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2033-03-29 20:05:00
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India and China ? ?Double-Trouble? for the U.S. ? China Real Time Report ?
2012-05-28 12:00:00
In short, to U.S. policy-makers worried about the long-term threat from China, India looks like a useful counterbalance. Not so fast, says a newly published book by George Gilboy, the chief representative of an international energy firm in China and …Read more »
Vodafone India Defeats The Odds And Posts A Profitable Quarter
2012-05-24 13:21:00
The Indian Telecom Sector is not an easy industry to be in. Intense competition exists as there are so many players. Further, the Indian Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is one of the lowest in the world, with rates being rock bottom. The TRAI doesn’t help, by making their life difficult with retro-active tax laws, re-auctions of  a year old spectrum. However, in this environment, Vodafone actually made a profit. It hasn’t been an easy road, with Vodafone losing money initially on their huge capital investment in India. Their income tax troubles with the Government compounded this. However, Vodafone Group has posted a 14% Growth in Operating Earnings, which now stands at Rs 9,740 Crores for 2011-12. Factors that have been attributed to this are good growth in voice minutes and a rising consumer base. Compared to 2010-11′s 3.85 Billion Pounds, Vodafone saw a surge in Revenue to 4.26 Billion Pounds. EBITDA too rose from 985 million to 1120 million pounds. “Se...
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Google Brings Business Photos To India; Boon For Small Businesses?
2012-05-23 13:00:00
Google began its Business Photos pilot in select cities around the world in 2010. The pilot involved photographers taking 360 degree panoramic photos of business interiors so that they could put it up on the web. Businesses could profit from it because it represents the next level of connect a potential consumer faces when deciding which option to choose. Now Google has announced that they have extended this initiative to India. The 360 degree photos are taken by Google appointed photographers with the business owner’s permission and are then posted on Google Places along with a tag. Tourists, newbies and the general consumer may want to check out new places to dine, shop or visit and this 360 ‘virtual walkthrough’ can play a very important part in getting interested consumers to the business premises. An increasing number of people are placing their faith in online and crowdsourced recommendation services like Zomato and Burrp. The most a potential consumer searching online ...
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Popular Instant Messaging Company, Nimbuzz To Shift HQ To India
2012-05-22 11:08:00
With 24% market share & 1/5th of its 90 Million users in India, Nimbuzz has decided to shift its global Head Quarters (HQ) here in India. The mobile instant messaging and VoIP company feels an Indian HQ will help it better leverage its position & has already began the re-structuring process. Why such a decision? India offers a vast opportunity for mobile centric applications & companies. With such a huge mobile population, telecom companies are clamoring to offer new & innovative solutions to retain the customer base. Last week Nimbuzz had initiated an open API for its Messenger with Chat Buddy Developer Program. Nimbuzz is famous for offering automated chat bots that intelligently guide users to get information across various categories like cricket, astrology, shopping, games, and news. With an open API, Indian developers can easily access over 90 Million users across 220+ countries. Just last month Nimbuzz had also launched location based advertising through it...
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After Telenor Now Sistema Threatens To Exit India Due To TRAI’s Proposal
2012-05-21 08:41:00
Sistema, the Russian oil to telecom conglomerate has threatened to exit India if government accepts TRAI’s proposal to sell CDMA airwaves for more than 4,078 Crore per unit. This translates a 14 fold increase in comparison to what the company paid in 2008. This is serious issue because Norwegian telecommunications operator Telenor has also followed in Sistema’s steps and threatened to exit India for the very ‘same reason’. News of the exit from the Russian operator is a 180 flip as earlier it vowed to continue operations in India after Supreme Court declared one of its license null and void. One of the senior Sistema official said that there is a lot of pressure on the company to pull out of India, a country where it has already invested $3 Billion. It had purchased controlling stake in Shyam Telelink which was subsequently been renamed to Sistema Shyam. The company is better known to the public as MTS. Sistema has in the past pushed a petition in the Supreme ...
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Does India Really Need Internet Regulation?
