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Scotch Magic Tape, 3/4 x 1000 Inches, 24 Boxed Rolls
2012-05-17 09:00:00
List Price: $63.77Deal Price: $34.99You Save: $28.78 (45%)Scotch(R) Magic(TM) Tape is the original matte finish, invisible tape. It is the preferred tape for offices, home offices, and schools. Write on it with pen, pencil or marker.Expires May 25, 2012
Ramon Luis Galang: Black Magic Reb Beach - 11 years old!!
2012-05-07 00:26:00
Black Magic (Reb Beach) Cover by 11-year old Luis Galang
Dodgers begin new era with owners Magic, Kasten (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-05-02 23:53:00
LOS ANGELES (AP) Although the Southern California sun stayed behind clouds, everything else about the Los Angeles Dodgers’ introductory news conference for their new ownership group signaled the dawn of a bright new era for a beloved franchise.
ONCE UPON A TIME Redux: A Closer Look at the Magic of Storybrooke Lurking B
2012-04-29 21:07:00
  In last week’s episode “The Return,” a piece of the puzzle was revealed as August W. Booth a.k.a. The Stranger tried to pose as Mr. Gold’s long-lost son Baelfire.  While the episode did little to illuminate who August really is, we do now know that August is dying.  He has some kind of disease that is killing him and he is desperate to find a cure.  But the far more interesting revelation was that August even remembered that such a thing as magic existed, and he knew who Mr. Gold really is and that Mr. Gold had the power to cure him.  That knowledge is far more telling.  Despite Mr. Gold’s protest that there is no magic in Storybrooke, we have seen glimpses of it as the curse has been weakened by the mere presence of Emma.   Emma’s return has sent ripple-effects across the entire Storybrooke realm.  It not only unfroze time, but it sparked a reawakening in several of the characters.  David not only woke up from his coma, but Sheriff Graham had begun to rememb...
100+ Trick Magic Suitcase Value Set
2012-04-27 09:00:00
List Price: $65.99Deal Price: $47.99You Save: $18.00 (27%)The ultimate magic set for aspiring magicians comes in a durable suitcase style carrying case that doubles as a performance table. With over 110 components this is one of the most complete magic sets ever made! Includes instructional DVD starring Ryan Oakes.Expires May 4, 2012
Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disks 5 & 6 (English)
2012-04-22 19:18:00
As I suspected, neither of the two plotlines that were the entirety of the end of the Second Season Complete Box Set of Magic Knight Rayearth, were enough to hold my attention. At least twice, I thought "Surely we must be past Hikaru's self-confidence issues (i.e., Nova)?" But no, both times we're dragged back to re-re-re-re-face the darkness in her heart. And the last of the plotlines was resolved in the only way that made any sense, really, from the very beginning. For the rest, the girls befriend enemies and land, once again, back at Tokyo Tower, probably incapable of ever really returning to a normal life. Sure, "will" can help us overcome difficulties in our world, but they've been trained to associate "will" with whipping out a weapon and fighting. That's going to be awkward next time they get in an argument in school. Just kidding - they've all proven repeatedly that they can fight with their brains and hearts, as well. can't tell me Umi won't reget ...
Sony Xperia S, Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia Sola Launch in Philippines
2012-04-18 15:21:00
Sony launch Xperia S, P, U and Sola at the Mind Museum today, April 18,2012. It was a pleasure being invited by the PR agency, Stratos, through Mrs. Jingjing Romero. Xperia S is already out in the market while the Xperia P, U and Sola will be out in the market on mid June according ...
Scotch Magic Tape 6-Roll Value Pack with C38 Black Dispenser, 3/4 x 1000 In
2012-04-18 09:00:00
List Price: $21.99Deal Price: $12.99You Save: $9.00 (41%)Scotch(R) Magic Tape 6 Roll Value Pack with C38 Black Dispenser, 3/4- Inches x 1000- Inches (810K6C38)Expires Apr 26, 2012
Scotch Magic Tape, 3/4 x 1000 Inches, 6-Count Package
2012-04-17 09:00:00
List Price: $15.99Deal Price: $11.29You Save: $4.70 (29%)Scotch(R) Magic(TM) Tape is the original matte finish, invisible tape. It's the preferred tape for offices, home offices, and schools. Write on it with pen, pencil or marker.Expires Apr 25, 2012
Teller of ?Penn and Teller? fame suing alleged magic-trick thief
2012-04-16 20:09:00
He's almost as famous for refusing to speak publicly as he is for his magic tricks, but world-renowned illusionist Teller is ready to speak out in court in order to stop an alleged thief he says stole a signature act from the duo Penn and Teller. Raymond Joseph Teller, 64, filed a federal complaint against ...
Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 4 (English)
2012-04-15 22:15:00
I pride myself in watching anime without expectation and my ability to clearly, concisely separate my delusions and desires from what is actually happening on the screen. We all choose to interpret what we see differently, but sometimes the information we're give is clearer than others. Sometimes the holes are so huge, it's impossible for me to ignore them, regardless of what I want to be happening. Which brings us, in an oblique way, to Magic Knight Rayearth, Volume 4 of the Second Season Complete Box Set. In this volume Nova put a full-on passive-aggressive seduction of Hikaru because, as she says, she loves Hikaru. Well, okay, but a second earlier she told Hikaru that the reason she hated her was because Hikaru hates herself. So, having been given that piece of information, we have to conclude then that Hikaru also wants herself in a sexual way. Or, we can presume that Nova is making it up (and being inconsistent about it) or - and this is my best guess - no one told CLAMP ...
Truly magic mushrooms: Fungi that eat plastic?
2012-04-12 17:42:00
This week we're talking about fungus two ways. One that can survive exclusively on polyurethane and another that can replace Styrofoam. Both polyurethane and styrofoam are not biodegradable, so without a solution, all the plastic bottles and old toys we throw out every year will be sitting in landfills for centuries. Yes, you can recycle ...
Scotch Magic Tape with Black Shoe Dispenser, 3/4 x 1000 Inches, 12 Rolls
2012-04-11 09:00:00
List Price: $45.08Deal Price: $22.99You Save: $22.09 (49%)Stylish, refillable Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser that personalizes your space and keeps your favorite Scotch Brand Tape at your fingertips at home, at work, or at school!Expires Apr 19, 2012
Scotch Magic Tape, 3/4 x 1000 Inches, 4-Count Package (810K4)
2012-04-10 09:00:00
List Price: $10.49Deal Price: $8.69You Save: $1.80 (17%)Scotch(R) Magic(TM) Tape is the original matte finish, invisible tape. It is the preferred tape for offices, home offices, and schools. Write on it with pen, pencil or marker.Expires Apr 18, 2012
Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 3 (English)
2012-04-09 20:00:00
For those of you looking at the actual disks of the Second season set of Magic Knight Rayearth, this review is of the Disk labeled 7, as the disk numbering continued from the first season straight through the second. Finally, at last, I encountered Nova and subsequently stare at many of you now with some concern that you see her as a "Yuri" character, and not just simply as insane. ^_^;; But first, I should point out that the plot is now so deeply flawed and diluted that it was hard slogging through every episode of this disk, so Nova wasn't the real problem. If you recall, the plot as it was set up is that, now Pillar-less, Cephiro is in danger of being invaded by three other countries. Eagle of Autozam is the least annoying and in these episodes he also appears to be dying of tuberculosis so that his story is extra tragic. Hikaru suddenly develops a raging crush on Lantis out of nowhere and Umi is likewise assigned a pairing - we already knew about Fuu and Ferio from...
Magic watches as Dodgers beat Padres 5-3 (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-04-06 05:10:00
It was a Magic start to the season for everyone with the Los Angeles Dodgers except for reigning NL Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw, who was too sick to go longer than three innings on opening day. With incoming and outgoing owners Magic Johnson and Frank McCourt watching from next to the dugout, the ...
Practical Magic for Cleaning
2012-04-05 08:38:00
The mystery of thorough cleaning unravels with the new self cleaning coating developed by Chinese engineers. It is a technical innovation that has created the almost miraculous self cleaning coating that is used to treat cotton fabrics against stains and dust accumulation. Developers say the coating is non toxic and will not affect people or ...
