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Nano Vacuum Tubes Could Give a Second Life to the Guitarist's Best Fri
2012-05-28 16:05:00
From Engadget: Pretty much the only place you see vacuum tubes any more is inside a quality audio amp. But, once upon a time, they were the primary ingredient in any piece of electronic equipment, including computers. The glass tubes have since been replaced with the smaller, less fragil
101 things in 1001 days: what can I do today?
2012-05-28 11:04:00
My list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is never very far from my mind. I explained my project to a workmate last week, and she told me that she loved the idea but could never sign up for that kind of thing herself.  It’s a conversation I’ve had a hundred times.  Mostly people tell me that they could never ...
Welcome to my brain (please excuse the mess)
2012-05-26 06:32:00
Fallen Leaves, from my 101 black & white film photo challenge   Life has felt so out of control lately. I realised today that for a while now this feeling has become the rule, rather than the exception.  I’m not actually any busier than usual, so why am I always falling into bed exhausted at ...
Understanding The New Music Industry - Life After Labels
2012-05-25 21:01:00
This morning I stumbled across a fascinating article by David Lowery discussing the state of the music industry. He presents a well thought out case that runs contrary to most peoples views. The traditional argument is that the ?old? record label system was grossly unfair to the musician, you could have a #1 hit, a sold ...
Life of Info on the Web
2012-05-25 16:38:00
Hello there, I was just thinking about the millions and millions of pages of information on the internet. There is a mind boggling amount of it out there. But most importantly, it was all uploaded by someone! We are the contributers to this vast collection of info. Well, how long is the average
Pinky-sized artificial heart saves baby's life
2012-05-24 21:05:00
An artificial heart the size of a pinky finger kept a 16-month-old baby alive for nearly two weeks while he waited for a heart transplant, Reuters reported. The Italian baby, whose name has not been released, had dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease that stretched the muscular walls...
Tap Tank: Life Goal Monitoring Platform Getting Mobile App
2012-05-24 19:32:00
Tap Tank is a New York City-based company started by Alisha Outridge, who I met along with her business partner Yael Tamar, at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2011. The three of us have kept in touch both personally and professionally, so Alisha looked me up via Twitter last weekend when she was in San Francisco, (Read More...)
Automate Your Life With Your NFC Capable Smartphone - Part II
2012-05-24 19:02:00
In Part I, we discussed the technology behind and the benefits of Near Field Communication (NFC). Now, let's put it to use! Automatic Music Streaming in your Car Things you'll need: An NFC enabled phone, an NFC Tag, Bluetooth stereo*, an NFC Tag Reader/Writer such as NFC Task Launcher, Tasker,
World's smallest artificial heart saves baby's life
2012-05-24 16:15:00
An Italian heart surgeon holds a tiny titanium pump, the world's smallest artificial heart, which was implanted in a baby, at the Bambino Gesu' Hospital in Rome May 24, 2012. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi
Free Twelve Unlikely Heroes and Unleashing God?s Word in Your Life by John
2012-05-23 11:49:00
Twelve Unlikely Heroes by John MacArthur Unleashing God’s Word in Your Life by John MacArthur
Save up to 25% on MTI PFD Life Jackets
2012-05-23 09:00:00
Showcase safety on the water with a PFD life jacket from MTI Adventurewear.Expires Jun 1, 2012
Free Living Life water at Thorntons stores
2012-05-22 15:13:00
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Simon Goldsmith: TC Electronic - Beat of Life - classy new age feel
2012-05-21 21:21:00
A bit of fun for the competition by TC Electronic located here Lyrics: "We try, to understand the waveform, in all its beauty, digitise and you will see, the beat of life." "Believe in yourself don't let nobody else tear you down, I believe in you." (Yes I know it's a double negative but it's artistic license lol). TC Electronic - Beat of Life
2012-05-21 17:00:00
If Google and National Geographic had a baby, surely The Map of Life project would be it. The online platform project allows users to research animal species and their locations on the globe. While not exactly complete (more species are continuously being added) the interactive map will serve a very crucial role in helping researchers work together says Yale researcher, Walter Jetz:
$4.97 for Outdoor Life
2012-05-20 09:00:00
For the outdoor enthusiast, containing up-to-the-minute information on fishing, hunting, boating and conservation as well as award winning outdoor adventure stories.Expires Jun 18, 2012
John Edwards facing toughest vote of his life
2012-05-18 18:27:00
John Edwards is facing the biggest vote of his life as the case against the former president candidate was given to the North Carolina jury this morning.
