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Advice on travel and emigrating from the UK to Australia. One pom's mission to bridge the gap.
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Hermetically sealed in a Sydney YHA
2009-03-13 13:19:00
There's always someone who spoils it for everyone else isn't there? You know who I mean: The selfish git who decided he wasn't going to give way to any traffic, thereby ensuring the invention of the traffic light; the UK fun police (all 3 of em) who decided to take offence at Brand and Ross's silly radio prank which led to one of them resigning and the other returning after a 3 months' suspension period as a watered down, sorrier version of himself; the psycho who decided to go out in a blaze of glory by gunning down a class of students, so that all schools have to spend their hard won budgets on turning themselves into Fort Knox; And now the fruit loop who decided that throwing themself out of a hotel window would be the answer to all their problems, without due consideration of the consequences for millions of non-suicidal hotel guests. The end result of these nutters' selfish actions is that hotels the world over now come with rooms that have non-opening windows. At best th...
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Driving in Australia: The definitive guide
2009-01-17 23:56:00
I've already done some serious amounts of whinging on this blog about the ridiculousness that is driving in Australia , particularly Queensland, and the road rules that people are largely ignorant of. But in view of the fact that we have more overseas visitors coming to stay in a couple of weeks, it's time to compile all that negativity in one place and have done with it. To be clear about this, I have good grounds to be concerned for my innocent pommie friends who are, as yet, unaware of the dangers that await them on the treacherous roads of Queensland: So far since the new year (and 2009 is only 2 weeks old) there have 5 deaths on the roads in the Sunshine Coast region alone. The Australian media keep a running total of deaths on the roads in each state during the holiday periods as though they were reviewing the football scores. So whilst my friends are indeed coming from that famously perilous land of the M6 motorway and the M25 car park, they have yet to encounter the Austral...
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Driving in Queensland
2008-10-29 09:59:00
At our latest informal curry club venture, we were reminiscing about our experiences driving around Queensland . Incidentally, don't bother with the new Indian restaurant on Hastings Street, Noosa. I don't know what part of the sub continent they think they're from, but someone should tell them that a madras is different from a korma. Distinctly pants.When I finally got round to registering my NSW plated car in Queensland, I had to register myself too, as a 'new customer', as I hadn't owned a car in QLD before. The lady behind the counter was, like most aussies, friendly and chatty. She humoured me by letting me have a quick whinge about Jim, my automotive ebay purchase. So named after Jim Morrison because, within the first 2 weeks of owning him, all the bloody doors were f***ed. "Bit of a limon is he?" she asked sympathetically. Yep. Why, only this week I've forked out another $200 on lubricants, spanners and windscreen wipers.Which accounts for why all the speeding tickets I...
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In search of a decent curry on the Sunshine Coast
2008-09-05 00:23:00
It's time to exact my revenge on all those revolting bowls of gravy I've been served in the 'curry' houses of Queensland. For all the soft poppadoms, raw meat starters and insipid spices, I'm going to get my own back... or a libel suit maybe. Firstly, let me start by saying that most restaurant experiences in South East Queensland are really good. Whatever restaurant you choose will offer well cooked, interesting food and plenty of it, served by friendly staff. Now try going to an Indian restaurant.If, as a pom, you wanted to be able recreate those exuberent Friday nights out in the local balti hut, forget it. For a start, they're usually all shut by 10pm, having been trying to waft you out of the door since 9pm. And secondly, the dining experience itself is grim to say the least.Coming from a nation whose favourite national dish is chicken tikka masala (ok, I know it was invented in Glasgow with a tin of tomato soup), whose Indian and Bangladeshi populations provide the most ...
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Flushing the loo in a power cut
2008-09-04 02:16:00
... is not funny. Neither is my neglect of this blog for the entire month of August, for which I apologise - to it, and its reader (hello mum!). My excuses are: (1) I was in Blighty for 3 weeks so couldn't really write about being in oz because I wasn't there.(2) Since being back in oz I've been snowed under with coursework for the final semester of my masters and have barely set foot out of the house, so subsequently...(3)...I've had nothing to write about.But something exciting did happen to us this morning out here in the sticks and it manifested itself when Diver Dave went to have his morning shower. After over a month without rain, with Dave worrying himself alternately about the state of our water tanks (got no mains water) and his new seedlings in the veggie patch (apparently we're growing watermelons now), his prayers have been answered. And once again we are almost cut off from the outside world by rising flood waters triggered by the incessant torrential rain we have ...
