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Paul?s Kitchen at the Real Canadian Superstore, No 3 Road, Richmond
2012-05-20 16:00:00
I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone on a weekend. So, I suggested lunch at Paul's Kitchen on No. 3 Road where the Real Canadian Store is. I need to do some groceries shopping after lunch. The entrance is through the parking lot of the Real Canadian Superstore. This is a hole in the wall Hong Kong style cafe.
Chinese general wants Spratlys ?like Hong Kong? | ABS-CBN News
2012-05-01 19:35:00
People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Major General Luo Yuan has proposed that China station troops on islands in the Spratlys, send naval patrols, and mark its sovereignty with the national flag, according to a recent report published by the website of …Read more »
Dragon Lord Cafe on Fraser St, Vancouver
2012-04-14 16:00:00
We met up with Rey when Ben got back from Beijing in January. Ben wanted to pass a Chinese culinary book to Rey. It was a beautiful sunny winter day with the snow capped mountain in view.
Signature suites by Lagranja Design at the Madera hotel in Hong Kong
2012-04-02 15:23:00
Barcelona based design studio Lagranja has just finished the signature suites at the top four floors of a new hotel in Kowloon, a district in Hong Kong and probably the place with the highest population density in the planet. It’s called Hotel Madera, a Spanish name that leaves little room for doubt. An oasis of calm and Mediterranean warmth hung sixty meters from the bustle of the street. Lagranja designed nine suites, each one unique and full of details made exclusively for this project. The nightstands turned from oak wood blocks, or the wooden spoons carved by hand that are both a decorative element and a gift the guests can take home. The walls of the corridors are big lamps, the gym is at the same time ironic and funny. Photography: Andrew J. Loiterton  
Breakfast at Alleluia Cafe, Richmond
2012-02-29 16:00:00
Jeannie, Liz and I met up for breakfast to catch up with one another. They are my ex and current neighbours. Jeannie suggested  to meet up at Alleluia Cafe, a Hong Kong style cafe. Jeannie wanted to introduce Chinese style breakfast to Liz who is a Hungarian. The breakfast menu came with a drink. Liz had the honey lemon tea while Jeannie had the hot milk tea and I had the hot Hong Kong style coffee. I had heard that the refill of drink is free here but have never ask for a refill. One cup is enough for me.
Finally, Got to try [CRA 2010 Signature Dish] Lamb Hotpot ??? from Excelsio
2012-02-17 16:00:00
When we came to Excelsior last year in July to try their CRA award wining dish, lamb hotpot, we were disappointed because we were told that they only serve that dish in winter. So, in this winter, I make sure that I come to Excelsior to try the Bamboo Lamb Hotpot. I came with Lorna to celebrate her belated birthday. Lorna told me that Excelsior has been around for a long time, more than 20 years. Lorna is an old timer here. She's been here for more than 30 years.
Eateries in Hong Kong
2012-01-12 16:59:00
I must say that there are many food varieties in Hong Kong and most of them are delicious. However it is very expensive to eat in Hong Kong because of its high standard of living. I ran out of cash mainly due to food because most of the time we pick small eating places and ...
Fashion Studio liked Fashion Studio's blog post 'HONG KONG FASHIO
2012-01-11 11:11:00
Fashion Studio liked Fashion Studio's blog post 'HONG KONG FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA: Craig Lawrence'
More About Hong Kong & Disneyland
2012-01-06 18:59:00
Hong Kong is a crowded city, congested with people everywhere at anytime. I was told some do not have an office to work, they are on the street all the time. I still cannot get it how people can text using their mobile phone and walk at the same time. Hong Kong is not the ...
Indonesian Art Soars at Hong Kong Auction ?
