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How to Prevent Your Website From Going Offline
2012-05-22 13:00:00
There is nothing more heart stopping for a site owner than seeing that their website has been taken offline for some reason. Sometimes it?s not even your fault?your hosting company might be performing maintenance on their servers or is experiencing technical difficulties?but that doesn?t really make you feel any better about the situation. Every hour ...
PLC Going to Offline Mode
2012-04-08 09:30:00
Hello everyone, We have an effluent plant which runs on allenbradley, Flexlogix PLC. We are facing a repetitive problem with it, very often after a power change over the PLC is going into offline mode and stops communicating with the SCADA PC. After this we have to connect the PLC to RSLogix
Download Google Chrome 18 Stable Version [Offline Setup Installer]
2012-03-29 15:03:00
Google has just announced the availability of the latest stable version of the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame. The Chrome 18 now carries version 18.0.1025.142. In Chrome 18, Google has sped upgraphics and drawing performance for Windows and Mac users on capable hardware, thanks to the GPU-accelerated Canvas2D. The web applications...
Online Portal For Offline Games Launched
2012-03-21 08:59:00
An IIT-Delhi Alumnus Chetan Kumar has launched an online portal to sell games for multiple gaming platforms. The website currently offers a large collection of game titles meant for PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Games for PS Vita seem missing though. We gave the site a quick tour & were truly impressed with the simple yet comprehensive assortment features. Users can choose their choice of console (PC, PS3 etc.) & the site displays games which rank high in popularity. Additionally, if one is a fan of a particular game, the site also has search optimization title ‘Similar To’. Apart from standard search filters like ‘Theme’ or ‘Genre’, what we truly liked was the ability to search games. With simple integration with Facebook, Twitter & Google+, the gaming site maker has ensured word-of-mouth publicity is neatly achieved. Presently, the games appear to be delivered in physical form & free-shipping is offered! Chetan had...
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Data Entry, Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Online Data Entry India,
2012-03-15 12:17:00
Data Entry, Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Online Data Entry India, Offline Data Entry India, Online Data Entry Work, Offline Data Entry Work, Manual Data Entries, Data-Entry, Dataentry, Image Entry, Insurance Claim Entry, Data Processing, Forms Processing, Image Processing, Data Mining, Data Cleansing, Data Conversion Services.
Data Entry, Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Online Data Entry India,
2012-03-15 12:17:00
Data Entry, Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Online Data Entry India, Offline Data Entry India, Online Data Entry Work, Offline Data Entry Work, Manual Data Entries, Data-Entry, Dataentry, Image Entry, Insurance Claim Entry, Data Processing, Forms Processing, Image Processing, Data Mining, Data Cleansing, Data Conversion Services.
Data Entry, Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Online Data Entry India,
2012-03-15 12:17:00
Data Entry, Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Online Data Entry India, Offline Data Entry India, Online Data Entry Work, Offline Data Entry Work, Manual Data Entries, Data-Entry, Dataentry, Image Entry, Insurance Claim Entry, Data Processing, Forms Processing, Image Processing, Data Mining, Data Cleansing, Data Conversion Services.
Tracking Your QR Codes to Bring Offline Marketing Online
2012-02-10 13:10:00
Over the past few years, QR Codes have become more mainstream and can be seen in most day-to-day activities. There are examples of some very good uses of QR Codes ...© SEOptimise - Download our free business guide to blogging whitepaper and sign-up for the SEOptimise monthly newsletter. Tracking Your QR Codes to Bring Offline Marketing Online Related posts: Tracking Online Marketing Campaigns in Google Analytics Google Analytics Location Tracking Changes: Where Has London Gone? Social Media Marketing
Bullet Proof WordPress. Take Over The Offline Game.
2012-02-10 00:38:00
Hey Everyone, I won’t waste your time with my babble, if you know me you know I do it far too much . I just wanted to show you a video I made about how to really start taking your business to the next step in 2012.     Claim Your Bonuses Here: Bonus 1,2,3,4 These are all wordpress themes. ...
Can Customers Find You Offline?
