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David Fiuczynski: Planet Microjam
2012-05-31 20:36:00
David Fiuczynski with Jack DeJohnette, Kenwood Dennard, Evan Marien and more: Planet Microjam Fiuczynski (fretless guitar, 1/4 tone guitar); Jack DeJohnette, Kenwood Dennard, Jovol Bell, Erik Kerr (drums); Evan Marien, David Ginyard (fretless bass); Evgeny Lebedev (piano and microtonal keyboards); David Radley (violin); Takeru Yamazaki (microtonal keyboards)At the crossroads of African American rhythms, microtonal harmonies, and eastern melodic inflections and improv concepts - in other words all the elements that the Greater Boston area has to offer with Berklee as its base ? new musical ideas are on the horizon.Drawing on unique elements of western classical microtonality and ethnic folk melodies organized in a jazz/groove context, unheard of harmonies and counterpoint are possible. What sets this microJam apart from other microtonal music is its method of organization. Unlike the microtonal chromaticism of Julian...
this is how a Free Planet starts - real people - taking control back
2012-05-30 07:54:00
"Fuck you, fuck your elections," nice.And don't go thinking Free Planet is to be militarised as a terrorist movement just like Occupy. That's so much horse shit. It's about as much horseshit as the BBC trying to pin the Houla massacre on the Syrian military when the deaths of women and children were in an American-funded Al-Qaeda-Iraq-branch stylee. And the FLAME virus, 'sponsored by a western government', what again? And don't forget Gadhimai's due again in 2014 - what's that? MASS SLAUGHTER OF animals in the name of 'some fucking weather god', some vengeant tyrant ruler who 'controls all'.WE CONTROL ALL -as best we can- WE'RE IT.You can't arrest all the members of Free Planet, we're the 99.999999%, we're the seven billion sovereign individuals, the Custodians of this world. There's no law in the world you can invent that won't make us forget THIS IS OUR HOMEWORLD."Do right by Free Planet and free planet will do right by you, " that's the guiding principal, that ...
2012-05-29 03:07:00
From the logos on the world's most prominent companies to the sacred geometry of both Judaism and Islam, all are rooted in the esoteric worship of the planet Saturn. We stumbled upon this user-made video that gives a pretty accurate summary of it all. Prepare to have most of your mind blown, especially if your third eye isn't particularly active...
Cooking The Planet
2012-05-25 22:57:00
The International Energy Agency has bad news for us all:  We’re screwed.  As in all of Planet Earth. Well, those are my words, but they’re as accurate as I can make them in regards to the latest news. The supposed “2°C warming window” is “about to close” (it already has). But the really bad news ...
Free Planet ident - one day project - the clock is ticking
2012-05-24 10:13:00
We all know that embellishment is the gold-encrusted porn-standard of Corporate Excess and that's why the time-wasting lethargically-flapping mechanical albert that is the Corporate War Machine becomes the cleanly-broken-circle of the final logo.The question for the (seven billion) Custodians of Free Planet should really be, "Will you work to eradicate the glorification of COMMERCIAL PROFIT from your once-beautiful, diverse and bountiful homeworld?"I really enjoyed the strict one-day-challenge aspect of this project. No rules. No storyboard. Modelling, lighting, materials, skinning, animating, rendering and mixing all in just one day. Started it this morning at 8 a.m. and finished at about 6 p.m. Borrowed some sounds from Acoustica. Sorted out a slight geometry error and re-rendered with motion blur.Software used: Photoshop, 3DS Max and Windows Movie Maker.
2012-05-23 09:34:00
it's quite a milestone in the life of this blog, and it requires that I use capital lettersFREE PLANET - ONE MILLION PAGEVIEWSBut it feels like something's missing.How can FREE PLANET have had one million pageviews and still the concept of Free Planet is not being discussed on mainstream media and in our coffee shops, our cafes, our corner shops, our chipshops, our restaurants, our pubs, our parliaments?Help me understand what I'm doing wrong, or what's wrong with the Free Planet idea of Creativity, Passion and Kinship aka a Custodian rebuttal to tyrannical consumeristic opportunism.Seriously, why does it feel like You The People are unwilling to debate the future of Our Homeworld?
Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo
2012-05-20 09:00:00
List Price: $99.99Deal Price: $78.00You Save: $21.99 (22%)We've gathered the most precious baby animals from all over the planet to play with your precious little one. Everywhere baby looks (in the spinning seat, he can look all around.), there's something fun to do with an animal friend - spinning, jumping, button-pressing and more. It's safe jumping fun rewarded with lights, sounds and music.Expires Jun 3, 2012
Are We Alone On Our Planet?
2012-05-12 23:17:00
I've read many stories about flying saucers visited our Planet. But any realistic story you came across that implies or proves we are not alone in our globe?
Human Planet
2012-05-11 23:04:00
This is how the other 90% of the world lives – BBC audio slideshow, Human Planet. Makes you wonder how utterly disconnected the rest of us are. Or lucky, depending on your personal perspective.
Human Planet
2012-05-11 23:04:00
This is how the other 90% of the world lives – BBC audio slideshow, Human Planet. Makes you wonder how utterly disconnected the rest of us are. Or lucky, depending on your personal perspective.
2012-05-11 14:35:00
ADVANCE WARNING:over the next few days or so, right here in updates to this specific blogpost, I'm going to be exploring why YOU THE PEOPLE seem (not only loathe to (or reluctant to) but actually) AFRAID to discuss the issues raised by the Free Planet concept, notably: 1) that PROFIT is the real criminal driver on this planet,2) that RESOURCES are limited by default and acquired by the Corporate War Machine3) that FREEDOM comes at the behest of comfort for the few at the price of misery for the masses4) we'll see how far this examination goes...Suffice to say, that with the Free Planet novel being FUNDAMENTALLY anti-corporate and anti-propaganda and anti-slavery and anti-share-cropping in the context of YOU THE PEOPLE's access to the truth of HOW THIS WORLD WORKS, National Security, Need To Know, Corporate Espionage around the world, and your 'slave rights' it's time for a NEW YOUTUBE video on this subect."Good Lord, Philbin, another of your interminable Free Planet video...
Free Planet - a global solution to rampant nationalism?
2012-05-08 20:43:00
DO RIGHT BY, isn't there something intrinsically wrong with that seemingly-innocent and wholesomely-positive Free- Planet structural basis or guiding principal?"What, Mike, are you talking to yourself again - let me guess, is it a weekday, a work day?"Everyone should have an advocate-devil on each other shoulder, it's the totally newest thing.Twice the personal antagonism.Anyway, yeah, and it's something I wrote about in my Free Planet novel, where the DO RIGHT BY liberty of a Free Planet ethos (where everybody protects their homeworld from PROFIT for the few and SLAVERY of the masses) makes people not need to rely on petty horse-has-bolted criminally-motivated arbitrary lawsets any more - Hitler's legacy."What on Earth are you doing, Mike? You're going to wreck Free Planet for those who think it's a dull Utopia of kissy-kissy huggy-huggy. You're going to ruin their expectations of a freeloader planet."So, it's my FUCKING FICTIONAL NOVEL, Free Planet; my p...
how to save the planet
2012-05-08 08:35:00
how to save the&-#160;planet par R.pau-lsen radical !Fin des votes 05/06/12 08:35commentaire : 4-
The Private Prison Planet Amerika State
2012-05-04 00:33:00
Just to set the stage as to how large the prison population is in the United States: our prison population is the highest in the world; one out of 100 US residents are in prison. This number has grown dramatically since 1990, due to tighter crime laws and longer sentences. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), "Between 1970 and 2005, the number of people incarcerated in the United States grew by 700 percent. Today, the United States incarcerates approximately 2.3 million people." Even compared to this breathtaking rate of overall growth in incarceration, the rate of expansion of for-profit imprisonment far outpaced the field, accounting for a disproportionate increase in the number of people locked up. In 1980, private adult prisons did not exist on American soil, but by 1990 private prison companies had established a firm foothold, boasting 67 for-profit facilities and an average daily population of roughly 7,000 prisoners. During the next twenty years (...
