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Low Cost Airlines - Choosing A Destination To Fly To
2008-05-07 15:29:00
Low Cost Airlines - Choosing A Destination To Fly ToIn years gone by the jet set life of the playboy was something that the multitude of us could only sit back and envy, longing to be able to travel the world taking in the richest cities on the planet and going away on holidays at the drop of a hat. But now with the development of the internet travel industry and the growth of the low cost airline companies we can all sample a slight bit of the playboy lifestyle, albeit not in as much luxury as the rich playboys of this world but at least we can get to see some of the finer places on the planet. The low cost airlines generally travel to airports that are in the vicinity of popular cities and not usually direct to the city itself but for a small cost it is usually possible to get a train or coach directly from your airport into the heart of the major city. So where are the most popular destinations that the low cost airlines fly to and what is there to do when you are there?One of th...
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Top 10 Reasons Motor Homes are Better than Planes
2008-05-07 15:25:00
Top 10 Reasons Motor Homes are Better than Planes 1. Stewardesses are evil. At some point in the history of air travel, "stewardess" went from being this sexy, glamorous job to crabby drink server. Which makes sense, because it's only a plane. But since 9/11 each one thinks they're the last line of defense to the cockpit. Any complaint, no matter how rational, means you could spend the rest of the flight on the ground in flex-cuffs.2. Planes are cramped. I don't care how much faster they get you there, it is not fun having to sit on a glorified bus for an hour to five hours, surrounded by people you would happily ignore any other time, even if they were on fire.3. Motor homes can take you more places. The idea that travel is just about going to another city for a few days is limited. What about pro or college football tailgating? You think a Packers tailgate party would be less fun or more with an RV that has a kitchen, tables, TV and bathroom? I'm thinking it would be more - one...
Locating the Cheapest Airline Tickets
2008-05-07 15:20:00
Locating the Cheapest Airline Tickets With summer approaching many families are eager to start looking for the best places to find airfare; to destinations like Florida, Caribbean, Mexico, and other places to catch fun in the sun.The internet provides numerous resources in locating discounted airfare. But website to locate discount airline tickets is Travel By Deals. publishes internet travel specials for airline tickets, cruises, hotels, vacations, and rental cars. As the price of airline tickets has increased with the cost of fuel, airline bankruptcies, consolidations and airline closings, the market has decreased and fares are higher. The top airlines to find the lowest price on airline tickets are all low-fare carriers who are now setting the bar for traditional airlines to follow.Spirit Airlines – Spirit Airlines may be a small airline with a hub in Fort Lauderdale, FL. But they fly to a lot of destinations in the Caribbean, and Mexico. With an impressive str...
The True Colors of American Express Blue Card
2008-05-07 15:16:00
The True Colors of American Express Blue Card Used primarily as a charge card back in 1958, American Express has definitely grown into a more efficient financial institution that renders more services to their clients, serving millions of customers worldwide.From more than a million of credit cards that were issued since it first started its charge card in 1958, American Express today is growing each year with additional customers gaining notable satisfaction form its services. Dedicated to promote financial support to its clients, American Express has launched its series of blue credit cards to give way to those who wish to those who wish exceptional financial services and complimentary rewards program.Reflecting the stable growth of the company, American Express blue cards created such a phenomenal hit that the company decided to offer four special blue cards for various choices. The unique benefit of American Express blue cards is that each type of card has its own remarkable adva...
American Express Blue Cards: Which Blue Is For You?
2008-05-07 15:12:00
American Express Blue Cards : Which Blue Is For You?Times certainly have changed for American Express. Gone are the days where the American Express card was simply a charge card that had to be paid off in full every month. Yes, the old workhorse – the green card – is still available and popular too. However, American Express decided to take MasterCard and VISA on directly by offering its own line of credit cards. These “blue” cards have been such a hit with consumers that the admired financial giant is now offering four different blue cards from which consumers can choose. Each American Express blue card is different, so let’s take a look at just what makes each one so special.American Express Sky Blue, The Ultimate Travel Rewards CardSky Blue – If you are tired of all those rewards cards that promise you a weekend in Las Vegas, but can only deliver you an overnight stay in Providence, then the Sky Blue card should appeal to you. Touted by American Express as putting an e...
