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Guide to Bali
a Guide to Bali Island, Indonesia - the Land of thousand islands


Thoughts On Riding A Motor Bike in Bali
2007-11-24 16:46:00
Riding a motor bike in Bali can be an exciting activity for you to do. Most of the Balinese ride motor bikes, though most of them don’t have license or don’t understand the traffic rules. Every body agrees that it is cheap to run compared to cars. You too can ride motor bike in Bali. Getting one while you are here is no big deal. A lot of motor bike rentals in Kuta and other tourist area, but before you hit the Bali street here is some tips that might be useful for you.To hire a motor bike, you will need about 30,000 rupiah a day or about 3.5 USD. The petrol is 4800 a litre. So, yup, it is indeed cheap to run.Next, you have to get an international driving license. You can get that from your country or you can obtain it here. The cost of getting one, is around USD 20 to 25. Get a "automatic" motor bike. So, you don’t have to change gears. It is easier especially if you are not used to ride motor bikes a lot in your country. Some brands like Yamaha Mio, Nuvo, and Honda Vario are...
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Balinese Wedding
2007-11-24 12:18:00
Bali is all about tradition, religion and ceremony, governed under a system known as adat. For a Balinese person there are important annual and family ceremonies, plus a set of ‘life ceremonies‘ (oton on the person’s 1st birthday, maketus when their milk teeth fall out, manggah daa / manggah teruna when they hit puberty, mapandes the tooth filing ceremony and pawiwahan / nganten at marriage). The biggest one being marriage. When a Balinese couple get married it usually means the girl is pregnant, then gets married to her pacar (boyfriend). In fact many Balinese men will not marry a girl until she proves he can get pregnant. It simply means the girl is capable of having kids and that she and her husband will be locked into the Balinese family cycle of making kids and attending ceremonies. The family are actually happy about it. Covarrubias writes that the Balinese are naturally promiscuous (something that might be stretched to cover other parts of Indonesia also ) and pre-marit...
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Balinese Caste Structure
2007-10-30 08:56:00
Bali is truly unique, in that it is the only Hindu island in Indonesia, a country dominated by Islam. Hinduism is a religion that developed out of the way of life of the people living on the banks of the Indus river in India and Hinduism came to Indonesia many centuries ago. The earliest written records in Bali, metal inscriptions called prasasti (Prasasti Blanjong is an example), speak of Buddhist and Hindu influences and date back to the 9th century AD. The caves, statues and bronzes of Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi indicate this too.As far as Bali is concerned the 3 big events that pushed Hinduism to the fore were the marriage of the Balinese king Udayana to Princess Mahendra from East Java, at the end of the 10th century thus bringing the 2 areas together. This was followed in 1343 by the conquest of Bali by the Majapahit empire of Gajah Mada, prime minister of that kingdom in East Java. Finally in 1515 the Majapahit empire in Java fell to the increasingly powerful Muslim Mataram em...
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Balinese Ceremonies (both large and small)
2007-10-30 08:52:00
Balinese culture revolves around Agama Hindu, the local version of Hinduism. The highlights of this cultural / religious observance are the upacara (ceremonies) that are colorful and frequent. The most important ones are Galungan, Kuningan, Tumpek and Nyepi to name a few - but there are those ceremonies that a majority of travellers to Bali are unaware of. Here are just a few.• Bersih Desa: This ‘ritual’ is an expression of appreciation to the fertility Gods such as Dewi Sri. Subsequently, this ritual takes place around the period of the rice harvest. I suppose you could call it a ‘village spring-clean’!. Roads and paths in the village area are repaired. Houses and other buildings of importance are cleaned, as are most of the garden areas within the village. Whatever needs painting gets painted, and in general, the whole village is renewed in appearance.• Hari Raya Sariswati: Batari Dewi Saraswati, the beautiful goddess, was the wife of Brahma. She was the goddess of the...
