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> Dee Dutta Leaves Sony Ericsson At End Of March
2008-03-29 11:49:00
Dee Dutta is the current Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson and has been in this position since 2003. He has done a brilliant job with Sony Ericsson’s marketing and is also a great part of Sony Ericsson’s tennis sponsorship. He’s a really nice guy, so I’m of course a bit sad to say that he’s now leaving his position at Sony Ericsson in just a matter of days. - Dee has made an outstanding contribution to the growth of the Sony Ericsson brand and our sponsorship in tennis. We would like to wish him the very best for the future, comments Dick Komiyama, CEO at Sony Ericsson, on Dee’s departure with Sony Ericsson. Although Dee is leaving, it seems he has been very satisfied working at Sony Ericsson for the last 5-6 years. This has been a wonderful journey of both personal and professional growth for me. I am very proud of the achievements that my team and I have made in growing the brand and look forward to the next challenge in my career, said Dee Dut...
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Sony Ericsson W890 Review
2008-03-24 15:29:00
Sony Ericsson W890 is the multi-talented successor of the revolutionary W880 that was announced in a little over a year ago. W890 follows up by increasing the depth of the phone with a meaningless 0.5 millimetres while adding a whole lot of features and a design that is to die for. You can read our full review of this beauty right here.
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Another USEB W890 Preview
2008-03-21 17:58:00
I received the W890 only a few days ago and it was love at first sight. I love the materials used and the colour variants look absolutely smashing. Build quality feels very good and phone is extremely sturdy. About 30 people have had a look at my W890 so far and all were impressed by the quality of it.
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Verizon’s Motorola Z6cx offers global roaming without the pesky camer
2008-03-16 18:05:00
Motorola’s Z6 keeps losing features. No, seriously, hear us out: it all started out as the Z6tv, a decent slider with support for Verizon ’s MediaFLO-based VCAST TV. Fair enough, a solid consumer phone. Then Moto had to check the TV tuner at the door in exchange for GSM support to make the Z6c. That’s all well and good, and we suppose you could argue that the Z6c didn’t lose features — it just traded them — but here’s a new one for you. The Z6cx unceremoniously ditches the 2 megapixel shooter in an effort to appease the very market the Z6c was designed to appeal to: world travelers who are probably spending at least part of their time in offices where cameras are frowned upon. Looks like the Z6cx can be had for the same $179.99 after contract on rebates as its more photo-friendly sibling, so don’t expect any discounts there.
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LG enV2, Motorola W755 in glorious detail
2008-03-16 18:04:00
For any enV owners out there who managed to not splurge on a Voyager, it looks like you could end up being rewarded here something fierce. Verizon’s true enV replacement, the VX9100, has now found its way into some glamorous press shots — and while we’re sure that reaction’s going to be mixed, we’re really digging the super-simple candybar appearance when the QWERTY clamshell is in its upright and locked position.
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Meizu M8 interface gets tweaked once again
2008-03-16 18:02:00
While it appears that Meizu ’s infringement shutdown at CeBIT was for unlicensed MP3 usage, and not at all to do with the eerie resemblance to a certain iPhone, the company still seems eager to prove to the world it is brewing something unique with the M8 mini One. CEO Jack Wong posted a bunch of new shots to the Meizu forums with small interface tweaks that inch the OS a bit away from its iPhone roots — but certainly not far.
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Iris To Manage Sony Ericsson’s Global Activation Strategy
2008-03-16 18:00:00
Sony Ericsson has just appointed the integrated marketing agency iris to manage its global activation strategy. This means sports campaigns marketing, retail and sales promotion. I’m in a bit of a rush, so I’ll just leave you with the press release.
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XPERIA X1 Pushed to 2009?
2008-03-16 17:58:00
If you believe the published document of Sony Ericsson, Then the XPERIA X1 is not going to be published in the second half of the year as promised, but almost a year later, on February 10, 2009, before the Mobile World Congress 2009. The reason is that Microsoft, did not release the new OS to date as they promised (typical M$). XPERIA X1 is designed to work with the new version of the not yet announced Windows Mobile and could not appear in the market until the operating system is done. Sony Ericsson has already issued a “un-finished” product to market. The P990 smartphone running poorly UIQ3 version. This caused extreme dissatisfaction in the market.
Nokia Text Messenger – SMS-gadget for Windows Vista
2008-02-27 21:03:00
Nokia Beta Labs, the site sharing new ideas that Nokia is still working on, has introduced Nokia Text Messenger application. It is designed for Windows Vista powered PC. You can place the application in Windows Sidebar or on desktop. The application views latest SMS from a connected Nokia phone. In addition Nokia Text Messenger can send new messages. The developers say it should work on all Nokia devices compatible with PC Suite version 6.85 or higher (be sure the utility is installed). Here you can download Nokia Text Messenger beta version.
