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GnuPG Plugin For Microsoft Outlook 2010: Fight CISPA!
2012-05-04 09:00:00
As you know I am REALLY against CISPA and these other "Big Brother" laws that are getting passed by the U.S. Government as a reaction to an imaginary threat. I even dedicated my May version of Tech Chop to spreading the word about CISPA. You can watch that here: (The Horrors of CISPA)If you follow me on Twitter, then you've probably seen me tweet about how if CISPA makes it pass the Senate, and President Obama doesn't veto that sone of a bitch then we as Amercans need to take precautions to protect our privacy. What that means, at least for online communications, is encryption! If you want to learn more about how you can encrypt pretty much anything you can watch my Tech Chop video on that here as well: (Encrypt Everything)In that video I mentioned encrypting your email using a free alternative to PGP that is fully compatible called GnuPG. It comes in a Windows version called GPG4Win, and it used to have a cool Outlook plugin that came bundled with it. That plugin only worked for ...
U.S. Consumers: Still Key to the Outlook
2012-05-01 16:36:00
What I like most about Gary Shilling’s economic analysis is that it’s thorough. In the piece that follows – an excerpt from Gary’s monthly INSIGHT – he ranges from the importance of US consumer spending and the unemployment rate, to the actions of the Fed, to business cost cutting and productivity, to the housing crisis and household debt, to state and local government fiscal issues, to US exports – Etc.! So by time he gets ready to deliver conclusions, you know they’re well-supported. And Gary’s overall conclusion here, regarding the rest of 2012, is a strong one and maybe not quite what … [visit site to read . . . → Read More: U.S. Consumers: Still Key to the Outlook
"Challenging" outlook for Abu Dhabi property
2012-05-01 02:00:00
The Abu Dhabi real estate market has experienced a decline in sales and falling rents over the past few months. Cluttons stated the outlook for the emirate's residential property sector will continue to be "challenging" in 2012, but stressed an improvement is on the horizon. The REIDIN residential property price indices for Abu Dhabi in March revealed the value of homes declined by 1.02 per cent month-on-month, while rents slipped by 0.36 per cent. According to Cluttons, rents for apartments have fallen by between six and ten per cent and this downward trend is likely to continue, as more stock is due to come on to the market this year. However, the firm pointed out there is strong demand for homes in Abu Dhabi, while the government announcement that several "landmark projects" are to be resumed is a further positive step. Optimism in the sector has also been boosted by the significant profits posted for 2011 by several major developers - including Sorouh a...
Election outlook: 100 electoral votes will decide presidency
2012-04-25 15:41:00
Economic growth may be stagnating, high-dollar donors may be harder to woo than they were four years ago, and Mitt Romney may be narrowing the gap in public-opinion polls, but President Barack Obama has one key thing going for him at the outset of this general election season: a significant advantage in the battle for 270 electoral votes.
Positive outlook for Malaysian property market
2012-04-25 02:00:00
There are many reasons for investors to be optimistic about the prospects of Malaysia's real estate sector. Writing for The Star Online, managing director of SDB Properties Teh Lip Kim explained the country's housing market is "still relatively underpriced" in comparison to other south-east Asian nations like Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. He added property prices in Malaysia are likely to continue to rise, despite the government discussing measures to slow growth down. One proposal is to increase the minimum amount foreigners have to spend in order to buy real estate in the country - this currently stands at RM500,000 (£101,093), but could climb to RM1 million. However, the expert pointed out this is likely to have little impact, as the majority of transactions conducted by overseas purchasers are already over the RM1 million threshold. When the suggestion of raising the minimum purchase price for foreign buyers was first made earlier this month, an anon...
Learn Outlook Email Encryption and How it Aids in Enhancing Online Protecti
2012-04-20 19:12:00
Outlook email encryption is a program of Microsoft that is built to deliver email account users security that their personal data and sensitive messages from becoming stolen by cyberpunks and on-line scams. It is most effective by simply training account owners how to determine a vicious email message and attachment when they find one. Employing ...
