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A Canadian student studying abroad in South Korea
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2 years later...
2009-03-03 10:12:00
Well two year have past since my time in Korea. Well, not a full two years, just two years since the day I arrived in South Korea. Things have flown by quite fast and it seems like just yesterday I was at E-Z drinking some wonderful soju.Anyways, to make a long story short:A new blog will be made soon. This time, in Hong Kong........-Bryan Leung nKorea
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How to contact me
2007-10-18 22:37:00
Well it has been a while since I have made a new update. I am now back in Canada studying at SFU and missing Korea everyday. I wont continue this blog because there is nothing really to say. But I will continue to answer questions and help those who are interested in studying in Korea, going to Korea or learning about Korea.You can contact me through MSN at: BryanL@hotmail.comI am also on and my name is Bryan Leung.If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask me. I really hope that if you are considering going to Korea, you actually do it. Korea is a beautiful country with lots of culture and things to do. I feel so bored now in Vancouver and one day I hope to go back to visit my friends there now. Korea
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Oasis Airline Review
2007-08-19 14:36:00
Here is my review of my flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver using the new low cost airline Oasis Airline The process went pretty smooth I must say. My luggage ended up being 33kg but they let me go even though the allowance was only 30kg. I ended up shoving all my heavy stuff into my two carry on packages. One was at least 7kg and the other 10kg but the the airport did not seem to care.After a bit of duty free shopping I lined up to go on board of my flight. They checked my ticket and passport and allowed me on the plane. Practically everyone had 2 or 3 carry on luggages so I guess their 1 carry on luggage rule does not apply.The flight went off on schedule. Around 1.5 hours into the flight we received our first meals. It was either chicken or beef and I opted for the chicken. It came with some noodles, a bun, water and a apple pie dessert.The cabin air was very dry so I took full advantage of the free non alcohol drinks by drinking plenty of orange juice. Alcohol drinks were of extra...
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Hello from Canada!
2007-08-19 13:35:00
Well I am finally back in Vancouver Canada after a 171 day hiatus in Asia. Too be continued.... StudentInKorea
Hello from China
2007-07-22 04:57:00
Hello from China !!! Sorry I have not been able to update my blog lately, I have no internet access in the apartment that I am staying at so I can only go to the university or lan café around the corner to go on the net. Still, I cannot access my blog ( in the area of Beijing that I am living in. I do not know if it’s just the area (University District) or all of Beijing, but for some reason, if I try to go to my site, it is blocked and takes me to a search engine. Well life here in Beijing is MUCH different than in Korea and Canada. It is very crowded and very hot. The temperatures lately have been above 32degrees but it is humid so I have been sweating a lot. One weird thing is that I was told it never or barely rains in Beijing during the summer, yet for the past 8 days (Today is June 27, 2007 and I arrived on June 19th, 2007) it has rained probably 4 times and today there was a lightning and thunderstorm. I was also told that Beijing has a water...
My last post in Korea
2007-06-18 06:03:00
This will be my last post from The Republic of Kore a . I will leave the dorms within two hours and head to Cheonan. From there, I will take a bus to Incheon and have Juno pick me up and I will stay at his house for the night and he will drop me off at the airport tomorrow. I will miss this place, it was a fun experience that I will never forget. Well, my next post will be made in China so good luck everyone ^_^ orea
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Summer Plans
2007-06-15 00:19:00
So I will leave Korea on Tuesday June 19th at 6:30pm from ICN and will fly to Beijing China. I will spend approximately one month in Beijing. I will also go to Tianjing to visit a few friends there and also maybe go to Shanghai. After a month or so, I will travel down to Guangzhou either from Beijing or Shanghai and spend a couple of weeks there and then travel south to Hong Kong. I will spend a week or two there and then finally leave from HKG to arrive at YVR. I have not booked any tickets besides my one way to Beijing from Korea. I will see how my financial status is to see what I can and cannot afford. But I do want to have lots of fun in China because I know it will be another great learning experience and also I will not have the same opportunity to do this again. I might as well enjoy it while I am young and free. Of course, I will be traveling with Wanjun ^_^. I will keep on posting about China if you guys want, or I might just stop this blog after I leave Korea. StudentInKo...
