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Paint splatter posters prove Star Wars can be high class art
2012-06-01 23:07:00
It always amazes me how creative Star Wars fans can be. I’m really not sure if there is another franchise that gets as much fan love. Today’s masterpieces are Star Wars posters created by the talented Arian Noveir. His technique? Illustrations that look like they were made with paint splatters. View full post on DVICE
Klout Is Lame: ?Star Wars? Recognized As Topic, Not ?Star Trek?
2012-05-30 18:10:00
Klout just gave this blogger another reason to dislike its system, and another reason to stick with Kred. The social media ranking system with the inconsistent and unreliable formula – failing to account for self-hosted WordPress blogs, YouTube video uploads, and the total number of platforms beyond the narrow range it includes – now has (Read More...)
Save $20 on "Star Wars: The Old Republic"
2012-05-27 09:00:00
List Price: $59.95Deal Price: $39.99You Save: $9.87 (33%)Save $20 on "Star Wars: The Old Republic"Expires Jun 3, 2012
Hasbro Star Wars Fighter Pods
2012-05-20 02:55:00
Even though I only have daughters, that doesn’t mean that they don’t love Star Wars. I think it’s because Hubby is a big fan and is always watching re-runs of this classic movie series. So when they found out that we were receiving a Hasbro Star Wars Fighter Pods to review, they were very excited! ...
Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Taking Place Next Week For Pre-Purchasers [ArenaNe
2012-05-12 03:38:00
If you didn’t get enough time with Guild Wars 2 during the first beta weekend that took place back at the end of April, then you’ll be pleased to know that ArenaNet has invited all who have pre-purchased the title to participate in a stress test next week. Hit the ...
cubic wars
2012-05-10 08:35:00
cubic wars par l-ittlebigplanet Fin des votes 07/06/12 08:35commentaire : 2-
Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic 5/6/12
2012-05-06 17:04:00
Let's see what weird stuff I took virtual pics of this week.On the Republic side we have Quesh:Imperial outpost.Super big robot. We were not expecting him!I swear safety is not a concern in the Galaxy. All these open conduits. hee!Quesh has such a unique look. Beautiful in it's putrid/poisonous stateGiant drill. Hubby felt it was important I take a pic of it. Like I need encouragement! HehLook at those mined cliffs!Bad things have happened here.Another drill, but a better view of the blade at work.Such funky plants here.Rather imposing, no?Remnants of a better time. Once I noticed one, I saw them everywhere. Sad really. Factory complex.Loved the Trandoshan and his outfit. (Trevor, just for you!)Look at that sky! It's almost on fire.Beasties of QueshCool texture for this elevator shaft.Giant, nasty bomb. Now to Imperial Tatooine:Krayt Dragon skull and bones.Nothing compared to its ancestors.Giant swamp rats. UghFound this lady giving private dance lessons to a gentleman ...
Obama: Time to shift attention from wars to home
2012-05-05 14:54:00
President Barack Obama says his goal of defeating al-Qaida is within reach and that it's time to turn the country's attention to domestic concerns.
May the 4th be with you ? Happy Star Wars Day
2012-05-04 16:35:00
Today, May 4th is Star Wars day so May the 4th be with you. Get it? “May the 4th be with you” as in “May the force be with you”? Genius isn’t it? I need not explain how huge of a franchise Star Wars is worldwide, especially in Japan. The geektastic Star Wars seeds haven’t ...
Happy Star Wars Day!
2012-05-04 12:12:00
"May the fourth be with you".
Deal of the Day: "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" on Blu-ray
2012-05-04 09:00:00
List Price: $139.99Deal Price: $78.99You Save: $10.97 (44%)May the Fourth be with you! "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" (Episodes I-VI) on Blu-ray with deleted, extended and alternate scenes; matte paintings and concept art; interviews with cast and crew; and more. This set features all six live-action films utilizing the highest possible picture and audio presentation.Expires May 5, 2012
Up to 40% Off Select Star Wars Action Figures and Role Play Toys
2012-05-04 09:00:00
For a limited time only and while supplies last, save up to 40% of select Star Wars action figures, helmets and blasters.Expires May 11, 2012
Bar Wars
2012-05-02 23:13:00
Bar Wars par Meg-a-Lek Fin des votes 30/05/12 23:13commentaire : 1-
Rats Wars
2012-05-01 20:11:00
Rats Wars par St-udionègre Bon. Le jeu de mots n'est pas neuf mais je tente ma version.Fin des votes 29/05/12 20:11commentaire : 8-
2012-04-30 19:30:00
SCAR WARS par yo-bann Fin des votes 28/05/12 19:30commentaire : 2-
I've played Guild Wars 2!