Hoisington First-Quarter Review and Outlook
2012-04-17 15:38:00
Lacy Hunt kicks things off with a bang in Hoisington’s Quarterly Review and Outlook, this week’s Outside the Box: "The standard of living of the average American continues to fall." The reason, in a word: debt. Lacy explains what happens: "Efforts by fiscal and monetary authorities to sustain growth by further debt accumulation may produce some short-term benefit. Sadly, these interludes fade quickly as the debt becomes more destabilizing. The net result of increased indebtedness then becomes the opposite of what policymakers intend when they promote economic growth by either borrowing funds for increased government expenditures or encourage consumers to borrow with artificial and temporary incentives." In other words, you can’t get to real, sustained growth of an economy . . . → Read More: Hoisington First-Quarter Review and Outlook
BLS Launches New Occupational Outlook Handbook Online Today
2012-04-12 15:30:00
BLS Launches New Occupational Outlook Handbook Online Today The BLS just launched its updated New Occupational Outlook Handbook Online last week, on March 29, 2012. We were pleased to see this given some attention. We were also pleased to have provided information to the BLS on some of the j
Outlook OST Mail Recovery
2012-04-05 04:02:00
Enstella developed Best Outlook OST Mail Recovery software to repair Outlook OST file instantly. With this outstanding Outlook OST email recovery tool you can easily recover OST mailboxes and restore OST to PST whenever corruption is occurs in your OST file. Outlook OST to PST Conversion software deeply examine corrupt /orphaned OST file of such versions-5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.
By: Shareware
Outlook 2007 OST Converter
2012-04-05 04:02:00
With the help of PDS Best Outlook 2007 OST Converter – OST converter PST 2007 Program you can safely access OST file Outlook 2007 and also convert OST file to PST Outlook 2007 instantly. Wonderfully Outlook 2007 OST converter PST program securely convert OST to PST Outlook 2007. PDS OST recovery 2007 program smoothly fix Outlook OST file 2007 recover deleted OST emails 2007 with entire OST email objects: to, cc, bcc, from, subject and date etc.
By: Shareware
Outlook 2010 OST Converter
2012-04-05 04:02:00
Through 2010 OST repair tool access OST file Outlook 2010 restore OST file to PST file. With the assists of OST to PST Converter Outlook 2010 you can fluently repair Outlook OST file 2010 also import OST file Outlook 2010 to PST. Just use Outlook 2010 OST Converter OST exporter tool which can help you to Outlook 2010 export OST to PST with entire OST file data like: Inbox/Outbox/Sent item/Draft/Contacts/Calendars/J-ournals/Tasks Notes etc.
By: Shareware
OST Export to Outlook
2012-04-05 04:02:00
Instant OST to PST export tool to repair orphan OST file and fix OST to PST file. OST Export to Outlook tool is Smart, Quick and reliable OST 2 PST export utility to fix large Outlook OST file in minutes and restore OST file to PST file. Best OST2PST recovery and copy OST to PST software allows you to easily transfer OST file to PST file without losing any data. Convert OST to PST tool support OST 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 5.5 5.0!
By: Shareware
MessageExport for Outlook
2012-03-16 23:02:00
MessageExport for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that is enables you to quickly convert Outlook email to different formats, including .pdf, .msg, .eml, .mbox, .mht, .txt, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .html, and other various formats with a single click.Read more...
Microsoft Office Outlook Express - Contact List
2012-03-16 16:39:00
I am losing contacts on my contact list ? Have been for some time . These are contacts I use fairly often. Has anyone else experienced this ?
Fed Outlook Gives Dollar Additional Boost
2012-03-15 08:05:00
Source: ForexYard Fed Outlook Gives Dollar Additional Boost A positive economic outlook from the US Federal Reserve earlier this week, helped boost the dollar against its main currency rivals throughout yesterday's trading session. The news helped boost the USD/JPY to a fresh 11-month high, while the EUR/USD dropped as low as 1.3029 during the morning session. Today, traders will want to pay attention to a batch of US data, which includes this week's Unemployment Claims figure. Any positive US news could help boost the dollar further. Economic News USD – US News Set to Impact Markets Today The USD was able to extend its bullish trend yesterday, as positive US news continues to boost investor confidence in the . . . → Read More: Fed Outlook Gives Dollar Additional Boost
Free Customer Mapping Software. Map Customers from Outlook to GIS Maps
2012-02-10 18:03:00
Free customer mapping software has been on my list of wants for some time so I was delighted to find the Squork Mapping site gives you a free 14-day trial.  It's plenty of time to pin-up all of your customers and work out how you could get more from your sales and marketing activities.  I've been using Squork Mapping this week to publish the locations of all of my customers for free from my Outlook Address book. Preparing my data. 1. This is pretty easy to do.  I first downloaded the CSV template from the site that opens up in Excel.  There are a number of different templates depending on which regions you are looking to map to.  As mine was UK it wasn't any trouble because the UK template comes with postcode referencing. 2. Then I exported my data from Outlook into a CSV format too. 3. The next (and trickiest task)  was to populate the CSV templace with my Outlook data.  I did this by opening both spreadsheets - the Squork Mapping CSV templat...
