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Uncovering America by Horseback

Uncovering America by Horseback
To Uncover America and document the adventure, horseman Bill Inman is traveling across America on horseback, slowing down the pace to find interesting places, individuals, groups and history that inspire pride or lift the spirit. This adventure will
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Hoof Care and Basic Horseshoeing Workshop
2008-08-25 16:27:00
This is a promotional video for the From the Ground Up - Hoof Care & Basic Horseshoeing Workshop s that we are putting on. The Classes are "hands on" and all levels of horsemen and women are encouraged to participate. For now the classes are being held in the North Carolina area. Bill has been a professional Horseshoer since 1978. His skills where put to the test during his travels across the country. For information about workshop dates, or if you would like to host a hoof care workshop, contact us at read more
Understanding Horseshoeing and Hoof Care: An informational course presented
2008-07-14 18:59:00
“It's amazing how many people don't understand what a correct horseshoeing job should look like.” - Bill Inman. Join us on August 2nd and 3rd for a two day course on hoof care and an introduction to horseshoeing. This class, presented by Bill Inman, is intended to teach you the basics, including proper handling of a horse's hooves. There will be an informative look at the anatomy of a hoof emphasizing those key aspects that are important to a horse owner, an overview of farrier tools and how to use them, and what to look for in a completed shoe job. Become proactive in your horse's hoof care! This course is not intended to teach people how to shoe a horse, only to show them the tools and give them the knowledge to maintain healthy hooves, and how to handle emergency situations. Topics Covered Tools of the Trade: An overview of which tools are invaluable to the horse owner. Hoof Anatomy: Information every horseman and horsewoman should know. Hoof Handling:  Lea...
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VFW 5154 - Louisville Tennessee
2008-07-10 19:08:00
Bill Inman, his horse Blackie, and the crew, stayed at the VFW in Louisville , Tennessee during our first trip across America. It's been awhile since this happened but I have just put this video together. read more
Updated Gallery: Ride into Washington D.C.
2008-06-28 20:00:00
I've started to go throught the many pictures in the gallery adding titles, descriptions, and keywords for each picture. Click on the picture below to see the additions the the "Ride into Washington D.C." gallery. read more
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Larry and Dottie Ride in the National Memorial Day Parade with Bill
2008-06-09 02:18:00
These are pictures Larry and Dottie's friend Jody took.  Dottie: "Since we traveled all the way up there and told many friends we would be riding with Bill they would probably like to see the pictures on your web site." Click this picture to see the others in the gallery. read more
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Larry and Dottie Ride in the National Memorial Day Parade with Bill
2008-06-09 02:18:00
These are pictures Larry and Dottie's friend Jody took.  Dottie: "Since we traveled all the way up there and told many friends we would be riding with Bill they would probably like to see the pictures on your web site." Click this picture to see the others in the gallery. read more
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Bill Rides into Washington D.C.
2008-06-03 01:10:00
Bill and Blackie rode the Custis Trail into Arlington, and with a Police escort through Arlington to the Arlington Memorial Bridge. I borrowed a bicycle from Linda Neimeir, and rode with Bill. We started at Bon Air Park where we had camped the night before. We would like to thank Sgt. Charlie Neal, Sgt. Randy Bilder, Officer Adam Stone, Officer Barry Foust and Officer James Giordano with the Arlington County Police Department for helping us through Arlington. We stopped at The Marine Corps, Iwo Jima Memorial, on the way. There Bill met two Marines, one of whom got on Blackie. After we took some photos at the Iwo Jima Memorial, the officers escorted us up to the Arlington Memorial Bridge where their jurisdiction ended. From there Bill rode over the bridge, by the Washington Monument, and on to the National Mall area where he met with veterans whom he delivered some of the letters of thanks and encouragement he had collected. read more
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Bon Air Park, Arlington Virginia
2008-06-02 19:31:00
In the morning at the The Meadowlark Gardens, we met a woman named Linda Andress. Ms. Andress invited us to have lunch with here at her favorite restaurant, the Vienna Inn, which is near the W&OD trail. Veterinarian Linda Neimeir also came out to ride with Bill. The town of Vienna was having a festival, when Brenda and I arrived. Brenda had to park the truck at a local high school; there just wasn't anywhere else to park. We spotted Ms. Neimeir's truck and trailer at the school. She didn't have anyone to drive for her, so she parked there, then rode to meet Bill. That didn't quite workout as planned, as the trail is split in some sections. The paved sections are mainly for bicycles. Bill was switching back and forth and Ms. Neimeir missed him somewhere along the way. Anyway, when everyone finally met up we walked over to the Vienna Inn. Ms. Neimeir watched the horses while we went in to eat. After lunch we said good bye to  Ms. Neimeir and  Ms. Andress and hit th...