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JetBlue Discount Airline Tickets Going in for the Kill Shot
2008-05-07 15:05:00
JetBlue Discount Airline Tickets Going in for the Kill Shot With Delta in bankruptcy we see the more successful discount air carriers going in to the kill. JetBlue is expanding, buying planes and opening routes while fuel costs are at a record high and other airlines are in bankruptcy. Delta and Northwest are both jettisoning some of their aircraft from their fleets, closing some routes and giving away some gates at some of the busiest airports.Because JetBlue’s cost structure is lower and it operates in a hybrid model, rather than the standard spoke and hub routing structure it can fly for less. By having cheaper fairs it has consistently had fuller flights. Their hybrid point-to-point and larger Hub and Spoke model at its largest airport markets it is able to get the benefit of maximum efficiency. It’s newer aircraft are also more efficient, which is helping in its per passenger cost model.Some folks are worried about pre-paying for tickets on a bankrupt airline and skeptical e...
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Top Tips To Survive A Singles Holiday
2008-05-02 08:27:00
Top Tips To Survive A Singles Holiday Singles holidays can be great fun, exciting and an excellent way to meet new people and make life-long friends. Many people still think that going on holiday on your own can be somewhat scary and boring. However, if you follow some of these top tips, they can be just as enjoyable as going on holiday with someone. Important tips to survive and enjoy singles holidays;1/ If you are going with an organised group, check out the size of the group & age range of group. You may feel intimidated by a large group or feel uncomfortable with an older group for example. Find out so you know in advance.2/ Always research the holiday destination. Find out where the best beaches are, if there are any singles nights at the local hotels or bars, whether there are tour guides to show you around the resort etc.3/ If you want to make friends, look out for others who are on their own and ask them politely if they wouldn't mind if you joined them.4/ Choose where t...
Five Best Holiday Spots To Enjoy With Children
2008-05-02 08:23:00
Five Best Holiday Spots To Enjoy With Children Deciding on the next vacation with your family can be a daunting task, especially when your choice of place does not interest your children. You might plan to visit Alaska, but your children could be longing for a trip to the Bahamas. The best option is to figure out where your kids wish to go this vacation and finalize a kid-friendly destination.With the release of movies like 'Madagascar', children have become all the more keen to travel through exotic and adventurous destinations. While Madagascar is not considered to be the most popular family destination, a trip to other places like Costa Rica or Kenya can prove to be an invaluable fun-filled learning experience, well within your budget. Costa Rica serves a dual purpose as your children can learn Spanish as they explore the lush green rain forests or erupting volcanoes. Even Kenya can be a good option, as the family can learn to speak a little Swahili while exploring the rare glim...
Grand Bahamas Island Will Make Your Vacation Exciting
2008-05-02 08:19:00
Grand Bahamas island will make your vacation excitingA holiday is meant to relax you from your daily work schedule. And for a holiday trip, Grand Bahamas is the perfect place to enjoy. It is one of the famous holiday spots that after one visit, you will plan to give next visit. It's called paradise by most of the people. The Bahamas is an archipelago of over 700 islands among which Grand Bahamas island is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations. You must plan a trip to experience the unique cuisine, culture, tradition and nightlife of this historic island. It is the natural beauty that attracts many tourists towards it. There is no doubt in the fact that this island has one of the most lovely and overwhelming beaches of the world. You will experience a memorable trip to this island.The Grand Bahamas Island is the fourth largest island, situated in the north most region of the Bahamas. This island is surrounded by fascinating blue sea all around. The natural beauty of beaches...