2012-05-21 06:42:00
The Internet is growing more and more relevant with each passing day. Even in a country like India, with a large percentage of rural population, people access the internet through a variety of mediums like their mobile phones. With widespread Internet proliferation around the world, the United Nations wants to take certain steps to either regulate the internet or allow governments to regulate the Internet. In fact, in the 66th session of the UN, India made a proposal to control the internet though a UN Committee. We all remember the Government’s attempts to regulate networks like Facebook and Twitter. Due to tremendous public pressure and ridicule, they reversed their stance saying they were misconstrued. Now, however, even people taking part in running the country are speaking out against Internet regulation. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, a Rajya Sabha MP, has written a letter to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in which he asks him to withdraw India’s position of Governm...
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‘In India, A Stunning 97% Of All Searches Take Place With Google&rsqu
2012-05-18 12:12:00
When you ask someone about Internet Search, by and large, most people associate it with one name, Google. Other competing search providers do exist, such as Yahoo, Bing and Rediff even Facebook could be a social search engine but Google continues to rule the roost. This holds true in our country too. The latest StatCounter Report has shown that in India, a stunning 97% of all searches take place with Google. This comes in a country with a severe case of Internet Explorer 6 hangover, and a large number of Yahoo and Reddiff users. It seems like most people still prefer Google as their search provider. Closest competitors are Yahoo with a 1% share and Bing with a share even less than 1%. To reach such a level of user penetration, Google must be doing something right. Their easy to use, aesthetically pleasing simple interface is what won users over in the infant days of Web Search. However, they have kept innovating. Soon iGoogle came about, by which all your Google Services were t...
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Handset Market Grows In India Inspite of Worldwide Shrinkage In Sales.
2012-05-17 17:03:00
The Indian mobile phone market is very unique. It has been on a phase of constant growth since its advent, even now, as worldwide sales of mobile phones are taking a hit. The Times of India reports that India managed to skip the global mobile slowdown and grew by 6% instead! The worldwide sales have fallen by almost 2%. The research was done by Gartner Inc., a technology research firm. Source: According to the report, the smartphone market in India climbed by 17%. This has been the reason for the increased usage of Mobile Internet. Smartphones are always connected to the Internet and have better apps, this has driven app sales, development and the increase in social media activities in the country. The majority of the cell phones in the country are feature phones  and this might be due to the comparatively low prices they sell at. Smartphones prices are also taking a downward curve since manufacturers are now bundling low cost-medium spec devices with the Android pla...
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Greece Too Would Recover, But India Looks Bleak
2012-05-17 15:30:00
Part I of this article is here: No Wizard of Oz For Indian Economy. Here is the concluding part. Irrespective of uncertainties of Greece or Euro-zone, both would recover. However without capacity creation, India seems to be going nowhere. And that job of creating the huge shortfall of capacity increasingly gets difficult. Economic turmoils elsewhere, as ...
How Facebook Is Impacting Jobs, Growing In India & Probably Launching A
2012-05-17 14:06:00
The Facebook IPO goes live tomorrow and there is a lot of excitement in the social media circles. Facebook’s IPO measures have already been covered obsessively but Facebook itself is concentrating more on their consumers due to the many changes they have shipped to service this week. Facebook is no longer just a social networking site as it has impacted advertising, media and the creation of jobs along with its social component. Let go deeper into how it has managed to do this. Impact on Jobs: Facebook created the ‘platform’ known today as social media along with Twitter and MySpace. Social Media is not just about social networking, it is also about advertising, outreach campaigns and general spread of information like videos, photos and ideas. Now, a lot of startups and next generation Internet companies are leveraging Facebook’s s-pace to access the crucial 900 billion people that it has. This is a huge number and no wonder the Facebook app economy is growing ...
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Indian state attacks artists - Poets & performers jailed, driven undergroun
2012-05-17 04:18:00
Last week the award-winning documentary filmmaker and activist Anand Patwardhan, along with Ratna Pathak Shah, Sudhakar Suradkar and Prakash Reddy launched a defence committee for Kabir Kala Manch, a cultural performance group that had been spreading awareness in India on many issues including women’s rights, caste oppression and development inequality. The group is featured in ...