Keluarga Besar Polri Ramai-Ramai Nonton 'The Raid' di Planet Hollywood
2012-05-03 13:44:00
Berbagai upaya pemberantasan peredaran narkoba dilakukan pihak kepolisian. Termasuk membentengi keluarga polisi dari serangan narkoba. Salah satu langkah yang ditempuh adalah dengan mengajak putra dan putri polisi menonton film 'The Raid'. 
this planet is a LIMITED RESOURCE - Economics 1.01
2012-05-02 18:12:00
I'm sure they tell all new students on the degree course at The London School of Economics and Political Science (and other such comparative paces of learning) this, "This planet is a LIMITED RESOURCE."I mean, even if they're NOT told this, they must have an idea that it is; they must have an inkling that growth can not go on indefinitely.You know, you can't even put up some wind towers without adversely affecting the environment their turbulence creates, or the poisonous production methods involving rare earth magnets. It seems we're not only all connected in some wonderful and restrictive 'do right by' way, but we're also AT CAPACITY at all times. Even Newton warned us 'for each action there's an equal and opposite reaction' consequences are everywhere waiting to trip up our insane idealisms.I tried to express this in my recently completed (second draft) Free Planet novel, a fictional  interpretation of many of the ideas presented in Free Planet blog's more ph...
Steve Howe: Asia UK presales tickets available via Planet Rock
2012-04-25 22:46:00
Planet Rock: As a Planet Rock VIP we're giving you an extra 24 hours to get your tickets to this year's hugely anticipated ASIA tour.It's a huge year for the prog supergroup as they celebrate an amazing THIRTY years together with a brand new album, a deluxe anniversary reissue of their debut album and a brand new live film.Plus they will be hitting the road in December for a UK tour, and you can get tickets right now to see them and help them celebrate their landmark year in style.Here's the dates:Saturday 15th Dec - Tavistock The WharfSunday 16th Dec - Holmfirth PicturedromeMonday 17th Dec - Edinburgh Queen?s HallWednesday 19th Dec - Salisbury City HallThursday 20th Dec - Birmingham Town HallFriday 21st Dec - Manchester Royal Northern College of MusicSaturday 22nd Dec - London o2 Shepherds Bush EmpireTo get your tickets ahead of the general sale on Friday simply click on the link belowCLICK HERE TO GET TICKETS
Deal of the Day: 54% Off "Life / Planet Earth: Special Edition" on DVD and
2012-04-22 09:00:00
From the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, join David Attenborough in exploring the beauties that make up Earth with the "Life/Planet Earth: Special Edition" collection on DVD and Blu-ray.Expires Apr 23, 2012
Save 53% on "BBC Natural History Collection (Planet Earth: Special Edition
2012-04-22 09:00:00
List Price: $134.99Deal Price: $62.99You Save: $33.00 (53%)Save 53% on "BBC Natural History Collection (Planet Earth: Special Edition / Galapagos / Ganges / Wild China)" on Blu-rayExpires Apr 29, 2012
Frozen Planet on Discovery Channel (Giveaway)
2012-04-21 02:18:00
If you’re looking for an educational video that is not only captivating but informative as well, you owe it to yourself and your family to check out Frozen Planet ($39.98) – currently available on DVD. A BBC/Discovery Channel co-production four years in the making, Frozen Planet is ambitious and epic in scale and provides the ...
Saving the planet, one crashed Ferrari at a time
2012-04-10 22:19:00
When news breaks that yet another wealthy Ferrari driver has destroyed his ride, the public usually responds with a collective eye roll. After all, supercars and trees/guardrails seem to go together like fish and chips. But in the case of one German driver, his automotive sacrifice is being commended. The Daily Mail reports 53-year-old Joerg  ...