Free Nature Outlook Traditional Asian Medicine book
2012-01-18 16:34:00 ?¤This Frëè Stuff Tìmes . C om feed should only be reâd in feed readers, on the Frëëstuff Timesëmail list, or the ©FST Google Gadget. Any other use is ©opyright infri ngëment and should be reportëd.©
Hoisington Quarterly Review and Outlook
2012-01-18 16:10:00
Hoisington Quarterly Review and Outlook John Mauldin January 16, 2012 The “Quarterly Review and Outlook” from Hoisington Investment Management is one of the most significant pieces that crosses my desk – I try and drop everything else as soon as possible. This quarter’s is no exception. The authors, Dr. Lacy Hunt and Van Hoisington, get right down to brass tacks with their opening sentence: “As the U.S. economy enters 2012, the gross government debt-to-GDP ratio stands near 100%.” They cite an influential 2010 historical study of high-debt-level economies around the world, by Professors Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart, that concluded that when a country’s gross government debt rises above 90% of GDP, “median growth rates fall by one . . . → Read More: Hoisington Quarterly Review and Outlook
Na windows update KB2585542 is Kerio Outlook Connector stuk. Er is inmiddel
2012-01-12 10:20:00 Na windows update KB2585542 is Kerio Outlook Connector stuk. Er is inmiddels een update van Kerio #kerio 17 hours ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
2012 Investment Themes
2012-01-10 16:55:00
As my good friend Gary Shilling says, in leading off his piece on 2012 investment themes, which is this week’s OTB, “This year is just the first step in the long-run journey that will continue to be dominated by The Age of Deleveraging” – which also just happens to be the title of Gary’s latest book. Whether you call it that or call it the End Game, as I have, it shapes up as a profoundly different and challenging era for all of us. Gary identifies 9 causes of slow global growth in the years ahead: 1. U.S. consumers will shift from a 25-year borrowing-and-spending binge to a saving spree. This will spread abroad as American consumers curtail the . . . → Read More: 2012 Investment Themes
Free Nature Outlook Multiple Myeloma book
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Eurozone is closer to break-up, warns Standard Chartered?s Peter Sands
2012-01-01 21:43:00
The chief executive of Standard Chartered has warned that there is an increasing likelihood of a country falling out of the eurozone because of the inability of politicians to resolve the crisis. … “We enter 2012 with a very difficult outlook for the eurozone [and] with an increasing possibility of countries actually leaving the eurozone. ...
Rental Outlook 2012: The Good Times Roll on
2011-12-28 16:11:00
The stars are aligned to make 2012 an extraordinary year for rental income.  The decline in homeownership is translating into rising rents and the multifamily apartment sector, though booming today, was late catching the wave.  If it weren?t for the new investor-driven single family rentals in many markets, rents would be zooming even higher than ...This Article is Copyright © 2004-2011 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rental Outlook 2012: The Good Times Roll on
Highlights of Mark Carney’s Economic outlook
2011-11-01 21:56:00
The following are selected highlights from Bank of Canada Governor, Mark Carney’s opening Statement for Appearance Before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.These comments reflect the October Monetary Policy report issued by the Bank earlier in the week. On the Global Economy…The global economy has slowed markedly as several downside risks to the projection outlined in the Bank’s July MPR have been realized. Volatility has increased and there has been a generalized retrenchment from risk-taking across markets. The combination of ongoing deleveraging by banks and households, increased fiscal austerity and declining confidence is expected to restrain growth across the advanced economies.On the Euro Crisis…The Bank now expects that the euro area—where these dynamics are most acute—will experience a brief recession. The Bank’s base-case scenario nonetheless assumes that the euro-area crisis will be contained, although this assumption is c...
