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First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Houses in Palermo Viejo / Casas en/em Palermo Viejo
2007-01-14 20:06:00
First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Pale rmo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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Doors of Palermo Viejo / Puertas de Palermo Viejo / Portas de Palermo Viejo
2007-01-14 19:53:00
First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Pale rmo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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I was tagged by Alan from to write about my
2007-01-14 15:47:02
I was tagged by Alan from to write about my perfect day in Palermo Viejo. My top day includes enjoying the neighborhood charming streets, spending a great time and indulging myself. After a one-hour swim at my club, I head off to Eterna Cadencia, a nice bookstore & coffeeshop in Palermo Hollywood; I drink a cup of coffee surrounded by design books, discover some new interesting writers and enjoy the pleasant ambiance. After an hour, I?m ready to start my photography tour. I wander around the quiet streets towards Palermo Soho. I discover places and details I have never noticed before and decide to make a collection of ?Doors of Palermo Viejo? snapshots until lunchtime. Then, I meet my family at Bereber, which is one of my preferred restaurants in PV. After having enjoyed a delicious meal in a homely atmosphere, I?m ready to continue walking. Now it?s shopping time. I pick some funky soaps at Sabater Hermanos, then I try out several great looking outfits...
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Last post of the year / Último post del año / Último post do
2006-12-26 09:31:02
I hope you have all had a great Christmas & Hannukah.2006 is almost gone, I can't believe it. This might be my last post of the year.Thanks to all of you for reading this blog. It's been a great experience for me since February, I've learnt a lot about blogging, I?ve made new friends, practiced my languages & found very interesting websites, among other things.Let me tell you I was tagged for a MEME of "My perfect day in trendy Palermo Viejo" by another blogger, Alan. As I promised to him, I'll write about it as soon as I get the time to take new pictures, probably in January. There are also some other features I'd like to add to this blog. So far, I've added some more links on the left column, as well as previews by Snap. I'm not sure yet to like this tool. I'd like to know your opinion. Do you find it useful?Happy holidays and my best wishes for 2007. See you soon.*Espero que hayan pasado una linda Navidad o Hanukah.2006 ya casi termina. No lo puedo creer. Esta puede s...
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PV filmed by / filmado por Martin Varsavsky
2006-12-22 09:28:01
Martin Varsavsky is a successful entrepreneur. He filmed a video with his mobile and posted it on his blog. He filmed some shops on Honduras St. then, he turned to the left to Gurruchaga St. (when you?ll see a worker preparing an "asado" on the street) towards El Salvador St. *Martin Varsavsky es un exitoso entrepreneur. Con su celular, filmó un video sobre algunas tiendas en la calle Honduras y lo subió a su blog. Ahí podrán ver también que dobló en la esquina de Gurruchaga hacia El Salvador, donde verán a un obrero preparando un asado en medio de la calle.* Martin Varsavsky é um entrepreneur com éxito. Com o seu celular, ele filmou um vídeo sobre algumas lojas de Palermo Viejo na rua Honduras e colocou no seu blog. Vocês poderão ver que ele vira na rua Gurruchaga na direção de El Salvador. Ali ele filma um operário fazendo um asado no meio da rua.
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Festival del Buen Día
2006-12-17 09:24:02
Today was the 10th edition of the ?Fest ival del Buen Día? which takes place at the Plaza Palermo Viejo between Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Armenia & Malabia streets. Like the previous editions, there are bands playing and stands selling clothings, jewelry, bags, etc. from noon 'till midnight. Bars surrounding the area set tables on the street. This year there were more street vendors competing in an unloyal way with those who had paid for a booth. Design, music, shopping and hot weather.With a temperature around 104ºF, I went to the plaza to take some shots. They are not very good but I hope you can get an idea of the event. Well, as I was writing this post, it started to rain so heavily, I guess the event will end before of time. Did you go there? What do you think about it?*Hoy se realizó la 10º edición del Festival del Buen Día en la Plaza Palermo Viejo, entre las calles Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Armenia y Malabia. Como en las ediciones anteriores, se presentan bandas de rock y hay...
Christmas windows / Vidrieras navideñas / Vitrinas de Natal
2006-12-15 21:22:02
One more time I chose Slide to post snaps here. I liked the snow effect on it, even with 75ºF right at this moment. These are some of the Christ mas ornaments and windows I liked the most in Palermo Viejo. I hope you like them.Una vez más elegí Slide para presentar las fotos aquí. Me gustó el efecto de la nieve aunque tengamos 24ºC en este momento. Estas son algunas de las vidrieras navideñas de Palermo Viejo que más me gustaron. Las comparto con Uds.Mais uma vez escolhí Slide para colocar imagens aquí. Gostei do efeito da neve, mesmo tendo 24ºC neste mesmo instante. Estas são algumas das vitrines de Natal em Palermo Viejo que mais gostei. As compartilho com vocês.
