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2012-05-31 18:54:00
The Wall Street Journal reports on how last year's Fukushima Nuclear Plant meltdown is now affecting bluefin tuna that migrate to the California coast of the United States. Surprisingly, researchers are saying that they have detected radioactive cesium isotopes in all of the fish they have tested. Of course, the actual news report and its "experts" are claiming a low to minimum radiation count, but the wise consumer should note otherwise. Unfortunately we all may have to start thinking twice about that sushi...
2012-05-31 18:26:00
It's amazing what some good public relation dollars can buy you now-a-days. Apparently the McDonald's New York Metro Nutrition Network (great euphamism right?) is under the controversy scope this week for partnering up with Latinos In Social Media (LATISM). Critics like author Odilia Rivera Santos point out the almost blatant disregard for health and socio-economic conditions in the Latin communities by the golden arches. I mean really--sponsorship is one thing--but outright sleeping with the enemy, that's a bit too much! Here's what the valiant writer went on the Twitter record to say. We completely agree:
Book Feature :: Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of Am
2012-05-31 18:22:00
Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine by Daniel Haley Haley gathers 12 medical outsiders’ stories to support his theory that the AMA, FDA, and big pharmaceutical companies conspire to prevent new ideas from entering medical research and practice. His subjects include Andrew Ivy, who advocated the discredited anticancer drug Krebiozen; anticancer ...
From "Finish Line" To "Shut The Mother F-er Down": OTB Employees Struggle T
2012-05-31 16:33:00
If one was to ask what happened on December 7, 2010 and 2011, most folks would reference the 69th & 70th-year anniversaries of Pearl Harbor. Few people would know or care that New York's Off-Track Betting Office doors were shuttered that first year, depriving thousands of workers from earned health benefits. And on its anniversary date the following year, it marked the day that OTB worker Patti McCole entered the hospital for brain cancer.
Free Tide Pods sample
2012-05-30 16:03:00 -login or register to vocalpoint to get the sample.
Calcium Supplement Study: Your Bones Or Your Heart?
2012-05-30 10:00:00
Though the majority of physicians recommend calcium supplements for bone strength, some to women over 40, but most just to postmenopausal women, there have been studies that indicate that such supplementation is not the best medicine for heart health. 
2012-05-29 18:44:00
Who would've thought? As taboo as Planned Parenthood (a resource for sexual and reproductive health information) can be, they sure do know how to rock an awesome Tumblr page that balances facts and quirks. Serious info in a not-so-serious fashion, we can dig it!
Free Tampax sample at 4PM
2012-05-29 18:37:00 -tampax is going to have samples available again at 4pm eastern today.
Can Eating Probiotics Make You Attractive?
2012-05-29 00:09:00
There is much truth when you hear the saying “you are what you eat”, for there is a great connection between what we put in our mouths and the influence it imparts on our health, weight, physique as well as promote wrinkles and could even hasten the aging process. Now researchers have revealed that probiotic-rich ...
8K Run
2012-05-29 00:08:00
#leftcontainerBox { float:left; position: fixed; top: 60%; left: 70px; } #leftcontainerBox .buttons { float:left; clear:both; margin:4px 4px 4px 4px; padding-bottom:2px; } #bottomcontainerBox { width: 50%; padding-top: 1px; } #bottomcontainerBox .buttons { float: left; margin: 4px 4px 4px 4px; } So tomorrow is the day I begin my 8 kilometer run. Yeah, I know I need to work more on pushups, situps and Jack Knives (they are still in the mix) but running is one of the few exercises out there that I enjoy doing. Eight kilometers will be the farthest I’ve run consecutively (without ...
Why Vaccines Matter
2012-05-28 18:21:00
Whooping cough is on the rise in Texas… If kids are getting the shot, then why is whooping cough making a deadly resurgence in Texas, as well as in other parts of the country. In all of 2011, there were 961 reported cases statewide. Through April of this year, though, there have been 424 cases, ...
Cyclist with Broken Hip Loves Pilates
2012-05-27 04:02:00
It’s all gain – without the pain Cyclist Jenny Kingsley always dismissed Pilates as a New Age gimmick. Then she broke her hip and was forced to reassess her prejudices A great article in the UK Telegraph! “Once your body is no longer scrunched up, your insides function more effectively. The breathing technique helps you...
5 Reasons China Might Already Be in a Recession ? The Atlantic
2012-05-26 17:43:00
Beneath the headlines of 8 percent growth, China’s economy is grinding to a halt. It’s time to worry. China is a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma stuffed in a black box of economic data. There aren’t …Read more »
Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case Blows Its Top When You Blow Your Nose
2012-05-26 06:00:00
Sneeze the moment with a cute & clever Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case! The 100% cotton case designed by Tomohiro Ikegaya for Goodbymarket relies on users to provide the case's one moving part: the tissue paper poking out from Mt. Fuji's snow-capped summit.