2011-12-30 19:52:00
Indonesian Art Soars at Hong Kong Auction – On the 26th of November 2011, an auction was held in Hong Kong of Modern and Contemporary Art that produced results which allude to a continued desire for the work of the top modern and contemporary Indonesia artists.  The auction was held by United Asian Auctioneers, ... Related posts: Art Auction Estimates Mean Little – Hirst Art Auction Reality Part 1 – Buying Art at Auction – What Every Buyer Should Know
China And Hong Kong Trademarks. Think Puerto Rico.
2011-12-30 16:48:00
Just got back from a family vacation in Puerto Rico. While there, I saw a rental car company called "Target." This company had the same logo as the Target stores so common on the U.S. mainland. Well of course that got me to thinking. Is this rental car company infringing on Target (the store's) trade-name and trademark (the logo)?  Or is it the case that even though Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, its trademark regime is separate from the United States? My research quickly determined that Puerto Rico's trademark regime is actually separate from that of the United States. In other words, if you want your name or mark trademarked in both the United States and Puerto Rico, you should register it in both places. Presumably, Target rental car beat Target stores to the name and logo in Puerto Rico and is now able to use both legally there.  Hong Kong and China are the same way. And Taiwan and Macau too. I am constantly having to explain this to our clients, at least half of w...
Trafficking in Persons in Hong Kong - so what went wrong?
2011-12-27 19:23:00
Reproduced here are segments of the reports released from 2007 to 2011 by the U.S. Department of State on the Trafficking in Persons. In 2007 and 2008 Hong Kong was described as "complying with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. Since 2009, it has not. Why not? And what are the minimum standards? Given the seriousness of the crime, shouldn't we be judging countries on whether they fully comply with the maximum standards for the elimination of trafficking? 2011 Trafficking in Persons Report - Hong KongThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China is a destination and transit territory for men and women from mainland China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, subjected to forced prostitution and possibly forced labor. Women from Hong Kong have also been subjected to forced prostitution in Canada. Some migrants are lured to Hong Kong by criminal syndicates or ac...
Rhino?s Kitchen at Lansdowne Mall, Richmond
2011-12-26 16:00:00
Nanzaro told me that there is a new Hong Kong style restaurant in Lansdowne Mall. He saw that in a flyer while I'm not around town. But he cannot remember the name of the restaurant. I could not search any information about the restaurant since I do not know the name. However, Nanzaro said it's part of the Top Gun group. So, I checked the Top Gun group website and still there is no information of any Hong Kong style restaurant. My guess is that the new restaurant must be at the old California Cafe location.
Hong Kong Vacation Planning
2011-12-24 19:30:00
I had made a booking very early in the year for a Hong Kong vacation for my family. Well my frequent flyer miles were expiring and I need to use them before it is gone. I thought about going Korea for a ski trip but I was afraid of language problem. In the end, I ...
Bullying, child abuse, trafficking in Hong Kong
2011-12-21 06:27:00
Bullying in schools, child abuse, domestic violence, and people trafficking. These are not the easiest subjects to research in Hong Kong. I might be going out on a bit of a limb here, but there does seem to be a little reluctance on the part of some to fully acknowledge the seriousness of these issues. After making half a dozen phone calls and leaving my email address, I am still waiting to receive up-to-date, contemporary figures relating to the issue of bullying in schools here. Maybe I am just being impatient. Various organisations were pretty vague. While admitting that yes, of course, there is bullying, it was not considered to be as endemic here as it is perhaps in schools in North America or Europe. A number of my colleagues who have school-age children said pretty much the same thing. I also learned there is not - at least to the best of anyone's knowledge - a service such as provided by SHOUTwithCAABS here in the SAR.One group that does seem to be taking bullying very seri...
McDonald's German Chicken Sausage Burger Blitzes Hong Kong
2011-12-19 08:01:00
If you're hungry enough to raise the Teutonic, then we kindly ask you to get a grip... on the German Chicken Sausage Burger, an epicurious menu offering from McDonald's Hong Kong. What say ye, Actual German Folks?, das schmeckt or das boo?