2012-01-07 05:47:00
How are you directing people online to your locations offline? Where are your offline locations showing up online? Where are people searching for your information? Online visibility has become increasingly more important for offline businesses because of the change in the nature of people’s search for information. Technology has, and will continue to change the ...Copyright © 2004-2011, by Stephen Pitts aka, All Rights Reserved. Contact pittfall@seopittfall.comCan Customers Find You Offline?
Serious About Business Growth, Take Your Online Conversations Offline
2011-11-24 16:00:00
Serious About Business Growth, Take Your Online Conversations Offline is a Big Thinker resource from You see, taking conversations offline, and building credibility and authority is a lot bigger than just the marketing messages and the commenting that goes back and forth online. I would go as far to say something amazing happens when you start selectively choosing a few people per week to support and become a cheerleader for, to share with them what you do, and perhaps they in turn become clients.
Dealaram.Com to Bridge Gap Between Online Market And Offline Market
2011-04-26 16:03:00
4 techies have come together to form a partnership firm RAM Tech marketing to launch, an E-commerce site in India. plans to bridge a gap between online market and offline market. plans to offers deals on online and offline products ranging from electronics gadgets, mobile accessories, travel packages, etc. The website guides the buyers throughout the shopping spree along with discounts. It seems like this is another addition to the long list of deal based sites inspired by groupon globally. In India Snapdeal is one which has gained some traction and recently Mydala raised funding from Infoedge. Its highly unlikely that more than 3 players would survive this space. Will turn out to be one of the survivors?? Tell Us Check the Winners Of WATAwards Here Related Receives Funding from Accel, Tiger GlobalDespite RBI Ruling PayPal Positive In India Due To Growing MarketOnline Booking For Low-Cost Airline a Hit in As...
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Ayojak And Suvidhaa Now Let You Pay For Your Tickets Offline
2010-12-10 14:00:00 has tied up with Suvidhaa Infoserve Private Limited., to enable Ticket Organizers across India to accept cash payments for their tickets at any of the 30,000 Suvidhaa outlets around the country. Suvidhaa outlets are spread across various convenient locations like kirana stores, mobile stores, medical stores, STD booths, cyber cafés and travel agencies and users can take advantage of this. They can book their tickets on Ayojak and pay in cash to any Suvidha store owner who can key in the requisite details and generate a receipt on the spot. Since Ayojak’s Online Ticket Booking software is integrated with Suvidhaa transaction system users will be able to get their ticket instantly. Mr. Santosh Panda, CEO of Signure Technologies – the company that owns – said “With Suvidhaa tie-up, Ayojak enables event organizers to reach the last miles of customer’s convenience for buying event tickets near their home, office, and various l...
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WikiLeaks goes offline under US pressure
2010-12-02 06:58:00
"Here's the deal. Keep the vast majority of citizens ignorant, illiterate and scared. Then, they are ripe for enslavement," Carol Yates Wilkerson. After the "job" has been done, the US struck...
Google Eyes Offline, Real World Marketing With Goggles Experiment
2010-11-17 08:50:00
Google Goggles has been around for a year now. While the concept of visual search is not entirely new, the last 1 or 2 years has seen some fascinating applications like Augmented Reality and QR codes. The QR code space has gotten a little crowded and with the lack of standardization across different companies that make these codes, there is a risk of too much fragmentation. Google may have broken new ground with a simple experiment involving Goggles and some real world marketing campaigns. Google’s blog announced the experiment last night. 5 brands will work Goggles to “extend their offline marketing campaigns into the mobile web”. So far Buick, Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile and Delta Airlines have signed up to be a part of it. What they’ve done is ensured that some of their ads themselves are “Goggle Enabled” so when you shoot them through the app it gives the user the option to click on a link that will take them to the mobile web part of the campaig...
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Offline SMPS
2010-10-29 00:21:00
What is offline SMPS? How can SMPS be offline? If we were talking about UPS it would be normal but SMPS and offline seems a bit out of tune.
