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Make Your PC Wake From Sleep Automatically
2008-07-09 14:56:00
A lot of people these days are becoming more aware of the energy savings to be had by shutting down unused equipment when it?s not in use. And while it?s no problem to shut off the TV and the end of the evening a lot of people have trouble doing the same for the PC. This is mainly because it?s nice to have all your work on your computer right there where you left it when you return in the morning. Of course, this is what ?sleep? mode is for ? you can save energy without losing your place. But wouldn?t it be nice if your computer knew when to wake up for you? Well, it can! Using the Task Scheduler (In Vista: Control PanelSystem and MaintenanceAdministrative ToolsTask Scheduler), you can make your PC wake up at the designated time you want just by having it run a simple task ? like say, launching then closing the command prompt window. For example: Schedule a task that executes the command cmd.exe with command line arguments [/c ?exit?] (without the []) and make sure to set the...
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Live Mesh v.s. MobileMe : Tech. Showdown!
2008-07-06 14:07:00
The computing industry that as we know today is changing very fast into one in which everything we need can be accessed online. Microsoft is onboard with this new computing paradigm popularly known as ?Cloud Computing? which folks at Redmond more like to call it as ?Software + Services?. For the past several years, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has always emphasized in his various keynotes and speeches on how important a role a Windows PC plays as the center of everyone?s digital life. Sure people have moved beyond the PC with connected devices, and has engage with others online, but the PC was always at the center. When you think about it, putting a PC in the center of our lives.. it makes a lot of sense ? but the trend now is changing, people now are more looking for these portable form factors that utilize Internet that work  online in ways that, as it turns out, don?t actually require Windows or traditional PCs. Now this to me is a very important time for Microsoft, the time wh...
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Live Maps updated just in time for 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing
2008-07-06 14:01:00
Live Maps team has updated maps of Beijing just in time for the upcoming summer Olympic games at Beijing. Here is the full list of updates courtesy LiveSide:   Real-time Traffic in Beijing Send-to-Mobile for free for local search and transit routing result Transitdata refresh for existing 11 cities including 3 new subway in Beijing (No.10, Airport and Olympic). Expandedcoverage from 11 to 31 cities. Geocoding and Local Search Datarefresh for existing 114 cities including Olympic Venues. Support city and county name geocoding for areas outside of 114-city coverage. Olympicquery relevance improvement Local search category refinement Maprefresh for 10 existing major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc. Expandedtile coverage for 30 more cities, totally 289 cities now. Too bad they didnt add support for Birds Eye View which in my opinion is the best feature of Live Maps and the one which really differentiate it from Google Earth/Maps. So if you are planning to ...
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360desktop: Not so great after all..
2008-07-05 11:41:00
Yesterday I received an email from 360desktop announcing their long awaited beta release. I fired up my download manager and downloaded the small file. In case you are wondering what 360desktop is? More room for everything you like to do360desktop transforms your desktop into a panoramic workspace - with more space for everything. Slide around your new workspace quickly and easily between all your open applications, windows and widgets - it?ll spin you out. Easily make desktop widgets from your favorite parts of the webSee something that you like online? You can now clip it and put it right on the desktop: any part of any webpage or grab your favorite web widgets, RSS feeds, games, videos - whatever you like - it?s totally up to you! An endless selection of stunning 360-degree wallpaperBring your desktop to life, with an endless selection of stunning 360-degree wallpaper. Incredible web enabled 360s, that can be inspiring, entertaining , branded, useful or just plain fun - wh...
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Share your software likeness using Wakoopa!
2008-07-04 21:26:00
Are you looking to share with your friends what you are running on your computer? or do you want to know what software does your friends run or which one do they use the most? Look no further than Wakoopa! Wakoopa is a social networking site that monitors the software?s which run on the members computer. The Wakoopa service has a small application that runs in the background on a user?s computer. The application gathers the information about open software and games, and then publishes the information to their profile on Wakoopa?s web site. Wakoopa also allows you to share your software usage and your opinions about software. Recently they have also started a widgets section through which you can share your usage with your friends on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, My Space, Live Spaces, Orkut, and more in the form of Badges, Signatures and Cards. Wakoopa is the perfect place for people to discover software online. When you sign up, you also install a small tracke...
