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The trial of the century : Season 1 Finale
2012-06-02 08:54:00
And the trial of the century?s first season finale is going to start soon and millions of Egyptians are glued in front of their TV waiting for it to start , waiting to hear the verdict. It is @8:18 AM right now and the TV channels are broadcasting from inside and outside the courtroom. The Lawyers are inside the courtroom and according to news reports all defendants arrived except Mubarak whose ambulance has not arrived yet from the international medical center. We are waiting for him for the trial?s session would start !! The security convey by Ali Dahmash Egyptian journalist Nadia Abu El Maged is inside the courtroom but unfortunately she will not be tweeting from there because mobile phones and water are not allowed there !!There is technically an army protecting the police academy in a way that makes me mad about all those millions spent to secure such a trial. The police has deployed 5000 policemen and 50 armored vehicles.  There are army forces as well protecting t...
The trial of the century : Mubarak?s Trial in Numbers
2012-06-01 20:35:00
It is the trial of the century in Egypt that all Egyptians and the whole world will watch tomorrow with a lot of anticipation. The trial will be transferred on air since early morning. Already the Egyptian TV may collect a fortune tomorrow for allowing the other channels to transfer the broadcast on air just like in football match !! There are lots of anticipations as well lots of fears.There are not high hopes though because in both cases. Technically tomorrow there will be an army  from armed forces and central security forces outside the police academy. There is great fear from violent clashes in case that Mubarak is acquitted. The families of the martyrs fear that there will be clashes tomorrow. The Mubarak supporters say that they will respect the court?s final verdict. Some observers believe that judge Ahmed Rafeat may adjourn the verdict announcement till things calm down after the presidential elections. People believe that Mubarak and co. will be sentenced then S...
Clackistani rebels, as seen from Last Thursday
2012-06-01 19:19:00
One of the kids at the Merc writes up the suburban secession here.
From "Finish Line" To "Shut The Mother F-er Down": OTB Employees Struggle T
2012-05-31 16:33:00
If one was to ask what happened on December 7, 2010 and 2011, most folks would reference the 69th & 70th-year anniversaries of Pearl Harbor. Few people would know or care that New York's Off-Track Betting Office doors were shuttered that first year, depriving thousands of workers from earned health benefits. And on its anniversary date the following year, it marked the day that OTB worker Patti McCole entered the hospital for brain cancer.
It is party time people !!
2012-05-30 22:07:00
And Amr Khaled got news for you : He will found a political party called ?Egypt Future? that it is not actually political party but rather an independent moderate social development for all Egyptians party that will work in the governorates to solve the social and economic problems there. ?I think Life Makers movement which he heads does this already !!? Amr Khaled : I am going to have a party Despite being an Islamist preacher , Khaled makes it clear that the party is open for all Egyptians with no political or ideological affiliation.  Speaking seriously I wonder why Khaled waited all those months to declare this step when he had enough members in ?Life Makers? movement ready to join that Social Development party. I am not against the idea but I am just wondering why he waited all that time and why suddenly politics seem to be interesting after he expressed his refusal to engage in politics in the past months !! It is not a bad thing to have political ambition at all. I...
#Houlah : This will not stop the killing "Updated"
2012-05-30 13:32:00
Girls from Al Houlah , I wonder if they were alive I hope they are  Several countries from around the globe have expelled the Syrian ambassadors as an official reaction yesterday after the terrible Al Houlah massacre . These countries are : France , Germany, Belgium , Switzerland , Spain ,Netherlands, Portugal , Italy, Australia , Bulgaria , Canada and New Zealand  Now Japan joined the countries that have expelled the Syrian ambassador for Al Houlah massacre !! France was first followed by Germany and it was matter of hours other EU and foreign countries followed that step that is considered an important international escalation. The White House issued this statement : Despite every option is currently on the table , the US direct military intervention would cause more chaos in the country. Hilary Clinton , the secretary of state also issued a statement regarding the massacre. The US will not send its troops except after the scene is ready for the cavalry as at the sam...