Sathya Sai Baba: Symbol Of A Vastly Corrupt India Resistant To Reform
2012-05-16 01:22:00
For over a decade, many of Robert Priddy's and my articles have insisted that the changes Sathya Sai Baba promised for India (much less - and more megalomaniacally still - the world) have not happened. The combined forces of a huge array of India's power elites - including many successive Indian Prime Ministers and Presidents - who so often visited him - profoundly failed to go within light years of following his teachings about truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence. He himself failed to live up to them. Injustice, corruption, casteism, nepotism, military and police violence always were, and are as rife in India as ever they were. One of the difficulties former devotees and others who have worked to expose the crimes, misdemeanors and spiritual betrayals of Sai Baba and many of his core leaders has been the failure of the almost the entire Indian media. The honorable exception was India Today.
Parents on trial over teen murder that gripped India
2012-05-11 01:34:00
A murder case that has obsessed India for four years will come to court on Friday when a middle-class couple from Delhi stand trial on charges of killing their teenage daughter and domestic servant.
Economic View ? Forget Europe. Worry About India. ?
2012-05-09 17:18:00
THE economic slowdown in India is one of the world’s biggest economic stories, but it is commanding only a modicum of attention in the United States. … India may not be alone in this slowdown. There is a more general …Read more »
Amy Jackson Beach Hottie MAXIM India May 2012 HQ Pictures
2012-05-09 14:19:00
Amy Jackson Beach Hottie MAXIM India May 2012 HQ Pictures, This was her first photo shoot for any Indian Magazine, she look stunning in these pictures
India Is Having Its Own SOPA Moment; The Internet Protests Against IT Act O
2012-05-09 09:23:00
The Internet has overtaken the Indian Government and now in a bid to stay relevant, it has increasingly resorted to policies and tactics which prevent the freedom of speech of Indian Citizens on the Internet. We have had quite a lot of drama since last year regarding Censorship and Objectionable Content. This time it is the IT Act of 2011, which has everyone in the Indian Internet Industry unanimously denouncing  it for its negligence of the fundamental rights provided by the Indian Constitution. The Act  have been questioned by a lone ‘Communist’ Member of Parliament, P.Rajeev. He has suggested that the Government consider the annulment of the ‘offending’ additions. The IT Act is really detrimental as it makes it very easy for any person to initiate the blocking of a website if it seen to be offensive, harmful, defamatory, obscene, hateful and generally objectionable. There is a high possibility that such complaints will not be objective enough and will result in a lot ...
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Sunny Leone FHM India Magazine May 2012 Scans
2012-05-08 15:40:00
Sunny Leone FHM India Magazine May 2012 Scans, Now currently she is working in a Bollywood Movie Jism 2. Here are images of her new photo shoot for FHM magazine
Brazil Overtakes India To Become Number 2 In The Facebook World
2012-05-07 14:25:00
Brazil with more than 46+m Facebook user base has overtaken India as the second biggest country on Facebook. According to a report by a social analytical firm “Social Bakers” Brazil has registered a 22% increase in the last 3 months. India and Brazil have been in race for the second spot for long time now, while India has 45m+ and now sits on 3rd spot. This news throws light on tactical shift of social media consumption in the South American nation, as only in January 2011 did Facebook manage to overtake Google’s Orkut and become numero-uno social network in the country. Latin America is of great importance to Facebook, since reaching a user-base of 1 billion users will require the social networking giant to tap into the large reserves in this region and fend off the competition too. Source: Social Bakers While rise of Facebook in the country has been of concern to lot of companies specially gaming companies who have designed games and promotion setups according to Orkut...
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Most Of Rural India Still Devoid Of Internet; Urban India Slightly Better
2012-05-07 11:20:00
India is a country of numbers. With over a billion people and counting, it is the dream scenario for any marketer. However, the stark reality is that an overwhelming majority of this billion strong population is still way more backward than we would have liked. This fact is glaringly evident to us when the parameter we study is Internet Penetration. According to a recent survey, Internet connectivity is said to have completely bypassed Rural India.  The number of people having an Internet Connection at home in Rural India is shockingly low, less than half a percent. A quote from a NSSO (National Sample Survey Organisation) Report for 2009-10 says, “At all India level only about 0.4 per cent of rural households had access to Internet at home as compared to about 6 per cent of urban households.” Per 1000 families, just 3.5 families could access Internet Services at home in Rural India. The situation in Urban India was considerably better, with 60 families per 1000 had access t...