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Nyepi: The Balinese Day of Silence
2007-10-30 08:47:00
‘Nyepi‘ day, the Icaka New Year, the day of absolute silence, no activity is done, no amusement is held, no fire is lit along the day & night. The day of fasting & self-introspecting, the entire island is just like being deserted during the day.For people not familiar with the ceremonial schedule in Bali, it is extremely complex.Balinese priests consult 2 calenders, the saka and the wuku. The saka calendar operates on the Hindu lunar cycle that is somewhat similar to the western calendar with 12 months. The preists highlight phases of the moon as being auspicious times. The wuku calendar has no months but is a year of 210 days divided into weeks, 10 of which have from 1 to 10 days and run simultaneously! Each day has a name, thus in the 1 day week every day is called luang.On Nyepi Day, the whole island shuts down, no walking on the beach, no going out for a bite, no flights in or out. For those who have never experienced Nyepi it is a purification for the whole island. In Balin...
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Bali Taxis Service
2007-10-25 20:25:00
Bali, the attractive seaport in Indonesia, draws the majority of the tourists to the country. There are various means of transport that can be used by the tourists to explore the city or getting in the city. One of the convenient ways to explore the island is by availing of the Bali Taxi Service . Travelers find it quite comfortable to move around the city by taxis. Bali Taxi Service takes the visitors to all locations in and around the city. When planning to trip in Bali, one need not to be worried for Bali- How to Get There as there are several modes of public transport which will reach you safely and conveniently to your destination.Taxis in Bali are plentiful, especially in tourist areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Ubud. Hailing a cab can be as simple as stepping into the street and raising your hand when you see one pass by.Bali has a selection of taxi companies, each with its own color of car, name and quality. The most established company is Bluebird, based in ...
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Bali People
2007-10-14 19:09:00
LIKE A CONTINUAL UNDER-SEA BALLET, the pulse of life in Bali moves with a measured rhythm reminiscent of the sway of marine plants and the flowing motion of octopus and jellyfish under the sweep of a submarine current. There is a similar correlation of the elegant and decorative people with the clear-cut, extravagant vegetation; of their simple and sensitive temperament with the fertile land.No other race gives the impression of living in such close touch with nature, creates such a complete feeling of harmony between the people and the surroundings. The slender Balinese bodies are as much a part of the landscape as the palms and the breadfruit trees, and their smooth skins have the same tone as the earth and as the brown rivers where they bathe; a general colour scheme of greens, grays, and ocher's, relieved here and there by bright-coloured sashes and tropical flowers. The Balinese belong in their environment in the same way that a bumming-bird or an orchid belongs in a Central A...
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Bali Temple
2007-10-14 18:44:00
# A Sacred Space for God and ManAbove all, the Bali nese temple is a sacred space in which the deities are honored with rituals and offerings. Whether a simple enclosure with only one or two tiny shrines, or an elaborate complex with scores of sacred structures, the basic function of each temple is the same - to serve as a site where the Balinese pay reverence to the spiritual powers that play such a large role in their lives. Temp le typesThere are literally tens of thousands of temples in Bali, and new ones are being constructed all the time. Throughout much of the year they lie eerily deserted, but on the date of their anniversary festival they come to life in a brief but glorious burst of activity, as the congregation adorns the temple with beautiful ornaments and arrives bearing elaborate gifts, dressed in their finest apparel.We just have one word for temple, but the Balinese distinguish two important types. A sanggah (merajan in the refined language) refers to private or family...
Bali Weddings
2007-10-13 20:24:00
# Everything You Need to Know About Getting Married in Bali MARRIAGE LAWS, LICENSES AND CERTIFICATESBali is part of the Republic of Indonesia and is subject to Indonesian Laws. Every couple considering getting married in Bali must comply with these Laws.In accordance with Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning marriages in Indonesia (Article 2 (1): "a marriage is legitimate if it has been performed according to the laws of the respective religious beliefs of the parties concerned."All couples who marry in Indonesia must declare a religion. Agnosticism and Atheism are not recognized. The Civil Registry Office can record marriages of persons of Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian-Protestant and Christian-Catholic faiths. Marriage partners must have the same religion, otherwise one partner must make a written declaration of change of religion.The Religious Marriage under Islam is performed by the Office of Religious Affairs (Kantor Urusan Agama) in a ceremony at a mosque, the home, a restaurant, or...