What an interesting timing to publish these photos !!
2012-05-30 12:40:00
Al Watan Newspaper published today a supplement its journalists believe to be the scoop of the year : The diaries of Mubarak in jail !! Mubarak standing and his son Alaa The report shows exclusive photos of Mubarak standing in his trial as well his son Alaa speaking to someone smiling and Mubarak on bed whereas his son Gamal besides him in court. The report also includes info from unknown sources about what Mubarak used to do in the past year and half. Of course if you want my opinion , I think it was better to publish the photos only because seriously no one buys these tales from unknown sources about what Mubarak did that or this or Mubarak said this or that which nobody buys anymore !! Here are some examples : Mubarak believes that all the presidential candidates fighting for the presidential posts are idiots except Ahmed Shafik !! Mubarak was visited by the Prince of Kuwait and Sultan of Oman !! ?It was denied by Kuwaiti embassy in Cairo ? Mubarak thinks SCAF is so weak a...
Abu El Fotouh presser : Strong Egypt will live on
2012-05-29 13:49:00
Former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh held a press conference tody at Kempenski hotel in Garden City to discuss the presidential elections as well his plans for the future. Regarding the elections AMAF thinks that the elections are not that fair compared to the parilamentary elections for the following reasons : Abu El Fotouh in the presser  The presidential elections committee "PEC" did not give his campaign the lists of voters despite in the parliamentary elections the elections committee gave all candidates the lists of voters in each district. The campaign's delegates were forced to leave the polling stations by the security forces from 9 PM Thursday to 8 AM Friday. The bribes whether from money or food supply reported to be used in the elections. Regarding the future of Strong Egypt , AMAF said that he will have meetings with the volunteers and members of his Campaign to discuss the future of the project hinting out the possibility of turning ...
Shafik : The Egyptians are obedient
2012-05-29 13:23:00
I will not comment on what happened last night because I do not approve on storming private properties at all, the right of protesting can not be disputed and actually observers have warned of instability in Egypt if Shafik is elected as a president. Of course these observers do not know that Shafik is ready for this and got a plan for any instability : Execution style in one month !! New York Times has published a report about what he has said in the American Chamber in Cairo and it is quite interesting perspective on his future policies if he is elected as a president : He will restore order in the country in a month using executions !! He will have clash soon or later with the Islamists in the country as he believes they have got armed militias and they want to turn the country in to Lebanon Contrary to what the world thinks the Egyptian people obedient !!!!!!! Obedient !! It is worth to mention that many of the American Chamber members from Egyptian businessmen were members...
Reality Show Satyamev Jayate Proves The Worth Of Social Media Campaigns
2012-05-29 13:15:00
A carefully crafted online digital campaign has proven to be a hit for Satyamev Jayate (Aamir Khan’s TV Series) even before it went on air. What could be the reason for the show’s online popularity? With an active population on the web it is easier to see why any media campaign would be stronger online as it was offline.  Hence, Satyamev Jayate’s team attempted to get people talking about the show on social media portals. With these platforms offering an easier way to voice out opinions, the show’s theme quickly caught the attention of many people. A lot of social issues have made an impact through the Social media. Quite some time back, Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and his team had realized the potential of the Internet to spread his message & intentions. Being online most of the time, it was not a surprise that teenagers & young adults form the largest contributing members to the campaigns. Apart from creating a stir, the show’s makers also r...
By: WATblog
Is Buffy, The Mobile Slayer, Facebook's Ace In The Hole?
2012-05-28 15:34:00
Being left behind on the mobile landscape has motivated countless bloggers and techie prognosticators to cyberventilate as to FB's future. Based on an 11th hour stock devaluation by the company themselves (see previous post, "Facebook's IPO Morality Tale?"), coupled with the claim the company can't survive in the public sphere relying solely on ad revenues, Zuck has ridden a roller-coaster of criticism in one week's time that has cast yet another shadow over the world's largest social network.
