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North Star Lodge/Inn/Resort - Vermont's Worst Customer Service
2008-06-03 03:16:00
I write about positive Vermont Vibes. But, if you cross me, I mean really cross me, I will share the experience to help Vermont Vibers stay away from those same negative vibes.The North Star Lodge or Inn or Resort (seems to have a few names) triple crossed me. Badly. At the Essex Craft & Fine Art Show last month I entered a weekend getaway contest. I got a call a few weeks ago saying I "won." Of course in order to redeem my weekend getaway, dinner for two, and $1000 online shopping spree, I had to be over 25, be living with a significant other, and make a certain income. I also had to agree to drive to Killington, Vermont to have a tour of the North Star Lodge/Resort/Inn. I understood at the time it was a timeshare marketing gimic, but thought the hotel stay would come in handy for my travels, could use the $1000 for the numerous things I still need for my house, and best of all, I could use the trip to write a Killington area Vermont Vibes blog post. Mitch and I embarked on ...
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Still Vibing...
2008-05-28 16:38:00
Gas prices suck, moving is stressful, I miss my friends, wah, wah, wah. I LOVE CHARLOTTE!!! And, last weekend Mitch and I were able to sneak away and go on a Vibing adventure. And it only took half a tank of gas to vibe from Charlotte, out to the Waterbury Flea Market, on to some tag sales along Route 2 all the way out to Plainfield and Marshfield and then up to Hardwick and Greensboro! Yeah Vibe!!! Oh, and back to Charlotte.Tag sales in Vermont are great - especially when you get farther away from Chittenden County, that's where good folks are trying to clear out cellar space, not buy stuff cheap and then jack up the prices for the jack asses who buy it. Case and point - folks who buy stuff cheap at the Waterbury Flea Market (which is cheap) and then go sell it to that indoor flea market along Route 2 in Richmond. That place is bunk! The stuff is waaaayyyyyy overpriced and I heard them talking about hoe they jack the prices when we were in there! People should watch what ...
Surreal Surroundings in Charlotte, Vermont
2008-05-16 17:01:00
We live in the middle of high density moose territory. Yesterday Mitch and I walked through it all - someone even has a tent hidden in the brush for animal watching. Not sure who's it it, but I am going to sit in it and watch. After the rain...and after we finish this insane move. The clover patches weave in and out of soft marshes, grassy fields, large tree pockets, underbrush, and forests. It is amazing. I also saw a fisher cat one night and a bobcat ate one of my neighbors chickens. Fishers are scary and chickens are cute, but there is something raw out here in the farmland. Something primal and alive and real. I cannot express how much I love it and how this move is circling the completeness of my life. I am home in my wood nymph paradise. We have wetlands and marshlands right on our fields and roufous-sided towee's are making a nest outside of my office window. I must run off and finish the insanity of making this place my wood nymph paradise, but wanted to share ...
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2008-05-12 17:01:00
I have always enjoyed working with wood and the farmhouse move has sealed the deal! Woodworking is now an official added activity to my growing list of hobbies and interests. I have taken almost every piece of old wood furniture Mitch and I own and have brought it to the basement before it even gets to enjoy being in the farmhouse. I have painted a few things, fixed a few things, sanded everything, stained and re-stained some things, and mostly have varnished everything with my new favorite thing in the world - polyurethane.Here are my Vermont Vibes Woodworking Tips:1.) Reuse!!!! Buy the old furniture and fix it up! Get some little nails, a staple gun, and a screwdriver and tighten knobs, and sturdy up legs, backings, and other hardware depending on how it is made. I am a big fan of little nails. You may need a saw and some old wood scraps to add support pieces especially to dressers and bookshelves.2.) Recycle!!! DO NOT go to hardware stores and buy wood unless absolutely n...
Spring Break!
2008-04-29 02:09:00
Ok, I have to take a break from moving, talking about moving, and trying to get all the great pictures The Mitch is taking on the camera and figuring which computer is where, is hooked up to what, and where the correct wires are to be able to share with my readers! I think moving home and Vermont public relations firm, Rachel Carter PR, is reason enough to break from blogging, but now that I have a readership and have started creating the Vermont Vibes buzz, I simply cannot stop! First, thanks to all letting me make the transition from Vibing around Vermont to Vibing around the farm and community of Charlotte. (I don't think Charlotters know what they're in for letting me move to the country.) But with the stupidly horrible prices of gas and everything else, even my fuel efficient Vibe cannot afford to Vibe around Vermont right now. While this is bad news for small Vermont towns who benefit from Vibing escapades, this is excellent news for hardware stores and Vermonters lookin...