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Meadowlark Gardens Regional Park, Virginia
2008-06-02 18:19:00
After eating lunch at Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque Bill got back on the W&OD. Brenda and I got back on highway 7. Unfortunately we just happened to get back on during a traffic jam. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It's times like this when we wonder if Bill and Blackie are making better time then we are. read more
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Carolina Brothers Pit Barbeque, Ashburn, Virginia
2008-05-31 15:32:00
On the 24th we set off once again. To get to the W&OD we rearranged the trailer and drove to parking lot of the parking lot of Loudoun County High School which is about 30 miles north of Bull Run Regional Park. Paul McCray came to see us off as well as a few other people, including a reporter who brought (I believe) her granddaughters, Vivian and Grace. After visiting Bill headed down the W&OD. Bill and Blackies brake was where the W&OD and Ashburn Rd. intersect. At this intersection is a little place called Carolina Brothers  . While we waited for Bill, Brenda and I ate some great food and visited with Danny Hurdle and his family. Mr. Hurdle talked to me about his business, the history behind the building which he now owns. When Bill arrived Mr. Hurdle showed him some family pictures. Bill was then presented with a huge plate of food. Carolina Brothers makes a vinegar based “North Carolina style” sauce which has a unique flavor. Needless to say Bill wasn...
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Planing for the ride into Washington at Bull Run Regional Park
2008-05-31 00:28:00
We camped out at the Bull Run Regional Park from the 18th to the 24th of May. The Bull Run Regional Park was an excellent place for Blackie to rest up. We were a few day ahead of schedule, and still needed to figure out the rest of the routing. Blackie also developed some swelling where ticks had been on his back. As Brenda says,”he's thin skinned.” Veterinarian Linda Neimeir gave Blackie some antibiotics and steroids to help the swelling go down. read more
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Ride to Washington Completed
2008-05-29 01:33:00
Bill and Blackie made it into Washington D.C. Here are the picture I took on the 25th and 26th. I will write proper stories and compile the video soon. Vienna Centennial Park Bill and Blackie in Washington D.C. read more
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Madison High School to Bull Run Regional Park Campground
2008-05-24 01:50:00
Video shot while Bill was riding to the National Memorial Day Parade. 05-13-08 - 05-18-08  This Video will be ready shorty. YouTube is possessing it... read more
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Gallerys for 05-10-08 - 05-19-08
2008-05-24 01:11:00
05-10-08 :: Stayed outside at Crown Orchard Co., which is owned by Henry Chiles, who is in this picture with Bill and Blackie. Brenda and I where having a hard time finding a place for the night. Mr. Chiles gave us a place to stay for the night. 05-12-08 - 05-13-08 :: Madison High School Fairgrounds. Bill and Brenda talked to some of the kids there. Brenda took the Pictures of the kids. Brenda found this Large four leaf clover. 05-14-08 :: Treated to a Lewis and Clark Circus show. They asked that I not take video or use my flash. 05-15-08 :: Pictures of animals at Midge Harmon's Farm and Blackie. Harmon's Hayride and Carriages will provide President Lincoln and President Washington transportation in the National Memorial Day Parade. 05-16-08 - 05-17-08 :: Pictures of draft horses at the Harmon Farm, Defnall Family, Neimeir Family, and exhibits at the Manassas National Battlefield Park.  05-18-08 - 05-19-08 :: Linda Neimeir rides with Bill, Linda's Parents, Bul...