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Local celebrities who live in Palermo / Actores que viven en
2006-12-14 09:20:03
Noticias magazine published recently an article about local celebrities and the neighborhoods where they live. Facundo Arana, Natalia Oreiro, Paola Krum, Claribel Medina, Inés Estévez, Fabián Vena, Ricardo Darín & Gabriel ?el Puma? Goity, among others, chose Palermo . You can read the article here.La revista Noticias publicó recientemente una nota sobre famosos que viven en Palermo Viejo: Facundo Arana, Natalia Oreiro, Paola Krum, Claribel Medina, Inés Estévez y Fabián Vena, Ricardo Darín y Gabriel ?el Puma? Goity, entre otros. Pueden leer la nota completa aquí.A revista Noticias publicou um artigo recentemente sobre famosos que moram em Palermo Viejo entre outros bairros da cidade. Facundo Arana, Natalia Oreiro, Paola Krum, Claribel Medina, Inés Estévez, Fabián Vena, Ricardo Darín e Gabriel ?el Puma? Goity, entre outros, são alguns dos atores que escolheram Palermo Viejo. Leiam o artigo aqui.
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BA: second top city for shopaholics/ Segunda ciudad top para
2006-12-09 09:15:03
According to an article recently published on MSNBCBA is the second city in the world for shopping excursions. ?Besides being the most beautiful city in Latin America, Buenos Aires is also home to some of the world?s most beautiful people.? Read the entire article here and find more info here and here.Coming soon: Christmas windows.Have a nice weekend!*Según un artículo publicado recientemente por MSNBC, Bs.As. es la segunda ciudad en el mundo para realizar compras. El artículo dice, además, que Buenos Aires es la ciudad más bella de América Latina y que posee a la gente más linda del mundo. Lean la nota entera aquí y encuentren más info aquí y aquí. En breve: vidrieras navideñas.Buen fin de semana!*Um artigo publicado recentemente pela MSNBC, define Buenos Aires como a segunda cidade do mundo para fazer compras. O texto diz também, que Buenos Aires é a cidade mais bela da América Latina e lar das pessoas mais bonitas do mundo. Leiam o artigo inteiro aqui e encontrem mais informação...
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Museum of Polo / Museo del Polo /Museu do Polo
2006-12-07 21:13:05
For Polo lovers, check out the new Muse um of Polo in Palermo Viejo:*Para los amantes del Polo, hay un nuevo Museo del Polo en Palermo Viejo:*Para os amantes do esporte Polo, há um novo Museu do Polo em Palermo Viejo:
Palermo Viejo chosen by expats /elegido por los extranjeros
2006-12-02 15:07:43
BA is getting more cosmopolitan than ever and Pale rmo Viejo is definitively one of the neighborhoods chosen by foreigners to settle down. This article published today by La Nación describes the current situation as I witness it everyday. It is also interesting to notice that today, my sitemeter's country share indicates that only 32% of the Trendy Palermo Viejo?s readers are from Argentina. It means that almost 70% of the readers of this blog belong to other countries. Many of you are probably reading it because you might have a great vacation here. You don?t know yet that you?ll fall in love with this country.*Bs.As. está cada vez más cosmopolita y Palermo Viejo es uno de los barrios más elegidos por los extranjeros para instalarse. El artículo publicado hoy en La Nación describe la situación como yo la presencio diariamente. También es interesante observar que el country share de mi sitemeter de hoy indica que sólo el 32% de los lectores de Trendy Palermo Viejo pertenece a Argent...
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Gallery Nights Palermo Viejo day after/ día siguiente / dia
2006-12-02 15:07:43
La Nación says Gallery Night s in Pale rmo Viejo had more public than the expected, in spite of the bad weather. Here is their article.I was busy at work and then at home, so I couldn't attend. Did you?*La Nación dice que Gallery Nights en Palermo Viejo convocó a más público del esperado, a pesar del mal tiempo. Aquí está su nota.Yo estuve ocupada con trabajo y luego en casa, así que no pude ir. ¿Y Uds.?*La Nación conta que Gallery Nights em Palermo Viejo convocou mais público do que o esperado, apesar do mal tempo. Leia aqui o artigo.Eu estive ocupada com trabalho e logo em casa e não pude ir. E vocês?
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Gallery Nights
2006-12-02 15:07:43
The week of art takes place until 10/7 and tonight it's "Gallery Night s" in Palermo Viejo. More info here.En el marco de la semana del arte, Palermo Viejo participa hoy del "Gallery Nights " . Más info aquí.No marco da semana da arte, Palermo Viejo participa hoje do "Gallery Nights". Mais info aqui.
