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The Most Underrated Cologne: Jaguar Performance
2007-07-18 20:40:00
A visit to your local Bloomingdales or Saks will reveal all the hottest names in the men's fragrance industry. Chrome by Azzaro, Aqua di Gio, Cool Water, Tommy, Hugo Boss; those are just some of the names that come up. Even uniquely named colognes such as Givenchy's Pi make a common appearance, but just because they are on the shelves, are these the best smelling colognes? Perhaps they are
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Boxx - Louis Vuitton Chairs by J. Emmanuel
2007-07-18 20:26:00
For lovers of all things Louis , here's something to get excited about. J. Emma nuel created this limited edition set of seating with one thing in mind: Louis, louis. Covered in authentic Louis Vuitton leather hides, these chairs are reportedly each one of a kind. And although we cringed at the thought of the Louis Vuitton design put to bad use, it turned out our worst fears were just that,
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Gucci Purse
2007-07-18 20:07:00
This purple purse is an example of how Gucci can do without it's monogram plastered all over everything: brilliantly. You may have noticed that Gucci has decided that the way to sell goods is to slather your logo all over it. We may have agreed with you even, that the company was in need of a new design department, perhaps. We would've agreed that is, till now. The company was, and still is,
Featured Scent: Brooks Brothers Men's Fragrance
2007-07-17 07:59:00
An elegant, subtle scent, the Brooks Brother Men's Fragrance is one of the finest on the market today. The smell is fresh without being citrusy or too youthful, and classic without being too spicy. Whatever age they are of, the gentlemen wearers of this fragrance will find this cologne to have a fresh scent which compliments your style, rather than overpowering it. That being said, it is not an
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Charbay Green Tea Vodka
2007-07-17 06:26:00
Green Tea, a drink which is believed to have been a part of Indian and Chinese cultures since as late as 5000 years back, has long been rumored to contain healing properties. Various claims say that it can even stop Alzheimers, raise metabolism, and a slew of other things. To see more information about Green Tea and a list of Green Tea's Unproven Claims check out Wikipedia. And Green Tea can
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Armani Hotel
2007-07-17 05:42:00
Coming soon, to a United Arab Emirate near you: couture paradise! The world's largest mall title will soon be in the Emirate of Dubai. The shopping in this mega-mall will be range from upscale to couture, making this a heaven for Middle Eastern shoppers, and indeed international shoppers. Part of Dubai's play to become an international hub for shopping and entertainment, the mall will only be a
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Steinway-Lyngdorf High End Audio
2007-07-15 01:12:00
Steinway and Sons, makers of legendary pianos, have collaborated with Peter Lyngdorf to delve into the high-end sound market. We can't yet personally vouch for the sound (although we do know it boasts unique "RoomPerfect" technology which adjusts the sound to the acoustics of a room), but we can vouch for the looks: the Model D is a rare gem of design in the speaker industry. The components of
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Featured Hotel: Oberoi Amarvilas
2007-07-14 20:36:00
Since I may never quite get the name down right, I'm going to have to carry around a brochure for the Oberoi Amar vilas with me for the rest of my life, for those instances where someone asks my opinion on where to go on vacation. This brochure would only apply, however, if they, or you, were planning to go India, especially if they were going to see the Taj Mahal. And if you aren't thinking
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Magnificent Whistler Estate
2007-07-14 00:11:00
Canada's Whistler area is known internationally for its exceptional skiing, and coincidentally, it's sheer natural beauty. If having a home where you can hit the slopes and then come back to recuperate and rest in style is your idea of luxury, then be sure to check this property out. Those who are of the means to buy this 15,000,000 (CAD) property will find immense comfort after an exhausting
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Hotel Spotlight: Mandarin Oriental New York
2007-07-13 09:01:00
The Mandarin Oriental New York is an impressive hotel in an impressive city; this hotel wows us, even by the standards of New York opulence. The world-class Mandarin Oriental New York offers the brand's unique trademark design - internationally renowned contemporary furniture with a touch of classical chinese - and it complements the city superbly. From the view of the sparkling city outside
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Bourgie Table Lamp
2007-07-13 07:36:00