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Hillary Clinton to press India on Iran oil imports
2012-05-06 06:05:00
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will use a two-day visit to India this week to urge further reductions in Indian imports of Iranian oil.
Made in China: Is America Losing its Grand Strategic Mojo? | Atlantic Counc
2012-05-05 09:43:00
So, for all this week’s rhetoric America is beating a strategic retreat. If that political retreat leads to a new global balance of power that is not ‘made in America’ Asia and much of the world beyond will come to …Read more »
India’s Mobile Subscriber Base Touched 919.17 Million In March.
2012-05-04 16:00:00
News has poured in that India’s mobile subscriber base has reached a figure of 919.17 million in the month of March. This makes the total number of sign-ups somewhere around 8 million for that month. The carrier with the most number of subscribers was Bharti Airtel which alone signed up 2.5 million subscribers. Source:   TRAI has confirmed that the wireless user base grew by 0.88% from 911.17 million in February to the current figure. These figures are just about the mobile user base. The total tele-density of India has reached 78.66%. This means that the total number of telephone subscribers (including landlines) is now 951.34 million, which represents a growth of 0.83%. The total number of active mobile subscribers is pegged to be somewhere around 683.02 million out of the total of 919.17 million. This is because only these many were active on the day of peak Visitor Location Register (VLR). This is a temporary database of subscribers who are  in a particu...
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Social Media Becomes The New Preferred Channel Of Customer Service In India
2012-05-04 14:07:00
When was the last time when you were not satisfied by the product or services of a brand and lodged your dissatisfaction through one of the social media channels.  If yes then you are part of those 54%, who have used these channels at least once in the past year.   The survey conducted by American Express global customer service Barometer was completed through ten countries including India. The survey reports that while 54% Indians used social media channels to get a customer service response, global average is as low as 20%. According to the survey, companies’ track record for resolving issues through social media has been good so far. While more than a third of consumers (37%) feel they always have their issues resolved, another 14% say they rarely or never get an answer. The survey moves on to point out that against a percentage count of 48, roughly 64% Indians lose their tempers through the process of customer service. According to the survey, 87% people are willing to s...
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Zee Furthers The Online Initiative of Dance India Dance To Little Masters;
2012-05-03 14:00:00
Last month, Zee TV had launched a WAP Site & a Mobile app for their show Dance India Dance (DID). Now, they will be doing the same for DID Little Masters Season 2. With the launch of the mobile app & site, Zee TV managed to garner a very good response. The application was downloaded more than 18000 times & managed to get a 4.7 star rating on Google’s Android platform. Source: Google Play Online interactivity is an absolute must for the companies. Today’s modern day organizations cannot simply rely on flash based advertisements that are displayed online. Such endeavors tend to urge the audience to interact with the programs. How did the app succeed? The application allowed viewers to interact not only with the participants, but also with the judges. Additionally, the application was a very good source of self-generated entertainment in the form of cartoon characters with users’ images. Furthermore, the makers chose an innovative marketing technique involving ‘Miss...
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ChatTime iPhone App Reduces Calling Costs For India By 70% Compared To Skyp
2012-05-03 08:37:00
ChatTime is an award winning iPhone app which provides voice calls anywhere in the world at very reasonable rates. They have announced a special reduction in calling rates to Indian landlines and cellphones so that Indian iPhone users can take advantage of the app’s features at a very affordable price. Source: ChatTime’s new India rates signify a saving of almost 58% over previous ChatTime rates. A call to Indian landlines and cell phones via ChatTime now costs 2.9 cents per minute (1 rupee roughly). These are really cheap calling rates compared to other VOIP call providers and represents a saving of 70% over Skype. To sweeten the deal, ChatTime now also offers calling plans as low as 1/2 cent per minute (25 paise roughly) for their Asia Pacific subscription plan which includes calls to India. ChatTime differs from other VOIP services in the fact that the app routes its calls through existing cellular networks instead of using Wi-Fi and 3G. This means two main ad...