Sponsor spotlight: Atípica
2006-12-01 17:20:09
Check out Atípica for fine handmade goods & artworks by local indie designers & artists!*Una parada obligatoria en Palermo Viejo es Atípica, donde encontrarán objetos placenteros hechos a mano por artistas y diseñadores locales!*Conhecem a Atípica? Esta loja oferece peças únicas feitas à mão por artistas e designers argentinos.
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Red Passion District
2006-12-01 17:20:09
There will be a Campari event in Palermo Viejo from 11/24 to 12/2. Check out the activities here.Habrá un evento Campari en Palermo Viejo del 24/11 al 2/12. Las actividades pueden ser leídas aquí.Haverá um evento Campari em Palermo Viejo do 24/11 ao 2/12. A lista de atividades está aqui.
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The Bush twins choose Palermo Viejo / Las mellizas Bush elig
2006-12-01 17:20:09
Photo by Clarín.Of all neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Jenna & Barbara Bush chose Pale rmo Viejo to spend most of their time in this city. Not only they stayed in Palermo Hollywood hotels, the twins also celebrated their 25th birthday in a restaurant called El Diamante, located on Malabia and El Salvador.Read the article here.*De todos los barrios de Buenos Aires, Jenna y Barbara Bush eligieron Palermo Viejo para pasar la mayor parte de su tiempo en esta ciudad. No sólo se hospedaron en hoteles de Palermo Hollywood, sino que celebraron su 25to cumpleaños en el restaurante El Diamante en Malabia y El Salvador.Más info aquí.*De todos os bairros de Buenos Aires, Jenna e Barbara Bush escolheram Palermo Viejo para passar a maioria do seu tempo nesta cidade. Elas se hospedaram em hotéis de Palermo Hollywood e celebraram o seu 25º aniversário no restaurante El Diamante na rua Malabia e El Salvador. Mais info aqui.
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2006-12-01 17:20:09
Hi folks, I realized that the dates for the Campari event were incorrectly published on their site. The event started tonight with a tango show right at the corner of El Salvador and Malabia St.I?ve just taken a look at the Mora Godoy rehearsal before her tango show tonight. It was nice to witness it under a warm night among neighbours with their kids and dogs. A very familiar atmosphere, indeed and a pleasant surprise for the tourists who were passing by, since Mora Godoy is considered one of the best tango dancers we have nowadays. I?m sorry I wasn?t carrying my camera.*Hola! Hoy me di cuenta de que una de las fechas publicadas en el sitio de Campari es incorrecta ya que el inicio del evento fue hoy, con un show de tango en la esquina de El Salvador y Malabia. Presencié el ensayo del show de Mora Godoy, considerada una de las mejores bailarinas de tango de nuestro país en la actualidad. Fue lindo verla bailar en esta cálida noche, entre vecinos con sus hijos y mascotas. Sin dudas,...
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What is it? / ¿Qué es esto? / O que é isto?
2006-12-01 17:20:09
The scenario above at the Nike shop surprised me today. Then I found out what it was. Here is the explanation.*La instalación en la fachada del local de Nike me sorprendió hoy. Luego descubrí de qué se trataba. Aquí está la explicación.*A instalação na loja da Nike me surpreendeu hoje. Logo soube do que se tratava. Aqui está a explicação.
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Bike tour /Tour de bicicleta
2006-12-01 17:20:09
La Bicicleta Naranja organizes bike tours departing from Palermo Viejo. Next tour is on Saturday 8th. Check it out at Bicicleta Naranja organiza tours en bicicleta, partiendo de Palermo Viejo. El próximo tour es el sábado 8. Más info en Bicicleta Naranja organiza tours em bicicleta, partindo de Palermo Viejo. O próximo é no sábado 8. Mais informação em
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Armenia between/entre Honduras & Gorriti
2006-12-01 17:20:09
Right at the corner of Armenia at Honduras St., check out the shop Van Domselaar, followed by Awada, Eikeel and designer Mariano Toledo?s boutique (interesting website with drawings). He also has a Fashion Design school. Then, visit Bacano (furniture + art).On the opposite hand, Orbital offers glasses, Caro Cuore, lingerie for teenagers and then is Puma. Men can visit Franco Pasotti, Postman and Ushckani. Graciela Naum (which is one of princess Máxima Zorreguieta?s favorite designers) is also located here. Charlotte Solnicki is next and finally La Brunilda (pasta & meat) is at the corner.*Justo en la esquina de Armenia y Honduras se encuentra Van Domselaar, seguido de Awada, Eikeel y el local de diseñador Mariano Toledo (interesante sitio web con bocetos), quien también tiene una escuela de Diseño de Modas. Bacano (muebles + arte) completa la cuadra.En la vereda de enfrente Orbital ofrece lentes, Caro Cuore, lencería para adolescentes y la marca Puma sigue a continuación. Los ho...