Highlights of Mark Carney’s Economic outlook
2011-11-01 21:56:00
The following are selected highlights from Bank of Canada Governor, Mark Carney’s opening Statement for Appearance Before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.These comments reflect the October Monetary Policy report issued by the Bank earlier in the week. On the Global Economy…The global economy has slowed markedly as several downside risks to the projection outlined in the Bank’s July MPR have been realized. Volatility has increased and there has been a generalized retrenchment from risk-taking across markets. The combination of ongoing deleveraging by banks and households, increased fiscal austerity and declining confidence is expected to restrain growth across the advanced economies.On the Euro Crisis…The Bank now expects that the euro area—where these dynamics are most acute—will experience a brief recession. The Bank’s base-case scenario nonetheless assumes that the euro-area crisis will be contained, although this assumption is c...
New Psychotherapy Helps Depression Patients Cultivate Optimistic Outlook
2011-10-20 11:48:00
New Psychotherapy Helps Depression Patients Cultivate Optimistic Outlook Instead of Traditional Therapy Focus on Negative Thoughts About Past Patients with major depression do better by learning to create a more positive outlook about the future, rather than by focusing on negative thoughts about their past experiences, researchers at Cedars-Sinai say after developing a new treatment that helps patients do this. While Major Depressive Disorder patients traditionally undergo cognitive-behavior therapy care that seeks to alter their irrational, negative thoughts about past experiences, patients who were treated with the newly-developed Future-Directed Therapy? demonstrated significant improvement in depression and anxiety, as well as improvement in overall reported quality of life, the researchers found. Results were published recently in the peer-reviewed journal CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics.
8/18/2011 - A Half-Empty Outlook
2011-08-18 20:19:00
Commentary on the current state of things in general pushing some pretty intense baseball action to the background but the Jets and Giants and football should be interesting.
Digital Presence Is Reinforced By ‘Outlook Money’
2011-07-19 07:05:00
The finance magazine targets the youth and aims at getting fresh users through its presence in the digital market. ‘Outlook Money‘ is the new digital face in the market today. Its fortnightly appearance has been redesigned to a fresh new website ( and a launch of its new version called Digital Edition of the magazine ( The main purpose of the makeover of Outlook Money was to redistribute their content to a broader scenario and to haul new users on board. Having completed 13 successful years in intuitive journalism, Outlook Money comes in its new form with even more effective content in stock market, mutual funds, real estate, financial planning, wealth management, entrepreneurship and even a guide to getting the best value in your spending. The digital version will contain exclusive information which may not be available in the print versions. But that’s not all. Outlook Money digital can be accessed through your iPads,...
By: WATblog
?Negative? Outlook? Oh No!
2011-04-18 22:37:00
S&P, kicking and screaming, downgrades U.S. "outlook", but defends AAA. Plus... Dollar defies S&P to rally, as euro-ugly comes back into vogue; Gold zooms to an all-new high as a Texas endowment piles in
Outlook Social Connector for Microsoft Office 2010
2011-01-31 02:03:00
to read the other original articles like this, click here Outlook Social Connector for Microsoft Office 2010Microsoft Outlook 2010 is no doubt an amazing tool for managing business mails. The ever growing social networks has proved its power and importance in business world. So, this time around Microsoft launched Outlook Social Connector that brings the power of Social networks right inside outlook. Installing Microsoft Outlook Social Connector (OSC) provide you an overview of all the interactions Read full more at Technology
MS Outlook and Exchange Server : An Overview
2011-01-14 08:56:00
Few individuals who do not come in direct contact with the field of IT or its services, can find the relation between Ms Exchange server and Microsoft Office Outlook a little confusing. In this article, we have tried to describe it in the most simple and basic ways for better understandability. Basically, both these applications ...Post from: UK Web Hosting | Linux Windows Server Tutorials | PHP MySQL ServiceMS Outlook and Exchange Server : An Overview
What is causing Mortgage Rates to spike and what's the outlook?
2010-12-26 18:36:00
Mortgage rates have gone up every single week for last 5 weeks - now up ~.75%. (Get the mortgage rate update in this post). It all started with Fed announcing Quantitative Easing 2. The big question is why so sudden and why so steep! There are several possible reasons:Markets are increasingly more optimistic that 2011 economic growth will be stronger than what had been expected. Expectations until a couple of weeks ago were for GDP growth in 2011 to be 3.0%, now the consensus is for growth to be at 4.0% and a decline in the unemployment rate from the present 9.8% to 8.7% by the end of 2011.The extension of the Bush tax cuts, the 2.0% cut in workers contribution to social security will put more cash in consumers' pockets.Also driving rates higher, the end of safety moves generated by issues in Europe and in the US and Congress's unwillingness to cut federal spending. The $858B tax cut bill now moving through Congress is yet one more Christmas tree filled with earmarks (pork), poli...