Save on Select Sony Blu-ray and Media Players
2012-05-27 09:00:00
Through June 2, 2012, select Sony Blu-ray and media players are available at a discounted price when you purchase from Jun 3, 2012
Warren Buffett; Future Of Media: Zennie Abraham, Jeff Cutler On Tonya Hall
2012-05-26 17:33:00
What do Warren Buffett, Zennie Abraham, Jeff Cutler, have in common? All were featured on the Tonya Hall Radio Show on Friday, May 25th. On Friday, Warren Buffett wrote a letter stating that Berkshire Hathaway intended to add more newspapers to its collection. This mainly because Buffett loves newspapers and reads five of them a (Read More...)
#Homs : Another Massacre in the same place ?+18?
2012-05-26 13:47:00
I said it before whenever all the whole world is watching Egypt , Bashar El Assad?s troops commit horrible massacre in Syria either in Homs or Hama. Unfortunately this time in Homs , the alleged armed Shabiha stormed civilians? houses in the city of Houla slaughtering tens of women and children including toddlers and babies today. Here is a clip allegedly filmed in Houla in the past 24 hours showing the bodies of those civilians that were killed , it is extremely graphic. ?+18? Homs : Tens killed in Houla Here is another terrible video showing the bodies of nearly 26 Syrian child killed in the most horrible way ever. According to the people there El Assad Shabiha "militant thugs" did that horrible massacre where nearly 50 child have been slaughtered along with their moms.  I just can't imagine the amount of hate , the one who did this , the one who did this is a psychopath not even a human at all. The number of victims have increased to more than 90. Ac...
Publikasikan Testimoni Banyak Tokoh, Jokowi-Basuki Kutip dari Media
2012-05-25 06:34:00
Pasangan Jokowi-Basuki (JB) memanfaatkan testimoni sejumlah tokoh melalui website mereka, dan di Youtube. Testimoni itu didapatkan tim sukses JB dari sejumlah media massa. Mereka mengaku tidak perlu minta izin kepada para tokoh itu.
Second Annual Social Media Summit ? 2012
2012-05-25 06:29:00
Second Social Media Summit is being held on June 29-30, 2012 in Karachi. Details here.
On Pastor Worley, Crackpot Ministers & the Media
2012-05-25 02:04:00
Over the past week or so, I have seen numerous postings on Facebook and a number of stories on CNN about a North Carolina pastor who somehow seems to have forgotten about the biblical injunction to love your neighbor”: I figured a way out, a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers, ...
Live Blogging : Egypt Chooses its president ?Day 2? #egyelections
2012-05-24 23:18:00
8:54 AM CLT The polling stations have opened their doors for voters from almost an hour ago. The turnout is noticeably higher compared to yesterday in this time from my own observation. The Qomia language school got a long women?s queue while a mixed polling station at Technical journalism institute in Boulaq got medium size queues. It is worth to mention that it is an official day off in the public sector and many private sector companies gave its employees a day off in order to vote. There are long queues in Maadi. The streets are empty and many shops closed their doors. The turnout in the governorates is not high according to the reports. May be we are speaking about early morning so things may change like what happened yesterday. Now something interesting took place yesterday when a group of youth including a dear friend who made a small protest in the heart of Mohendessin yesterday , in the famous Mostafa Mahmoud calling citizens to elect ?Batman" as president of Egypt. ...
Facebook's IPO Morality Tale: If The Green Shoes Fit, Wear Them?
2012-05-23 19:05:00
Facebook's reversal of fortunes in such a short span of time has played out almost like a modern-day morality tale. The fall-out of the social network post-IPO, after such an enthusiastic build-up was telling. While it lined the pockets of some (namely investment bankers), it deprived the 99 Percenters (or Dumb F*cks as Zuckerberg so adroitly labeled them back in 2004) full-disclosure, resulting in a subsequent short-fall on their FB investment.
