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Software industry Consolidating
2008-05-01 00:26:00
This week ITvoir editorial team brings you an overview of the broadtrends that is observable in the worldwide software industry. In thelast some months suddenly mergers and acquisition in the softwareindustry are filling up newspaper.Look at some of the recent examples. Microsoft trying to buy out Yahoo.Google tying up with Yahoo for advertisement. Even newscorp atraditional media company tying up with Microsoft.BBC bringing outvideo features. Google buying orkut, you tube and the list isunmistakingly very long. But the key word is simple. Software and ITcompanies are going gung-ho over these mergers and acquisitions.The software industry was all out for innovation and bringing new linesof products in the beginning years of the internet boom observed duringinitial years of this century. Then what has happened that focus hasshifted to mergers and acquisitions?Every player in this field knows that Success in the software industryfor all times to come will be driven by discrete product...
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Internet World opens its doors for the 17th year
2008-05-01 00:24:00
UK's largest Internet Business show expects 14,000 attendees over 3 day period29th April 2008: Internet World , the UK's largest digital businessshow, today opens its doors for the 17th time, since first opening in1992. The show features BBC Worldwide and Google amongst its speakerand is set to raise the bar once more, with it's biggest event yet.This builds upon last year's accolades, including Best BusinessExhibition. As the fastest growing event in its industry, InternetWorld has been able to attract keynote speakers from industry leadersincluding ITV, MySpace and Nokia.Internet World is a digital marketing forum that attracts a seriousbusiness audience. It is the only show that covers all the key issuesrelating to online strategy; all addressed under one roof, it providesan end-to-end solution for visitors. This is why 89% of attendees areinvolved in purchasing, with 20% of those companies having over 1000employees. Although primarily a UK event, an increased number ofworldwi...
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Digital Photography Basics
2008-04-28 16:46:00
What are the basics of digital photography? I grabbed my digital camera ($200 bought at Best Buy) and my laptop to figure it out. First, I did a little research online. I read several pages of information. Most pages talked about shutter speed, aperture, digital sensors and such. I thought to myself wow, this is going to be complicated. So I pulled my camera out of its case to see where in the world all these settings are located at. Guess what? I have no settings like that on my camera. So I figure since I am probably an average user like most of you out there reading this article, your camera is probably similar to mine. So I am not going to bore you with technical mumbo jumbo. We are going to keep it simple here. I am sure you know to put batteries in the camera, power it on and then point and click to take your picture. I would definitely recommend before you take any pictures to look over your user manual and check out the features you have on your camera. For example, I have a...
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How I use ISO images
2008-04-23 13:29:00
What is ISO? An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc using a conventional ISO format that is supported by many software vendors. ISO image files typically have a file extension of .ISO but Mac OS X ISO images often have the extension .CDR. The name ISO is taken from the ISO 9660 file system used with CD-ROM media but the term ISO image can refer to any optical disc image. - Wikipedia Usage The usage of ISO extension file is wide but the main purpose of me creating images is to backup the files. I find that it is quite easy to organize files and folders by ISO images. For example, if you have tons of photos from your previous trips to various places such as Paris, Japan, US and Malaysia, then you can create different images to identify the photos or even group them altogether into one ISO image but different folders. Example 1 - Different image to categorize In this case, you will have Paris.ISO, Japan.ISO, US.ISO and Malaysia.ISO. What you will see from your hard drive is...
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GPS Tracking Using A CellPhone
2008-04-17 18:48:00
The GPS-enabled cellphone market is forecast to more than double by 2012, hitting 550 million units. Put it all together and GPS chipset revenue is expected to more than double to $1.3 billion in just three years time, according to In-Stat. The GPS-based NextGen system, slated for completion by 2025, will straighten routes (blue) and allow more planes to safely share the skies. Currently, Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT) guide planes through takeoff, then hand them over to a Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility that keeps approach and departure corridors orderly over the next 50 miles. The GPS system has been designed to be as nearly accurate as possible. However, there are still errors.Cell phone GPS tracking can also be a useful feature to the emergency services or police when responding to a 911 call from a GPS cell phone. For this reason, the FCC has legislated that wireless networks provide location information for 911 calls made from cell phones. Cell phone GPS t...
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Digital Photos Stuck on your Computer?