2011 Gold Outlook
2010-12-21 21:56:00
Gold demand, then and now: A powerful factor propelling gold for another decade. Two figures that prove conclusively gold is NOT in a bubble. Obama signs game-changer for gold and silver coins. S&P record high in 2011 among ?10 outrageous predictions.? Reader inquires the best way to play the VIX... Dan Amoss with answers.
How Use Outlook and Sharepoint Meeting Workspaces Together Computersight
2010-11-09 10:17:00
ltpgtThis tutorial is designed for people who use Microsoft Office and Microsoft Sharepoint and who want to make the most of a quotMeeting WorkspacequotltpgtRead More...
Will Kerio Connect Work With Outlook 2011 for Mac?
2010-10-14 17:41:00
Kerio Technologies is committed to the development of Kerio Connect, and GetSync’d is committed to providing a solid tool for email, scheduling, and collaboration, regardless of your platform. A lot of Mac users are undoubtedly excited about the pending release of Outlook 2011 for Mac. But?if you?re thinking you can use it with Kerio Connect ...
Outlook Duplicate Calendar Remover
2010-10-13 22:27:00
Professional Outlook duplicate calendar remover to remove or delete duplicates Outlook calendar also remove duplicates Outlook metadata – emails, contacts, notes, tasks, journals etc. This software gives you 100% positive result.
That's My Positive Outlook
2010-10-07 14:56:00
I recently was gifted (?) with a bunch of my old newspapering notepads that had been moldering in my folks' house for more than a decade. Being an environmental sort, I've been going through them and tearing out the old notes for recycling, while saving the unused paper so that I have more loose sheets of paper floating around the house.95% of the notes are about horrible hippie bands in Boulder. 4.99% are administrative notes. And then there's this cheery one, apparently from 1998 and headed "Problems":"Job: Unfulfilling. Soul-sucking.Interpersonal Relationships: Mess."I'm sure I was deadly serious when I wrote that, but today it made me laugh out loud.* * *Despite evidence to the contrary, I still do read books:#43 -- "Be Not Afraid, For You Have Sons in America" by Stacy Sullivan#44 -- "Upside Down" by Eduardo Galeano#45 -- "My Battle of Algiers" by Ted Morgan#46 -- "The Secret Pilgrim" by John LeCarre#47 -- "The Geography of Bliss" by Eric WeinerWhew. All good here, if you w...
Connect Facebook To Your Inbox With Microsoft Outlook Connector
2010-07-16 08:55:00
Does the social networking bug bite you while you are at work? Do you have that urge to peek into your Facebook account every now and then to see what your friends or colleagues are doing while you are working through e-mails? Microsoft has crafted the near perfect solution for you. You can now access your social networks in your e-mail inbox! Microsoft now lets you plug Facebook and Windows Live right into Outlook through the Outlook Social Connector. You can stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues as you look through your email. This basically means that Connector will link Facebook profiles to the contacts in your mail. For example, when you’re reading a friend’s email in Outlook you will now also be able to see their status updates, photo uploads, posts, and other activities. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Email users will be able to view the Facebook activities of their friends in a box called the “People Pane.” Not only this, you will be...
By: WATblog
Google Apps Sync For Microsoft Outlook – What’s the Catch?
2010-06-02 17:47:00
Google Apps Premier is amazing, there is no question. Even if you only use it for email, you are making the right move. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. They offer Premier Edition free for 30 days. That said, there are also a number of nuances that exist which might either be a deal breaker or at least give you a headache if you are migrating from Microsoft Exchange. At least if you aren’t warned about them ahead of time. You are provided a tool called Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. This tool is very good and will keep everything in sync between Apps and Outlook. Everything, of course, except Journal, Notes, and Tasks. Are these a big deal? For some they are. For others, they aren’t. That one is up to you. What about the synchronization schedule? Here is the breakdown: Email is synchronized every minute. Calendar is synchronized immediately after you create or receive an invitation, otherwise, every 10 minutes. Contacts is synchronized ...
Razorfish Outlook Report 2010
2010-05-26 12:16:00
Der Razorfish Outlook Report 2010 ist frisch erschienen und liefert fundierte Informationen, Studien und Casestudies der digitalen Wirtschaft.
