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Electronic gadget on review - Best Gadget
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Netgear?s WiFi Skype phone debuted
2007-08-25 14:24:00
We very well know about this fact that ?Skype ? phones never let you down on features. The latest cellphone from ?Skype?, SPH200W Netgear WiFi, is a way too advanced than many phones down the market lane. This majestic cellphone shows full...
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?Stiletto 2?: Not just high on looks!
2007-08-25 13:53:00
Like always, Stiletto 2 cellphone has considerably lived up to the expectations of its buyers. Let me tell you, this phone speaks volumes about class as well as style. This phone has a ?Pandora? of high precision functionalities and...
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Hands-on with the Archos 405 and DVR dock
2007-08-24 15:18:00
We've got our gadget on with the brand new Archos 405 portable media player. If it was a member of the opposite sex, we'd consider looking twice in the bar. The question is, would we persuade them to come home with us?
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Crave Podcast 47: Should Wi-Fi thieves be arrested?
2007-08-24 13:48:00
Is stealing Wi-Fi really a crime? What does the president of Mozilla Europe think of Steve Jobs? And how do you control your MP3 player with your mouth? Find out in this week's podcast
More About: Arrested , Podcast , Este , Crave
Sony?s DSC-T200 ultracompact going big with 3.5-inch LCD, 5x zoom
2007-08-19 21:29:00
Filed under: Digital Cameras So it looks like Sony is about to break us off with a very nicely spec'ed little waif of a camera, the 8 megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-T200 (pictured left). Oddly enough, SonyStyle Canada has all the juicy details about this unannounced, significant upgrade to the DSC-T100 -- and its little brother, the DSC-T70 (pictured right) -- posted up for the world to see before a single press released has passed our desks; we're talking 3.5-inch touchscreen, 5x optical zoom (3-inch / 3x on the T70), claimed 3200 max ISO, VGA video at 30fps, automatic face detection, and even optical image stabilization, all in sub-160-gram packages. No wireless radios onboard, unfortunately, but you are getting the ability to dock with Sony's optional CSS-HD1 Cyber-shot Station for TV, allowing images to be viewed in their full glory on high definition sets. Despite the mounds of info and images displayed on these microsites -- along with overseas enthusiast site e-Photographia -- t...
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How would you change Windows Vista?
2007-08-19 19:51:00
Filed under: Desktops, Features, Laptops digg_url = ' change_Windows _Vista '; What do you get when you take a product used by hundreds of millions of people every day, add a few new features / polish up the interface, and then try to get everyone to shell out a grip of money for this delay- and bug- plagued upgrade? No, we're not talking about New Coke, although Microsoft probably could have learned a lesson from that failed experiment when it went about developing what would end up being Windows Vista , namely that consumers demand more than some glitz and fancy new packaging if they're to abandon an old, reliable friend. And besides that impressive Aero GUI -- which many PCs can't take advantage of anyway -- what is Vista really offering us that XP didn't? A crash-prone new media player? Exclusive "ultimate extras" that have so far amounted to a lame shareware game? A thousand chances a day to feel important when bequeathing "Administra...
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EPSON All-in-One CX9400 Fax rolls out
2007-08-19 18:47:00
EPSON designed its latest All-in -One CX9400Fax with ease of use and space saving features in mind. It has all the functionality you ever need in a fax. You can fax, copy, print, scan all you want. The CX9400Fax comes with some of the latest advancement in print technology such as Epson DX3 print head technology ...
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Spare Photomasks used to create coaster set
2007-08-19 18:10:00
Filed under: Misc. Gadgets, Household There's nothing like replacing a mundane trip to the store with a DIY endeavor, and creating a simple conversation piece that still serves a purpose just makes it all worthwhile. The latest geekish creation to come our way is the photomask coaster, which essentially utilizes "clear templates used in semiconductor manufacturing" to keep condensation from ruining your furniture. Better still, you can apparently locate unwanted versions of these things at certain electronics surplus stores, and considering that most feature different patterns within, you can create a whole set of coasters that each sport their own unique identity. We know, we just got way too Home & Garden for some of you to handle, but you'll survive.[Thanks, Chris] Read | Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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BarCampHouston is August 25th
2007-08-19 17:28:00
I happened to find this by accident this morning and I've been looking for an event like this in Houston for a long time. There will be a BarCampHouston held on Saturday, August 25th at the Houston Technology Center (HTC). I plan on attending now that I know about it...
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Xbox 360 modded to look more like? an Xbox 360?
2007-08-19 17:02:00
Filed under: Gaming Yeah, we too are a bit miffed at why you'd want your Xbox 360 to look more like, well, itself, but a modder over at Xbox-Scene apparently felt that Microsoft simply stopped short of the goal. The customized machine sports an Xbox 360 -themed grill insert, a host of internal green LEDs, an Xbox 360 controller emblem, and an internalized WiFi adapter. Click on for a few more snapshots, and don't be surprised if this guy hears from Redmond about a future in console design.[Thanks, Christian]Continue reading Xbox 360 modded to look more like... an Xbox 360? Read | Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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Skype on your iPhone
2007-08-19 16:00:00
Here is some good news for those who think their iPhones are sub-par because of lack of instant messaging features. SHAPE Services, a Germany-based firm, known for their IM+ software, has announced a beta version of Skype client for iPhone. Users can access Skype through the iPhone?s web browser and it will take the users ...