These modern lamps from Design Within Reach catch the eye, with their daring interpretation of French style furniture. Because of the classicness of the shape, I wouldn't be afraid to use these lamps in a more traditionally designed home, although they are modern pieces, because they would hold their own in either environment. Check out the lamp offered in glass, chrome, and gold at DWR. <!--
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World's Best Hotel gets some competition
2007-07-12 01:38:00
According to the World Travel Awards 2005 and Institutional Investor Magazine, it is the world's best hotel. And with it's 7 star rating, technically that might be right. But the Burj al Arab's 7 star hotel monopoly is about to be threatened, as it gets serious competition from a 7 star development across the way. It's the Centaurus (pictured to the left) in Islamabad, Pakistan, a $350 million
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Upcoming 2-Door-Style Four-Doors
2007-07-11 23:32:00
It's on. Almost. If one were to make tribute to Mercedes Benz's CLS, they would have to look no further than it's competitors. That's right, there are none. In fact, there's one-to-two model years till the CLS will have any significant competition. Perhaps this is not surprising, since Mercedes essentially invented the category itself, the car often described as a "four door coupe." But we
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Maltese Falcon by Perini Navi : World's Largest Private Sailing Yacht
2007-07-09 03:26:00
A breathtaking yacht for sure, the long awaited Maltese Falcon is here, and available for charter. With 25,800 square feet of sails alone, this is no afternoon boat rental. Available per season for a whopping 335,000 Euros, the Maltese Falcon just might be worth it. Especially when you consider this: 335,000 Euros for a few months with this gal is pocket change compared to the reported $100
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Lexus LS 600hL - COTY Contender
2007-07-09 00:46:00
It reaches up to 140 mph, possesses a V8 engine, churns out over 430 hp (from electric and gas-powered motors combined), and hits 60 mph in approximately 5.5 seconds. And its... a hybrid? That's right. Lexus ' luxurious beast, a long base, hybrid edition is not only it's largest car model, but one of it's most powerful. Remarkably, the 8 cylinder hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain puts out
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COTY Contender: Mansory Conquistador
2007-07-08 23:58:00
German tuners Mans ory have taken the ultimate status symbol, the Rolls Royce Phantom, and modified the heck out of it. A gutsy modification needs a gutsy engine, and the Conquista dor's certainly got one. Mansory's Conquistador, as it is oddly named, has an upgraded engine allowing for a top speed of 168 mph, versus approximately 149 for the plain-jane standard Phantom. Further putting to shame
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Retro-Styled Gerald Genta Watches - Featured Watch
2007-07-08 20:44:00
This retro-styled watch caught our eye in Robb Report's Best of the Best 2007 Magazine. Rarely do we see such classy "retro" detailing, and while this watch certainly seems to be inspired by bygone design eras, it will go well with the most modern clothing. Match this up with a black Canali suit to a more conservative Brooks Brothers Piece, and it will work either way. This watch is our pick for
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A Luxurious Gin for the Everyman : Featured Spirit
2007-07-08 19:43:00
Plugged as "a new mixable gin that goes with everything," our Feat ured Spirit , Tanqueray Rangpur reportedly goes down easy. The recently introduced Rangpur lime-flavored gin is said to have a mild citrus essence, which lends itself well to cocktails, and at $22, it's fairly affordable. Seems to be a summer indulgence worth buying into. Interesting note: according to Wikipedia, the Rangpur is
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Hotel Spotlight: St. Regis Aspen
2007-07-08 08:20:00
The red-brick St. Regis is above the word hotel; it is most definately a resort. One of the best rated hotels in Aspen , or any ski resort for that matter, the St. Regis offers something for everyone. Like the scenery outside, the rooms are beautiful and immaculate. Decor is more than pleasing with a classic Aspen feel, with modern touches such as optional flat screen tv. Deep reds and warm
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Italy in a Ferrari
2007-07-08 06:12:00
This may be the coolest way to see Italy . If you thought traveling to the land shaped like a boot was the ultimate vacation, prepare to raise your bar. Select Italy offers a tour in which you whip through the cities and countryside of Italy in the nation's pride: a shiny Ferr ari , color of your choice. Car Insurance, meals, and five-star accomodations are included in the purchase price of the
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