2008-04-17 18:36:00
Now that digital cameras have replaced thefilm camera as the number one way that people capture their photos, youneed new and unique ways to display all your digital photos.Does this sound like you?: Bought a digital camera, took thousands ofphotos, loaded all of them onto your computer, since then nobody hasseen any of them. Well you are not alone.There are a lot of unique products on the market today that allow youto display your photos statically (one photo at a time). These productsrange from coffee mugs, mouse pads, and calendars, to coasters,puzzles, and playing cards. However, if you are like me and havehundreds of digital photos you want to display, buying enough productto display all my images would make me go broke, let alone clutter myhouse. So if you want to display multiple images with a single product,then digital picture frames, digital key chains, digital photoornaments, digital photo pen sets, digital photo jewelry boxes, ordigital photo snow globes are the way to g...
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How to Repair xBox 360 Problem, the Red Ring of Death
2008-04-16 18:51:00
SquareTrade, a web site responsible for managing warrantees for xBox360, reported that the failure rate for xBox 360 game consoles are wellover 16 percent. This is an alarming amount of failure for a gamesystem, especially coming from Microsoft. The xBox 360 crashing andother problems are widely, known among gamers, but I didn't realize theproblem was this rampant. Among the biggest problem gamers face is overheating of xBox 360 gameconsoles causing flashing 3 red lights called "Red Ring of Death ." Ihave experienced similar problem in the past and there's a simplesolution to repair this xBox 360 problem by using the famous 3 toweltrick.Three towel trick is a temporary repair that may last for a few days oreven several weeks, nobody really has any idea how long this temporaryfix will last. However, if you are desperate to repair your xBox 360from red ring of death problem, following procedure is how you fix yourinfamous xBox 360 "Red Ring of Death." The reasoning behind the 3 towel...
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Next incoming iPhone 3G features
2008-04-15 17:55:00
What will the new iPhone 3G bring new comparing to the actual iPhone ? in a previous post about the upcoming iPhone 3Gi say that it will come in 60 days but this is just a rumor and severalweb site speak about that. However, not until Steve Jobs pulls out thenext-gen iPhone from his pocket at his keynote at Apple's June WorldWide Developers Conference will we really know what's new for theApple's next iPhone.Talking about new features here is what is expected so far:3G iPhone: it will be equipped with the "SGOLD3″ chipset made byInfineon that supports 3.5G - doubling current iPhone mobile data ratesof to 7.2MBps. reference to that was found in the apple softwareversion 2.0.Capacity & Price: 32GB 599$ , 16GB 499$, and perhaps 8GB 399$.Dimension: the new 3G iPhone will be slimmed down 2.5 millimeters .Camera: the iPhone 3G will have a 5 megapixel camera.Push Email: the next generation iPhone will support Microsoft'sbusiness e-mail server software Microsoft Exchange and a "pu...
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GPS Systems
2008-04-15 17:53:00
A GPS (Global Positioning System) unit hasthe primary function of calculating its own location on land or waterby using satellite signals. Once the GPS unit knows its own location,it can help the user determine direction and distance to other knownlocations. For instance, a GPS on a boat can tell the captain how farit is to the shoreline or how far it is to a favorite fishing spot. Forthe outdoor sportsman a GPS can help with finding your campsite, yourvehicle or your next geocache. Popular outdoor activities such ashiking, hunting, fishing, trail running, backpacking, rock climbing,canyoneering and canoeing are all made more enjoyable and safer whenyou take along your GPS.The advantage to a portable GPS, besides actually helping you find yourlocation, is that it is small enough to not be a bothersome bit ofluggage when you leave for camping trips. Instead of worrying aboutfinding extra cargo space for your enormous GPS contraption, you simplyslip the GPS in your pocket until it is ...
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Tiscali International Network Scales High-Performance Infrastructure with J
2008-04-15 17:25:00
Company to Deploy T1600 in European Points of Presence for Performance ,Scale and Service Control MILAN, Italy & SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 14, 2008 " TiscaliInternational Network (TINet), the wholesale carrier division of theTiscali Group, and Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader inhigh-performance networking, today announced that TINet is scaling itscore infrastructure to support the growing demand for multiplayservices with the Juniper Networks T1600 multi-terabit core router. As a major independent global carrier, TINet has one of the largest andmost interconnected IP networks in the world. The company exclusivelyfocuses on serving wholesale customers with high capacity IPv4 and IPv6Transit, layer 2 MPLS services for IPTV and data transport and with itsglobal Ethernet private lines service. TINet currently serves a largenumber of leading Telcos, ISPs and Content Providers in fourcontinents. TINet will deploy the T1600s in several Points of Presencethroughout Europe...