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Sneaky post by the Mitch
2008-04-23 00:53:00
Ooooo! It is a rare chance that Rachel is away from her computer, so I am taking this opportunity to speak about my moving experience! As you all know, we have scored a great place in Charlotte. It is definately a change and I am sure it will bring many adventures. I am so excited to move out there with Rachel and start creating some awesome memories. Let me tell ya though, that Rachel, she sure runs her own moving gamet!!! Its been awesome and fun, and has had its share of stresses. I recently discovered that renting a moving truck in the middle of the week is not such a great idea after all. Have any of you out there ever tried that one? Moving tip # 1: Don't rent moving truck for a weekday! Even though this may seem easier than on the weekend, nobody is around. I know, I know, this may be a no brainer, but hey, I learn through the school of hard knocks. Moving tip # 2: When moving with signifigant others, keep in mind that moving is stessful. Attitudes may flare, t...
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Weekend Life in the New Hood
2008-04-14 22:52:00
The past two weekends Mitch and I have been, MitchaRachia - Housecleaner Extraordinaries. With the help of part time Viber, The Face, we have done the following (I feel in regards to nasty cleaning and repair activities people are allowed to brag without being accused of hubris):- Moved all nasty old crap that wasn't ours out of the house- Swept floor, walls, and ceiling of basement (luckily all spiders were still dead from the winter- Organized all tools and supplies and moved in lots of our basement stuff- Investigated the property and attic spaces and discovered many things to give us permanent heebie jeebies- Decided The Face needs to move next door- Cleared away yard crap cluttering our space (I am so anti lawn clutter, it isn't even funny - I think it screams white trash and the wasp in me cannot handle it.)- Swept all porch floors, walls, and ceilings (note: an entire trash bag could have been filled with the dead wasp, hornet, and yellow jackets nests) and while we only e...
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Goodbye Queen City
2008-04-08 01:58:00
I have been wishing upon stars my entire life. For as many that haven't come true, I must say that many have. It ebbs and flows. I think wishing is like many think of talking to a religious figure or speaking to the universal life force in the woods. And it wasn't until I combined the wishing with the universal life force that I was really able to start to manifest my life. While not a religious person, I am deeply spiritual. Forrest Gump sums it up best for me:"I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I think maybe it's both. Maybe both is happening at the same time."While I may have wished for things, it wasn't until I was able to connect my wishes with the greater universe and how my wishes affect others when I was really able to begin manifesting my destiny. It's sort of like praying for others - you cannot just wish on behalf of yourself.I have been making the preparations all along - being studi...
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Sunday Vibing
2008-03-31 19:28:00
I took my own advice from my last post and did indeed make my way to Cafe Provence in Brandon for Easter brunch. What a cool place! I first noticed was how much light there was and how amicably decorated it was to take advantage of all the light. And the brunch was just as I envisioned. No eggs benedict - my favorite - but no complaining because I tried new items to tantalize my tastebuds - shrimp puffs, seafood salad, and delicate ham and salmon bits. I enjoyed old friends as well such as scalloped potatoes and pate!!! Mitch was quite grossed out by my liking pate, but even more distressed by the seafood salad - there were octopus bits in it! For fun, I rested one on the side of my plate to stare at him most of the meal. I think the waitress thought we were strange, but she was super nice anyway!After brunch we decided to take a walk in downtown Brandon and enjoy some of the third installment of Art in the Snow, a creative way to get folks to enjoy this artsy town when cabi...
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Vermont Vibing, Carter Roots
2008-03-22 00:14:00
My awesomely fantastic cousin, Rebecca, came to visit last weekend for a 24 hour stint in Vermont Vibing. Arriving at the Burlington International Airport in the early evening hours last Friday, I vibed over to get her and her lack of airport lost luggage - figures. An art professor down in the gas guzzling nation of Texas, my definitely heady-yet-more-indy cuz is in Vermont doing an artist residency at Johnson State College. We snatched up The Mitch at my place and headed where you take out-of-towners for Vermont goodness (but I never eat at otherwise), American Flatbread, followed by a lack-of-live-music Radio Bean (har-humph). But none of this mattered, because this was a night of conversation and yummy beer!The next morning I made Rebecca Eggs-A-Vibe (see recipe in earlier post please) and we made our way out on a most authentic of Vermont Vibes adventures. Our first stop is top-secret and while Rebecca was the very first to visit, this secret will not be unveiled until the...
