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Interview Questions
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VB Interview Question-1
2007-11-26 08:17:00
1. How do you register a component? 2. Name and explain the different compatibility types when creating a COM component. 3. Why iss it important to use source control software for source code? 4. What two methods are called from the ObjectContext object to inform MTS that the transaction was successful or unsuccessful? 5. What is the tool used ...
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.NET Localization/Globalization Interview Question
2007-11-26 08:12:00
What are satellite assemblies? How do we generate Satellite assemblies? What are AL.EXE and RESGEN.EXE? What?s the use of resource manager class? What precautions do we need to take while deploying satellite assemblies? Can we get a strongly typed resource class rather than using resource manager? Explain the fundamentals of ?GetGlobalResourceObject? and ?GetLoca lResourceObject?? What is Unicode and why was it introduced? Does .NET ...
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JavaScript Interview Questions
2007-11-26 08:07:00
1. What should appear at the very end of your Java Script? The script LANGUAGE=”JavaScript” tag 2. Which of the following can’t be done with client-side JavaScript? 3. Which of the following are capabilities of functions in JavaScript? 4. Why so JavaScript and Java have similar name? 5. When a user views a page containing a JavaScript program, which machine ...
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SAP R/3 Interview Questions
2007-11-26 07:54:00
Can you create a table with fields not referring to data elements? YES. eg:- ITAB LIKE we are referening to a data object(SPFLI) not data element. What are the different types of data dictionary objects? tables, structures, views, domains, data elements, lock objects, Match code objects. What should be the approach for writing a BDC program? STEP 1: ...
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ASP.NET Interview Question & Answers
2007-11-26 07:50:00
1.Describe the role of inetinfo.exe, aspnet_isapi.dll and aspnet_wp.exe in the page loading process ? inetinfo.exe is the Microsoft IIS server running, handling ASP.NET requests among other things. When an ASP.NET request is received (usually a file with .aspx extension), the ISAPI filter aspnet_isapi.dll takes care of it by passing the request to the actual worker process ...
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Microprocessor Interview Question
2007-11-26 07:42:00
What is a Microprocessor? - Microprocessor is a program-controlled device, which fetches the instructions from memory, decodes and executes the instructions. Most Micro Processor are single- chip devices. Give examples for 8 / 16 / 32 bit Microprocessor? - 8-bit Processor - 8085 / Z80 / 6800; 16-bit Processor - 8086 / 68000 / Z8000; 32-bit Processor - ...
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Interview Question On Project Management
2007-11-26 07:40:00
What is project management? Why are project managers required? What all activities come under project planning? Who all are the stakeholders in a project? How do you initiate projects? What all groups are involved? Is there any formal process adopted in your organization? What all documents created for the project and their significance? How do you identify the number of resources required for the project? Explain different software development life cycles? What are the contents of project management plan document? What is a fish bone diagram ? What is Ishikawa diagram? What is pareto principle ? What is80/20 principle? What tools were used for configuration management? How do you handle change request? What is internal change request? What is the software you have used for project management? What activities are performed while project closure? What do you understand by defect prevention? How is software shipment managed in the project? How are the efforts estimated in the Project ?...
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PL/SQL Interview Questions
2007-11-19 19:22:00
How do you convert a date to a string? What is an aggregate function? What is the dual table? What are cursors? Distinguish between implicit and explict cursors? Explain how cursors are used by Oracle? What is PL/SQL? Describe the block structure of PL/SQL? What is a nested subquery? What are the various types of queries ? Which of the following is not ...
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22 Important PHP Interview Questions
2007-11-19 19:19:00
1. Which of the following will not add john to the users array? 2. What?s the difference between sort(), assort() and ksort? Under what circumstances would you use each of these? 3. What would the following code print to the browser? Why? 4. What is the difference between a reference and a regular variable? How do you pass ...
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.NET Assembly Interview Questions & Answer
2007-11-19 19:15:00
How is the DLL Hell problem solved in .NET? Assembly versioning allows the application to specify not only the library it needs to run (which was available under Win32), but also the version of the assembly. What are the ways to deploy an assembly? An MSI installer, a CAB archive, and XCOPY command. What is a satellite assembly? When you ...
