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First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Atípica: Special Sale!
2009-05-10 22:01:00
Up to 50% off on all items! This week only!*Rebajas de hasta el 50% en todos los items. Sólo esta semana!*Descontos de até 50% em todos os produtos. Só por esta semana!*Soldes! Prix réduits jusqu?à 50% dans tous les produits. Seulement dans cette semaine!** cash only / sólo efectivoAtípicaEl Salvador 4510First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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Street Art
2009-04-28 16:51:00
First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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Article about bookstores / Artigo sobre livrarias / Nota sobre librerías /
2009-04-19 23:57:00
Sometimes life gets complicated and we don?t find time to do all the things we like. I haven?t been blogging recently and I?m really sorry. But today I read this article on La Nación about bookstores in the neighborhood, so here it is. Have a nice week!*A veces la vida se vuelve complicada y uno no encuentra tiempo para hacer todo lo que quisiera. No he estado blogueando recientemente y lo siento mucho. Pero hoy leí esta nota en La Nación sobre librerías en el barrio y la comparto con Uds. aquí. ¡Buena semana!*A vida fica complicada às vezes e a gente não tem tempo para fazer tudo o que gostaria. Eu não estive escrevendo aqui últimamente, mas hoje li um artigo sobre livrarias no bairro que vocês podem achar interessante. O artigo publicado na La Nación está aqui. Boa semana!*Parfois la vie est compliquée et nous ne trouvons pas du temps pour faire tout ce que nous voulons. Il y a des semaines que je n?écrit pas ici. Désolais. Mais aujourd?hui j?ai lu un texte sur librairies que peut...
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Having your hair done in Palermo Viejo / Peluquerías en PV / Cabelereiros e
2009-03-01 23:13:00
Porteños are very proud of their looks. That might explain why there's such a huge offering of hair stylists in this city, and most are very good. So, why don?t you try a new hair cut or a change of style while visiting? Here is a list of places you can choose from, all located in Palermo Viejo.*Es sabido que los porteños son muy cuidadosos de su imagen. Eso explica porqué hay tanta oferta de peluquerías en la ciudad, y la mayoría es buena. Así que, ¿porqué no probar un corte de pelo nuevo o un cambio de estilo mientras visitan Buenos Aires? Aquí les dejo una lista de peluquerías para que elijan en Palermo Viejo.*Todo mundo sabe que os ?porteños? são muito cuidadosos com a sua imagem. Isso explica a quantidade de cabelereiros que existe na cidade, e a maioria, é muito boa. Então, porque não experimentar uma mudança de estilo enquanto visitam Buenos Aires? Aqui deixo uma lista de lugares em Palermo Viejo para que vocês escolham.*Tout le monde sait que les ?porteños? sont très concer...
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Should I continue paying taxes? / ¿Debo seguir pagando impuestos? / Devo pa
2009-02-13 14:11:00
As the local government is thinking about enforcing a series of measures to promote street vendors in Palermo Viejo, I can?t help but think about the following:- Street vendors don?t pay rent for putting a cloth or a table at the street with their products, which, most of the times, are made in China or India, or bought somewhere.- Street vendors sell often their products at the same price than most stores.- Street vendors don?t pay taxes.- Street vendors leave the streets filthy after they are done for the day.On the other hand:- I have helped support around 80 local artists, craftsmen and designers at my shop/gallery Atípica for almost six years.- I support Argentine design and creativity.- I support hand-crafted high quality.- I pay my rent on time.- My electricity, telephone and other services bills are 40% more expensive because I am engaged in a commercial activity.- I pay taxes such as ?Monotributo? and ?Ingresos Brutos?.- I pay for maintaining bank accounts, and for operatin...
