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Digital Blackbook 29: Early Bird Circus (Photography)
2012-05-24 02:12:00
I was honored to shoot Early Bird Circus in Hollywood at the Avalon. Let’s say the Grateful Friday events at Avalon are off the chain…
Obama aides gave Hollywood team rare access on bin Laden raid info
2012-05-23 18:26:00
Barely one month after Navy SEALs staged the daring raid that killed Osama bin Laden, Hollywood came knocking at the Pentagon. "Hurt Locker" screenwriter Mark Boal's late-night June 5, 2011, email to a Defense Department spokesman led to unlocked doors at the Pentagon, the White House and the CIA?even getting him access to a SEAL ...
Son of missing Hollywood executive says few clues so far
2012-05-07 22:43:00
The son of a Hollywood studio executive who has been missing for a week said Monday that his father had not used his cellphone or credit cards, leaving no clues to his disappearance.
Pandora, Europa and Prometheus - the outer moons of Hollywood propaganda
2012-05-05 10:34:00
2001, Stanley Kubrick's seminal space odyssey started it all off, positing that Jupiter's moon Europa is a second testbed for the organic exercise that caused Homo Sapiens here on Earth.Avatar, James Cameron's Fern Gully re-imagining, featured a moon called Pandora that was shown to orbit a planet that looked very much like a blue-filtered version of Jupiter replete with big all-seeing-eye persistent weather spot.Prometheus, title of the forthcoming Ridley Scott film, is actually an object orbiting within the Saturnian ringspace. And what do we see in the back-right of this Prometheus-has-landed image? Saturn's rings, right?In fact, Pandora is the name of another of Saturn's shepherd moon system, as it's called, that keeps the dirty-ice-particle rings where they are.What's going on, Holywood? Spill your guts.
Keluarga Besar Polri Ramai-Ramai Nonton 'The Raid' di Planet Hollywood
2012-05-03 13:44:00
Berbagai upaya pemberantasan peredaran narkoba dilakukan pihak kepolisian. Termasuk membentengi keluarga polisi dari serangan narkoba. Salah satu langkah yang ditempuh adalah dengan mengajak putra dan putri polisi menonton film 'The Raid'. 
BONES First Look: Booth and Brennan Go Hollywood
2012-04-27 23:18:00
After seven seasons spent facing down some of the most terrifying killers imaginable, BONES penultimate episode of the season will force Brennan and Booth to confront the most nefarious of characters yet: Hollywood Executives! Appropriately titled “The Suit on the Set,” the May 7 episode of BONES sees our dynamic duo get caught up in a real-life murder mystery while visiting the set of “Bone of Contention,” the film based on Brennan’s latest book. More first look photos of which can be found after the jump. BONES "The Suit on the Set" ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 6 New episodes of BONES airs Monday at 8PM on FOX (Global TV in Canada) and stars David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin, T.J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor and John Francis Daley. Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at
China And Hollywood: A Toxic Mix?
2012-04-26 22:44:00
Our Beijing-based entertainment lawyer, Mathew Alderson, has been attending (and speaking at) the Beijing International Film Festival. Not surprisingly, Mathew reports that the talk of the town is the recent news regarding a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation into whether some of Hollywood’s biggest movie studios made illegal payments to officials in China to gain the right to film and show movies there. In an article entitled, “Did Hollywood dirty its hands in China? Reaction to SEC inquiry,” the Los Angeles Times extensively quotes Mathew regarding how it is that Hollywood might have gotten into this problem: Mathew Alderson, a Beijing-based entertainment lawyer and Asia Pacific partner at Seattle-based international law firm Harris Moure, called the timing of the SEC inquiry story “instructional.” “The news broke during the second Beijing International Film Festival, when media attention was focused on the biggest foreign box-...
Power Players: Hollywood nominates woman VP
2012-04-18 12:29:00
Top Line Women support her, she's got name-brand recognition, and she's got a sense of humor -- no wonder Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been tapped for vice-president ... on the small screen anyway. The Seinfeld alum stars in HBO's new series 'Veep,' where she plays a former senator who accepted the call to be vice president.
Hollywood Formally Brings ISPs Into the Anti-Piracy Fight
2012-04-04 23:15:00
Jill Lesser, an executive with experience with copyright, Internet and consumer issues, takes over an effort aimed at getting Internet providers to police copyright.