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Where to Go for Easter Brunch
2008-03-13 17:08:00
I think going to a Vermont restaurant for an Easter brunch buffet is one of the best ways to spend Easter Sunday. Of course, it's nicer when Easter is in April and the Sunday drive can actually include seeing a few buds popping out of the Earth, but regardless, the glorious arrays of Easter brunch displays around Vermont are worth an excursion in their own right. And who cares if you don't celebrate Easter or not - to me it's a feast to encourage spring and the delight that comes with the rebirth of the Earth.I don't think it's a buffet, but Mary's Restaurant at the Inn at Baldwin Creek in the sweet village of Bristol, offers an Easter Brunch with all the classic delicious dishes that make Easter Brunch so decadent - Crab Cakes and Eggs, Maple Glazed Ham, Stuffed French Toast - mmmm. Brunch is from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm and ranges from $16-$30.If you really want to step it up a notch and don your best Easter attire (which in Vermont doesn't mean a floral dress and sandles), h...
Vermont Cats
2008-03-06 22:42:00
I am feeling kooky today. Maybe it is because I leave in one day to see two nights of my favorite band, moe. Perhaps it's because my big, bad birthday is in less than a week. Perhaps it's because my usually hanging out office cats are being upstairs non-hanging out cats which is not good for a crazy cat lady since cats are what makes us sane. I think it's really because I wanted to post a few pictures of my sweet little loves - Fee and Tela - the source of purrsitive vibes all the time (even when they're upstairs).And since my cats are really not of interest to Vermont Vibes readers, I thought I would force you to look at them followed by some cat related news and links in Vermont.Ok, thanks. So, besides, UVM sports teams being the Catamounts, UVM is also home to two A Capella singing groups, which are really good! The Cat's Meow is the women's group and the Top Cats is the men's. Check out their sites and catch a performance!Affectionately Cats is from what I hear to ...
Cure Cabin Fever with Vermont Vibes!
2008-02-26 20:58:00
Don't ski? Sick of watching movies? Vermont Vibes can be created at home and in your backyard (or a nearby backyard).Spend an afternoon in your sunny kitchen, followed by a stroll in the woods, and completed with a spa night at the movies!This past Sunday, myself and the elusive Mitch skipped skiing, slept late, and proceeded to make an affair out of breakfast. We combined a variety of tasty teas to be one gigantic herbal infusion, turned on some global tunes to keep us feeling warm, lit some lavender and lilac candles, and made one colorful and zesty breakfast!Viber-Tots:~ small cut potatoes (microwave on high for 3 minutes first - cuts down on boiling time and is more energy efficient than cooking on the stove)~ finely chopped peppers of all colors!~ finely chopped onions of all colors!~ lots of spices - onion powder, garlic powder, red pepper powder, paprika, salt, pepper, etc.Add ingredients in this order to frying pan with some olive oil in it and saute 'em up! While they...
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Love at The Village Porch
2008-02-18 16:39:00
Valentine's Day is stupid for two reasons:1.) When you are single.2.) Because there is too much crap at stores for too long.But, the fact that there is a day to celebrate love is good. Holidays, even if simple, are good. They shake things up a bit and help people at least think out of the box, which is always good.I have had some depressing Valentine's Days in my time and some pretty cool ones. This year is certainly the best yet since I spent it with my sweetie Mitch who's the guy I'm actually planning a future with (before him it was hard to even plan a camping trip with dudes!) It started of with a wake up love text and later an e-card, then a dozen red roses (I got him a drum key) and a long drive listening to romantic tunes down to Rochester, Vermont for Valentine's dinner at The Village Porch.The Village Porch has become one of my absolute favorites and Valentine's dinner confirmed it! I love the little hippie village of Rochester, I love driving on Route 100, I lov...
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Vibe Depletion!!!
2008-02-09 02:18:00
Help! My Vibe s are depleted! The mid-winter blues have set in. I haven't skiied enough and while I thought I could sneak away mid-week for some good skiing, running a PR business is too damn demanding to allow any such luxury. Living in Vermont is too expensive - period, and it greatly disturbs me that Vermonters are taken advantage of so easily because the demand of the Vermont lifestyle is too high and we pay it. That's a big part of why I started my own business in the first place. People in Vermont get paid crap and instead of complaining about it any longer, I needed to take matters into my own hands. It still doesn't change the fact that employers can pay the crap because people will take it because we want to live in Vermont. In some ways it feels our positive Vermont vibrations are used against us! So, people who visit Vermont that complain about the high costs - please understand that the cost of living is not equal up here and you really are paying for Vermonte...