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Sale / Rebajas / Liquidações / Soldes
2009-02-10 02:33:00
Most of the shops in Palermo Viejo are offering reduced prices, which sometimes reach up to 70% off in some items. Many boutiques are displaying already their new collections. This is the case of Atípica, which has reduced prices on hand-painted tops, jewelry and art, among other pieces, and is announcing also, the arrival of a new collection of ceramic mates, note-books, key-holders, tote bags and napkin-holders with Argentine icons such as ?empanada?, ?sifón?, ?bandoneón?, ?colectivo? and ?la vaca?. So, check it out at 4510 El Salvador St.*La mayoría de los locales de Palermo Viejo está liquidando, a veces con descuentos de hasta 70%. Muchas tiendas ya presentan sus nuevas colecciones. Este es el caso de Atípica, que ofrece descuentos en arte, bijouterie y remeras pintadas a mano, entre otros items, a la vez que presenta la llegada de una nueva línea de mates de cerámica, anotadores, llaveros, bolsos y servilleteros con íconos argentinos como la empanada, la vaca, el sifón, el col...
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Tonight: Milonga at Plaza Palermo Viejo / Hoy: Milonga en Plaza Palermo Vie
2009-01-30 14:25:00
Tonight, at 9 PM, enjoy Milonga ?s exhibitions and free classes at the Plaza Palermo Viejo (Armenia and Costa Rica). It?s organised by the Government of the City. More info here.*Hoy, viernes 30 de enero a las 21 hs., la Plaza Palermo Viejo (Armenia y Costa Rica) será escenario de una milonga al aire libre con proyecciones bailables, exhibiciones y clases abiertas. Organiza el Gobierno de la Ciudad. Más info aquí.*Hoje à noite, às 21 horas, a Praça Palermo Viejo (Armenia e Costa Rica) será cenário de exhibições e aulas grátis de milonga. O evento é organizado pero Governo da Cidade. Veja mais detalhes.*Ce soir, à 9 heures, il y aura des clases gratuits et shows de milonga à la Plâce Palermo Viejo (Armenia et Costa Rica). C?est organisé par le Gouvernement de la Ville. Plus.First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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TPV at GlobalPost & Victoire Mag / TPV en GlobalPost y Victoire Mag / TPV n
2009-01-30 14:21:00
Trendy Palermo Viejo has been selected to be included in the ?World?s Best Bloggers? section of the new international news website ( which launched on January 12.When they contacted me a few weeks ago, they told me that after reviewing thousands of blogs worldwide, they have found mine to be one of the best blogs in my country. Wow. Thank you very much!!!This blog was also included in an article about cities to explore published by Victoire Mag (Belgium) last Saturday. Merci beaucoup!!!*Trendy Palermo Viejo fue elegido para ser parte de la sección ?World?s Best Bloggers? del nuevo sitio de noticias internacionales ( lanzado el pasado 12 de enero.Cuando me contactaron hace unas semanas, me dijeron que revisaron miles de blogs de todo el mundo y el mío fue seleccionado como uno de los mejores de Argentina. Wow. ¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!!Este blog también fue incluido en un artículo sobre ciudades a visitar, publicado por la revista belga Victoire Mag , el sábad...
Taj Mahal - restaurant
2009-01-28 14:14:00
I won?t write a detailed account about a bad dinning experience I recently had at Mott. I?d rather say that their chef?s literary skills are far better than his cooking. The menu reads delicious. The food? forget about it.Instead, I?d like to share with you a brief description of a dinner I had last Saturday at Taj Mahal , a Northern India cuisine restaurant that opened 5 months ago on Nicaragua St., between Scalabrini Ortiz and Gascón.In a simple and relaxed atmosphere with few ornaments from India and Bollywood videos on plasma TVs, the public -locals, foreigners and, good sign, Indians- seemed to be enjoying themselves. We had naan with 3 different sauces: ginger, coriander and mint; sugarcane; and hot chilli. This was served with strawberry and maracujá daikiris, and I also ordered a lemonade made with mint, salt and pepper (delicious though I suspect must be an acquired taste!).Our waitress, Maria, explained all the specialties with patience and a smile. We were a party of fou...