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LCD Giveaway Contest
2007-08-19 16:00:00
John over at has gotten his hands on a bunch of small lcd screens off of ebay. Trouble is that he has no idea how to use them. He can not find any data on the devices. He decided to host a contest. If anyone can send him the data ...
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GPS Steals and Deals - 8/19
2007-08-19 15:30:00
Want a Free GPS? - Sign up for our Mailing List and we're going to give a Garmin Nuvi 350 away to one lucky winner at the end of August. I continue to see Sunday Circulars for specials in Bricks...
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Amazon leaks specs, delivery, and price for Canon?s EOS 40D
2007-08-19 13:51:00
Filed under: Digital Cameras var digg_url = ' _leaks_Can on_EOS_40D'; Hot damn kiddies. Amazon just posted the specs and delivery for Canon 's EOS 40D. Of course, it's not official 'til it's official but Amazon lists a September 20th availability for the true 30D successor. The specs? They're all there: new 10.1 megapixel, APS-C sized, self-cleaning CMOS sensor; 30% faster, 9 point AF; DIGIC III image processing; ISO 3200 max sensitivity; improved 3.0-inch LCD with Enhanced Live View; 6.5fps continuous shooting (bursting 75 Large/Fine JPEGs or 17 RAW images); 35-zone metering system; and CF card storage, natch. All in a body just slightly larger than the EOS 30D while tipping the scale with 1.4-ounces (40-grams) more beef. It also supports an "sRAW' mode which trims the number of pixels to one-fourth that of a standard RAW image (cutting file size in half) while retaining all of the flexibility of full-sized RAW images. A definite 30D upgrade f...
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Canon?s 21.1 megapixel EOS 1Ds Mark III: thanks, Amazon
2007-08-19 13:50:00
var digg_url = ' _s_21_1_meg apixel_EOS_1Ds_Mark _III_leaked_by_Amazon ' ; Not only did Amazon loose the goods on Canon's EOS 40D, they've also activated the page for Canon's 21.1 megapixel EOS 1Ds Mark III for the pros. That's an 11 megapixel jump from their EOS 1D Mark III (pictured) announced in February... Shazam! Canon's hope is to supplant the medium-format cameras dominating fashion and commercial photo studios with this relatively light-weight, full-frame DSLR. We're talking a 36 x 24-mm self-cleaning CMOS sensor; a pair of DIGIC III image processers operating in parallel; improved 45-point advanced autofocus; 5fps continuous shooting (for bursts of up to 45 Large/Fine JPEGs or 15 RAW images); sRAW image support; 3-inch Live View LCD with 5x or 10x magnification; and CF, SD/SDHC storage options. Of course, it won't come cheap when (and if) it ships on December 10th. In fact, you'll be looking at $8,000 for the body (only) according to Amaz...
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Braun Pulsonic electric shaver vibrates
2007-08-19 13:11:00
What men generally need daily is a good comb, hair cream and a shaver. Shave rs are to men what lipsticks are to women. Braun has come up with an electronic shaver equipped with Pulsonic Technology which is set to revolutionize the shaving experience. It delivers up to 10,000 micro vibrations per minute to stimulate the ...
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Hands-on with Sprint?s new lineup
2007-08-19 12:25:00
In addition to Xohm, Sprint also revealed some new handhelds, including some we'd seen before and some surprises.
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Tiny Subwoofer Rocks The Joint
2007-08-19 12:06:00
Anyone with a surround sound system will know how vital a subwoofer is but, the problem for many is that they tend to be quite big and difficult to place unobtrusively in the living room. The term ?sore thumb? applies. Velodyne, experts in all things subwoofer, think its latest tiny woofer is the perfect...
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The Simpsons: Tune Into Homer?s Head
2007-08-19 10:46:00
There are probably not too many reasons why anyone would like to delve deeper into Homer's head but if you make it a radio, you have at least one excuse. I realise that in radio-land, DAB is all the rage but there's billions of people out that can't receive DAB signals or, when you...