Ridealist Video - Solutions for Hong Kong-based Grassroots Nonprofits
2011-12-15 18:17:00
Are you involved in a grassroots nonprofit organisation or community group? Do you know of one? Could they benefit from having a video on their website, describing who they are? What services they provide, and how they are contributing to their local community?A video or selection of still images will help the selected nonprofits connect with their audience, engage their imagination, and convey a balanced message of information and emotional connection. They can use the video to spread their message on social networks such as YouTube, GoodnessTV, Facebook, Twitter etc. Use the power of social networks! So please take this opportunity to nominate your group to receive a free promotional/profile video. Ridealist is a legally registered society in Hong Kong (non-profit) operated by husband and wife team, Chris & Shirley Han Ying Gelken. In our spare time we produce broadcast quality videos for groups and individuals who are working to make this world a better place for all of us to li...
Child abuse and bullying In Hong Kong schools
2011-12-13 13:49:00
We recently connected with a U.K.-based group called @SHOUTwithCAABS on twitter, an advanced and net-savvy organisation dedicated to ending bullying in schools and providing a service to abused children.CAABS - the Child Abuse - Anti Bullying System is - is a unique system that allows victims to report incidents of abuse or bullying with just three clicks of a computer mouse.From their website:CAABS Report is a very easy to use visualised 'Early Identification and Reporting System'. Designed for school computers, CAABS allows children from as young as 5 years old to be able to report child safety issues without any of the traditional barriers thatare currently associated with preventing many children from reporting.It got us wondering what the situation was like here in Hong Kong, and indeed if any systems like CAABS existed here. Our first enquiries among parents and some children's welfare groups have indicated that no, nothing like this is available in Hong Kong. But the respo...
10 Must-See Destinations for Backpackers in Southeast Asia
2011-11-22 13:00:00
This is a guest post by Will Peach. outheast Asia casts an allure like no other. From pristine beaches to bustling cities and everything in between, this magical part of the world is hugely popular with backpackers the world over. Picking a top 10 of must see destinations from Southeast Asia is no easy feat. ...--------- Join Travel Blog Success today and learn to build a better travel blog. Membership includes 27 tutorials, 12 expert audio interviews, private support forum, and much more.
Hong Kong Unison 2011 Hikathon
2011-11-21 18:37:00
(For higher quality select 1080p on YouTube) Ridealist was delighted to be invited to participate as videographers for the 2011 Hong Kong Unison Hikathon - an event designed to bring people from all backgrounds and ethnicities together for a fantastic day out of hiking in some of Hong Kong's most magnificent countryside.More than 700 people participated in the event, choosing the short or, the for the ambitious, the long course, depending on their experience and ability. Out of every twenty residents of Hong Kong, there is one ethnic minority living here. Surveys show over 40% of them are suffering from unemployment or unstable job security due to the language barrier and a lack of resources in access to quality Chinese language education.In order to promote racial equality in the territory, Hong Kong Unison, a public charitable institution, organizes an annual hiking event named "Hikathon" to fight for equal education opportunities and quality Chinese education for all Hong Kong r...
Rafael Bittencourt: Guitar Clinic Hong Kong 2007
2011-11-15 22:11:00
Rafael Bittencourt: Guitar Clinic Hong Kong 2007
Kiko Loureiro: Hong Kong 2011 clinic series [HD]
2011-11-15 18:21:00
Kiko Loureiro: Hong Kong 2011 clinic series [HD]
Hong Kong, AVAR 2011
2011-11-11 03:07:00
Greetings from Hong Kong! This week we are enjoying the security conference AVAR, which is taking place in Hong Kong. Some interesting topics are being covered, such as the talk “Malware in EFI”, where Intel’s Igor Muttik showed us how malware could take advantage of the the EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface)  and the challenges we could be facing, as well as the countermeasures that can be taken. Another topic that has been around a lot is malware in mobile devices. Even though it is not that prevalent, it is true that it is an emerging threat and it raises some interesting thoughts. Of course the cloud is another topic covered here, but one of the most interesting ones are those that are talking about targeted attacks in certain countries in Asia, as South Korea and Japan. The full program is here in case you want to take a look at it. As some of you may remember, in last year’s AVAR in Bali I was awarded the “Wildlist Reporter of the year” pr...