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ADO.NET Interview Question & Answer
2007-11-19 19:13:00
What is the role of the DataReader class in ADO.NET connections? It returns a read-only, forward-only rowset from the data source. A DataReader provides fast access when a forward-only sequential read is needed. What are advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft-provided data provider classes in ADO.NET? SQLServer.NET data provider is high-speed and robust, but requires SQL Server license purchased ...
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Database Optimization Interview Questions
2007-11-04 20:28:00
1. What are indexes 2. What are B-Trees? 3. I have a table which has lot of inserts, is it a good database design to create indexes on that table? 4. What are ?Table Scan?s? and ?Index Scan?s?? 5. What are the two types of indexes and explain them in detail? 6. What is ?FillFactor? concept in indexes? 7. What is ...
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Data Warehousing/Data Mining Interview Questions
2007-11-04 20:27:00
1. What is ?Data Warehousing?? 2. What are Data Marts? 3. What are Fact tables and Dimension Tables? 4. What is Snow Flake Schema design in database? 5. What is ETL process in Data warehousing? 6. How can we do ETL process in SQL Server? 7. What is ?Data mining?? 8. Compare ?Data mining? and ?Data Warehousing?? 9. What is BCP? 10. How can ...
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.NET Integration Interview Questions
2007-11-04 20:24:00
1. What are steps to load a .NET code in SQL SERVER 2005? 2. How can we drop an assembly from SQL SERVER? 3. Are changes made to assembly updated automatically in database? 4. Why do we need to drop assembly for updating changes? 5. How to see assemblies loaded in SQL Server? 6. I want to see which files ...
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XML Integration Interview Questions
2007-11-04 20:22:00
1. What is XML? 2. What is the version information in XML? 3. What is ROOT element in XML? 4. If XML does not have closing tag will it work? 5. Is XML case sensitive? 6. What?s the difference between XML and HTML? 7. Is XML meant to replace HTML? 8. Can you explain why your project needed XML? 9. What is DTD ...
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Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Interview Questions
2007-11-04 20:19:00
1. To install Windows 2000 Server from MS-DOS you should run? A. setup.exe from I386 folder on your CD B. setup32.exe from I386 folder on your CD C. winnt.exe from I386 folder on your CD D. winnt32.exe from I386 folder on your CD 2. You want to install Windows 2000 Server on an older computer to be used as a ...
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Software Testing Interview Questions Part1
2007-11-04 20:12:00
1. What is Software Testing ? Testing involves operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results,The controlled conditions should include both normal and abnormal conditions. Testing is a process of executing a program with the intend of finding the errors. 2. What is the Purpose of Testing? The purpose of testing is 1 To uncover hidden ...
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.Net Assembly Interview Questions
2007-11-04 19:53:00
What do you understand Satellite Assemblies ? This assembly is used to get language specific resources for an application.These language-specific assemblies work in side-by-side execution because the application has a separate product ID for each language and installs satellite assemblies in a language-specific subdirectory for each language. What do you know about dot NET assemblies? Assemblies are the ...
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Web Services Interview Questions
2007-11-04 19:50:00
what is Protocols that helps Web Services ? Web Services used three protocols for interacting with the clients.Http-Post,Http-Get,SOAP. what is functioning of Web Services Protocols ? Http-Get:- This is standard protocol that helps client to communicate with server with HTTP.When client send a request to server via HTTP request and required parameter are attached with the query string. Http-Post:-This ...
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SAP Interview Questions
2007-11-04 19:44:00
A table is buffered. By select statement i don’t want to get the data from table buffer. i want to get the data from database. how? What is the differences between start_form and open_form in scripts? why is it necessary to close a form always once it is opened? What is difference between ON Change of & At ...