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17 articles about BA / 17 artículos sobre Bs.As. / 17 artigo
2006-12-01 17:20:09
Here are some more articles published by international media about Buenos Aires & Palermo Viejo. Some are more recent than others.Aquí hay más artículos publicados por medios internacionales sobre Bs.As. y Palermo Viejo. Algunos son más recientes que otros.Mais artigos publicados pela mídia internacional sobre Buenos Aires e Palermo Viejo. Alguns são mais recentes do que outros.
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Armenia between /entre El Salvador & Honduras
2006-12-01 17:20:09
On 7/15 I wrote a post about Armenia St. between Costa Rica & El Salvador .Today let?s stroll one more block along Armenia St.After crossing El Salvador St, you?ll find Jazmín Chebar (this designer, who was one of the firsts to settle down in Palermo Viejo, now has stores on shopping malls). Next to it, Adelante (clothing) invites you to step inside this house turned into a store. Then, you can try on some shoes at Mandarine and after that, you can have a coffee at Barseis or go upstairs to new Little Rose and have sushi & tea. Ready to continue? Check out some more shoes at Sybil Vane (you can also get them at the malls), get a cool umbrella at Seco and glasses at Exe. Pablo Battaglia?s boutique is next and then Raíces Cautivas offers T-shirts with ethnique motifs. Before crossing the street, get some ?facturas? (Argentine croissants) at traditional Las Familias right at the corner.Find across the street Tienda Tres (a 3 designers boutique), Maria Allo (designer of Allo Martine...
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Palermo Fest
2006-12-01 17:20:09
I learned through Pale rmo nline that October was declared Palermo?s month by the City authorities: ?Según declaración del 15 de Octubre de 1998 N-407/998 la Legislatura de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires declara el mes de Octubre como el mes del Barrio de Palermo?.This year, a series of activities were organized to celebrate the neighborhood?s month. You can see the schedule on the Palermo Fest website.Me enteré a través de Palermonline que Octubre es el mes de Palermo: ?Según declaración del 15 de Octubre de 1998 N-407/998 la Legislatura de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires declara el mes de Octubre como el mes del Barrio de Palermo?.Este año, se organizó una serie de actividades para celebrar el mes de Palermo. En Palermo Fest pueden ver la programación.Fiquei sabendo via Palermonline que Outubro é o mes do bairro Palermo, segundo a Legislatura da Cidade de Buenos Aires: ?Según declaración del 15 de Octubre de 1998 N-407/998 la Legislatura de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires ...
First design festival in BA / Primer festival de diseño en /
2006-12-01 17:20:09
The CMD (Metropolitan Center of Desi gn ) announces the first design festival in Buenos Aires, from October 12 to 29. Architecture, fashion and product design are some of the disciplines involved. Many activities will take place in Palermo Viejo. Check out the complete schedule at the CMD website.*El CMD (Centro Metropolitano de Diseño) anuncia el primer festival de diseño en Buenos Aires, del 12 al 29 de octubre. Arquitectura, diseño de moda y de producto son algunas de las disciplinas participantes. Varias actividades ocurrirán en el barrio de Palermo Viejo. La programación completa se encuentra en el sitio del CMD.*O CMD (Centro Metropolitano de Design) anuncía o primeiro festival de design em Buenos Aires, do 12 ao 29 de outubro. Arquitetura, design de moda e de produto são algumas das disciplinas que participam. Haverá várias atividades em Palermo Viejo. Veja a programação completa no site do CMD.
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Mother?s Day / Día de la Madre / Dia das Mães
2006-12-01 17:20:09
This Sunday we celebrate Mother ?s Day. Some shops offer special discounts for the occasion, such as:Corre Lola: second pair of shoes with 30% off. Niceto Vega 4689.Eufemia: 15% off. El Salvador 4601.Atípica: (photo): one-of-a-kind hand-painted shirt, $69. Getting two, $55 each. Also, with any purchase of $30 or more, obtain a 15% discount for your next visit. El Salvador 4510.Glam: 10% off on tops. Armenia 1460.Épica: 20% off on second purchase. Armenia 1708.Joie de Vivre: 20% off. Cabrera 5291.More info here. Happy Mother?s Day!*Este domingo celebramos el Día de la Madre. Algunas tiendas ofrecen descuentos especiales para la ocasión, como por ejemplo:Corre Lola: segundo par de zapatos con 30% off. Niceto Vega 4689.Eufemia: 15% off. El Salvador 4601.Atípica: (foto): remera pintada a mano, $69. Llevando dos, $55 cada una. Además, con cualquier compra de $30 ó más, obtenés un cupón con 15% de descuento para la visita siguiente. El Salvador 4510.Glam: 10% off en tops. Armenia 1460.Épic...
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