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Exchange Holiday Villas For An Enjoyable Vacation
2008-05-02 08:16:00
Exchange Holiday Villas For An Enjoyable Vacation All you need to participate in home exchange is a home! You need not have to compare values of the house or search for a swapping partner in the case of a home similar to yours. It just requires identifying a home where you and your family can stay comfortably in the destination you wish to visit. You need to search for a person or a family with whom you would be comfortable exchanging your home with, for a short period of time. In home exchange, you would be taking care of other family's home, as well as enjoying the country while they would be doing the same from your home.People who have traveled places would know that the most expensive part of traveling is paying hotel bills. In many cases, vacations cannot last for long mainly because of the sky high accommodation expenses. Holiday home exchange is one of the most simple and intelligent ways to cut down on accommodation expenses. It is an equal trade for both the families and e...
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Visitors guide
2008-05-02 08:12:00
Visitors guideRule One. Never, ever arrive between the hours of 20.00h and 08.00h. You may save 50 pounds on the flight, but your will be off to a bad start. Oh, and hire a car, don't asked to be collected from the airport.Rule Two. At the first opportunity go to the local supermarket and stock the fridge and larder with all that you will need for your stay and more, beers, wines, brandies, meat, bread, butter, your favourite snacks...everything!Rule Three. Your hosts are not on holiday, you and your family are. Their home is not an hotel. You could go off on a day trip on your own, with your children. Don't just wake up, shower, eat breakfast then ask your hosts, 'Where and what have you arranged for us to do today?'Rule Four. Your hosts may not want to stay up until three in the morning drinking wine and then lie in until midday, your hosts live here all year, you and your family are on holiday.Rule Five. Take your hosts out at least twice in a week, for a special meal, no, no...
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Luxury Air Jets Meets and Greets at the Rainbow Room
2008-04-14 09:23:00
Luxury Air Jets Meets and Greets at the Rainbow Room Luxury Air Jets joined NYCBTA at the luxurious Rainbow Room on top of NYC Rockefeller Plaza to meet with some of the most prominent folks in the business travel industry. The discussions covered a full array of business and corporate travel issues such as homeland security, international trade, and technology. As expected, all the speakers touched upon the issue of private jet charter. Peter Greeenberg – travel editor for NBC's The Today Show, spoke over lunch and moderated the final discussion.Mr. Greenberg agreed that in many cases there is an economic justification for using private jets, especially if flying multiple executives together. The taxi service, he said, is a good idea. David Neeleman - founder and Chairman of JetBlue Airways, shared his thoughts and opinions around the rules and regulations governing the nation's air transportation industry. Mr. Neeleman stressed the fact that a lot of the over crowding of the ru...
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CNN Streaming Video Execlusive: New On-Demand Series
2008-04-14 09:20:00
CNN Streaming Video Execlusive: New On-Demand Series The trend for On-Demand television continues to grow as a leading platform in pop culture. With high celebrity profile and entertainment content, On-Demand TV has garnered Nielsen ratings that compete with prime time television. Networks such as MTV, TBS, and CNN along with internet and media giants like AOL™, MSN™ and People Magazine are among hundreds of companies that have embraced the features of On-Demand.The Comcast Corporation was among the first of major distribution vehicles to become aggressive about making On-Demand television competitive. Today Comcast continues to be a leader in providing original content for various On-Demand footprints, and is now teaming up with a host of awarding winning producers to create a special On-Demand series to be distributed throughout North America. Additionally, an exclusive licensing deal with DirecTV for In-flight television with Delta, Jet Blue, and carriers of the American Airli...