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I's hard to say 'goodbye'...
2007-06-15 00:00:00
Well it is finally over. English Village program is at it's end. 16 weeks have now passed since we all met each other for the first time. Today, my roommate Lee Hunjoon had to leave due to an emergency. He was suppose to leave tomorrow but went back to Seoul today. I helped him carry his stuff and see him off in the taxi. It was very hard to say goodbye. He had taught me a lot of things, not only about Korean culture but about myself. I have never had an older brother but he was like one to me. He watched over me and helped me mature a bit. He was very kind and such a good guy. He treated me out for so many meals, gave me a USB drive for my bday, threw me into a piss filled dirty pond, and basically took care of me. I will really miss him. Joon, never give up on your dreams. Your english communication skills are great, do not worry about TOEIC, you will do fine. I believe in you and I know you will do good things in life. ^_^Right now, I sit in the GV lounge awaiting to see all the...
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English Village Closing Video Spring 2007
2007-06-11 21:16:00
Here is a link to the English Villa ge closing video for spring 2007 that Deon Ong from Singapore made: cid=-2404133053924160921&hl=enhttp://feed
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The last week...
2007-06-11 21:09:00
As I sit here at 4am studying for my Korean Conversation final, I realize this is my last week here at SCH. We have finals all this week and then it will be over. 16 weeks have come and gone and they have been so many memories. All my friends here, both International from Western countries, Asian countries and also my Korean friends will be far away. It is amazing to think that so many people, from all different parts of the world would gather in one location, become such good friends and then dispurse back. To think, I come from Canada alone not knowing anyone in Korea and now I have countless of friends. Friends that I have met within Global Village, friends from school, friends that you meet through another friend who ends up being a Chinese born Canadian that lived in Vancouver and is now teaching here. Friends that you meet at a random club in Hongdae, talked briefly, and find out that 1 month later they find out your blog and write a comment, exchange MSN and are from differen...
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EV closing ceremony
2007-06-09 10:32:00
On Thursday we had our EV closing ceremony for the spring 07 semester. They presented awards and certificates and also showed a movie recapping the year, made by fellow student, Deon. After the 1 hour ceremony, we all went out for dinner. It was at a new restaurant and the food was decent. The normal meats and seafood was served but this time they had some french fries, crappy sushi and some other dishes. As always, free soju and beer was served. I tried not to drink that much, but because it was the last time we would all be together, I couldn't say no. We played the normal drinking games such as the watermelon game, baskin robins, 3,6,9 and rock paper scissors. I didn't lose that much so I didn't get too drunk. We did manage to make our korean friend, Han, drink a Do Re Mi shot. He won "The best Korean student in English Village" award so we wanted to give him OUR prize. A Do Re Mi shot is basicallly three drinks. You must drink one shot of Soju, one glass of beer, and one glas...
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Some information about me in korean..
2007-06-04 15:24:00
안녕하세요. 만나서반갑습니다. 저는 브라이언입니다. 캐나다 사람입니다. 대학생입니다. 저는 사이먼 프레이져대학교를 다닙니다. 그리고 전공은 경제학입니다. 나이가 23입니다. 안녕히 계세요. 감사합니다.브라이언 렁 orea
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SCH Spring festival videos
2007-06-04 12:10:00
Thanks to good old I was able to take these videos from the 2007 Soonchunhyang spring festival. Just a few of the concerts and firework display:Psy Concert:Fireworks:[edit] Thanks Will Sanchez for posting these videos on youtube. I have now jacked them from you! keke ^_^ orea
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Lunch with old friends
2007-06-04 12:01:00
So this past Saturday I had met up with some old friends that I have not seen in over 5 months! They are my Korean friends who I had met from Vancouver. In one of my previous posts in December, I talked about 3 Korean students studying abroad in Vancouver and how we all went to have dinner together at Shabusen. Well, on Saturday, we all met up again for the first time. It was also their first time seeing each other since they arrived back in Korea. Andre, Hailly (although she has now changed her english name to Helen), and Sally along with some other friends went to eat lunch at a local restaurant. It was a fun time chatting with them again, now in their home country. The stories we all had to share was amazing. The first thing they all said to me was that I look much skinnier now, which is a good thing, I think. Sally had also mentioned that she really misses Vancouver and that she wants to go back. The food was also good. We had korean bbq (the usual) which was much cheaper than w...