Save on ABLE PLANET NC200B Headphones
2012-04-03 09:00:00
List Price: $99.99Deal Price: $59.99You Save: $40.00 (40%)True Fidelity Active Noise Cancelling Headphones feature award-winning noise cancellation and sound clarity technology in a basic design that folds down for taking outstanding audio quality wherever you go.Expires Apr 11, 2012
Free Planet BLOCKED by Facebook
2012-03-29 17:34:00
a few people have told me that, when they're trying to link a particular Free Planet blogpost to their friends on Facebook, they're getting a 'Free Planet blocked' error message, once they enter the URL. I have (when I was on Facebook) personally asked Facebook to stop blocking Free Planet to no avail.One way round this is to compress/disguise the Free Planet URL via BITLY or TINYURL.I have no idea why a Corporate Advertising Platform like Facebook would want to ban a Information-without-profit Blog like Free Planet...oh!...but this is one way round it.BITLY and TINYURL those facebook links, share the Free Planet message with all your connections on the Facebook.
Free Planet novel - FINAL FIRST DRAFT
2012-03-29 11:02:00
Three years in the preparation and just about six months in the writing, the Free Planet novel is at the stage where I'm happy to call it a FINAL FIRST DRAFT; currently at 72,000 words after culling some superfluous/clichéd alternative endings but confidently 75/80,000 words by the time I've rewritten, rejigged and reinforced certain chapters to my satisfaction.Yes, the Free Planet novel's been through many iterations, many false starts, many narrative calamities and structural reworkings, but that's because THIS IS NOT AN EASY SUBJECT to deal with as either a writer or one of the seven billion sovereign individuals who are the Custodians of Free Planet.You, me, all of us; it's our world and we have to protect it from PROFIT, from ASSET STRIPPING, from financial/intellectual ~ISMS or game playing RISK aka terror.We have to explore REAL LOCAL SOLUTIONs to everyday problems on a global scale - we have to chaaange like no race has ever been asked to change.Our firs...
Free Planet - NO MORE SECRETS - I just want some truth
2012-03-28 15:48:00
fox games, what fun, right?"Children play soldier, grown men die." anonPROFIT is the root of all evil. NEED TO KNOW intelligence agencies protect profits. EVERYONE is a slave to this game. For example, and you'll undoubtedly find evidence to counter this: "Special Liaison Officers" Group Captain F. W. Winterbotham in his 1974 book THE ULTRA SECRET claims Sir Winston Churchill (the second world war prime minister) SACRIFICED Coventry (potentially endangering the lives of 238,000 people) to Nazi bombing raids so that the Germans wouldn't know that UK had broken the Enigma code.See, you're all just (treated as) pawns in a game, it's not right.The only way I (personally) see this world encouraging the profit-makers, the global strategists, the petty asset-grabbing war-mongers to play a more Free Planet-friendly (Custodian) game is by taking their weapons away from them. And by this, I don't mean their pistols, their rifles, their missiles, their battlechips and bombers; I m...
Mike Philbin talking Free Planet novel on Truth Frequency Radio.
2012-03-26 22:36:00
it's been a year or two since I was last invited onto Chris & Sheree's TRUTH FREQUENCY radio show out of Texas, USA.The subject of Monday 26th March's Truth Frequency LIVE SHOW, my hour and a half segment, was "Free Planet" - both the blog (I've been blogging since 2005), and the novel (I'm 75,000 words into it, and approaching a searing climax). Last night's show was another great opportunity to remind the waking populace of this delicate near-Corporate War-ruined homeworld that, if you want it (a Free Planet) it'll be more likely to exist. But it was also a great time to realise, this is not My Free Planet, this is a Free Planet that belongs to all of us, all seven billion sovereign individuals. The Custodians, The People."Do right by Free Planet," is all you need to keep in mind. If we start to SEE OUR WORLD as if it already is a Free Planet. If we run the Free Planet simulation in our heads. If we explore the ideas of Creativity, Pas...