2012-04-30 12:16:00
Yep, I've finally played it. I participated in the first Beta Weekend Event. What's the verdict? It's Awesome. I can honestly say it lived up to the hype and my expectations. Here's a brief overview of my thoughts.Graphics Very nice. The world is large, beautiful and full of life. The characters and animations were really good. I love the way a lot of the scenery looks painted, especially the far-off vistas.SoundThe only thing you need to know is, Jeremy Soule composed the music. If you don't know who that is, you may have heard his music in the Elder Scrolls series, the first Guild Wars, Total Annihilation and many others. It's no surprise, then, that the music in Guild Wars 2 is great. The sound effects are spot on and the voice acting is good.Game playThe game play in Guild Wars 2 is a little different than your standard, WoW-style MMO. I mean that of course in a good way. It feels like a mixture of WoW and hack-n-slash. The main difference is that movement and position mat...
Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 4/29/12
2012-04-29 15:56:00
Might be slim pickings this time around. Life got in the way last week.For SWTOR it's all Imperial Spy POV today so all you get is Tatooine shots.Some nasties that popped up out of the sands if you went to look at a dead body in the sand. (You can see him way in the back - the bait.) Escaped mutations perhaps?A sea of sand. And always the evil balloon! :PA Sand People oasis. One which they stole from the Empire. Guess who's here to take it back? :PSand People decor.Ah the double suns! You don't see them much. My new pet Taumtaum! A reward for the 1.2 update for players who've stuck out the game. He's so cute!Actual plant life on Tatooine!Now for Minecraft!Road creation through the jungle and also switching biomes.Yes, the crazy world took me from steamy jungle to winter wonderland. Then I hit a desert! Temp whiplash anyone?While I've been on the other side building roads, hubby and Perelay have been super busy.Some of the floor lights flick on and off in a pattern. Dang!H...
Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event soon!
2012-04-26 06:48:00
The first BWE (Beta Weekend Event) for Guild Wars 2 starts this Friday, 4/27/12 at noon PST and ends this Sunday, 4/29/12 at Midnight PST. If you want guaranteed access you need to Pre-Purchase the game now. The best way to do this is to head over to and pre-purchase it there. I recommend the standard, $59.99 digital version.If you don't care about the Beta Weekend Events and want a box and disk, you can get that at which is one of my favorite places to get... most everything online.I'll have my impressions and hopefully some screenshots here during the BWE and once it finishes, to check back for that. I'll leave you with, what I think at least, should be the official commercial for Guild Wars 2...My Zazzle Store
Virtual Tourist 4/22/12 - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft
2012-04-22 17:08:00
Let's see what trouble I've been in the gaming world this past week, shall we? :P (New planet so the bombardment will be heavy! Hee!)Last few pics of our Republic toons on Balmorra.Imperial base we ran across. Intimidating isn't it?Lots of bug flumes spewing green gas.Close up of a bug flume. Seems more than just bug town have been infected now.Finally tried to get some pics while in space. Not EASY! I am fighting for my life here. No time to do proper tourism. All space missions are timed. Fun too.Hubby's smuggler got sent back to Tatooine for a personal mission. I joined him when he ran into some issues.Loved how the sun was glinting off the sand crawler.Dune sea. We also went back to the spot with the datacron we'd found before but could not reach. Still didn't find a way (but wait till you get farther down! Bwahahahaha)Tried to take more space combat pics. Love the sun on this one.We then traveled on to Quesh. Found the officers companion interesting.Isn't that gorge...
