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Paris Hilton, Lil Jon At Nick Hissom's Debut KILLIN' TONIGHT At TRYST
2012-05-29 01:11:00
Top model and recording artist, Nick Hissom, debuted his much anticipated new single, ?Killin? Tonight? at Tryst Nightclub, featuring a performance with electronic dance music DJ duo, Manufactured Superstars, the DJs/producers behind the smash hit ?Take Me Over? and Hissom?s new single last night. Manufactured Superstars Paris Hilton and Nick Hissom at TRYST Nightclub Nick?s mother, Andrea Wynn, ...
Over 65% off Fashion Watches from Paris Hilton!
2012-05-27 09:00:00
Save over 65% off Paris Hilton Fashion Watches! Select styles while supplies last.Expires Jun 3, 2012
Paris Hilton Kimdir
2012-05-10 22:43:00
Paris Hilton Kimdir, Resimleri, Fotoğrafları, Filmleri, Hakkında, Who
Jon Hamm Slams Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton
2012-03-10 21:16:00
?Mad Men? star Jon Hamm decided to slam social parasites like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian by basically blaming them for everything that is wrong in the world while calling them stupid and ?f?king idiots? in a recent interview for the latest issue of ELLE UK. Wow. Hamm is on fire! The 40 year-old actor ...
Merry Christmas: Paris Hilton Buys Herself a $300,000 Ferrari on Black Frid
2011-11-27 19:08:00
Way to bring in the holidays! Paris Hilton bought herself a2012 California Spyder Ferrari worth $300,000 on Black Friday. And she didn’t even have to drive it home! The car was delivered to her just before noon. Paris Hilton To Open Store In Asia “When Paris walked in all of our eyes were on her,” ...
Paris Hilton?s Brother Conrad Hilton Car Crash (VIDEO)
2011-11-20 18:56:00
Paris Hilton?s younger brother, Conrad Hilton, was involved in a minor car accident, hitting two parked cars in Brentwood, California on Saturday (November 19). The 19 year-old, who had reportedly just left the Key Club in West Hollywood, was speeding and the whole accident was caught on tape (watch video below). According to TMZ, Conrad ...
Paris Hilton Is Single Again: Caption This Photo!
2011-06-21 19:27:00
Watch out world Paris Hilton is single again and the girl is ready to mingle. In light of the heiress being back on the market she has been chosen as our Caption This photo contest for the week. Her reality show is bombing and she has split from beau of one year Cy Watts, things aren?t looking that great for Paris Hilton. More on Hilty?s rough patch, gag, in a minute but first I want to take quick second to tell you all about our Caption This photo contest. It is so easy. Take a little look at the above pic of Cy and Paris, in happier times and caption it by leaving your hysterically funny remarks in the below comments section. Then next Tuesday when a whole new hot topic and picture is posted check back to see if your name is in print as the big winner! I know it sounds like a ton of fun so let the captioning begin my friends. Alright now back to Hilton who has called it quits with Watts, a man whose praising she was singing not that long ago. So what went wrong, well according to ...
Paris Hilton?s vanity is only matched by society?s insanity
2011-04-22 20:20:00
Paris Hilton has boasted that she is "the original." Even sadder than the fact she believes her life is worth emulating is the fact people are actually trying to emulate it.
Socialite Paris Hilton And Friends Were Spotted At Cabo Wabo Cantina
2010-12-14 12:14:00
Socialite Paris Hilton and her girl friends were spotted at Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina at Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Casino. Hilton, Allison Melnik and three friends, were seen enjoying a round of Cabo Wabo’s signature “Vita Loca” frozen daiquiris. Celebrity Paris Hilton at Cabo Wabo Cantina Las Vegas With Sugar Factory Champagne ...
