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Microsoft Zune 8GB Digital Media Player (Pink) - HVA-00005 for only $99.99
2010-10-25 11:43:00
This slim 8GB Zune® device is good to go with plenty of room for your favorite music, pictures and video.
#7: Zune 120 GB Video MP3 Player (Black)
2010-08-04 06:07:00
Zune 120 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) by Zune 108% Sales Rank in Electronics: 347 (was 722 yesterday) Platform:   Windows (479)31 used & new from $151.94(Ranking is updated hourly. Visit the Movers & Shakers in Electronics list for authoritative inf...
64GB Zune HD launching April 12th for $350
2010-03-31 21:13:00
We can’t really say we’re surprised, but Microsoft has announced a 64GB version of Zune HD. This one is arriving on April 12th in the Zune online store, it will hit other retailers later. It comes on the scene with a few different color options and a $349.99 price tag. The 16GB and 32GB versions ...
???? XP SP2? ZUNE 4.0 ???
2010-02-08 10:45:00
1?? ?? ??? ? 80?? - ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?????. ?? ?? ? HD? ??? ?? ?? ??? ???, AV ??? TV ??? ??? ????? ???? ?? ?? ??? ????? ??????. ??, ???? 7?? ???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ????. ?? ?? ????? ?????? "??"? ???? ?? ?? ???? ????? ?? ? ?? ?? ??? ?????. (??? ? ???? ???? ??? ? ??????). ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??????. ???? ?? ?? ?? ????, ??? ???? ??? ??????. ?? OS? ?????? ??? KOR ???? ?? ??? ???. WindowsXP-KB932716-v2-x86-KOR.e-xe ???? WindowsXP-KB932716-v2-x86-KOR.e-xe ??? ??? ? ???????. ?? 4.0 ???.
Zune Originals for ZuneHD
2009-09-23 10:40:00
Just to remind you folks that Zune maybe no more with the entry of ZuneHD in the market but that doesn’t mean Microsoft will not continue the ever famous Zune Originals. You get to choose the color of the casing and engraving. For a classy PMP like the ZuneHD, paying for extra for individuality. Just a ...
By: PMP Today
Microsoft Finally unveils Upcoming Zune HD-To compete with Ipod touch?
2009-05-28 05:58:00
The debacle of earlier Zune player does not seem to have deterred Microsoft from taking another shot at the portable music market.After several bouts of rumours it is confirmed that Microsoft would be launching Zune HD,next version of Zune this September. Zune HD is an attempt by Microsoft to provide a new level of listening and viewing experiences to the portable media player category.Although the product is said to be positioned against the Apple’s iPod touch,Microsoft has repeatedly denied the allegations. Zune would have OLED 16:9 Multi-touch screen with a resolution of 480×272 capable of showing high-definition video output.The main USP of the product would be availability of HD radio and support for outputting HD video to TVs.The Zune HD features a Wi-Fi connection also present in previous version. The Zune is set to feature a full-screen Internet browser including tap to zoom technology, built-in accelerometer, and touch screen QWERTY keyboard. The Zune HD would also...
By: WATblog
Microsoft Confirms New Zune HD Portable Media Player
2009-05-27 09:36:00
Premium Zune digital entertainment service to be available internationally on Xbox LIVE. Microsoft Corp announced the evolution of Zune, the company’s end-to-end music and entertainment service, to a new platform and new markets. Zune will extend its video service to Xbox LIVE internationally this fall. This marks an important development in the Zune strategy and ...
Rumored Hardware Specs for Microsoft Zune Phone
2009-05-12 22:10:00
From Gizmodo: The rumors around Microsoft's Pink—their fabled iPhone competitor—are gaining momentum even after Steve Ballmer repeatedly denied them. Mari Jo Foley at ZDNet has published the hardware guts of this beast. According to her, this "may or may not be the f
Rumores: Microsoft Project Pink
2009-04-30 12:00:00
Se rumora sobre un nuevo proyecto secreto de Microsoft, cuyo code-name se le conoce como Project Pink. En el mismo, se estaría desarrollando un dispositivo móvil, incluyendo una pantalla táctil con soporte multimedia, que tendrá como objetivo ampliar el sistema operativo Windows Mobile, además de nuevas capacidades de software. Aún no hay especificaciones técnicas disponibles.