Traveling by Horse In a World Dominated by the Automoblie
2008-05-22 22:54:00
For a horsemen to travel on highways designed for automobiles, both horse and rider must trust one another. As motorists whiz by, Bill continues along at a crawl, watching for broken glass, holes, road kill, and anything else which may become a danger. When a problem becomes visible, Bill must decide which action to take. If there is road kill up ahead, he may decide to stop and wait for an open spot in the traffic so that he can cross over to the median. If a vehicle with a flapping bag passes, Bill must take action and kick Blackie up into a trot, so the horse doesn't have time to panic. Usually the most dangerous situation is the one you don't see coming. These are the situations where trust plays the biggest role. There's a decent amount of room in this scene, but on highways where the guardrail is closer to the pavement, there isn't any room for mistakes or second guesses. 05-10-08 read more
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Clifford Baptist Church to Calvary Baptist Church, Lovingston, Virginia
2008-05-21 22:55:00
Bill and Brenda visited with the Clifford Baptist Church 's congregation in the evening and I was able to get on the internet thanks to Ms. Walkem and her son. In the morning I interviewed Ms. Walkem outside the church before we departed. Ms Walkem also gave Brenda a contact with Cavalry Babtist Church in Lovingston. There where some blind curves and a bridge which could have proven dangerus for Bill and Blackie along the route to Lovingston, and so local law enforcement waited for Bill near this location so that they could escort him. Meanwhile Brenda and I continued on to Calvary Baptist Church. This was a short day so there was no need for a rest stop. The panels where setup and we had settled down when Bill arrived. Later Captain Robertson, Lt. Cindrick, EMC Ray Gutero, and Trooper Derick Tyree stopped by. Larry and Dottie Davis, who are Brenda's relatives, drove from Henderson North Carolina, also came to visit. Later that evening Captain Robertson and Lt. Cindrick returned to...
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What a Blessing Bakery & Deli and Clifford Baptist Church
2008-05-21 20:20:00
Mr. and Mrs. Roads have been the proprietors of this little deli for about ten years. We stayed at Clifford Baptist Church in the evening. 05-07-08 read more
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What a Blessing Bakery & Deli - Amherst, Virginia
2008-05-19 23:34:00
We left the Campbell County Park on Ewing Dr. around 9:30 am with Blackie in the trailer. We folded up the cot, and moved the rest of the stuff in the way to the front part of the trailer. There are two, fifty five gallon, plastic drums filled with feed in the back. It isn't practical to move these to the front, so we loaded Blackie in with those beside him. The water tanks were getting low, and there was quite a bit of trash we needed to dispose of, so we backtracked south on Highway 29 to a gas station. We then drove through Lynchburg and stopped at strip mall in Amherst, Virginia . There were “No pedestrians bicycles, animals, self propelled machinery...” signs to this point. We still don't understand what these signs are really about. There seemed to be plenty of shoulder on the road. Although Bill would like to ride as many miles as possible, our main goal is getting Bill and Blackie to the Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC, safely and on time. Still, trailerin...