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India’s Mobile Internet Usage Surpasses Even USA: Google
2012-05-03 08:20:00
A recent survey from Google tends to highlight that Indians accessing Internet from their smartphones outnumber their US counterparts. “Mainstream Indians are technology curious” says Google’s Country Head for Products, Lalitesh Katragadda. Mobile technology is bringing the same revolution that once telephony did. More so as  Internet takes a shift from wired to wireless, “hundreds of millions of Indians will go online on their mobile devices” he adds. Source: The survey revealed that 56% of Indian smartphone users accessed Internet multiple times in a day as compared to 53% in the US. The tiny difference in percentage is accentuated by the fact that there are 245 million smartphone users in the USA & not even half of that are in India! What has driven this usage? 75% of the users regularly visit Social Networking sites (54% in the USA), while 81% of Indians check their email. In comparison only 73% of the US residents do so. Indians have always been...
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Multi Stakeholder consultation on Internet rights in India
2012-05-03 06:33:00
DigitalEmpowerment Society, New Delhi along with the Association of Progressive Communication (APC) along withthe DITand NIXI has organized a multi stake holder consultation on Internet Rights, Accessability, Regulation and Ethics at Delhi today the 3rd may 2012. Ms Aruna Roy inaugurating the Multi Stake stakeholder consultation on Internet Rights in Delhi highlighted the importance of Right ...
Just Dial To Aim For India’s Largest Internet Company IPO
2012-05-02 13:55:00
Just Dial is aiming to raise Rs. 360 Crores (@ US$ 68 Million) through Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company which offers India-specific business listings for a fee & offers them to inbound callers is a Mumbai-based one & is poised to release its IPO within 2 months. If the SAIF Partners backed company manages to successfully pull this off, it will be the biggest public issue by an Indian company in the consumer Internet business. Market Regulator SEBI has already studied & approved the final step of the Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP). In the US, this step is similar to the SEC filing. Interestingly, Facebook has so far revised its filing four times! After successful IPO opening, Just Dial as a company will be approximately worth Rs. 3500 Crores (US$ 665 Million). This is only marginally lesser than travel related internet company MakeMyTrip whose valuation is between US$ 700 – 800 Million. Just Dial offers both Business to Business (B2B) & Busi...
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Singapore Based Company Wego Sets Shop In India To Offer Metasearch Feature
2012-05-02 11:39:00 (Singapore based company) has decided to launch an India centric Metasearch site for Travel portals. The company has setup an office in Bangalore. What is the uniqueness? Metasearch is a search engine that collates information across many different sites & offers a vastly comprehensive search results for the same destination. Thus travellers will get an instant idea about who is charging what, for the place they intend to go or travel. Wego is in talks with other search engines like,, and Addtionally, the company is planning to launch the website in 9 regional languages. Looks like many are realizing the power of the local language to get business! The News Digital Media and Tiger Global backed company has a vast inventory of 350,000 hotels and over 500 full-service and low-cost airlines. Interestingly, the site does not wish to advertise extensively & will rely on the “online crowd propagating the brand image through word of mou...
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CD Review: Big Hit In India by John Ford
2012-05-01 23:13:00
Sure this CD came out a few years ago, so some might think me a little slow on posting a review. My defense is that it?s my damn ears, so I review whatever I want! And quite frankly I have reached the stage where very little brand new stuff grabs my attention. I?d rather disembowel ...
India ferry capsizes; 103 dead, 100 missing
2012-05-01 07:28:00
Army divers and rescue workers pulled 103 bodies out of a river after a packed ferry boat capsized in heavy winds and rain in remote northeast India, an official said Tuesday.
India?s Prayers, Chants and Nuclear Stance
2012-04-30 13:11:00
Is India – the country which Sathya Sai Baba said would lead the world into a “Golden Age” of prolonged peace and well-being – well-justified? Certainly, India escalates its nuclear armament preparations, including long-range nuclear missiles with multiple warhead capacity, and development (especially hand-in-hand with Russia and France) of a nuclear flotilla. On one level, ...