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Jabra BT8030 bluetooth headset works as a speaker too
2007-08-19 10:27:00
Filed under: Cellphones While the kids at the back of buses everywhere may already be aware of the fact that headphones can act as speakers if turned up loud enough, the rest of humanity tends to keep the volume down, and is therefore unawares. Jabra has latched onto this concept and created the BT8030, which can act as a bluetooth headset when you're on the move, and then switch into a speakerphone mode for Skype at your laptop. The speaker / headphone combo will also play music over Bluetooth , lasting up to 26 hours in music mode, 32 hours in talk mode, and sitting in standby for up to 25 days. It'll retail for $249.99, although we're not sure when you'll be able to pick one up.[Via FarEastGizmos] Read | Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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Conceptual Yoga mat triples as stereo, display
2007-08-19 08:28:00
Filed under: Misc. Gadgets For any devout yogis out there that also dabble in product development on the side, this one's for you. A concept created by Hui-Zong Chen describes a snazzy yoga mat that not only allows you to relax your inner being and place yourself in all sorts of awkward positions, but also enables you to partake in yoga class remotely thanks to the built-in display. Moreover, the tube / mat case packs a set of speakers and a flash-based music player, and we can only assume that a WiFi antenna is in there somewhere for those interested in streaming video classes to the head of the mat. Of course, we're not exactly sure how much "meditation" could actually ensue with all these enticing distractions around, but it's a novel idea regardless. Read | Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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The MODEC electric delivery van
2007-08-19 06:12:00
Filed under: Transportation While the simple van may not be the most glamorous of vehicles, it's hard to argue against a practical electric version that could do the same tasks, but without burning fossil fuels. That's exactly what the MODEC does, an electric van with a 100 mile range that can shift up to 2 tons of goods from supermarket to customer's doors. UK supermarket company Tesco recently arranged a contract to upgrade its home delivery fleet to the MODEC, which has a top speed of 50 MPH with its 102 horse power electric motor. It ain't no Tesla, but it's sure got style.[Via Autoblog Green] Read | Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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100 DIY sites
2007-08-19 04:33:00
Here is a link that was sent to me from a post of 100 DIY sites. It contains do-it-yourself projects from multiple genres. Go see this list here. Do you yearn for self-sufficiency? Is your time and talent larger than your bank account? Then the following sites will appeal to you, as we?ve gathered ...
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What does XOHM stand for?
2007-08-19 04:29:00
Truth be told I have no idea what XOHM stands for, but if the rumors are to be believed we will find out pretty soon when (if) Sprint launch its WiMAX brand, as it is tipped to be called XOHM. The people “in the know” report that not surprisingly takes you to a blank page ...
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Toshiba updates Satellite M200 notebook to Core 2 Duo
2007-08-19 03:35:00
Filed under: Laptops Toshiba recently updated the M200, a 14.1-inch widescreen notebook aimed at sweet spot between the gaming behemoths and the sub-notebook styles of laptop. Kicking out the old Core Duo, the new M200 features a 14.1-inch 1280x800 widescreen display, a 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo, an X1300 Radeon graphic card, 2GB of SDRAM, a 160GB Hard Disk drive, and a DVD burner multidrive. Alongside these specs are a/b/g/n wireless networking, and a 1.3 Megapixel webcam up top. Nothing particularly special, but then again these kind of updates never are.[Via AVING] Read | Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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Logic debuts portable iPhone speaker system
2007-08-19 02:50:00
Well I guess it had to happen… Congratulations I guess go to Logic3 for being the first to release a “dedicated, portable speaker system” for the iPhone. So let me get this right. Steve and his team spend an absolute fortune (I assume) developing a device which means you can ditch a number of other devices ...
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The party keg is back with Heineken
2007-08-19 01:27:00
Sometimes a picture is all it takes! I can personally vouch for this product as we have had them here for some time now. They are a great party enhancer, add a bit of fun, and are way cool! Taking of cool, you really should check out the site for the specifications, some good information and a ...
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Sony?s Target-exclusive Bravia LCDs now available online
2007-08-19 01:25:00
Filed under: Displays, HDTV Making good on a promise made earlier this year, Sony has apparently made available a duo of cheaper, smaller LCDs to discount retailer Target as it attempts to cater to a different sect of customers. Reportedly, the 26- and 32-inch 720p Bravia s won't be available in Target B&M locations until next month, but both sets are showing up on Target's website right now. Also, we should see a similar infiltration into Wal-Mart and possibly a few other big box retailers in the coming months, but those looking to snag a Sony LCD on the (comparatively) cheap can head on over to Target's virtual storefront and procure the 32-inch KDL32ML130 for $899.99 or the slightly smaller KDL26ML130 for a Benjamin less.[Via CNET]Read - Sony's 32-inch KDL32ML130Read - Sony's 26-inch KDL26ML130 Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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Sony XDR-S3HD HD radio hands-on at Engadget HD
2007-08-19 00:57:00
Filed under: Home Entertainment HD isn't only for TV -- we're also into HD radio, too. Check out our hands-on with Sony 's XDR-S3HD home HD radio over at Engadget HD. Tres chic! Read | Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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Kevlar-lined clothing a hot commodity in London
2007-08-19 00:27:00
Filed under: WearablesIt's no secret that rashes of violent crime in London have been plaguing the city for some time now, but some parents are going to Kevlar-lined extremes in order to protect their offspring whilst away from home. Reportedly, orders for Kevlar-infused school uniforms and casual wear have skyrocketed of late, as school-aged stabbings seem to be on the rise. Notably, plenty of orders are coming in from the States as well, and while Deputy Asst. Commissioner Al Hitchcock claimed that merely "one-percent" of crimes around London involved a knife, mums and dads would seemingly rather be safe than sorry.[Via Wired] Read | Permalink | Email this | CommentsOffice Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!
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