Time to investigate the legacy media investigators?
2012-05-23 00:05:00
Over at, John Nolte wonders what conservatives should do given the readiness of the legacy media to investigate the private lives of certain individuals who put Obama’s record in the spotlight or support his opponent: So desperate is the media to Palace Guard for their Precious One that everyday Americans whodare ask Obama a ...
Obama: different today from his 2008 media image?
2012-05-22 21:18:00
“Isn?t it fair,” asks Jim Geraghty on Friday, “considering the poor job the press did in examining much of” Barack Obama’s life, to ask if the Democrat “is just a fundamentally different man than the image that was presented to the country in 2008?” Interesting how so many of our friends in the legacy media ...
John Brown,Olly Steele: Monuments sign to Century Media Records
2012-05-22 20:19:00
Century Media Records has announced the signing of the London, England-based tech-metal quintet MONUMENTS. The band's long-awaited debut album, "Gnosis", will be released in August. "Gnosis" was originally supposed to be released last year via Basick Records. MONUMENTS has since split with the U.K.-based label, which issued the band's debut EP, "We Are The Foundation", in 2010. MONUMENTS is: John Browne - Guitar Olly Steele - Guitar Adam Swan - Bass Mike Malyan - Drums Matt Rose - Vocals
Successful Ways to Unlock Local Social Media Strategies For Your Small Busi
2012-05-22 04:51:00
Social media presents today’s small business owner with a wealth of opportunities to find success in a major way. While many claim it’s all just too complicated, the reality is that most successful local social media strategies can be implemented at little to no out-of-pocket cost. You just need to know what works, what doesn’t ...Successful Ways to Unlock Local Social Media Strategies For Your Small Business
Can we trust these polls ?
2012-05-21 23:45:00
Sometimes polls play important role in leading the opinion in the society than in reflecting the opinion in the society , this role is often noticed in time of the elections some undecided voters consider the polls a good source to choose the winning horse to bet on in the elections. In the past two week the polls of Ahram center for strategic and political studies and Al Masry Al Youm's Baseera centre  showed a rise Ahmed Shafik, Mohamed Mursi and Hamdeen Sabbahi and a decline for both Amr Moussa and Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh despite Moussa was leading the polls. According to Ahram Center  the leading candidates in the latest poll conducted from May 14th to 17th were : Moussa "31.7%" {going down} , Shafik "22.6%" {going up} , Mohamed Morsi "14.8%" {going up} , Abu El Fotouh "14.6%" {going down} and Sabbahi "11.7%" {going up}. According to Baseera Center conducted in the same period : Ahmed Shafik "19.35%" , Amr Moussa "14.6%" , Abu El Fotouh "12.4%" , Sabbhi "9.5%" an...
Splattering Media Splatters
2012-05-21 01:30:00
Media Splatters attempts take to take down Roger L. Simon, from PJ Tattler: The Palace Guards over at MediaMatters are taking nasty swipes at me this morning — “Right-Wing Media’s Latest Embarrassment: Obama Lied About Birthplace to Get Ahead.“ I suppose that’s to be expected when Rush Limbaugh quotes your article (“The Mystery of the Kenyan Birth“) on his show. What’s amusing is that the MM crew takes at face value the assertion by Obama’s agents that the “born in Kenya” statement at the top of Barack’s biography was just a 1991 mistake that for some reason went unnoticed until 2007, although numerous other entries in the same pamphlet had been updated. (The literary agency, Acton & Dystel, has explained that the “born in Kenya” line “was nothing more than a fact checking error.”) Hello?  Are you kidding?  In my informal poll of several authors of numerous books in the last day or two, not a single one of them had ever heard of such a thing ...