Google Instant Bans Kamasutra, Pamela Anderson, And Paris Hilton
2010-09-30 05:37:00
Google Instant was one of this first in a long list of “Instants”. Those to follow Google include YouTube and iTunes. Google has always let users search for anything on the internet and censorship was not really an item on the to-do list. But with Google Instant, they have taken a more cautious approach and do not show suggestions for “banned” words. So if you were to search for a word on the banned list, Google Instant will stop suggesting after a certain letter in the word. What this would ensure is that the user will get a word, like pornography for example, only they type the entire word. Upside Many might argue that this is no censorship at all as a user can still search for pornographic content and still get search results for it. But the whole point is that Google Instant is not suggesting that the user watch porn. How many times have you searched for Hurricane Katrina and ended up ogling at pictures of Katrina Kaif? This “ban” will defini...
By: WATblog
Paris Hilton busts out Tease
2010-08-12 18:20:00
Paris Hilton might not be as popular or relevant as she once was, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting people to notice her. The bonde party call showed up in Hollywood for the launch of her tenth fragrance, Tease, looking more like a busty Marilyn Monroe than her usual stick figure self. It is ...
Hot on Celebs: Paris Hilton?s Single & Sexy Look
2010-04-27 00:02:00
Speaking about tanning in my previous post, it reminded me to share with you news and photos on sexy Paris: Single and wild, with ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt out of the picture, Paris Hilton showed off her bikini bod this weekend in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Rehab pool party. I like how she ...
Paris Hilton Official Web Site Launch Video
2010-01-25 09:56:00
Paris Hilton is out with a sizzle reel for her web site launch, featuring the heiress at events, photoshoots and behind the scenes. This first song in the clip is ‘Turn You...
Is Alena Gurung a Nepali Paris Hilton ?
2009-06-28 20:46:00
The beauty queen, Alena Gurung, is a UK resident Nepali model. She wants to be an actress, a successful British actress in the United Kingdom. Alena thinks that her biggest asset are her curves, which she readily shows off whenever she can. Apart from the beautiful modeling shots of hers, many private pictures ...
Kendhal Beal Rubs Paris Hilton The Wrong Way (Photos)
2009-06-12 17:02:00
Model/aspiring actress Kendhal Beal is the reason behind Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt?s break up. Paris reportedly was jealous and attacked Kendhal after being told her former boyfriend Doug and a group of friends including the model were having fun at a club while watching the Lakers game. Kendhal?s rep said: “Kendhal and a friend of ...
Cristiano Ronaldo & Paris Hilton Hook Up (Photos, Video)
2009-06-12 13:49:00
Paris Hilton certainly did not waste any time! After dumping Doug Reinhardt, the socialite was seen getting close and personal with Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Paris and sister Nicky Hilton were having fun at the My House nightclub in Hollywood, when Paris was approached by the soccer player who reportedly had been staring at her ...
Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Split!
2009-06-11 01:53:00
It?s official! Paris Hilton and toy boyfriend Doug Reinhardt finally called it quits after months of very public displays of affection. Paris and Doug managed to put up with each other?s hunger for fame and have been together for more than six months. “In response to the inquiry on whether Paris Hilton has split up with ...
Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt See ?Rex?
2009-06-10 07:57:00
Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt leave the premiere of ‘Rex’ at Cinespace. [Photo: BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM] Related Smacks Paris Hilton Sex Romp Gets Her Kicked Off a Yacht Paris Hilton &...
Paris Hilton Bikini Shoot
2009-06-01 09:44:00
Paris Hilton in Malibu shooting a commercial for her new hair products line which includes hair extensions and is called ‘Dream Catchers’. [Photograph: Pedro Andrade/Bret...
Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt in Cannes
2009-05-20 08:31:00
Paris Hilton poses for photographers with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt on the beach in Cannes. Afterwards the couple headed to Le Croisette promenade. The couple were very cozy - despite reports they had...
Paris Hilton Upskirt moments
2009-05-19 18:55:00
Its very unfortunate to post these pictures here, I wanted to bring this to our readers. These upskirt pictures are actually from a yacht party in Cannes  Film festival. She always looked up like Princess Diana, and she can never be like that. Her love for sex tapes over charity ruined it all, her dream has been...
Who Wore It Best? Paris Hilton Or Isla Fischer's Cropped White Jacket
2009-05-19 09:00:00
Isla Fisher and Paris Hilton were spotted in the same white puff sleeve cropped white jacket by Mcginn. Paris wore the jacket filming her show while Isla wore it visiting BBC Radio 1. Who wore it best?
