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Its Xams Time
2008-04-24 22:14:00
Its xams time No post till 13th may.
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Wow !!!
2008-04-16 04:14:00
Look what blogging has bought Amit Agarwal. A Brand new Honda CR-V SUV. Congratulations Amit , you are the inspiration for many Indian bloggers like me.
Firefox Bus
2008-04-14 09:53:00
Firefox graphics found on Indian bus.Photo taken by kalyan. Was featured in Gizmodo and also Netorama.
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ICL India vs ICL Pakistan
2008-04-14 03:29:00
Was at L.B stadium on 11 for the ICL world series match between ICL India and ICL Pakistan   . Tough I was late and missed a bit of Pakistan's batting ,thoroughly enjoyed India's batting. Pakistan set a target of 153 which India successfully chased down.          ;       0;       60;      &# 160;      & #160; The cheerleaders         ;       0;       60;      &# 160; Missed a bit of Pakistan's batting         ;      Couldn't help noticing this IPL DECCAN CHARGES ad         ;       0;  There's was some support for...
Autorun.inf woes
2008-04-10 13:00:00
My desktop remains much neglected as I'm mostly using my laptop these days . A host of viruses,Trojan horses, spyware and adware have found their way into my desktop among them a major one is the autorun.inf Trojan horse forcing me to use the run command every time i want to open a drive ( autorun.inf fumbles with the windows explorer,both double clicking and right click open doesn't work). Thanks to amishrit's blog I got this video a simple way to get rid of autorunf.inf After care: Now that the autorun.inf is removed here's a simple tip to stay free from it. When ever you connect a pen drive just scan it with a an updated anti-virus(pen drive being main culprit in spreading the autorun.inf Trojan horse).
Indian Street Seller Child Prodigy
2008-03-19 13:27:00
Check out this video. An Indian Street Seller child speaks many languages to sell peacock feathers. And he learned all that from tourists!!!!!!!!!
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Tata Nano
2008-03-16 11:28:00
        ;       0;     After reading the title I can already hear you say " no not another post on Tata Nano " . After all, every blogger in the Indian blogsphere and beyond had something to say about the Nano.So this not just another post giving you details about Nano or starting a debate about the effects of Nano. I just wanted to share some pics of Nano from the Tata Nano 's official web site. So here they are :
Fun With Phun
2008-03-13 19:13:00
amazing 2d physics sandbox.
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Bajaj pulsar's new ad rocks
2008-03-12 16:57:00
Check out this cool new pulsar ad from Bajaj its called Pulsar Mania. Great camera work, cool background music and loads of stunts(amazing 360's,wheelies,burnouts) and awesome formations are what the ad is all about. It simply rocks!!!!!!!   
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TVS Re-launches Flame With a Modified Engine
2008-03-10 20:09:00
        ;       0;    Tvs motors co launched err re-launched their 125cc Flame with a modified engine. Tvs's new Flame will also have a engine based on Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent (CC-VTi) technology but with single spark unlike its predecessor which had a twin spark technology and got caught in a legal tussle with Bajaj over patent infringement . With the Madras high court orders to stop the manufacturing and selling Flame with the controversial engine Tvs had no choice but to come out with a alternative engine as soon as possible (although the legal battle is still on Tvs doesn't want to miss out in the all crucial 125cc executive segment).So here they are in less than just one month after the ruling came out Tvs is ready with there new engine . More details about launch: The company introduced the bike, priced at Rs 46,000 (ex-showroom across the country), with a s...
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Honda Aviator Launched
2008-03-04 13:39:00
The Honda 's (HMSI) new automatic scooter "Aviator" in Hyderabad ahead of its all India release on 6th march. This scooter was first displayed at the last month's Delhi Auto Expo and comes with a optional front disc .My friend Amishrit attended the launch so here's what he had to say about the scooter and launch event.The HONDA stable grows again with still Dio and Activa as one of the most extensively sold non gear scooters . AVIATOR being the 6th vehicle to be launched from the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) stable was officially launched in Hyderabad on march 1 2008 .Its packed with a 102 cc engine , front disk brakes(optional) priced at Rs. 40,708/ (ex-showroom). The scooter would be available in two variants, standard and deluxe. Deluxe variant has front disc brake and 12" alloy wheels. It would be available in five colours . I had the opportunity to attend the launch of the HONDA AVIATOR held at Taj Krishna . The launch was attended by delegates such as HMSI South...