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Networking Interview Questions
2007-11-04 19:32:00
What are 10Base2, 10Base5 and 10BaseT Ethernet LANs ? What is the difference between an unspecified passive open and a fully specified passive open Explain the function of Transmission Control Block What is a Management Information Base (MIB) What is anonymous FTP and why would you use it? What is a pseudo tty? What is REX? What does the Mount protocol do ...
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C++ Interview Questions
2007-10-24 19:56:00
1) List object oriented methodologies 2) Name some object oriented languages 3) What are the features of object oriented language 4) What is method overloading 5) What is method overriding 6) When would one define a static variable / global variable ? Difference between them? 7) What is Default constructor? What is Copy constructor? 9) What is Conversion constructor? 10) Difference between ...
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Behavioral Interview Questions
2007-10-24 19:52:00
Behavioral Interview s are very common these days for senior positions in IT. These interviews are designed with an objective to find out how one reacts or might have reacted in specific situation, how one uses his/her experience and expertise to handle critical issues at work place, how good one is in decision making,leadership/management ability,initiative,innovation and creativity,teamwork skills,resilience,customer focus etc.. Believe or not, these questions are very difficult to answer if one is not adequately prepared. These questions must be answered giving specific examples based on past experiences or atleast the answers should be well thought ( cooked ) of. However well prepared one is, behavioral questions may still catch one unaware and unprepared. The best way to tackle is to be very HONEST with the answers, if you are not sure how to answer on of the behavioral question say that you did not come across such a situation. 1. How have you demonstrated initiative? 2. How ha...
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Basic .NET Framework interview questions
2007-10-18 09:49:00
1) What is IL? 2) What is the CLR? 3) What is the CTS? 4) What is CLS(Common Language Specification)? 5) What is Managed Code? 6) What is Assembly ? 7) What are different types of Assembly? What is NameSpace? 9) What is Difference between NameSpace and Assembly? 10) What is Manifest? 11) Where is version information stored of a assembly ? 12) Is ...
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ADO.NET Interview questions Part 1
2007-10-18 08:14:00
1. What is the namespace in which .NET has the data functionality classes ? 2. Can you give a overview of ADO.NET architecture ? 3. What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET ? 4. What is difference between dataset and datareader ? 5. What are major difference between classic ADO and ADO.NET ? 6. What is the use of ...
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.Net Web services & Remoting interview questions
2007-10-18 08:12:00
1. What is a application domain? 2. What is .NET Remoting ? 3. Which class does the remote object has to inherit 4. What are two different types of remote object creation mode in .NET ? 5. Describe in detail Basic of SAO architecture of Remoting? 6. What are the situations you will use singleton architecture in remoting ? 7. What ...
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JSP interview questions
2007-10-18 07:19:00
1. Can you explain JSP page life cycle? 2. What is EL? 3. how does EL search for an attribute? 4. What are the implicit EL objects in JSP? 5. How can we disable EL? 6. what is JSTL? 7. Can you explain in short what the different types of JSTL tags are? 8. How can we use beans in JSP? 9. What ...
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Servlets Interview questions
2007-10-18 07:17:00
1. What are Servlets ? 2. What are advantages of servlets over CGI? 3. Can you explain Servlet life cycle? 4. What are the two important API?s in for Servlets? 5. Can you explain in detail ?javax.servlet? package? 6. What?s the use of ServletContext? 7. How do we define an application level scope for servlet? 8. What’s the difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet? 9. ...
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HR Interview Question
2007-10-18 07:12:00
1. Can you tell us about a challenging situation at work you have encountered so far? How did you tackle it? Here the interviewer is looking at a number of factors- your problem solving skills, underlying attitudes, how you put across your ideas and how your previous experience may be useful to the present organization. When ...
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Software Testing Release Life Cycle
2007-10-15 22:07:00
Software Testing Life Cycle consist of six (generic) phases: 1) Planning, 2) Analysis, 3) Design, 4) Construction, 5) Testing Cycles, 6) Final Testing and Implementation and 7) Post Implementation. 1. Planning ( Product Definition Phase) 1. High Level Test Plan, (includes multiple test cycles) ...
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