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Iphone nano - Apple Iphone news
iPhone is a new cell phone that allows you to make all nice thing with it.
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iPhone Rumors: More 3G iPhone Details
2008-06-07 10:17:00
The rumor mills seems to be working overtime with just two days to go for Apple's WWDC 2008 event when Steve Jobs is expected to reveal details of the next generation iPhone. Both Engadget and iPhone Atlas are reporting that they have got information from reliable sources which gives more details of 3G iPhone.
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iPA Podcast Episode 7: iPhone Mania 2.0
2008-06-07 10:04:00
This episode Jeff Gamet, Bill Palmer, and Adam Christianson join me to talk about "leaked" iPhone screen shots, the 3G iPhone firmware leak, WWDC predictions, and much more! Join us as we discuss all things iPhone on this week's episode of The iPhone Alley Podcast . Show notes can be found at If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, email us at Podcast[at] read more
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Is This The New iPhone? (3G iPhone Photos Taken From Photoshop File)
2008-06-07 06:37:00
We've just received an email from an anonymous tipster claiming to have pictures of the 3G iPhone in all its glory. The pictures, hosted on a Flickr account, show an open Photos hop window with what appears to be black and red versions of the iPhone. These phones also seem to have video conferencing capabilities. In the two corners are descriptions of iChat for the iPhone as well as Exchange and Mobile Me descriptions. Photos after the jump! read more
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iPhone 2.0 Firmware Leaked, 3G And GPS Confirmed!
2008-06-07 06:28:00
According to an unnamed source of Engadget, iPhone firmware version 2.0 has been released to inside sources -- possibly carriers for field-testing purposes -- and has been dissected. More importantly, the new firmware confirmed the existence of GSM support already in the current iPhone, as well as the rumored tri-band UMTS / HSDPA data network connectivity and GPS capability. Hardware details after the break. read more
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Upcoming iPhone Games: Wingnuts Moto Racer And Aki Mahjong Solitaire
2008-06-07 03:31:00
After a long silence resulting from NDAs and trade secrets, the people of Freeverse have posted a "review" outlining a little of the development process, mindset, and gameplay for their upcoming racing game, Wingnuts Moto Racer. Meanwhile, Ambrosia software has announced that they will be porting their Mac desktop game, Aki Mahjong Solitaire, to the iPhone and iPod touch platform. read more
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iCall Lets You Switch From A Regular Phone Call To VoIP Over Wi-Fi
2008-06-07 02:45:00
We've heard about a couple of attempts at a VoIP application for the iPhone already (1, 2, 3), but iCall is probably the coolest and most convenient that we've seen yet. What's different about iCall is that it allows a user to switch seamlessly from a regular phone call to a VoIP call over a local Wi-Fi network without the user having to stop to change a bunch of settings or place another call, letting you save your wireless minutes. Video after the break. read more
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Apple shipping boxes that are not to be opened until June 10th
2008-06-07 02:18:00
An interesting rumor has surfaced today, with certain retailers in Australia receiving this box. The box has an ominous warning on the front, which clearly says if you open this box before June 10th, you will be on Apple ’s bad side. The contents in the box are subject to a non disclosure agreement, so if ...
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Apple Launches Official ?Keynotes? Video Podcast In iTunes
2008-06-07 00:12:00
Apple has finally made their extremely popular keynote presentations available for download in the iTunes Store. They are in the form of a new video podcast in iTunes titled "Apple Keynotes", which you can subscribe to to get the latest Apple keynote automatically downloaded into your iTunes library. There are three keynotes available so far: Macworld 2007, Macworld 2008, and Steve's March 6th announcement in which he unveiled the iPhone SDK for the first time. You can subscribe in iTunes by clicking here: iTunes Store link. [via TUAW] read more
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Telecom Italia To Make iPhone Launch Announcement Following Apple Announcem
2008-06-06 23:52:00
Wireless carriers around the world are waiting to make their own individual iPhone launch date announcements until after Apple 's official announcement at WWDC, according to a source from Telecom Italia , one of the companies claiming to get the iPhone some time this month, says that their company is waiting for an official iPhone announcement from Apple next Monday, with plans to make their announcement no later than Monday night or Tuesday morning. read more
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DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone [Video Review]
2008-06-06 23:51:00
I’ve been enjoying DLO’s Portable Speakers for iPhone since I got my hands on them a couple of months ago. (...)