Hollywood Steak House on Leslie Road, revisited
2011-11-07 16:00:00
It's always a nightmare to find a parking spot in any eatery in Richmond during the weekend. I was rounding from one restaurant to another and finally found a parking spot at Hollywood Steak House. We had blogged about Hollywood Steak House in 2007. It's time for a revisit.
Flo Tea Room in Richmond
2011-10-18 16:00:00
When Marian, Emily, Lorna and me had a meet up at the Yuemicka Noodle House which ended up to celebrate Marian's birthday, we vouched to get together again for the next birthday among us. September is Emily's birthday. I tried to organize a lunch since mid September but we just cant have a date that suit all. After several dates being postponed, Marian finally suggested that we get together first without the birthday girl and organized another meet up for Emily's birthday. So, Marian, Lorna and me met up at Flo Tea Room in Richmond.
BarCamp Hong Kong 2011
2011-10-14 06:08:00
For the first time since it was first held in Hong Kong in 2007, I will be joining BarCamp, a gathering of enthusiasts not necessarily like-minded but collectively embrace the culture of open learning. Described as “an ad-hoc “unconference” born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment”, BarCamp provides ...
It?s a small World in Hong Kong Disneyland
2011-09-08 06:54:00
One of the most famous of all the rides at all the Disneylands in the world is the much loved ?It’s A Small World.? I have to admit that this was a song I loved when I was a child as it was one of the first things I learned in a language that wasn’t ...
Jungle River Cruise at Hong Kong Disneyland
2011-09-08 06:36:00
Every Kid dreamed of taking a cruise through the jungle and seeing the many wonderful animals of Africa along the way. I know that for me, this was one of my primary fantasies when I was growing up. I wanted to get on a boat and go see the world. Not surprising really. The Kingdom ...
New Town Bakery and Restaurant in Chinatown, Vancouver
2011-01-18 17:43:00
It seems that calling this restaurant sketchy and dodgy did not deter some of us from showing up for this impromptu chowdown. I made sure that I set the expectations clearly up front with those who responded to my call to join Suanne and I for lunch in the New Town Restaurant in Chinatown. I did not want people to look at me funny for choosing a place like this. I am saying this because I was once here some years ago when I saw needles in the washroom. We also came here after our lunch at Maxim?s to buy some buns and we noticed that some of their customers were down and out (if you know what I mean). So that formed an impression in me that this is not exactly a family restaurant. To me I am no snob when it comes to food. I will go where there is something to learn about even if the food is nothing great. Sorry you gotta take this blog as it is ? warts and all. I don?t usually got to fancy schmancy places. I am just fascinated with the New Town Bakery and Restaurant because it...
2011-01-12 23:10:00
Students at The Chinese University of Hong Kong are pushing the envelope of data storage in the most unlikely of places--bacteria! The science behind it lies in what they call Biostorage--the art of storing and encrypting information onto living organisms. And what exactly does this mean? Well, just consider the fact that in 2007 a group of researchers were able to store Einstein's entire Theory of Relativity formula onto the DNA of a common soil bacterium. Whoa!
