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[Video] CR4 Tutorial - Editing Profile
2012-05-23 19:00:00
The first installment in a series of video tutorials to help demonstrate how to perform some basic functions on CR4. ------- These videos will be done biweekly (or sooner) and will cover many of the utilities on the site. If you have a question you think sh
How to Run Android 4.0 ICS on Windows, Mac or Linux Using Oracle VM Virtual
2012-05-19 09:50:00
The HTC Desire S is currently the only smartphone that I’m using. The device is running the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread and is expected to receive Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update some time later this year. Well, I can’t wait to try out the ICS OS myself. But do you know that you can
Oil Painting Tutorial ? Glaze and Mist
2012-04-30 21:26:00
About Julie Duell Julie Duell (nee Henderson) is a 6th generation Australian going back to the First Fleet of English convicts to arrive in Sydney cove in 1788. She also has a drop of American Shoshone Indian heritage for good measure! Julie was born in Sydney in 1941 and continued to reside in Sydney environs ...
HostGator Coupons Tutorial
2012-04-24 19:00:00
Have you ever wondered how others seem to get really good deals on the hosting with Hostgator. Simple, they’ve got inside knowledge and know where to look to get the very best deals. If you haven’t done so already, be … Continue reading →
Diego Budicin: Tutorial 8 finger Venice Tapping
2012-04-17 23:19:00
Tutorial Venice Tapping (8 fingers) by Diego Budicin
Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies
2012-03-23 05:43:00
Domo Kun is a famous monster character from Japan. The character is so special and many people make its models. There are many Domo Kun models but I will present you the top 5 domo Kun products. 1. Domo Kun Wallet The first Domo Kun product is Domo Kun Wallet. The wallet design is great and it is made of Vinyl with ...This post was taken from Cutie Gadget, a Gadgets Gifts Blog.Top 5 Domo Kun Goodies Domo USB Flash Disk The Funny Domo-Kun T-Shirt Black Domo Kun Plush Doll Domo Kun iPhone Case Domo Kun Wallet from Japan
PL/SQL Tutorial
2012-03-21 12:46:00
#leftcontainerBox { float:left; position: fixed; top: 60%; left: 70px; } #leftcontainerBox .buttons { float:left; clear:both; margin:4px 4px 4px 4px; padding-bottom:2px; } #bottomcontainerBox { width: 50%; padding-top: 1px; } #bottomcontainerBox .buttons { float: left; margin: 4px 4px 4px 4px; } The site  published a great SQL Tutorial, but unfortunately no PL/SQL Tutorial on exists. Ok, I understand that Oracle?s PL/SQL is not directly a www language. It?s located at the backend database, mostly Oracle. But maybe a PL/SQL Tutorial will be adding in the future? Could be in the category of ?MORE?? ...
eTextile Tutorial ? Audience Jacket
2012-03-17 10:17:00
One of my favorite wearable tech resources is OCAD’s (Ontario College of Art & Design University) Social Body Lab headed by one of the most prominent persons in the wearable tech space – Kate Hartman, co-creator of the LilyPad XBee ...
Makeup Tutorial: Child Painting Look ? Photos
2012-02-24 14:08:00
Child Painting is a follow-the-lid-lines makeup: the eye crease line and eyelash line using two bold colors on a metallic light blue base color, uniformly distributed on the entire lid.  I used cream eyeshadow for the under the crease line, blending it with a crease brush and decided to keep my eyebrows natural looking. Best ...
Makeup Tutorial: Anthurium Leaf Zigzag Eyeline Look: Photos + Products
2012-02-18 12:37:00
Anthurium Leaf  Zigzag Eyeline Makeup Look is a dark green-lila makeup which creates  a hologram line I use to move  focus on the eye line.  This Makeup look goes perfect with bangs,  no matter how you have it:  straight , all in one length, oblique or asymmetrical.   I’ve created a not so obvious zigzag ...