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Best of British: NSSA makes Viglen only UK company on storage and servers c
2008-04-15 17:20:00
Viglen appointed to prestigious education supplier listsViglen, a leading British manufacturer and provider of IT solutions,has become the first UK-based company to be appointed to a nationalstorage and servers framework suppliers contract. The National Server and Storage Framework Agreement (NSSA) hasannounced that the firm, chaired by Apprentice star Sir Alan Sugar, isamong its list of companies which have been recommended to provideHigher Education Institutions (HEIs) with a range of server and storageproducts. Viglen was awarded two framework supply positions.Viglen's place on the NSSA, which facilitates contracts worth around£14m annually, takes immediate effect with the company having made boththe "Server Providers and Resellers" and the "Storage Providers andResellers" lists. Viglen, which is based in Colney Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire, nowbecomes the first indigenous UK company to appear on both lists. Itsinclusion on the register was confirmed following a rigorous si...
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Video Conferencing and What it has to Offer
2008-04-15 17:19:00
Video conferencing is a new and better way to gather people for ameeting or talk while making sure all that is discussed would bereadily understood. Better than other forms of communication, videoconferencing offers audio-visual connection with the other attendees. There are two ways to outsource video conferencing. One would be usinga third party as an inside service provider with the use of your ownequipment while the other way is to work with an outside serviceprovider that hosts the conference call from an external network. For both means there are advantages and disadvantages. Lets us take a look at the first way to outsource a video conference. The advantages of using a third party as an inside service provider isthe assurance of encountering less technical problems. Most bigcompanies have their own set of technicians that keep an eye on thevideo conferencing. However, not even the most skilled of workers canbeat a well trained professional group so they hire such people toope...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Audio Conference Calls
2008-04-15 17:18:00
Audio conferencing is one of the easy ways tocommunicate with a group of people at the same time. Being able tobalance talk time in a day would be such a great help for busy peoplewho value every second of their waking hours. But just like any other product or service, there are pros and cons in using audio conferencing. Let us first take a look at the different advantages that you can getfrom it. Audio conferencing is a whole lot cheaper than other means ofconferencing. It can reach more people since it relies mostly ontelephone lines. It is easier to use since it takes advantage of atechnology that is relatively familiar to all of us. Furthermore, wecan enhance it by combining communication lines with other mediums suchas computers. Audio conferencing has a great potential for largergroups to conference in and the technology used is fairly reliable.Audio conferencing is also very accessible and consumes lesser time toset up. On the down side, Audio conferencing transmission may be...
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Installing CCTV Cameras in Car Dealerships
2008-04-13 08:00:00
The increase in number of organized auto thefts has been a cause ofconcern for dealerships. To prevent such incidents, they have startedinvesting in surveillance equipment increasingly so that they don't endup on the receiving end. A theft in a car dealership results in majorlosses in the income of the owner, because most often it's more thanone vehicle that is stolen from a dealership. It's not only the carsbut the spare parts and accessories are targeted too. There are manyorganized groups involved in auto thefts, and these cars are later usedfor narcotics trade, robberies, and burglaries. CCTV cameras havebecome instrumental in reducing auto theft crimes.Reasons for getting CCTV installed in your dealershipThe primary function of CCTV camera is surveillance of the dealershipto prevent theft, and to deter opportunist robbers. It is alwaysbeneficial to have CCTV cameras installed in such a way that peopleknow that they are under the electronic eye. In case of a theft, theinvesti...
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Apple Tops Brand Survey But Consumers Say Sony's A Peach
2008-04-12 23:12:00
Apple scored top marks in the 2008 Brand junkie survey last week but shoppers' reviews from the online consumer review site tell a different story. Apple's popular iPod range didn't make the top three in a poll of 293 MP3 players, as rated by genuine purchasers on independent review website, Reevoo, who analysed over 4,000 MP3 player customer reviews. Unfortunately for Apple, this MP3 player race was dominated by Sony with the Sony NWE016BC just nudging the Sony NWZA816 into second place. Third was the Hitachi DMP20 2GB, followed by the New Green iPod Nano 8GB in fourth and the Black Samsung YP-P2JCB 8GB in fifth. Apple's position in the market for superior design was challenged by shoppers who gave the Sony NWE016BC a perfect 10/10 for design, compared to a relatively disappointing 9.3/10 for the iPod. Overall, the Sony NWE016BC was rated 9.8/10 while the iPod lagged behind with 9.2/10. One customer nicely summed up the Sony player as "very easy to use, excellent...