Maxim?s Restaurant: Not Only Just A Bakery
2011-01-12 22:30:00
Suanne and I hardly go to Chinatown anymore. We used to. Many many years ago, we would drive down to Chinatown at least twice a month to buy groceries and also have dim sum. And then we stopped going. There was no longer a need to drive all the way there as we get better food and groceries in Richmond. It had been so long, we just lost touch with Chinatown. Thomas recently wrote to us about a restaurant where he had a dish called Baked Portuguese Pork Chop with Rice. He said it was called May Sum. We searched high and low on the internet but we could not find it. It was only a week later that we realized that he was using the phonetic translation of the Chinese name of the restaurant. So May Sum is actually Maxim?s which is a more recognizable name. We had always thought that Maxim?s only a bakery. We see a lot of Maxim?s bakeries around town. However, they also have a restaurant, a Hong Kong Style Cafe, on Keefer in Chinatown. We were not aware until Thomas told us.
BT Cafe: More Than Likeable
2011-01-10 15:00:00
Many of us likes to root for the underdog. I am one of those. When LotusRapper left a comment last month about BT Cafe, he was describing how this little known restaurant is new, small, the prices are cheap, the food is solid and is run by a young couple. Then JJ chimed in and said that the young couple is trying their hand at owning a small business for the first time. The husband is in the kitchen and the wife runs the front of the house. At the back of my mind, I was thinking that perhaps how this young couple put down all they had to start the business. The restaurant business is not the easiest to be in. It is risky and it involves long hours. Most restaurants even work 7 days a week. This is one restaurant that I would like to visit. For me it is not always about the food or the ambiance or the service. It is also very much about the people behind them. I want to go check them out and write about them. I want to see if there is a chance for me to give this fledging new busi...
Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum
2010-12-15 23:40:00
#1 Jin Xuan Hong Kong Restaurant @ Damansara Jaya.We've been here before a few times, but the first time for dinner, at 10pm.(Their business hours: 7.00am ? 11.30pm)#2Well, I don't remember all the names of the dim sum that we had, but they were all so tasty. They arrived at the table, piping hot, as soon as the kitchen prepared them.#3Drinking tea is traditional when having dim sum and we usually ask for a pot of jasmine tea. We know very little about the types of Chinese tea, except that we drink tea with dim sum because it supposedly helps with the digestion of oily foods. #4#5#6#7#8 I'm a big fan of the salted egg-yolk custard buns, so this is a must-order dish for me if I go for dim sum at this restaurant.#9 To please a craving for something insanely rich, nothing beats a steaming bun filled with soft and creamy egg-yolk custard. It really blew me away! We left before closing time and the bill came to RM44.60.Do you love dim sum too? If so, what's your favorite dish?First ...
Hong Kong Real Estate Market Update Nov 2010
2010-11-19 21:21:00
It is about time to have another update for HK housing market. The government issued new policies yesterday to suppress the blazing hot housing market. The questions are: 1) Can those policies alleviate the upward pressure of the housing price? Yes 2) Can they turn the bull housing market into a bear? No (Nor the ...
Yuto Miyazawa: Hong Kong gig
2010-10-23 13:41:00
Yuto Miyazawa - Hong Kong impromptu gig
China Stock Market is Going Up (SSEC)
2010-07-28 17:10:00
As we can see that Shanghai SSE Composite Index (SSEC) has been going up since reaching the downtrend channel bottom (White) as well as the 11-month cycle low (purple) in early July. This is likely to be a major correction low and is poised for another bull run. Still, watch for the mid-channel line for ...
Private eye Steven Gore puts all that spying to use in debut novel, 'Final
2010-05-12 19:18:00
By BOB ANDELMAN Steven Gore already had a pretty good career going for himself when he sidestepped into the world of mystery novelist. Let me quote from Gore?s own description of his life pre-novelist as a globetrotting private eye: ?It was a career that took me, among so many other places, to a smuggling port on the North China Sea, to a gambling den in Bangkok, to a prison in Lugansk, to an underground bank in Hong Kong, and into courtrooms in a dozen countries. It also put me in meetings with drug syndicates in the Golden Triangle, corrupt police officers in Mexico, sex traffickers in India, snakeheads in Taipei and San Francisco, and fraudsters from Ahmadabad to Zurich.? Sounds pretty cool to an armchair adventure-seeker like me. But at some point, Gore decided to slow down and let his mind do all the work. From his active imagination came San Francisco-based P.I. Graham Gage and the debut thriller, Final Target. Although it weighs in at nearly 500 pages in paperbac...