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The cost of living in Australia- HOW MUCH??
2008-07-17 23:50:00
"OK, so you want to go back to university - that's fine. But why Australia ?" my Dad was asking, nearly two years ago. Inexplicably, the theme from Family Fortunes ran through my head as background music while I considered my choice of quick fire answers. Was it:(a) "why not?" - the enigmatic reply(b) "it's got better weather" - the chav answer(c) "the laid back lifstyle" - largely based on the holiday I'd just come back from(d) "the cost of living's cheaper" - the uninformed response(e) "I need a change and I wanna spend more time with Dave" - the truth.I opted for a combination of (c) and (d), and steered clear of (e) for more credibility. At that point a big Family Fortune "EH URR" (not there) warning noise should have gone off in my head: Like a lot of poms, I really did think living in oz for two years was going to be cheaper than blighty. Doh!So it was with growing dismay that after arriving, all excited and optimistic, I soon found out the truth: Which is that with only a ...
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Late for coffee in beeyoodiful Noosa
2008-07-16 03:54:00
Standing on the headland and looking at my watch, I knew I had to tear myself away from this idyllic spot. Just a couple more minutes, I told myself. Just enough time to see another couple of water spouts above the humpback whales who were languishing in the middle distance and didn't seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere. Unlike me right now.It was a wrench but I knew that if I didn't get a move on I would be keeping Dave waiting at our favourite cafe along the Noosa River. We can never remember the name of it; we just call it the Elvis cafe because they have a statue of 'Him' outside on Gympie Terrace. From any table there's a great view of where the river meets the sea. At this time of year the sun has set by 5.30pm. I wanted to get there before sundown. It's the middle of winter now but I've just been standing on the edge of an ocean cliff wearing a T-shirt and sunglasses. I took up a brisk pace, returning smiles or hellos to people I passed along the track through the Nat...
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Rally Queensland: A cr*p day out
2008-06-22 09:28:00
If, like me, you are a frustrated petrol head whose only chance of being the next Colin (-ette?) Macrae (RIP) is if the DVLA gave out free lessons in rally driving as a condition of owning a car, then the next best thing might be to mosey on down to your nearest rally event. If your nearest rally is in a UK forest then, so long as the weather holds off and you don't mind a bit of a walk, it should be an interesting few hours. If your nearest event happens to be the Queensland round of the Australian Rally Championship, forget it; I've seen more sideways action on our ride-on lawn mower.The day started badly: Pottering up the highway on Dave's 1953 Matchless motorbike, we were nearly side swiped into the afterlife by a tosser towing a caravan, clearly revelling in the glory of actually being able to overtake something. Shortly afterwards, Dave was stopped at a junction by traffic cops lying in wait for people not stopping at an unnoticeable stop sign. Having been too busy negotiat...
Teaching in Queensland - or trying to
2008-05-24 04:37:00
"I don't believe in ANZAC day so I'm not doing this, " said the eight year old, who then waited to see what I would do next. This was my first day of teaching in Australia, after enjoying 18 months of not doing it, and, as a supply teacher, I needed to weigh up my confrontation options quickly. Fortunately, I had brought with me the world's most boring Harry Potter word search so I sent him off to a corner and we were both happy. Let me start by saying that having your qualified teacher status recognised in Queensland is no easy task. It involves reams of paper, endless queueing up to see a JP and a disturbing trip down memory lane. I will attempt to demonstrate how frustrating this ridiculous, pompous and bureaucratic process is.Round 1 involved tracking down academic transcripts I didn't even know I had. Not content with seeing my degree and post graduate qualifications for teaching, Queensland College of Teachers wanted to see documentation of the grades I obtained for each m...
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Roof monsters in the night
2008-05-16 15:19:00
Midnight. A furtive knock on my bedroom door. A trembling, teenage voice calls out, "Becky..? Are you awake? What's all that noise?" The teenager is my 17 year old brother who's staying for his holiday. The noise he's so worried about has been going on for the last 20 minutes. It can only be described as an all out assault on our tin roof. It sounds like somebody escaping from the police several times over. Whatever it is is romping, yes romping, up and down, and generally showing off. So that rules out Burglar Bill. It can only be one thing: possums. Traditionally, homes down this part of the world have corrugated tin roofs. Which sounds a bit ramshackled, but they really work. Australians and Kiwis often reminisce about the soothing sound of rain on a tin roof. They neglect to mention the scourge of tin roofed attics and soundly sleeping home owners as possums clatter home after a hard night out; peeling back the roof panels and having a huge domestic in the loft before settlin...