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T-Mobile To Stop Offering Current iPhone On June 30, Sign Of 3G Launch Date
2008-06-06 23:02:00
Remember all of those times I've told you that something or other was the most conclusive evidence we've seen of an impending second generation iPhone launch? Well, now I mean it. T-Mobile Germany has added a "yellow offer sticky" to the iPhone page of their website letting visitors know that they will be offering the current iPhone until June 30, 2008. Based on this information, guessing that there will be a new iPhone in Germany either on June 30th or July 1st isn't much of a stretch. read more
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Apple Pushing Developers To Charge For iPhone Apps
2008-06-06 22:36:00
Everybody loves free stuff, including software. Some of my favorite apps happen to be freeware apps, and I use many of them daily. However, Apple doesn't seem to be as crazy about them as we are. According to AppleInsider, the company has been trying to encourage developers wanting to release free software for the App Store to consider charging a fee. read more
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Microsoft Disses iPhone 36 Times in One Letter
2008-06-06 20:21:00
Two business days before WWDC, Microsoft has a sent a letter to the press containing 36 iPhone disses, according to Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt. He writes, "Clearly Microsoft is trying to get its jabs in while it can ? and, in the process, has set what may be a modern record for passive-aggressive disses per graph. I count 36 in all, but I may have missed a few."This letter has been marked and posted on CNNMoney's Fortune Blog. I will repost it here for your convenience.Read More Below----------Letter from Andy LeesTo Our Windows Mobile PartnersEarlier this year, I joined an amazing group of people and partners like you who work every day towards a vision of putting a ?smartphone in every pocket.? To reach this vision, together we?ve created an (1) open platform that provides freedom ? the (2) freedom for people across the globe to get the type of handset they want (3) on the network they want, the (4) flexibility for our hardware and mobile operator partners to build on the pla...
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iPhone 3G to Reach Europe July 1st?
2008-06-06 20:20:00
T-Mobile Germany has stated that they will only be offering the current iPhone until 30 June 2008 according to a sticky on their iPhone page.This date aligns with previous rumors that the iPhone would reach Europe on July 1st.This blog will tell you how to Unlock Jailbreak Activate and Hack your iPhone and iTouch firmware for FREE
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Glide OS 3.0 Transforms the 3G iPhone
2008-06-06 20:19:00
Glide OS 3.0 transforms the 3G iPhone into a Mobile Business Computer with new synchronization and collaboration applications. In advance of next week's anticipated 3G iPhone announcement, TransMedia is making available today its bi-directional synchronization and rights based business collaboration applications for the iPhone.Glide is the complete mobile desktop solution featuring more than 20 advanced productivity and collaboration applications. Glide is available in 18 languages including English, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.Glide Syncs the 3G iPhone with Windows, Solaris, Linux and Apple Computers and Android, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile Phones. Files edited on these computers and phones are automatically synchronized. Glide's synchronization solution is the first to not only bi-directionally synchronize files across all platforms but to provi...
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3G iPhone Already in Australia ?
2008-06-06 20:18:00
Australian Apple resellers have received a mystery box marked:SUBJECT TO TERMS OF NDADO NOT OPEN UNTIL TUESDAY JUNE 10TH 2008MacTalk received the information from a "very reliable source".Our source strongly believes that the package contains the much coveted 3G iPhone. Why is there only one and why is it here early though? Our source believes that the iPhone contained within is for promotional purposes, ie. after it's official unveiling at WWDC next week, the iPhone will go on display with a sign saying 'look how cool I am - you can buy me on this date'. That date still looks like it will be June 19, coinciding with the opening of the flagship Sydney Apple Store.This blog will tell you how to Unlock Jailbreak Activate and Hack your iPhone and iTouch firmware for FREE
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Forbes Posts iPhone Stakeout Series
2008-06-06 19:32:00
First off, there are people more fanatical about the idea of the 3G iPhone than us. Or at least they're closer to where they're being delivered. And they probably have better long distance photo equipment. The guys at Forbes have begun publishing an "iPhone Stakeout" series in which delivery sites are being monitored with large, unmarked palettes being delivered and few clues as to what's inside them. read more
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Scott Forstall Becomes Senior VP of iPhone Software
2008-06-06 19:13:00
Some corporate shuffling has apparently taken place over at Apple, as Scott Forstall has been promoted the Senior Vice President of iPhone Software . The new position means Forstall now reports directly to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. read more
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Ambrosia Software Releases iToner 1.0.7
2008-06-06 18:40:00
Late Thursday, shareware and utility company Ambrosia Software released iToner 1.0.7, a maintenance update for its iToner ringtone utility program. The program, which retails for US$15, allows users to transfer custom ringtones from the Mac to the iPhone while using their MP3 and unprotected AAC files. The new version, a 7.2 megabyte download, adds the following fixes and changes: read more
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Early Photos of WWDC 08
2008-06-06 17:11:00
Apple has begun decorating the Moscone West convention center with Apple logos and WWDC badging.MacNN has posted a large gallery of pictures, some of which you can view below. This blog will tell you how to Unlock Jailbreak Activate and Hack your iPhone and iTouch firmware for FREE
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IntelliScreen 1.0.3 for iPhone Released
2008-06-06 17:06:00
Intelliborn has released IntelliScreen 1.0.3 which features an enhanced interface and second lock screen.IntelliScreen Features:- View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Sports, and Weather from your iPhone "Slide To Unlock" screen- Taskbar Icons for Missed Email, SMS, and Phone calls- Customizable Alert Reminders - Don't forget about a missed call, unread email, or unread SMS- Vibrate, Sound, or Flash Alerting with Alert Quiet Time- Smooth scrolling across each item to quickly glimpse at your data- Auto-Checks Email when you view the unlock screen - no need to "Refresh" from or wait 15 minutes- Go directly to the application of your choice with a "Swipe"- Precise International Weather (by Zip) provided by Weather News Feeds include Yahoo!, CNN, BBC Fox News, and Reuters- Add your own Custom RSS Feed- ESPN Sports Feeds include MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Men's Football and NCAA Women's Basketball- Customizing your IntelliScreen? is easy! Choose which con...