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Altavista to South of Lynchburg, Virginia
2008-05-15 23:55:00
Bill left the hotel in Altavista around 9:30 on the 6th of May. Brenda and I gathered up the junk we had packed into the room. The Lynchburg Police Department called back.  A Lt. Lawton talked to Brenda, he asked, “what exactly to do you want from us?” She told the officer about our journey. Negotiations quickly broke down and it became clear that Bill wasn't going to be able to ride through Lynchburg. Some of the roads and highways in Lynchburg are fairly dangerous and the police are low resources, so an escort was out of the question. read more
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Southside Large Animal Clinic to Altavista
2008-05-15 23:36:00
The sun was shining when Bill and Blackie head out from the Southside Large Animal Clinic. Brenda drove me to an old barn that was on the farm. After a few pictures we headed for Altavista . On the highway, we start noticing signs which state: “No pedestrians bicycles, animals, self propelled machinery,” etc. The sections of road where these signs are posted have more room for Bill to ride (we later realized that these sections go around towns). At this point we weren't sure what to make of this, as we had planned to take 29 all the way to Washington D.C. read more
White Oak Mountain Family Campground to Southside Large Animal Clinic, Virg
2008-05-12 05:58:00
Blackie didn't wanna leave all the grass at White Oak Mountain Family Campground. Brenda and I went on ahead and got back on Highway 29 but stopped at a gas station. We filled up and then I had to use the restroom. By the time I finished Bill had already passed. Bill road to Chatham, where he took the business route. Bill - “Chatham was a quaint little town that had a sense of history. I road right through it, didn't stop for nothing.” Brenda and I stopped a a gas station briefly for a bathroom break, and then we moved on. We stopped at another gas station on Highway 29. There we waited for a few hours. Much of our time is spent waiting and planing. If the truck hadn't screwed up my laptop the first day we set out on this second part of the trip, I could spend this time edition pictures and videos, writing stores etc. Brenda found out that there was a large animal vet clinic just a couple of miles from the gas station. Brenda does an excellent job of charming people...
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White Oak Mountain Family Campground to Southside Large Animal Clinic, Virg
2008-05-12 05:58:00
Blackie didn't wanna leave all the grass at White Oak Mountain Family Campground. Brenda and I went on ahead and got back on Highway 29 but stopped at a gas station. We filled up and then I had to use the restroom. By the time I finished Bill had already passed. read more
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Eden, Danville and White Oak Family Campground, North Carolina - Virgina
2008-05-12 04:19:00
Before we leave for Danville, Virgina on the 1st of May, the Mayor of Eden , John Grogan came to visit us at the Hampton. Ms. Duncan also came to see Bill off, and got to ride Blackie. Bill saw “lots of old farms, colonial houses and barns, deer, turkey; the heart land of Virgina and North Carolina . The rolling hills where a bit tough going.” Brenda made a rest stop between Eden and Danville, but when Bill arrived he set us on. We drove to the intersection of 770 and 58. There was quite a bit of traffic and so Brenda made a quick decision to drive across the road to Faith Memorial Baptist Church. Brenda made calls to some leads, but nothing paned out, so she got permission to stay outside the church, rather then try to find a place farther in town. In the morning Charles and Luise Bliss came to see us off. Will Roberts with Rawhide Ridge Farm stopped by with enough feed to finish the journey. Wow thanks! Mr. and Mrs. Bliss gave Bill a route that would allow him to circu...
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Eden, Danville and White Oak Family Campground, North Carolina - Virginia
2008-05-12 04:19:00
Before we leave for Danville, Virginia on the 1st of May, the Mayor of Eden, John Grogan came to visit us at the Hampton. Ms. Duncan also came to see Bill off, and got to ride Blackie. Bill saw “lots of old farms, colonial houses and barns, deer, turkey; the heart land of Virginia and North Carolina . The rolling hills where a bit tough going.” read more
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Madison to Eden, North Carolina
2008-05-12 02:16:00
Brenda and I stopped in the Walmart parking lot in Mayadon, which is about 5 miles from the Budget Inn we stayed in the night before. We bought some bottled water, meat for dinner, and some other supplies. When Bill arrived, Brenda and he walked over to the Burger King near by to grab some breakfast. Robert and Olivia Knight came over while Bill was sipping his coffee. As you can imagine, a horse standing in a Walmart parking lot isn't something you see every day; we often meet people in these curious situations. We talked to these two for awhile before heading on down the road. Bill and Blackie left traveling east on Highway 770 and we drove on ahead to the city of Eden , into town and found a place to park. As usual, Brenda got on the cell phone and started making calls, trying to find a place for us to stay. After calling the Chamber of Commerce, Brenda was put in contact with Michael Dougherty who is the Director of Business Development for Eden. Mr. Dougherty was enthusiastic a...
