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Nancy White: "Your Father, Your Son"
2012-05-23 20:05:00
Nancy White directs the prestigious Word Works Washington Prize poetry book series, a contest that she won for her first book, Sun, Moon, Salt, in the early 1990s. She also taught English at my high school, St. Ann's School, so I have a special affection for her. However, even if we were strangers, I would still have fallen in love with her newest collection, Detour (Tamarack Editions, 2010). Detour explores the breaking apart and remaking of a woman's identity in the middle of her life, through a son's birth and a painful divorce. Subject matter that in a lesser poet's hands would be merely confessional here takes on a haiku-like precision and open-endedness, intimate yet unbounded by the confines of one person's experience. This feat is accomplished through White's use of the second-person voice and the way she narrates major events obliquely, through peripheral details described with quiet beauty. As a feminist and now the mother of a baby boy, I was particularly moved ...
Calling All Inventors! FridaBaby Wants Your Baby Product Ideas
2012-05-18 21:11:00
I'm going to try to write this with a straight face.... The FridaBaby company, which I have just learned of, markets some very inventive and 'curious' products for babies so far. One is called the Snotsucker, which employs a mom (or dad)  to suck the snot out of their baby's nose....   
<i>Time</i> Isn't The First To Feature 'Extreme Parenting'
2012-05-10 10:40:00
The shocking breastfeeding cover is the latest of several depictions of 'attachment' parenting.By Kara Warner <i>Time</i> magazine's May 2012 cover Photo: Time, Inc. Whether or not it was intended to cause immediate controversy, this week's Time magazine cover is the epitome of shock and awe. The photo depicts Los Angeles mother Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3-year-old son. Needless to say, the image is a striking one and has caused a media storm. As surprising as it may be to see a young mother breastfeeding her toddler, the story isn't as out-of-the-blue as it may seem. There have been several recent examples of the so-called "attachment" and "extreme" parenting that have popped up in the cultural zeitgeist. Here's what we've noticed: Celebs do it too "Gossip Girl" star Kelly Rutherford and "Big Bang Theory" actress Mayim Bialik both made headlines when they revealed publicly that they breastfed their toddlers; Rutherford even more so because sh...
Anti-Psychotic Drugs Overused In Nursing Homes
2012-04-29 22:34:00
....The Globe study found that more than one in five U.S. nursing homes are using anti-psychotic drugs for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other ailments associated with dementia - approximately 185,000 people who have not been diagnosed with a psychosis.
International Bears
2012-04-25 21:13:00
I took these pictures a while back when I was in KL. Every country has a bear and my children were picking the country they like to take a picture with. They are really cute but we cannot carry any home.
New Cage For Pet Dash
2012-04-17 21:07:00
Emily was rewarded last year for her good exam results with a guinea pig called Dash. She was requesting for a girlfriend for Dash if she do well this year for her exams. Yesterday, we were at the pet store and found a bigger cage. We got it. The new cage is so much easier ...
Chip Off the Old Block!
2012-04-16 17:12:00
Welcome, Shane Steven Cohen! Born April 7, 2012, adopted April 9.Blogging will be light for the next 18 years...
Park Slope Parents Would Rather Ban Ice Cream Trucks Than Teach Kids About
2012-04-02 22:42:00
There is little that is more iconic than the rush of excitement that fills a child when their little ears first pick up the soft tinkling of "The Entertainer" from around the corner. Ah, the ice cream man. But kinds in the super-bougie Park Slope neighborhood will experience no such delight this summer, if area parents have anything to say about it. They've waged war against the cool treats. More »Post from: Blisstree
2012-03-26 04:50:00
Recently a friend with two sons was asked by another friend A that if she would intentionally expose her sons to gadget. My friend said “No, she wouldn’t. The fact is they don’t own any of these gadgets” A asked “Don’t they ever have exposure to it, be it from friends /relatives when they are ...
Addictive Game
2012-03-19 21:50:00
I got into playing this additive game called Draw Something. You draw and your friend will guess. You can invite your friend through email, username or Facebook. I started will playing with strangers but more of my FB friends join in. This is the toughest picture I had to draw, guess what it is? There are people ...