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2008-02-27 21:02:00
LG has launched a new slider-phone on the Korean market. The SH150A supports 3G networks with HSDPA high-speed data transfer technology (up to 7.2 Mbps). It boasts a 2.2” display made under AMOLED technology. The device incorporates a 2-megapixel and VGA cameras, a media player and DMB broadcasting. Its 800 mAh battery ensures 150 minutes in talk mode and 150 hours standby. The price tag for LG SH150A makes up 440000 Won (about $400). The source hasn’t specified whether the device would emerge on other markets.
Live pics of SE low-end slider
2008-02-27 21:01:00
There is another leakage of “live” pics with a cellphone probably upcoming from Sony Ericsson. We’ve got almost no info on its specs – looking at the picture we see a slider phone dressed in metallic housing, which is compact, but not too slim. According to the source, this is a low-end handset with a 1.3-megapixel camera. Probably, we’ll hear other details at the official announcement or from the next info leakage.
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LG-KM500 media phone in stores worldwide
2008-02-27 20:59:00
LG Electronics has announced shipments of LG-KM500 to Latin America, Europe and Asia. This music-heavy phone can remotely handle audio files. It was introduced to the public at the Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona. Packed in a slider form-factor LG-KM500 has a dedicated function – you can listen to the music with your family and friends by wireless means for 25 hours non-stop. Two users get wireless access to the phone via Bluetooth and two more can get direct connection to it, so 4 people simultaneously enjoy music from one phone. By pressing a hot key you can instant access to track list stored in the phone. In addition LG-KM500 comes with XD Sound Engine audio system enabling full 3D sound. If you prefer traditional way to listen to the music, you are free to plug 3.5-mm wire headphones.
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LG-KF510 – style and slim form
2008-02-15 21:06:00
LG Electronics has introduced LG-KF510 phone at the current Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona. This is an ultra slim fashion slider being 10.9 mm thick. Under the display you can see an interactive panel with sensor buttons. Packed in a metallic shell LG-KF510 is offered in black grey and red shell colors. The company has provided a brief info on the specifications, but hinted at a stylish design of the phone on the first place. As for the functions mentioned, we have a built-in camera and an MP3-player. LG-KF510 will come to the main markets in March.
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Toshiba G450 – phone, USB-modem and MP3-player
2008-02-15 21:05:00
Toshiba has made an official announcement of the G450 cellphone designed for one-touch access to the Internet via mobile networks. This tiny device is a good solution for the users who need a phone to be used as a portable modem for PC. The G450 mobile device can be connected to the standard USB-port and ensure wideband Internet access via 3G/HSDPA (EDGE and GPRS also supported). In addition the device is good as an MP3-player. The G450 is packed in a portable shell featuring white, red or black colors. Weighing mere 57 g it is 98 mm tall. We expect the phone in Russian stores in March-April 08. The technical specs of Toshiba G450: # Networks - UMTS/HSDPA 2100 (3.6 Mbps), GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900 # CPU - Qualcomm MSM6280 # Memory - 160 MB (user available) # miniUSB # Display – OLED 96×39 pixels # Audio formats - MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ # Battery - 600 mAh # Standby time – up to 200 hours # Talk time – up to 140 minutes # Dimensions – 98×36x16 mm # Weight - 57 g # ...
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32GB SDHC storage media to come out in April
2008-02-15 21:01:00
Panasonic has reported it will launch a 32GB SDHC storage card in April 08. The card complies with Class 6 standard and is marked SDV32GU1K. This is the world first card with such capacity, which can store up to 12 hours of high-quality HD video. The recommended price jumped to $699. The short specs of the SDV32GU1K: * Capacity: 32 GB * Available capacity: 30.979 MB * Physical specifications comply with SD 2.0 version * Data transfer speed - 20 Mbps.
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BenQ shows its mobile Internet device
2008-02-15 20:59:00
BenQ has made an official announcement of its first Mobile Internet Device (MID) at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device features a user-friendly UI and onboard sensors that minimize and pop up all open windows when you shake the device. The MID is based on Intel Menlow platform and equipped with a 4.8” 1024×600 touch-sensitive display, a 0.3-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi and HSDPA networking.