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Getting started with SQL Server Data Services
2008-07-04 09:09:00
A couple of days ago, I received a mail from Microsoft Connect which confirmed me as a private tester for Microsoft SQL Server Data Services . While I am still exploring this new service, I just thought of guiding all those interested in this service in order to help you get started with SQL Server Data Services a.k.a SSDS but first up, what is SSDS? At this years MIX, Microsoft unveiled SQL Server Data Services as a direct competitor to Amazon SimpleDB. SQL Server Data Services  is a web-facing utility-based service designed for businesses and developers that need scalable, highly available, secure and easily programmable on-demand data storage with robust database query capabilities. The platform is built upon existing Microsoft SQL Server relational database technologies. So basically it?s a cloud-based repository service that will offer APIs that enable storage in the cloud. More on SSDS from Microsoft?s FAQ: Will SSDS support everything in SQL Server?SSDS will initially only ex...
Xbox 360 Getting a 3D Dashboard Make-Over?
2008-07-03 14:29:00
The rumored Xbox 360 Spring Update might not have hit yet, but we know something big is in the works for the console's dashboard. How big? Well besides the gi-normous list of rumored updates we posted about back in May we're now hearing from a number of sources that the Live dashboard is going to be getting a second interface option, one that will use the yet-to-be announced motion controller to navigate. This new user interface, we've been told, will recreate the increasingly cluttered dashboard "blade" system in a 3D environment that will be something more akin to the Minority Report than a filing cabinet. The motion controls will allow users to sort of slide through the different levels of this floating menu system. Sounds like a fantastic idea, if it can be implemented correctly. Source: Kotaku Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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Review: YouTube application in HTC Touch Diamond
2008-07-01 21:36:00
Videos on YouTube are like hapiness and money ("if you can't buy hapiness, then you don't know where to shop"): you can find anything on YouTube and if you can't find it, then you don't know how to search. Some people mention, that tilt sensor of HTC Touch Diamond is a feature that can sway many people to buy this phone, but another amazing advancement of this phone, is YouTube stand-alone application that is included in HTC Touch Diamond and that offers even high-quality watching meaning the image sharper than in iPhone because it uses full 640x480 pixels (and iPhone has only 320x480 pixels = 2 times less): Once you open the YouTube application you see the following welcome screen (we publish screen shots here one-to-one, i.e. in original resolution as they appear in HTC Touch Diamond): However we don't recommend trying out videos on the welcome screen as many of them are spoofs and does not include topics that they claim to cover. What we can recommend is searching ...
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Silverlight based MSN Toolbar gets updated
2008-07-01 15:14:00
Last week I reviewed MSN Toolbar which is built using Silverlight technology. Today morning I noticed a slight change in the toolbar as it got updated automatically. The toolbar now features local weather forecast which in my opinion is a very nice touch and adds more value to the toolbar. The Windows Live search portion has also been updated. Previously we could only search for Web, Images, Video, News, Maps & Local from the toolbar but now more options have been added so now we can also search for Products, QnA and xRank. You can see your local weather forecast on the right corner of the toolbar. Clicking on weather pops up a nice looking window which shows the forecast in detail. The new MSN Toolbar version is and the Application version is 3.0.0426.0. Download MSN Toolbar from Taimur Asad (Via Startup Meme)
Bill Gates - The End of an Era
2008-06-29 15:05:00
We have already covered about the legacy of Bill Gates here but I just thought I should add something about the man who I idolized for the larger part of my not so long life. So here?s is to the man who changed the way I interact with computers! For many, Bill Gates and his company Microsoft would more be remembered for the evil-doings and monopolization which led to their domination on desktop PCs but for me Bill Gates is a business man in a true sense of word. He truly knew the art of doing business. He broadened the company?s range of products,  and then pushed it so aggressively that it led to the the domination and success of his products. Bill Gates predicted ?a computer in every home and on every desk??.and today its indeed in every home & on every desk and over 90% of those run Windows. So for me Gates will be remembered as one of the best-known business men and one of the best entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. And Now June 27, 2008 marks the End of an...