Microsoft dispone proyectos opensource para ficheros PST de Outlook
2010-05-24 15:46:00
Microsoft dispone dos nuevos proyectos open source, además de documentación, para acceso de datos en los ficheros PST usados en Microsoft Outlook. Según la nota de prensa, los programadores pueden usar los nuevos SDK para desarrollar aplicaciones de búsqueda, administración de fotos y exportar los datos a sistemas nube. Los nuevos SDK acaparan una herramienta ...
Syncing Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Plus
2010-04-25 03:52:00
If you’re having trouble sending or receiving mail, when syncing MS Outlook with Yahoo Plus, you’ll find this answer (below) in several places on the web. Problem is, it doesn’t always work. Try this: follow these instructions, but under the “Advanced” tab: POP3 = 110 (ssl unchecked) SMTP = 587 (ssl unchecked) Yes, I know ...
Trade of the Decade Update, Value Investor Outlook, Small Business Oddity a
2010-04-05 23:20:00
Trade of the Decade already paying off? forecasts and explanations below. Chris Mayer offers the best thing for a value investor to do with his cash, right now. Rob Parenteau highlights a strange phenomenon of this tepid recovery. Plus, international crises-yet-to-be: the yuan, Iran? and the U.S. military.
Outlook recieves but won?t send emails (Vista)
2010-03-09 20:54:00
One again, TONS of conflicting info out there! Here’s what worked for me: Simply changing the SMTP port from 25 to 587 fixed the problem. In Outlook – Tools > Email Accounts > View or change existing account > Next > Change >More Settings > Advanced > change the SMTP port from 25 to 587 ...
Flows - USD/IDR slipping; Moody's affirmed "Stable" outlook
2010-01-21 09:03:00
Published at 07:25 (GMT) 21 Jan The pairing slipped below the 9300-figure into afternoon trades...For more information, read our latest forex news and reports. 8 Vote(s)
Small productivity tip for Outlook
2010-01-15 16:03:00
I often find myself sending attachments in email, and I very rarely choose the method in which you click on the ?Add Attachment? button in Outlook simply because I find it too slow to find attachments through the browse dialog box that pops up ? usually I already have the files that I plan to ...
Sincroniza tus contactos de Outlook 2010 y Gmail con GO Contact Sync
2010-01-05 17:02:00
Si utilizas Outlook como cliente de correo electrónico además de GMail, y te gustaría mantener sincronizados los contactos de ambas cuentas, entonces GO Contact Sync te será de mucha ayuda. GO Contact Sync es una herramienta de software libre que te permite sincronizar los contactos de ambos clientes, eliminando la tediosa tarea de ingresar datos dos ...Este es un post de ILMAISTRO.COM, Blog de Tecnologia. Suscribirse via RSS. Sígueme en Twitter.Sincroniza tus contactos de Outlook 2010 y Gmail con GO Contact Sync
Healthy outlook for Pfizer (PFE)
2009-12-15 14:00:00
"I'm boosting my stake in Pfizer (NYSE: PFE); its merger with Wyeth created a firm with one of the broadest and deepest portfolios in the drug industry," says Ian Wyatt in The Recovery Portfolio."Like many of its peers, Pfizer faces massive patent losses on key drugs in coming years. Most notably, Lipitor, which is the largest selling anti-cholesterol drug in the world, loses U.S. patent exclusivity in 2011."But the addition of Wyeth's drug portfolio, coupled with an estimated $4 billion in merger synergies, should help Pfizer offset this loss. "And Pfizer's current share price already reflects the major risks faced by the company. Trading at only 8x estimated 2010 earnings, Pfizer's valuation is among the lowest in the entire pharmaceuticals universe. "The company's generous 3.6% dividend yield should also provide support for the stock, especially if 2010 turns out to be a listless, sideways-trending market."Finally, ...
Taking control of your inbox: Inbox Zero
2009-10-22 08:36:00
I have always followed the concepts of David Allen?s GTD (Getting Things Done), and the various adaptations of it for years. I have even tried out a lot of these from time to time to take control of all the emails that I get every day at work (and I get a ton of them). ...
Calendar Outlook Widget for Nokia N97
2009-09-28 21:28:00
Calendar Outlook is a calendar widget for Nokia N97 that behaves like the "today view" from MS Outlook to provide a quick overview of the next upcoming events. On N97 homescreen it shows 4 lines and if there are more events then it will be scrolling.Free Download: here
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