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Blogger Meet At Hyderabad
2008-02-28 18:01:00
Hyderabad blogger meet01/03/2008 at 16:00There's a Blogger Meet scheduled for this Saturday evening in the city . So all the Hyderabadi Bloggers out there here's a real chance to meet up fellow bloggers. The Event will be held at Microsoft campus full agenda is available at I'm looking forward to in the event :The Microsoft campus . Last time around when i was in google's campus for BarcampHyd5 i simply loved the google's campus.There is a Skit - "A day in the life of an IndiBlogger" by IndiBlogger Team in agenda , a skit really sounds interesting.And Off course meet some experienced bloggers and learn something useful.
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Techblues Wins Best Blog Of The Day Award
2008-02-26 17:59:00
Techblues is honoured with the Best Blog Of The Day byBlog Of The Day Award s .Techblues won these award for Tuesday February 26, 2008.Today I got a comment on my blog conforming the award.Thank you Blog Of The Day Awards . This is the first award for Techblues and I believe this is just a beginning and there are many more to come in this wonderful journey of mine called Techblues.I am actually coming up with a new page element called Achievements and Recognitions on techblues.
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Wow! A Jet That Runs On Biofuel
2008-02-24 19:16:00
I heard of a biofuel car many times, but was really surprised when I saw this post about a biofuel jet which made a successful test flight, on Washingtonpost .This Experiment was carried by Virgin Atlantic ( Sir Richard Branson's airline) in collaboration with their partner Boeing on a Boeing 747 jet which flew from London's Heathrow airport to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. This flight was partially fueled with a biofuel mixture of coconut and babassu oil in one of its four main fuel tanks. The jet carried pilots and several technicians, but no passengers.Although the effectiveness of the biofuels in the battle against global warming is debatable , its a good experiment considering the growing oil prices.
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Blogging Workshop by Rashmi Bansal
2008-02-18 17:16:00
Last week I attended a workshop on 'blogging' which was a part of there three day fest called Felicity at IIIT Hyderabad. The 'blogging workshop' was conducted by Rashmi Bansal of Youth Curry (She is also the editor and publisher of popular youth magazine called JAM), we had a good interactive session. Firstly, she did a brief review of all our blogs thanks to IIIT we had a system connected to a projector with internet. She had the following suggestions for my blog:Ø Reduce the size of the header image, so anyone visiting the page gets to see the content right away. (So the new look of Techblues with out the header image).Ø Try to improve post frequency.Secondly, she talked about some of the Indian blogging controversies, especially the one's that she was involved (remember the IIPM controversy). Believe me she has got a very different way of looking at things (Blogging ):Ø According to her even a general blog which is targeted to build a readership must also be written for y...
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2008-02-15 18:31:00
"Apparently, not only did the NSA exist, but it was considered one of the most influential government organizations in the world. It had been gathering global electronic intelligence data and protecting U.S classified information for over half a century. Only 3 percent of Americans were even aware it existed."These are the lines I remembered when i saw the above video about super computers of NSA (National Security Agency). This NSA is the same organization about which Dan Brown talks in his book “Digital Fortress”.In this book he also talks about NSA's secret machine which according him is the most expensive piece of computing equipment in the world ,capable of breaking any code in minutes.
Just Another Blog
2008-02-13 05:09:00
A group blog was at the back of mind for quite some time now as a part of the whole idea,Techblues has been in talks with Sandeep of Techsavvy , Eshwar of REVIEW and SPORTS WORLD and Sri Hari of I'm happy to say that we are in the final stages of talks, i expect to comsummate the talk soon and hope to come out with a good blog.Mean while i'm also involved in a group blog with Sanjay of BusyBlog this blog is already started ,it also talks about random things as techblues.Please do visit this blog and do comment on it.RaNdOm SpIcEs.
Bajaj Small Car
2008-02-12 17:19:00
Just two days before the launch of the Tata Motors much hyped car 'NANO' (The People's Car) at Delhi Auto Show 2008, came a surprise from the India's second largest bike manufacturer Bajaj.Bajaj unveiled a prototype of its 'Lite' concept car in New Delhi .This small will most probably hit road in some where around 2010. Production of this car will be done in collaboration with Nissan and Renault.The car looks a bit similar to Mauthi's Zen Estillo and Tata Motors new Nano.The most interesting part is the placement of gear rod,it seems to have found a new positioning.The car has a really flat and bumb rear,except for the rear it a good looking one.With so many new cars in its segment, the Indian small car segment is really going places.
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Are You Comming?