Three Rappers Who Should Be The Center Square For MTV2's Hollywood Squares
2012-04-02 16:00:00
Bring back the home versions of game shows! ​Next month MTV2 will debut Hip-Hop Squares, a rap-centric takeoff on the "tic-tac-toe with trivia and celebrities" game show Hollywood Squares. (The
Top Hollywood Celebs Endorse New Sue Wong Collection
2012-03-20 18:05:00
Hottest of the hot celebrities such as Latarsha Rose (The Hunger Games), Brooke Burns (Melrose Place) and Taylor Armstrong (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) screened the worldwide premiere of fashion designer Sue Wong?s Fall 2012 collection. The new “Autumn Sonata” Collection is inspired by the beauty and harmony of the Autumn season, said Wong. “I love the ...
Hollywood amenaza con demandar a un pub llamado 'El Hobbit'
2012-03-14 10:57:00
A finales de ao se va a estrenar en todo el mundo El Hobbit: Un viaje inesperado, la primera de las dos partes en las que el director Peter Jackson ha dividido la adaptacin al cine de la novela homnima de J. R. R. Tolkien, en la que se narran las aventuras de Bilbo Bolsn, Gandalf y un grupo de enanos en busca del tesoro custodiado por el dragn Smaug en la Montaa Solitaria. Va a ser, a poco...
Studios are killing indy film ? not downloads - A fantastic Q interview wit
2012-03-13 21:26:00
The filmmaker behind SID AND NANCY sticks it to the studio system, and copyright crackdowns.
Menkum Tunggu Laporan Pemeriksa Petugas Imigrasi Pemeras Aktor Hollywood
2012-03-09 06:04:00
Menkum HAM Amir Syamsuddin mengirim tim khusus untuk menyelidiki dugaan pemerasan petugas imigrasi Bandara Ngurah Rai Bali terhadap aktor Hollywood, Taylor Kitsch. Ia masih menanti laporannya.
Hollywood Reporter Interviews Ray Kurzweil At SXSW
2012-03-08 22:52:00
David Lindelof, co-creator of Lost, interviewed Ray Kurzweil for The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Kurzweil will be making his first appearance at the South by Southwest conference this year, in Austin, TX, and will be the presenter of a keynote conversation on March 12. Lindelof’s interview focused on what film-makers get wrong about accelerating and emerging ...
Bila Terbukti Peras Artis Hollywood, Petugas Imigrasi Bakal Ditindak
2012-03-08 07:11:00
Kementerian Hukum berjanji menindak tegas pejabat maupun petugas imigrasi yang melakukan pelanggaran. Termasuk soal dugaan pemerasan petugas imigrasi atas aktor Hollywood.
Free tan at Hollywood Tans on March 10
2012-03-07 12:30:00 -Free tans all day on Saturday, March 10. -locator Free Stuff Times . C om feed should only be red in feed readers, on the Fretuff Times e mail list, or the FST Google Gadget. Any other| use| is |opyright infringement and should be reported.
Dwight Freeney?s Rolling Stone Restaurant In Hollywood A Hoot
2012-03-03 21:37:00
On Saturday of a week ago (time flies) this blogger and colleagues Beverly Rivas and Tiana Patterson elected to grab grub at The Rolling Stone Magazine Restaurant located in the same Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center that hosts The Academy Awards. What followed was the totally unplanned and un-paid-for video tour of the establishment, courtesy (Read More...)
Rolling Stone Magazine Restaurant At Hollywood And Highland LA?
2012-03-03 01:58:00
Rolling Stone Magazine Restaurant At Hollywood And Highland LA (by zennie62)
An inquiry into the Palin obsession of the Hollywood elite
2012-03-02 22:30:00
You have to wonder about people in politics who define themselves by their animosities. Some people seem to spend the better parts of their day obsessing about Sarah Palin and other right-wingers who figure prominently in their demonology. If you really hated this accomplished reformer, why would you want to subject yourself to seeing her ...