Free 2 year subscription to Parenting School years magazine
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Parenting ? Playground bully and how to make sure other parents are not men
2012-03-08 09:20:00
*menyampah = annoyed  A couple of nights ago we went for Satay Kajang Samuri dinner at Awan Besar R&R. As usual we dined outdoor and once Miki finished his food he walked towards the pond to look at the swimming fishes. I sat facing the pond so I saw the whole thing. The table nearest ...
Penang Hill
2012-03-05 21:24:00
Last Dec, we went up to Penang Hill early in the morning. I am glad that not many people and the queue were short. The train came very fast. In fact the operator told us, the new train only takes 5 minutes to go up. Compare to the old one, it is so much better. ...
$5 for Top Parenting Magazine
2012-03-02 09:00:00
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Thank You Hasbro
2012-02-20 16:40:00
Happy to receive this from Hasbro! It started when I bought a Kreo-O Megatron Lego set for Timothy when I was in Hong Kong. However I discovered there were 2 pieces missing and we cannot build the Megatron robot. Sigh. I hopped on to the Hasbro website and found the customer service web page. I wrote ...
Lost World Of Tambun Ipoh
2012-02-12 18:17:00
One day, I decided to surf the net to check out some local vacation spot for my children. It is very simple for them, all I need is a hotel room with bathtub, a TV with cartoon network and a big nice swimming pool. Anyway, I stumble on Hot Springs in Ipoh. That will be a ...
An Example of Good Parenting
2012-02-10 18:27:00
I may piss people off with this one, but so be it. There’s a video that has gone viral. It has folks up in arms both for and against. I’m FOR. So here’s the video. And then I break down my thoughts below. *Warning: There is cussing, so no little kids – but hey… Have your teenagers watch it – we’re actually going to have our kids watch it, swearing and all. And the swearing actually comes from the teenager’s post, not the parent. My thoughts, which I posted as a comment on the video in a highly condensed fashion: I think posting this video on her wall is a stroke of genius. The folks whining about how embarrassing that is and shame on him? Um. Number one, she opened that door. Number two, he’s posting on her forum – meaning this is the way she communicates with the world. He’s doing it on her turf, in other words. That’s a greater impact, her friends may think twice about disrespecting their own parents, and it...
Bad Experience With Pantai Medical Cheras Again
2012-01-29 17:49:00
On the second day of Chinese New Year, Emily developed wheezing at night and a slight fever. Due to public holiday, most clinics were closed. I resort to bringing her to the hospital (Pantai Medical Cheras), at least they have emergency wad open. Oh boy, there was a queue and we waited. Everyone has to ...
Creative Trees
2012-01-18 20:40:00
I must say that Hong Kong people are very creative. As I was there, I saw different creation of Christmas Trees. They must put lots of thoughts into attracting people to see these trees. Let me show you the different types of Christmas trees here. Aren?t they creative? Chocolate Tree: Recycle Box Tree: Glass Tree: Colorful Tree: Huge Normal Tree:
Eateries in Hong Kong
2012-01-12 16:59:00
I must say that there are many food varieties in Hong Kong and most of them are delicious. However it is very expensive to eat in Hong Kong because of its high standard of living. I ran out of cash mainly due to food because most of the time we pick small eating places and ...
More About Hong Kong & Disneyland
2012-01-06 18:59:00
Hong Kong is a crowded city, congested with people everywhere at anytime. I was told some do not have an office to work, they are on the street all the time. I still cannot get it how people can text using their mobile phone and walk at the same time. Hong Kong is not the ...
$5 Parenting Early Years (1-year)
2011-12-27 09:00:00
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Hong Kong Vacation Planning
2011-12-24 19:30:00
I had made a booking very early in the year for a Hong Kong vacation for my family. Well my frequent flyer miles were expiring and I need to use them before it is gone. I thought about going Korea for a ski trip but I was afraid of language problem. In the end, I ...
