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This is how I keep my cat up to date while traveling
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2008-04-23 18:29:00
I recently teamed up with two friends of mine and launched a Travel Photography daily contest website. We are looking for striking photos/bursts exhibiting what TRAVEL is all about!We hope to deliver a high quality website, which means a lot of work...that's the reason why I haven't posted any photos lately on this blog. I'll be back soon...You may check Photoburst's website here.Site Feed
Only in USA - last impressions
2008-03-31 03:00:00
"All set?" Georgetown, Washington DC.Georgetown, Washington DC.Near Georgetown University, Georgetown, Washington DC.They better... Pizzeria in Washington DC."Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom", said Edmund Burke.Mustang! Washington DCSite Feed
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Only in USA VII
2008-03-30 21:07:00
Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC.The Washington Monument in the background, just in front of Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC.Near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC.Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC.A wealthy squirrel near the Federal Reserve, Washington DC.Site Feed
Only in USA VI
2008-03-30 00:45:00
A wedding in Maryland.M-street, Washington DC, near National Geographic Society headquarters. This is how every tough motor biker should read his newspaper. Georgetown, Washington DC.In the land of equal opportunities... Georgetown, Washington DC."What?" Georgetown, Washington DC.Site Feed
Only in USA V
2008-03-29 04:02:00
Were I a student today and happen to come across such facilities... and it would be difficult not to apply to the University of Maryland. I think the next 4 photos explain why.Site Feed
Only in USA IV
2008-03-28 03:52:00
Another reason why smoking will kill you: you'd have to go to the middle of Connecticut Av. (one of the busiest streets in Washington DC), for a smoke.The omnipresent stars and stripes flag.White house, Washington DC.Site Feed
Only in USA III
2008-03-27 22:32:00
Site Feed
Only in USA II
2008-03-27 04:37:00
This morning I went past Scientology's crib and Mahatma Gandhi. Site Feed
Only in USA
2008-03-26 04:04:00
[Image missing...slow connection]It takes a certain dose of patience to fill out these forms when arriving at the USA. I specially like the "IMPORTANT" notice on the green one (these forms are filled on the... plane!).I bet this huge coffee had less caffeine than half the coke, I could only take a sip and it was enough... an expresso, pleeeeeease!Site Feed
Milan has style
2008-03-11 01:29:00
A billboard in Milan 's Malpensa Airport.Site Feed
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Human invaders
2008-03-02 13:42:00
The beautiful west coast of Corsica, around Porto, is a place where you can easily spend a whole month as there's so much to see and do. This photo was taken in Capo Rosso, which you can reach by dinghy.Site Feed
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Opposite directions
2008-02-21 23:25:00
My camera hasn't had much use lately. Nor my passport. I hope these couple of photos have unclogged my camera's circuitry. This place is a stork nesting site just near home. Site Feed
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Megève's Mont d'Arbois
2008-01-31 01:29:00
To be honest, I can't really remember whether I took this photo at Mont D'Arbois plateau or not. Either way, I like its gloomy look. This is a typical "sandwicherie" in Megève... as time goes by, all those euros become pretty easier to digest :)Site Feed
The answer, my friend...
2008-01-12 20:29:00
Site Feed
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Heavy snow
2007-12-15 00:59:00
There's nothing like going to sleep when you know that it has already snowed more than 1/2m.Site Feed
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Zen moment
2007-12-15 00:28:00
Site Feed
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2007-12-14 01:53:00
It's been good remembering my first and only experience in the Alps. But it's not doing any justice to this blog's title... Time for another location... Baqueira! I know I'm not really changing the "kind" of destination... it just goes to show the snow starvation around here.Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua domains are all linked, providing you great ski runs, stunning scenery and an affordable (...) stay. If I had to point out my favorite runs, I'd mention the Teso Dera Mina lift's surrounding area, in Bonaigua.The best runs are not pictured in these photos... I leave them for you to imagine :)Site Feed
Ski bus to Megève
2007-12-02 23:30:00
Waiting for the ski bus to Megève's nearest lift. This photo reminds me of a still famous Instinct ad, which read: "waiting for waves is ok... most people spend their lives waiting for nothing".Site Feed
Megève's trademark backgrounds
2007-12-02 21:01:00
Whether it's Mont Blanc or the dense pine tree forests, you're sure to find one of these backgrounds while strolling/skiing/boarding/etc in Megève's slopes.Site Feed
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Living really large in Megève
2007-11-17 21:47:00
Do I need to explain why?Site Feed
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Living large in Megève
2007-11-17 21:15:00
... I'd have to work my all life to afford the tiniest chalet you can imagine in the French Alps. These modest chalets are located in Megève's upper side... oh, well, at least some of us make it :)Site Feed
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2007-11-11 17:56:00
A couple of photos featuring Haute Savoie's architecture and the breathtaking Mont Blanc... I wouldn't mind staying at the chalet above... as I wouldn't mind lunching with Mont Blanc just in front of my table (instead of having to ask some nice waitress to let me take this photo :)).Site Feed
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Oh no!... back to Megève...