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My room
2007-06-02 10:12:00
Well I decided to take some pictures of my room just to show how it is like after all my stuff is here. Earlier, I took some pictures of my room with nothing and now it is filled with junk.I am dreaming, but not of energy... entInKorea
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Onyang Hot Springs
2007-06-02 09:33:00
Well yesterday my friend Addison and I decided to do something new, so we went to Onyang to go to the famous hot springs. The Onyang Hotel and Hot Springs is a famous destination for many Koreans and internationals to go to relax in the natural mineral water. The hot springs offers 57 degree celcius weak alkali water directly from the hot spring hole on the natural rock layer. It helps with stress relief and skin treatment as well as diseases such as neuralgia and rheumatism. Addison and I were a bit nervous at first because everyone MUST be naked when in the hot springs and the walk fro the locker room to the water is a nervous walk. At first it was wierd, but after a while we just got adjusted to it. There were 4 pools inside and 1 outdoor with two powerful jets that would help massage your back. There was also a steam room inside and a sauna outside. Showers were also there of course to clean before entering and exiting the springs. It was a very relaxing experience. Something th...
2007-05-29 20:18:00
So today a few of my friends and I decided to go eat some Gaegogi! For those of you who do not know what it is, it translates into dog meat. Gae = Dog and gogi = meat. We went to a local restaurant that serves gaegogi soup. The cost is 10,000won and it is enough to feed two people. So the 8 of us shared 4 bowls and it was pretty good. It came with rice and the side dishes such as kimchee of course. The meat itself was very soft. If I did not know it was dog meat, I would of thought it was lamb or some soft boiled meat. The soup base was a bit bitter. We added lots of pepper to the soup (that is how it is suppose to be eaten) so that might of affected the taste. Overall, it was something new and something that I really wanted to try. Now I can add to the list of wierd things I have tried. To name a few others, I have tried balut which is a baby duck fetus inside the egg and also horse sashimi which is thin slices of raw horse! Yummmy! tInKorea
Pirates of The Caribbean 3
2007-05-26 15:14:00
Today Wanjun and I decided to go to Cheonan to watch the much hyped Pirates of The Caribbean 3. The first two Pirates movies were good, the third one, not so much. I found it to be boring. There was too much talk and not enough action. The storyline wasn't that good either. I even almost fell asleep. For those fans of the series, I suggest you watch it and maybe you would enjoy it more than me. I think I might of put too much hope into the movie but in the end, I was disappointed. I hope Ocean's 13 and Transformers will be much better.Anyways, my day wasn't all full of disappointments. We went to McDonalds for lunch on a mission, to get a glass Coca Cola cup. McDonalds is having a promotion that if you buy a Big Mac meal and supersize it, you can get a Coca Cola glass cup as well! All for 4900won which is a pretty good deal. If you go from 11am-2pm it is only 3000won! I really wanted one because all my friends were able to get it. One of my friends even has 7 cups within the 3 we...
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2007-05-24 13:15:00
So for Wednesday 's festival activities, our English Village booth was a bust. We didn't have any more Jello Shots or any cocktails, only Soju bottles that did not sell. The Chinese Village booth, again, was doing well though. Anyways, Wednesday was the last day of the festival. Not only that, but Thursday is a national holiday (Buddah's Birthday) so everyone came out for the night. There were so many people and everyone was drinking and having fun. At 7:30 the tents were all empty and there were roughly 3000 people on the field preparing to watch the evening's concert. Some of the big names that were singing include: Chae Yeon, Baby Vox, and others that I cannot remember. The crowd was going crazy when Chae Yeon came on because I assume she was the most popular out of everyone. She was also last to perform. She was HOT! Anyways, after the concert there was a fireworks display that was pretty impressive. The whole festival was impressive. Having a free concert and fireworks and a...