I'm So Hollywood and Shaun Nac are now friends
2012-02-20 06:03:00
I'm So Hollywood and Shaun Nac are now friends
Tales From Old Hollywood ? The Executioners Song
2012-02-18 21:57:00
I find that often the story behind a film is almost as interesting as the film itself. The 1982 made for TV production of The Executioners Song is a case in point. It is based on the Norman Mailer book by the same name that chronicles the final 9 months of Gary Gilmore. Mailer was ...
Tales From Old Hollywood ? Sylvia Lewis
2012-02-17 21:33:00
I came across Sylvia Lewis quite by accident, I was researching the 1956 John Wayne box office disaster The Conqueror. The then twenty something Sylvia had landed a solo dancing scene in it. I contacted Sylvia and she was kind enough to agree to an interview. Hollywood is a world of its own. While most people ...
Tales from Old Hollywood - The Pursuit Of D.B.Cooper(1981)
2012-02-17 04:10:00
I rather like my job of being a tattle tale of Hollywood scuttlebutt 30 years after the events! Many of the guilty are too old to care what I might write about! It helps a lot that I have a couple of insiders. Jack Young is my super secret source for this article. So do not ...
Last Photos of Whitney Houston Dazed & Agressive At Tru Hollywood
2012-02-12 03:29:00
Whitney Houston was reportedly last seen in public as she left Tru Hollywood after performing at the Kelly Price & Friends Unplugged: For The Love of R&B Grammy party on Thursday (February 9)- see more pictures below. BREAKING: Whitney Houston Dead at 48 The 48 year-old singer sang ?Yes Jesus Loves Me? with Price, but ...
Lidia Ortiz replied to Sri Lakshmi's discussion 'Hollywood's
2012-02-10 12:04:00
Lidia Ortiz replied to Sri Lakshmi's discussion 'Hollywood's Hair Secret!'
Symone Black Faints and Falls Off Stage: American Idol Hollywood Week (VIDE
2012-02-09 15:36:00
16 year-old Symone Black delivered a good soulful rendition of ?Sitting on the Dock of the Bay? by Otis Redding during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile SPOILERS: Top 60 To Top 42 When asked ...
Erika Van Pelt ?Glitter In The Air? American Idol Hollywood Week (VIDEO)
2012-02-09 15:33:00
26 year-old wedding singer Erika Van Pelt dared to sing one of my favorite songs of all-time, ?Glitter In The Air? by Pink, and she totally nailed it during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile ...
Jeremy Rosado ?Superstar? American Idol Hollywood Week (VIDEO)
2012-02-09 15:30:00
19 year-old Jeremy Rosado sails through to the next round with a performance of ?Superstar? by Luther Vandross during first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below [1:20 mark]. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile SPOILERS: Top 60 To Top 42 Jeremy is a ...
Creighton Fraker & Aaron Marcellus: American Idol Hollywood Week (VIDEO)
2012-02-09 15:28:00
Creighton Fraker and Aaron Marcellus gave the judges just what they were looking for with renditions of ?Somebody To Love? and ?Starting Here, Starting Now,? respectively, during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below [0:35 mark]. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile ...
Shannon Magrane & David Leathers: American Idol Hollywood Week (VIDEO)
2012-02-09 15:25:00
16 year-old Shannon Magrane and 17 year-old David Leathers impressed the judges with renditions of ?Falling? by Alicia Keys and ?Because You Love Me? by Celine Dion, respectively, during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile ...
Adam Brock ?Walking In Memphis? American Idol Hollywood Week (VIDEO)
2012-02-09 15:19:00
27 year-old Adam Brock, who claims to have a big black woman trapped inside his body, delivered a powerful rendition of ?Walking In Memphis? by Mark Cohn during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile SPOILERS: ...
Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey?s Daughter Eliminated On American Idol Hollywood We
2012-02-09 15:16:00
It?s the end of the road for Jim Carrey?s daughter, Jane Carrey, who failed to impress with a disappointing rendition of ?Looking Out My Back Door? by Creedence Clearwater Revival during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 2) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below [1:35 mark]. 2012 American ...
Phillip Phillips ?Papa?s Got a Brand New Bag? American Idol Hollywood Week
2012-02-09 15:14:00
21 year-old Phillip Phillips manages to impress with a rocky rendition of ?Papa?s Got a Brand New Bag? by James Brown during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile SPOILERS: Top 60 To Top 42 After ...