By: BitsBlog
Technology and the Future of Payments: Credit Cards and the Mobile Wallet
2012-05-19 08:50:00
We are currently living in the digital age, where seemingly advanced technologies from the past are slowly being rendered obsolete. One such technology includes those from the payments industry, where advancements in mobile wallets, which takes advantage of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.
2012-05-18 18:01:00
International purveyors of all things cool and crazy, Vice, recently sat down with renowned movie and music video director, Brett Ratner (Tower Heist, Rush Hour, Redman, Public Enemy, Madonna) to give viewers an intimate look at the man behind the blockbusters. Filmmakers and fans alike will find the interview quite interesting, as the manic visionary drops infinite gems about how he got started by watching Brian De Palma and Al Pacino on the set of Scarface, hanging around the original Miami Vice series, linking with then-record label creator, Russell Simmons and tons of other amazing side stories. Worth the watch!
Legacy media may be increasingly anti-Israeli, but American people strongly
2012-05-18 08:43:00
After summarizing a nearly forty-year-old Life magazine account of Israel “on the occasion of its 25th birthday in May 1973″, Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, asked Monday in the Wall Street Journal, “Would a mainstream magazine depict the Jewish state like this today, during the week of its 64th birthday?” Unlikely. Rather, ...
FBI investigates media leaks in Yemen underwear bomb plot
2012-05-16 22:59:00
FBI director Robert S. Mueller III today disclosed that the FBI is investigating leaks to the news media about the recently disrupted plot by Al Qaeda?s Yemen affiliate to smuggle a bomb designed to be concealed in underwear onto a U.S. bound jet. The plans...
2012-05-16 15:25:00
Presenting Young Wonder, a savvy crew of young (and probably underage) "Tumblr girls" (post-modern internet hipsters) with the brains to match their creative brawn. The gals travel around covering the latest and greatest in underground fashion, music and general cool-cat mayhem in a well-photographed, vintage-filter aesthetic. Check them out. No fake IDs necessary.
Pinterest Is The New Spamming Media: McAfee
2012-05-16 09:51:00
The new social networking website Pinterest is being rapidly used by spammers to launch mass-spamming campaigns, reports McAfee Inc. McAfee fears that given the rapid growth of Pinterest among the users have offered people with malicious intents to launch campaigns that are meant to do all sorts of nefarious activities. What’s the threat? McAfee has uncovered complete toolkits that allow generating & deployment of a new spam campaign in a very simplistic manner. In a matter of minutes, the software has the ability to “mass-like” pins, add an account creator, mass-follow people, automate fake commenting activity, and more. How does it spread? In the world of social networking, people themselves are unwittingly responsible for spreading spam. In the earlier days, spammers had to send out mass-mailers that contained viruses or malware, but in the new age they just have to bundle such applications in innocent looking & supposedly interesting information. On the site, h...
By: WATblog
Social Media, Army, Koby, Dakota & Bananas
2012-05-15 18:40:00
“It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to have to paint it.” ~Steven Wright~ Before the age of social media, there was no question that the military life made the world really small. The Army brought us many of those “small world” jaw dropping experiences along the way. Adding social media to the equation ...
SEO & Social Media Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012
2012-05-14 16:38:00
The second day of SMX started with a panelist discussion on social shares, and top tips on how marketers are truly going to be influential. Here are the top takeaways ...© SEOptimise - Download our free business guide to blogging whitepaper and sign-up for the SEOptimise monthly newsletter. SEO & Social Media Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012 Related posts: SMX Advanced Tips &Takeaways | SMX London 2012 Paid Search & Analytics Tips & Takeaways | SMX London 2012 116 Best Tips from SES London 2012!
By: SEO Blog
Diberitakan Nyabu, Ketua DPRD & Bupati Sampang Gugat Media
2012-05-14 15:40:00
Ketua DPRD dan Bupati Sampang tidak terima diberitakan menghisap sabu-sabu di sebuah hotel di Surabaya. Mereka pun akan melayangkan laporan ke Dewan Pers.