Currency Wars: Gambling With Other Peoples? Money
2012-04-19 22:32:00
If running out of your own money wasn’t bad enough, policy makers are increasingly spending other peoples’ money to bail their country out. At the upcoming G-20 meeting, finance ministers from around the world will contemplate an increase to the resources of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At stake for politicians is whether they can continue to do what they know best – to play politics. In contrast, at stake for investors may be whether currencies will retain their function as a store of value. . . . → Read More: Currency Wars: Gambling With Other Peoples? Money
Dog wars heat up presidential race
2012-04-18 05:03:00
Much has been made about Mitt Romney, in 1983, putting his family dog Seamus in a kennel on top of his roof and driving from Boston to Canada, with said canine Seamus making his displeasure known in a rather scatological way.
Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 4/15/12
2012-04-15 16:55:00
Morning!Let's start with Balmorra and the Republic.Imperial stronghold area.Ah, this Sith I'd met before. She was the woman placed in charge of putting Balmorra under heel when I first came here as an Imperial Spy. I'd left things wrapped up quite nicely. Then here comes my Jedi Consular and she's brought the Sith woman to ruin. Was fun seeing the storylines connect like this.The Empire's super weapon. Makes most normal weaponry malfunction.Yes, I know, "what? another picture of Balmora's skies?" What can I say, it fascinates me.Some special Imperial flyers we got to destroy. Mid destruction pics. Heh heh.A really lovely set of waterfalls.YES! Another Holo/Datacron! Woot! View as we struggled for an hour to figure out how to get to it! (We went the hard way. Sigh. Quite easy once we really figured it out.Aha! Found you!X -771 Y 2050 Z139 Willpower +4 Booyah!Now for Tatooine with my spy.Some super cool lit mushrooms in a cave.Giant dead thing in the same cave. Poor th...
Pre-Purchase Guild Wars 2 NOW!
2012-04-10 09:45:00
This is a game I've been looking forward to since I starting learning about it last year. Guild Wars 2 looks like it's going to shake things up in the MMO gaming space. They just made the option to Pre-Purchase available and I jumped at the chance. I think you should, too. Here's a few links and videos to explain why.Guild Wars 2 official site.Guild Wars 2 mass info for the uninitiated.Guild Wars 2 official info page.My Zazzle Store
Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic, MInecraft and ? 4/8/12
2012-04-08 16:55:00
Have more virtual tourist pics and a surprise. :)First Balmorra on the Republic sideA mission gone very wrong for my compatriot Blacksun.Balmorra is just so cool looking.Imperial side of Tatooine.Some Sith training.A local beastie. Don't remember seeing him on the Republic side.The vistas on Tatooine are just awesome.Back to Balmorra.Men and their toys. :PDouble the Shuttle Double the Fun?I want to drive this tank!All those nifty places to crawl through. We were sure we'd see a holocron here but no.Cool logo!These missiles are scary looking.Weapons factory. Cool place.Pilot training pods for the Empire.Love the 3D holograms!You have to admit, warning signs are warning signs in any language. :PTatooine again.Snorkle dude!We had a major crash on the Minecraft server. There was a void that wouldn't go away and then started filling up with more and more creepers and zombies. It overloaded the thing. Happened when I wasn't home, which meant hubby didn't take any PICTURES~! Nooooo! &...
Star Wars & Constant Force Springs: 'The Force' vs. Force
2012-04-05 20:20:00
I'm guessing just about everyone in our CR4 community has seen Star Wars. (We're talking the good ones here too. Not episodes 1-3, Capisce?) So, the most important moment of that film series is introduction of 'The Force" to the audience. It is the energy behind both the Jedi and Sith friary, and
Jump Games’ Border Wars: Face Off Hits 1 Million Downloads. Releases
2012-04-05 11:12:00
Jump Games has announced that their game Border Wars: Face off has crossed 1 million downloads on the Nokia OVS stores. The game was launched in October 2011 and was available across all mobile services like Vodafone, Docomo, Reliance, Idea etc. The game is a patriotic twist to the classic Parachute game concept. The game is very popular among the Indian youth due to the patriotic angle that the game provides. In February, Jump Games decided to serve ads on the game and release it on Nokia’s platform. This gave a boost to the downloads and heavy user requests for newer weapons and game features. Considering the popular demand Jump Games decided to release a sequel. They launched it yesterday and the new game is called Border Wars: LOC and adds new weapons and features which are supposed to make the game more engaging and fun. Here is a screenshot from the game. Speaking about this particular launch of the game, Mr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Business Head India, Jump Games says “We hav...