Incorporating Offline Marketing Into Your System Can Triple Your Income
2010-10-28 07:08:00
Although we conduct business online; that does not mean that all of your marketing efforts should be limited to the internet. This is an easy trap to fall into because it is convenient to just sit at your computer and conduct all of your business without ever leaving home, making phone calls, or talking to ...
PTIN registration system offline this weekend
2010-10-08 05:57:00
If you haven't registered for your preparer tax identification number (or PTIN) yet, you'll have to wait a few more days to do so. The IRS has announced that its new online PTIN registration system will not be available this...
Indian Company Onward Mobility Has An Offline App Store
2010-08-17 06:45:00
Apple’s famous “There’s an App for that” does not seem to have penetrated the Indian mindset. In spite of the great strides India has made in mobile penetration, both rural and otherwise, the concept of the mobile as a one-stop solution for all your needs is yet to pervade the Indian mentality (I’ve seen instances where people with business phones hunt for pen and paper to take down details). The reasons why Apps (mobile applications) aren’t that popular are several. The fact that unlike iOS and Android, other operating systems like Symbian (which comes installed on Nokia, Ericsson and other brands) lack an official app store contributes. Add the fact that the higher-end phones have just started getting popular, and that most Apps out there are either not written with the Indian user in mind (especially those nice ones with GPS and visual search) or are too expensive, and you have a decent (though not comprehensive) explanation for why apps are ye...
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Smingle Lets You Date Online Before You Meet Offline
2010-08-10 21:47:00
This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine. A little known fact about me is that I was once on a nationally syndicated talk show talking about my positive experiences with an online dating site back in the late 90’s, before online dating was socially accepted as ... No related posts. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
Kap & Mellow Cat: Online v. Offline
2010-08-02 11:23:00
Terinspirasi dari perjalanan mas Ari dan gw menuju acara Bukan Bazaar di area Pulo Raya. Pusing nyarinya sampe pake salah satu servis online map di sebuah situs yang cukup terpercaya, tapi ujung-ujungnya tetep aja salah belok soalnya ada belokan yang tak terlihat di map tersebut XD Akhirnya emang lebih pasti dan lebih cepet dengan angkat telepon dan nelpon, “halo, lu di mana sih? Lokasinya tepatnya di mana ya? Ancer-ancernya apa?” IRL FTW* (IRL = In Real Life. FTW = For The Win)
Kap & Mellow Cat: Grand Opening Offline Store
2010-07-19 03:47:00
Becandaan :D Tapi iya sih, kaos Pixel Barong-nya tolong dong dipajang XD Itu obat ganteng itu XD Ini kaos Pixel Barong (picture courtesy of - Hari Jumat kemarin (16 Juli) gw mampir ke grand opening toko di Mazee, fX :D Ketemu para bos Ada mas Rajasa (@rajasa), mas Anggi  Krisna (@icreativelabs), mas Agus (@agoes82) sama mas Anang (@unwinged), hehe. Congratulations yak pak bos sekalian :D Ini foto-foto pas di toko offline Cekidot~ Dateng ke grand opening offline store ga lengkap kalo ga pamer baju dari dong XD Dipastikan Pixel Barong jadi andalan XD Pixel Barong didapat dari hasil ngegasak tim sewaktu event di JCC     Dua, er, tiga wajah berikut ini adalah para pemilik :D Tim Biarpun jadi bos, tetep melayani pelanggan, promosi sampe ngebungkus :D Salut! Packaging buat kaos :D Sekali lagi, selamat buat tim! :D Semoga ma...
Why Superheroes Are Always Offline
2010-05-19 18:01:00
Here are some of the reasons why our beloved superheroes usually stays offline.
Yahoo India Takes Flickr Communities Offline Via Events
2010-04-28 10:12:00
The natural progression of any online community is to take it offline with regular meets and discussions. Given the fact that Yahoo owned photo sharing site over 2.29 million users from India (comScore, March 2010) with over 12,500 groups connected with the term “India” it was time they made efforts to take this community offline. And so that have announced an array of interesting events.  Yahoo! India hosted events for Flickr across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore this month to provide an offline platform for Flickr photo enthusiasts. These events brought together 200 Flickr community members in each city who shared photography tips, insights and love for pictures in general. All in all we feel this is a great move by Yahoo India and Flickr as offline community connects brings a real aspect to a virtual connection and also helps make real life impact. I personally know of photography enthusiasts who showcase their work using platforms like twitter. Why Social Media Has...