India: Kashmiri Christians arrested for being Christian
2012-04-28 00:24:00
More tolerance and coexistence, compliments of the religion of peace. If liberals continue to have their way, this will soon begin ocurring in countries all over the world.   Indian Kashmir: Christians arrested for “promoting enmity” Srinagar (AsiaNews) – Christian couple in the town of Bandipora (Jammu and Kashmir) have been accused of “promoting enmity” ...
India’s Internet Freedom Ranking May Fall Due To Sibal’s Antics
2012-04-27 10:53:00
The Internet is going through a lot of rapid changes globally and many Governments are trying to make sense of how best they can can curb piracy, anti-social and anti-nationalist sentiments coming from citizens. The web can be overwhelming for authorities because this is something they have repeatedly failed to control ever since its inception. According to Bridget Welsh, a Political Science Professor at the University of Singapore, the proposed curbing of Social Media websites by the Indian Government may result in the lowering India’s position on Internet freedom. Welsh have knowledge of the yet-to-be published Freedom on Internet Report 2012, which ranks countries according to their Internet Policies. Social Media services and networks allow Individuals to speak their mind in an open forum and as far as we are concerned, curbing such a freedom is a gross violation of a person’s civil rights. Some months back, Kapil Sibal managed to incite outrage from all the Indian...
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DataWind Ties-Up With Yahoo India To Offer Pre-Loaded Content On Ubislate7+
2012-04-27 07:40:00
The makers of Aakash Tablet, DataWind has tied-up with Yahoo India to bring Yahoo Apps preloaded on their new tablet Ubislate7+. While the Kapil Sibal’s tablet will be specifically meant for students, Ubislate is a 7” Android 2.3 Tablet will be available for everyone. As for the specifications, the tablet has 800MHz processor with a 3200mAh battery. These speculations are double than the earlier version. Furthermore, unlike its predecessor which had a resistive screen, this one will have a capacitive multi-touch screen. So, how’s this one different from Aakash II? This tablet also has GPRS connectivity through a SIM card slot. Yahoo India has been focusing heavily into increasing its reach & penetration. It had earlier launched sub-portals of regional languages by signing-up with leading dailies from those areas. Despite embroiled with local law authorities; it is no mood to abandon India, just yet. Hence, this arrangement will see Yahoo’s exclusive cricke...
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Google India Developed GDrive, Free Cloud Storage Available Worldwide
2012-04-26 14:03:00
The cloud-storage solution for everyone has been finally launched by Google India. Apart from these crucial back-end such as centralized management tools & security features functions Google India also developed features that let one search within a document. Though Google Docs has been here for quite some time, it will be a subset of the Google Drive. With a 5GB of free storage for all Google users, the virtual drive should be enough for casual storage. However, if one wants additional storage there are fees attached as follows: 25 GB for US$ 2.49 (Rs. 132) Per month 100 GB for US$ 4.99 (Rs. 260) Per month 1 TB (1000 GB) for US$ 49.99 (Rs. 2600) Per month Additionally, Gmail users who pay for more storage will automatically get their mail account jacked up to 25 GB from the present 7.5 GB. Virtual storage has been the rage lately. Quite recently Amazon too was contemplating launch of the same in India. Storing the data in the clouds has been previously offered by DropBox, S...
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QR Codes: The Next Big Thing For Mobile Advertising In India?
2012-04-26 12:24:00
You must have seen something like this in a number of print advertisements, flyers or even on product packages. These are known as QR Codes and these could be the next big thing in mobile advertisement in India. Possible uses of QR Codes : QR Codes add an element of engagement and interactivity to print ads and other static advertising mediums. It can also be used to provide more information about the brand or product. It basically takes the brands communication to the next level. It is a fun experience for the consumer as well. A brand can use QR Codes to offer mCoupons (mobile discount coupons), lead to a webpage, offer information, and create a fan base and many other similar processes. India specific challenges: Smartphone usage is slowly picking up in India, but it is still a fraction of the overall mobile handsets being used in the country. Add to this the fact that very smartphones have pre- installed QR Code Reader. Even if it is there very few users are aware of it. Also ...