Tuesday Festival
2007-05-24 13:07:00
So after waking up for an early morning class on Tuesday (11am) my friends and I just decided to relax before heading out to the festival. It was a big night because a famous korean singer by the name of Psy (싸이) was comming tonight. Everyone was excited and the festival was live and kicking. We sold the same products again but this time, things did not sell well. Our tent was pretty shameful and the chinese village tent beside us was doing very well. It seemed like everyone wanted chinese food over alcoholic beverages. Anyways, there were a bunch of performances on the center stage so many of the students decided to watch that intead of drinking. At around 8pm Psy took the stage and everyone was going crazy. There were probably 2000 people crammed on an astroturf field watching the Psy concert. He sang a bunch of songs and everyone was singing along. Even some of my international friends were singing because they knew the lyrics. This lasted until around 10pm when we all went b...
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Soonchunhyang 2007 Spring Festival
2007-05-22 18:21:00
So as of Monday, May 21st SCH 2007 Spring Frestival has started. It is basically 3 days of partying and drinking and having fun. What happens is that every major sets up a tent booth and sells drinks and food to fundraise money for their major. It starts at 10am and ends until whenever people leave. There are tons of activities and games and things to buy. The school is united and it's very fun.So yesterday, Monday, the English village set up our booth. We were selling Jello shots, Nachos, soju cocktails, rice pudding, hotdogs and rum&cokes. Our Jello shots sold the best but the other things were not as good. Although we did not make much money, we all had a blast just drinking and being together at our booth. There was tons of music being played around and the food in the other booths were much better than ours. People were just hanging around and chilling. This event is something that all SCH students look foward too. I ended up drinking until 4am with my roommate, we would of st...
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My first mail!
2007-05-21 07:30:00
Well, not 100% true keke. I have received mail from back home before, but that was from my bank sending me a new Visa credit card. But today, I went into the office and saw a postcard that was sent to me! I wondered who it was from and to my surprise, it was from Fei Wan, one of my avid blog readers! She sent me a postcard from her trip to Cambodia that she is on visiting Angtor Wat and the surrounding area. Thanks alot Fei Wan for the great post card!More can be read about Fei Wan and her travels at her blog at:
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5kgs (11lbs) lost!
2007-05-18 03:59:00
So before comming to Korea I weighed around 75kgs or 165lbs. 1 month prior to leaving I was 77kgs (170lbs). Now, as of may 18th 2007, I am at 70kgs or 154lbs. Thats 5kgs (11lbs) lost in 3 months from eating kimchee and rice all the time. I think my arms are a bit skinnier but my gut is still there and my chubby cheeks are still there. Oh well, hopefully I can lose more and then start working out again, which I havn't been doing since I arrived in Korea. InKorea
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Costume Party in May
2007-05-18 03:51:00
So last night the EV international students decided to hold a costume party in May. Why should we dress up only once a year on Halloween when we can do it anytime we want? So a lot of us gathered together with some costumes and just had a party. Beer, Soju and snacks were available of course and everyone was just having fun and dancing. I dressed up as a SWAT member and some other notable costumes were: Spiderman, an Arab, Korean soldier, and 50cent. We also had spring loaded BB guns that we bought from E-mart and had a mini gun fight. After the party, things esclated into the dorms where it was a mini 3vs4 battle in the hallways and rooms of the dorm. Because it was 1:30am, we decided to take the battle outside around the campus in the amphitheatre and continue from there. We got a bit tired and our battle ended at around 3:30am then we just continued to watch Discovery channel in the lounge until we all passed out. Pictures will be up shortly, although I do not have many.http://fe...
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梁彦希, Leung Yien Hei, Liang Yan Xi
2007-05-17 09:18:00
So while in Korea and talking to the many chinese students who are studying abroad here, I have been told one thing; my chinese name is good! In chinese characters, my name is: 梁彦希. In Cantonese, it is Leung Yien Hei. And in Mandarin it is Liang Yan Xi. From what I know, my name means "still hope". People seem to like the 希/Hei/Xi part which means hope. My Yeiyei gave me that name and I am glad he picked a good name ^_^ orea
English is tough!