Book Feature :: The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can
2012-05-22 18:22:00
The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can: Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer by Gretchen Reynolds A cutting-edge prescription for exercise by the New York Times ?Phys Ed? columnist. At one point or another, nearly every person who works out wonders: Am I doing this right? Which class is best? Do I ...
Young Soliders Dying In Their Sleep
2012-05-22 06:19:00
Recently on ABC News, a couple from West Virginia told the story of their son, Andrew White who died in 2008 of a fatal drug intoxication. The Whites blame the prescriptions their son was on for his death. They called it a “lethal cocktail” consisting of antidepressants, antipsychotics and analgesics. ABC News reports: “The Whites ...
big boosts in premiums for health insurance
2012-05-22 00:34:00
big boosts in premiums for health insurance Free Online Articles Directory Why Submit Articles? Top Authors Top Articles FAQ AB Answers Publish Article 0 && $.browser.msie ) { var ie_version = parseInt($.browser.version); if(ie_version Hello Guest Login Login via Register Hello My Home Sign Out Email Password Remember me?Lost Password? Home Page > Finance > Insurance ...
Why Pilates Videos Annoy Me
2012-05-19 08:04:00
I was reviewing some Winsor Pilates videos the other day and noticed that everyone’s feet were tightly pointed. That, combined with the meaning cues “tweeze your buttocks” (which just sounds wrong) and “use your powerhouse”, made me crazy. Then I received this question from someone who does Pilates videos at home, and realized that many...
Catholic college dropping health care over Obamacare rule
2012-05-16 18:58:00
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reiterated its threat to sue the Obama administration over its rule that all employers must offer contraception without a copay in their insurance plans. Churches and other organizations that mainly employ and serve people of one religion are exempt from the rule, but the bishops say religiously affiliated hospitals, ...
Exercise Imbalance
2012-05-16 03:24:00
#leftcontainerBox { float:left; position: fixed; top: 60%; left: 70px; } #leftcontainerBox .buttons { float:left; clear:both; margin:4px 4px 4px 4px; padding-bottom:2px; } #bottomcontainerBox { width: 50%; padding-top: 1px; } #bottomcontainerBox .buttons { float: left; margin: 4px 4px 4px 4px; } Confession: I love to run. A lot. So much in fact that I’ve worn out my Bikilias (err…five finger shoes) while sprinting through various “side trails” downtown (note: Bikila’s were designed for side walk and soft dirt running. NOT for trails!!!). Fortunately a new pair are on their way (with laces for what it’s worth!) ...
Health bulletin: Never ask if you?re ?mom enough?
2012-05-14 20:53:00
This is a health bulletin. A sober, alarmist one. Aimed squarely at moms who feel guilty about their choices. There is a neurotoxin that every mother must avoid. It's omnipresent. It's stealthy. And it's been found in radioactively high doses on the much-discussed breastfeeding cover of Time, which asked, "Are You Mom Enough?" It's resentment. ...
Book Feature :: Hospitals and Health: Your Orthomolecular Guide to a Shorte
2012-05-14 07:18:00
Hospitals and Health: Your Orthomolecular Guide to a Shorter, Safer Hospital Stay by Most people, over the course of their lives, are likely to spend time in a hospital. What many may not realize is that the risks of a hospital stay can outweigh the benefits. Sometimes hospitalization is essential-for trauma, life-threatening emergencies, or complex ...
Pilates and Breast Cancer
2012-05-12 18:16:00
Here’s a question I recently answered on I share this with everyone because the information is important - Hi Lynda,I am an occupational therapist with mat based and reformer based Pilates training through Sara City Workouts (more of a general fitness genre) as well as attending classes and instruction through 2 “Romana” trained Pilates...
Very best Silver Diamond jewelry Wedding rings ? Engagement wedding rings
2012-05-12 13:07:00
The connection together with your lover will be adequate, you have been venturing out regarding time and effort and so are noticing each other good enough to consider you are compatible in lots of locations. Your emotions of common adore are generally robust and also steady and ...
People Sector Medical health insurance Companies along with the TPA Gua!
2012-05-11 18:37:00
Most within the insurance organisations in Indian suffer losses as well as have been accomplishing for several years together. The class insurance profile is acid reflux disorder maximum leakage on the health insurance agencies in Asia. With the appropriate Social Newspaper and tv Use Policies constantly in place, behavioral caution treatment providers in many cases ...