Paris Hilton?s My New BFF Second Season Promotion
2009-05-18 14:55:00
Paris Hilton promoted the latest season of her MTV reality seires, Paris Hilton?s My New BFF, during a press conference in Hollywood on Friday.Season 2 of the contest, which follows a group of men and women competing to be the heiress? new best friend, will premiere on MTV on June 2. Paris Hilton?s My New BFF Second Season Promotion in Los Angeles
Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Screaming Fight Stopped by Police
2009-05-15 20:46:00
Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt’s relationship is not as picture perfect as they would like you to believe. Paris moved in with Doug Monday and already there is trouble in paradise. In fact,...
Paris Hilton In Crash & Burn
2009-05-13 09:00:00
Paris Hilton was recently spotted having lunch in Beverly Hills looking like a million dollars but wearing a $84 Crash & Burn vneck black dress. Is the economy affecting Paris Hilton too? Probably not, but at least it's nice to see celebs wearing designs that are affordable for the rest of us. Crash & Burn's Robin dress, style #C2123U8SOL is avalable at the following stores: - Upside Down in Laguna Beach, CA = 949-376-2012- T's Accessories in Scottsdale, AZ = 480-314-3380- Flair in York, PA = 717-699-5686- Ensemble in O'Fallon, MO = 636-922-5377- The Destination in Greensboro, NC = 336-279-1180- Hearthstone Gallery in Henderson, TX = 903-657-7057- The Rack in Canyon, TX = 806-655-7000Start calling now for your little black dress that's under $100!
Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt Out Anonoying Hollywood
2009-05-12 18:48:00
Paris Hilton and meat-head boyfriend Doug Reinhardt frolic around town, looking disgustingly happy and sucking face everywhere they go. The couple ate at Koi, then headed to the My House...
Paris Hilton?s Car Egged
2009-05-12 18:10:00
Paris Hilton’s car is “egged” on the driveway of sister Nicky’s Beverly Hills home. The caption from the photo agency reads as such: “It is unknown why the assailant...
Paris Hilton in Bikini At Beach in Anguilla
2009-05-12 18:03:00
Paris Hilton has claimed that being in love is the "best feeling in the world".The socialite made the comment on her Twitter page as she kept fans updated with a stream of posts about her recent vacation on the island of Anguilla with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt."I feel so blessed and grateful for everything I have. Thank you God for bringing love into my life and everything else. God bless you all," she wrote.Among the tidbits that the Simple Life star shared were the couple's sporting activities, DVD choices, romantic dinners and occasional bouts of sunburn."This is my first vacation where the paps have not found us. So nice to be able to relax and enjoy ourselves without being pestered," she wrote, later adding: "Uh Oh! The frikin' paparazzi showed up!"Hotel security has thrown a bunch of them out and taken away their memory cards! Ha! Such pests!"Hilton and Reinhardt began dating earlier this year following her split from Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden.[Source]
Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt in London
2009-04-16 08:29:00
Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt after dining at the Wolseley restaurant in London. The couple have been seen together at a number of European destinations. [Photos:] Related...
Another Paris Hilton failure
2009-04-13 13:46:00
Paris Hilton posed naked and was spray painted gold for Rich Prosecco's sparkling wine in a can, and the sales for the canned wine is anything but golden. According to The Sun boxes of the stuff are being stored in warehouses throughout the world with no place to go. So how does the company feel ...
What is up with Paris Hilton’s back bending pose?
2009-04-07 01:27:00
WireImage I know Paris Hilton always poses with her chest out, back back; but this seems even more pronounced than usual. She needs to stop that pose because no matter how far she sticks out her chest, she is still going to look flat. addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = ...
Samsung announces monitor bezels so thin Paris Hilton is jealous
2009-04-06 15:43:00
Anyone who has tried to use multiple monitors for watching video or playing PC games knows that the bezel around the screens causes a big problem. On your average computer monitor that means about an inch gap between the two screens and you lose images right in front of your face. Samsung has announced new large ...
Paris Hilton: Bravo!!!