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Switching from MCSE on 2003 to Server 2008
2008-04-12 23:09:00
This month, Microsoft will officially launch its eagerly awaited Server 2008 platform. But what is it #34; and what does this mean for IT, HR and businesses as a whole? Server 2008 will be introduced as a replacement for Server 2003 and is essentially a more stripped-back version of its predecessor. Designed to increase business functionality, Server 2008 will work best with the Microsoft Vista operating system. So what has changed? Following user demand for increased functionality, Server 2008 will offer improved security and fewer pre-installed applications. Ultimately, this creates a more stable platform that allows companies to use only the relevant elements, rather than being burdened by running useless applications. IT leads the way The switch to Server 2008 is likely to be a gradual one that will take place over the next two or three years. But in order to take advantage of the new platform fully, the IT department must lead the way and pre-empt the changes by ensuring their ...
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The Quest For The Best VOIP Provider
2008-04-12 23:08:00
If you have been looking for VOIP service for any amount of time, you are probably totally confused about how to select the best VOIP provider. Residential and small business consumers are attracted to VOIP because it is a great way to avoid long distance fees. The price point at which VOIP service is offered is typically much lower for more features than what your traditional phone line would cost from the phone company. For example, a traditional phone line from the phone company costs about $25 per month for just basic service and dial tone, which might include unlimited local calling but really not much of anything else. Now compare that to the service that a VOIP provider can offer, which includes unlimited local calling, unlimited long distance in the continental US (sometimes also Canada and Puerto Rico), voice mail, call waiting, caller ID as standard features, and a traditional phone line cannot even begin to compare. Getting all those features on a regular phone line would...
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Guides to buying Plasma and LCD TVs
2008-04-12 23:07:00
You want a flat screen TV that's HD ready and you've heard about digital television but you don't know if you can receive either of these. Also you're not sure which is better LCD or Plasma . Well hopefully, I'll try to break it down into very simple points, so you know you are getting the right product for you. High Definition (HD) basically improves the quality of the picture (approx. 4x better) and manufacturers are continuously trying to improve the picture quality. You may say "I'm happy with the image I have already" but wait till you see anything in HD then you will not want to go back to Standard Definition. Films and documentaries come to life when you have your television set up properly. Reasons to buy an LCD or Plasma: If you want to watch HD content If you think they look nice in your living room and want to save space. Do not buy one if you think that because LCDs and Plasmas are newer technology the picture will automatically look better. In fact, if you are ...
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QC Software WCS New Version Includes Barcode Routing
2008-04-10 14:39:00
Rich Hite, President of QC Software , ( suggests, "QC Enterprise Warehouse Control System new version, 5.1, provides Barcode Routing which allows distributors to define a fixed routing path for non-variable barcode IDs (SKU ID, fixed tote ID, etc.). Typical uses for this feature include easily defining the routing of full case product to a replenishment drop point based on SKU ID. Another use would be to assign a specific tote ID for two destinations; one a specific pick zone and the other the quality control area. Overage or incorrect product that is collected as part of an auditing process at the QC stations would be placed into totes by pick zone. When the tote is full it is placed on the conveyor and routed to the designated pick zone. After the product is returned to stock, the empty tote is placed back on the conveyor to return back to QC." The most important aspects of WCS for major distributors include dependability, modular functionality, configurable flex...
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Six Sigma Data Analysis
2008-04-10 14:34:00
Crystal Ball 7 Standard is an easy-to-use simulation program that helps you analyze the risks and uncertainties associated with your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet models. As a fully integrated Excel add-in program with its own toolbar and menus, Crystal Ball picks up where spreadsheets end by letting you perform Monte Carlo analysis (a standard technique for simulating real-world situations involving elements of uncertainty). The Crystal Ball 7 upgrade incorporates a number of enhancing features, boosting Crystal Ball's capabilities, but at the same time, making it easier to use (see below for details). Furthermore, a new licensing system has been developed, making activating, upgrading, updating and registering your Crystal Ball product a much more pleasant experience. Streamline risk and uncertainty analysis in your spreadsheets with this integrated toolset. Crystal Ball 7 Standard Edition is the easiest way to perform Monte Carlo simulations in your own spreadsheets. Crystal Ball ...