Linear Slides and You: A Tutorial
2012-02-09 06:05:00
The linear slide: the engineering response to DJ Casper's Cha-Cha Slide. DJ Casper via Communigate | Crossed bearing slide via Isotech "Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Crisscross. Crisscross. Cha-Cha now ya'll. " Maybe not so much. Linear slides neither crisscross nor cha-cha. I've also
Tutorial Instalasi Windows 8
2012-02-05 08:00:00
Walaupun belum secara resmi windows 8 di keluarkan tapi saat ini kita bisa mencoba generasi windows yang akan datang walaupun dalam versi beta. Dalam windows tampilan banyak sekali perubahan yang siknifikan yang dilakukan oleh Microsft antar lain tampilan antar muka. Peluncuran Windows 8 dan Anda pertama kali akan melihat layar Kunci, yang muncul setiap kali sistem anda boot, resume atau Anda dinyatakan perlu login. Jika Anda memiliki layar sentuh, geser ke atas untuk membersihkan dan masukkan password Anda, jika tidak, tarik ke atas dengan mouse, menggunakan roda mouse gulir, atau hanya untuk tekan spasi untuk membersihkannya dan terus maju. Pada tutorial kali ini saya akan memberikan sedikit bagaimana cara melakukan instalasi Windows 8 Developer. Bagai yang biasa melakukan instalasi windows 7 mungkin akan sedikit bingun karena intalasi windows 8 developer berbeda dengan cara instalasi pada wndows 7. Tapi jangan takut pada tutorial kali saya akan memberikan bagaimana cara melakuk...
Ketika gw ngomong soal demo/tutorial cat air...
2012-01-19 06:30:00
Maksudnya itu yang seperti ini. "Oh, bikin gumpalan ga jelas berwarna merah, ya ya..." "Oh, gumpalan LEBIH GA JELAS lagi berwarna biru, ya ya, oke..." "Nyet, sejak kapan ada pohon di situ?" "KOK JADI ADA BAYANGAN DI AIR? KAPAN?" "SIAPA YANG NARO GAMBAR DANAU DI SITU?" "LHO KOK UDAH JADI? SEJAK KAPAN?"
Tutorial para hacer texto navideño
2011-12-09 21:30:00
Continuando con el especial de navidad, aquí tendremos un nuevo tutorial para hacer un diseño de texto de navidad. A través de este aprenderemos a crear el efecto de ?texto con nieve? que se usa para muchas postales de navidad y efectos con diseños  navideños. Entre la diversidad de muchos otros estilos navideños el preferido ... Artículos Relacionados Tutorial para crear trajetas navideñas con Photoshop SoloPhotoshop, Aprende hacer cientos de Efectos para Imagenes Hacer imágenes navideñas en Photoshop
Tutorial para crear trajetas navideñas con Photoshop
2011-12-06 19:30:00
Cuando tenemos personas muy queridas, siempre nos gusta regalarles algún detalle que les recuerde que siempre los tenemos presentes en nuestras vidas. Sin embargo, a veces no tenemos el suficiente presupuesto para comprar algún detalle que podamos obsequiarles, pero ello se ve solucionado con la existencia del Internet. Si pensamos en regalar una tarjeta navideña vía ... Artículos Relacionados ¿Cómo crear un iPhone con Photoshop?: (Tutorial) Tutorial para el efecto acuarela en Photoshop Diseña tus Tarjetas Navideñas y Portarretratos
Adobe Elements 10 Tutorial ? Additional Features And Applications In Adobe
2011-11-26 04:16:00
Adobe Elements 10 Tutorials Do each of the new features in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 vouch getting the most recent edition published by Adobe, or it is best to now be looking to get Photoshop... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tutorial Harry Potter en After effects
2011-11-13 11:36:00
Gran tutorial de efectos visuales de como hacer el efecto de los rayos de harry Potter, efectos lumínicos, y de tracker que hacen darse cuenta de que cada detalle cuenta, desde una insignificante corrección de color, al efectos especial de rayos mas intenso...
By: Magic VFX
HTRI Xchanger Suite v5 Tutorial book/VIdeo
2011-11-10 10:28:00
Good Afternoot everyone,, Hi I'm Zia. I'm new member of this Forum. Nice to meet you. Well, Now I try to learn about HTRI Xchanger Suite v5. This is s software which is has concern in Heat Exchanger Equipment. I get a difficulty to learn it manually. is there one of you who has manual book or Tut
Makeup Photo Tutorial: Autumn Leaves Makeup Look
2011-11-10 00:36:00
I present you my first autumn inspired makeup look this year, Autumn Leaves Makeup Look! Autumn leaves colors are bold, inspiring, with a relaxing effect on me when wearing it. Hope you like it, just let me know!
