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New patent applications for the iPhone
2008-06-06 19:24:00
Apple has just filed a new patent which seems to allude to the next applications to be embedded within the operating system iPhone 2.0 and probably iPhone V2. The long description of this patent confirms previous rumors:
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LG introduced KC550
2008-06-06 19:21:00
LG has just announced a new phone mid-range for the European market. It is the KC550, a mobile sliding carrying a 5 megapixel camera and an auto-focus based on technology Scheneider-Kreuznach. According to the company, the processor is very powerful and can play a video in resolution 720 x 480 at a speed of 30 ...
Photos of new Leap million G50, Leap K1, Moov 370 with 3D images
2008-06-06 19:17:00
Both of the new lounge at the Computex million Taiwanese manufacturers are PDAphones Leap G50 and K1. The K1 innovates with its screens on each side of the aircraft. Side facing you find the screen with his mobile phone keyboard and later stack all the functions of a PDA-GPS. The design is pleasant and quickly ...
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The Taiwanese manufacturer Compal series presents its Mobile Internet Devic
2008-06-06 19:13:00
The Taiwanese Compal is one of the rare local manufacturer that has not launched products under its own brand as have been able to make its neighbours Asus, HTC, Acer, Eten etc. Pending Compal showed PDAphones and devices that closely resemble to UMPC. However, the manufacturer called the Mobile Internet Device these products and boarded ...
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Samsung officially present its Player Style F480
2008-06-06 11:20:00
We were talking about last week. The Samsung F480 was renamed Samsung Player Style . The aircraft was officially announced today by Samsung. With this new model every touch, Samsung should strengthen its dominant position in the market extremely carrying mobile touch screen.
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Snape2Face management Facebook photos from your Windows Mobile smartphone
2008-06-06 11:15:00
Snap2Face is the first Windows Mobile completely dedicated to community network Facebook. With its graphical interface, the application allows you to view the photo albums of your friends, send photos to Facebook simple, monitor the notifications of your friends, and also to import a photo of your friends profile to Outlook Mobile.
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Mio announces GPS PDAPhone K1 Leap
2008-06-05 21:46:00
Mio took advantage of the show Computex in Taiwan to formally present his PDA Phone GPS K1 Leap . As the Samsung F300, the K1 million Leap has a double face, the GPS function on one side and the phone on the other. The device runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and has a Samsung 2443 processor clocked ...
UMPC Gigabyte M528 processor with Atom
2008-06-05 21:43:00
Atom The processor can also operate mobile machinery other than laptops, and this is the case with the UMPC Giga byte M528, which was presented at Computex 2008. It operates under a Attom Centrino processor clocked at 800Mhz, and has advanced features for a UMPC: 4.8-inch touch screen resolution 800×480, a sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 4GB hard ...
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Use the data connection on your Blackberry on your Mac with iMobimac
2008-06-05 21:39:00
Apparently, there are no simple solutions to use its data connection with his Black berry Mac . The application allows iMobiMac it using a special proxy who chose either the Mac’s network connection, the connection data of the Blackberry.
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The Fujitsu F706i lets you watch TV under water
2008-06-05 21:35:00
The Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu has just introduced its latest mobile F706i which possesses immense particularity of not only receive mobile TV but also to receive a 3m under water! Indeed, the F706i is completely waterproof. One wonders what sample of the population could watch TV 3m deep under water.
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The smartphone ZK1 Lamborghini
2008-06-04 12:31:00
Asus is continuing its partnership with the famous brand sports car. After co-brandés models in the world of laptops, here are the pdaphone Asus Lamborghini ZK1. You will see in this video that Asus and Lamborghini have worked together on the design with inlay carbon hull and back in applications with a clock which takes ...
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Bouygues Telecom Companies proposing new solutions for sustainable developm
2008-06-04 12:28:00
Bouygues Telecom Companies committed to sustainable development by offering its customers new solutions for telephony responsible. To contribute to the preservation of the environment, Bouygues Telecom Companies has introduced a collection of used mobile for its business customers directly into their business. In parallel, Bouygues Telecom Companies offers an exclusive Evolve the Nokia 3110, the ...
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Photos of the Windows interface Touch by Eten
2008-06-04 12:23:00
Following our news on the latest Glofiish DX900, X610 and X900, here are some photos of the Windows interface Touch conducted on behalf of Eten by developers SPb Software.
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HTC Touch Pro: the HTC Touch Diamond offered a keyboard
2008-06-04 12:17:00
HTC unveils HTC Touch Pro (HTC Raphael), variant HTC Touch Diamond with a full keyboard sliding, giving it an increasingly thick (18 mm against 13 mm for the Diamond) and a little overweight (165g instead 110g ) But will please all those who need to tap on their PDAPhone. Cote design is the same as the ...
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Eten Windows Touch integrates into its new Glofiish DX900, X610 and X900
2008-06-04 12:10:00
These three new products are interesting because the perceived quality of finish is much more pleasant than what we had used so far the Taiwanese manufacturer. The assumption of these devices reminiscent of the HTC Touch for those who have already had on hand.