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Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V has RTM'ed
2008-06-27 03:23:00
Today, Microsoft reaches a significant milestone for customers and partners with the release of Windows Server 2008 Hyper -V, the hypervisor-based virtualization feature included in select versions of Windows Server 2008 . Those who have already deployed the x64 versions of Windows Server 2008 can receive Hyper-V from Windows Update beginning July 8, while new customers and partners can download Hyper-V later today (12:00 pm PT). The Windows Virtualization team will be counting down the days to download from Windows Update, so be sure to visit the Windows Virtualization Team blog to see daily spotlights on specific features and benefits of Hyper-V technology, as well as to read about customer stories and see postings from guests. Since the beta release of Hyper-V in February, more than 250 customers have participated in Hyper-V?s early adoption program. Microsoft?s own deployment and results with Hyper-V is showcased today in Rob Emanuel?s guest blog and video on the Windows Server D...
Silverlight based MSN Toolbar for IE
2008-06-26 22:14:00
Do you use toolbar with your web browser? Toolbar s for me are the thing of the past. Gone are the days when I used to try toolbars from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or AOL to be able to have features such as tabbed browsing, searching from the browser etc because back then such features were not a standard part of any of the available web browsers. Later Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and likes started pushing these toolbar just to get more market share in search as their respective search engines were built into the toolbars. This resulted in toolbars getting bloated with unnecessary features which halted our web experience. This was the time when I stopped using toolbars Then came Opera and Firefox who in their newer versions of browsers added tabbed browsing, built-in search as the standard feature of their web browser. Microsoft later too added these features as a standard in Internet Explorer 7. All this changed when a few months ago I was invited by Microsoft Connect to test out thei...
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Microsoft sends cake to Firefox team
2008-06-18 21:31:00
The IE team at Redmond HQ of Microsoft has send a fancy little cake to Mozilla?s Montain View HQ as a good gesture to join in the celebration of the release of Firefox 3. Well what can I say about this? Didnt expect this coming from Microsoft. I was very surprised when I got to know that IE team also sent in a cake when Firefox 2.0 was launched. If this wasnt enough, Mozilla revealed today that the Firefox team kept the IE logo piece frozen since then! Kudos to Microsoft & IE team for showing such a good gesture! Image Credit: Mozilla Links Taimur Asad (Via Startup Meme)
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Live Mesh gets an update
2008-06-18 19:17:00
LiveSide & Steve Clayton has reported that Microsoft has silently updated their Live Mesh client-side application. The newer version is 0.9.2815.17 as opposed to version 0.9.2815.12   Live Mesh team is yet to publish any change log about the changes that this new update brings to the table but Scott of LiveSide has found out that after Live Mesh update is installed, Vista users are now no longer required to turn on the UAC for Live Mesh to work. You can update your Live Mesh client app by right clicking on the Live Mesh tray icon and click on ?Update Live Mesh?. Stay tuned here for any updates regarding the changes which we get with this new update. [update]Nadia at Live Mesh forums has posted the change log: The Live Mesh team has been working hard to fix bugs reported by our Tech Preview users and to address top requested features (such as removing the requirement that UAC be enabled in Windows Vista).  Below is a list of the most prominent fixes implemented in the lates...
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HTC Windows Mobile 7 phone by Q1 2009
2008-06-16 17:01:00
This date is earlier than we expected but still not this year as some "manufacturer" (in fact: re-seller of models designed and made in Taiwan and China) claimed. Since HTC is biggest manufacturer of Windows Mobile phones with market share of over 80%, so it is interesting to see what HTC says about Windows Mobile 7: At the HTC Touch Diamond launch in South Africa, I had the opportunity to have a little chat with Kevin Chen, General Manager of HTC for MEA and CIS. Besides having an in-depth explanation on the innovations that the Touch Diamond brings, Chen told me that HTC is planning to unveil a device with Google Android Operating System by Q4 of this year, and a Windows Mobile 7 by Q1 of next year, atleast that?s what?s on the planned release schedule from HTC. To learn more, visit related story about Windows Mobile 7. Commentary: the launch date of HTC's first phone powered by Google Android is nothing new because it was announced in many places that it is by the e...