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Rendered Images of iControlPad for iPhone
2008-06-06 17:06:00
Rendered images of the soon to come iControlPad for iPhone have been posted for those awaiting the device.Also some frequently asked questions have been answered:- Yes the headphone port will be easy to access.- Yes we will make a version for the iTouch (and maybe some other devices too).- Yes (currently) you will need to be running Jailbreak.- Yes we have applied for a patent.- Yes we intend to send these to any developer who requests one, so don't worry hundreds of apps will have support for it.- The price will be low, probably under $30, but the quality will be high to match the iPhone.- We are making it as small and comfortable as we can, we are gamers and have already made control pads in the past, so it should be cool.- The iControlPad (iPhone version) should be shipping in July.Read MoreThis blog will tell you how to Unlock Jailbreak Activate and Hack your iPhone and iTouch firmware for FREE
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Apple renaming .Mac to Mobile Me, updating service
2008-06-06 16:52:00
For six years not much has changed with Appple’s .Mac service, but that could be about to change. It seems that Apple is looking to rename the service to Mobile Me, and revamp the entire suite of tools while they are at it. All references to the .Mac name in OS X 10.5.3 have been ...
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Apple offers movie rentals for the UK and Canada
2008-06-06 12:23:00
Brits (and Canadians) finally got to join the iTunes movie party this week, with Apple unleashing movie rentals and purchasing for the two territories. I’d actually been mulling over grabbing an Apple TV for a while (what with my ten-year-old DVD player starting to make strange buzzing and wheezing noises), but decided against it. Instead, ...
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iPhone loses smart phone market share in Q1
2008-06-03 20:14:00
The iPhone exploded into popularity after release, and because of that, by the time 2007 closed out, the iPhone had nearly 30% market share in the U.S. Put another way, that would mean one in three smart phone users had an iPhone. In Q1 of this year however, it was discovered that the iPhone’s market ...
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Rumors: Apple to Launch App Store, Release Next-Gen iPhone, Third-Party iPh
2008-06-03 19:31:00
Per the rumor mill, Apple is expected to open its long-awaited App Store at the beginning of the Worldwide Developers' Conference next Monday. A source close to the story cited that the online store will launch and be up and running that day with Steve Jobs giving the keynote address at the event. Other reports have only contributed to the fervor. A recent Gizmodo report has stated that the next generation iPhone, which is expected to run on the iPhone 2.0 software, will be released on Monday. The upgraded operating system software is expected to enable the delivery of applications through the App Store. read more
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Thicker, Thinner, Or Both?
2008-06-03 19:06:00
Yesterday there was a flood of rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone's size, features, and pricing. We've got a few more for you from Scott Mortiz from April 29th. While we've been hearing a lot about a decrease in thickness, a more recent theory is that Apple will actually be launching some that are thinner and some that are thinner. read more
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SquirrelFish Announced, Could Bring Faster Browsing Speeds to Safari and Mo
2008-06-03 18:45:00
It's geeky stuff, but it makes a difference. According to, Apple's Webkit team just announced that it will be using a faster JavaScript interpreter known as SquirrelFish. The resource is used in the Safari and Mobile Safari web browsers found in Macs, Windows-based PCs and iPhone/iPod touch units. read more
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iPhone Hacking 101: Flashlight
2008-06-03 18:22:00
Today's application may be simple, but that doesn't make it any less useful. If you've ever woken up in the middle of the night and used your iPhone or iPod touch as a light, you'll find this is an ideal solution...for about 15 seconds until the screen dims after waking up. Brent Jensen's Flashlight program, which can be installed after using our totally amazing jailbreak guideserves as a useful alternative by providing a bright, consistent, non-dimming light that can be used anywhere and transforms the iPhone into an idea light to use in a pinch. read more
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Smartphones Seen As Bigger Security Threat Than Computers, Portable Storage
2008-06-03 18:13:00
A recent survey from Credant Technologies of 300 IT staff shows that they consider smartphones to be a bigger security risk than laptops and mobile storage devices. 94% of IT workers surveyed said that they fear PDAs are a security risk, whereas 88% thought the same went for mobile storage devices. Among the reasons for smartphone concerns were that many people don't take the time to password protect their phones. read more
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