Slacking on the Skiing
2008-01-30 02:30:00
Actually, I haven't been - I have been slacking in the photo taking department. Or rather, Mitch has been, but since he is a volunteer, I will take full responsibility. Mitch and I have been making full use of our Sugarbush season's passes. In fact, next time pays for them which pretty much rocks since it's still January and Sugarbush is known for their late season kick-ass spring skiing. They're sneaky like that.Our latest ski adventure started in Swanton of all places where we wined and dined with friends hosted by the lovely Melissa of Bee Well Massage. We spent the night and awoke to gorgeous views of Lake Champlain and buzzed on down to Sugarbush (after our pre-ski stretches of course). I love Sugarbush for many reasons, one being even on a busy weekend, the lines are never very long. Considering we've spent much of the season over at Lincoln Peak, we opted for Mt. Ellen this time where the ratio of Vermonters to tourists is typically more in our favor. Don't get ...
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Snowshoeing at Little River
2008-01-22 02:08:00
I love the opportunity to have a nature excursion in the woods when I can breathe and smell the air, close my eyes and imagine, and think clearly yet so scattered at the same time. This is what rejuvenates my spirit and perspective - in essence, my positive vibes. I had the chance not too long ago at Little River State Park in Waterbury. Little River State Park has always been one of my favorites. I am inclined to think there is more magic at state parks a bit farther away from Chittenden County, like how people think "real Vermont" is away from Burlington. But, Little River is more real Vermont than any place, its history is deep, and rich, and hits me with a force of energy that awakens and renews me every time I visit. The area was settled long ago, but the conditions too harsh and the children abandoned the village as they grew older and it died. There is an old mill on the simply splendid Little River, many foundations, two cemeteries, and even a house that some angry an...
Vibing Products
2008-01-14 00:48:00
There is a new store doing neat things in the Blue Mall in South Burlington. It's called Candles and Creations. You may have read their recent Burlington Free Press article or seen them on WCAX (or you can check them at those links). Or you may have just heard that there are two artistic, caring, and dynamic women who opened a store this fall selling and making (in the store) their candles and jewelry, giving back to the community and supporting charities, and selling products of other Vermont artisan women. I love this store for the strength of the women behind it, their commitment to humanity, and the opportunity they are giving other Vermont artisan women. I also love it because it provides quite the collection of Vibing products. Cool jewelry to wear while your visiting Vermont favorites, special candles to light when you are relaxing before or after a Vibe adventure, groovy bags to bring your Vibing supplies with you, notecards to send positive Vibes to others by mail, n...
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Positive Vibes in 2008
2008-01-07 01:34:00
Many who know me well - from both the past and present - I think would all agree on one characteristic - I can be crazy! I agree, this is true. And, I think most would also agree, not crazy in a bad way, but in a fun and good way. A few comments I have heard over the past include:"You help me be brave to do things I would not otherwise do." "You are one of the realest people I know and I need your advice on..." "You really helped me look at this in a way I never would have." "When I want to have a good time doing something, you are one of the first people that comes to mind." and "You should be on a reality TV show."These types of comments give examples as to what my life mission is - to help people think and act out of the box to better themselves and the people around them for whatever they may need at the time. This is how I give positive vibes to others and one of the main reasons I enjoy bouncing around Vermont, touching the lives of those I am with and those I meet alo...
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Visiting Friends
2007-12-20 23:49:00
My guess is many of you have friends here in Vermont who move farther into the country or woods the longer you are all here in Vermont - isn't that part of the reason we live or move here? While we love to see our friends transition into the next phases of their lives and get away from the ick of crappy apartment living to the space and outdoor elements of having a house, the cruel fact is that we just don't get to see these friends as much as we like anymore!So - take a Vibe adventure en route to visit such friends! Winter is a perfect time to vibe through Vermont villages and towns with the destination of making a good meal, drinking wine, and spending the night at a friend's house you just don't get to see as much anymore. No need to wait for an invitation! This is the Northeast - we say it as it is and speak our minds. Most likely your friend has gotten so used to people turning down such invitations because we're all too caught up in our own lives, they've just given...