By: Mr. Media
Two Filipinos guilty of trafficking in Hong Kong
2010-03-17 11:11:00
Two Filipinos were found guilty by Hong Kong?s Wan Chai District Court of human trafficking in charges filed by their Filipino victims. In a release posted on the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) website on Wednesday, the two Filipinos, a club owner and staff, are facing a maximum penalty of not more than three years. Sentencing is ...
Police in Guangzhou Seize Tickets for Shen Yun Show in Hong Kong
2010-01-20 13:09:00
( (By a correspondent from Guangzhou City) CCP State Security agents secretly monitor ticket sales for the Shen Yun performances in Hong Kong, and try to stop people from mainland China from going to Hong Kong to watch the show. On January 8, 2010, Yang Fan’s family in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province was harassed, and ...
Miss Pearl Hong Kong 2009 is Deepa Gurung
2009-10-25 20:19:00
Deepa Gurung, 18, from Pokhara, won the first Miss Pearl Hong Kong 2009 title in an event held in Hong Kong on 24 October, 2009. Deepa?s sister Jyoti Gurung, 16, won the second runner up and Roji Pun, 16, got the first runner up. Among the 13 contestants, 9 contestants won one of the ...
Anju Ghising, Miss Talent Hunt Hong Kong 2009
2009-10-10 23:07:00
Anju Ghising of Kathmandu has won the title of Miss Talent Hunt Hong Kong 2009 in an event organized by Talent Hunt Team, Hong Kong. Ghising also bagged the Miss Best Hair Award in the event. 20-year-old Sangeeta Gurung from Pokhara won the first runner up and Miss Personality titles. 17-year-old Manjila Rai from Dharan ...
China Company Formation: Meet The New Hong Kong. Same As The Old Hong Kong
2009-09-23 19:28:00
Won't Get Fooled Again. My roommate my senior year in college was a Who fanatic. And when I say fanatic, I mean fanatic. This guy had lived a few years in London and he had the urban trench coat and the British accent down pat. Most annoyingly, the only beer he would buy was Guiness, which he would not even refrigerate. He did this knowing full well that neither I nor our other roommate would ever touch the stuff. He had about 1000 Who albums, and before you tell me that the Who never made 1000 albums, let me tell you that about 990 of those were bootlegs or "European editions," or whatever. He had the Who doing just about every song you can think of. Seriously. Sorry for the rambling, but I thought of the Who today when a reader sent me a China Daily article, entitled, "HK attracts record investment in 2008," and asked how much of this might be due to an increase in companies investing in China through Hong Kong. I do not know, but I am sure some of it is. Ten years ...
Hong Kong art fair
2009-09-22 15:49:00
ART HK is the leading showcase for international Modern & Contemporary Art in Asia with over 110 galleries participating from 24 different countries. ART HK reflects Hong Kong’s ‘Gateway’ status in presenting a unique opportunity for collectors to see and buy work of a quality and geographical diversity not available anywhere else in the world.
By: weblogART
Air New Zealand, Hong Kong
2009-07-26 23:22:00
Our B747-400 is refuelled at Hong Kong International before the second leg of the journey to Auckland. Read the full account of this journey here.
hhchi wrote a new blog post: Fraser Suites Hong kong
2009-07-15 21:53:00
hhchi wrote a new blog post: Fraser Suites Hong kong Occupying an enviable place in the heart of Hong Kong’s famous Wanchai business and entertainment district at the edge of the CBD, Fraser Suites Hong Kong is coveted for its location as well as its service-related excellence. For busy executives, the serviced residence offers easy access to key business areas like Causeway Bay and Central; ...
