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Trying to read a text msg & I get Memory Full!!!!
2008-06-08 15:02:00
I have deleted all sent messages and I've deleted all incoming except the 2 msgs I cannot read. Why is it saying memory is full. I have a 1 gig micr sd in memory slot!
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the mp4 player keeps crashing my computer
2008-06-08 15:02:00
everytime i turn on mp4 player i get a 'connect to pc and use device manager to repair' message. Everytime i connect the player to my pc it crashes the pc. the player worker perfectly then ran out of charge then the problem started. ive charged it on...
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sony bravia tv
2008-06-08 15:02:00
tv was a gift so i have no mannual, it bturned its self off and now wont switch on the on light flashes the set makes a hinning noise then a red light appears next to the on light i dont know wwhat this means so i dont know if its worth getting fixed
More About: Sony , Bravia , Sony Bravia
downloading Olympus sotware for using Vista system
2008-06-08 15:01:00
Sent inquiry for using Olympus photo software with new Dell Vista system. Received an email download link from Olympus. Went to link and followed instructions. Clicked download button but nothing happened
More About: System
I bought a computer with
2008-06-08 15:00:00
I bought a computer with vista and now I can't hook up my cannon printer or scanner.
More About: Computer
stains on clothes in frigidaire
2008-06-08 15:00:00
stains on clothes in frigidaire washing machins
More About: Clothes
cd wont read mp3 or
2008-06-08 14:59:00
cd wont read mp3 or jpeg under udffs20 file system on a toshiba satellite a100
More About: Read
singer fantasia II problem
2008-06-08 14:59:00
My sewing machine won't sew forward, only backward. What is wrong?
More About: Fantasia , Problem , Singer
2008-06-08 14:58:00
hey i had forgeten the pass of my memory card and i want to format it but it keep asking for the pas .. what should i do
Question about installing Windows 98 onto a Compaq Presario 5102 US
2008-06-08 14:57:00
I am trying to install Windows 98 with a floppy disk and I click on option 1 (with CD-ROM support) I click on that and then it prompts me with a black screen and a:/ and now I dont know what to type in. This machine already has ME installed on it but...
More About: Question , Compaq , Compaq Presario , Windows 98
help mee
2008-06-08 14:55:00
j'ai ecris ma code pin faute 3 fois puis la code puk aussi faute alors dans l'ecran de le telephone puk desactiv? sim bloqu? et quand je change la carte sim je trouve que aussi le telephone est bloqu? car il y'a dans l'ecran (ecrit la mot de passe )...
ZPA 314 Screen picture is Black and Whie
2008-06-08 14:55:00
The DVD player did this once briefly during a movie but now its only playing movies in black and white. (I know the DVD is in color I started to watch it on my regular tv the day before.) please help
More About: Screen , Picture , Black
Information lost
2008-06-08 14:55:00
Ok. I don't think that I have the notebook that is listed above. I have the gateway w/windows vista basic (does that help?). A few weeks ago I was looking through some things and I think I set the computer back to default. Now everytime I turn off...
More About: Lost , Information
plz help
2008-06-08 14:54:00
i wana format my memory card without writing the pas because i had forgetten it plzzz in hury !!
wireless lan card
2008-06-08 14:54:00
Please can someone help me fix my wireless lan doesnt come on again after i did a reinstall. tnx
More About: Wireless , Card
control temp on thermastat
2008-06-08 14:54:00
We have moved into a old house that has air I can't figure how to adjust temp for cooler it is in a hold position...
More About: Control , Temp
stating 480i on display rather than just saying on cable
2008-06-08 14:53:00
I have a sony bravia kdl40v2500. Normaly when I watch cable tv the display is just "cable" in upper left hand corner of the screen. Now for some reason the display states cable then 480i below that. Obviously the picture is far worse quality than...
More About: Display , Cable
getrag m40 gearbox
2008-06-08 14:52:00
I reversed out of the garage, I stopped to change to first and the car is stuck in reverse gear, Nothing I do seem to fix the problem, What can it possible be? The gearbox gave no problems before or any indication that anything is wrong.
More About: Gearbox
Sony Trinitron
2008-06-08 14:50:00
This morning out of the blue, my Sony Trinitron will not turn on. I noticed that the standby light is flashing 5 or 6 times in sequence. I tried to turn it off but it will not turn off now. I unplugged it from the wall for about 10 minutes to see if...
Police Watch PL.10966ms/01m
2008-06-08 14:50:00
trying to open my new watch.. but i have no had 2 arrows on each side pointing in the opposite direction? any idea also it has like a curved metal bar in the middle about 3 inchs?
More About: Watch , Police
We have a Washer/Dryer WD
2008-06-08 09:01:00
We have a Washer /Dryer WD 1438RD. Every time we wash, at some point through the wash OE is displayed and the wash cycle stops. The filter has in every case been clean and so has the hoses and pipes.
The Simpsons Game
2008-06-08 08:59:00
On the simpsons game, i am having trouble with a particular level. I have completed the game 74% and the level that I am up to is in Frinks House and it is called the FIVE CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR. I have finished the first part where Bart...
More About: Game , The Simpsons , Simpsons , The Simpsons Game
Getting Dropped
2008-06-08 08:59:00
I love this router, but recently I've having to un-plug the thing about twice a day. I lose connectivity to the internet wired and my wife losses wireless connectivity. Until I power cycle the router we get no internet. I have REV. 2 and 1.79...
radio problems
2008-06-08 08:58:00
The radio in my 2005 Tahoe keeps shutting itself off and on. Half the time I can't turn it off with the button, change the channel, or turn the volume up or down. I also keep hearing a beep sound while the vehicle is on.
More About: Radio , Problems
i accidentally shorted something.
2008-06-08 08:58:00
My battery wont charge and even with it plugged in it won light up or do anything.
DVD/VCR constantly displays "Memory Mode".
2008-06-08 08:57:00
DVD/VCR constantly displays "Memory Mode ". Cannot record and cannot get rid of it. Why is it doing this and what do we do to fix it?
More About: Displays
no video or sound on xbox 360
2008-06-08 08:55:00
i have no video or sound on my xbox 360 ive tried changing wires but nothing uve hooked my wii to same plugs and my wii works fine
More About: Video , Xbox , Xbox 360 , Sound
Paper Shredder blades do not turn, even though motor is running
2008-06-08 08:53:00
I accidently put a small stack of 5 pieces of paper with just my address torn from junk mail into a Bosser Paper Shredder. It was on auto and the thickness and slick paper jammed the shredder, so it stopped turning and the motor stopped. I removed...
More About: Running , Motor , Blades , Turn
DR 389 DVD player
2008-06-08 08:52:00
I have bought an LG DR 389 recordable DVD player and am wanting to play a DVD but it is not region 1 compatible. How do I set the player so that I am able to play the DVD? Regards Anthony
More About: Player
map update 2009 will not open
2008-06-08 08:52:00
update will not open when disk inserted ito drive of new vista run compuret
More About: Open , Update
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