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The Flip Ultra: your next sports video camera?
2008-03-21 00:36:00
The Flip Ultra is a tiny camcorder that embraces the ?less is more? philosophy. It?s small and compact. The screen doesn?t swing. You can?t take pictures, only does video. It only has four buttons: record, play, delete and zoom. It can record for 30 o 60 minutes depending on the version, so there?s no need ...
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Heart Rate Monitor without Chest Belt
2007-07-18 17:12:00
One of the reasons I don’t use a heart rate monitor often is that I hate the chest belt. To avoid this annoyance, Mark of Fitness has created a finger heart rate monitor, the MF-180. You can buy the MF-180 on Amazon. Related post: The Nordic Walkers Heart Rate Monitor
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Casio Pathfinders Reviewed and Compared
2007-06-20 16:53:00
The Watch Report has reviewed and compared two very similar Casio Pathfinder watches: the PAW1300 and the PAW1200. Both sport watches offer the same functionality, being the 1300 much smaller (among some other differences). These are the main features:
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Dual Concept Bike made of Wood
2007-06-19 07:48:00
The folks from GP Design have developed a bike that can be used for fitness training and also for going to work, the Jano dual bike. They claim that this is a new type of bike with a new market segment, and I agree with them: sometimes I wished my mountain bike transformed into a ...
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Tracking your Workouts with a Phone
2007-06-17 07:21:00
Nokia Sports Trac ker is an application that tracks your sport activities that runs on Nokia S60 smartphones with a bluetooth GPS device or with an integrated GPS (see below the full list of compatible devices). The application records your position, speed, distance and pace. It has a training diary and can do ...
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Garmin Rino Mini Site
2007-06-16 12:38:00
Garmin has recently put online a mini site dedicated to the Rino series GPS receiver, where you can find information on the Rino (the 530 HCx model right now) and some usage videos, like the “Behind the scenes” one that you can also see here:
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Condoms for your Gadgets
2007-06-15 12:10:00
How many times have you seen this: your Camelbak reservoir spilling all the water and soaking all your backpack, including your last generation mobile phone. Your precious little digital camera swimming in you pocket because of the rain (that’s why you should have bought a waterproof digital camera, or a better coat!). You kid using ...
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Greener Outdoor Sports
2007-06-14 14:09:00
Warren McLaren has written an extensive article on TreeHugger on how to green your outdoor sports. Although this is not a gadget I highly recommend reading the article for two reasons:
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Omron HJ-112 Pedometer Review
2007-06-13 11:59:00
Wendy Bumgardner at About:walking has written a review of the Omron HJ-112 pedometer. This is the summary of her review: Pros Tested as highly accurate 7-day memory Counts steps and aerobic steps Silent Cons Larger than some pedometers The Omron HJ-112 Digital Premium Pedometer is one of the best pedometers for walking and jogging. It has the following features:
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MapMyFitness family
2007-06-10 09:47:00
MapMyFitness is a family of sites that you can use to share your workouts with others, view the evolution of your fitness training, use fitness calculators and tools and much more. At this moment there are five sites in the family, each aimed at a different sport/activity:
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Safe bike lights without batteries
2007-06-08 17:30:00
Riding your bike in cities, especially at night, is a dangerous adventure. That’s why Pedalite, a british company providing safety equipment for riding your bike, invented the Pedalite KPL 100. The Pedalite KPL 100 is a pedal-powered battery-free pedal that integrates front, rear and lateral lights making it easy for the ...
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Practical Waterproof Sports Camera
2007-06-07 06:21:00
I’ve recently written about the robust all-sports camera. The one presented here takes a different approach: a practical and quick operation. While is also designed for sport usage, it stands out for having a strap that you attach to your wrist. You carry it in the flat position and you flip it up ...
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Garmin Marathon
2007-06-06 08:09:00
Garmin has recently launched a website called Garmin Mara thon where the company is publishing its sponsored marathons. For each marathon there’s a Google Earth video, a map, the elevation graph and a link to MotionBased (Garmin’s routing and fitness site) for an in-depth analysis and mapping.
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Treadmill Walking Mistakes
2007-06-06 07:30:00
A week ago I made a post about tips for using gym machines. Similar to this post, but concentrating on the treadmill and on walking, Wendy Bumgardner has written an article on that teaches walkers what NOT to do when practicing on a treadmill:
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Ultra-light Folding A-bike
2007-06-05 12:07:00
No other than Sir Clive Sinclair has invented this ultra-light bike. Named after the A shape when in normal position (by the way, what’s the normal position of a folding bike, folded or extended?), the A-bike is the result of five year research from Sinclair Research. The A-bike ...
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Heart Rate Monitor for Teams
2007-06-05 07:16:00
Today, while browsing the Suunto website I’ve come across a curious product: the Suunto T6 Team Pack. The product page gives the best definition for this product: “Suunto T6 Team Pack is a complete solution for situations where a trainer is managing sports activities involving a group of athletes. With the help of Suunto t6 team ...