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New Vertu Signature in yellow and white diamonds
2008-02-15 20:58:00
Vertu did bother to prepare a Valentine’s Day gift – a new edition of Vertu Signature handset. Vertu Signature Yellow & White Diamonds is coated with 18-carat yellow gold and encrusted with white and yellow diamonds. Vertu will make and exclusively launch only 33 handsets. Remember that Vertu Signature, a premium class handset, debuted in 2006. This precious device comes with a modest set of specs featuring GSM networks, a 128×160 pixel 65K color display and a sapphire glass. It has become a tradition to add “Concierge” operator’s consulting service.
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Hitachi W61H: phone with e-paper display
2008-02-05 08:32:00
Hitachi has started implementing e-paper technology in mobile phones. One of the models (W61H) will be launched by au KDDI operator. This is a clamshell phone with the outside panel coated with an e-paper display. Such displays feature high contrast and consume no power to show info. The developers took advantage of it and used the external display of the W61H as a kind of interchangeable faceplates supporting animation. In addition to the e-paper display the W61H has other advantages: it features an internal hinge TFT-display, wireless payment services support, “one-segment” TV broadcasting and a 2-megapixel camera with direct printing interface.
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New slim and stylish LG-KF510 slider
2008-02-05 08:30:00
LG Electronics announced today it would introduce LG-KF510 phone to the public at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona, February 11. The company notes that its slim slider KF510 (mere 10.9 mm thick) combines style, metallic texture and tempered glass. It is peculiar for an intuitively clear and animated interface and multimedia functions (MP3-player and 3-megapixel camera). The sales of LG-KF510 are set for this March.
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Samsung G810 – the G800 gone smart
2008-02-05 08:29:00 has dug out technical specifications for Samsung ’s impending G810.While its feature packed G800 was released just over two months ago, now they are set to announce the G810 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, next week. The G810 combines everything the G800 has, and packs in Symbian 9.2 OS with S60 3.1, on-board GPS, Wi-Fi, and a bigger battery (1200mh). Technical specifications: * GSM/UMTS/3.6 Mbps HSDPA connectivity * Symbian 9.2 OS with S60 3.1 UI * 2.6″ 262K Color QVGA TFT display * 5 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, anti-shake, face recognition, macro mode, autofocus * 150 MB of memory and microSD memory card slot * GPS navigation * Wi-Fi * Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, USB 2.0 (microUSB connector) * 1200 mAh battery * Dimensions: 104×52.9×18 mm
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Nokia to flaunt S60 Touch UI at Mobile World Congress
2008-02-03 16:15:00
Since its grand announcement last year, Nokia ’s next-gen UI for S60 has been little more than a pretty face teased to us by a handful of quick, glancing videos and overly slick ad campaigns; 2008’s in full swing now, though, and the time has come for S60 Touch to get just a bit more real. The company has announced through its See into S60 blog that it’ll be demoing the S60 Touch UI at Mobile World Congress this year — a show that’s creeping right up on us on the 11th of this month (yay!) — and while there’s no promise of exactly what’s going to be demoed, they could demo just about anything and it’d be more than what’s been demoed so far. Also on the docket is some info regarding “S60 sensor technologies,” suggesting that S60 Touch devices will likely rely heavily on accelerometers and… well, you know, touch sensors to do their thing. [Via All About Symbian]
Windows Mobile 6.1 gets played with, shown off
2008-02-03 16:14:00
Not like Windows Mobile 6.1 is an elaborate mystery or anything — heck, we even know all about the improvements it’s slated to bring — but there’s nothing like a bucketful of screenshots surrounded by machine translated opinions to really revive that enthusiasm. Sure enough, the folks over at PocketPT were able get ahold of the software and show off just how it handled webpage zooming, threaded SMS conversations and Office 2007 documents. Still not convinced? Go on and hit the read link — you skeptic, you. [Via phoneArena]
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Motorola rocks the Z10 banana slider
2008-01-09 17:29:00
Motorola’s press conference is done and we were pretty stoked to finally see the MOTO Z10 announced. The handset features some pretty swank video editing tools like the ability to overlay text on the 30fps QVGA video you’ve shot, adding a soundtrack from your device and finally uploading your content directly to YouTube. Connectivity to get all this crafty business done is via HSDPA — who wants to wait for EDGE to do its business? — memory is expandable up to 32 GB once that becomes available and the Z10 also packs stereo speakers to listen to your tunes. The still camera is of the 3.2 megapixel variety and is apparently one of the quickest on the market and able to shoot at 3fps. No word on pricing but the plans are to see it shipping some time this quarter.