2009-04-06 13:59:00
Paris Hilton at Bravo?s 2nd Annual A-List Awards in LA. And check out Paris Hilton vows to save the economy by shopping at
Paris Hilton Rips Off Lady Gaga
2009-04-03 14:34:00
Paris Hilton channels her best Lady GaGa for a new ?futuristic? photo shoot she did in Santa Monica yesterday (March 2). Instead of just going pantless, Paris pushes the envelope in a sexy revealing black bikini and GaGa?s futuristic metallic shades. GaGa is the hottest girl at the moment and it seems like everyone wants a ...
Haylie Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Paris Hilton All Love JJ Winters Handbags
2009-03-30 09:00:00
Haylie Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Paris Hilton, and Ashley Tisdale have all fallen in love with JJ Winters. One of the most poplular styles is the JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag, the slouchy style is the perfect transition from winter to spring. Check out the chain clutch, envelope clutch and oversized styles at Boutique To You. Save 15% off on your entire purchase with coupon code "castyle15" during checkout.
Paris Hilton & BFF Kathy Griffin: The Panty Flashers
2009-03-26 22:02:00
Funny lady Kathy Griffin was out and about with her new BFF Paris Hilton. The dressing code for their little shopping spree at Kitson on Robertson Boulevard was Barbie-licous formal. Kathy even learned some moves from Paris - the panty flash - and oh it matches her fabulous outfit! Paris taught her well! ...
Paris Hilton In Voom By Joy Han's Parrot Tube Dress
2009-03-23 08:00:00
Paris Hilton's loves her Voom by Joy Han?s Parrot tube dress. Paris has said that she never wears the same dress twice but I guess that isn?t true when she changes her hairstyle and accessories. The dress is available at fans of Voom include: Eva Longoria Parker, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl, Eva Mendez, Miley Cyrus and Becki Newton.
Paris Hilton at A Pre-Oscar Party
2009-03-14 00:53:00
We enjoy an evening with fashion at "Haven" with celeb designers Paris Hilton, Russell Simmons and Taryn Manning. The runway shows feature Yansi Fugel, Born Uniqorn, Paris Hilton's footwear line, and Russell Simmons' Argyle Culture. Hosted by Michelle Marie.
AnnaLynne McCord, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian In Voom and Vava By Joy H
2009-03-02 09:00:00
Everyone from AnnaLynne McCord to Paris Hilton to Miley Cyrus can?t get enough of the fresh looks by Voom and Vava by Joy Han. It's Hollywood?s hottest labels, perfect for daytime events, evening premiers and nights on the town. High-end fabrics make Voom and Vava the perfect choice for both celebrities and every-day-women alike. Other celebrity fans include Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria Parker, Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Simpson, Katherine Heigl, Hayden Panettiere, Kristin Bell, Selena Gomez, Emmy Rossum, Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, and Tori Spelling. Voom and Vava by Joy Han are available at Style readers can save 25% off your entire purchase with coupon code "CAL25" online at at
From dry cleaners to Paris Hilton? Isn't it usually the other way around?
2009-02-17 15:33:00
This morning on the way into work, I noticed an example of what I will dub Christmas Lag -- the opposite of "Christmas Creep," where Christmas arrives earlier and earlier in the stores and on TV.You've seen examples of "Christmas Lag" when you see those people who keep their Christmas tree up well into February and continue to light their Christmas lights up, too, even though the snow is actually starting to melt (an illusory action, given that we're set to get 2 or 3 inches today.)Anyway, this morning's high point of the drive was a sign up at a dry cleaners reminding people that for the "holiday shopping" they should keep in mind a gift card from a dry cleaner's.We are, as of today, 54 days past Christmas, 48 days past New Year's Eve, and even 3 days past Valentine's Day (nothing says romance like paying for your Sweetie to get their laundry done, right?)I suppose it could be a St. Patrick's Day promotion, at this point, but do people really give St. Patrick's Day gifts?T...