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2008-06-03 20:49:00
Small but spacious Designed as a small portable music player - but with plenty of space inside. Your W350i stores up to 470 * songs on the memory card (included in the kit phone). Get references of the song You hear a song that you would like to know the title? Use TrackID ? and get all its ...
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2008-06-03 20:45:00
General Dimensions (h / w / e): 115 x 49.6 x 15.7 mm Weight: 108.5 g Battery: Standard Li-ion 1200 mAh Screen: 2.1”TFT colour 262 144 - 240 x 320 pixels Autonomy in conversation: 3h Autonomy in standby: 250h Colours: Black Function integrated buzzer: Yes Communication Network Category: Tri-band
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Opening the show Computex
2008-06-03 20:41:00
The Computex show is held annually in Taiwan. It brings together very many manufacturers in this country. Some names have become known to the general public Acer, Asus, MSI … Mobifrance will be present for the
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2008-06-03 20:36:00
A phone Walkman refined The W660i Walkman phone, a perfect blend of music, speed 3G and beauty. This mobile is a reflection of your musical tastes: simply impeccable. A musical experience personalized Create your playlist. Enjoy the cover of the original album on the phone display. With the Walkman player 2.0, tailor your musical experience. Load your favorite ...
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Sailing unlimited internet with the PocketSurfer2
2008-06-03 20:30:00
This innovative product is unique. At the time, manufacturers add chips 3G or 3G +. The Pocket Surfer is a PDA keyboard with Internet technology that uses quad-
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Explorer with your iPhone iPhone Browser
2008-06-03 07:03:00
iPhone Browser is the application that we lacked since the release of the iPhone. This Windows File Explorer allows you to navigate the tree of your iPhone and conduct operations from bases like copy files from and on your iPhone. They
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Sony Ericsson G702 ?BeiBei?
2008-06-03 06:58:00
After leaving the promotional video for the Sony Ericsson P5, it is the turn of Sony Ericsson Beibei (G702) to undergo the same treatment. The Sony Ericsson BeiBei has a strange name but this model
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Crash test for the HTC Touch Diamond
2008-06-02 21:26:00
The HTC Diamond is perhaps not as strong as diamonds, but it seems to be quite resilient. Indeed, he survived a crash test at the launch conference in Singapore. The video below demonstrates this. The HTC Diamond is not yet available
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The game Pong multiplayer on iPhone?
2008-06-02 21:22:00
I have no idea how these Japanese developers have managed this feat, but the video below shows you the classic game Pong played at the same time on 3 iPod Touch. The ball is transferred
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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 could be distributed by Orange
2008-06-02 21:08:00
The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 which was the main attraction of the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February, will be available this summer. And it is likely to be distributed in France by the operator Orange . Indeed, the aircraft has just made its appearance on the site Orange Partner UK (see ...
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StyleTap confirms the development of an emulator for Palm OS iPhone
2008-06-02 21:01:00
The company Style Tap has confirmed the development of an emulator for Palm OS iPhone . Last February, StyleTap had issued a video demonstration of the application that had generated much interest (more than 800 lectures on YouTube 000). This emulator iPhone will allow users to take advantage of the 20 000
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Money Goes Away 3.0, free application of personal financial management for
2008-06-02 20:53:00
If you are looking for a small personal finance application for Windows Mobile , Money Goes Away could be of interest to you. Developed by Alfredo Moressi, Money Goes Away pass the version 3.0 and downloading is still free. The application has an interface optimized for
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Update emulator for Palm OS Nokia Nseries
2008-06-02 20:49:00
The Japanese company ACCESS just update to its beta version 2 emulator for Palm OS shelves N770, N800 and N810. This emulator allows you to turn on the tablet Nokia thousands Palm OS applications.
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Samsung G600
2008-06-01 21:11:00
GENERAL Product Design Slide Weight 104 gr Dimensions 101 x 47.8 x 14.9 mm Operating System (OS) Other 55 MB RAM Slot external MicroSD memory Size 2.2-inch screen Screen resolution (pixels) 240×320 Technology TFT screen Number of colors 16M Touchscreen NO Joypad YES NON Wheel CONNECTIVITY mode GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 / GPRS EDGE YES iMode NO NON UMTS/3G HSDPA NO Infra-red Port NO Wifi NO Bluetooth STEREO Specific Connection Synchronization PC VISTA WIN ...
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Acer N35
2008-06-01 21:09:00
GENERAL weight gr 165 g Dimensions 120 x 72 x 20 mm Operating System (OS) Windows Mobile 2003 SE Samsung processor (2410) 266 MHz Memory ROM 32 MB 64 MB RAM Slot external memory MMC / SD Hard drive NO Size 3.5-inch screen Screen resolution 240 x 320 Number of Colors 65 536 Touchscreen (Tablet PC) YES CONNECTIVITY Port Infra-red YES NAVIGATION GPS chip SIRF III Version software Destinator ...
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