John Edwards facing toughest vote of his life
2012-05-18 14:41:00
A North Carolina jury is expected to begin deliberations on John Edwards today.
Automate Your Life With Your NFC Capable Smartphone - Part I
2012-05-17 19:01:00
What is NFC? NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It uses electromagnetic radio fields to allow two compatible devices to exchange data. It's not a new concept, and the Japanese have been using it extensively over the past decade. Thanks to Google (Android), phone manufacturers, and other wi
Schwinn?s Bike Life (Sponsored Post)
2012-05-17 10:55:00
I loved riding my bike when I was a kid. Every day after school I would ride up and down the street until it got dark. Now it’s my daughters that ride around the neighborhood with their friends. It’s been years since I’ve ridden a bike and I’m not every sure if I can anymore ...
Ex-Syracuse coach's wife suing ESPN, says life is 'destroyed'
2012-05-16 21:42:00
The wife of fired Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine claimed Wednesday that ESPN maliciously trampled her reputation by broadcasting salacious stories about her and about claims that her husband molested ball boys.
Tree of life
2012-05-16 09:11:00
Tree of life par- m4s ;)Fin des votes 13/06/12 09:11commentaire : 2-
Court papers reveal the lavish life of Mrs. Dotcom
2012-05-14 15:11:00
While we knew about MegaUpload mastermind Kim Dotcom's fondness for giraffes and bubble baths, we didn't know too much about his wife, Mona Dotcom, and her $202,000 ($155,000 US) Mercedes until today. The New Zealand Herald David Fisher reports that Mona Dotcom (yes, she took her husband's name) has applied to get her stuff back (including a G55 Mercedes)--stuff that was allegedly seized during the raid on the Dotcom complex.
Mother?s Day Winner Announced
2012-05-14 04:55:00
Good evening all, I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day. I apologize for announcing the winner so late, but I tried out a new low-sodium dish. I have to say: It was yummy and my beloved enjoyed it greatly. I will post it later this week. But I am digressing…I used Random.Org to ...
John Edwards' mistress led a tabloid-grade life
2012-05-13 19:06:00
Rielle Hunter's life had a lurid, supermarket-tabloid quality to it ? full of deception, betrayal, reckless behavior and broken dreams ? well before she became a party to one of the biggest lies in recent American political history.
Free No Doubts. No Cages. or It?s Your Life. Harley-Davidson sticker
2012-05-13 04:11:00
Nanotubes Could Soon Double, Eventually Quintuple Battery Life
2012-05-12 21:44:00
From DVICE: Carbon nanotubes have promised some incredible advances in power efficiency, but one of the most promising (and most realistic) is boosting the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by a factor of two in the near term, and eventually by five. Suddenly, your electronics that last
This is a Public Service Announcement?
2012-05-11 11:16:00
Look, I had every intention of starting to compile my blog post for Korean beef rib & Chinese radish soup this afternoon… But then something happened on my way home that just could not be ignored. So I created this instead. We will return to your regular scheduled content later this week. Copyright © 2012 ...
2012-05-11 02:22:00
Brian and I were listening to a conservative talk radio show and heard an interview with one of the "occupy anywhere" idiots in NY say that they wanted a government like Cuba. Cuba was a wonderful place to live they said. Well, Brian found this wonderful expose about Cuba, something everyone in America should read as well. From cartadecuba.orgThere is not only one Cuba. There are several. One for the ruling class and another for tourists, diplomats and other foreign visitors. These two are very similar. However, there is another country for those who do not receive any of the $800 million dollars sent yearly to the island by Miami-based exiles, and who do not have relatives working in foreign corporations or mixed-capital enterprises. Those who are forced to live, along with their families, solely with national currency, with no access to dollar-based stores. This text concerns such people. Because there are other Cubas, smaller and forgotten.Please go and read the rest of the story...
Pro-Life Youth Boot Camp
2012-05-10 18:52:00
“Say not, ‘I am too young.’ To whomever I send you, you shall go; whatever I command you, you shall speak. Have no fear because I am with you,” says the Lord.~ Jeremiah 1:7 Should We Boldly Go Where No … Continue reading →
Life in Small Towns - THAAP
2012-05-10 17:29:00
[Click image to enlarge] After THAAP Conference 2010 (Historiography of Architecture in Pakistan and the Region) and THAAP Conference 2011 (Portrait of Lahore: Capital City of the Punjab) the theme...
