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U.S. think-tank says Iran is trying to destroy evidence
2012-05-31 11:44:00
A U.S. security institute has published satellite images which it said increased concerns that Iran was trying to "destroy evidence" of suspected past research relevant for developing a nuclear weapons capability, a charge Tehran dismisses.
Clemens lawyer attacks key piece of evidence
2012-05-19 10:19:00
Attacking key prosecution evidence, Roger Clemens' lawyer went through the items in a Miller Lite beer can one at a time and tried to cast doubt on the syringes and medical waste allegedly used to inject the famous pitcher with performance-enhancing drugs.
Clemens key accuser: ?I misspoke? about evidence (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-19 00:30:00
WASHINGTON (AP) Roger Clemens’ lawyer jabbed his left index finger and hammered away, relentlessly attacking Brian McNamee over his personal life and accusing the government’s chief witness of ”making up this stuff on the fly.” The attorney finally sprung his trap and pointed out what appeared to be a flaw in the McNamee’s story about ...
Clemens key accuser: ?I misspoke? about evidence (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-19 00:30:00
WASHINGTON (AP) Roger Clemens’ lawyer jabbed his left index finger and hammered away, relentlessly attacking Brian McNamee over his personal life and accusing the government’s chief witness of ”making up this stuff on the fly.” The attorney finally sprung his trap and pointed out what appeared to be a flaw in the McNamee’s story about ...
Clemens accuser says he ?misspoke? about evidence (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-18 21:23:00
WASHINGTON (AP) Roger Clemens’ lawyer accused the baseball legend’s former strength coach of changing testimony ”on the fly,” and the judge in the perjury trial imposed a time limit Friday on all future witnesses in an effort to speed things up.
Trayvon evidence fails to answer who screamed for help
2012-05-18 06:13:00
An FBI expert said it was impossible to tell if the voice screaming for help belonged to the black Florida teenager or his shooter George Zimmerman.
New evidence in Trayvon Martin case raises more questions
2012-05-18 03:34:00
Trayvon Martin's autopsy shows he had marijuana in his system the night he was killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, and a gunshot to his chest came from close range, according to nearly 200 pages of previously undisclosed documents released Thursday.
Judge postpones evidence in Mladic trial
2012-05-17 12:14:00
The presiding judge in the U.N. trial of Gen. Ratko Mladic has delayed indefinitely the presentation of evidence that had been scheduled to start later this month due to "errors" by prosecutors in disclosing evidence to defense lawyers.
Brown campaign: 'Zero evidence' Warren is Native American
2012-05-14 19:16:00
According to Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown?s campaign, there has been no compelling evidence to prove his Democratic Senate opponent Elizabeth Warren is even 1/32 Cherokee ? as she continues to tout ? and Warren must be held to account for her claims.
Earliest evidence of Biblical cult discovered
2012-05-10 16:03:00
For the first time, archaeologists have uncovered shrines from the time of the early Biblical kings in the Holy Land, providing the earliest evidence of a cult, they say.
Ampad Evidence Dual Ruled Pad, Law Ruling, Size 8.5 x 11.75 Inches, Canary
2012-05-08 09:00:00
List Price: $8.11Deal Price: $7.45You Save: $0.66 (8%)Ampad Evidence Dual Ruled Pad, Law Ruling, Size 8.5 x 11.75 Inches, Canary Paper , 100 Sheets Per PadExpires May 22, 2012
Jury sees ?beer can? evidence in Clemens trial (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-03 23:02:00
WASHINGTON (AP) Exhibit 52C was the semi-crushed Miller Lite beer can. Exhibit 52D was the FedEx box that once contained the beer can. Then came exhibits of gauze, tissues, syringes, cotton balls and needles, some of which were once inside the beer can, using up letters of the alphabet all the way to X.
Ampad Evidence Quad Dual-Pad, Quadrille Rule, Letter Size (8.5 x 11.75), Wh
2012-04-30 09:00:00
List Price: $8.11Deal Price: $5.04You Save: $3.07 (38%)Twice the number of sheets as a standard legal pad. Graph-ruled. Strong, super-stiff chipboard back for added support. Microperforated for easy sheet removal. White paper with blue ink.Expires May 14, 2012
Senate probe finds little evidence of effective 'torture'
2012-04-27 13:03:00
A nearly three-year investigation is expected to find there is little evidence the harsh "enhanced interrogation techniques" the CIA used on high-value prisoners produced counter-terrorism breakthroughs.