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Golf Digest Joins Forces With The JetBlue Challenge to Provide Tournament O
2008-04-14 09:18:00
Golf Digest Joins Forces With The JetBlue Challenge to Provide Tournament Organizers Added ValueFor Information Contact:Christine Fitzgerald, Colana Sports Group631.584.9544cfitzgerald@jetbluechall enge.comGolf Digest Teams-Up With The JetBlue Challenge To Provide Tournament Organizers Added Value, Designed To Enhance the Golfers’ Experience.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Charities and Golf Courses Can Now Earn An ROI On Their Hole-In-One Prize Package.New York, NY – The Golf Digest Company announced a partnership with the Colana Sports Group, operator of the JetBlue Challenge Hole In One prize package. This new twosome will enable charity tournament organizers, who use the JetBlue Challenge as part of their event, to provide participants a FREE one year subscription to either Golf Digest or Golf For Women.“The Golf Digest partnership is another example of our commitment to provide TournamentOrganizers ad...
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Glenn R. Cusano has been named a Princeton Premier honored member in busine
2008-04-14 09:16:00
Glenn R. Cusano has been named a Princeton Premier honored member in business.Glenn R. Cusano, Vice President of Compliance and Audit for JetBlue Airways Corporation, has been chosen for inclusion in the 2008-2009 Princeton Premier Registry.Source: Princeton PremierGlenn R. Cusano studied at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. He was recently promoted to Vice President of Corporate Compliance and Audit for the JetBlue Airways Corporation. Glenn joined JetBlue in 2003 and acted in several Finance roles, including Assistant Controller. He advanced to his current position in April of 2007 and in this capacity, he is responsible for the company's adherence to corporate, governance and ethical standards.He also acts as a liaison to the Audit Committee of JetBlue's Board of Directors. Glenn’s proficiency in compliance and controls make him well-equipped to espouse the company’s principles of corporate accountability and his exten...
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Why the Airlines are Tanking
2008-03-16 11:16:00
Why the Airlines are TankingOver and above the rising cost of fuel, the airline industry has more than lost its way. I’m talking about the overall customer experience. In the last few months of travel, my experiences have been nothing short of terrible. Late flights, missed connections, no explanations, no help. Now I understand that stuff happens when traveling for business or pleasure. But really, how can an industry who relies upon its passengers to make money lose the entire concept of the customer experience?Jet Blue is among the exceptions. When they screw up, they acknowledge this to their passengers and entire customer base. This is something I appreciate. I have not been on Southwest so I cannot put them in this category. Two of my recent experiences were both with US Air. One was a missed connection for the last flight out to Boston for the evening.They kept making promises about most of us “should” make our connection. But then when we didn’t, there were...
Jet Blue Airlines Effin' Rocks
2008-03-16 11:10:00
Jet Blue airlines effin' Rocks So, I am sitting with Teresa in the Seattle-Tacoma airport, waiting for Laura to arrive from Denver. I am STOKED! We're staying with Courtney and Matt tonight and possibly tomorrow night, then heading down to Portland. We are getting "Seattle" coffee tomorrow morning and going to that pier where they toss fish around, like in Free Willy.I'm exhausted, been traveling since I got out of class this afternoon. Jet Blue airlines effin' ROCKS. Had a scotch and soda, watched Juno (on my own personal monitor), and listened to xm radio.My homeskillet, Rachel, also rocks! She stayed with me Wednesday and Thursday night, and left her PJ bottoms under my pillow as a "surprise." She also wrote me what was possibly the sweetest card anyone has ever written me. She calls me her "ninja," and there is no one's ninja I'd rather be, than hers. I'm very excited for where this might go...Lots has happened in the past week. Will write about it when I get back from my ...