Reed Grimm Sings ?I?ve Got A Golden Ticket?: American Idol Hollywood Week (
2012-02-09 15:08:00
Reed Grimm, the guy who brought the ?Family Matters? theme song to his first audition, once again surprised us with an uncanny song choice, ?I?ve Got A Golden Ticket? from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch ...
Jen Hirsh ?Up To The Mountain? American Idol Hollywood Week (VIDEO)
2012-02-09 15:04:00
25 year-old Jen Hirsh, who was a bit nervous and trying hard not to fidget, sang ?Up The Mountain? by Patti Griffin during the first round of the American Idol Season 11 Hollywood Week (Day 1) on Wednesday (February 8)- watch video below. 2012 American Idol 11 Green Mile SPOILERS: Top 60 To Top 42 ...
Uli Jon Roth: Live In Hollywood DVD details
2012-02-04 00:18:00
In 2007 Uli Jon Roth conduceted his Sky Academy in Hollywood, CA. Two concerts highlighted the week long event. Soon after many recordings of the show surfaced. Combining these sources we were able to capture the magic of one of these nights. This DVD consists of Uli playing his material from the Scorpions Solo and Electric Sun. This is a very limited pressing and only for Uli's US tour in Jan and Feb. Once sold out it will not be pressed again This is NTSC only! "Live In Hollywood" track listing: 01. Intro Jam 02. Firewind 03. Land Of Dawn 04. We'll Burn The Sky 05. Fly To The Rainbow 06. Pictured Life 07. In Trance 08. Polar Nights 09. Going Down 10. Sails Of Charon 11. Catch Your Train Former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth, playing a Scorps classic with a tasty dose of improvisation, in Milwaukee Wisconsin during 2012. Uli Jon Roth 2012 Shank Hall Milwaukee
Hollywood And Social Media ? Zennie Abraham On Tonya Hall Show 8 AM PST
2012-01-27 10:06:00
This blogger, me, or Zennie Abraham, will be on The Tonya Hall Show yapping about my new favorite topic: Hollywood and Social Media. If you’ve never heard of The Tonya Hall Show, it’s a popular and fast-rising radio program exclusively devoted to social media. I’m losing count, but if memory serves, this will be my (Read More...)
Uli Jon Roth: Live In Hollywood DVD
2012-01-18 23:29:00
"Live In Hollywood" is an NTSC-only DVD which contains footage of Uliplaying material from the SCORPIONS, solo and ELECTRIC SUN. This is a very limited pressing and is only being made available for Uli's North American tour in January and February. Once sold out, it will not be pressed again."Live In Hollywood" track listing: Intro Jam02. Firewind03. Land Of Dawn04. We'll Burn The Sky05. Fly To The Rainbow06. Pictured Life07. In Trance08. Polar Nights09. Going Down10. Sails Of Charon11. Catch Your Train
Los estudios de Hollywood acusan a la Wikipedia de abuso de poder
2012-01-18 11:17:00
Durante el da de hoy, la edicin en ingls de la Wikipedia y pginas como Reddit o Boing Boing van a permanecer cerradas total o parcialmente como medida de protesta contra la Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) y la PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), dos proyectos de ley que se estn debatiendo en la Cmara de Representantes y en el Senado estadounidense respectivamente y que pretenden imponer normas draconianas...
Jake Gyllenhaal shows off his beard while out for sushi lunch in Hollywood
2012-01-06 02:28:00
Jake Gyllenhaal out for lunch with friends in Hollywood, on 4th January 2012Jake Gyllenhaal showing off his 'Lumberjack Look' while lunching with friends in Hollywood. Gyllenhaal is beard-ly recognizable with his new scruffy look. The actor was spotted in grabbing sushi with some friends.
Ben Stein + Menial Jobs = Ben Gets His Hollywood Mansion and Pool Cleaned B
2012-01-03 16:39:00
Ben Stein's latest moral money rant about "menial jobs" and the OWS and "artists" is laughable at best.  How Stein has managed to combine the very serious money and economics issues and be an expert at it, with comedy is beyond anyone's guess.  Why anyone would listen to him, let alone take him seriously about money issues, class warfare, jobs and who gets what, is a study in the philosophical and moral outrage about money that is happening NOW in America. Yet, Ben seems to attract the suits to himself like a well oiled jewish business man. In October  of last year, Ben was invited to speak a convention of sorts.  Here a blogger, from SHRINKING THE CAMEL , which connects business life with spiritual life, tells what he experienced as he listened to Ben speak: Once Mr. Stein took his place at the podium, he started ranting a bit about the Occupy Wall Street uprising, politely inquiring about the goals of the movement, and wondering how...