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Some of my Faves for Eats
2007-12-07 22:18:00
My friend Taraleigh, also known throughout as the Healthy Hippie, has got me thinking about yummy and local food since she writes a weekly newsletter that always has great healthy food tips, among other fun stuff. Check out her website at to sign up and learn about her new magazine that hits the streets this winter! I will also be writing a Vermont Vibes article in the new magazine!So, I thought I'd share some yummy vibes with readers with some of my favorite places to grab a bite in the Green Mountain State!I'll start right here in Burlington where there is a new "fast food" restaurant in town. As many hopefully know by now, the golden arches have left downtown and around the same time a healthy quick fix stop opened. The New Moon Cafe, on Cherry Street, is my new all time favorite place to grab a bite or have a relaxing and affordable lunch meeting. They have all sorts of yummy specials - quiches, soups, pastries - but what I love is the make your own ...
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Vermont Bed and Breakfasts
2007-12-02 23:19:00
Yay Winter!!!! The skiing has started! While there are only a few runs right now, I've been to Sugarbush twice and as I await this storm that is supposed to dump, I can't wait to blog about some of these winter expeditions! However, not everyone is as amped about the winter outdoors as I so I want to make some suggestions for other fun Vibing activities!!Stay at Vermont bed and breakfasts!! Bed and breakfasts are such an untapped getaway for going away without going far. Pick an area of Vermont you've always wanted to visit. Perhaps somewhere there's a great museum! Or just a town you've always heard about or have always wanted to visit. And then find a B&B!While bed and breakfasts do make good romantic getaways, they are certainly not only for such jaunts! A B&B can be a great night away for any person by themselves to clear their heads and take that "moment to yourself" everyone and everything money can or cannot buy always tells you to do. Start or finish that book...
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When Daylight Hours Are Short...
2007-11-22 17:43:00
...And You Still Want To Play Outside...You Can Still Go Vibing!!!The late fall and early winter allow for such short amounts of sunlight, it's even more important to get out and get your vibe on! But, planning day long adventures can be difficult unless you get up at the crack of dawn (never mind the horrible gas prices)! The solution? Backyard Vibing!A few weeks ago (yes, I have been slacking due to slacking), Mitch, Caitlin, and new Viber Pat, along with two pooches, all piled in the Vibe for some backroads excursions in Essex, Westford, and Cambridge. Using the trusty Vermont road atlas, we checked out some of the waning views of fall and stopped along the road for walks on various country roads - keeping us safe from hunters, and allowing some fresh air and exercise when we only had a few hours of daylight to enjoy.We meant to go to the soup dinner in Jericho once darkness came, but we used the wrong edition of the Burlington Free Press weekend supplement. Yet another rea...
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Lovin' the Brown in VT
2007-11-08 18:15:00
November in Vermont is brown. And, I love brown and I love November.November is the month of the Scorpio - my best overall match in all (I am a Pisces). Mitch is a Scorpio. My bestest friend from college is a Scorpio. Vibe fanatic Caitlin is a Scorpio. Scorpios and Pisces swim around and around with a special bond and unique intuitive conversation. And, while, when agitated, Scorpios sting, their Pisces buddies have a protective gel around them that doesn't just repel the sting, but bounces back making for honest and friendly feedback.I also love brown. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and mostly brown clothes. According to is a natural, down-to-earth neutral color. It is found in earth, wood, and stone. Brown is a warm neutral color that can stimulate the appetite. It is found extensively in nature in both living and non-living materials. Brown represents wholesomeness and earthiness. While it might be considered a little on the dull side, it also represents...
Mazin' -n- Dazin' While Vibin'
2007-10-30 01:25:00
I love Vermont Vibin'! And it's starting to pick up steam. Instead of people now asking me what I'm doing for the weekend, they say, "You vibin' this weekend?" How cool is that! You can see I have a new blog pic up - that would be me and the Vibe. This is a picture from my latest Vermont Vibes expedition (since I don't have a digital of the one they took when I leased from Shearer in South Burlington.)The latest adventure consisted of the rock-n-roll team of myself - Public Relations Mama, Mitch - The Luvah Drumah, and Caitlin - Higher Ground Mamacita. And off we went...We jetted down I-89 and charged through the glorious foliage weather like musicians on their way to a gig (managing to get some shots through the Vibe windows)! Route 2 beckoned us through the outskirts of the Groton State Forest to which I will surely be visiting once skiing is over. On our way to apple pie galore in Cabot, we got happily sidetracked by a sign that read something like, "Don't Be Silly,...