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New Features for IT Pros in Internet Explorer 8
2008-06-13 17:18:00
At this week's Tech Ed IT Pro 2008 in Orlando, IE Team announced some of the enhancements that they're making in Internet Explorer 8 to help IT Professionals deploy and manage IE8 within their organization. Here is a quick run down to all the support that IE 8 is going to offer for IT Professionals: Slipstream Support in Internet Explorer 8 Deploying Internet Explorer 7 as part of Windows XP installation was v.hard and troublesome. Many IT Pros wanted to update their Windows XP images to contain IE7 by default, so IE7 gets installed as part of the OS install. To do that the IT Pros needed to boot their existing images of Windows XP, install IE7 and then recapture the image. This process roughly used to took about 2 hours per image. With Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Vista this isn't the case anymore! as they will allow us to ?Slipstream? Internet Explorer 8 into a Vista image so that when you deploy Vista it already contains Internet Explorer 8.  Slipstream IE8  will only take...
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SQL Server 2008 RC 0 released to TechNet & MSDN
2008-06-09 15:09:00
Microsoft made available to select testers on June 5 the near-final Release Candidate (RC) 0 of SQL Server 2008 . As of Friday, Microsoft had released the latest test build of its database to Tech Net Plus and Microsoft Developer Network(MSDN) subscribers only. The new build wasn?t on the private Connect test site. (Not sure if availability has changed since then.) Microsoft officially ?launched? SQL Server 2008 in February, alongside Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008. Earlier this year, Microsoft officials said they were planning to deliver SQL Server 2008 by mid-2008. Company officials last week reiterated Microsoft?s more recent guidance: The company is planning to deliver the final build of SQL Server 2008 in the third calendar quarter of 2008. All of the versions of SQL Server 2008 ? Developer, Enterprise, Standard, Web and Workgroup ? are part of the latest RC 0 download. Source: Mary-Jo Foley Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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Windows Live Wave 3.0 - the end of Live Orb?
2008-06-08 11:47:00
With Live Wave 1.0 & Live Wave 2.0 well behind us, Windows Live team at Microsoft has been working on the next version of its online services (Windows Live Wave 3) for quite a while now and it is said to carry a new theme for header UI. While Live Wave 2 Suite brought us an All-in-one online installer which included Windows Live Messenger 8.5, Mail, Writer and Photo Gallery, it also introduced a new theme for header UI for all the Windows Live services that actually marked the end of Flair (version 1.0 UI for Windows Live).   LiveSide is reporting about the new header that will be released when Windows Live Wave 3 launches. This new header while in many ways looks much better & cooler than the current one also marks the end of Live Orb. Orb has become a standard symbol in many of Microsoft services and applications. Introduced first with Windows Vista (replacing the Start button) and Office 2007 (replacing the File menu), Orb is basically a trademark button that provides su...
Silverlight 2 Beta 2, Expression Blend 2.5 June Preview Released
2008-06-07 11:58:00
Silverlight 2 Beta 2 was released today.  You can download both Silverlight 2 Beta2 and the Visual Studio and Expression Blend tools support to target it here. Beta2 adds a lot of new features (more details below), but is still a 4.6 MB download that takes less than 10 seconds to install on a machine.  It does not require the .NET Framework or any other software to be installed for it to work, and all features work cross-browser on both Mac and Windows machines.  These features will also be supported on Linux via the Moonlight 2 release. Silverlight 2 Beta2 supports a go-live license that allows you to start using and deploying Silverlight 2 for commercial applications. There will be some API changes between Beta2 and the final release, so you should expect that applications you write with Beta2 will need to make some updates when the final release comes out.  But we think that these changes will be straight-forward and relatively easy, and that you can begin planning and starting co...