Nuevo Zune HD (No Oficial)
2009-04-14 03:45:00
Bueno shaaa ahora sí volví =D, es que ya esto de bloggear me tenia aburrido... pero vamos a ver si levantamos este blog de nuevo!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------El Zune? Si yo se, el iPod le patea el culo, pero vale la pena fijarse en estas pics que encontre por ahí.La foto no es oficial, osea alguien se la medio camufló por ahí (osea es un leak) y la publico en internet, asi que por ahora solo está eso!El resto de las imágenes en Engadget The+VagosvaganciaZune- 
By: The Vagos
Microsoft desmiente los rumores sobre la Zune
2009-01-11 19:50:00
Cómo decíamos, Relaciones Públicas de Microsoft contraataca, y desmiente categóricamente que la empresa vaya a abandonar la Zune. La empresa sigue insistiendo que la Zune es el software y no el player, y que como tal, siguen avanzando como si nada hubiese pasado. Compártelo
¿Microsoft abandona la Zune?
2009-01-10 00:35:00
Hay que ver el escándalo que se ha armado sobre unos comentarios que aparecieron en el Financial Times, sugiriendo que Ballmer está dispuesto a eliminar la Zune. Ballmer comentó que Microsoft está dispuesto a acabar con la Zune ya que no ha podido competir con la iPod de Apple, aunque ahora este campo cada vez ...
Microsoft Fixes Zune Bug ? Well For The Next Four Years Anyway!
2009-01-04 00:22:00
Microsoft have had a bit of a battle trying to gain market share for their iPod killing media player Zune. The Zune just has not captured the imagination of the consumer. In fact this has been the case for most of Microsoft’s explorations into the alien world of hardware. About the only Microsoft piece of ...
No habrá Zune Phone en el CES
2008-12-13 04:19:00
Ayer les contamos del Zune Phone, de su participación en el CES y de la posibilidad que tuviese integrado un chip NVIDIA Tegra; y hoy para hacer las cosas más entretenidas les diremos que el rumor resultó ser falso según se ha confirmado con las declaraciones de Brian Seitz quién como director de grupo de ...
Futurología: Microsoft presentaría el Zune Phone en el CES
2008-12-12 00:00:00
Este rumor desde hace mucho tiempo que viene circulando en el ambiente y cada cierto tiempo reaparece como el Ave Fénix. La idea de que Microsoft entre al mercado de la telefonía móvil con un terminal propio desde hace tiempo que se viene especulando, sobre todo cuando Apple lanzó su iPhone y cada cierto tiempo, como ...
Convertir videos de golpe para iPod, Zune, iPhone y PSP
2008-11-27 20:05:00
Gracias a este programa podremos convertir por ejemplo 150 videos de golpe, es decir seleccionarlos todos y se irán convirtiendo poco a poco, no hay que ir uno a uno, lo he probado y va muy bien! Descargar Twins Video iPod-Zune-PSP-3GP What is Twins video to iPod-Zune-PSP-3GP? With Twins Video to iPod-Zune-PSP-3GP you can convert your ...
Zune Pass mendapatkan pelanggan untuk menyimpan 10 lagu
2008-11-21 13:23:00
Berlangganan musik model selalu yang “lebih baik” solusi dari à la carte model, setidaknya dalam teori. Sayangnya, mereka telah diadakan kembali oleh yang sedikit tanda bintang di samping kata “unlimited.” Jika Anda memutuskan bahwa Anda tidak lagi ingin membayar distributor musik Anda berlangganan, Anda kehilangan akses ke semua musik-dasarnya you’re membayar untuk akses ke ...