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India’s Cable TV Industry Will 100 Million Subscribers In 5 Years, Re
2012-04-25 13:28:00
The Indian cable TV industry will witness phenomenal growth in subscribers reveals a report from Media Partners Asia. Owing to the digitization of cable & tremendous growth experienced by the 6 major Direct To Home (DTH) Players, the number of users subscribing will grow 10 fold in next five years. Is this actual growth? Well, it’s not so easy to answer this owing to the current scenario. Quite recently, Government of India imposed a deadline on June 30th to get all old cable connections to the digital channel. This would bring transparency & accountability. In other words, Government could earn through taxes levied on the earnings. But that appears to be in limbo for now. India’s cable TV subscriber base is a lot higher than what is reported. Hence, the growth speculated may have already been achieved. It will only be officially revealed through such measures. However, the report justifies its findings by stating the rising number of Mergers & Acquisitions &...
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India se convierte en el mayor emisor de spam del mundo
2012-04-24 17:53:00
India se ha convertido en el primer emisor de spam del mundo, superando en esta triste clasificacin a Estados Unidos, que hasta la fecha vena encabezando la tabla con solvencia ejercicio tras ejercicio. As lo recoge un informe que ha presentado la compaa de seguridad Sophos en el que se explica que el gigante asitico es el punto de partida desde el que son enviados el 9,3% de los correos...
India Is LinkedIn’s Second Biggest Contributor; Professional Boom At A Ne
2012-04-24 14:22:00
LinkedIn now has India as the second largest user base. Ever since LinkedIn started Indian operation some three years back, users have literally thronged to it. With a 300% Year on Year (YoY) growth, India now lags only behind USA.  At last count there were about 14 Million users & growing. Globally, LinkedIn has about 135 Million users who interact & search jobs in some 2 Million registered companies. LinkedIn also offers organizing conferences & of course networking across a wide array of interests & topics. Apparently, the growing use of mobile in India can be the primary reason for the phenomenal growth. In January 2011, LinkedIn had just 8% of its users logging on from mobiles. That number has jumped to 20%. “Mobile is our fastest-growing business,” says Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO. LinkedIn is apparently all set to test monetization through ads in its Mobile platform, “LinkedIn has got the product and user experience right, the time is rip...
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India Tops The ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Email Spammers: Surprised?
2012-04-24 10:46:00
In what may come as no surprise to many, India has risen to the top as the world’s foremost contributor of spam messages. Sophos, a leading Internet Security provider has come up with its annual list of countries that contribute to worldwide spam. They call this list the ‘Dirty Dozen’. India contributes a staggering 9.3% of the global spam amount. It is followed by the U.S which accounts for 8.3% and South Korea accounts for 5.7%. India was third in the last Dirty Dozen report and has now spiralled ahead to top the list in less than a year. The leading cause of such an occurrence is actually a good thing. The number of Indians getting online is now more than ever. The sad part is the fact that a lot of these users and their systems are not protected very well. There are no stringent anti-spam measures in place. This gives spammers the perfect opportunity to spread spam. Sophos has also noted that ISP in India and other countries at the top of the list are not taking it seriou...
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Press Council Of India Chairman Calls For Regulation Of Social Media. Much
2012-04-23 14:01:00
Much has been made of Social Media and how it is bringing about a revolution in connecting people. Last year, the Indian Government (Kapil Sibal specifically) was considering that Social Media be censored due to people uploading politically sensitive and satirical content. Well, that didn’t go well and Sibal quickly clarified that ‘censoring’ social media was not what he meant. The outrage on all these social networks did not let the Indian Government to even go ahead with their plans! Press Council of India Chairperson, Justice Markandey Katju feels that there is still a lot of ‘unpleasant’ material in the public domain of Social Media and feels that something should be done about it. “Social media like Facebook and Google need to be regulated as a lot of dirty and filthy material is available on these sites and these affect the minds of the younger generation,” Katju spoke during an interaction with women journalists at the Indian Women Press Corps. “E...