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Good news for Starbucks? lovers / Buenas noticias para amantes de Starbucks
2009-01-22 02:00:00
Starbucks.Starbucks Coffee is opening soon (possibly by the end of February) at Fuentes de Malabia - Malabia between El Salvador and Costa Rica.*Starbucks Coffee abrirá una sucursal en breve (posiblemente a fines de febrero) en Fuentes de Malabia ? Malabia, entre El Salvador y Costa Rica.*Starbucks Coffee inaugurará loja em breve (possívelmente no fim de fevereiro) em Fuentes de Malabia, Malabia, entre El Salvador e Costa Rica.*Starbucks Coffee arrivera au quartier à la fin de février, chez Fuentes de Malabia (Malabia, entre El Salvador et Costa Rica).First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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Palermo's streets- how they got their names / Las calles de Palermo y sus n
2009-01-15 02:48:00
Many foreign visitors keep asking me why there are so many streets named after Latin American countries in Palermo Viejo, so I did a little research and here are some facts.In 1890, the city of Buenos Aires had spread to such extent that it was necessary to formaly name the streets in those neighbourhoods which were far away from the original core of the city - San Telmo. Therefore, in 1893, the government issued a bill organising and naming most streets in the city, including the neighbourhood of Palermo Viejo. At the time, it was decided to name streets by groups to honor historical personalities, countries, artists and so on. This explains why we find in PV so many streets named after Latin American countries (Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala), legislators (Uriarte, Malabia, Gurruchaga, Serrano, Cabrera, Gorriti) and scientists (Humboldt, Fitz Roy, Bonpland). As a matter of fact, I remember people used to mention the area as ?América Central?, years before ...
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Last snaps of 2008 / Últimas fotos de 2008 / Derniers photos de 2008
2008-12-28 01:51:00
I wish you all a Happy New Year!*¡Les deseo a todos un feliz 2009!*Feliz Ano Novo para todos vocês!*Heureux 2009!First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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Local design for the holidays / Diseño autóctono para las fiestas / Design
2008-12-17 13:36:00
Holiday season: surprise your family & friends with Argentine design. Atípica brings to you an original way of enjoying these holidays, adding local colors and motifs to your home decoration and gifts.- Decorating the Christmas tree: mobile ($45 pesos each) or set of 8 units (includes llama, sheep, cap, cactus, musicians, ?cholitas? and horse) $270. Nativity $55. Good luck dolls $150.- For the table: colored gourds ($28), trays, center pieces and candle holders ($15 pesos).- Embellish your home: wall hangings, mirrors, picture-frames and boxes with patterns taken from aboriginal cultures.- For the ladies: variety of fun & contemporary jewelry. Hand painted and embroidered tops. Hand-knitted scarves.- For men: hand-printed t-shirts ($55) & office accessories (mouse-pads, pencil holders, notebooks and more).- For the girls: handmade dolls ($45).Happy holidays!*En estas fiestas sorprendé a tus seres queridos con diseño autóctono. Atípica les propone una nueva forma de celeb...
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Two new shops / Dos tiendas nuevas / Duas lojas novas / Deux boutiques nouv
2008-12-12 14:56:00
I read about two new places I?d like to check out. Have you been there already? / Leí acerca de dos tiendas nuevas que me llamaron la atención. ¿Ya las conocen por acaso? / Eu li na Internet sobre duas lojas novas que quero conhecer. Vocês já as conhecem? / J'ai lu dans l'Internet sur deux nouvelles boutiques que je voudrai connaître. Vous les connaissez déjà? 1. Época Bella: Vintage soaps / Jabones vintage / Sabonetes tipo antigos / Savons « vintage »2. Bien Fifí (Cabrera 5050): Everything for pampering cats and dogs / Accesorios para perros y gatos fifís / Acessórios para cachorros e gatos finoles / Tous pour gatêr des chiens et chats.First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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Pasaje Voltaire
2008-12-12 13:44:00
Pasaje Voltaire is a two blocks residential street located between Angel J. Carranza and Arévalo streets, on the Hollywood side of Palermo Viejo. This narrow street has no commercial activity. I hope it continues like this since it still keeps that special charm of the neighbourhood, which, unfortunately, is being lost in many parts of the area, with new constructions and the invasion of too many street vendors.Pasaje Voltaire es una callecita angosta de dos cuadras, ubicada entre las calles Angel J. Carranza y Arévalo, en el lado Hollywood de Palermo Viejo. Este pasaje residencial no tiene actividad comercial. Espero que permanezca así, ya que aún tiene intacto ese encanto especial del barrio, que se está perdiendo con tantas construcciones nuevas y la invasión de demasiados vendedores callejeros. Pasaje Voltaire é uma rua residencial de dois quarterões somente, entre as ruas Angel J. Carranza e Arévalo, no lado Hollywood de Palermo Viejo. Esta rua estreita ainda não apresenta ativ...