Scarlett Johansson Buzz Decreases After Nude Photo Scandal - Google Insight
2011-12-27 01:51:00
Scarlett Johansson is getting a lot of publicity of the good kind, in the wake of the bad publicity caused by the email account hacking scandal that saw revealing private photos of the sexy star spread all over the Internet. But the problem for Ms. Johansson, and an issue for anyone in the business of (Read More...)
Hollywood dialect coach Robert Easton dies at 81 (AP)
2011-12-22 16:44:00
AP - Character actor and Hollywood dialect coach Robert Easton, whose successes include teaching Forest Whitaker to speak like Idi Amin in the 2006 movie "The Last King of Scotland," has died in Los Angeles. He was 81.
CES 2012 : Mobile, 3D, CE, YouTube, And Digital Hollywood
2011-12-22 01:56:00
Zennie62 will be in Las Vegas for CES 2012 between January 8, 2012 and January 15th 2012, and looking through my press emails, the trend and buzz is concerned with mobile and with 3D. On top of that, there are several interesting conferences within the Consumer Electronics Show that are of note. First off, this (Read More...)
Mission Impossible Twitter Marketing Successful - Promoted Twitter Tweet Ga
2011-12-21 23:23:00
Twitter loves Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. For a movie, let alone a brand, Twitter can be Heaven or Hell. One well-timed, creatively written tweet can cause a flurry of re-tweets and copycats that can trash a movie just as it’s released. Or, Twitter can be the device that makes an unknown movie a blockbuster, or (Read More...)
Angelina Jolie flagrada almoando em Hollywood
2011-12-17 20:52:00
Aps o suspense e a falta de informao quanto ao estado de sade de Angelina Jolie, finalmente uma boa notcia: a atriz foi flagrada nesta sexta-feira, dia 16 em um almoo de negcios no Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, em Los Angeles. Jolie apesar de sorridente estava bastante abatida. Related Posts: Angelina Jolie agradece Globo de Ouro ...
News: DimeBash Key Club in West Hollywood 2011
2011-12-15 23:38:00
DimeBash  took place at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California. Presented by ?That Metal Show? hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson. Performers in this year?s annual Dimebash featured pioneers from all sub-genres of metal: Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)Richie Kotzen Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) David Draiman (Disturbed) Serj Tankian (System of a Down) Joey Jordison (Slipknot) Scott Ian (Anthrax) Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) Rex Brown (ex-Pantera) John 5 (Rob Zombie) Duff McKagan (Velvet Revolver, ex-Guns N? Roses) Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) Glenn Hughes (Black Country Communion) Tim ?Ripper? Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio Disciples, ex-Judas Priest) Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) Warren De Martini (Ratt) Robin McAuley (MSG) Oni Logan (Lynch Mob) Doug Pinnick (King?s X) One hundred percent of the proceeds raised at the 2011 DimeBash have been donated to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up & Shout Cancer Fund. DimeBash Key Club in West Hollywood 2011
Angelina Jolie agradece Globo de Ouro por indicao ao seu filme
2011-12-15 21:58:00
Angelina Jolie agradeceu a indicao que “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, produo que marca sua estreia como diretora, recebeu para o Globo de Ouro 2012 na categoria filme estrangeiro. Apesar da direo americana, o longa metragem foi todo rodado na Bsnia e falado em servo-croata. “Estou grata que a Associao de Imprensa Estrangeira ...
Golden Globe Nominations: The Artist, The Descendants, The Help, Lead Noms
2011-12-15 20:07:00
The Golden Globes discovers YouTube! Film awards season’s getting off to its normally exciting start, and it’s great to see the Hollywood Foreign Press Association getting into the new media act! The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) President Dr. Aida Takla-O?Reilly. has asked Gerard Butler, Woody Harrelson, Rashida Jones and Sofia Vergara to announce the (Read More...)
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