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Bali runners-up
2007-10-10 16:55:00
Each is an first-rate experience. Don't miss them if you have the time.KlungkungA former kingdom capital rich in cultural heritage. Klungkung is renowned for its classical style architecture and ceiling paintings of the House of Justice and Floating Pavilion (see photo) - and for the traditional Wayang style artists in the nearby village of Kamasan.Museums (the best five)Neka (near Ubud) - Bali 's artistic jewel. Internationally acclaimed. Admirable presentation. Features Bali-themed paintings by local, Indonesian and foreign artists. (See painting detail on left).Puri Lukisan (Ubud) - Classical and contemporary Balinese art. Admirable collection. However, it's difficult to fully appreciate the artistic treasures when the lighting is turned down low, as is sometimes the case.Classical Painting Museum (Klungkung) - Outstanding classical Wayang style paintings.Bali Museum - (Denpasar) - Fine Balinese art collection, but the presentation needs improvement.Agung Rai (near Ubud) - Tr...
Bali tip sheet
2007-10-10 16:41:00
When to comeBali has five tourist seasons. The best one for you depends on variables such as time, money, weather, and availability.Pre-prime season - From April to May. Rooms in Bali are easily found and prices, crowds and the weather are moderate.Prime season - Spans May through September. Sunny days rule -- it seldom rains. However, prices and crowding soar, and airline seats and hotel rooms in Bali are heavily booked, particularly in August.Post-prime season - From September to mid December. Variables similar to the pre-prime season (see).Holiday season - Spans mid-December to early-January when visitors come for their Christmas and New Year's vacations. Like the prime season, prices and crowds rise -- and airline seats and hotel space become scarce. The biggest difference is more rain.Rainy season - This category spans from early-January to April (though the actual rainy season starts in December). Everything comes down -- prices, crowds, room scarcity and, of course, the rain...
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2007-10-03 20:12:00
#10 ranked travel attraction in BaliWhy the Bali beaches are specialBali has many long, palm-fringed, white-sand beaches kissed by clear, warm tropical waters.There are beaches for every taste. Some are packed with sunbathers and lined with convenient shops, eateries, bars and other tourist facilities. Others are serenely off the beaten path and shared by few people. Best known west coast beachesThey face the warm Indian Ocean waters - and are admiringly oriented for sunset watching.Jimbaran Beach - Lovely location. Favorite of sunbathers seeking a long, quiet, scenic tropical beach. Never a blanket of people, even during peak season. Luxury resort hotels fronting the beach are discreetly semi-hidden from view. Kuta Beach - Deservingly praised for its length and white sands, though the beach in front of Kuta's main tourist facilities can become packed.Legian Beach - Adjacent and similar to Kuta Beach, though not quite as busy and commercialized.Best known east coast beachesThese li...
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Bali Cuisine
2007-10-03 20:07:00
#9 ranked travel attraction in Bali Why Bali dishes are specialIn Bali, most home cooks use quality meats, fresh seafood and newly harvested fruits & vegetables seasoned with an intricate blend of herbs and spices.Hot chilies are liberally used (though visitors can easily request "mild" in eateries).Bali's four most famous specialtiesBabi Guling - Spit-roasted, crispy skinned suckling pigBebek Betutu - Spiced duck slowly cooked in palm or banana leavesLawar - Minced innards mixed with chopped vegetables Bubuh Injin - Black rice pudding (served with sweetened coconut cream) Balinese cuisine at the tableMost visitors sample few if any local meals because authentic Balinese is difficult to find in restaurants.The best way to enjoy the real thing is to be invited to dinner in a Balinese home or to attend a temple ceremony or festivity that serves Balinese fare.If that's not in your cards, you can sometimes find Balinese meals in small roadside eateries called warungs. Or, for a plushe...
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Kuta Experience
2007-10-03 20:05:00
#8 ranked travel attraction in BaliWhy the Kuta scene in Bali is special Some say Kuta is Bali's fun vacation spot, others go out of their way to avoid it.If you're young or young at heart and love being where the action is, you'll agree with the first assessment. If you're older and more sedate, it is probably not the place to stay. The town is commercialized and is neither attractive nor romantic. Its main arteries are traffic clogged. Still, it warrants at least a brief visit. It gives those staying in quieter places a change of pace. It has interesting shopping and dining.Kuta nightlifeThe most exciting time for a "check it out" visit to Kuta is after the sun goes down. Its streets, sidewalks, bars and clubs teem with energy. While the nightlife in the rest of Bali generally snoozes by 9 p.m., it pulses into the wee hours. Kuta diningIt's usually easier to find foreign food (Chinese, Thai, pizza, etc.) than local cuisine. Two good bets for Balinese and Indonesian food are K...