5 Great Christmas Gifts For Your Kids
2011-12-19 15:29:00
Still trying to decide what to get your kids this year for Christmas? How about getting them something that will last a lifetime? Some of the best gifts my parents gave me weren’t gifts that came from a store, but gifts that came from their lives. Here are a few gifts my parents gave me ...
18 Inches Gone!
2011-12-18 15:54:00
Before I went for my vacation, I thought of cutting my long hair. I guess it been 1.5 years since I last cut my hair. Actually I wanted a few inches above my shoulder. I walked into the hair salon with Emily. She also wanted to cut her fringe which is almost touching her eyes. You ...
Train Your Children ? You Don?t Have Them Very Long
2011-12-01 15:47:00
We’ve received three letters from Taylor to this point, and he’s doing very well in basic training and loving Army life. One of the things Taylor knew when he chose to enlist in the Army was that there probably wouldn’t be a lot of positive Christian influence there. Lea and I have prayed numerous times that ...
China Farms Out Human Milk Production
2011-11-23 17:08:00
Human milk? At my supermarket? It's more likely than you think, thanks to China's genetically engineered cows.
Mr & Mrs Noah
2011-11-18 20:49:00
Before my blog become dusty with cob webs, I guess I should write something. As the children grow older, there are less and less things to blog about. It started early Oct, when my children Sunday School class was preparing to do a performance at Prize Giving Day. My children came home with a script. I ...
9 Things Being A Dad Has Taught Me About God
2011-11-09 15:25:00
I love being a dad. One of the greatest accomplishments in my life is that I am the father of four amazing boys. One of my new struggle as a parent has been letting a son go into the Army, not because I didn’t want him to go, but because I won’t see or hear ...
Reward Day
2011-11-08 17:53:00
I can hear her laughter a mile away when she came through the door after school. She ran into the study room and showed me her report book. Yes! She achieved her target that I set out for her. All smiles and grins from her. Both Tim & Emily got the same position in ...
I Can Swim
2011-10-30 17:10:00
Finally Emily can swim. I am proud of her and all credits go to her papa. At first, I wanted to start my children swimming lessons but the instructor said, they have to do it 10 lessons in a row. I hold it off until their school holidays. However my hubby viewed YouTube on how to ...
Creative Parenting: ?Another Way of Seeing,? by Khadijah Lacina. Trash? Loo
2011-10-28 08:00:00
Khadijah Lacina is a regular guest columnist for Riehlife on Creative Parenting. This post is number three in the series. Khadijah and I met through Story Circle Network. She lives in Yemen where she facilitates a writing circle. In her series of articles on Riehlife, Khadijah shares how she stays sane by encouraging and nurturing ...
Year End
2011-10-27 18:36:00
How time flies, it is year end again. It is the busiest time of the year for me in my work place, doing closing and planning for next year budget. You can tell by looking at the frequency of my blog post. Another thing that keeps me busy is planning for year end vacation for ...
Flu-fighting Egg Yolk Antibody Lozenges Help Lick Influenza
2011-10-20 06:01:00
Anti-influenza lozenges made with egg yolk antibodies are now being sold in Japan, just in time for flu season. The lifesaver-shaped "Barrifull" lozenges are said to be particularly effective when you're stuck in a crowd of coughing, sneezing commuters.
Teens With Social Anxiety Disorder At High Risk For Alcohol & Drug Abuse
2011-10-18 10:00:00
A study published online October 17, 2011 in the journal Pediatrics indicates that teens with social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, tend not to receive treatment for this psychiatric disorder because parents and teachers may assume the teens are just very shy.  But shyness is not even a prerequisite for the determination of social anxiety disorder....
School Activities
2011-10-15 18:07:00
I have to say that my children have different characters especially when it comes to school activities. My elder boy doesn?t like to volunteer himself for any school activities. The one time where he was picked, yes picked was his Std 1 concert. On the other hand, my girl would go for any school activities ...
Creative Parenting: ?Poverty as Creative Catalyst,? by Khadijah Lacina
2011-10-14 08:00:00
Khadijah Lacina is a regular guest columnist for Riehlife. Her previous post was "Creative Parenting: My Head Is Full of Poems." This post is number two in the series. We met through Story Circle Network. In her series of articles, Khadijah shares how she stays sane by encouraging and nurturing creativity in herself and her ...
