
No-Drugs par lemerou- Fin des votes 10/04/12 08:35commentaire : 7-
‘Social Media Is The New Medium For Traffickers To Smuggle Drugs&rsqu
2012-03-01 13:17:00
Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Tuesday revealed that Social media is the new medium for traffickers to smuggle drugs and narcotics globally. Youngsters have been placing orders for narcotics substances through illegal internet pharmacies for some time now. But, a new trend to solicit buyers through their ‘page’ on social-media websites is a new trend. In a disturbing revelation, India was the source for 58%  of the narcotics substances seized internationally. Thus, India is now South Asia’s largest producer & consumer of narcotics. India alone consumes illegal heroin worth US$ 1.4 Billion from the South Asian total of US$ 1.9 Billion! Tracking & catching a rouge parcel is like trying to find a needle in a haystack reveals Director General of NCB OPS Malik, “It is very difficult to catch people or consignment if they are sending through internet”. Only when a parcel is inspected, do the details spill out he adds, “We come to know about illegal internet pharma...
By: WATblog
Celine Dion Says Drugs & Bad Influences Killed Whitney Houston
2012-02-13 18:41:00
In an interview for Good Morning America on Monday (Feb 13), diva Celine Dion did not waste any time to start pointing fingers at bad influences and drugs for the sudden and tragic death of Whitney Houston, who passed away in the bathtub of her hotel room. Whitney Houston Autopsy Results: Cause Of Death Pending ...
Whitney Houston Died Of Lethal Mix Of Drugs & Alcohol (UPDATE)
2012-02-13 18:16:00
LA County Coroner officials suspect Whitney Houston died of a bad reaction to a combination of Xanax, other prescription drugs and alcohol and not from drowning as previous reported. Whitney Houston Autopsy Results: Cause Of Death Pending Toxicology The family was allegedly told there was not enough water in the singer?s lungs to claim drowning ...
Genetic Link to Child Complications from Antipsychotic Drugs
2012-02-04 12:40:00
A Canadian study suggests a genetic variation can increase the risk of medical complications among children receiving antipsychotic medications. Investigators discovered the genetic variation can cause a six-fold greater risk for children to develop metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a combination of symptoms that increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. The study showed susceptible children displayed an increased risk to develop high blood pressure and elevated fasting blood sugar levels (a precursor to diabetes).
Braun accepts MVP, says little of drugs (AP)
2012-01-22 05:51:00
Ryan Braun referred only in passing to his positive drug test and possible 50-game suspension as he accepted the National League MVP award at a black-tie dinner Saturday night. After congratulating other award winners and thanking teammates, family, and the Milwaukee organization, the Brewers left fielder, speaking before a crowd of around 800 in a ...
Acne Drugs
2011-12-31 03:32:00
Roaccutane – Is it Really an Acne Wonder Hempz Herbal Moisturizer 17 Oz Bottle … Nature’s Cure Two-Part Acne Treatment System, for Women, 1 month supply (60 Tablets, 1 Ounce Cream) $7.98 Natural Homeopathic Acne Tablets ~ Plus ~ Acne Medication Vanishing Cream For Females…. Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Crme, 1.7 Ounce $9.50 ...
Free 810 Collage at CVS, Bartell Drugs, and Discount Drug Mart
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List of All Drugs & Herbs that Decrease or Cancel Birth Control Pills
2011-12-02 15:43:00
Tutsan tea or grapefruit juice really affects birth control? You know what antibiotics will stop your contraception? All women must know that missing up to 10 pills in a row (7 placebo pills and the 1st 3 pills of a pill pack) does not result in ovulation! You must be aware though, of what you ...
Ron Paul Surging In Key States? Does He Really Have A Chance For The Presid
2011-11-22 00:30:00
My New Year Wish For 2012: President Ron Paul And A Huge Majority Democratic Congress And Senate Okay, you know what? I happen to really, REALLY like Ron Paul, even as a Liberal and I’ll be happy to explain why, hopefully before my fellow Libs click away from this column in disgust. The... This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!
Doing Drugs? Beware of This Fingerprinting Device
2011-11-11 15:31:00
From CNET News: Handheld fingerprint drug testing tech being developed in the U.K. debuts in prototype form. Full production could begin next year. Read the whole article
2011-09-30 07:26:00
American Juggalo is quite possibly one of the most insanely candid (albeit beautifully shot) documentaries we've come across in a very long time. Filmmaker, Sean Dunne, and his crew take us into the unseen and often-misunderstood world of Juggalo culture via a series of interviews at a four-day festival in Illinois. The results are both astonishing and enlightening, as we pretty much guarantee that you've never seen the culture captured this raw. Disable your not-suitable-for-work filter and let this one rip...
Psychiatric Drugs Destroy Life
2011-09-08 14:00:00
It is not guns, cars, age, gender or politics that are the common denominator to these horrific events. Psychiatric, mind-altering drugs have been found to be the common factor in an overwhelming number of these acts of random senseless violence.