First Look on Zune 3.0
2008-09-16 15:41:00
Zune, the iPod rival, has released its version 3.0.. the release further enhances the utility of the hardware available on the device.. Zune distinguishes itself from iPod by including FM tuner and WiFi ability at the same price as iPod.. the v3 release includes additional functionality for FM tuner and WiFi.. ?Buy from FM? This feature lets you download the song that u hear on the radio of your
First Look on Zune 3.0
2008-09-16 15:41:00
Zune, the iPod rival, has released its version 3.0.. the release further enhances the utility of the hardware available on the device.. Zune distinguishes itself from iPod by including FM tuner and WiFi ability at the same price as iPod.. the v3 release includes additional functionality for FM tuner and WiFi.. ?Buy from FM? This feature lets you download the song that u hear on the radio of your
zune player
2008-08-13 16:17:00
the terminal of my zune player that the battery cable attaches to broke from the circuit board. Any advice how to re-attached or solder it. thank you
Can?t Buy Me Love ? Why Getting Digg Hosts to Pimp the Zune Fell Flat
2008-07-15 00:14:00
The Microsoft Zune is definitely the underdog when it comes to MP3 music players. In this market, there is only one king and everyone knows it?s the iPod. It?s hard for anyone offering an alternative MP3 player to get ahead, even when they have the marketing budget of a company like Microsoft.  And the ...
Okay, so I want to purchase a new MP3 player: zune 4gb or ipod nano (3rd ge
2008-07-09 02:19:00
I know that i would have to pay $1 for each song for ipod cuz i dont want to use limewire, but for zune you can get the zune pass for unlimited music for 14.99/month. Obviously, ipod has a better rep. and is better…..which one should i get? ANSWER ASAP! please give reasons to ...
Zune converter?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
does anyone know were i can get a free converter for putting movies into my zune? i want a converter that can convert dvds into my zune too I want a software that is free and is really good. Also i dont want super.
How can i fix Zune video sync error C00D002F?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
I've been trying to get these movies on my new zune. They are in .wmv format and should work but instead i get 'C00D002F' error. HELP!!Thanks!
What are the pros and cons of a Zune mp3 player vs. an ipod video?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
my friend has a Zune that he's absolutley crazy about. I was wondering whats so great about them? Do they work with itunes?
Question about syncing songs, videos, pictures and what-not to a Zune?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
I am buying one this summer for my sister since she's going to be away for the whole summer. It's a surprise for her and she doesn't know. She has all of her music on my old computer and I have already downloaded the Zune software for it. It takes forever to do anything with ...
Is there any way to put videos from limewire onto a zune?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
Does anyone know how to get a limewire music video put onto a zune?
What are your opinions on Zune Pass?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
Is there a lot of popular songs on there? Are there any hidden fees? Can you use it on multiple computers or do you have to buy it for each computer in a house? Do you have to have a Zune to use it? Or can you use Itunes? I have an Ipod, just the Zune Pass seems cheaper ...
If I buy a zune pass ???
2008-07-09 02:19:00
if I buy a zune pass and download a bunch of songs and then my pass expires will I still have the songs on my Zune?
Zune Pass or LimeWire PRO?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
Which is better, a Zune Pass for $14.99 a month or LimeWire PRO for $35.00 for one year? With the zune pass, I understand that the music disappears if you choose to not renew your subscription.. with LimeWire, I would have the music forever right? AND I can put it on my Zune… but would ...
CONFUSED!!! HELP!! if i get a zune and buy a zune pass for a month
2008-07-09 02:19:00
"The songs are yours to keep as long as you keep your Zune Pass valid. HOW DOES IT WORK? You can get a Zune Pass that's good for either one or three months at a time. Charge your subscription directly to your credit card or enter a code from a prepaid card. Songs you get with a Zune ...
