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Welcome to my travel Blog mostly geared about my recent trips to Asia but also Europe and North America


San Fernando crucifixions 2008
2008-05-31 11:45:00
IF you just happen to be around Manila around Good Friday and have a stomach for a very realistic reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ you should definitely consider the short 65 KM trip up to the San Fernando , Pampanga and experience this very unusual Filipino spiritual journey. Named cristos about a dozen each year volunteer to be nailed to the cross by their hands and feet as a form of atonement and sacrifice (some for the 15th consecutive year) while about one thousand others called mamalaspas come to take part in self flagellation ritual. The Catholic church typically frowns upon such practices but cannot forbid them as many of those participating do it to thank God for a son or relative cured from a life threatening disease. Arriving in San Fernando for the Good Friday celebrations 2008 dubbed as Maleldo ‘08 Here a group of penitents stripped to the waist performing self flagellation After a while of whipping themselves they start the 4 KM long procession t...
Arriving in Hong Kong
2008-04-30 19:31:00
Somewhat more seasoned this time and after a long five months wait I am finally back in Asia for my second trip to the region with a totally different starting point this time: HONG KONG. Hong Kong should be a smooth transition for anyone coming for the first time to Asia from North America or the ...
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Week-end in Madrid
2008-03-15 18:13:00
Madrid being the capital and biggest city of Spain with around 3.5 Million inhabitants you might feel overwhelmed at first by the amount of things to see and do on a short week-end trip. You sure won’t be able to visit all of the museums, galleries, palaces, parks, architectural sights, Churches, Cathedrals, etc. it has to offer. Instead of running a marathon, take your time, one of the great things about Madrid is its easygoing atmosphere. If you want to get the most out of the city do just how the Madrilenos do by taking things slowly with lots of coffee breaks and long lunches spread throughout the day.   Aerial view on the final approach to Madrid   Arriving in Madrid at the Bus terminal I was so pleasantly surprised by the 21°c that I made it this my first picture. Since temperature does play a role on how you will enjoy a trip I couldn’t be happier for what still is an early month of March. Downtown Madrid can be easily reached from the Airport with pu...
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2007-12-30 22:44:00
Marseille or spelled Marseilles in English is the 2nd most populated city of France. It is located in the Southern part just by the Mediterranean sea on what is commonly called the French Riviera. I was blessed at my arrival with a warm sun, blue skies and early to mid 20 degrees Celsius temperature. Fantastic weather for this Late European month of November. These were truly my last days of summer-like climate for this year. Flying over the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region   Before even arriving I had quite a good aerial view of the city of Marseilles   Now my journey starts by a stroll along the harbour   Here a good view of of just how wide the old port is from one side to another     The legendary 16th century Chateau d’If just off the coastal city of Marseille   It was made famous by Author Alexandre Dumas book: The count of Monte Cristo   Just to the south-east and in between the cities of Marseille and Cassis is wher...
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2007-12-23 13:40:00
Alona beach, Panglao Island     Connected by a short bridge and located right at the southwest tip of Bohol is where you’ll find the small island of Panglao. A very short distance from the port of Tagbilaran it is home to some lovely white sand beaches but Panglao is mostly renowned internationally for being a tropical paradise for divers.   This is the view I had eating a late breakfast at my resort and trying to figure out how I should spend what was left of my last day in Panglao   I then decided to have a stroll down the Alona beach to look for an idea A small banca on the way Here some more, they actually are everywhere along the beach I eventually saw a few motorbikes for hire and a guide offered me to take a tour around the island so off I went on a scooter. Every possible form of transportation is for hire in the Philippines and you will find no shortage of offers to do pretty much anything you want.   My first stop was at a roman ca...
2007-11-25 01:34:00
The island of Bohol here on the Loboc river cruise Bohol the 10th biggest island of the Philippines (out of 7107) is situated just south of Cebu city has a wide array of possible attractions. The thing I loved about it is that you can start (and end) your days laid back on a fabulous ...
Cebu City
2007-11-19 19:10:00
Cebu city also nicknamed ?Queen of the South? is the second largest city of the Philippines . It has few attractions compared to its big sister Manila and most of them have to do with Ferdinand Magellan?s landing here and consequently the birth of Catholicism in the Philippines, the Santo Nino Cathedral, the Carbon market (the biggest ...
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Hong Kong
2007-11-12 21:09:00
TRAVEL UPDATE ! Today at work I was surprised to learn that they were finalizing our schedule until end of March 2008. Usually they did the planning on a month per month basis and given that I had in mind my next trip around March I needed to decide quickly to take vacation days off right ...
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Boracay island
2007-11-08 23:04:00
Situated around 350 km down south from Manila in the Visayas, Boracay is a fabulous beach destination to discover. Sized only at 7 km long by 2 wide it’s a relatively small tropical island that has lots to offer. Just to see it’s 4km long famous white beach is well worth the trip it but ...
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Arriving in Manila
2007-11-01 19:53:00
My first ever stop in Asia starting with a five day exploration of the city of Manila … It sure is different than anything else that I’ve experienced before but if you’re like me and only seen North America & Western Europe it’s quite understandable that you’ll be in for a surprise. At around 16 million ...
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Eating Balot
2007-10-28 23:48:00
Before even starting I know whats already on your mind… What the hell is Balut most of you would ask? In fact it’s simply a fertilized duck egg with an almost fully matured embryo inside that’s served boiled alive and eaten in its shell. They are considered delicacies in South East Asia and particularly the ...
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Philippines travel itinerary
2007-10-28 16:57:00
After two weeks in the tropical paradise that is the Philippines I am finally back home alas… Before going on with sharing pictures and what not here’s a little short description of my travel itinerary: Arrival on the October 11 in Manila via Bahrain & Paris (5 days spent in & around discovering the city). Departure by plane ...
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2007-10-07 18:30:00
I had almost forgot to tell about this but after talking about wanting to go quite extensively to Madrid I’ve finally booked a flight to go there in March 2008 due to the latest online booking promotions: GOING OUT From Charleroi Brussels(CRL) to Madrid Term1(MAD) Sat, 08Mar08 Flight FR5463 Depart CRL at 10:05 and arrive MAD ...
What type of trip would you rather chose?
2007-10-07 17:27:00
Two possibilities are offered to you: Blue bag : Manila , Boracay, Bantayan & Bohol Green Bag: Military NTCC Training in Elsenborn Sounds like not much of a tough choice to make ? Sadly I got to get through the one I consider an unpleasant ...
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Eastpak Taskmaster L review
2007-10-07 16:37:00
I was looking for a while for a good all purpose travel luggage for my trip in the Philippines. The only choices I had up till now was either my Samsonite hard case luggage thats way too big and cumbersome to carry around & my small Eastpak bookworm backpack that’s ok for a long week-end ...
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