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Simpan dan baca Google Map/Earth secara offline dengan GMapCatcher
2010-03-30 02:04:00
Salah satu layanan google yang cukup populer selain Google Earth adalah Google Map. Google Map merupakan salah satu aplikasi dari google yang memberikan layanan atau informasi berbasis peta (map). Kita bisa melihat berbagai peta di dunia, dengan keterangan nama jalan, tempat bisnis dan berbagai lokasi penting lainnya. Biasanya kita melihat map di google map secara online ... To Go Offline Via ‘College Ambassador’ Progra
2010-01-15 04:51:00
It was just a year ago when the hiring activity slumped to all time low in India and the situation was much more gloomier for freshers. The time is changing and as economy recovers so is fresh hiring. This has catapulted to launch ‘College Ambassador‘ programme to leverage the offline presence for Online success. Freshersworld’s – ‘College Ambassador’ is an initiative to appoint leaders in college to convey the career advice, job opportunities from the portal and various other job related quotients to students. Fresherworld will train the college ambassador’s so that they can doll out expert advise to their Collegemates. According to Joby Joseph, CEO,” Students in colleges are still very ill equipped about their career search including creating resumes and preparing for tests. The Campus Ambassadors will interact with and ensure that all the students are well educated in this regar...
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Posting Blog dengan Editor Offline
2009-11-19 02:12:00
Pernahkah Anda menderita disaat putusnya koneksi internet ketika sedang menulis posting diblog secara online? Sepertinya Anda kehilangan segalanya yang Anda buat dengan "editor posting" blog online?... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
How to Open Entire Website Offline ?
2009-11-18 17:49:00
I didn’t test it yet as you read this article, but I feel amaze that a software can grab whole / entire website into one packet. Eventually we can open entire website offlinely. Don’t need one by one, with time consuming methods save whole webpages. All could be done with one software. Here’s the ...
Online Socializing leads to offline Sex
2009-11-11 21:21:00
Remember when you had to go to a bar and pick up someone in order to get laid? According to a new mobile dating survey conducted by Intelitech Inc, the creators of PhoneShag, 70.4-percent surveyed have known someone that took online interaction offline and met their date in person. How many of these people actually fucked, they didn’t say. Click to read more...
2009-10-06 22:27:00
. . . and my mind is sinking in the mooring way of my soul....
Offline Business Man Happily Walks Away From $2 Million A Year
2009-09-30 01:21:00
Hello Fellow Reader, My friend Jeff Dedrick has a little secret… and it’s not what you might think. You see… when Jeff first started out online he wasn’t completely new to business. No, in fact, he was already quite successful offline. In fact, his business was generating $2 million a year. But… that’s not the secret. The secret is that ...
Download Google Chrome 3 Offline Setup Installer
2009-09-18 04:24:00
Two days back, Google has officially announced the release of the latest stable version of Google Chrome 3 ( The latest Google Chrome 3 shows improvement in Javascript performance by more than 25% since the most recent stable release. The new release also supports themes so you can customize the browser with one of the 28 ...
Pirate Bay offline, shut down by ISP
2009-09-07 04:18:00
Pirate Bay offline, shut down by ISP File-sharing site, The Pirate Bay went down today after its Internet service provider, Black Internet, cut its connection to avoid being fined by the Stockholm district court. A 500,000 Swedish kronor (US$70,000) fine would be the result if Black Internet did not comply with the decision in the district court. The Stockholm court’s decision goes back to May when a number of movie and record companies filed a motion with the court to fine the people behind the Pirate Bay operation, including Black Internet, as long as The Pirate Bay users can access copyright-protected material.Black Internet isn’t the only operator that sells capacity to The Pirate Bay, but it’s by far the largest. There is some redundancy with capacity from other operators, but not enough for the site to be up and running. A Swedish court apparently decided it is illegal to be an ISP, said former Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde via Twitter today. This isn’t the first ti...