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The Mud Hole to Madison, North Carolina
2008-05-09 21:51:00
It rained all night at the mud hole. In th morning it had stopped, making it easier to take down the canopy and load up the panels. Brenda and I headed to Madison , North Carolina hoping to get a hotel room, so we all could shower, since we hadn't had one since Yadkinville. The rain started up again on our way to town, lucky for Bill he had his plastic rain coat with him. Brenda made some calls and found that the Budget Inn was the only motel in town (or near town). We're not to picky, although it would have been nice if the Budget Inn would have had internet, all we really wanted was some beds and a shower. Our first clue that this wasn't going to be a 4 star place should have been the sign that said no refunds. I think next time we see such a sign we will ask to see the room which we will be staying in before we pay. Anyway the room was completely filthy, and although I wasn't to keen on posting them before, after taking a second look at the pictures Brenda took I have decide...
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Rural Hall to the Mud Hole, Somewhere Near Walnut Cove, North Carolina
2008-05-09 20:27:00
Brenda and I said our good byes and gave our thanks to the folks at Beaver Creek Farms and headed on past Bill shortly after he left. It can be depressing leaving a lively place and getting back on the road. As soon as we start to get to know people we have to leave. We have done this many times during this cross country trip. We made a quick stop down the road, and headed to Walnut Cove after. Angie came along from Bever Creek Farms to this point and she took some of Brenda's jeans back home to wash. The rest of the laundry Brenda took to the laundry mat which was near. A previous lead for places to stay didn't pan out, and so Brenda got on the phone. She contacted the Walnut Cove Police Department, and shortly there after Deputy Sink arrived. Bill was taking a bit longer then normal, and we learned from Deputy Sink that Bill was about a mile north of us; turns out he took a short cut. Deputy Sink Relayed our location and when Bill arrived proceeded to assist us in finding a lo...
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East Bend to Rural Hall, North Carolina
2008-05-08 04:21:00
Angie, whom we met the day before, arrived just has we finished packing up camp. She was right on time and ready with her horse to ride with Bill. Angie and her father brought us some stew the previous evening during the truck pull event. Brenda and Bill visited with them, and talked over the route Brenda had planned. Bill always welcomes company when he rides; having someone to talk to helps pass the time. Brenda drove up ahead to a place called O-Henry's Restaurant. We where hungry so we got some breakfast while waiting for Bill. We met the owner, Ms. Bowman, and she told us a bit about her place (watch the video). Brenda escorted the pair across the Yadkin River, as there was “no escape route” as Bill would say. We make a second stop at Tobaccoville before making our final stop at Beaver Creek Farm in Rural Hall. Owner Ed Wall visited with us and later that evening we met some of his family. Angie had dinner with Brenda, Bill and I later that night at the seafood ...
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East Bend Pullin: East Bend North Carolina
2008-05-06 02:28:00
Truck pull in East Bend North Carolina . read more
Yadkinville to East Bend, North Carolina
2008-05-05 20:14:00
We headed out of Yadkinville later then we usually do. Bill needed to reset Black's front shoes and replace a piece of Drilltek. Bill had used cheap nails by mistake while he was giving a shoeing lesson. “The inferior nails where sheering off,” he said, “so I put on some Delta nails.” I was able to use this extra time to write a post and Brenda got some clothes washed.  The previous day had been a bit long; the names of roads where different in the map then those posted on signs. Brenda and I ended up driving all over trying to figure it out. As soon as we found a gas station we picked up a local county map. After leaving Yadkinville we traveled the route that Brenda has mapped out; down Old US-421 then up Falcon Rd. Brenda passed Mt. Bethel Church road about a quarter of a mile as it wasn't marked. We quickly realized the mistake and ended up stopping at a little café called Burnette's Place. It was about lunch time so we decided to go in. Th...
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