Paris Hilton Goes Pink Crazy For Her Birthday And Valentine's Day
2009-02-14 09:00:00
Paris Hilton goes pink crazy for her birthday and Valentine's Day. While shopping at Beverly Hills boutique Harmony Lane on Thursday, Paris treated herself to a bunch of early birthday presents in every shade of the girly hue. The heiress didn?t stop shopping when she ran out of pink colored merchandise to buy, Paris bought 11 Voom by Joy Han dresses, 4 items from La Rok, 4 Fighting Eels dresses, tunics from Plenty, loungewear from Kelly Nishimoto and many more. She talked about her Pink themed birthday and her TV show.Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Eva Longoria Parker, Katherine Heigl, Miley Cyrus, Nicky Hilton, Hayden Panettiere, Audrina Patridge, Emmy Rossum, and Becki Newton are a few other celebs to frequent Harmony Lane.P.S. California Style readers save 15% with coupon code "CaliforniaStyle" for all in-store and online purchases at
Paris Hilton?s Texts To Chris Brown Enraged Rihanna!
2009-02-13 19:34:00
Paris Hilton has been a bad girl again!! According to sources Paris and Chris Brown were seen getting cozy, flirting and exchanging phone numbers while Rihanna performed as a guest of honor late Friday night in Hollywood at a party for hip hop producer Timbaland. So the next night Paris sent some sort of naughty message ...
Paris Hilton Leggy In Versace At 51st Annual Grammy Awards
2009-02-09 11:40:00
Paris Hilton was on-hand for the 2009 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday in Los Angeles on Sunday evening.Strutting the red carpet in a short and colorful vintage Versace number, the Hilton heiress exclusively tells "I love Gianni Versace and he designed this dress is from one of my favorite vintage stores Catwalk."Paris Hilton 51st Annual Grammy Awards
Paris Hilton plus Lady GaGa equals Beyond Painful
2009-01-29 03:48:00
via Dlisted I always wondered who could be more annoying than Miley and Mandy or Demi and Selena and the answer is Paris Hilton and Lady GaGa. Their voices just get to me. The Disney 4 are at least hyper and their voices are real, unlike Paris and GaGa who are so way fake, vacant and ...
No One Parties Quite Like Paris Hilton!!
2009-01-28 18:43:00
Paris Hilton is having a blast partying away in the most famous clubs in London, England. Last night (Jan 27th), Paris needed a hand (or should I say 2 pairs of hands) to make her way out of Boujis nightclub, where she was partying with British ?Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” Julian Bennett, and ...
Paris Hilton Meets Lady Gaga
2009-01-28 15:34:00
Paris Hilton met Lady Gaga, whose single Just Dance is a worldwide number one, to discuss music, fashion and collaborations, backstage at the launch of the Nokia 5800 at Punk in London.
Paris Hilton Out And About In Black Thingy And Boots
2009-01-27 11:47:00
Paris Hilton in Black Thingy And Boots @ premiere of Repo! The Genetic OperaIn recent news, Paris Hilton's My New BFF is back for a part deux.The Heiress to American Royalty extends her most exclusive invitation to expand her A-List Clique.
Paris Hilton Looks Like a Dude! (Photos)
2009-01-25 17:44:00
Paris Hilton is known for loving girly dresses, cleavage and hair extensions. But yesterday when she went to a Beverly Hills tanning salon, Paris sported a racer back tank, no bra, and a cap over her super short hair. The usually glam girl looked totally man-ish! The only feminine thing in her outfit is the massive purse, but hey, even some dudes carry those now! Personally, I prefer Paris in the flirtier looks, but she didn’t really ask my opinion! [images: WENN]
WTF is Paris Hilton wearing?
2009-01-20 02:43:00
WireImage I guess Paris Hilton is at that stage in her career where wearing outlandish things is the only way to make her newsworthy. addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'WTF+is+Paris+Hilton+wearing%3F-'; addthis_pub = 'seriously';
Paris Hilton Is a Sexy Pink Pussycat!!
2009-01-19 12:52:00
Heiress Paris Hilton is still enjoying the best the 2009 Sundance Film Festival can give ? exposure and parties! Yesterday Paris took her new BFF Brittany Flickinger out for some new paparazzi shots and to mingle with the fans. Brittany has passed Paris? friendship test therefore she is now enjoying her long 15 minutes of ...
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