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Microsoft Videos BETA launched: Another attempt to push Silverlight?
2008-06-06 23:11:00
Microsoft Videos lets us explore and watch Microsoft?s collection of online video. The whole experience is built using Microsoft Silverlight platform. The site is a collection of all types of Microsoft videos which includes demos, advertisements, tutorials, press releases, Microsoft Research videos etc. We can scan through Quick Picks for the latest videos, or enter a search for a particular video and we can also choose from one of the given Video Categories. I personally liked the site. It has got some useful demo videos especially for Expression Studio and I being a developer loved it as it isnt quite easy to find free demo videos for Microsoft Expression suite on the Internet. Though I also think that the site wont really appeal the average Joe and it seems like the only purpose of Microsoft behind this website is to push their Silverlight technology more into main stream. Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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Sideshow for Windows Mobile in BETA released by Microsoft
2008-06-04 15:40:00
Do you fancy using your Windows Mobile phone as an external display for your notebook or PC? Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile is an application for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PCs and Smartphones that allows you to use your Windows Mobile device as a Bluetooth SideShow-compatible device. This enables you to use your phone as an extra window into your PC. You can both access your computer?s information from your Pocket PC or Smartphone, and control the computer through a gadget interface. While the phone is out of range, or when your computer is off, you can continue to view content sent to the phone previously. This makes it easy to send information to the phone that you'll need later on. Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista. To learn more or to download visit related pages at Microsoft . Source: msmobiles Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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Windows Live for TV - another broken promise?
2008-06-03 22:28:00
Its been ages since we last heard or read anything from Windows Live team about Windows Live for TV (codename Orbit), let alone any working build for Windows Live for TV. When the project was first announced (I managed to get on the beta program), there was lots of interest specially when Windows Messenger was left out of Vista Media Center. But now if you check out the official team blog of the Windows Live for TV team, you would notice that the last post which they posted was on 10th April 2007 which gives us a clear indication that this service is not going anywhere in fact it probably also means that this Live service like a few others is now officially dead. It?s a real shame that this very promising & one of the most awaited service for Windows Media Center is looking like not coming after all. For those of you who dont know what Windows Live for TV was supposed to offer: Windows Live for TV was built for Windows Media Center to bring popular Windows Live services like Wi...
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Windows Vista on Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai
2008-06-02 19:20:00
Windows Vista on the 421-meter tall Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai , China. It is one of the tallest building in Asia! Credit for the image goes to a Chinese blogger Jakob Montrasio Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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Microsoft Popfly v.s. Google Mashup Editor - Who's the king of mashup's?
2008-05-29 21:17:00
In the last one year we saw both the high-tech companies (Microsoft & Google ) releasing their versions of mashup editors to help us create web 2.0 applications without having to write even a single line of code. Today I review both of these services to actually see which of one these 2 services has the edge over one another?   Microsoft Popfly Popfly is Microsoft?s version of a mashup editor. It?s built using Microsoft Silverlight platform which gives it all that slick look and ease of use. Using Popfly, we can create online mashups easily by using what they call as "Blocks". There are many blocks already available to provide data from different web services like Facebook, Wikipedia, Digg, MySpace, Flickr etc. We can also create gadgets easily by just dragging and dropping that works both on Windows Vista and Windows Live.  Popfly also enables us to create games without even having to write a single line of code. These games works also on Xbox Live. Popfly is designed...
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Windows 7 debuts at D6, includes Multi-touch!
2008-05-29 15:53:00
For years Microsoft has been investing in many forms of natural input in order to simplify the way people interact with their PC's and devices. The advent of the original Windows graphical user interface forever changed the way people used their PC's. Today, advances in pen and handwriting technology in Windows Vista offers students a natural and intuitive way to capture searchable notes and diagrams in the classroom. Others are using this technology to quietly capture pen based notes during meetings. Speech recognition, something which was once considered science fiction, is enabling many Windows Vista users to see, hear, and use their computers for the very first time. Last year, at the Wall Street Journal's D: All Things Digital conference, Bill Gates introduced a groundbreaking new computing experience called Surface. Surface harnesses touch and multi-touch capabilities to provide users with a natural way to interact directly with computing devices.  Expect to see the table-...