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Jet Blue and Brooklyn Ferry
2008-03-16 11:01:00
Jet Blue and Brooklyn Ferry by Mark DotyI'm writing from JFK, sitting at the gate at the Jet Blue terminal waiting for my plane to Ft Lauderdale. I spent all yesterday at Rutgers in New Brunswick, giving a talk on Whitman, meeting lots of students and faculty, and generally having a fine time. My talk was called "Whitman in Tears," and the amazing graphics people at Rutgers had made one of the best posters ever: an image of Whitman in his guise as the "Good Gray Poet," long beard, long hair, crumpled wayfarer hat, crinkled eyes gazing directly at the viewer. It's a beautiful, complex image, and they'd printed it large, on a sepia field, with the title of the talk in cursive beneath the beard and then a smaller picture of yours truly off to the right. My head and Whitman's are tilted so that we seem to be giving each other the eye.The poster was everywhere, and in the room where I gave the talk, a whole bank of Walt Whitmans stood behind me -- consoling, challenging, full of pre...
Jet Blue to the Rescue.
2008-03-16 10:57:00
Jet Blue to the Rescue .After our flight got cancelled from AirTran. We quickly got on the phone with Jet Blue and booked a 4:14pm flight out of Ft Myers to Boston today...Airtran gave us a refund of our cancelled return flight...but it still cost us $230 extra just to fly Jet Blue...Who cares...Jet Blue got us Back to Boston Saturday by 7:30pm.AS you may recall, our AirTran flight from Boston to Ft Myers was also delayed 3 hours last week...So the moral of the story....DON;T FLY AIR TRAN!!! ***-------------------------------------- -----------------------by Amy Lou day-298c.html============================ ============Florida 2007 part 1Face of a LimpkinI recently realised that I mentioned we were going to Florida and that I might wave my camera at some stuff but then didn't write or show any of the images...doh!So, here is part one...We flew into Southwest Florida Airport on the 13th November and then drove East, straight across Florida to Boca R...
Lufthansa Says it Wants to Keep Growing, By Itself if Necessary
2008-03-13 15:15:00
Lufthansa Says it Wants to Keep Growing , By Itself if NecessaryFRANKFURT (AFP) — The German airline Lufthansa plans to keep growing alone if necessary, based on sustained demand combined with its pursuit of cost-cutting measures, the carrier said Wednesday. "2007 was not the summit" for Lufthansa, chief executive Wolfgang Mayrhuber told a press conference in Frankfurt.The biggest German airline had a record year in 2007, with an operating profit of 1.38 billion euros (2.12 billion dollars) and net profit of 1.66 billion, helped in part by asset sales and a favourable German tax reform. In 2008, it wants to "renew, and if possible surpass the very good results of last year," Mayrhuber said, without providing detailed figures.The airline faces several challenges however, as oil prices hit successive record highs, financial markets remain unstable and perspectives for the global economy are hard to clarify. Lufthansa expected its kerosene bill to grow to 4.9 billion euros this year, ...
JFK Hub Link with Jet Blue - Lufthansa plans
2008-03-13 14:56:00
Lufthansa plans JFK Hub Link with Jet Blue Lufthansa plans to use Jet Blue as its feeder partner in New York by linking booking systems and frequent-flyer programmes. The German airline said the link-up with the US carrier, in which Lufthansa took a 19 per cent stake at the end of last year, was aimed at creating a quasi-hub at JFK airport. It said the move would add to the benefits of owning BMI British Midland, the UK airline in which Lufthansa holds a stake of just under 30 per cent and in which it has an option to buy a majority stake from December.The German carrier has long wanted to challenge its rival British Airways on the lucrative routes between London Heathrow and the US. Buying out Sir Michael Bishop, BMI's founder and chairman, would give Lufthansa BMI's 11 per cent of take-off and landing slots at London's main airport, making the German carrier the second biggest slot holder at Heathrow.Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Lufthansa chief executive, would not be drawn about taking ...