A few updates / Actualizaciones / Novidades / Nouveautés
2008-11-25 15:11:00
- Andrea Garmendia, who used to offer knitted garments on El Salvador & Malabia, and Add (sunglasses) on Malabia and Honduras Sts. are gone.- Peter Kent (luxury leather handbags) is arriving next to Claude Bernard shoes on Gorriti St. and Malabia.- Camper (Spanish shoes) has a store in Malabia & Honduras and Penguin is at the corner of Gurruchaga & Santa Rosa.- Bokura is now located where Mercer used to be (El Salvador and Armenia).- La Salamandra (El Salvador 4761) bills itself as a ?dulce de leche and mozzarella cafe?, a strange combination for some people, but I?m sure it?s worth a visit since their owners produce dairy products, such as cheese and famous milk caramel, the dulce de leche.- Next to Eufemia (El Salvador & Malabia Sts.), find Uhla (clothing) and Datil (Jewish cuisine). Read more short reviews of restaurants in the area on this link. *- Andrea Garmendia, que ofrecía tejidos en El Salvador y Malabia y Add (anteojos de sol) en Malabia y Honduras, cerra...
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The house and the tree / La casa y el árbol / A casa e a árvore / La maison
2008-10-29 01:35:00
Photo by José María Perez Nuñez.Does anyone know their history? This unusual image is part of Palermo Viejo?s charm. Location: Scalabrini Ortíz Ave. between Cabrera and Gorriti. I hope that the house and the tree are not destroyed. Thanks, José, for the beautiful photo.*¿Alguien conoce su historia? Esta escena inusual es parte del encanto de Palermo Viejo. Ubicación: Avenida Scalabrini Ortíz entre Cabrera y Gorriti. Espero que la casa y el árbol sobrevivan a las demoliciones del barrio. Gracias, José, por la hermosa foto.*Alguém conhece a sua história? Esta imagem pouco comum faz parte do charme de Palermo Viejo. Onde fica? Na Avenida Scalabrini Ortiz entre Cabrera e Gorriti. Espero que a árvore e a casa sobrevivam às demolições do bairro. Obrigada, José, pela bela foto.*Savez-vous leur histoire? Cette scéne inhabituelle fait partie du charme de Palermo Viejo. Situé sur l?avenue Scalabrini Ortíz entre les rues Cabrera et Gorriti. J?espère que la maison et l?arbre ne sont pas détrui...
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Back to the past / Volver al pasado / Voltar ao passado / Retourner aux pas
2008-10-21 15:19:00
So here are a few photos from the antique cars exhibition from last Saturday, courtesy of Adriana, a friend who created the group Conociendo Buenos Aires con el grupo Porteña at Flickr. More pictures here. Thanks, Adri!Aquí están algunas fotos de la exhibición de autos clásicos del sábado pasado, cortesía de mi amiga Adriana, creadora del grupo ?Conociendo Buenos Aires con el grupo Porteña?, en Flickr. Más fotos aquí. Gracias, Adri.Aqui mostro algumas imagens de carros antigos fotografiados pela minha amiga Adriana, criadora do grupo ?Conociendo Buenos Aires con el grupo Porteña?, no Flickr. Mais fotos neste link. Obrigada, Adri.*Voici quelques photos de voitures anciennes pri par mon amie Adriana, creatrice du group ?Conociendo Buenos Aires con el grupo Porteña?, à Flickr. Plus d'images ici. Merci, Adri.First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends...