Should Tennessee Health coverage Increase As Health reform Costs Surge?
2012-05-11 18:17:00
For ages, health good care costs happen to be becoming increasingly popular and are generally increasing. Insurance companies intending to increase its plan charges by beyond 10 p’cent are foreclosures rate ratings. In request to capture the eye of any health issues class rather than lecturing directly in the book or producing worksheets listed here ...
The particular Disadvantages For Soy In your Health
2012-05-10 18:24:00
Is soy useful to you? Well, this is usually a question some are asking, and there looks like a lots of confusion on the subject of this content. "Individually spectacular health facts held or possibly transmitted seolinkmonster covered thing or it has the business affiliate. Haile says that successfully navigating the health-reform-mandated exchange is a ...
FROST Warning - Caring for your Vegetable Garden
2012-05-10 12:49:00
A vegetable garden is both fun and exercise for those who grow a small one or have the time and space for a larger one. The rewards can be great with fresh vegetables and canning or freezing them for the family dinner table as well. We actually do all three and spent a lot more time preparing it this year after a couple of years of less activity. Acorn Squash In the fall we fertilized, placed some peat moss on the surface and then used the rotor tiller to mix it into our sandy soil. Early in April we rotor tilled it again after adding a bit more fertilizer to eliminate weeds and started putting in hardy plants and seeds like lettuce and spinach (we tend to be away in March someplace warm and sunny so we do not start plants in the house). We did one section at a time and had a drawing with our plan and this year we did a couple of new things. First, the stick! The deck had a few extra 2 X 2 boards and I cut one to 30 inches to use as a marker. Carrying a tape measure i...
The Florida peninsula
2012-05-09 23:07:00
The Florida peninsula, almost as large as England (650 km by 220 km), is a large apophysis extending southward in the heart of the subtropical latitudes, the Atlantic coastal plain, fitted in karstified limestone and crowned with coral reefs or “keys” and she has a background tone ...
Jillian Michaels Launches Health Q&A Column
2012-05-09 05:39:00
Celebrity personal trainer and NBC?s The Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels has launched a new column to answer questions on health and fitness on Everyday Health, the leading new media health company, has extended its partnership with Michaels by announcing her new contributing role as Life and Wellness Coach. The announcement coincides with the launch of ...
Take Up the Thin Man’s Burden, Says Public Health Community
2012-05-08 22:33:00
The Institute of Medicine (IOM), a group that advises the federal government on medical and public health issues, released a report today outlining its recommended strategies to reduce the obesity rate. And while it had nice things to say about increasing physical activity, the meat of the report was unfortunately a declaration of war on consumer choices. The report called for draconian regulations on food marketing, demonstrably ineffective soda taxes, discredited “food desert” subsidies, questionable restaurant zoning bans, and meddlesome menu item regulations. Given that this is the same organization that called for the Food and Drug Administration to strike salt from the list of ingredients Generally Recognized As Safe, we can’t say we’re shocked. And with an ear to activists’ new crusade to diminish the role of personal choice by concocting the notion of narcotic-esque “food addiction,” Reuters reports that the IOM declared that “people cannot truly exercise ‘...
New Obama ads use health-care law to court Latinos
2012-05-08 19:05:00
Bucking conventional wisdom that Obamacare is a political liability in November, President Barack Obama's re-election campaign on Tuesday unveiled three new ads targeting Latino voters and putting the controversial health care law front and center.
Online Medicines Prescriptions: How to Stay Healthy with Ease
2012-05-08 13:11:00
We all lead busy lives in one way or another, meaning that it often gets tough to keep on top of things. This is particularly true of situations that don’t usually crop up – illness, for example. Whether you’re at home looking after the kids, in the office getting on with your job or even ...
Eyes and Health
2012-05-07 18:48:00
As a person with long standing and increasingly poor eye health I was very interested in this news about the massive rise in Asian myopia, the suspected cause, and suggested prevention. Consider how much outdoor time your children get during the day… Professor Morgan argues that many children in South East Asia spend long hours ...
By: TrueGrit
2012-05-07 18:43:00
West Coast-based MC, ScHoolboy Q was recently on New York City's Hot 97 FM declaring a personal PSA against the use of "Lean" aka "Sizzurp" aka "Purple Drank" aka highly-addictive-and-bad-for-yo-u codeine and promethazine. Q gave listeners a first-hand account of the awful withdrawal symptoms of the drug and even talked about how he's been pleading with fellow music peer, A$AP Rocky, to get off the stuff too. It's pretty real and the message is pretty clear--kids, don't do drugs that hurt you!