Logo Design Tutorial Exercise 2 for Complete Beginners
2011-11-09 10:09:00
This logo design exercise will allow you to concentrate on another important aspect of logo design which is to start looking for suitable fonts/typefaces. As with the first logo tutorial we are again going to use the two words we used previously.
Logo Design Tutorial Exercise 1 for Complete Beginners
2011-11-01 17:12:00
Here's one logo design tutorial exercise for a complete beginner which could start your mind thinking more in the way a designer does. By keeping the exercise very simple you can concentrate on just one element of logo design at a time
Tutorial Diary:: Complete Henna
2011-10-24 03:44:00
Wow... where do I start? When I first tried henna there wasn't a ton of information available, but now all you crazy kids have access to which is more information than you can shake a stick at
Encrypted vs Hashed Passwords - Which is better?
2011-09-27 17:00:00
Topics like password strength, protection, encryption are almost everywhere these days. Password maintenance related subjects like password managers, recovery tools and crackers are also gaining attention. A user name and a password is a must in almost all software applications like email...
Darrell Lance Abbott: Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness tutorial DVD
2011-08-29 21:58:00
Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness tutorial DVD features 97 classic Dimebag Darrell metal riffs and patterns as recorded and performed with legendary metal groups Pantera and Damageplan. Hosted and taught by Dime's good friend and protégé Nick Bowcott, each lesson covers essential creative aspects to playing the guitar like Dimebag such as intention, attitude, and feeling underlying each pattern. Picture-in-picture fret and pick action footage depict every performance nuance in a clear and player-friendly tutorial setting. Topics include: killer rhythm guitar, power grooves, pick squeals, psychotic syncopation, holes of silence, chromatics, diabolical dyads, and much more. Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness DVD item#: 00-35005 Available here: Also available: Guitar World Presents Dimebag Darrell's Riffer Madness Book & CD set item#: 00-0350B Available here:
Tutorial: Google ? Cod QR
2011-07-16 10:06:00
Pentru c? în ultima vreme codurile QR au început s? devin? oarecum o obsesie pentru mul?i, trebuie ?tiut c? nu este foarte greu s? generezi un cod atâta timp cât Google pune la dispozi?ie un API destul de simplu. Codul QR se folose?te în special pentru smartphone-uri, iar companiile îl folosesc pentru a trimite mai ... Related posts:Google – Constantin Brâncu?i Foarte frumos din partea Google pentru logo-ul de ast?zi 135... Tutorial: Facebook – publicare pe perete O alta problem? este postarea automat? a unei informa?ii direct... Tutorial: Facebook – pages.isFan Nu am mai scris de mult un tutorial sau un...
Tutorial: Facebook ? start sesiune
2011-07-14 10:45:00
Pentru a porni o sesiune corect în orice aplica?ie pe Facebook trebuie ?tiut cum se face corect pentru a nu avea probleme cu celelalte ac?iuni: Primul rând care trebuie scris imediat dup? “<body>” este div-ul “fb-root”, pentru c? de el se va ata?a SDK-ul javascript al Facebook-ului. Acest aspect este foarte important! 1 <div id="fb-root"></-div> ... Related posts:Tutorial: Facebook – publicare pe perete O alta problem? este postarea automat? a unei informa?ii direct... Tutorial: Facebook – pages.isFan Nu am mai scris de mult un tutorial sau un... Tutorial: Facebook – edge.create Func?ia se refer? la “like-urile” date pe paginile aplica?iilor. De...
Tutorial: Facebook ? publicare pe perete
2011-07-14 10:07:00
O alta problem? este postarea automat? a unei informa?ii direct pe peretele utilizatorului. Pentru a putea face acest lucru întâi trebuie s? ob?inem drepturi de a publica pe perete, dreptul pe care trebuie sa îl cerem este “publish_stream”. Acest lucru se face foarte simplu: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 <script type="text/javascript"&-#62; ... Related posts:Tutorial: Facebook – pages.isFan Nu am mai scris de mult un tutorial sau un... Tutorial: Facebook – edge.create Func?ia se refer? la “like-urile” date pe paginile aplica?iilor. De...
Tutorial: Facebook ? edge.create
2011-07-13 23:11:00
Func?ia se refer? la “like-urile” date pe paginile aplica?iilor. De exemplu, dac? avem o aplica?ie care este strict legat? de o anumit? pagin? a Facebook-ului ?i nu vrem ca utilizatorul s? poat? folosi aplica?ia decât dac? este fan acelei pagini îi afis?m casu?a FB:Like. Pentru a trece mai departe sau a reîncarca pagina edge.create este ... Related posts:Tutorial: Facebook – pages.isFan Nu am mai scris de mult un tutorial sau un...
Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Software Box
2011-06-23 22:27:00
Want to know how to make those cool software boxes you see in advertisements online? This is a quick tutorial to show you how they do it.
Video Tutorial: Instalar Gnome3 en Ubuntu
2011-04-24 03:20:00
Un estupendo videoturial si querémos ser parte del nuevo escritorio Gnome en tu instalación de Ubuntu. Prefieres Unity o Gnome3 en Ubuntu?  
Video Tutorial: Instalar Gnome3 en Ubuntu
2011-04-24 03:20:00
Un estupendo videoturial si querémos ser parte del nuevo escritorio Gnome en tu instalación de Ubuntu. Prefieres Unity o Gnome3 en Ubuntu?  
Video Tutorial: Instalar Gnome3 en Ubuntu
2011-04-24 03:20:00
Un estupendo videoturial si querémos ser parte del nuevo escritorio Gnome en tu instalación de Ubuntu. Prefieres Unity o Gnome3 en Ubuntu?  
Video Tutorial-How To Watch Camtasia Videos From Your Desktop
2011-03-11 03:43:00
I made this video for a customer who was having trouble watching Camtasia videos from their desktop computer. Typically this comes down to issues on the users end whether lack of understanding, or settings on their computer to watch Camtasia … Continue reading →
Tutorial After Effects Light Streaks Español
2010-10-30 05:58:00
Hola. en este tutorial en español aprenderemos a crear los famosos Light Streaks que Apple usó para anunciar los iPods. Os encantará. si quereis el plugin Trapcode Partícular id a mi post en Si quereis más tutoriales visitad Un saludo, Sami Halawa. No Tags---Related Articles at Ideas, Thoughts and Implications:No Related PostsSHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Tutorial After Effects Light Streaks Español", url: "" });
One Point Perspective Tutorial in Photoshop
2010-10-18 00:09:00
This tutorial covers the concept of perspective.perspective is the key concept in matte painting. We have three types in perspective: One point perspective Two point perspective Multi point perspective The points used for drawing perspective lines are known as vanishing point.In this tutorial we are dealing with one point  perspective. Step 1 Before drawing the perspective lines we have to locate the vanishing point of the scene given. In the above pic we located a vanishing point,where all the lines are converging.Once we finish locating the vanishing point we can move to the next step. Step 2 Make a new layer and select Line Tool(U) and draw the perspective lines from the vanishing point as shown. Step 3 Now draw a block taking the perspective lines as reference in a new layer. NOTE : The block should be drawn in between two parallel perspective lines. Step 4 Cut a portion from the resource collected and import it into the work area and give the layer a name (block front vi...
Ultimate Online Joint Venture Tutorial Exposed ? It?s Free!
2010-10-05 00:26:00
Michael Rasmussen recently launched his Joint Venture Exposed Video Course absolutely FREE for you. It?s a comprehensive step-by-step proven system that reveals every single tip, tactic and secret for making big money with joint ventures! In my opinion it?s an Ultimate Online Joint Venture Tutorial.
Photoshop Tutorial: Design a Macbook Pro Illustration in Photoshop
2010-09-16 01:31:00
Ein neues Macbook Pro ist zu teuer? Na gut. Kein Problem! Dann bauen wir uns halt schnell mal eines nach - in Photoshop versteht sich. Im aktuellen Photoshop Tutorial »Design a Macbook Pro Illustration in Photoshop« können Photoshop Fans in 28 sehr detailierten und gut nachvollziehbaren Schritten lernen, wie Sie ein MacBook in Photoshop ...
Photoshop Tutorial: »Making of the Imaginary Paint Dancers«
2010-09-15 20:11:00
Farbe gefällig? In diesem Photoshop Tutorial gibt es einiges davon. Schaut es Euch an - ich denke es wird Euch gefallen!
Tutorial: How to Jailbreak PS3 with Nexus One
2010-09-07 04:35:00
I just wrote about the newly discovered PS3 jailbreak which can now be done using your Nexus One, HTC Desire or other Android handsets. PS3 jailbreak from Android phones is completely free to use, unlike the USB mod to jailbreak PS3 which required you to purchase the USB for $150. How to Jailbreak/Hack PS3 with ...