By: WATblog
Over 30% Off Star Wars Clone Wars Vehicle Action Figure Packs
2012-04-03 09:00:00
Over 30% off select Star Wars Clone Wars 2011 Exclusive Vehicle Action Figure Packs.Expires Apr 10, 2012
Iran?s Nuclear Ambitions under the Shah and Ayatollahs | Small Wars Journal
2012-04-02 08:29:00
During the 1970s, under the last shah, Iran’s nuclear program seemed to be gearing up so that nation could gain the option of declaring weapons capability if deemed necessary and at a point when the international community could no longer …Read more »
Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 4/1/12
2012-04-01 16:24:00
Good morning/afternoon/evening! Welcome back!Close up of my Jedi (couldn't remember if I'd shared it before) TarrahAnd finally a close up of my Imperial Spy Larana. I find them both terribly beautiful, each in their own way. No?On Balmorra with the Jedi.Super cool moving 3D hologram of a weapons driod. If you click for the bigger version you can see labels that pop up around it describing systems and whatnot. So cool!Some super deep elevator shafts at the Droid Factory.The huge assembly line was way cool.And what is a giant factory without giant energy couplings!We were down here twice, second time we found this! Bwahahahaha! (Dang it! I misplaced the coordinates! To get to it though, you have to go to the floor with the assembly line. This one is at the super deep elevator shaft. Behind one of the conveyor belts, there's a recess. You blink, you'll miss it, hubby did. Hee! Had to call him back over.)Floating dead guy. Heh heh. And he kept swinging his light stick like he was pr...
CIA/Bush Drug Ties, Weather Wars & Sonny Bono's Murder with Author Bob
2012-03-29 13:46:00
Woah, and woah.Alex Jones is turning up some amazing whistleblowers (caveat needs reinforcing) of late: this most recent one is a film-maker called Bob Fletcher who used to own a TOY FACTORY that was used as a CIA Front Company for real nefarious nastiness involving drugs and war in the Bush era.I love the way he talks about 'the same few people' being called up as assets for different covert jobs; the cosy little clique. And I understand how this can work, it's the exact same 'compartmentalised specialists cottage industry' that is the Games Industry or Hollywood.this whole GCW or Global Corporate War is just crazy-mad and confirms my belief that only a NO MORE SECRETS approach to FPR or Free Planet Reality will help mankind shake this vampiric monkey of heinous inflationism off its back.Someone suggested the the film TOYS (1992) was relevant to all this, and (it's so excessive, surreal and around the right date) I'd love to believe that.
Biggest Star Wars Tattoo Ever
2012-03-27 03:18:00
Well, you know this dude is a bigger dork than most any dork you’ve ever met. Why? Because he has the biggest damn Star Wars tattoo we’ve ever seen. It covers his whole back! It’s probably a good thing it’s on his back because we’re pretty sure if something this dorktastic were readily visible this ...
Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 3/25/12
2012-03-25 16:37:00
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!On the Imperial Side....Nar ShaddaaAh the Imperials really do have such cool intimidating stations.Safety always seems to be a problem. They always have all these open energy beams. People could get ideas, don't you know.I don't remember if I'd run across this when I was here as a Jedi. But I loved how much this resembles the set ups in the red light districts in medieval Japan. Window shopping was quite the business.Yes, more lovely carpeting!A truly intimidating manufacturing area. Had been sealed for a 1,000 years but was going the whole time keeping anyone attempting to come in out. Yeah, some peeps didn't make it.This machine supposedly does EVERYTHING! The secret hidden by a SithA yes, the corpses of men and machines who'd previously tried to gain egress. Look at those guns! Carpet!Do love that neon! Hee!Vast! Vast!He looks mean, doesn't he?CARPET!Dead nasty.My robotic disguise. This was fun. These lamps were just co...
Dangerous Minds | The real moral of ?Star Wars?