Logitech Revue Companion Box with Google TV Media and Keyboard Controller -
2012-05-14 09:00:00
List Price: $124.99Deal Price: $124.99Your TV can be the TV of the future, the Logitech 970-000001 Revue With Google TV has a wide variety of apps created just for you, including Netflix, NBA TV, Pandora, and more. Quantum Wireless is fulfilled by Amazon with FREE Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime eligibility.Expires May 21, 2012
The way Lawyers Incorporate the use of Social Media To assist you to Verify
2012-05-12 16:26:00
The manner prospects now make an online search and web 2 to confirm the references of barristers before they will select them has grown Allan Migdall Attorney problem for the purpose of lawyers that do not need a good web property or good internet marketing profiles. Background log checks will be presently using them by ...
Social Media and Pakistan Army
2012-05-12 07:06:00
Like many others, I started writing in Hilal early in life. That is where I started. I still write here. This urdu peace appeared in Pakistan Army Monthly Hila, May 2012 issue. This shows my desire...
#Monazarat : The Day after the Presidential Debate
2012-05-11 22:08:00
These are my comments and thoughts about Egypt?s presidential candidates TV debate on air that was aired yesterday in joint broadcast on ONTV and DreamTV for 90 minutes. Just like the debate I divided them on to two parts. Now here is the complete debate itself for those interested in watching the whole thing again. Here is my live coverage for the debate in English.It is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Here are also the transcript of the debate?s rounds 1 and 2 in English by follow blogger Mostafa Hussein. The Real winner is the People There is something different in the air without doubt , there is something different indeed because from two years ago nobody has ever imagined that millions of Egyptians would stay up late to watch for 90 minutes a long presidential elections debate between two popular presidential candidates Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and Amr Moussa for the first time in their Republic political history. Today the first question you ask your fr...
Ascent Media Corp. (ASCMA) goes negative by breaking below intraday moving
2012-05-11 21:38:00
The intraday price for Ascent Media Corp. has moved below its 200 period 30 minute moving average of 51.36. ASCMA is around 51.1 bucks now. Ascent Media Corp. has a positive trend. The price is above the trend line, which is about $50.05. Other stocks to watch – these have a positive correlation ...
China?s state media threaten war with Philippines over disputed islands
2012-05-11 20:31:00
China’s state-controlled media are seething with threats of war against the Philippines in an apparent attempt to divert public and international attention from domestic political tensions. And although there is little real prospect that the words will become violent deeds, …Read more »
Social Media Ad Trust And TV Activity Trust Now Common Measure
2012-05-11 03:52:00
“Social Media Ad Trust Grows; Old Media Ad Trust Shrinks?” That’s right. According to a number of sources, as more and more people go online trust in social media ads, generally presented in the framework of frank conversations about the companies and people they’re about, are more trusted than their print and television counterparts. Moreover, (Read More...)
Social Media Ad Trust And TV Activity Trust Now Common Measure
2012-05-11 03:52:00
“Social Media Ad Trust Grows; Old Media Ad Trust Shrinks?” That’s right. According to a number of sources, as more and more people go online trust in social media ads, generally presented in the framework of frank conversations about the companies and people they’re about, are more trusted than their print and television counterparts. Moreover, (Read More...)
OTCBB: RARS Acquires Reality Social Media Software Technologies
2012-05-10 19:29:00
Rarus Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: RARS) (“Rarus” or the “Company”) is delighted to announce that it’s signed an Exclusive Application Property, Technical Information & Trademark License Agreement with ThinkCorp AG for the acquisition of (the “Agreement”), a next-generation application platform that will to take social media to new levels and allow users to connect & communicate socially.