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Being British
2008-05-15 04:47:00
OK, OK, I appreciate I may have upset one or two Brits with my last post, suggesting that Cool Britannia was turning into chav central. As I was trying to spot kangaroos while driving down the road the other day, it occurred to me that I may have violated one of the rules of British humour: self deprecation. After all, if you're poking fun at the Motherland from a safe distance overseas, then the bottom line is you're just taking the p*ss. To a Brit, it's only really acceptable to do this if you're resident in the country and suffering like everyone else.So let me say that I am proud to be British. I am even proud to say I'm from Blackpool... sometimes. Living abroad seems to focus the mind on what your nationality means to you. This might be due to the impression it makes on people you meet, or it could just be down to the everyday things you miss about home.Whilst studying at an international campus, it has been interesting to observe the reactions of lecturers and fellow stu...
Trisha for PM?
2008-04-24 04:55:00
At the risk of venturing into politics, of which I know nothing, there are many reasons why I'm in Australia, not the least of which is an Alf Garnett pessimism about the mother country going to the dawgs or some such gloom and doom. And the news this week from a poll of under 25s conducted by Sky is that Britain's 'yoof' have voted Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty as their top role models. Need I say more? Ugh.It's the same reason why I have joined the many pointless thousands on the facebook group known as 'Jeremy Clarkson should be Prime Minister'. There were a few Clarkson for PM facebook groups to choose from; I avoided the one entitled 'Jeremy Clarkson should not be PM because he is a b*nder'! I felt compelled to join up after reading some of the thousands of comments made on Clarkson's articles that have been published on the Times website. After ten years of teaching in 'deprived' areas I was prepared to believe my view of Britain was tainted to say the least, but ...
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Public Transport: Aussies whinge too
2008-04-18 00:57:00
Picture the scene. You're on a long, late night train ride out of the city back to the sticks. You've been shifting about in your seat for ages trying to find a comfy snoozing position. You're now on your third seat because this one doesn't involve you having to pull your head back onto your shoulders after it's lolled off. You're just drifting off nicely when suddenly, a gruff aussie voice shocks you back into consciousness by shouting, "Which station are you getting off at?" before moving off to the next carriage to repeat the question. This is the standard procedure practised by Queensland Rail (QR) conductors every evening on the Brisbane to Nambour service. They go along the whole train, writing down everybody's destinations. They do it so they don't have to stop at all the stations and can practice breaking their own rail speed record in getting to the other end. God help you if you're unfortunate enough to be waiting to get on at any of these optional-ised stations. ...
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Queensland's Most Famous Zoo - Crikey!
2008-04-12 23:58:00
Owing to the vast amounts of litigation this zoo's management now seems to leap into, almost with the same amount of enthusiasm its former boss had for annoying deadly creatures, I'm loath to name it. Suffice to say, the last boss pissed off one creature too many, whilst making a TV programme on how dangerous they were, and was well and truly stingray-ed to death as a consequence. This zoo is most famous for catching and irritating crocodiles, and is now in the hands of the late boss's allegedly warring family. Know which one I mean?Well I went there last week for the first time and I thought it was great. However, this blog didn't get its name for nothing, so let me elaborate.I went with my family who were visiting from the UK. My 17 year old brother had been a big fan of the TV shows, loves animals and was desperate to go. The sight of him shaking, literally, with excitement as we bought our tickets was one of the day's highlights. And the first thing he was dying to look at ...
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Keeping in touch - electronic stylee
2008-03-20 22:30:00
This week I've discovered the pros and cons of the internet revolution, starting with an email from an ex-boyfriend's wife in the UK demanding to know what unspeakable things had been going on between her husband and me behind her back! I classed this as a big fat con.Fortunately, in this case I was not guilty of anything more than a few friendly catch up emails over the last couple of years. In any case, it's a bit difficult doing anything more than that when you live on the other side of the world - my arms aren't long enough. HE - we shall call him Mr S - on the other hand, had apparently abandoned her and their two children, early on in our email exchanges, and had shacked up with someone called Vicky 200 miles away from the marital home. Chav-tastic! His 'love' life always was on a par with the News of the World and, quite frankly, Vicky could be short for Victoria OR Victor.Uncharacteristically for him, Mr S had not deleted some of the incriminating emails from his accou...