LG Magic Remote To Hit By End Of Month, Say Reports [LG's Magic Remote, Whi
2012-04-04 19:56:00
It’s been a good morning for the home theater crowd, what with word already landing about the Voomote Zapper putting a little extra punch in its iOS-driven offerings, but now we’ve got something for those of you who want a little more power in your remote without having to turn ...
Super Why Magic Spelling Wand
2012-03-30 09:00:00
List Price: $27.99Deal Price: $8.95You Save: $1.30 (68%)The Wave & Learn Magic Spelling Wand is a motion-activated learning device that combines learning with role play for hours of fun, interactive play. Just wave the wand to find the answer or to advance the play! Features three interactive learning modes that teach letter sounds and phonics, spelling, problem-solving, "following directions", and fine and gross motor skills. The game play and difficulty levels are designed to grow with your child, making this product appropriate for all skill levels!Expires Apr 6, 2012
Johnson signs on to lend his magic to Dodgers (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-03-29 02:28:00
Magic Johnson is about to learn $2 billion only buys you so much. Now he’ll need to bring the Los Angeles Dodgers the same success he brought the Lakers. News that Johnson and his partners agreed to purchase the team sparked a groundswell of excited chatter and optimism Wednesday that the man who ran “Showtime” ...
LA Dodgers: Magic Johnson, Almost Oakland A?s Owner, Gets Team
2012-03-28 09:25:00
Magic Johnson finally did it. In 1997, while Economic Advisor To Elihu Harris when he was Mayor Of Oakland, this blogger was tasked with the work of finding a buyer for the Oakland Athletics. One of the buyer groups I put together consisted of Magic Johnson (who was represented by his then-agent Lon Rosen) and (Read More...)
Magic Johnson group to buy Dodgers for record $2B (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-03-28 07:00:00
A group that includes former Lakers star Magic Johnson and longtime baseball executive Stan Kasten agreed Tuesday night to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers from Frank McCourt for a record $2 billion. The price would shatter the mark for a North American sports franchise, topping the $1.1 billion Stephen Ross paid for the NFL’s Miami ...
Dodgers reach deal with Magic Johnson group (Yahoo! Sports)
2012-03-28 05:26:00
Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has announced an agreement to sell the bankrupt team for $2 billion to a group that includes former Lakers star Magic Johnson and former Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals President Stan Kasten. The agreement, announced Tuesday night about after five hours after Major League Baseball owners approved three finalists ...
Magic Sakura Artificial Cherry Blossom Gardening Kit
2012-03-26 10:46:00
In Japan, seeing Sakura Cherry Blossom has been tradition since long time ago. Sakura Cherry is known as the beautiful rare flower. The Japanese is really lucky for having chance to see the beautiful Sakura Cherry but you are also the lucky one that you can complete your room with Magic Sakura Artificial Cherry Blossom Gardening Kit that can be ...This post was taken from Cutie Gadget, a Gadgets Gifts Blog.Magic Sakura Artificial Cherry Blossom Gardening Kit Garden Groom Pro for your Gardening Needs Magic Mirror in Your House Bandai Aquatic Magic Pet Controlling Your TV with Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote Classic Cherry Necklace for the Val?s Day
Magic Diet Pills
2012-03-23 08:01:00
It sounds too good to be true to hear that there is an easy way to loose weight by consuming diet pills without any negative side effects. Even though it said that every ingredient is safe, buring fat and suppressingRead more...
Television Composer Kim Planert Talks the Magic of Composing Music for MISS
2012-03-22 23:40:00
  As fans of CASTLE can attest, the intro music sets the tone of the show; it is a jaunty, friendly mix that welcomes viewers to each episode. It’s a fabulous piece composed by Kim Planert’s writing partner Robert Duncan, for which Rob received an Emmy nomination for Best Original Dramatic Score. Similarly, for the new show MISSING, for which Kim and Robert co-compose, the music back-dropping each episode unconsciously informs the audience whether a scene is more sinister, dramatic or light-hearted. Music is frequently the one thing the audience overlooks as they sit back and watch their favorite TV shows; but without it, each show would have a harder time luring viewers into the mood it seeks to create – whether it is to heighten the suspense, draw out a long-awaited romantic moment, or startle the viewer into jumping at the right moment as a big surprise is revealed. Composing music for television is an art form and fortunately in recent years it has gained more ...