New evidence disclosed in death of Marine's wife
2012-04-27 07:20:00
Brittany Killgore was hoping to unwind for three days after filing for divorce from her Marine husband serving in Afghanistan.
Study: No evidence that mobile phones harm health
2012-04-26 12:14:00
There is no convincing evidence that the use of mobile phones damages human health, a "comprehensive" review of scientific evidence said on Thursday.
Evidence of Basis for Caregiving Impulse Seen in NIH Brain Imaging Study
2012-04-25 07:12:00
Infants' faces evoke species-specific patterns of brain activity in adults that may indicate a biological predisposition to care for babies.
Clemens lawyer claim steroids evidence manipulated (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-04-24 17:06:00
WASHINGTON (AP) Roger Clemens’ defense lawyer tells jurors that evidence purportedly showing the pitcher used steroids was manipulated by his former strength coach, Brian McNamee.
Etan Patz case: Search ending with no major evidence
2012-04-23 18:21:00
The latest chapter in the 33-year search for Etan Patz -- the digging up of a basement in NYC's SoHo District -- has ended with no human remains found, no "aha" moment, and only a few reeds of possible evidence collected from the hundreds of pounds of debris now packed into dumpsters.
Senator: No evidence Colombian prostitutes were underage
2012-04-22 15:57:00
Sen. Susan Collins said this morning that according to Secret Service director Mark Sullivan, there is no evidence that the women who were allegedly solicited by agents in Colombia earlier this month were underage. ?He told me that at this point there is no evidence of...
Study Finds Evidence Nanoparticles May Increase Plant DNA damage
2012-04-18 16:50:00
From - latest science and technology news stories: Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) have provided the first evidence that engineered nanoparticles are able to accumulate within plants and
Titanic photo shows evidence of human remains
2012-04-16 20:21:00
A newly released photo from the North Atlantic site of the shipwrecked RMS Titanic shows evidence of human remains, federal officials are saying. In observance of the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking, a 2004 image was reissued to the public in an uncropped version, which shows a coat and boots buried in the mud at the ...
Feds seek evidence after fiery Calif. standoff
2012-04-14 18:53:00
Law enforcement officers combed through the ruins of an apartment complex where a suspect died in a fiery police standoff, seeking evidence on the blaze and what led to the fatal shooting of a deputy and a locksmith.
The Evidence Supporting a Chocolate Diet: Correlation or Causation?
2012-03-30 05:17:00
A new study published in Archives of Internal Medicine finds that chocolate consumption is associated with lower body mass index (BMI), but is the evidence correlation or causation?
Saturn Moon Has Oxygen New NASA Evidence Boosts Search for Life
2012-03-06 01:18:00
From National Geographic News: Saturn's moon Dione likely has a wisp of an oxygen atmosphere, generated by ice and sunshine possible boost to the search for life. Read the whole article
USA Leads Global Recovery-Evidence
2012-02-10 14:45:00
Leadership is about action, not potential. Global Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data shows that it is the USA, not China, that is leading the world out of the slowdown. Here are 5 reasons that PMI data is relevant evidence for your analysis * PMI is a reliable fact-based indicator as opposed
Evidence? Who needs evidence?
2011-11-26 01:27:00
Warmists certainly don’t. Prophecy is their stock in trade. They’re not even good at theory, let alone evidence. One of their more absurd prophecies is that global warming will lead to greater ocean acidity which will dissolve the shells of various marine animals. This is based on the fact that CO2 ...
UK and U.S. ?draw up joint plan to attack Iran?: Evidence of nuclear progra
2011-11-03 16:34:00
Whitehall figures say Iran is ‘newly aggressive – and we are not sure why’ Iran ‘has enough enriched uranium for four nuclear weapons’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushing for invasion Tel Aviv test-fires rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads into Iran Report reveals China continues to supply Tehran with missiles and other conventional weapons ...
By: Suzie-Q
Mike Keneally, Marco Minnemann: Evidence of Humanity new CD and DVD
2011-09-02 18:44:00
Mike Keneally (guitar); Marco Minnemann (drums) buy One bright morning, world-renowned drummer Marco Minnemann settled down behind the DW kit in his secluded hideaway, punched the record button, and proceeded to pound out an astounding 52-minute improvised solo. When it was finished, he christened it Normalizer 2 and offered it as a sort of gift to a handful of his favorite guitarists, relishing the prospect of each adding his own signature madness to the mix. Mike Keneally was someone Marco hoped would dig the idea. In the throes of recording his intense and complex Scambot 1 opus, Mike leapt at Marco's offer? the creation of Evidence of Humanity would be a joyous, freewheeling counterpoint to his meticulous work on Scambot. "A fun ride," Mike would recall. The ecstatic result is two of the world's foremost musicians improvising together, but not at the same time. It's a record unlike any other that Mike has recorded (but probably closest to Nonkertompf, his indefinable, mo...