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Luxury Resorts
2007-10-03 19:56:00
#7 ranked travel attraction in Bali Why the luxury resorts of Bali are specialBali's luxury resorts are world famous for their exquisite settings, superlative facilities, hospitable employees and attentive service catering to your whims.Difference between a villa resort and hotel resortA luxury villa resort consists mostly or exclusively of villas (think of fancy cottages). They are ideal if you seek seclusion and privacy. Guest count is low. You receive highly personalized service (the staff to guest ratio can be as high as 5 to 1. Peak season rates for two typically run about $400 to $1000 per night.A luxury hotel resort's accommodations are mainly or entirely rooms and suites. They are arranged in the familiar hotel hallway layout (though the buildings are only several stories high and the corridors are usually open aired). These luxury hotel resorts are perfect if you want - as most vacationers do - the big resort experience (many fellow guests, a large pool, and an interestin...
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Adventure Sports
2007-10-03 19:44:00
#6 ranked travel attraction in BaliWhy the adventure sports of Bali are specialBali has world class surfing, snorkeling and diving.These sports draw over a hundred thousand enthusiasts per year.It's easy to rent good equipment, charter boats with guides and -- if a beginner -- find competent instructors.Bali has whitewater rafting for thrill-seeking novices (see photo).Click the "Bali Map" button to locate key places discussed below.SurfingBali's superb surfing draws enthusiasts from around the globe.The premier surfing spot for skilled practitioners is Ulu Watu (situated at the southern tip of the island).Accomplished surfers also praise the nearby Padang Padang surf - and the surf at Canggu (between Kuta and Tanah Lot)The surfing at Kuta Reef (which lies out to sea from Kuta Beach) also receives accolades. However, its waves can become overpopulated with surfers due to its proximity to the bustling tourist town of Kuta.June, July and August are the ideal months for surfing the a...
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Ubud Experience
2007-10-01 21:09:00
#5 ranked travel attraction in BaliWhy Ubud is specialThe town of Ubud is the undeniable artistic heart and soul of Bali's art. It rests among lush hills and rice terraces.The vacation lifestyle is markedly different from Kuta's, the island's other major tourist magnet. It's more cultural, less hedonistic.Life proceeds at a slow pace in Ubud, even for visitors, which is part of the charm.The locales are open and friendly -- and you encounter few pushy vendors.Day trippers from the southern beach resorts miss out on the special sense of place. You need to stay in the Ubud area for at least several days. It's an insightful, unforgettable experience.Checklist of key attractions & activities in and around UbudTraditional dance and gamelan orchestra performances - There's a quality performance practically every night. (Click the "2" button for brief descriptions of Balinese dances and music.)Art shops, galleries and studios - You find many in Ubud and nearby villages, including in ...
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Temples & Ceremonies
2007-10-01 21:03:00
#4 ranked travel attraction in BaliWhy the temples and ceremonies of Bali are specialReligion runs deep in Bali. About 95% of the Balinese practice Hindu-Dharmaism, a local variant of India's Hinduism. The faithful interweave their religion into their daily lives.Bali is nicknamed The Island of the Gods because it has over 10,000 temples dedicated to an array of spirits. To the Balinese, every living thing -- from a lowly weed to a human being -- has a spirit.The Balinese believe that there are both good and evil spirits -- and that this eternal duality exists in balance.Each year the Balinese hold countless temple ceremonies and make frequent offerings to please the good spirits and appease the evil ones. The fascinating upbeat aura of these ceremonies is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.The most tourist-frequented temples in BaliTanah Lot -- Famous for its tiny, quaint island setting (reachable during low tide). Bursts with tourists during its vaunted sunset.Besakih -- Bali's l...