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Access control based on Bluetooth technology
2008-04-10 14:23:00
Nowadays on the market there are products that offer wireless PC lock solutions - the idea is that you have a small “e-tablet” dongle in your hands and a wireless stick-receiver connected to USB port. It works like a car key. By using your Bluetooth compatible mobile could do the same - just come in and Windows gets logged on - just step out - and it gets locked/hibernated. There are a few products that provide such solution: GoldLantern, FrozenCPU, TrippLite - they are hardware and software in a box. The products like Access Angel, BlueGuardian and Rohos Logon Key they are software only that uses Bluetooth technology. All of them (except Rohos Logon Key) are primitive desktop lockers; it means you start your Windows session by entering your user name and password (or without a password if you don’t have it). The PC Lock program may or may not start up immediately and lock the screen before you've had a few seconds to look at the desktop and do things. Then you c...
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Xbox 360 - Gaming Redefined
2008-04-09 14:12:00
The concept of xbox 360 was conceived by Microsoft in early 2003 and conceptualized in co-operation with IBM, ATI and SIS. This is a second video game console and the system allows the players to download Arcade games, demos, trailers, TV shows and movies. The system was launched in Nov 2005 in three major regions - Europe, Japan and USA. The demand was stupendous and was sold out completely within a short span of its release. The gaming console competes with Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo`s WII as part of seventh generation video game console. There are three versions of Xbox 360: Arcade, Premium and Elite. Each version is backed by its own set of features, accessories and technology like wireless controller, re-chargeable battery case, snazzy face plates incase the standard plain surface becomes too boring. Generally all three include hybrid, composite and component cable, a detachable 20GB hard disc drive which comes with game demos, video clips, and a free Live Arcade game. Ini...
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What Most People Wanted to Know about Disc Repair Services
2008-04-09 14:10:00
Disc Repair Services can fix scratched CD or DVD of most gaming consoles such as GameCube, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Wii. Audio and video CDs and DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and HD-DVD can also be repaired by Disc Repair Services. In order to understand how Disc Repair Services repairs the discs, you need to know about the disc. Discs are composed of different layers. The exposed layer at the bottom of the disc where most scratches occur is a clear plastic layer that protects the soft upper layer. This soft layer is called the dye layer that is. Above the dye layer is the print and lacquer layer where you can make disc cover designs. The disc can still be repaired if the dye layer is not damaged. Disc Repair Services uses state-of-the-art technology to polish the scratched layer without damaging the sensitive information in the dye layer in the disc. You may be able to remove the scratches using a soft abrasive such as Brasso or toothpaste. But this m...
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Getting Behind the Wheel of Your TV
2008-04-09 14:09:00
Video games have come a long way in the past 25 years. What were once digital squares on the screen have become fully formed human characters with natural movements and detailed facial features. Now that the visual quality of games has been improved, the gaming industry is shifting its focus to finding new and more effective ways to immerse players in the gaming experience. Enter the Logitech Driving Force GT racing wheel, expected to be released in the U.S. in early May with a retail price of $149.99. This innovative controller is designed specifically for use with the PlayStation 3 "Gran Turismo" game series. One of the bestselling franchises of all time, the "Gran Turismo" games are known for their high level of vehicle detail and realistic driving simulation. Now, Logitech is making the experience even more realistic with the Driving Force GT racing wheel. Though the company has produced racing wheels for "Gran Turismo" in the past, the Driving Force GT promises to give players...
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How VoIP is Revolutionising Business Communication
2008-04-09 14:04:00
The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in use today leave the old generic telephone standing in the race for supremacy. The year is 2008 and counting. The first communication device was invented way back in 1857. 151 years later, the world has advanced to an enormous technological lever of greatness, yet some still struggle with the costly and high maintenance associated with the generic telephone. A household can be seen as a little different to offices in terms of demand, as a family use one telephone line and that line is only used a few times per day. Offices are not so lucky. This is especially taxing on businesses, large or small when functionality, performance, cost and reliability are concerned. An office with say ten telephone lines which are in use 90% of office hours can build up a very high cost bill for the company paying for the costs. And the maintenance and damaging of cables affects reliability and functionality. So now that the world is living in the 21s...