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Jet Blue | An Airline Terminal for a Security - Wary Era
2008-03-13 14:51:00
An Airline Terminal for a Security -Wary EraFrom the moment that passengers first arrive at Jet Blue Airways’ $750 million terminal at Kennedy International Airport in September, they will face an unmistakably post-9/11 world.Most airline terminals have been jury-rigged since 2001 to accommodate all the extra security workers and equipment. But Jet Blue’s new Terminal 5 is among the first in the United States designed from the ground up after the terrorist attacks.The 340-foot-wide security checkpoint will dominate the departures hall the way ticket counters once did, occupying the focal point of the Y-shaped building. There will be 20 security lanes. “They were sized with the idea that passengers have luggage, have children, have wheelchairs and have special needs,” said William R. DeCota, director of aviation at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs Kennedy.After running the security gantlet, travelers will find a lot of benches where they can pull thems...
Jet Blue Points the Way: Buy Points, Get Trips Faster
2008-03-06 04:00:00
JetBlue Points the Way: Buy Points, Get Trips FasterJet Blue | Ever hovered just inches away from redeeming points for that trip you've been planning? It's maddening - so close, and yet so frustratingly far. If you're a member of discount airline Jet Blue's True Blue program, that's not going to be an issue. The discount airline struck a deal with that allows you to buy points to round out your reward, or give points to other members.Here's the idea: the ability to purchase TrueBlue Points, “will help [flyers] achieve their award goals faster,” says Dave Canty, Jet Blue's Director of Loyalty Marketing.Jet Blue launched TrueBlue in 2002. The program now counts some six million members. TrueBlue counts points by predicating accumulation on the duration of the flight. Short flights get you two points, medium-length trips four, and long-range sojourns six points. Tally 100 of them and get a ticket to any place Jet Blue flies in the United States, Bermuda, Mexico or...
Interviewing at Jet Blue
2008-03-06 03:55:00
Interviewing at Jet Blue Howdy,I'm interviewing with Jet Blue this Friday. Anyone out there have anything you think I should know? This is my first and hopefully last interview after leaving the military. Thanks![rforbess]======================== The gouge out there is pretty accurate. Spend a lot of time learning about the company (history, values, verbage if possible). There have been a few books written about JB... quick reads and very comprehensive.Aside from that, the interview is consists of TMAAT (Tell me about a time) type questions related to actual flying experience. Very few techincal questions and no sim ride. Lastly, its been stated that: "The JetBlue person is one who embraces the values.." Just keep that in mind while interviewing and you will be good to go, it is very low stress.Good LuckTH[tampicoheavy]===================== =====Our interviews are all "Tell me about a time when...". There are not technical questions. I think the hiring folks just try to figure out if ...
JetBlue Airways launches Buy TrueBlue Points service
2008-03-06 03:50:00
JetBlue Airways launches Buy TrueBlue Points serviceJetBlue Airways Corporation launched its Buy TrueBlue Points service. Buy TrueBlue Points, a partnership with Points International Ltd, allows members of JetBlue’s customer loyalty program, TrueBlue, to buy points for themselves or give points to other members.Points International will take a lead role in the operation, marketing and commercial transaction support for the Buy TrueBlue Points service. ***-------------------------------------- --------------source: /airline/7821/59/JetBlue+Airways+launches +Buy+TrueBlue+Points+service============= ======================Follow Capt. Cook on Cruise OdysseySpring forward and look ahead to an island getaway.If you're planning ahead for a cruise with the kids, consider trading in shuffleboard lessons and card games for a small-ship expedition cruise. Abercrombie & Kent's Polynesian Paradise cruise invites guests on the "Clipper Odyssey," follo...
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JetBlue Names Joseph Eng Executive Vice President, Systems and Technology
2008-03-06 03:44:00
JetBlue Names Joseph Eng Executive Vice President , Systems and Technology JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq:JBLU) today announces the appointment of Joseph Eng to the position of Executive Vice President, Systems and Technology. In this newly created role, Mr. Eng will be responsible for the New York-based low fare, high value airline's information systems and technology strategy."JetBlue has earned a reputation among customers as a technologically advanced and savvy company, from easy-to-use online booking at to the introduction last year of onboard e-mail and texting with our BetaBlue aircraft," said Russ Chew, JetBlue's President and COO."Technology is incredibly important to our customers, and I'm pleased to welcome Joe to the team. Joe brings a wealth of experience in finding and applying customer-focused solutions, and with his leadership, we will continue to innovate meaningful services for our customers." Mr. Eng will report to Mr. Chew, and will represent Systems an...