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Arts & Crafts
2007-10-01 20:57:00
#3 ranked travel attraction in BaliWhy the arts and crafts of Bali are specialOn a per capita basis, Bali probably has the most accomplished artists & craftsmen in the world. To the Balinese, personal artistic achievement is part of the religious experience. Painting of BaliFor centuries the international art world paid little heed to the talented Balinese painters, who focused on traditional motifs geared for Bali's temples and religious ceremonies.Then, in the late 1920s several expatriate European artists (including the now renowned Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet) successfully taught and encouraged some Balinese artists to become more modern and daring by capturing scenes of everyday Bali life and landscapes. Today, this work is globally recognized as fine art.Bali's painting capital is Ubud village, followed by the villages of Batuan and Samasan. The first is more eclectic and contemporary in style while the latter two specialize in Bali's traditional Wayan style. The best wa...
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Dance & Music
2007-10-01 20:51:00
#2 ranked travel attraction in BaliWhy the dance and music of Bali are specialThe dance and music of Bali entertain and uplift your spirit. Both art forms have been performed and acclaimed in major cultural centers around the world. Experiencing them in Bali is the ultimate experience.Dance s of BaliMost Balinese dances relate to segments of the Ramayana, an ancient Hindu epic illustrating the perpetual struggle between good and evil.The three favorite dances among locals and tourists in Bali are:Barong - A classic dance. Stunning. Depicts the conflict between the good Barong (dressed in a fanciful lion-like costume) and the evil Rangda.Legong -. Another classic dance. Graceful. Performed by three pre-pubescent girls in colorful attire.Kecak - Although this frenetic dance was not choreographed until the 1930s (and by a Westerner), the Kecak is convincingly rooted in Balinese tradition. Typically, it features 50 to 100 bare-chested men sitting cross-legged in tight concentric circles....
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Rice Terraces
2007-10-01 20:40:00
#1 ranked travel attraction in BaliWhy the Bali rice terraces are special?Rice terraces throughout the world are photogenic. Of all of them, those in Bali are the most beautiful.Where to find the most photogenic rice terraces in BaliThe emerald-green rice terraces in the river gorge north of Tegallalang village in central Bali (see photo) are generally considered to offer travelers the best photo opportunity.Other popular lush-green and well-tended Balinese rice paddy sites include those in the Ubud area (including Sayan) -- and in Pupuan, Jatiluwih. Tabanan and Tirtagangga.Rice terrace history in briefThe Balinese rice terraces go back over 2,000 years when hard-working farmers with primitive hand tools began carving the stepped terraces out of steep hill sides. Generation after generation has extended and kept them in meticulous shape out of necessity - rice is the staple food of the islanders.Cooperation is essential for rice terracesToday's individual rice terrace farmers, as d...
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Bali's Dance
2007-09-28 22:58:00
Dance & DramaDance is the main art form of Balinese culture and is performed at main temple festivals and ceremonies, especially for the cycle of life and death. Taught and kept in secrecy in villages, halls and palaces, the dances that tourists witness in hotels and specially constructed stages are merely a fraction of the dance scene, although most of the dancers come from village groups.The Kecak DanceIts name is derived from the sound "cak", pronounced "chok", which is chanted in complex interlocking patterns that are like the rhythmic patterns played on the gamelan. The modern form of kecak originated from Gianyar village of Bedulu in the 1930s as a result commissioned by the German expatriate artist, Walter Spies. He wished to create a performance that could be enjoyed by a small coterie of expatriate artists like himself, as well as friends and guests to the island.The modern performance of Kecak is a sensational sight to behold. Hundreds of barechested men sit in a circle wi...
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Bali Music/Gamelan
2007-09-28 22:22:00
The music of Bali is extremely complex and vibrant. The original purpose of music here again is to serve religious beliefs, accompanying dances or wayang theaters. The traditional Balinese orchestra, known as gamelan, is composed of various forms of percussions, with notes overlapping and criss crossing among the various kinds. There is a number of string and woodwind instruments, but most of the players, which can range from a few to several dozen, sit behind various kinds of metallophones, gongs, and xylophones. Each gamelan has its own tuning, preventing instruments from being interchanged from one gamelan to another.The music of Bali has inspired well known composers from all around the world. Bela Bartok titled his No.109 piece "From the island of Bali." It is also said that Debussy, after having met a Balinese musician and seen a Balinese orchestra performed in Europe, is very impressed and affected, and that much of his later works contain distinct colors of Balinese music.Bu...