Photoshop Tutorial: Colorful Plexi Text Effect
2010-08-20 10:25:00
Für die Typo Fans unter den Lesern des COLURZblog gibt es heute mal ein wirklich anspruchsvolles Tutorial, mit einem mehr als nur überzeugenden Ergebnis. Das Tutorial »Colorful Plexi Text Effect using Photoshop« erklärt in 28 absolut überschaubaren und nachvollziehbaren Schritten, wie Ihr selbst mit Photoshop diesen Effekt erzielen könnt. Dieses Tutorial erfordert schon ein umfangreicheres ...
Photoshop Tutorial: Beautiful Abstract Female Art
2010-08-19 21:13:00
Nach lager Zeit gibt es auch mal wieder ein kleines und wie ich finde überaus schickes Photoshop Tutorial zum nachbauen. Wer sowieso Spass daran findet, aus Realbildern abstrakte grafische Bildwerke zu erstellen, der wird sofort von diesem Tutorial überzeugt sein. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist schon eher was für die fortgeschrittenen Anwender unter meinen Lesern, aber ...
JavaScript Tutorial.
2010-08-03 14:37:00
JavaScript is a simple programming language built into Netscape 2.0 and greater. It is integrated with and embedded in HTML. It allows greater control of web page behavior than does HTML alone. Since the JavaScript interpreter is part of Netscape, it is platform-independent: JavaScript incorporated into HTML runs on Windows, Macintosh, and other Netscape-supported systems. Lets start comprehensive JavaScript Tutorial and enjoy.
Hair Tutorial: Oribe Backstage at Armani Privé Fall 2010 Couture Show
2010-07-08 10:48:00
?The hair at Armani Privé was super soft and glamorous, it?s rich looking with a bit of texture,? Oribe says. ?It?s a very blown out look that almost sweeps into the models? faces. We kept a little curl at the front with everything mostly straight at the back. We adapted the looks to let each girl?s ...
Tosin Abasi: Wave Of Babies tutorial
2010-06-23 00:11:00
Tosin from Animals As Leaders gives a quick lesson on how to play the solo from their latest track, Wave Of Babies Tosin Abasi - Tutorial - Wave Of Babies
SQL Tutorial videos
2010-06-04 19:10:00
First in a series of SQL tutorial videos uploaded: Part 1: Background and Introduction to SQL Part 2: Selecting columns and using SQL Aliases read more
NARS Cosmetics Makeup Tutorial: Christina Ricci Wears NARS
2010-06-03 08:31:00
Christina Ricci attended last night?s show closing celebration of Marina Abramovic?s ?The Artist Is Present? at New York?s Museum of Modern Art. ?I wanted Christina?s look to exude edgy classic noir,? says NARS National Makeup Artist Francelle . ?It?s all about the eyes. We kept them classic but infused edginess by adding green tones.? Below ...
Spring Make-Over Tutorial: Caramel Topping For Peaches Fresh Look
2010-04-29 14:54:00
Hello girls. I wanna present one of my Fresh Look makeups I?ve named Caramel Topping For Peaches. Peachy tints are soft and sexy in, and so are lips and cheeks in spring heading into summer. It?s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and get a fresh start on your beauty routine. Here’s ...
Coral, Pink & Lilac Makeup Style Tutorial
2010-04-26 16:31:00
Nature is so very beautiful and so very inspiring… Nature getting back to life in Spring should be a huge inspiration source for color and makeup. Spring’s colors and sun gives us beautiful feelings responsible for our makeup addiction, the reason we girls are so fanatic over spring and Summer makeup kits and ...
Pink & Black Makeup Look: 2 in 1 Blackberry Makeup Style Tutorial
2010-04-23 12:49:00
My first Pink & Black Makeup Look was inspired by BeautyHobby’s colors. I’ve created it to express 2 different attitudes and as a way change looks as quickly as my mood often does. How to Tutorial is to create Blackberry Hood and transform it into Blackberry  Geisha with just one touch up. Let’s start with Blackberry ...
Working with the Liquify Filter in PhotoShop Video Tutorial
2010-04-07 05:13:00
The Liquify filter lets you paint in distortions so you can perform digital nips and tucks. You can slim people down, edit their posture, and make them look exactly how you want them to. See how in this video. -
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