2008-02-11 12:04:00
What are your plans for this sunday(16th Feb 2008).Barcamphyderabad 5 the fifth in the serise of barcamps being held at Hyderabad is on 16th Feb 2008. This time the camp is being sponsered by Google and will be held at the Googles latest office in Hyderabad. If you are a blogger or want to be one this is a chance you don't want to miss to meet up popular bloggers and know more about blogging .Did i forget to tell you Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration is comming too.I'm really exicted and looking forward to meeting him.See you at the barcamp.For registration and other details visit: 5.
2008-01-19 11:47:00
Official pics of TVS FLAME arguably the hottest 125cc bike in India.
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Pc vs Mac Again
2008-01-07 19:36:00
Do you remember the campaign by Apple portraying PC users as uncool geeks and then compare them to Mac users , who they portray as "cool dudes".This is just another interesting pic , Microsoft's answer to apple found this pic while doing some random browsing.
Perfect Pictures For The Imperfect World
2008-01-04 17:42:00
This one is a real good comercial ,just found it on the youtube
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Happy new year
2008-01-01 20:20:00
Techblues wishes all its readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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R.I.P Netscape
2007-12-30 07:46:00
Netscape Navigator the most popular browser of the 90's is no more. AOL which acquired Netscape in 1999 in a deal with an estimated cost of $4.2 billion announced that there will be no more active product support after 1st Feb 2008 for the browser which is currently in the version 9.For all those people who just can't do without Netscape AOL suggests to use FireFox with a Netscape theme.Albeit official support ceases you might find some support from forums like ,Netscape Community forum and : The following among others can be seen as the main reasons of AOL to discontinue Netscape:Market share of Netscape down to less than 1% ,the same browser in 1999 had a share of above 85%.AOL made two attempts to revive the market presence of Netscape in vain.Success of the non-profit Mozilla foundation which churns out the popular FireFox browser.Let us all say good bye to old friend which many (including me) the first taste of Internet. ...
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I-pod Touch
2007-12-16 18:26:00
techblues is not much into product reviews, but the when the Apple's concerned i just can't resist my carvings to talk about their products.Now, if you are wondering what's the product I'm talking about, its none other than the new I-POD Touch .This iphone like looking gorgeous i-pod comes with a 3.5" display and its a mere 8mm thick. Its available in 8GB and 16GB variants, as for the battery life, the touch is said to last 12 hours when playing audio and 5 hours when watching video. Among many positives the USP of the ipod-touch would be its multi touch interface( the same revolutionary technology that made iphone a hit), you should actually use it to get to know how good the interface is. Another nice feature is the built-in Wi-Fi and Safari browser in ipod-touch which lets you surf the web in any Wi-Fi hot spot.Now on the flip side we have a few things :Email is absent No BluetoothMax size 16GB.To pricey for the size on the offer(16 GB).No external volume control( not really ...
Bajaj Pulsar 300cc
2007-12-08 18:40:00
Here is the pic of the all new 300cc Bajaj Pulsar .This is the pic that is doing rounds for sometime.NOW, STOP DREAMING there is no pulsar 300cc (sorry or disapointing all those who expected one) . The pic you are seeing is a piece of great artwork by someone who is good at photoshop.Here are some more pics just in case you are a fan of photoshop modified pics or you like the bike in the pics Read more at confused programmer.
I am
2007-12-04 12:03:00
Do u know when the first ever domain name was registered?It was way back in 1985 ,22 years back .Now for the first .com which was registered on March 15 1985 and it was which still happens to be up and running, although not much to look at.Now here's the list of the first 20 domain names to be ever registered,although there are very few names in the list that i have heard like,,,,, many of them are still working .SYMBOLICS.COM March 15 1985 BBN.COM April 24 1985THINK.COM May 24 1985MCC.COM July 11 1985DEC.COM September 30 1985 NORTHROP.COM November 7 1985XEROX.COM January 9 1986SRI.COM January 17 1986HP.COM March 3 1986BELLCORE.COM March 5 1986IBM.COM March 19 1986SUN.COM M...
More Hero Honda Hunk Pics
2007-11-27 04:58:00
Here's the front view of the hunk des's been 2 many requrests for a front view. Pics courtesy: Aunurag His Orkut Profile: ?uid=13154777151517919697Click Here For More Pics. Hero Honda Hunk Teasers And Tv Commericial. Click Here For Specs And More Details.
Bike Or A Wild Bull ?
2007-11-19 05:02:00
Here's the TV ad of the Hero Honda's new 150cc bike.After wathcing this commercial i personally felt HH is running out good ideas for their commercials, this really did not stand up to hype created by the initial teasers.Pics1.Pics2.More Details And Specs here.
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Hunk Pics
2007-10-22 06:33:00
Read Details. More Pics.
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