Save Up to 15% Off Wild Planet Sustainably Caught Wild Albacore Tuna
2012-02-29 09:00:00 Mar 22, 2012
The Best Woodworking Magazine on the Planet is Fine Woodworking
2012-02-28 19:50:00
Of all the periodicals and magazines I’ve ever read, there is no doubt the “Fine Woodworking” is the best of all. It is superior to some very good competitors. The competition, however, just never measures up to the consistency and creativity that this magazine has to offer. When I started at this wonderful hobby, I ...
Dave Kilminster: Guitar Planet interview
2012-02-14 23:00:00
Are you and Murray planning to release an album together or is this a special treat for those lucky enough to catch you on tour?We've already recorded the album. It's an album of cover tunes called 'Closer to Earth', and should be out in a couple of weeks time. Probably just as a download on iTunes first, but then later we'll get CD's made up for our proposed US/Canadian tour later in the year.
Free 2012 Fort Myers & Sanibel Lonely Planet Guidebook
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Free Audubon Pennies for the Planet Starter kit
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Lonely Planet and Bing Vacation Sweepstakes on 12/29/2011 ONLY!
2011-12-28 18:35:00
This Sweepstake starts 12/29/2011 and lasts only 24 hrs, so get ready to register NOW! by Jessica Marati (RSS feed) on Dec 27th 2011 at 9:00AM Your dream vacation could become a reality through a new holiday sweepstakes hosted by Bing and sponsored by Lonely Planet. The Grand Prize winner and a guest will work ...Travel Lady Cruises, always providing you with TLC!Lonely Planet and Bing Vacation Sweepstakes on 12/29/2011 ONLY!
Global Nerding, Mindblindness and the Autistic Planet!
2011-12-27 20:55:00
An Interview With AMD’s Charlie Boswell Every family has Christmas Traditions, how they start is often unclear, but whatever it is does become part of the festive season. For some inexplicable reason I have one. How it started is long long lost in the annals of time. But every Christmas Season I seem to do an ...
Grappig mensen hebben het maar over Frozen Planet .. Maar is een TV zender
2011-12-21 20:15:00 Grappig mensen hebben het maar over Frozen Planet .. Maar is een TV zender in HD met allen dat soort beelden :-) EdenHD 31 minutes ago from Twitter - Comment - Like
Alex Machacek,Derek Sherinian:Planet X Yerevan Festival 2008
2011-12-03 02:56:00
Alex Machacek,Derek Sherinian:Planet X Yerevan Festival 2008
Alex Lifeson: Planet Rock audio interview
2011-11-19 13:41:00
Miss the interview with the Rush guitarist? Listen to the whole thing here We spoke to Alex in the studio where he and his Rush bandmates are currently recording their brand new studio album, Clockwork Angels. In the interview he reveals that the band are aiming to release their new album in the spring and they are hoping to tour in the summer, with European dates almost a certainty. He also reveals that the band are looking at perhaps doing some festival shows in 2013. The guitarist also gives an insight into how the new album will sound, revealing that the songs are starting to take an epic shape. more
Atomic Planet
2011-11-10 08:35:00
Atomic Planet par&nbs-p;Studionègre Détournement du logo "atomique" classique.Fin des votes 08/12/11 08:35commentaire : 35-
Joe Bonamassa: Planet Rock radio gets Joe weekly
2011-11-04 22:13:00
The words "kid" and "candy store" could be applied to Joe's radio show, as he faces up to the prospect of being able to choose anything he likes from his absolutely immense and diverse record collection to play for you for an hour.He's opened our eyes to songs that we've never heard before, told us stories about how particular songs influenced him as he was growing up and basically been more enthusiastic about the stuff he plays than it is probably healthy to be.Tune in on every SUNDAY from 6PM to hear Joe in action.
Free 2012 Noisy Planet calendar
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Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Experiences (General Reference)
2011-10-24 22:31:00
Lonely Planet 1000 Ultimate Experiences (General Reference) ISBN13: 9781741799453 Condition: New Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Want to know where to discover a spectacular tropical paradise? How about journeying to the world’s ...