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Test Drive Windows Vista Ultimate online!
2008-05-27 22:22:00
Ever wanted to try try out Windows Vista Ultimate before shelling out money to actually buy it? Microsoft brings a stripped-down online version of its flagship product to enable its current and new customers to try out Windows Vista Ultimate online for free to help them make decision before actually buying it. The service allows us to try out Vista in a remote desktop web session using Internet Explorer, with out needing to install the OS on our desktop. We can also explore all the new features in Vista like 'instant search', 'windows media center' etc. or just follow guided exercises and watch videos. Microsoft also has a similar service to test drive Office 2007 to see how it helps us better manage documents, organize our workload, and collaborate with coworkers?not just from our desk, but from almost anywhere! Click here to test drive Windows Vista Ultimate online and here to test drive The 2007 Microsoft Office System. Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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Windows 7 might RTM at the end of 2009
2008-05-27 18:39:00
Typically when Microsoft ships a new OS (like Windows Vista), we immediately start talking about the next version-which begs two questions: 1) is Microsoft working on a new version of Windows, and if so, 2) why aren't you talking about it? I thought I would spend a minute giving you an update on where we are. First, yes, we are working on a new version of Windows. As you likely know, it's called Windows 7 .We are always looking for new ways to deliver great experiences for our customers.  This is especially true of Windows - where we're constantly examining trends in hardware, software and services to ensure that we continue to drive the innovation that has both made Windows the world's most popular operating system and has provided a foundation on which our partners built great products and businesses. When we shipped Windows 2000, we were already working on Windows XP and we started working on Windows Vista even before we released Windows XP. So naturally, we've been thinking...
GTA IV Theme Pack for Windows Live Messenger
2008-05-26 21:02:00
Windows Live & has released a Windows Live Messenger theme pack for GTA IV enthusiasts which enhances the overall experience of Windows Live. The theme pack includes display pictures, emotions, backgrounds(skins) and Hotmail signatures from Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand Theft Auto is a popular cross platform video game franchise Developed by Rockstar North. It is available for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system and is in stores worldwide since April 29, 2008. Download GTA IV Messenger Theme PackDownload GTA IV Hotmail Signatures   Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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SkyDrive: Whats new in Spring 2008 update?
2008-05-26 01:05:00
Earlier this week, SkyDrive team rolled out the much awaited update to their already popular file sharing service! Here?s what?s been added to Windows Live SkyDrive: More places. The service now is live in 24 additional locations, bringing the grand total to 62 countries and regions! Comments. The ability to add comments to the files uploaded has now been added as also been illustrated by the screenshot below: Captions. Now you can add captions and descriptions to your files and photos to better describe your files/folders to your friends & families. Click control.  When you click on any file, you can speed through all the files in the folder: Larger photo previews - Photo previews are now even bigger! Some other features like Details view and Photo Thumbnails view have also been added which give SkyDrive users an experience similar to Windows Explorer. Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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Yougle brings YouTube to Windows Media Center
2008-05-25 13:33:00
One of the most requested feature by Media Center users has been the ability to play videos from the most popular video sharing site i.e. YouTube. Microsoft in the 4th quarter of 2007 did release a beta of "internet tv" but it was only limited to US audience and it only supported video playback by MSN Video (which was well kind of expected). Comes Yougle - a third-party plugin for Windows Media Center which brings popular web services from YouTube, MSN Video/Soapbox, Flickr and many more right on our Windows Media Center so that we all can enjoy our favorite videos from these popular services right from the comfort of the couch in our lounge!   Yougle is currently only supported on 32 bit versions of Windows Vista Home Premium & Windows Vista Ultimate. Download Yougle 0.4.0d Taimur Asad (The Microsoft "Wow" Blog!)
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