Read and Respond to What the EDS Fellows Say About Technology
2008-03-06 03:37:00
EDS' Next Big Thing Blog: Read and Respond to What the EDS Fellows Say About Technology For centuries the workers of the world have had to locate within commuting distance of their work. It was necessary because their work could hardly travel to where they lived. Not anymore. The paradigm of moving work to people rather than moving people to work is being adopted more and more by progressive companies who understand that there are benefits that devolve both to the enterprise as well as to employees.For the employee working at a remote location, telework provides for a choice in lifestyle, living where they want to live, as well as reduction in time (and energy) spent commuting. According to the US census, the average worker spends more than 100 hours a year commuting. During this time they consume approximately 150 gallons of gasoline, which in these days of $3 per gallon of gas is about $500 of after tax income.For the enterprise, telework allows for greater diversity in the organ...
Jet Blue’s Auction: Rate Blues
2008-03-05 14:42:00
Jet Blue’s Auction -Rate Blues When Jet Blue announced earnings a little over a month ago, nobody asked a question that should be standard on all calls these days: How much of their short-term investments were in auction-rate securities. The answer, according to the 10-K filed last Friday, was that as of December 31, auction-rate securities accounted for 72% of $834 million in cash and investment securities. At $611 million, they accounted for nearly all investment securities.Jet Blue is hardly alone with such big auction-rate exposure, as I noted here in a recent story about how cash turns to trash. But for a company as capital intensive as an airline, such a large stake in something as potentially illiquid these days as auction-rate securities is noteworthy. (Though, to be fair, investors didn’t have a reason to ask because Jet Blue hadn’t previously disclosed that its investment securities included auction-rate securities. Makes you wonder how many other companies haven’t, ...
I Love Jet Blue!
2008-03-01 05:12:00
I love Jet Blue !by Sunnie, Fulton, NYWe took Jet Blue to Orlando, out of Syracuse, NewYork, wow we were there in two hours! Very smooth flight and awesome seats and good free snacks and drinks! I will take Jet Blue over any flight there so much cheaper. Will fly Jet Blue again soon. I cant wait.=================================We Love Jet Blue!by Michael S. written to JetBlue Airways CorporationWe love flying JetBlue. My family is leaving to go to Orlando next week from Westchester Airport and we are delighted to have your airline so close to our home.Keep up the great work!-----------------------------------R e: We Love Jet Blue!by RedheadwGlassesYou know, the airline industry has got to be one of the most thankless jobs there is. It's just a combination of potentially numerous negative things: cranky/tired/frustrated/grieving/drinking passengers, inclement weather, mechanical delays, other airlines'/airports' delays affecting your airline's flights, then throw in a heightened ...
ABIA Offering More Direct Flights
2008-03-01 05:06:00
ABIA Offering More Direct Flights Nearly nine million passengers fly in and out Austin Bergstrom International Airport every year. Passenger counts went up 7.5% over 2007. Airport officials say that could be what's drawing more airlines to launch more direct flights out of ABIA.Seven airlines announced in February new non-stop flights to and from ABIA. Each one will launch by mid-May.“Non-stop flights are the best way to travel,” said ABIA traveler Dave Chandran. Chandran flies out of ABIA several times a month for business. When he can, he flies non-stop."I get a lot of non-stops, actually more and more every year," said Chandran.Airport officials say the new non-stop flights coming in and out of ABIA could ultimately lower fares; that's because more airlines are adding those non-stop flights, creating new competition. "Anytime you have to pay less to get better service I guess it's a better deal; can't complain," said traveler Miguel Lopez.Southwest, Northwest, American, A...
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