NBA ? Miami Heat crushes Orlando Magic at South Beach
2012-03-20 18:41:00
The Miami Heat?s Big Three was a bit too much to handle for the Orlando Magic who just simply didn?t get a break all game long. The Heat?s Chris Bosh, did get one. Early in the first quarter, when he took his first shot, the ball slipped out of his hands and flew at least ...
Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 2 (English)
2012-03-15 23:02:00
For some reason, the Second season set of Magic Knight Rayearth is numbered as if it is the continuation of the first season, so the the individual disks are numbered 5,6 and 7. So this review is of the Disk labeled 6, just so you don't get confused. On Disk 6, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu set off to defeat the enemies that crowd Cephiro now that their Pillar is gone. Accompanying Hikaru is Lantis, Zagato's younger brother. The three girls battle another giant robot in space and we meet our honorable foe - Eagle of Autozam. He tells us of the tragedy his planet faces if he doesn't get the resources of Cephiro. More interestingly, we learn that he and Lantis were friends. The girls run into multiple minions of Debonair-sama, our newest evil sorceress; among them is Halcyone, Zagato's former minion. And, we meet Nova, the evil-twin-like character, whose power echoes Hikaru's and whose one desire is to kill Hikaru - because, she says, she loves her. There are two really excellent thing...
Women's Sterling Silver Red and Pink Enamel Magic Lamp Pendant Necklace (0.
2012-03-15 08:00:00
List Price: $149.00Deal Price: $108.00You Save: $41.00 (28%)Price valid through 3/20/2012.Expires Mar 19, 2012
2012-03-09 18:48:00
For those that may not know, this year marks the 20th anniversary of former NBA player, Earvin "Magic" Johnson's HIV announcement. The stellar basketball legend's world literally turned upside down after contracting the disease. Aside from protests from other players and public outcry, personal anguish forced Johnson to reassess his path and goals, to say the least. This Sunday, ESPN presents "The Announcement." The Rudy Crew-produced documentary follows Johnson's riveting story of survival and change--a must watch for basketball fans everywhere:
NBA Game Preview for Thursday March 8, 2012 ? Orlando Magic @ Chicago Bulls
2012-03-08 06:39:00
Online Betting Overview The Chicago Bulls are trying to recapture the glory days of the 1990s and they are doing a pretty good job with it. As the March Madness betting gets underway, the Bulls find itself with the best record in the NBA and pulling away in the Eastern Conference standings. The Miami Heat has been on quite a roll lately winning eight of its last 10 games. But that is still not good enough to get close enough to the Bulls to take over first place in the conference. Derrick Rose and the rest of his crew are playing a high quality style of basketball that will make it difficult to beat the Bulls when the playoffs come around. The price per head sports experts just cannot figure out the Orlando Magic. As the NBA trade deadline approaches, Magic superstar Dwight Howard remains the topic of heated trade rumors. Dwight Howard himself has come out and said that he would not disregard a trade that got him out of Orlando. The rumors have Howard going to the New York Knick...
Interesting places around us - Magic Mountain Lodge
2012-03-01 17:46:00
I am starting a new series which is about 'travel' and it is about interesting places around us. Internet is doing the good job of 'tourism development' as by the click of the mouse, we can get a glimpse of unique, interesting, unusual as well as attractive destinations around  the world. I am selecting the places or destinations which are unique or attractive like today I have selected 'The Magic Mountain Hotel' which is located in Huilo Huilo, in Los Rios, Chile'. Unique feature of this hotel is it's design which resembles to fairy tale place. The hotel was built by traditional artisans who used locally-sourced materials and was voted ?Most Sustainable Tourism Destination in Chile." Visitors enter the hotel on a suspended rope bridge and are greeted by a cascade of water coming down from the cone shaped green roof. From the top of the Magic Mountain Lodge, a waterfall streams down past the bedroom windows. Not only do guests get the experience of living in...
Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 1 (English)
2012-02-23 23:55:00
Hikaru, Umi and Fuu have put their past adventures behind them and are struggling to move on. Of them, the one that struggles the most is Hikaru, who is deeply concerned about the well-being of the inhabitants of Cefiro now that those adventures have left them without a Pillar for support. When the three are suddenly called back to Cefiro, they realize that the Pillar, Princess Emeraude, was the only thing protecting that country from invasion. And, indeed, it seems that there are other countries on their way to invade right now! Thus begins the complete collection of Magic Knight Rayearth, Second Season. Of course, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu once again don the armor of the Magic Knights in order to protect the land they love. To their shock, they learn that the Princess left a younger brother and that High Priest Zagato had a brother. The reveal of the Prince's identity radically changes the story of one of them. But I'm going to be honest here. I don't care about any of these peopl...
Over 30% Off Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Combo
2012-02-19 09:00:00
List Price: $21.99Deal Price: $15.00You Save: $6.99 (32%)Whether you're outfitting a new office or resupplying an old one, do it for 30% off.Expires Feb 26, 2012
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The Friendship Express
2012-02-07 16:28:00
My Little Pony is one of Kiana’s favorite cartoons. We don’t have it broadcasting on our local stations so we have to watch it on DVD releases which suits us just fine. This way Kiana can watch her favorite episodes over and over again. We recently had the opportunity to review My Little Pony Friendship ...
This is a Magic Pill We Can All Use More
2012-02-07 02:05:00
This doctor is advocating this magic pill for all of us. Are you taking this pill? Are you ready to take this pill?
Save 30% on Nature's Greeting Magic Plant "I Love You" Valentine's Edition
2012-02-01 09:00:00
Save 30% and receive FREE super save shipping on Nature's Greeting "I Love You" Valentine's Day magic plant.Expires Feb 10, 2012
Torre, Magic survive cuts to buy Dodgers (AP)
2012-01-28 04:08:00
Hedge fund head Steven Cohen and groups including Joe Torre and Magic Johnson have survived the first round of cuts in bidding for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Initial bids were submitted Monday to the financial firm handling the sale by Frank McCourt, and people affiliated with groups said Friday they were notified they will be ...
Magic Jack ماجيــك جـاك جديد للبيع فري سنة كام
2012-01-25 19:30:00
بأذن الله للبيــع ماجيــك جـاك Magic Jack ماجيــك جـاك جديد للبيع فري سنة كاملة لامريكا وكندا بالقاهره القـاهـره للبيع ماجيــك جـاك تتصل مجانا سنة كاملة الى امريكا وكندا Magic Jack اسم السلعة : ماجيــك جـاك الماركة أو الموديل : Magic Jack المواصفات : جهاز يسمح لك بالاتصال من جهازك لاي هاتف ثابت او محمول في امريكا وكندا سنه كامله مجانا وتستطيع التجديد سنويا بأشتراك سنوي قدره 20 $ وايضا يتصل ويستقبل مجانيا مع مثيله من اجهزة الماجيك جاك في كل انحاء العالم المتعلقات : ماجيــك جـاك + وصلة USB الضمان : لا يوجد المكان : القاهرة الحاله : جديد تماما لم يستعمل وبه اشتراك سنه...
Save on Magic Doll Bottle set
2012-01-14 09:00:00
List Price: $7.95Deal Price: $4.49You Save: $0.46 (44%)A set of two magic refill baby doll bottles. Includes a 5 inch milk and 4.5 inch tall juice bottle.Expires Jan 21, 2012
Caribbean Beachcomber July/August 1969 ? Caribbean Kitchen Magic! (video)
2012-01-13 15:21:00
Long time patrons of Trinidad’s first national airline BWIA, and its more recent incarnation Caribbean Airlines, are familiar with its highly respected inflight publication “Caribbean Beat”. However did you know that before that there was the “Caribbean Beachcomber”? A joint effort between BWIA, LIAT, Air Jamaica, the Jamaica Air Service, the Caribbean Travel Association and ...