2012-03-21 21:20:00
via Posted via email from poobumwee's posterous
Are Middle East & African Wars Really About Protecting the Immoral Global B
2012-03-21 11:05:00
In a speech retired US Army General Wesley Clark gave in August of 2001, we are reminded that many wars and major military theater operations are planned years or sometimes even decades in advance and that the excuses to justify them are likely fabricated. In this short speech that General Clark gave more than 10 ...
Solid Gold C-3PO and Solid Silver R2-D2 Celebrate Star Wars' 35th Anniversa
2012-03-21 05:00:00
Bite my shiny metal... actually you don't have to bite these officially licensed, limited edition Solid Gold C-3PO and Solid Silver R2-D2 figurines to know they're real: they are, and they're spectacular!
Select Star Wars Figures Over 25% Off
2012-03-20 08:00:00
For a limited time only and while supplies last, save over 25% on select Star Wars Action figures.Expires Mar 27, 2012
Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 3/18/12
2012-03-18 16:23:00
Let's see how much virtual trouble I got into this week. :PStill on Balmorra on the Republic side at Bug Town.The bugs main spawning spot. It was eerie, especially with the ooze coming down all the time.That's the queen guarding her kiddies. Back here, there's a datacron behind the dude below. We figured there must be a back way to get to it, but got distracted and forgot to look once we got outside before going off world. :(This dude looked super duper nasty, so we left him alone.My Imp spy on Nad Shaddaa. I found these posters rather interesting. One of the less reputable areas. Still a ton of neon.Camp site for a set of baddies inside. Loved the carpet!Some weird scientific thingie. The floating doohikies looked like giant hemoglobin.The Flame in all his alien glory.Couldn't remember ever taking a pic of these plants when I was here before, so here you go. :PI liked the overall feel of the set up here. They really came up with some truly interesting flooring.Some NP...
Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase / Pre-Order Price Revealed!
2012-03-14 22:28:00
Fans of the Guild Wars franchise and new gamers drawn into Guild Wars 2 have been waiting for years to hear about the day when reserving a copy of the much anticipated game to arrive. Today is that day. NCsoft and ArenaNet announced the “Pre-Purchase Program” for Guild Wars 2. From 10th of April 2012, players will be able to pre-purchase a copy of Guild Wars 2 available in three packages: [1] Digital Edition; [2] Digital Deluxe; and the [3] Collector’s Edition. By pre-purchasing the game, players will receive a guaranteed entry into all beta weekend events ("BWEs") and a three-day headstart prior to launch, giving them the opportunity to be among the first to secure their character and guild names. As a bonus, players will also receive an exclusive item called Hero’s Band, which will provide their characters with the following stat enhancements: +2 Power, +2 Precision, +2 Toughness, +2 Vitality, +2 Condition Damage, +2 Healing, and +2% Critical Damage...
Darth Vader montado sobre un monociclo toca la meloda de Star Wars con una
2012-03-12 11:05:00
Supn que vas por la calle en direccin al trabajo, a la universidad, al supermercado de la esquina o, simplemente, ests dando un paseo y, de repente, te encuentras con un tipo disfrazado de Darth Vader de cintura para arriba, con una falda escocesa de cintura para abajo, pedaleando sobre un monociclo e interpretando las notas de la banda sonora de Star Wars con una gaita. Surrealista? Sin...
Virtual Tourist - Star Wars The Old Republic and Minecraft 3/11/12
2012-03-11 16:48:00
Semi chaotic last few days, so let's see what I can dig up for this week.We'll do Minecraft first (mostly because my brain is goo and I'm having a hard time remembering where te swtor folder is. Waaaahhhh!)Cool wall from Drew made of sandstone and wooden steps. Now that steps will go in more than one direction, it really does open the possibilities!Cow from the mushroom biodome. Yes, those are mushrooms growing on its back. Creepy, no?Seems you can color a sheep's wool while it is on the sheep and the sheep will always grow that color wool from then on. The kids have all sorts of colors going on.And there are kittys now too! Seemingly will help keep creepers away. But they meow constantly. (Really weird having cats meowing at me from both the headset/speakers and around me in RL.I find this so weird when it happens. Orange tabby!My siamese! In the wild they look like cheetahs, but when you feed them fish and they love you, they randomly turn into a house cat variety. The ch...