2007-11-11 17:40:00
The latest webcam images of Megève (as of today) picture a decent amount of snow... I wish I could go back to the Alps right... now!... (sigh...) I took this photo at the end of a great day, where the lowest ski run meets the village (it's a short 2 minute walk to Megève's center).Site Feed
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Mr. Mac, the cat
2007-11-03 20:30:00
I've just realized that I've never written an exclusive post about the one-and-only Mac. Once, after a 2 hour painful drive with Mac, I swore I'd never take him away from home again... because of the meowing, smell, the number of times I had to stop (you get the picture)... and hence the title and subtitle of this blog. Mac often sits on my car's rooftop with a revenge look on his face (like in this photo, if only I had framed his face). It's also a nice spot to check out the babes and what's going on his neighborhood :) And because traveling (what I'd like this blog to be about) couldn't be complete without returning home, I think this second photo defines just that. This is home. I'm sure Mac totally agrees :)Site Feed
Megève #...?
2007-10-31 22:36:00
A couple of years ago, I asked my father to bring me a snowboard magazine from France and he ended up buying the official Megève's (glossy) magazine. It is still on my favorite books' shelf, in spite of all the publicity inside, since it contains mesmerizing photos. The kind of photos you remember the exact location of inside the magazine, the kind that pulls you in... The next step should be somewhere in the Alps, it ought to be! These photos go to show Megève's conifers, although I'm sure there must exist many other domains in the Alps with this type of scenery. But, hey, this is just me trying to reproduce what I once saw on a magazine.Site Feed
Dear Snow-gods,
2007-10-24 19:44:00
Will it take much longer to start snowing?I miss the long wintry nights... a (sort of) cozy couch, a warm blanket... and, of course, Mac over my feet. I also miss going out and feeling the elements... my nose frozen... the soft touch of snow flakes....Is it snowing already?and now?what about... now?Site Feed
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Megève III
2007-10-05 20:57:00
In Megéve's Mont D'Arbois plateau, you can see Mont Blanc, Mont Joly and much more... Well, basically, some of the finest landscapes you could ask for. But also some human element: just before clouds had cleared and after snowing for more than 24 hours, no one's able to curb a childish enthusiasm :)On a short break for lunch (kinf of...), I sat under a lonely tree and this was what I saw. If I'd have to guess, I'd say this was a salt desert detail.Site Feed
Megève II
2007-10-03 16:23:00
I remember reading on a french newspaper that Megève is often dubbed as the most charming alpine village in the french Alps, whilst Courchevel is regarded as the most exclusive one. I took this photo on my first day at Megève, feeling a bit dislocated in the overall upscale atmosphere. Megève might not be as exclusive as Courchevel... however, this is the local bus terminal...Site Feed
2007-09-29 19:28:00
October's around the corner. The slightest temperature drop makes me daydream about snowy days. I check the charts and realize that it's too early. Around here, the lows are not deep enough, cold fronts are weak... the air just got a bit crispier and that's about it. However, in the Alps and even in the Pyrenees, snow has already fallen. Is it a sign that global warming is reversing? I wish... Last year was one of the warmest of all time, particularly in the Haute Savoie region (northern french alps). Megève had been having the worst winter to date, with a record low of snow base. Luckily, in my second day there and after one morning of pouring rain, the temperature plummeted and good things started to happen :)Site Feed
Corsica, again...
2007-09-28 00:57:00
Bonifacio looks like a good spot to moor our 60 feet yacht :)From time to time, a wealthy dog may also feel blue. Bonifacio docks.A couple of dead sea urchins over a beach towel in Rocapina.Site Feed
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