How To Download Google Chrome Offline Installer
2009-09-06 17:33:00
The official website of Google Chrome only provides a web installer to download Chrome. And some users have reported problems while downloading from it. People have their own reasons to keep an offline installer in hand because you never know when you might need to install the browser when no Internet connectivity is available. Getting an offline ...
Reverse Power vs. Offline Anti-Motoring
2009-07-17 17:24:00
We have several forms of generator protection that are somewhat confusing and I'm looking for more information. One is Reverse Power which is an online protection relay. Another is accidental energization, and a third is off-line anti-motoring. What specifically is the difference between off-line
Brand reputation e eventi offline
2009-05-28 00:53:00
Recentemente mi è capitato di vedere un video che, pur non offrendo risultati rilevanti ad esso correlati nelle serp dei motri di ricerca, non può che far riflettere sulle ripercussioni che un evento, anche offline, può avere sulla reputazione di un’azienda che opera sul web. E’ accaduto, suo malgrado, a Phone And Go, tour operator attivo ... Related posts:Un paio di eventi a Pisa nella prima settimana di Giugno Cristiano Pertici mi informa via e-mail che domenica 1 Giugno...Vedo, sento, parlo: la Brand Reputation secondo Domani e gioved, il 7 e l’8 Novembre, si terr...Eventi e Corsi… di qualcosa! Si cresce e soprattutto si cerca di crescere, a tale...
MySpace India - The Online To Offline Social Network - Will It Work?
2009-05-19 05:54:00
(With Inputs from Rajiv Dingra) Myspace India’s Country Manager Hari V Krishnan recently was quoted as stating that in India Myspace strategy was to take online social networking offline and following the same and in a quest to capture a bigger slice of Indian Social networking pie they have announced the launch of ‘MySpace Secret Shows’ in India. This comes on the heel of ongoing Black Curtain Screenings initiative in India, where users are given free passes for premiere movie shows. Offline To Online - An Innovative Model? The Myspace Secret Shows organizes concert shows where real identity of the performer is kept under raps until the last moment. This platform has become synonymous with launching several leading names in the global music scene. The Myspace secret shows has been held across 10 countries with more than 150 Secret Shows since 3 years.The Free concert shows in India will groove to alternative music genres,  including rock,  metal,  folk,  suf...
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Offline data entry work from home
2009-04-23 10:55:00
Do you need data entry projects Or do you need data entry work from home Do you have high speed typing knowledge in Tamil Grab this opportunity foe earn more money from home there is no internet connection required. Eligible person apply for this job with your typing speed. This is very simple typing work from home, you can work in your convenient time there is no pressure or boss. Work as much as you can, depends on your working capacity you earn more money. There is no limitation, we will send some documents or books anything, that you want to type in to Microsoft word and send back to us as CD format or if you have internet you can send through email. This is guaranteed money earning job, if you have any doubts you can contact us directly at any time.
2009-04-04 01:13:00
Victor Wilson asked: Some grouping feature it?s trustable and innocuous to acquire Designer Handbags online, patch others debate that the designer bags from online channels are intense quality. So whatever ladies would go direct to the offline stores to acquire their activity prada handbags, patch whatever ladies opt to acquire their designer bags from the ...
Show off your offline commitment!
2009-02-11 18:57:00
As part of an online detox process, one deserves the right outfit. Jonah made it for us. You can buy all of these and for the right move, on the right track, you can express your offline commitment.A special one for Yasmine... Posted by Cati Vaucelle @ Architectradure................-...............................-...............................-...............Blog Jouons Blog Maison Blog Passion
Menginstall Wordpress Di Localhost (Offline)
2009-01-26 15:17:00
Sebelum melanjutkan tutorial tentang install Wordpress lewat Cpanel Hosting, sekarang diselingi sulu tentang cara install Wordpress di komputer kita. Tujuannya buat latihan dulu supaya lebih familiar dengan Wordpress dan bisa belajar edit theme dengan cepat. Daripada harus online ketika mau coba theme atau plugin baru, lebih di tes dulu secara offline, kalau bagus baru di ...