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Yahoo! takes Go to version 3, releases widget platform
2008-01-09 17:25:00
Yahoo’s been taking it’s mobile strategy pretty seriously over the course of the past couple years, having zoomed through two revisions of its Go portal app on multiple platforms. They’ve officially unveiled yet another major version today — 3.0, to be exact — featuring a new icon view (in addition to the old-school carousel view) and support for widgets. Widget s, you say? Yep, that’s the real meat of today’s announcements: Yahoo has opened the floodgates to third party development with its Mobile Developer Platform , promising a future rich with widgets that’ll plug into Go and make it even meatier than it already is. eBay, MTV, and MySpace have already crafted widgets for the platform, too, so it’s a promising start. Yahoo! Go 3.0 is available now for a wide variety of S60 and BlackBerry devices, and we’re guessing that Windows Mobile will be following on shortly. Read - Yahoo! Go 3.0 Read - Yahoo! Mobile Developer Platform
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LG shows a KS20 clone with WiMAX
2008-01-09 17:24:00
Looks like a KS20, does it not? Ah, but looks can be deceiving! Gearlog says this bad boy has been gutted to use WiMAX in addition to GSM, a combo that won’t likely be welcome on Sprint’s XOHM network. Here’s where it gets interesting, though: an LG rep went on record saying that it would be a pretty trivial matter to swap out the GSM silicon for CDMA, which would make Sprint far warmer to a hookup. The same cat went on to say that they’ll be doing seamless handoff between WiMAX and GSM / CDMA networks, which is going to be a pretty critical feature as XOHM builds out — a buildout that could take many, many years. LG, Sprint, let’s make this happen, k?
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Bluetooth pairs with cake for 10th birthday
2008-01-09 17:22:00
Everyone raise your glasses for a toast, will you? The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (better known as the Bluetooth SIG to its pals) is throwing itself a little party celebrating ten years since its inception. It’s been one heck of a decade, too, considering that the SIG started with just five members and has since grown to over 10,000; in that same span, wireless headsets have become all but ubiquitous, the standard has come to countless products covering hundreds of product categories, and a grand total of 1.5 billion-plus devices have shipped with that now-famous stylized “B” emblazoned somewhere on their shell. So just how does a special interest group shake its moneymaker on such a momentous occasion? A spat of playful Bluejacking, perhaps? Nah, nothing that saucy — just a private party for SIG members at CES. Here’s to another ten, Bluetooth.
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Nokia 3555 breaks cover at CES
2008-01-09 17:20:00
Every once in a while — and when we say “every once in a while” we mean “quite often” — a major manufacturer’s booth will feature a totally unannounced device tucked away in some dark corner without an announcement, without fanfare, and without reason. This time around, Nokia takes the honor with the 3555, a low end 3G piece that the FCC tells us will hit both AT&T and T-Mobile at some point down the road. The particular example shown at Nokia’s CES booth here was unbranded, so we don’t know what bands lied under hood, but it’s cool that someone besides some sterile FCC lab gets to touch it finally. We guess.
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Sony Ericsson w760
2008-01-09 17:18:00
The new Sony Ericsson W760 Walkman® phone packs GPS and cutting-edge gaming, as well as an enhanced music experience, into a stand-out slider. Las Vegas, USA – 6th January 2008 – Sony Ericsson today announced the W760, the first truly global Walkman® phone with tri-band HSDPA, enabling broadband speed downloads of the latest music and content wherever in the world it is used. Offering music on your mobile and much more, the phone delivers built-in GPS to help you find that secret gig, distinctive Stereo Speakers for sharing your music and the latest hit games, including Need for Speed™ ProStreet. The W760 is a Walkman® phone that you will want to take with you everywhere. This is where the added protection from the multipurpose Active Speaker MAS-100 comes in. Announced today, it acts as a good-looking protective case, a speaker to let you play your tunes even louder and an FM radio antenna. “People today are always on the move so it’s important that they can stay in t...
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It’s the Sony Ericsson W52S, umm… I mean the iPhone
2008-01-02 21:27:00
I thought in Japan they would already have something similar to iPhone. I guess that’s not true or this Japanese guy is just such a big fan of the Apple’s iPhone that he decided to turn his Sony Ericsson Walkman W52S slider to an iPhone. I’m not sure if it was a good idea, because in my opinion this W52S, I mean iPhone looks awful! Anyways, I hope this guy is happy with his new iPhone, heh.
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Disassembling Sony Ericsson K850i
2008-01-02 21:25:00
I don’t know why someone would want to disassemble the K850i, at least I would dare to do it. Anyways, here is a nice “how to disassemble the K850i” guide with photos. Remember that this will void your warranty, so think twice before you follow this guide!
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