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Cane Toads
2008-03-15 12:19:00
At this current moment there are about 30 corpses of varying squidgy sizes littered about our acre property. They are mostly flat with a large dent down the middle. This then is the apocalyptic scene that Dave has left behind in the wake of his scourge on cane toads with a large lump of wood this evening.It is every Australian's duty (so I'm told) to go about murdering these ridiculous creatures as they are a known pest which threatens to wipe out several native Australian species. Which begs the question: What on earth are they doing here then? It's all to do with sugar cane. It appears that way back in the 1930s, some dork, or possibly a group of dorks, decided that in order to rid Queensland's sugar cane of the cane beetle it would be great if they could introduce a species that would eat the beetles, thereby saving all the cane. Enter the cane toad. Now, these animals aren't exactly lively. They are sluggish, lazy and totally stupid. They can be identified by the fact that ...
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Transport Woes: If only everything in life was as reliable as a...yeah righ
2008-03-06 23:53:00
It's lucky I bought that car before Christmas, so that we weren't totally dependent on a 1992 Fordamundo and a 1954 Matchless motorbike, isn't it? So that Diver Dave and I could go off in our opposite directions. You know - the VW I bought off ebay. The 1998 Polo with air conditioning, Mitsubishi wheels, Holden stereo and a gear knob from Super Cheap Auto. The car that Dave christened Jim, after Jim Morrison, because, within two weeks of owning it, all the bloody doors were f***ed.The same car that last week gave up the ghost in spectacular fashion on a right turn at some traffic lights in the middle of Nambour. It decided it didn't want to turn right, or left, or anywhere else for that matter. It certainly wasn't taking me to the railway station so I could catch the 7.03 to Brisbane and it seemed quite happy to sit there as I got redder and redder in the face whilst trying to restart it at the head of an increasingly large queue of traffic: A long line of vehicles that seeming...
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A Medical Procedure on the Wallet
2008-03-06 03:49:00
This last couple of weeks has seen a succession of blows to our bank accounts and transportation arrangements, starting with Diver Dave's leg.Or more specifically, his ankle which received a thorough drubbing when he fell down a mountain. He was running down it on purpose at the time, as a form of recreation, so adjust your sympathy levels accordingly. He is in training for a local event known as King of the (afore mentioned) Mountain. While the incident occurred a few weeks ago, it's only in the last couple of weeks, where it's resolutely stayed the same tree trunk size since it first happened, that we concluded Something Had To Be Done.To begin with, Dave manfully subjected himself to two sessions of rigorous torture at the hands of the physio lady at around $70 a pop. Whilst she was able to treat his right ankle (yes, he injured both of em), she eventually realised she was inflicting too much eye popping pain on the other, now elephantine, foot for him not to go to the doctor...
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Flying to the other side of the world
2008-02-27 07:33:00
Don't do it - would be my advice. But since it's probably the only realistic way for you to get to see the Sydney Opera House/London Eye/Granny-who-still-thinks-you-teach-in- a-village-in-Northamptonshire-cos-everyon e's-too-scared-to-tell-her-the-truth-agai n-and-again (delete as applicable), and you probably don't want to spend $10,000 and 51 days at sea (one way), then read on.My most recent experience was with Etihad, a newish airline who are the official airline of the UAE, which is, as you ALL know, next door to Saudi Arabia and across the Arabian Gulf from Iran. And the capital of the UAE is...?....Come on, come on....... Abu Dhabi , of course. Duh. Knowing all this geography though, having googled it first, had the exact opposite effect of inspiring me with confidence before I travelled. So did the photo I found online of a crumped up Etihad Airbus A340. Apparently it parked itself into a wall during testing at Airbus HQ. I booked Etihad cause it was cheap. Funny that.As it ...
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The visa process - booo...
