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Join me in a journey to this great country.... Egypt...The Gift of the Sun...


2008-01-15 05:49:00
Cairo, in the shadow of the pyramids Cairo, now the capital of Egypt, owes much to Memphis, the first capital of a unified country attended Upper and Lower Egypt. Launched at Saqqara the XXVIth century BC by the architect Imhotep, fashion Pyramid has been in the vicinity of Cairo one of the most visited places in ...
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Les Tombes des Nobles
2008-01-14 01:39:00
Passage to the world of the dead On the west bank of the Nile, more than 400 graves, dating from the sixth dynasty to the Greco-Roman period, mingle with the villagers of Gurna. These tombs are composed of several rooms and galleries. They differ markedly from royal tombs by their architectural simplicity and frescoes with scenes ...
Video 1 part: Secret Of The Egypt Pyramids
2008-01-14 01:30:00
Of all the Pyramids of Egypt , the Great Pyramid of Giza is by far the most mysterious. It is so imposing, so perfect, you can see why many insist it could only be the work of mere mortals. It must be a creation of the gods, whatever, or foreigners. Finally, it appears that the ancient riddle ...
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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina
2008-01-10 06:45:00
Is the first word that comes to mind when it comes to talk of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which, in addition to being a library, is a true cultural complex. The Ancient Library of Alexandria was born in the year 295 BC, and is established by King Ptolemy I, the successor of the legendary Alexander the great. ...
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Egyptian Museum in Cairo
2008-01-10 06:34:00
In modern Cairo , on the street Mariette Pacha, ochre in a building, built in 1902, Greco-Roman style, stands the Egypt ian Museum , the place squeezed between El-Tahrir and the bus station, and bringing together all the ‘Art of pharaonic Egypt. The french Egyptologist Auguste Mariette (1821-1881), whose bronze statue (work by Denys Puech) and the tomb ...
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The Valley of the Kings
2008-01-10 06:25:00
Since the eighteenth dynasty, the burial place of the kings is on the site formerly named “Place of greatness” or “Place of truth.” Bereft of vegetation, this desert is dominated by Mount al-Qurn (Horn), natural shape of a pyramid. Having become the Valley of the Kings , the graves are dug in the arid mountain inspiration ...
2008-01-10 06:15:00
The modern Thebes As a sword, the Nile Luxor cut in two: the modern city with the village of Karnak on the one hand, and the old cemetery on the other side of the shore. Tradition and serenity mingle with the bustle of the metropolis. Beneath the quiet streets, where children play in the dust, where ...
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Queen Hatshepsut
2008-01-10 05:58:00
First regent, (because Tuthmosis III son-in-law and his nephew or his son was still a small child) Hachepsout exercised power until his death 22 during the few years of his reign Egypt known a commercial and artistic prosperity, and a flourishing religious. One of the most striking works of this queen was peaceful organization, and implementation ...
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Tuthmosis III
2008-01-10 05:53:00
Tuthmosis III 1504-1450 Pharaoh of Egypt he was the son of Tuthmosis II and a concubine, son of Queen Hatshepsut by his marriage with his half-sister. Succeeding his father in 1504 BC., Tuthmosis III was dismissed in the shade by Hatshepsut, who ruled the country of fact and not left to the young king a nominal ...
Ramses II
2008-01-10 05:38:00
He will inherit the empire constituted by its distant predecessor, Touthmôsis III and strengthened by his father Seti I. His kingdom stretched from the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, to the east, to Libya to the west, Sudan, South and the islands of the Aegean, in the north. He was married to six times, ...
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Ramses III
2008-01-10 05:23:00
Ramses III, which was the heir and the son of the great spiritual Ramses II, strengthen the power of pr?tres and prepare a survey of temples in Egypt. At the military level, it will provide the country with a fleet of warships in charge of protecting the mouth of the Nile threatened by the peoples ...
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