Destruction of Evidence?
2011-01-19 06:55:00
A very recent thread by some "chemical lab" on "black money cleaning" (and a plethora of related terms) was just obliterated. This is probably a good thing, but it could be argued another way as well. I slammed the OP really hard, LynLynch issued him a fake order, and I suggested that some of t
From My LinkedIn Group: Statistical Analysis as Evidence in Employment Dis
2011-01-02 17:11:00
A few days ago, on my LinkedIn Group, Charles Krugel’s Labor & Employment Law & Human Resources Practices Group, member Stephanie R Thomas, Ph.D., the owner of Thomas Econometrics in the Philadelphia, PA, area, posted an excellent examination of the use and importance of statistical analysis in disparate impact and disparate treatment discrimination cases.  I ...
How to Check Your Credit Report for Evidence of Identity Theft
2010-12-25 08:55:00
Credit Tip! Education loans are also sanctioned by colleges, universities, and other institutions based on your credit report. So, if your kids are planning to go to college and qualify in professional courses then their whole future will depend on your having a ?healthy credit report. How to Check Your Credit Report for Evidence of Identity ...
Tameside MBC, evidence and the £36,665 Second Life presence
2010-07-22 22:34:00
My thoughts on a failed experiment with Second Life and how we need to use evidence as the basis for the decisions we make in public sector communications, marketing and web development.
[Music] Rakaa feat. Fashawn, Evidence & Defari ? Aces High
2010-06-26 03:00:00
Wow does this song ever bang. Crown Of Thorns is sounding like a very good album already. Aces high is a track worth adding to your Ipod, while you are doing that I am going to see if there are any job in LA so I can move there. Via: OnSmash Similar Posts: [Music] Rakaa feat. Aloe Bacc ...
FBI Gets Evidence from Networking Sites
2010-03-17 13:26:00
A feature by PC World?s Sarah Jacobsson warns: be careful about what you share ? and who you add ? on Facebook, or on any other social networking site for that matter. There may be feds lurking in the virtual shadows, and you just might say or type something (like this) that you will later ...
The Real Shahrukh Khan Is On Twitter – Evidence Of Rise Of Social Med
2010-01-04 09:13:00
Twitter seems to be the best hangout joint for bollywood celebrities these days. Everyone who is anyone in the world of glitterati and glamour seems to have been bitten by the twitter bug. The latest and most surprising addition to the twitter is Shahrukh Khan! His handle on twitter is @iamsrk As confirmed by Karan Johar in his tweet.  So this is the real SRK and not fake like these ones. Infact in just days of his presence he has attracted over 20k followers on twitter and set a record of sorts as well. Now if we roll  back time a little we at WATBlog had posed a a question to Shahrukh Khan in 2007 on whether he would blog and his reply to us then was “I can either work hard or blog“. He had also mentioned that once he retires he may start writing. It seems like twittering is far easier than blogging and given the fact that half of bollywood is on twitter it seems right for SRK to be there too. But before you write of twitter as a frivolous medium where only filmstar...
By: WATblog
The power of Google: New evidence on predicting US unemployment | vox - Res
2009-12-17 00:13:00
Following the popularity of the internet as a means for searching for jobs (Stevenson, 2008), this approach has recently been extended to unemployment forecasting. In particular, the Google Index – the incidence of Google job-search related queries over total queries – proved to have predictive power in forecasting unemployment in Germany and Israel (see Askitas and Zimmermann 2009 and Suhoy 2009). Choi and Varian (2009) use the Google Index to predict the initial unemployment claims in the US.
Jennifer Hromadka & Raymond Clark Wedding Website Evidence (Photos)
2009-09-16 14:21:00
The 23 year-old Jennifer Hromadka is the fiancé of Raymond Clark III, who has been named as a ?person of interest? soon to be considered suspect in the murder of Yale Graduate student Annie Le (read more details). Ray and Jen shared the apartment that was searched by the police on Monday and a MySpace account ...