How To Shake Up Your Sex Life With 1 Simple Trick
2012-05-10 16:00:00
Sex tips can help you to have better sex than ever - but with this easy technique, you can have INCREDIBLE sex right away! Do you know what it is? Related articles: The Power Of Pre-Sex: 1 Simple (But Powerful) Sex Trick Guaranteed To Make Her Crave Sex All Day Long Guys, Are Your Oral Sex Skills Up To Snuff? Find Out With This 1 Simple Trick! Fellatio Techniques That Will Make His Legs Shake! Oral Sex Techniques That Will Make Your Girl’s Legs Shake! 4 Simple Ways To Build Sexual Tension
Lil Wayne Calls Kobe Bryant His Inspiration In Music, Life
2012-05-10 11:46:00
'I believe he's the greatest player to touch a basketball,' Wayne says of the basketball great.By Rob Markman Lil Wayne Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images Lil Wayne is a known sports nut, and with this year's NBA playoffs in full swing, the Cash Money Billionaire is in all his glory. Weezy's favorite team are the L.A. Lakers and his favorite player is, of course, the great Kobe Bryant. When Tunechi attended the Lakers' home game against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night, he told the L.A. Times that he draws a great deal of inspiration from #24. "He's inspired not only songs, but he's inspired me in life in general, just the way he attacks things, the way he never backs down, the way he fights through injury," said Tha Carter IV MC. "Not only [does] he fight through injury, and not only do he play through injury, he excel through injury. I take those type of things and I just apply them to my everyday life." This season alone the basketball megastar has excelled o...
Dutch Lady Malaysia?s Get Smart, Get Famous Finale Event (12 May 2012)
2012-05-10 11:40:00
Hi, I have something nice to share with my fellow Mommy bloggers. If you guys remember these ads we always see on Dutch Lady Growing Up Milk, about really cute and smart kids?! Well the campaign is coming to an end soon. Actually the campaign is called ?Dutch Lady Malaysia?s Get Smart, Get Famous Campaign? ...
Tom Gabel Reveals Details Of Transgender Life In <i>Rolling Stone<
2012-05-10 09:59:00
Against Me! singer details her long journey to her new life as a woman and her plans to 'meet it head-on.'By James Montgomery Tom Gabel of Against Me! Photo: Getty Images In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Tom Gabel goes public with her life-long struggle with body dysphoria, her transgender status and her desire to live life as a woman. Gabel, who will be known as Laura Jane Grace, makes the admissions in a feature in the magazine, which hits newsstands on Friday and details the long road she took to get to this point; from her first childhood realizations that she was uncomfortable in her male body — she has early memories of watching Madonna on TV and fantasizing about being her, and says she played with Barbies — to her teenage years in Florida, where she kept her secret hidden and felt ashamed, telling writer Josh Eells that she would often pray to God, asking, "Dear God, when I wake up, I want a female body." And when that didn't work, she'd try plea...
A pro-life visiting policy at the Obama White House?
2012-05-09 01:29:00
Spoiler: "No." Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Tuesday evening Tweeted a link to a sensational story by the conservative Washington Free Beacon accusing the Obama White House of hypocrisy because?well, here's how the Beacon put it: "The White House Visitors Office requires that an unborn child?still residing in utero?must be counted as a full human ...
Wisdom gained by Life Experience
2012-05-08 17:53:00
As we become old with time, we gain great wisdom taught by life. Life is always a great teacher and it teaches us many lessons. There is no great experience like real life experience because to gain this experience, we need to go through the moments. We may learn many things by reading various books; however, these experiences can never match real life experiences. Real experiences are numbers of times eye openers for us because they teach deep rooted experiences to us.  Mostly, it is hard to forget an experience gained through life while we generally forget things learned by reading books. These real life experiences make us a real wise person and we gain wisdom of life. Many times, people fear to take risks or to experience new things in life; however, we should always remember that we will gain new experiences by doing all this. Mostly, we believe that failures are bad part of our life; however, they can be great experiences of life. Therefore, we should learn from real l...
Phoenix Real Estate Guy Turns Seven!
2012-05-08 16:25:00
Seven years ago today, the first post on Phoenix Real Estate Guy was crafted and published. OK, “crafted” is a real stretch. But it was published on May 8, 2005. That seems like a lifetime ago. Since that day some 2,000ish articles have been published here, some of far better quality than post #1, many ...Originally posted on Phoenix Real Estate Guy. If you are reading this anywhere but inside your RSS feed reader or your email client, the site you are on is guilty of stealing content. (c) Copyright Jay Thompson. All Rights Reserved.