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Emote Games Partner With Avalanche Studios To Develop A Social Hunting Game
2008-04-09 14:03:00
Emote Game s social gaming platform and Avalanche Studios award winning landscape engine join forces to create a unique cross format socially enabled game London, UK, 8 April 2008, Emote Games a UK based Production Company has partnered with leading development studio Avalanche to create a social game built on Emotes cutting edge social gaming platform PARTICIPATE. The Partner ship which boasts the use of the Avalanche 2.0 engine: an unparalleled real life landscape technology will provide the backdrop for Emotes initial social gaming title. The forthcoming game will be the first to be launched on Emotes PARTICIPATE platform. Developed internally, PARTICIPATE promises to introduce a new style of socially enabled game, delivering high production value and game play that is both fully immersive as well as character and community based . All games built on the PARTICIPATE platform benefit from an exclusive suite of social features designed to integrate game and community, and to broaden...
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Fox Electronics' New TCXO/VCTCXO Series Offers Stratum III Stability Perfor
2008-04-09 14:01:00
Fort Myers, Fla. April 7, 2008 - Fox Electronics , America's leading supplier of frequency control solutions, has recently developed the new FOX331, HCMOS, TCXO/VCTCXO series featuring Stratum III stability. The series is designed to comply with the Telcordia GR 1244 specification, requiring a daily stability of 0.37 PPM and a frequency stability of less than 4.6 PPM for 20 years. Featuring a small profile of 7.0 mm L x 5.0 mm H x 2.0 mm W as well as 3.3 V operation, this oscillator family is ideal for telecom network applications including data and voice transfer, base stations, telecom infrastructure and network synchronization. Fox's new oscillator series is available in frequencies of 10 MHz to 20 MHz and offers an overall frequency stability of ±4.6 PPM as well as ±0.28 PPM over a temperature range of -20ºC to +70ºC and ±0.37 PPM over a temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC. These TXCO/VCTCXOs feature a storage temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. In addition, the o...
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Benefits and Disadvantages of Windows Vista 64-bit
2008-04-06 20:57:00
In my last few articles about Microsoft Windows Vista and XP in 32-bit and 64-bit version, I analyzed what are the differences between Vista 64-bit and all other Windows operation systems in 32-bit extension. Now I like to write a complete review about Windows Vista 64-bit and its Benefits and Disadvantages. I was writing about system administration in Windows Vista 64-bit and I thought I should write a review about Windows Vista x64. It is very important for everyone who would like to switch from Windows 32-bit to a Vista 64-bit. It is very confusing because people are talking different about their experiences with Vista and especially Windows Vista 64 bit. Since Vista 64-bit launched in January 2007, I took advantage of Windows Vista Ultimate in 32-bit version. In November 2007 I was able to buy a new computer with the newest hardware what support 64-bit extension and after that I climbed to the Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. It was very interesting that I could get my Vista 64-bi...
The Worlds Lightest and Smallest Mobile Phone
2008-04-06 20:54:00
The self titled modular cellphone from the company Modu is set to make some serious splashes in the mobile phone industry. This device it touted to be the worlds first modular mobile phone that can be easily customized to fit the consumers specific needs. All you need to do is either pop your Modu into a modu jacket or pair it with a modu mate, and you've got yourself a whole new device. If they hype around the concept wasn't enough, just this week the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that the Modu is in fact the worlds lightest and smallest mobile phone to date. So at it's core, you're essentially stuck with the most basic cell phone you've ever seen. But attach a modu mate, and you've got a whole different device. Some of the modu mates that have been confirmed so far include MP4 players, digital photo frames, cameras, and DECT phones. The options are essentially limitless and it doesn't seem like Modu is looking to close the door on any new partnerships that could...
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Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Is Now The Future
2008-01-22 16:55:00
It is clear that one of the most important trends in computing, for both desktop PCs and notebook computers, is wireless connectivity. Anytime one surveys the massive tangle of wire, cables and cords that are common with any computer setup, it is evident that less would be more. This trend to eliminate as many computer cords as possible is one reason why the Bluetooth wireless keyboard will eventually replace their corded counterparts. Because of the advances in battery life and in wireless technology networking, the day is coming that everything that needs to communicate with your computer, from the keyboard to the mouse and every other needed peripheral, will do so wirelessly. Apple once again seems to be leading the way, as they have been the first to make the enabled keyboard, of this technology, part of the standard suite of equipment that comes with their new iMac. Their keyboard is also a perfect compliment to their Apple Bluetooth Wireless Mighty Mouse, which has some addit...
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