R. Lee Wrights Libertarian Presidential - Decriminalizing drugs will save
2011-08-24 15:11:00
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEOp Ed: Decriminalizing drugs will save lives and money "The War on Drugs is a price support system for terrorists and drug pushers. It turns ordinary, cheap plants like marijuana and poppies into fantastically lucrative black market products. Without the War on Drugs, the financial engine that fuels terrorist organizations would sputter to a halt." - Ron Crickenbergerby R. Lee WrightsBURNET, Texas (Aug. 24) - Whenever anyone suggests that the War on Drugs is a failure and it is time to decriminalize most drugs, they are immediately accused of wanting to allow anyone, even "the children" to use and abuse drugs. The moral busybodies scream, "If we legalize drugs, people will drive while stoned, we'll have tens of thousand of addicts who'll become parasites on society, we'll have drug babies, and millions will die!" But that's what we have now – and the War on Drugs, not the drugs themselves are largely to blame.This is a typical tactic used by those who hav...
The War on Drugs: "Come to the City"
2011-08-14 00:09:00
The War on Drugs: "Come to the City" Yeah, "Come to the City" is the new The War on Drugs song...
Drugs Vending Machine ? FAK #6
2011-07-05 02:30:00
20 most dangerous drugs in UK
2011-05-23 16:50:00
Most of us have tried any type of drugs. There are drugs , which make you healthy when you are sick. There are drugs , which makes you calm , when you are nervous. There are drugs for party and there are drugs to make you sleep. BBC has interesting documentary about 20 most dangerous ...
Drugs - Crank Call
2011-04-17 14:34:00 Video Rating: 4 /Read more ...
Goa Drugs case: whistle-blowers too under Goa police??s scanner
2011-01-17 14:43:00
The role of whistle-blowers in thepolicemen-drug lord nexus case would be probed by special investigation team (SIT), police sources said here.An Israeli national Ayala Driham, and Kazak nationalZarina had caught on camera Police Sub Inspector Sunil Guddlerof Anti Narcotic Cell (ANC) selling them charas.Ayala is a sister of drug lord David Driham aliasDudu, who was ...
By: Goa Blog
Don?t. Do. Drugs.
2010-11-13 07:52:00
I know the fracas blog is supposed to be funny, but occasionally something that’s very not funny comes along and just must be said. This is one of those times. An Oklahoma woman has been charged with felony child neglect … Continue reading →
By: fracas
Courtney Love Pleads For Sanity With ?Bad Romance? Cover
2010-10-29 01:59:00
   View the Gallery / 20 Photos » This is just all kinds of sad and wrong. Courtney Love gave a desperate, lyric-challenged performance of Madonna‘s “Like a Prayer” and Lady Gaga‘s “Bad RomanceR...
Is Macho Man on drugs? check out this HiGhlarious interview!
2010-10-27 06:01:00
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Towards the end of the Molecules, Medicines and Drugs (SK185) ECA
2010-10-21 18:47:00
Although we’re constantly reminded that the Open University has all kinds of checks in place to detect plagiarism, there’s a constant stream of hits on this site around TMA/ECA submission time looking for “SK185 answers”, “molecules medicines and drugs answers” and all kinds of variations on those. Since SK185 is a short course there’s getting ... Related posts:Moving on through Molecules, Medicines and Drugs (SK185) Molecules, medicines and drugs: a chemical story (SK185) is here! The web applications (TT280) ECA Getting started on SK185 Good progress on the SXR270 ECA
Genes that cause resistance to breast cancer drugs
2010-10-12 15:22:00
Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have discovered a gene activity signature that predicts a high risk of cancer recurrence in certain breast tumors that have been treated with usually used chemotherapy drugs. Despite their resistance to drugs of the anthracycline class, the breast cancers bearing this gene signature will probably still be vulnerable to other types of chemotherapy agents, say researchers in a letter to be published in Nature Medicine on its Web site and later in a print edition. Thus, the findings could lead to a genetic test of breast cancers to help physicians choose the best initial therapy for an individual patient........
Say No to Cigarettes and the Differences between Illegal Drugs and Nicotine
2010-05-22 20:59:00
There is a lot of propaganda against the use of drugs, but surprisingly comparatively little and less severe against the use of cigarettes, especially despite the fact we are clearly aware of its dangers along with its high level of addictiveness. What might be the reason for such preference and biased and unequal treatment?The argument is often brought up that tobacco is legal, while the other kinds of drugs are illegal. But legality can be akin to fashion: It changes according to the seasons. Once alcohol used to be illegal and drugs were tolerated. Birth control pills and condoms used to be illegal until their use was finally admitted. Abortion is still a crucial and controversial issue where not only countries but both states and people are thoroughly divided. Not to mention gay marriage, of course, where legality often becomes mixed up with morality.Another point concerning illegal drugs is its apparent lack of discrimination: All drugs are judged as equally evil and harmful, w...