Praise & Worship ~ Michael Card
2012-05-06 21:27:00
Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28 ESV) Sometimes an old hymns brings me to tears at church. So did today during communion “Come Ye Sinners – Poor and Needy”. It is so wonderful to know that Christ stands ready to receive us in ...
Free Life of the Forest Teacher Packet
2012-05-06 21:15:00 -school name required
The Legend Of A Warrior: The Life And Death Of Junior Seau
2012-05-06 20:53:00
By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Executive Editor/Managing Partner-Football Reporters Online-On Special to   It?s with a heavy heart that I write about Mr. Seau’s passing. Sadly this is another senseless death that could have been prevented, I believe with intervention. It’s more then the fact that this was caused by his own hand, but most probably (Read More...)
The Legend Of A Warrior: The Life And Death Of Junior Seau
2012-05-06 20:53:00
By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Executive Editor/Managing Partner-Football Reporters Online-On Special to   It?s with a heavy heart that I write about Mr. Seau’s passing. Sadly this is another senseless death that could have been prevented, I believe with intervention. It’s more then the fact that this was caused by his own hand, but most probably (Read More...)
European Space Probe to Search for Life on Jupiter's Icy Moons
2012-05-06 16:19:00
From Tech News Headlines - Yahoo! News: The European Space Agency (ESA) announced this week that it's spending $1.3 billion on a 2022 mission to explore Jupiter's largest moons. Watch the video above to see why scientists are hopeful that the Jovian system is a sweet spot for extraterres
My life is an open book,
2012-05-06 13:15:00
and has been for many years, much to the chagrin of some of the NandDs. So I was slightly put out to be told I was ‘closed’. Continue reading →
Life in Small Towns ? Gujrat and Wazirabad
2012-05-05 12:58:00
Trust for History, Art and Architecture Pakistan is holding second evening of this series on Life in Small Towns ? Gujrat and Wazirabad. Dr. Muhammad Nizamud Din, the Vice Chancellor, University of...
Sunset at the Twelve Apostles
2012-05-05 06:42:00
The 12 Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks, just off the coast of Port Campbell National Park in Victoria.  The rock formations were created as a result of erosion, and they continue to erode at a rate of about 2cm/year at their base.  There were only ever nine stacks (despite their name) and one of ...
A not-so-feelgood Friday
2012-05-05 02:39:00
Source: A scene from Inception (via everybody’s Tumblr.  Is this the original?)   Yesterday was the first time I’ve missed a Feel good Friday since I began them a couple of months ago.  The post was all written up and ready to go, but when I arrived at work yesterday I discovered some sickening news and ...
Mother?s Day This Year ? Let?s Save Lives
2012-05-04 20:12:00
I’d catch a grenade for ya Throw my hand on a blade for ya I’d jump in front of a train for ya You know I’d do anything for ya I would go through all this pain Take a bullet straight through my brain Yes, I would die for you, baby? (Grenade, Bruno Mars) To ...
Run for your life: Joggers live longer, study suggests
2012-05-04 20:04:00
THURSDAY, May 3 (HealthDay News) -- Jogging regularly could add about six years to your life, a new Danish study suggests.
Read 5 Thoughts in Hindi Picture Message on Life and Motivation
2012-05-04 08:29:00
Below read five Thoughts in Hindi Picture Message on Life and Motivation. Click on any image to watch these picture in big size and to read English Translation. By implementing these thoughts in Life, people can make their more rewarding. These are Hindi Thoughts Picture Messages. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) ArvindKatoch
It is important to take risks in Life
2012-05-04 08:10:00
Sometimes, it makes sense to take some risks in life because otherwise we can?t achieve numbers of things in life. Though, it is wrong of take big risks without any preparation; however, we can go for small risks after taking due measures. By taking risks, we get a chance to win over our fears and become a fearless person. A person who does not take any risks mostly becomes a fearful person and he hardly enjoys any adventure in life. Many times, risks taken by us also open new opportunities in front of us which we may never find. Therefore, it becomes sensible to take calculated risks in life. Life opens new horizons to those people who dare to take risks and touch untouched things in life. Life can be very surprising and amazing if we dare to come out of our comfort zones. Therefore, we must take up small calculated risks life to become a strong and fearless person. ArvindKatoch
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