Kenny Kwan, HONG KONG
2009-06-04 08:29:00
Heartthrob No. 0925Name: Kwan Chi BunEnglish name: Kenny KwanBirthday: December 30th, 1980Horoscope: CapricornHeight: 174 cm.Weight: 61 kg.Language: Cantonese, English, MandarinHobbies: Reading, singing, swimming, squashOccupation: Singer/Actor/Model
Hong Kong stocks are 'on fire'
2009-05-13 06:00:00
"While the U.S. markets are rising, Asian stock markets are on fire," says global specialist Nicholas Vardy.In his The Global Bull Market Alert, he suggests, "Our latest bet is s China play; we are recommending the iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index (NYSE: EWH). Here, he explains why he believes that Hong Kong's stock market is "set to soar over the coming months.""First, although it is thousands of miles away, the Hong Kong stock market is directly subject to the whims of U.S. interest rate policy. "As you know, the Fed has cut interest rates to essentially zero in the U.S. What you may not know is that Hong Kong's monetary policy is closely tied to the U.S. dollar."For the last 25 years, the Hong Kong dollar has been worth about $7.80, a level ensured through an interest rate policy implemented by a currency board."As a result, Hong Kong's stock market is subject to wild “booms and busts” for reasons that have not...
Hong Kong Hustle Again!
2009-05-12 04:28:00
Today I chose Hong Kong Hustle featured on a T-Shirt. I love this product's light blue background with the dark blue painting. It really brightens the picture and makes it pop. The painting is just gorgeous as well, and it really makes this product a fun one! Which is why, I chose this product as the featured product of the day!Original, Modern, Fine Art By Contemporary Artist, Pamela Miller. Painting and Art includes: Abstract, Cityscape, Seascape, Asian, Fantasy, Animal (ie Fish, Cat, Horse Art), Nudes, ACEOs, SFA and Still Lifes. Mediums Used: Acrylic, Watercolor and Mixed Media
On Buddha's B'day at Lantau Island
2009-05-10 05:32:00
Happy Birthday Dear Buddha.Happy Birthday Dear Buddha.A song that is favorite of Akshta and she insists others around her to follow her. At Lantau Island, reaching closer to Buddha statue, flags were fluttering, announcing Buddha's B'day week. That message was enough for Akshta to raise her already high level of adrenaline to climb 260 steps to reach for her b'day boy. The sight of 2 year old kid panting, stopping, moaning yet putting an extra effort of climbing after goading to rhyme the b?day song was great amusement to visitors around.It wasn't an easy for us either. Being weekend, place was crowded. When we reached out of Tung Chung MTR, the board said '2 hour waiting time'. That sign was enough to delay our departure and instead chill us in the company of musical fountain. Akshta met 'mai', a girl from England who was traveling to Australia while being in transit in Hong Kong. A while later, board changed to ' 1 1/2 hour' But that sign was only up to the ticket boot...
By: goggly
iShares Hong Kong (EWH): 'Gateway to China'
2009-04-17 15:00:00
"It's time to invest in Hong Kong, which is the gateway to China," says Mark Skousen, who looks to the iShares MSCI Hong Kong ETF (NYSE: EWH). In his High Income Alert, the advisor explains, "And while China’s stock markets are wild, illiquid and unregulated, the Hong Kong market is among the freest and most transparent in the world.""iShares Hong Kong, an exchange-traded fund, replicates the performance of the Hong Kong market. And I like the outlook here.  "Hong Kong is home to many of the premier companies in the region. Major holdings in the Hong Kong index include:Cheung Kong, one of the largest developers of residential, office, retail, industrial, and hotel property in Hong Kong.CLP Holdings, one of the largest electric utilities in Asia and the largest electricity provider in Hong Kong.Esprit Holdings, a Hong Kong-based fashion retailer selling affordable, luxury items primarily to the young adult and teenage markets.&nb...
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