Zune Pass include videos?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
does the zune pass (14.99/month) allow you to download music videos, tv shows, and podcasts? or is it just strictly music??? if it's only music, im better just sticking with limewire right?
Zune Pass Subscription?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
If I stop the Zune Pass Subscription, I understand that you will lose access, but if i pay again will i get all my music back, or will they all be gone and i will have to restart? Because i want the music to be mine and be there just not playable and when i ...
How can I copy music from my Zune?
2008-07-09 02:19:00
I have the latest zune software and want to copy my music from that to my new computer. How can I do it? I've seen hacks but have heard they don't work with the latest software.
on my zune, when i try to hit ync. it says adding and when its done it says
2008-07-09 02:19:00
what the fuck is going on?!?!?!?!?! ive tried just about everything!! all of the music is in mp3 format, and i hit sync and it seems to do everything properly until it finishes then it says it skipped all of the music i tried uploading.
There isn't a marketplace button on the Zune menu, how do I get one?
2008-07-09 02:18:00
I already downloaded all of the Zune software but marketplce button still won't show. Is there a different way to download songs of of the zune marketplace?
free music video download sites for my zune?
2008-07-09 02:18:00
can anyone tell me what site/s i should use? that are just like converters. but you know they work and you use them for your zune?? thanxxx :]
Can you download itunes music onto the zune?
2008-07-09 02:18:00
I want to get a zune, not an ipod, but i also want to download itunes. So i was wondering if it was compatable to put the itunes on the zune, and even vice versa. This will definately help me to decide which to buy. Thanks.
Where can i download the software that came with Zune 30?
2008-07-09 02:18:00
I lost the CD and need to install it.
download movies onto zune?
2008-07-09 02:18:00
how do i download movies onto my zune??
Does anyone know about the Zune mp3 player is it better than the IPOD?
2008-07-07 00:21:00
I want to buy an IPOD. I need it mostly for music but also for store movies for trips. I want to know if the IPOD imput for speakers will work with the Zune. I also want to know how can you make the MP3 players work in your car if you only have ...
Can a microsoft zune sync cable be used with a sansa/sandisk mp3 player sin
2008-07-07 00:21:00
This is the mp3 player i have I'm thinking of buying a zune cable.Its cheaper
what are the differences between the iPod and the Zune mp3?
2008-07-07 00:21:00
which one is better? do they both work with most computer systems? which has better screen quality and holds more? which is lighter or nicer-looking?
how and can i play anime on a zune or anyother mp3 player?
2008-07-07 00:21:00
i am ging to by an mp3. I want to put anime on like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, death note and soul eater. i have my eye on a 8G zune. i also want to put on shows like doctor who. I also want to put music on not just all showsand anime
portable amp for my mp3 player..I need something to hook my zune to and tha
2008-07-07 00:21:00
could I make it myself? Where Could I buy one? Is it cheap? Does it even exist?
ipod , zune or mp3 ? pointsssss?
2008-07-07 00:21:00
i plan on getting ipod but i want to look at other option. i'm 14 by the way my question : the advantage and disadvantage of each ? what can it do ? know any good mp3/mp4 you would recomend … best place and deal 2 buy ipod such as wal-mart , circuit city ,etc.
zune mp3??
2008-07-07 00:21:00
ok so i think i am fixing to get another ipod bc mine got stolen but anyway a friend of mine got a zune and told me she liked it and i should look at them but i have a mac book and they wont work on them will they? i mean mac makes ipods where ...
How come when Im syncing movies to my zune it stops when it gets to 100%?
2008-07-07 00:21:00
The movie itself isnt added and the next movie woul not sync as well… Help please?
how to put movies on a zune?
2008-07-07 00:21:00
i've tried putting movies i have on dvds on my zune but i can't get them on. i don't like buying things from sights, all of the songs i have on already are from my own cds so i was wondering if it's even possible to do the same thing with dvds
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