China's First Mars Mission Prepares to Explore the Red Planet
2011-10-24 06:01:00
China's first Mars exploration probe, Yinghuo-1, will be launched in early November along with Russia's Fobos-Grunt sample return spacecraft. The mission to the Red Planet is just the latest great leap forward ? or should we say, outward ? for the ambitious Chinese space program.
Joe Bonamassa: presale tickets via Planet Rock
2011-10-05 20:00:00
Joe Bonamassa is heading out on the road for his biggest UK jaunt to date, with seven arena shows scheduled for March AND YOU CAN GET TICKETS RIGHT NOW!Joe will be previewing material from his forthcoming brand new solo album, which is due in late May, as well as playing material from across his fantastic back catalogue.Planet Rock has an exclusive 48 hour presale on tickets so that you can get the best seats available ahead of the general public, and that presale is underway NOW.Here's the dates:23 March - Brighton Centre24 March - Sheffield Motorpoint Arena25 March - Newcastle Metro Arena27 March - Edinburgh Usher Hall28 March - Liverpool Echo Arena30 March - Bournemouth International Centre31 March - Birmingham National Indoor ArenaGet your tickets from the link belowCLICK HERE FOR TICKETS
Joe Satriani: Crystal Planet There were all of these little musical things
2011-09-23 00:09:00
Joe Satriani Talks "Chickenfoot III", Challenging Himself, "Inception", and What "Crystal Planet" Means to Him Now What do you think about when you look back on Crystal Planet? It's interesting you should ask that because we have been playing the title track on tour since we started the Wormhole WizardsTour back in October. That wound up back in the set because it's a great song to have on keyboards. Crystal Planet was an important record for me because of the intensity of composing. There were all of these little musical things I put in there. I'll tell you a funny thing about that. It was the only record where I wrote specifically in certain keys and eventually sequenced the whole album so each song would start ascending. When you go all the way from the first track to the end and start again, you're always moving up in keys. There are lots of little parameters like that on the record that I don't think anybody noticed, but they were part of the album's musical design. full...
Better Companies, Better Nations, Better Planet
2011-09-20 18:38:00
The Glasgow-based writer and artist Alasdair Gray is fond of a quote engraved in a wall of the Scottish Parliament building, “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation.” It is an injunction that conjures up images of deep-rooted enthusiasm, vigor and ethical behavior, where people go earnestly about their ...
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet [NB Labs]
2011-08-09 14:00:00
Plataforma: Xbox 360 (Live Arcade) Desarrollador: Shadow Planet Productions Distribuidor: Fuelcell Games & Gagne International Bienvenidos al tercer juego del Summer/Winter of Arcade. Ya hemos cubierto a Bastion y a From Dust y hoy le toca el turno a Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. El juego, que apareció el 3 de agosto, es creación de Michael ...
Tony MacAlpine, Derek Sherinian: Planet X - Her Animal
2011-08-09 00:19:00
Planet X - Her Animal [HD]
Making VFX de Rise of the Planet of the Apes
2011-08-06 02:27:00
Con la misma técnica de king kong de captura de movimientos incluso el famoso actor Andy Serkins, que encarno a Golum y a King Kong en la captura de movimientos.Viendo estas imágenes podemos comprobar el gran trabajo que hay tras esta gran superproducción...Ya la podemos ver en los Cines de España
By: Magic VFX
Rob Chappers: Planet Waves "MonkeyFest" Pick design confirmed
2011-06-09 23:44:00
Rob Chappers Just had the official Planet Waves "MonkeyFest" Pick design confirmed for delivery!! And D'Addario have just pledged hundreds of sets of strings FREE MONKEYFEST PICKS AND STRINGS m/ buy Tickets
Glenn Hughes: The Voice Of Rock becomes the Voice Of Planet Rock
2011-06-05 18:20:00
The Voice Of Rock becomes the Voice Of Planet Rock for a brand new series We are delighted to announce that Glenn will be joining us for an exclusive series of hourly shows from Sunday 5 June at 6pm. more
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