WWE reveals in-person soc. media test
2012-05-10 18:59:00
WWE marketing executive Jason Hoch recently participated in a social media panel with representatives from ESPN, Major League Baseball, and other sports groups discussing the influence of social media on live sporting events. Hoch pushed WWE's recent pre-PPV offerings on YouTube. He also claimed that 25 percent of attendees at a house show last weekend voted in the "fans's choice stipulation" for the show's main event as part of a test on "in-person social engagement."
By: KLQ Blog
#Monazarat : #Moussa Vs. #AbuElFotoh
2012-05-10 18:35:00
And it is the big night tonight ; the Presidential debate millions of Egyptians have been waiting for between Amr Moussa and Abu El Fotoh. Now the actual debate will be at 9 PM CLT on ONTV , ONTV live , Dream TV and Dream TV2 where as there will be analytical studio ?just like in football matches? on air starting from 7.30 PM. The debate itself will be moderated by Yosri Fouda and Mona El Shazly According to news report the presidential debate is not being followed anxiously by Egyptians only but also by Arabs as well so I hope it will be something we as Egyptians proud of. Here is the Live stream of the big debate from Al Masry Al Youm YouTube channel. Egypt?s first presidential debate between Moussa and Abu El Fotoh I will be blogging the debate insh Allah live. <p>&a-mp;amp;lt;a href="">Egypt-'s First Presidential elections debate&...
Do You Have Enough Klout To Fly The Friendly Skies Or Land The Perfect Job?
2012-05-10 18:28:00
Klout is to 'personal influence' what Google is to 'page ranking.' While the Big G's algorithms determine the relevance of the Internet's every web page, Klout supposedly ranks the influence of every person online. As a 3-year old start-up, it's raison d'tre is to measure influence based on the digerati's ability to drive action.
PT Trimarga Sangkal Isu di Media Asing Soal Dugaan Pembajakan Sukhoi
2012-05-10 16:00:00
Sejumlah media di Rusia sempat berspekulasi soal dugaan pembajakan tak lama setelah Sukhoi Superjet 100 dinyatakan hilang. Spekulasi itu muncul terkait dengan sejumlah kasus terorisme di Indonesia.
#BEASPORT – A Social Media Campaign That Can Make A Difference
2012-05-10 10:25:00
Social Media can help make a difference to lives of people and a new social media campaign by a collective of popular Indian companies ranging from to Cleartrip has hit upon an innovative way to leverage the popularity and reach of Indian sports and style icons to help underprivileged kids around the country. The campaign is called #BEASPORT and it brings popular Indian celebrities and sportsmen like  Zaheer Khan, Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, Kunal Kapoor, Siddharth Mallya, Lisa Heydon and Miss Malini to bring about awareness about underprivileged kids in the country via the medium of Youtube. The campaign has 3 different ways in you could help out. 1. Watch their video on Youtube: Go to #BEASPORT’s Youtube Channel and view their videos. If the video views reach the figure of 10 lakh then Rs.10 lakh will be donated to NGO, Magic Bus which works with 200,000 underprivileged kids in 7 Indian states. Everytime a person views one of their videos, Magic Bus gets a donation...
By: WATblog
2012-05-09 16:55:00
Hunter Walk, the director of product management at YouTube recently wrote a piece for Fast Company and their Co. Exist division that asks Can Online VIdeo Usher In A New Age Of Empathy? According to him, yes! He points out several examples in his article, including one about a a boston woman who started teaching English via her kitchen and now has over 30 million students that watch her lessons from across the globe! Peep the entire piece here.
How Many "Dumb F*cks" Will Rock Facebook's IPO Like It's 1999?
2012-05-08 21:26:00
The term "Dumb F*cks" has hung over Mark Zuckerberg like a dark cloud over the course of the last 8 years. Not because his nickname "Zuck" rhymes with the expletive, but because the CEO of today's largest social network derided his early FB users as such. In 2004, when first percolating the idea of FB in a Harvard dorm room and asked how he attracted so many followers so quickly, he off-handedly responded they were following him blindly, like "Dumb F*cks."
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