2007-05-16 10:29:00
While after being in Korea for almost 3 months, I have noticed one big thing; my English skills have decreased dramastically. Maybe it is because I have been speaking simplified and broken English everyday but I swear my vocab has shrunken. Also I have been speaking lots of Cantonese and some Korean so that can be a major factor on why I seem to be forgetting English words and speaking improperly. Oh well, one month in Canada can fix this, I hope! nKorea
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Been a lazy week
2007-05-14 10:00:00
So an avid blogger just messaged me if I was on holidays because I have not posted much on my blog lately. Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not on holidays or sick, it is just that lately I have been being lazy around campus and thus nothing to post. The past week I have spent time relaxing with Wanjun or just my friends watching movies. I havn't drank in over 2 weeks (well I might have taken a Soju shot here or there) and I haven't really done anything exciting. I've been feeling really exhausted lately and tired so I am not in the mood to go out. The weather has also been a bit wacky. As I post it is cloudy but 20 minutes ago it was bright sunshine. When it is cloudy or rainy, I usually feel even more tired and just want to stay in my room or the lounge resting. I think I really need to sleep more. Everyone says I always look tired which is true, but it is hard for me to go to sleep at night. I just want to stay up chatting or surfing the net for useless inform...
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One more month..
2007-05-03 08:46:00
It is one more month until my 22nd birthday. I was born on 06/06/1985. Although I am already 23 in Korea and will maintain that way until Jan 1st 2008, interntionally, I am 21 turning 22 on June 6th. So, I just wanted to give people a heads up that they can mail me gifts to my current location. I want to give ample time just incase of shipping errors. So this is your one month warning! Oh, to ship me gifts, my address is:BRYAN LEUNGSOONCHUNHYANG UNIVERSITYGLOBAL VILLAGE A201-1646 EUPNAE-RI,SHINCHANG-MYUNASAN,CHUNGNAM 336-745SOUTH KOREASo buy quickly guys because it might take 2-3 weeks for shipping. Oh, also direct payments can be made to my Paypal account. The button is on the top right of the webpage. It accepts paypal-paypal and Mastercard and Visa. Thanks!!!kekeke ^_^ orea
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Spiderman 3
2007-05-02 14:25:00
I am writing this post after a day out in Cheonan with Wanjun. I finished classes and we went to Cheonan to the movie complex at Yawoori to watch Spider man 3. It came out in Korea on May 1st while it comes out in North America on May 5th. I wanted to watch it early so I could tell the world that at the end of the movie, Spiderman gets trapped on a space shuttle and sent out to space. Just joking! Hahaha, no spoilers in this post, I promise. Spiderman 3 was a great movie. The fight scenes were exciting and the sequences were well done. Lots of twists because there are 3 bad guys so it kept you on the edge of your seat. Like always, there were a few cheesy lines and lots of romantic, heart filled scenes. I dont wan't to spoil too much, but it is definately a theatre movie! Now I just can't wait for Transformers!The theatre complex was pretty nice. It had 8 screens split on two sides. The tickets were 15,000 for two and 2 medium drinks with one medium popcorn for 5,000won. So total ...
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Pizza Hut Sunday
2007-04-29 10:04:00
Today Keith, Addison, Oscar, Wanjun and I decided to go to grab some western food, so we went to the Pizza Hut in Onyang. It was a mix date because Keith had invited 4 chinese girls who live off-campus but are here on exchange from China. It was pretty fun because there were 4 different languages being spoken: English, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese (Only Wanjun and I). We ate 2 pizzas, one of them was a Korean deluxe and the other was a cheese stuff crust with cheese dipping sauce. You could tear off the crust bits to dip in the cheese. We also had the side dishes which had fruit and potatoe salad, pumpkin salad, pasta and chef salad. Also had unlimited coca-cola. The total bill came to 69,800 which wasn't too bad because we were all stuffed. We continued to walk around Onyang to buy some groceries and just take a look around. We spent a total of 4.5 hours there and now I am very tired. I only had 3 hours of sleep last night. Pictures will be up soon!Again, I think asians are big ...
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