Mixing herbal remedies and heart drugs is dangerous
2010-02-02 12:58:00
People who take herbal remedies while using heart drugs may face higher risk of cardiac problems, a medical report warns.Some herbal medications affect the activity of prescription drugs for heart troubles, dampening or enhancing their effects, says report author Dr. Arshad Jahangir, a consultant cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.Herbs, if mixed with drugs, could make blood pressure medications and rhythm-controlling medications less effective and might cause serious heart rhythm problems and bleeding, according to the report published in the February issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.Even grapefruit juice, recommended as an aid in weight-loss programs, is problematic in interfering with enzymes that break down drugs in the digestive system, including the statins used to lower cholesterol levels and amiodarone used to treat and prevent abnormal heart rhythms, Jahangir says.Using herbal remedies among the elders is specially problematic because they ...
No hard drugs at Loppen!
2010-01-05 15:33:00
Kopenh?genas br?vdom?t?ju rajona Kristi?nijas iem?tniekiem da??du nepatik?anu no policijas, pils?tas r?tes un vis?du negaus?gu izdev?g? zemesgabala ieg?tgrib?t?ju puses t?pat pietiek, t?p?c vismaz no da??diem ??miskiem dra??iem vi?i savu teritoriju grib pasarg?t. Iegriezos Kristi?nijas klub? Loppen (Blusa, ja kas), lai paklaus?tos, ko labu sp?l? zviedri Miike Snow, un tur ??di atg?din?jumi bij' ik uz st?ra. Pie ieejas, garderobes, b?ra letes, tualet?...Bet klubos, kur attiec?go br?din?jumu nav, uz tuale?u sien?m var izlas?t l?k ??dus ?eni?lus domas lidojumus. T?p?c nelietojiet stipr?s narkotikas, b?rni!
Courtney Love Buying Drugs with Frances Bean’s Inheritance?
2009-12-17 20:07:00
Has Courtney Love been “stealing” money from her daughter’s inheritance in order to buy drugs? Gee, wouldn’t that be shocking. Earlier this week Frances Bean Cobain, the...
Tiger Woods? Doctor Investigated for Drugs
2009-12-15 23:38:00
Well if it’s not the golf great himself, it’s Tiger Woods’ doctor being investigated for drugs! Find out more revealing details and see photos and a film here. According to reports, Canadian Dr. Anthony Galea, who treated Tiger Woods and a multitude of other professional athletes is being investigated by the FBI. He is ...
Spiders On Drugs
2009-12-12 08:00:00
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The War Against Drugs
2009-11-30 13:00:00
The only real solution that is available to handle the problem of addiction, is an effective, long-term in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.
Sedatives, Mood-Altering Drugs Related to Falls Among Elderly: UBC Study
2009-11-24 03:02:00
Falls among elderly people are significantly associated with several classes of drugs, including sedatives often prescribed as sleep aids and medications used to treat mood disorders, according to a study led by a University of British Columbia expert in pharmaceutical outcomes research. The study, published Nov. 23 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, provides the latest quantitative evidence of the impact of certain classes of medication on falling among seniors. Falling and fall-related complications such as hip fractures are the fifth leading cause of death in the developed world, the study noted. Antidepressants showed the strongest statistical association with falling, possibly because older drugs in this class have significant sedative properties. 
Money Drugs and the Law
2009-10-15 22:04:00
Money laundering bill passed by Parliament A bill that boosts measures to counter money laundering by criminal gangs and organised crime has been passed into law. Justice Minister Simon Power said the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act would help tackle financial and drug-related crime by helping police detect and trace the profits of organised crime groups. Among its provisions is a customer check and reporting regime that banks, finance companies and casinos will have to follow. NZPA | Friday October 16 2009 - 08:06am   "The Act enhances our ability to investigate organised crime by following the illegal money trail through financial systems and goes hand-in-hand with the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act passed in April," he said. "The Act will also ensure that New Zealand's financial sector continues to be attractive to legitimate international investors and is not seen as a safe haven for organised criminals and tax evaders." The ...
Mamas, Papas, peace, love, sex drugs, Rock and Roll, and incest
2009-09-23 13:16:00
Very ungroovy SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Mamas, Papas, peace, love, sex drugs, Rock and Roll, and incest', url : ''}, { button: true } ) ; Original post blogged on b2evolution.
Tobacco smuggling is killing more people than illegal drugs
2009-09-21 04:46:00
Tobacco smuggling causes around 4,000 premature deaths a yearfour times the number of deaths caused by the use of all smuggled illegal drugs put togetherbut the UK government is not doing enough to tackle the problem, claim experts on today. Professor Robert West from the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre and his colleagues argue that more smokers would quit if cigarettes cost more, but at around half the price, smuggled tobacco is keeping the prices down........
Michael Jackson: Latest Victim of Prescription Drugs
2009-09-16 14:00:00
These unsuspecting victims of prescription drug promotion and prescription lose their families, friends and often, their life.
BNN Radio ? Drugs, Death And Despair - Addiction Recovery
2009-09-06 14:27:00
In our second look at the drug issue in America we decided to bring in a special guest. Dr Michael Provines is the COO for two Jacksonville, Florida drug treatment facilities. Also joining us on the panel was author Armando Aldazabar. Armando has two very drug-centric books in print What You Are Turning Me Into ...
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