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Invoicera Will Launch India’s First Online Invoicing And Billing Serv
2012-04-23 13:53:00
Invoicera, global service which delivers fast and accurate invoicing solutions to small and medium sized enterprises worldwide is now looking to capture significant market in India. The service runs completely on cloud technology and makes it easy to generate professional looking invoices easily within no time at all. The service is a boon to freelancers and small businessmen who now can rely on the professional invoices generated by Invoicera and focus just on growing their business. It can help a small team of people gain credibility that is often expected from big companies. The service is generally a paid one but Invoicera has announced that they have released the service free of cost to Indian users. Source: Invoicera’s website Sanjiv Kumar Singh, Business Head at Invoicera says, “We felt that there was a need for an intuitive, user-friendly online accounting service for Indian business community including Legal Advisors, freelancers, application consultants, we...
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Telenor Wants To Pump In Additional Rs. 2000 Crores In India
2012-04-23 12:30:00
Telenor group which holds the Uninor Brand along with Unitech, wants to invest another Rs. 2000 Crores (US$ 384 Million) in its Indian Operation. The Norwegian company is also looking for a new partner to continue its telecom service in India. So far the company has already invested Rs. 14,500 Crores (US$ 2785 Million) into its Indian operations. Telenor has been having very bad time Unitech. the both have been fighting for a long time with Telenor accusing Unitech of letting it down. Unitech on the other hand simply chose to pass the blame on to the government. The spat with Unitech has caused both the companies to appoint a neutral arbitrator in Singapore. Additionally, Telenor is said to be in discussion with nearly five individual companies. Who could the partner be? The company is not ready yet to disclose the name. However, as Telenor has extensive experience in the telecom sector, it wants a company who is not a telecom operator and who is keen to have a long-term commitment...
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Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services to India
2012-04-22 00:31:00
Search engine optimization is technique that helps in advertising your business online to get customers. With the Business going online the world is rapidly changing with some latest and new advance techniques that is making the businesses surge. A business can adopt many ways that helps it to get popularity. Outsourcing SEO services to India ...
Yahoo! India Launches An App For Cricket Fanatics: But For Window Phone Use
2012-04-20 13:53:00
Yahoo! India rolls out full-fledged cricket app on the Window Phone platform. Cricket lovers can access this full blown app from the Window Marketplace. From tracking live matches till keeping updates on the recent and upcoming matches, this app is one helluva of a place to be. The usability of this Yahoo app lies in its feature set with live scores, interactive scoreboard, read latest news and also surf through international teams as well as players. So even when you are not watching a match, you can be abreast of what is happening in the cricket arena, all fresh and real time. This application has been rendered out from the R&D center in Bangalore and is the third app in line from Yahoo after building the same on iPhone and Android platforms. This Windows app has already taken Indian cricket fans by storm. The world of real time is all set to action. Looking For A Social Media Agency?? - Contact WATConsult - India's Leading Social Media Agency
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Seo Services Company,seo India,search Engine Optimization,web Promotion
2012-04-20 12:31:00
skonlinesolutions is a Seo and SEM Services Company providing Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing solutions to commercial clients global. Our office headquartered At Delhi in India, produces a complete and higher technology solutions in the Field Of Search Engine Industry. SkonlineSolutions is intentionally focused on detailed and strong understanding of a client’s business ...
Electrical Designing Teaching Institutions in India
2012-04-19 23:23:00
Hey guys, I am looking to do some short term electrical designing course and I want to know about government approved institutions for electrical designing in India. Please tell me some good teaching institutions where I can learn about electrical designing because I am looking to start my own desi
Huawei India Is Looking At Clocking $200 Million Revenue This 2012
2012-04-19 17:37:00
Huawei is one of the leading infotech communication technology solutions providers. They have just predicted to have a $200 million revenue turnover from its enterprise grade business clients which is around 200 in number. The President of Huawei Telecommunications- India (Enterprose Business) Eric Yu vented out, “After we began operations in India in September 2011, we have done business worth USD 14 million. We intend to focus on verticals like garments, BFSI, power, oil and gas, as well as internet service providers”. Huawei has already touched base with their clientele and has orders worth $150 million that will give them bagful of revenue upto $100 million. In India Huawei is planning to raise the curtains for research and development centre in Bangalore. Though there is already a research center in the same city that has a sprawling office employing 2700 people. Eric Yu says, “The software for our IP routers and land switches is developed out of our rese...
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