If you can?t find evidence of Obamacare Opponents Committing Violent Acts,
2009-08-26 16:45:00
Not even two weeks ago, I dashed out a quick post, wondering if any left-wing blogs had covered the report of a Mississippi man “pleading guilty to posing as white supremacist on Facebook.“  Dyron L. Hart created a name and used “a white supremacists’ (sic) photo to pose as a white man who planned to ...
More Evidence Left is Stoking ?Birther? Movement
2009-08-07 00:58:00
Left Wing Blogger Created Obama’s (Fake) Birth Certificate. (H/t:  Michelle Malkin’s Buzzworthy.)
How the FBI and 9/11 Commission Suppressed Key Evidence about Hani Hanjour
2009-07-08 18:37:00
A good article I found. By Mark H. Gaffney July 07, 2009 “ICH” — The evidence was crucial because it undermined the official explanation that Hani Hanjour crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon at high speed after executing an extremely difficult top gun maneuver. But to understand how all of this played out, let us ...
Iran Outrages Show Importance of Film and Other Evidence Against Oppression
2009-06-25 13:53:00
The violent suppression by security forces in Iran, just as the oppression practised on a vast scale by China, reminds one of the importance of photographic exposure of various kinds of abuses. Techology is at the forefront in exposing outrages against and oppression of human beings. Witness Iran right at this moment. As a result of BBC, Doordarshan and other footage, fake miracles of Sathya Sai Baba have been exposed
Flaunting Ignorance as Evidence of Intellectual Superiority
2009-06-22 08:59:00
Every now and again, we get a left-wing reader who will offer regular comments, telling us exactly what Republicans and conservatives think.  When we try to correct him (it’s invariabily a “him”) by articulating our point of view, even linking pieces that we have posted on this blog–or on other right-of-center blogs, it is to ...
New Images Show Evidence of Ancient Martian Lake
2009-06-19 16:21:00
From Yahoo! News: Science News: New images suggest Mars had a sizable lake on its surface billions of years ago, further evidence that the planet had a watery past. Images snapped by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveal a 30-mile-long canyon where researchers believe water
Alkaline Diet Evidence: Another Scientfic Journal Backs Dr Young?s Theory
2009-04-27 08:50:00
I’m often asked: if Dr Young is so sure about this Alkaline Diet theory, why hasn’t anyone ever validated it with a study. A fair enough question. My answer is this: To research a whole, holistic approach to health would cost millions. You would have to have a significantly sized sample group all ...
CPS kicks out Police request to keep North West 12 for lack of any evidence
2009-04-22 17:23:00
As anticipated The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have decided there was insufficient (or any evidence) evidence to press charges - or to convince magistrates to allow police to hold the North West 12 any longer.It appears the one British resident and citizen is therefore free to go his merry way the other 11 are now in UK Border Agency custody and will almost certainly be deported.However the
?Amorphous? Aspect of Tea Parties:Evidence of Their Grassroots Nature
2009-04-19 10:08:00
Perhaps the most accurate description of the tea parties in one of Andrew Sullivan’s tirades against this grassroots phenomenon was his use of the adjective “amorphous” to slur the rallies.  To be sure, he used that word to modify our “rage.” (Wonder if, after February 24, 2004, he ever found “rage” to be a defining ...
Obama?s Support of ?Card Check:?Further Evidence of Rhetorical Subterfugeof
2009-04-06 00:26:00
While in the campaign, Barack Obama defined himself as a new kind of poltician, it was the man whose legacy he’s trying to undo who embodied in his actions the ideals Obama promotes in his rhetoric. Once elected in 1980, Ronald Reagan governed as he had campaigned.  He did not cast aspersions on her adversaries, blaming ...
Physical Evidence Contains Performance Enhancing Drugs and Roger Clemens DN
2009-03-12 16:48:00
According to the New York Times, government investigators have found performance-enhancing drugs among the drug paraphernalia Brian McNamee claims he used to inject Roger Clemens with steroids and/or human growth hormone. Federal authorities investigating Roger Clemens on perjury charges have found performance-enhancing substances on the drug paraphernalia that his former trainer said he used to
Movie Review: Primal Fear ? Hard Evidence Edition ? Blu-ray Disc
2009-03-03 17:10:00
The part of me which reads William S. Burroughs and Albert Camus cringes a little bit when I admit this (and I know it?s pure literary snobbery ? just look at the names I dropped above! Who reads those guys nowadays?), but I enjoy reading John Grisham.  His books have never changed my life and ...
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