Midtown Manhattan Magic at Bann Restaurant
2012-01-09 05:10:00
Most restaurants can get at least one thing right - that signature dish, five dollar happy hour drinks, or even a special molten chocolate dessert. Unfortunately, not too many get it all right. I have found an exception straddling the border between midtown and Hells Kitchen (350 W. 50th Street) in New York City. Enter ...
Mobee Power Bar Lends Extra Life To Magic Trackpads [Mobee Power Bar Lends
2012-01-06 18:16:00
One thing we don’t hear much about these days is the Magic Trackpad from Apple. But while we’ve seen this device get hacked into being a USB device previously, now we get a much more official version thanks to the folks at Mobee, who have brought out their Power Bar ...
Save $100: HELLA Rallye 1000 Series 12-Volt/55-Watt Black Magic Halogen Dri
2012-01-06 09:00:00
List Price: $317.99Deal Price: $217.59You Save: $100.40 (32%)HELLA auxiliary lamps are legendary for their ruggedness and dependability. Every lamp must pass a series of endurance tests before it can be branded "HELLA". HELLA's exclusive Black Optics technology delivers an exotic style to your car. Off, the Black Magic creates a striking all-black look, but flip the switch and you get a super bright, enhanced-focus driving beam. HELLA Black Magic kits feature reinforced ABS housings, a water-tight assembly, and a vapor-coated reflector. Add a pair of clear covers (sold separately) to protect the lens while keeping the look true.Expires Jan 21, 2012
Book Review: The Magic Room
2011-12-30 00:27:00
The Magic Room: A Story About the Love We Wish for Our Daughters. I couldn’t wait to read it! Inside the jacket flap reads, “An intimate look at a small-town bridal shop, its multigenerational female owners, and the love between parents and daughters during one of life’s most emotional transitions.” Written by Jeffrey Zaslow – ...
VPOD: Vintage 1950s Beaded Peacock Sweater and the Magic of Moodling
2011-12-28 20:08:00
I’m a firm believer in what Brenda Ueland calls moodling, “long inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.” In a weird time-twisting way, I’ve discovered that one secret to getting a lot done is being willing to spend a lot of time alone doing nothing at all! Gazing out a window with a cup of tea. Soaking in a bath. Sitting still and paying attention to the breath. And…
Save in Edushape's Magic Creations Bath Playset - Dinosaurs
2011-12-13 09:00:00
List Price: $16.49Deal Price: $11.29You Save: $5.20 (32%)Our Dinosaurs themed, Magic Creations Play Set will allow children to create their own imaginary scenes right on bathroom tiles. These colorful sets come in a variety of fun themes to choose from. The easy- to- grab from pieces stick to any smooth surface once wet.Expires Dec 25, 2011
My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic Cartoon (English)
2011-12-09 01:55:00
Today, we're talkin' ponies. At New York Comic-Con several people I consider to be good friends insisted I simply must watch the new My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic series. These are people whose opinions and sanity I trust so, when the opportunity presented itself, I began to watch the first episode. While I watched that first episode I live-blogged on Twitter, which was pretty hilarious all on its own, as people started to react to my comments. Zac Bertschy of ANN called it spot on, when he said that everyone would tell me that I had to watch at least 6 episodes to really get into it. (Meta commentary FTW!) I admit that a few episodes in, I was begining to question my friendships with those aforementioned people. But indeed, around Episode 6, something happened. The dialogue, which always had a bit of snark, turned extra snarky. When they trotted a Pinky and The Brain reference out, I realized that we had been given a series as close as were are gonna get to the old Bugs ...
Magic Johnson joins bid to buy Dodgers (AP)
2011-12-02 23:14:00
Magic Johnson has joined a group bidding to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers. The former Los Angeles Lakers superstar and part-owner said Friday he’s partnering with former Atlanta Braves executive Stan Kasten and wealthy investor Mark Walter to join the auction for the Dodgers, who will be sold by Frank McCourt.
The Magic of Making Up Technique ? Can TW Jackson Assist Me along with You?
2011-11-30 03:52:00
The Magic Of Making Up System was designed by TW Jackson. He spent his hole life round troubled relationship and then he got here up with a system to save relationships from break ups and divorces.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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