Which Kids Are Most Likely To Be Teased By Their Peers?
2011-10-12 10:00:00
Kids with any trait that's not the norm often get teased or mocked by other children.  It's an unfortunate fact of life.  But a new study conducted by psychologists at Kansas State University had some surprising results regarding which children are most likely to be chided by their peers. 
Parenting in pictures
2011-03-23 02:27:00
Creative Loafing usually features words with pictures, but this week they will be featuring pictures with words and asked me to submit 3-5 pictures with captions from which they could choose. This was my response: “You are so funny. I’m a Jewish mom, with two kids who are 11 years old and you think I ...
Successful parenting
2011-01-18 02:56:00
I’m a pretty laid back mom. I expect my kids to take responsibility for themselves in a lot of situations. I want them to do their homework without me standing over them. I want them to do their chores without me nagging them. I want them to find their passions and explore their own interests. ...
New Spot
2011-01-09 18:32:00
My kids found a new spot that they want me to bring them. It is the gadget store. Now Harvey Norman has a small area where they display the iPads for people to test out. My kids took the opportunity to play the games in it. Not that we don?t own an iPad but my ...
Eating Habits
2011-01-06 20:38:00
My children definitely have weird eating habits. I meant the way they eat and not so much the food they take. Let?s start with my boy? Timothy Eating Habit He still takes milk or Milo before and after sleep. He takes a fair amount of time to eat his meal. He enjoys picking bits by bits from ...
Emily Orientation School Day
2010-12-30 18:51:00
It was a long and tiring half day for me. It started at 7:30am. I told Emily to sleep early because she is not a morning person. She woke up with a happy face, a good start. She was all excited wearing her new uniform and dragging her new power puff girls roller bag. The ...
Penang Turf Club Open Day
2010-12-18 14:21:00
Penang Turf Club having an open day from 17th ? 19th 10am ? 6pm, lots of activities for the kids. I was afraid of the crowd, so we decided to go early. However there was not a big crowd, maybe due to gloomy weather. First stop, we went for the carriage ride, RM 4 per ...
Barbie Makeover
2010-12-14 17:59:00
Queensbay Mall is having a Barbie Fashion Event till 26th Dec 2010. There was also a photo shoot for girls who would like to dress themselves as Barbie. Emily liked it very much when she saw it and I let her be Barbie for 30 minutes. A dream come true for her. I ...
Mangrove Tour In Langkawi
2010-12-09 08:11:00
I am sure you are anxious about my Langkawi vacation. I am sorting out the pictures that is why it took some time. First to share is the Mangrove Tour. We woke up early for this because we want to avoid the sun but the weather was cooling, not so hot. We started at 8am, drove ...
Por Por Will Be Here!!!
2010-10-29 11:22:00
It is so hard to get my mum to come to Penang. Only one person that can make her does that. Guess who? None other than Emily. It is better for Emily to ask. She only needs to do it once and she would agree. I have to ask a thousand times and yet, she will ...
Strollometer Helps New Moms Regain Their Pre-Pregnancy Shape
2010-10-28 06:01:00
With all of the magazine covers featuring celebs who have given birth only weeks before and are now back in bikini shape, there is a lot of pressure on new moms to get back to their pre-pregnancy form.  However, if you have tried to get back your pre-bump bod and have not seen the results you were hoping for or cannot seem to keep yourself motivated then there is a new gadget that may help.   
Don?t Look
2010-10-28 05:17:00
Got you looking, didn?t I? Actually I was referring to Tim?s exam papers. He came home with his first BM paper. I regretted that I checked his paper and here is why. I scanned through the first page and second page, I was so happy that no wrong so far. I praised him and then??. I ...
Went Shopping
2010-10-26 09:44:00
Guess what went shopping? My gal always complained that she is not creative. She told me that she cannot build certain things with Lego like her kor kor. Here is a conversation we had when she was playing her new construction magnet toy. Emily: Mummy please helped me to build a car where the little man ...
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