2008-02-18 23:30:00
A Serious Post.In reply to Ms. FoxyRoxy's question (see comments), this is just my experience of the dreaded immigration process:Applying for a visa for me was dead easy as I just needed a student visa. Once I had an offer from the university in mid September, it was just a matter of applying to the immigration website. The decision was made 3 weeks after my medicals. Visa was granted end of November. In fact, if I had applied nearer to the start of the semester, the process would have been much quicker. There was a limit to how far in advance I could apply for the visa. In the end, it was granted 3 months in advance which gave me plenty of time to get settled and have a bit of a holiday. Diver Dave had a different experience but he was applying for permanent residency. He started in 1999 and didn't leave England until 2001! This was partly due to reorganisation at the immigration office and his immigration agent's incompetence but apparently it can usually take about a year. The...
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DVD regions and Aldi!
2008-02-18 00:57:00
Woo hoo folks - Aldi has finally arrived in Queensland and appears to be the Next Big Thing as far as aussie supermarket shoppers are concerned, bless em. The fact that it's pretty difficult to get a parking space at the new Noosa store should act as a warning shot to the comfortably established chains. However, the Aldi at Logan never seems very busy. Perhaps there are too many poms in the locality who have memories of Aldi back home with their inferior brands and infinite stacks of cardboard boxes.I too have steered clear of this blue and orange mecca - until yesterday. Fed up with trying to play region 2 and region 4 DVDs on the same PC and only succeeding with about 50% of his collection, Diver Dave threw a strop and announced he was going to buy a new DVD player. Having succumbed to the advertising appeal of the flyer put through our mail box, we flounced off to Noosa's Aldi and bought an all singing all dancing DVD player for $34.99!!! That's about 16 quid. Since it's only...
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First trip back to Blighty: more weather
2008-02-12 02:05:00
Blimey! UK public transport's no better then. And what a waste of chocolate biscuits. My love of PLAIN chocolate McVitie's digestives is documented in my blog banner and I have searched high and low for them in Queensland. So far I have located two somewhat unreliable sources but I'm always on the lookout for more.So this was the scene that greeted me on my first trip back to the Motherland after a year of being in oz. More specifically, this was what the tide left behind in my home town of Blackpool, along with one lorry's entire cargo of choccie biccies. Shortly after this photo was taken, the local authorities realised an exclusion zone needed to be put up to stop scavengers being squashed by falling lorries - duh!I went back to England hoping for some better weather than we'd had here in Queensland but, alas, the weather troll had other ideas. While I was in the Lake District we were subjected to regular mini power cuts due to the conditions and the fact that United Utiliti...
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Controversy on ma blog
2008-02-04 20:32:00
Oo er ..well it seems my whaling remark has touched a nerve somewhere (probably in Japan). In the interest of free speech - which the 'commentator' said Australia doesn't have - I have republished the original snotty comment for your consideration:From "Hoge": How do you feel japanese whaling?Japanese whale fishing is completely lawful. And is completely scientific. In addition, it is a Japanese gastronomic culture to eat whales. You should refrain from the act of denying the culture of another country. watch this video.To the person who wants to know why Japan hunts whales [DragonBall] Freezer VS Japanese whaling HXNPVR4Why is there NO Freedom of media in australia?if doubt me? Post my comment this URL.,23599,2315 5612-5007146,00.htmlFebruary 5, 2008 12:42 AMmmm - why is it that the theme from Bridge Over the River Kwai is humming round my head right now? Anyway...My reply:I'...
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A year in Australia
2008-01-13 03:52:00
Yes - that's me snorkelling, having a whale of a time. Which is pretty appropriate given that I appear to have put on about a stone in weight since I've been in oz.Today is the anniversary of my arrival in oz and somebody asked me to sum up my experience so far. Erm... it's a bit hard but the photo speaks volumes.I was asked if the experience had lived up to my expectations. In truth, I didn't have any. I just hoped that going off for an adventure would open up some opportunities and make life a bit happier.Having Diver Dave as my personal escort helped of course! No jokes about his welcome package, please. But life in Brisbane , where we started off, was fairly easy to settle into. Pleasant, tropical city with some fabulous restaurants. Apart from having a slight weeping malfunction after my first programming class, my course turned out to be fairly straight forward. Although I do have my suspicions about how my 'boat race' managed to get on the university's 'star' board fo...