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Waterproof Cases for Tech Gadgets
2007-06-04 14:50:00
Need a cheap waterproof camera? Are you afraid of damaging your precious gadgets on the beach? OverBoard, a manufacturer of waterproof products from the UK has launched a new line of waterproof cases specially designed for cameras, phones, MP3, PSP and so on. Features:
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Satmap Sports GPS
2007-06-04 10:28:00
Satmap claims that its new Satmap Active 10 is the ultimate sports GPS. Satmap has designed this GPS as a robust outdoors device with some sports accessories like a bike mount. What differentiates this GPS from the rest is its integrated digital mapping. This means that you can buy map cards (SD cards) with detailed imagery ...
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Night Vision Monocular from National Geographic
2007-06-03 22:40:00
National Geographic offers this professional-grade night vision monocular with the following features: 3.1 Power magnification. Integrated infrared illuminator to be able to see in complete darkness. Automatic gain control, to protect in case of sudden light exposures. 628 field of view at 1,000 yards. Water resistant body with tripod mount. Operates with two AA batteries Measures: 3 1/2”W x 3”H x 6 ...
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May 2007 Favorites
2007-06-02 21:29:00
Awarded Bike Pump Sanyo Xacti E1: waterproof video camera Olympus Stylus 770SW: the all-sports camera Trip Tracker Sports Mate
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Review of the Casio G-Shock GW-800
2007-06-01 16:53:00
Paul Petersen has written a review of the Casio G-Shock GW-800 sports watch on The Final Sprint. In his opinion, this watch has four features that distinguish it from the rest of “normal” sport watches: Solar-powered Atomic: it gets time and date information from an atomic transmitter. Durable: it’s a G-Shock , after all. Water resistant 200 m. Read the whole ...
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Tips for using gym machines
2007-05-31 20:23:00
Men’s Health has written an article full of tips for using the following machines: The rowing machine The treadmill The stationary bike The elliptical trainer The stairclimber A must read to use them properly and to burn fat faster.
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New Garmin eTrex models
2007-05-31 16:38:00
Garmin has announced some new models for the eTrex family of GPS receivers: eTrex Vista HCx eTrex Legend HCx eTrex Summit HC eTrex Venture HC eTrex H The eTrex receivers are used by outdoor enthusiasts because of their compact size, lightweight design, ease of use and low price. This new version adds a high sensivity GPS receiver (WAAS) resulting in faster ...
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Handheld tripod to easily take you own photos
2007-05-31 12:42:00
How many times have you been struggling with your camera to get it straight on a rock to take a picture of yourself? Or how many times you’ve had to give your camera to another person? The QuikPod Pro Hand held tripod lets you take pictures of yourself or can be used simply to extend the range ...
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Awarded Bike Pump
2007-05-30 15:42:00
If you’re looking for a floor pump for your bike, look no further. The new Topeak JoeBlow Pro is what you need. It has recently been awarded with the 2007 Bicycling Editor’s Choice after extensive testing. The JoeBlow Pro features: Perfect ergonomic design. Easy to read gauge. Quick and easy to operate. Air release button for fine tuning the tire ...
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Garmin Developer
2007-05-30 09:07:00
Garmin has launched a new website for application developers who want to make their own sites compatible with Garmin GPS devices and website services. There are several APIs (Application Programming Interface) available through this website. The MotionBased Web Services API, for instance, lets developers interact programmatically with MotionBased, Garmin’s mapping application. The site also features the Garmin ...
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Sanyo Xacti E1: waterproof video camera
2007-05-29 00:27:00
Sanyo’s new Xacti VPC-E1 is capable of recording digital video and taking photos over or under water. Some of its features are: 640×480 pixel video at 30 fps. 6 Megapixel photos. 5x Optical Zoom. 2.5″ LCD display. Up to five feet underwater for up to 30 minutes. Links: Product page Olympus Stylus 770sw: the all-sports camera The Xacti VPC-E1 won’t be available until June ...
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Extreme U-lock usage
2007-05-28 09:51:00
No words are necessary. Nice picture shown on flickr. By the way, if you need a U-lock, Amazon has lots of them.
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Olympus Stylus 770SW: the all-sports camera
2007-05-27 00:36:00
On January I wrote a post about the Olympus Stylus 720SW, claiming that it was a water sports camera. The new Stylus 770SW takes a step beyond. In addition to being a water camera, it wants to be your all-sports camera. See it for yourself: Shockproof: drop it from 5ft if you want. Waterproof: up to 33 ...
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Tips on the Oregon Scientific ATC-2K Action Camera
2007-05-26 23:41:00
The folks in the support team of the Oregon Scientific ATC-2K have made a comment on the post I wrote last december about this camera. It’s full of tips on it usage. Read them here: Feel like a stunt with the ATC2K Action Camera Oregon Scientific ATC-2K Waterproof ActionCamera on Amazon
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