Vermont's Energy Future
2007-10-19 05:04:00
Positive energy is spread throughout Vermont and from my Vermont Vibing experiences (which have been going on much longer than I have been blogging about them), I have learned that energy vibrations certainly vary from place to place and from one group of people to the next. This really isn't about - like hippie vibes man - it's about science. When people are in an environment where they can be themselves and naturally soak up the sunshine, gentle breeze, smell of grass/leaves/snow/flowers, or whatever bit of nature that causes them to relax and think larger picture and for once put out-of-mind the daunting tasks of the everyday grind, then they are experiencing positive energy (what I often refer to as Vermont Vibes). And when one person is feeling this connection to nature and the natural force of things (energy), there are usually other people feeling the same thing. It's like when I'm vibing at a Vermont watering hole, I usually have more energy, better connections and c...
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Vibe Takes a Route 7 Toll
2007-10-13 01:05:00
I am not sure if it was the mixed bag of feelings one gets after a weekend of their own "Meet the Parents" or the added energy of felines in the Vibe , but returning home from The Berkshires this weekend, the Vibe took a hit! No, not physically, but by the law - the Vibe got pulled over!!!Ok, back track...Mitch and I headed to my home in the deep woods of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts to hang out with my parents. Not so much a meet the parents (Mitch has of course met them before), but as a help-the-soon-to-retire-parents-clean-out -the-stuff-that-they-are-nice-enough-to-s till-be-storing-for you weekend. For me this meant Barbies, lots and lots of Barbie stuff that I haphazardly stored years ago in a mouse induced portion of the attic. So naturally this also meant lots of mouse poo cleaning - not really the first thing I would choose to help create positive vibes. While we were accompanied by my rather well-fed and spoiled cats, Fee and Tela, they were not so intereste...
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Foliage Friends
2007-10-05 18:38:00
This past weekend I ventured away from my photographing boyfriend and snatched up my next best partner in crime, very good friend Caitlin, and brought her to a moe. concert in Wallingford, Connecticut. I know this is about Vermont Vibes, and this does fit! Caitlin and I rolled in there, managed to get front row center tickets, and had the head of the venue personally escort us in so we weren't hassled by security for bringing in our plastic guitars - we play guitar at moe. and air guitar just doesn't cut it for us. This is all Vermont Vibes worthy because we spread out Vermont Vibes with air love throughout the show and afterwards got to after party with some cats I vaguely know from Phantasy Tour and slept in their driveway in the VIBE!!!! Phew - it was awesome. As the sun rose the next morning and woke us from our guitar playing dreams, we headed out on the true essence of a Vermont Vibes adventure! We sped up 91 to get out of Connecticut and Massachusetts as quickly as po...
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Negative Energy Shield
2007-09-28 06:09:00
an energy recipeI have been so caught up with my travels recently, that I have forgotten this blog isn't just a travel blog, but rather a blog about positive vibrations I feel in Vermont. Many of these happen when traveling. However, Mitch and I went to New Hampshire this weekend to a party with his college friend's high school friends. Lots of fun of course and we spent Sunday driving through the White Mountains, creating energy in waterfalls, and making notes for spending a week's vacation there next summer.But, I am committed to writing about Vermont, so on this most recent weekend, I will expand no more.Now, in my experiences I have learned, that as strong as you may be and as positively filled you are of good energy and love and well wishes from others, there are always forces of dark that can zap it all away in a flash, leaving you drained, and at risk of the dreaded, "getting sick." I have created a cure that works for many and should be tried by you, when you need a t...
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Vermont Dunes
2007-09-20 06:30:00
Hmm, that title sounds daunting and haunting. Well, the Vermont Vibin' of a public relations lass does need to take that swing into fall. Personally, I prefer to skip the fall and jump straight into the snow, but perhaps my Vermont Vibes Travel Blog will help me embrace and capture the death of all things green - may they be covered in white until they are green again. So dark, yet, so true. Man, I love Vermont!Ok, on with it. This past weekend, the crafty photographer and I hopped in the Vibe and this time took along Mitch's mom, Mellonee! Mel is the true essence of positive vibrations. In fact, the night before we vobe (yes, that is the past tense of "vibe"), Mel came with me to a "lady time" dinner with some gal pals of mine. Over cocktails and other yumminess at The Daily Planet, Mel got my friends to participate in some great energy exercises. Later that night, when lady time was over, they were teaching it to their dudes! Mel is a Reiki Master in Massachusetts and...
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