PHOTOS: Check Out Some Of The Cool Star Wars Toys You Can?t Have
2012-03-05 23:59:00
Wish you could impress your friends with a set of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader salt and pepper shakers? Too bad. That’s just not possible....
PHOTOS: Check Out Some Of The Cool Star Wars Toys You Can?t Have
2012-03-05 23:59:00
Wish you could impress your friends with a set of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader salt and pepper shakers? Too bad. That’s just not possible....
Star Wars? Ralph McQuarrie Passes In Berkeley At 82
2012-03-05 02:45:00
The man who I remember as giving a look” to Star Wars, even before I heard of the movie was Ralph McQuarrie. This was 1976, and my friend Lars Frykman was then given to quoting seemingly obscure ideas from someone named “Owen Lars.” At first, I thought Owen Lars was someone Lars made up, but (Read More...)
48% Off Select Star Wars Battlers Figures
2012-03-02 09:00:00
For a limited time only and while supplies last, save 48% on Anakin Skywalker, Rex and General Greivous from the Star Wars Battlers Action Figures line.Expires Mar 9, 2012
Two Huge Guild Wars 2 Beta Coming!
2012-02-28 20:47:00
Guild Wars 2 beta sign-up event a few days ago reached a whopping one million registrations in just 48 hours. That’s how huge GW2 is and will be after launch. But when will the beta aspirants get access? If you regularly check the official Twitter account of the Guild Wars 2 team (@GuildWars2) they officially said end of March. What’s in store? By end of March, if all goes well (and I’m sure it will), lucky people who signed-up a few days ago in the beta sign-up event will get a chance to play in Guild Wars 2 beta - a massive beta this time. NCsoft and ArenaNet announced that the next beta will concentrate on World-vs-World (WvW), gameplay, and the most important of all, server load testing. And if you know what “server load testing” is, it means that a good chunk of the one million beta registrants will have a chance to play! How many? I don’t know. Hopefully a third, 300,000 or something. That’s more than enough for the ne...
Deal of the Day: Star Wars: The Old Republic
2012-02-28 09:00:00
List Price: $59.95Deal Price: $39.99You Save: $10.00 (33%)In Star Wars: The Old Republic, players will explore an age thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader when war between the Old Republic and the Sith Empire divides the galaxy. Players choose to play as Jedi, Sith, or a variety of other classic Star Wars roles, defining their personal story and determining their path down the light or dark side of the Force. Along the way, players will befriend courageous companions who will fight at their side or possibly betray them, based on the players' actions.Expires Feb 29, 2012
Un AT-AT de Star Wars con una furgoneta Volkswagen
2012-02-22 11:30:00
Si el universo ficticio de Star Wars se hubiera desarrollado en los aos '60 en lugar de en una galaxia lejana, los AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) que vimos por primera vez en El Imperio Contraataca puede, y slo puede, que hubieran adoptado la forma que tenis en la siguiente imagen, con la mtica furgoneta de Volkswagen en su parte superior Va | Jack Schofield | Volkswagen Bus AT-AT...
Darth Vader Alarm Clock Helps Prevent Snore Wars
2012-02-15 06:00:00
With the Darth Vader Alarm Clock you'll never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again... you'll wake up on the Dark Side! This Official Japan Licensed Lucas Films product plays the main theme from Star Wars to help ?force? you out of bed each morning.
Civil Wars? Joy Williams & Nate Yetton Expecting Baby
2012-02-14 00:59:00
The Civil Wars musician Joy Williams officially announced that she and her husband Nate Yetton are expecting their first child together to all her fans and followers on Twitter. Taylor Swift Debuts ?Safe & Sound? From The Hunger Games Soundtrack (AUDIO) The 29 year-old, who debuted her baby bump at the Grammys red carpet (see ...
Parking Wars invaded Providence, RI
2012-02-12 04:32:00
?My Take": Watching Parking Wars on A&E, interesting now they're in Providence, RI. Its all about no parking in a bus stop zone on this about painting NO PARKING inside a squiggly line instead of making it look like a parking space??? Well at least they have a sign their.
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