Sat?? Promosyonunda Offline ve Online Bulu?mas?
2008-12-03 16:26:00
Offline mecalar ile online mecralar?n bulu?mas? byk bir h?zla devam ediyor. Trinko bu konuda ok gzel bir uygulamay? devreye sokmu?. Kendi web sielerinden aynen a?a??ya kopyalad?m; “Trinko, internet zerinden al??an bir sat?? promosyon sistemidir. rnlerinizin en kk bakkaldan en byk spermarkete kadar, geleneksel al??veri? ortam?ndaki sat??lar?n? artt?rmay? hedefleyen farkl? ve arp?c? bir promosyon tekni?idir. Temelde, Trinko ...
TechEd (online and offline)
2008-11-24 18:57:00
I recently participated in the TechEd EMEA Developers, which took place in the beautiful Barcelona. I won?t cover the technical sessions here (which many people already did) but I?ll focus on something else. Basically I had 2 main targets in my mind: Promote the MVP Award Program Network with as many people as possible I?m very satisfied with both of them as I would say I accomplished them both. I was attending the Community Booth (which was right in between the 2 Ask The Expert Zones), being available for the customers who wanted to know more about the Program.  ?the ATE Briefing? I guess this is the first time (ever!) in which I don?t get any questions like ?Who are the MVPs?? ?What is the MVP Program?? or, even worse, ?Is that a Microsoft Certification??. It seems all the attendees visiting and/or passing through our Booth were very aware about the MVPs which is great! I also wanted to promote the Program internally among my peers, and I did that, meeting with ...
An Offline Google Reader For My iPod Touch
2008-09-17 23:47:00
As you may know, I recently decided I couldn?t wait any longer for my iPhone (I?m waiting until my T-Mobile contract expires), so I bought an iPod Touch instead. For the most part, this has turned out rather well. I can now try a lot of the iPhone apps that are available today with ...
Microsoft makes breakthrough in community software ? Offline Forum Reader
2008-08-07 13:47:00
In this era, the importance of social media can?t be undermined. Forums are community avenues where people converge and discuss issues of relevance to them. Forums were preceded by BB software and newsgroups. India, however, jumped this technical cycle and moved directly to forums. The main advantage that forums presented to users was access using browser over internet and searchability.
Microsoft makes breakthrough in community software ? Offline Forum Reader
2008-08-07 13:47:00
In this era, the importance of social media can?t be undermined. Forums are community avenues where people converge and discuss issues of relevance to them. Forums were preceded by BB software and newsgroups. India, however, jumped this technical cycle and moved directly to forums. The main advantage that forums presented to users was access using browser over internet and searchability.
Google Docs - Ahora Offline
2008-08-06 02:06:00
Gracias a Google Gears, ahora podemos ver nuestros documentos en Google Docs sin necesidad de estar conectados a internet, al igual que en Google Reader. Para habilitar esta funcin, necesitamos tener instalado Google Gears, y luego activar la opcin Offline en Google Docs (aparecer en la parte superior derecha de Google docs, con la ...ShareThis
Google Gears Takes Ruby on Rails Offline - The Next Step: Plug-in
2008-07-26 07:07:00
The team’s next step is to get the technology “into a fully formed plug-in that can be used with any Rails app,” Marcus said. “And to make it more open-source-friendly,” Ma said. “That sounds like a great idea,” David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, wrote in response to questions about the Gears on Rails ...
Google Gears Takes Ruby on Rails Offline
2008-07-26 07:05:00
The Gears on Rails project by Google Gears enables Ruby on Rails developers to take their applications offline, as some sharp developers put Gears to new and different uses.Developers are putting Google Gears to some interesting uses, including offline support for Ruby on Rails and building client-side search engines. Gears for Rails represents another boost to ...
Making new friends, 10 passionate ways to connect with friends offline
2008-07-26 05:43:00
Wish you had more friends but not sure how to get started? I have some tips that can help you fill your friends list.
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