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Bali Gay & Lesbian
2007-09-22 19:10:00
Although the Bali nese are not very tolerant towards homosexuality within their own culture, the tourist industry has helped to establish Bali as a gay-friendly destination, and gay travelers will encounter few problems on the island especially in the tourist areas around Kuta.Homosexual behavior in Indonesia is not illegal and the age of consent for both gay and heterosexual sex in Indonesia is sixteen years old. Gay and lesbian couples are unlikely to have any difficulties when renting a hotel room and will be welcomed at bars and restaurants.The expectation within Balinese society is to get married and produce children, which is why there is an aversion to the gay culture. It is not unusual for gay Balinese men to pursue a gay lifestyle for a number of years before they give in to intense social and family pressure and get married and subsequently become fathers. It is also quite common for gay Balinese men to continue to have gay relationships after they have married.Many gay vis...
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2007-09-22 18:03:00
Ngaben is always translated into “cremation ceremony” in English, but unfortunately not all cremation ceremonies in Bali can be categorized as ngaben. There are two types of cremation ceremonies in Bali, Ngaben and Mekingsan ring Geni (buried or left in the fire) with the main differences lie on the offerings and paraphernalias which are used and the function of the ceremony.A Ngaben ceremony can be done in a modest to extravagant way, a modest ngaben needs a few basic offerings and preparations; while the extravagant ngaben will involve massive offerings, cremation tower, cow sarcophagi (befitting the caste of the deceased), gamelan orchestra and hundreds of manpower; while Mekingsan ring Geni (buried in the fire) is always a simple affair regardless the caste of the deceased, with only a few offerings, few manpower and little preparations.A ngaben ceremony functions as final send off of the deceased body (not the soul), in this ceremony the body of the deceased is returned to ...
General things that you should or shouldn't do...
2007-09-20 16:28:00
General things that you should or shouldn't do...√ Do... · change money at a reputable looking location; use your own (or the hotel's) calculator before changing! · put on loads of High Factor Waterproof Sun Cream (especially if you intend to spend a lot of time in the water). · drink a lot of bottled water and eat a lot of fresh fruit - do your body a favor. · be careful with your belongings at all times. Crime is on the increase and can ruin your holiday. Cases of handbag snatching have been reported, so leave important documents in your hotel safe and wear your bag across your shoulders! · try not to step on offerings in the street (walk around them). · respect the slow pace of processions when stuck behind one, i.e. don't honk! · haggle when buying (except on price-tagged goods). · buy 'Imodium' to relieve bouts of Bali belly. · have a great holiday! × Don't ...· forget to take your passport (or a photocopy of your ID), with you at all times and a copy of Bali...
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Consulates in Bali
2007-09-20 15:59:00
As at 20 September 2007 AUSTRALIAN CONSULATE-GENERAL (Bali & NTB) Address:Jalan Tantular 32, Renon Denpasar 80234Bali - Indonesia+62 361 241118Fax: +62 361 221195 Postal addressPO Box 3243Denpasar Bali E-mail: Consular hours:Monday to Friday 08.00 - 12.00 & 12.30 - 16.00Visa hours:Monday to Friday 08.30 - 12.00Emergency:Call to Consulate Number (361) 241118 and follow the menu to connect direct to the 24 hr Consular Operations Centre in Canberra. Or make a call to Canberra number 02-6261 3305 HONORARY CONSULATE OF BRAZIL (Bali)Mr. Aureo Renato Vianna Filho - Honorary ConsulAddress:C/- By The Sea StoreJl. Raya Legian No. 186, Kuta 80361Phone: 757 775, Fax: 751 005E-mail: brazilconsul@bali.netOffice hours:Monday to Friday 10.00 - 18.00 BRITISH HONORARY CONSULATE (Bali & Lombok)Mr Mark Wilson - Honorary ConsulAddress:Jl. Tirta Nadi 20, Sanur, Denpasar 80238Phone: 270 60...
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