Race, Obesity and Willpower
2012-05-07 14:07:00
Alice Randall has an op-ed in the New York Times that touches the third rail of weight, race and body image, Black Women and Fat. I’m not going to take the easy shot at her focus on behavior change and healthy eating. America as a whole needs to reject the junk diet that is killing ...
Warren Buffett plays down health concern
2012-05-05 23:19:00
OMAHA, Nebraska (Reuters) - Warren Buffett tried to allay fears of Berkshire Hathaway Inc shareholders about the company's future after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and revealed that he recently tried to make one of the biggest acquisitions of his storied career. The question of who will succeed Buffett, 81, as chief executive became more of an imperative after Buffett disclosed the diagnosis on April 17. ...
Buffett's health on minds of Berkshire investors
2012-05-05 18:00:00
While 81-year-old Warren Buffett's health has been on investors' minds, many shareholders at Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting said Saturday that they aren't that worried about Buffett's prostate cancer diagnosis.
Need of Health Products
2012-05-04 07:09:00
Today, we can find lots of health products in market with many health benefits. Numbers of times, people are required to use such products for various health benefits. It is important to read reviews of such products before using them because in this way, people can find all useful information on these products plus they can become aware of any side effects associated with them. People can easily search for reviews and information on these products like syntheroid at numbers of review websites. By adding a good health product to their diet, people can enjoy health benefits. However, it is always important to find all useful information on these health products before starting any of them.ArvindKatoch
Going vegetarian poses own set of potential health risks
2012-05-03 20:50:00
Thinking of giving up meat from your diet? The potential health benefits of a green diet are well established, but a story by the Mother Nature Network (MNN) says there are also some potential side effects and health risks associated with a vegetarian lifestyle. Could low cholesterol kill you? A study by the Honolulu Heart ...
Sen. Brown criticized for keeping daughter on health plan
2012-05-02 18:56:00
The hits keep coming in Massachusetts. After facing her own controversy for questions about her Native-American heritage, Elizabeth Warren, the likely Democratic nominee in the Massachusetts Senate race, has accused Sen. Scott Brown of being a hypocrite after he told the Boston Globe that he...
Anti-Psychotic Drugs Overused In Nursing Homes
2012-04-29 22:34:00
....The Globe study found that more than one in five U.S. nursing homes are using anti-psychotic drugs for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other ailments associated with dementia - approximately 185,000 people who have not been diagnosed with a psychosis.
It?s Been A While!
2012-04-29 18:14:00
I can’t believe it has been almost a full two months since I wrote in this space. It was longer on other sites, almost 9 weeks! So I decided to start back with a brief post on why it is OK that I took some time off. After all, you may have some self-imposed obligations...
Obama: GOP On Women?s Health Like ?Being In A Time Machine?
2012-04-28 02:43:00
Chicago Tribune By Michael A. Memoli 5:09 p.m. CDT, April 27, 2012 WASHINGTON — President Obama on Friday castigated the Republican Party for what he said were dated views onwomen’s healthissues, saying the recent debate over contraceptives was “like being in a time machine.” Speaking at a women’s conference organized by his campaign, Obama called ...
By: Suzie-Q
How to Save on Natural Foods, Holistic Health Products & Remedies
2012-04-28 02:35:00
You don’t have to be a money-saving expert to live a healthy life, even in this economy. When finances are tight, we often scrimp on health-related expenses. After all, who has the extra dough to spring for a bag of organic apples or a healing massage? I’m in this boat right along with you. However, ...How to Save on Natural Foods, Holistic Health Products & Remedies is a post from the Money Crashers personal finance blog.
Study: No evidence that mobile phones harm health
2012-04-26 12:14:00
There is no convincing evidence that the use of mobile phones damages human health, a "comprehensive" review of scientific evidence said on Thursday.
Ann Romney had health 'scare' before Super Tuesday
2012-04-26 08:35:00
Ann Romney revealed for the first time she had a health ?scare? during the days leading up to the Super Tuesday primary contests, indicating that her battle with multiple sclerosis could limit the time she spends on the trail with her husband. ?There have been...
Free Rootology Nasal Health sample
2012-04-25 18:33:00
The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice
2012-04-24 23:45:00
Aloe vera is an effective sunburn remedy and with over 200 ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and polysaccharides, its contribution to overall health and beauty date back to ancient cultures. More recently, aloe vera juice has become popular for skin healing properties and other nutrients derived from true aloe in a liquid form. ...
Dermology Anti Aging Cream Review
2012-04-24 18:49:00
Be sure to check out our great review page Dermology Anti Aging Review. It’s a great insight into which anti-aging cream is best for you and your skin type. Let’s face it, time does not like us. As time wears … Continue reading →
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