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Places to stay: Noosa
2008-01-09 03:32:00
Ah, Noosa Main Beach. This is where you'd like me describe a beautiful, deserted white sandy shore, fringed with palm trees and a gently lapping turquoise sea. Wouldn't ya? Eh? Well it's nearly all those things, except right this minute.... except right this minute we're experiencing the tail end of Cyclone Well, during the Christmas holidays anyway, it's more like Benidorm only with better food and less beer bellies. Every possible square centimetre of formerly stunning beach is crammed with semi clad, oiled up Aussies all lying prostrate before the god of skin cancer. When they aren't all squeezed together on the beach like a human tetris game, they're provoking surf rage amongst each other in the sea. Heaven help you if should just want to go swimming. Chances are you'll come out with a fin burn across the top of your head. There is an alternative to this madness though. If you can be bothered to walk just a bit further along the boardwalk, up towards the na...
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Christmas Down Under
2007-12-30 10:40:00
Question: What's wrong with this mental image?Father Christmas is sitting in a shopping centre, surrounded by lights, tinsel, trees, presents and a queue of adults and their children. A little boy climbs up onto Santa's lap and .... Yes that part's clearly wrong. But also - the boy is wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. And so is his Dad. And so is everyone else in the shopping centre. Apart from the ones wearing dresses or skirts that is. Welcome to Christmas in the middle of summer.So after almost a week of lounging around, eating too much and cultivating the sort of rotund figure that only Santa would be proud of, it's time to tell you all about our upside down Christmas, a.k.a. Christmas in Australia.It has to be said that crimbo caught me unawares this year. It's been a year now since I was last corrupting the minds of innocent young kiddiewinks and, without the weeks and weeks of tortuous school xmas play rehearsals in front of a head teacher looking like they've chew...
Whales 1 Japan 0
2007-12-21 14:15:00
It seems the new Aussie government really is taking its environmental responsibilities a lot more seriously than the last. Good on ya Mr Rudd! s/world/asia/article3082020.ece
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New spider policy
2007-12-20 02:36:00
Diver Dave and I agree on most things, at the risk of sounding smug in a vomit inducing way. And this week we have agreed on a new policy for dealing with the resident spiders. This was precipitated by our agreed horror on the lingering demise of a large spider that wouldn't go without a fight and a run around the house. The sight of Dave chasing it, wielding a large can of bug spray, successfully hitting it square between many many eyes with not-fast-enough acting poison alternated between the hilarious and the horrendous. It finally expired in my new tupperware bowl. Ick.We agreed that it's not the spider's fault that it's so big and ugly. It's not their fault that they want a nice dry place to shelter in when it's raining. So our agreed coping mechanism when confronted by the urge to scream hysterically over a fast and hairy intruder, is to apportion a personality to it. You know - bored, sleepy , cross, cold... er... pregnant, etc, although we don't actually go as far as ...
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Getting up & going to bed in Australia
2007-12-18 23:36:00
Last night Diver Dave was already in bed asleep by the time I'd finished John Travolta - Inside the Actors' Studio. Well? Could have been worse; could have been Jerry Springer. Well anyway, as I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I became aware of a lot of hoofing about going on outside the door. Judging correctly that not even the resident spiders could be making THAT much noise, I realised it was some new kind of Diver Dave getting-up-and-going-to-bed-again ceremony. When asked (through the bathroom door) what on earth he was up to, Diver Dave replied, "I'm moving out", followed quickly by "..and I'm taking you with me."On venturing out of the bathroom, I discovered that he'd moved all our bedding into the spare room. Why? Because one of our resident spiders had left behind a million billion babies on the bedroom ceiling. We think it was probably the one that Dave chased behind the bookcase the other evening, clearly allowing it to have the last laugh....
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Buying a used car (part 2): Ebay redeemed
2007-12-18 04:21:00
Hooray for ebay! I've been tootling around in my new car now for a few days. And so far, so good. Courtesy of Joel of auto_traders2006, I received it a week after I paid for it. I paid on the Thursday, it was sent to the Sydney depot on Monday and arrived in Brisbane the following Thursday. The service was second to none and Joel kept me informed all the way. The car is all good, looks nice, drives well and with only a couple of little quirks in keeping with a ten year old car. All the bits are in the right places and, although it lacks a few horses going up hills, it's fine for pottering about. Trying very hard not to compare it to my Lupo Gti which often makes a surprising 'grrrr' noise for such a small car and gets me to my destination yesterday.While I hesitate to recommend that people buy a car on ebay without having looked at it, here's a checklist to ease those worries:a) Do your research. Spend time looking at how much similar models are selling for and in which state. ...
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