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Jewelry for Mother?s Day / Bijou para el Día de la Madre / Bijou para o Dia
2008-10-17 03:11:00
This Sunday we are celebrating Mother ?s Day and Atípica brings to you a few ideas. Because each piece is handmade and unique you can find that perfect necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings for your Mom. Atípica gathers a large variety of materials (sterling silver, copper, alpaca silver, textiles, pottery, semi-precious stones, pearls, glass, etc.), styles and designs. Earrings from $10 (pesos), rings from $20 and bracelets from $30.Also: jewelry boxes. HAPPY MOTHER?S DAY!*Este domingo celebramos el Día de la Madre y Atípica les acerca algunas propuestas para regalos. Como cada pieza es hecha a mano y única, podrán encontrar ese collar, anillo, pulsera o par de aros perfectos para su mamá. Atípica ofrece una gran variedad en materiales (plata, cobre, alpaca, textiles, cerámica, vitrofusión, piedras semi-preciosas, perlas, etc.), estilos y diseños. Aros desde $10 (pesos), anillos a partir de $20 y pulseras desde $30. También: cajas para guardar bijou. ¡Feliz Día de la Madre!*Neste dom...
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Antique cars parade / Caravana de autos antiguos / Caravana de carros antig
2008-10-16 02:51:00
Where / Dónde / Onde / Oú: Nicaragua & GurruchagaWhen / Cuándo / Quando / Quand: Saturday / Sábado / Samedi 18, 2:30 PMFree / Gratis / Grátis / GratuitFirst trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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Theaters / Teatros / Théâtres
2008-10-10 05:19:00
Did you know that in the city of Buenos Aires there are about 150 theaters? The theater circuit of BA is considered the largest of the world, with about 300 shows per week. The UNESCO is taking into consideration declaring our city the Capital of Spanish Language Theater, since BA is unique in this sense. Here is a list of theaters in Palermo Viejo.*¿Sabían que en Buenos Aires (capital federal, únicamente) hay cerca de 150 salas de teatro? El circuito teatral de nuestra ciudad es considerado el más amplio del mundo, con cerca de 300 espectáculos por semana. La Ciudad de Buenos Aires podría ser declarada por la UNESCO ?Capital del Teatro de habla Hispana? porque se la considera única en ese sentido. Aquí les dejo un listado de teatros de Palermo Viejo.*Vocês sabiam que em Buenos Aires (somente na capital) existem aproximadamente 150 teatros? O circuito teatral da nossa cidade é considerado o maior do mundo, com uns 300 espetáculos por semana. Buenos Aires poderia ser declarada ?Capi...
2008-09-27 01:10:00
More info here. Shana Tova!*Más info aquí. Shana Tova!*Mais informação aqui. Shana Tova!*Plus de renseignement ici. Shana Tova!First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
Color Marketing Group & Latin American Colors / y Colores Latinoamericanos
2008-09-15 02:27:00
The Color Marketing Group is the premier international association for color design professionals. Their mission is to create color forecast information for professionals who design and market color.Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of participating as a speaker in their first Latin American Regional Meeting here in BA , organized with Sherwin-Williams at Dara. My lecture was about ?Discovering the Colors of Buenos Aires and the Legacy of our Indigenous Cultures.? I talked about Palermo Viejo among other neighborhoods where the power of color is undeniable and about Atípica. The legacy of native people explains part of their spiritual world and the aesthetic sense of these cultures. Adding it to our daily life objects, we preserve an important feature of the Latin American identity. And this is part of Atípica?s mission, besides adding color to people?s homes. It was a great experience!*Color Marketing Group es la asociación internacional líder para profesionales del diseño del colo...
Portraits of Buenos Aires / Retratos de Buenos Aires / Portraits de Buenos
2008-09-05 04:03:00
A few posts ago, I mentioned that I?m part of a photography group from Flickr, called ?Porteña?. As a matter of fact, I haven?t been posting here as often as I wish, due to, I must admit, my addiction to Flickr. It turns out that we are having our first collective exhibition ?Portraits of Buenos Aires ?, at the Bar Palacio Museo Fotográfico Simik, on Federico Lacroze Ave. 3901, in Chacarita. And Palermo Viejo will be present on my photo. So, from September 4 to 30, from 8 AM to 12 AM, Mondays tru Saturdays, you can visit the photography exhibition and discover pictures of Buenos Aires by 27 photographers who love this city and enjoy the museum (it gathers a collection of antique cameras, photos, etc.), while you have a cup of coffe or a beer. I hope you like it!Hace algunos posts, mencioné que formaba parte de un grupo de fotografía de Flickr, llamado Porteña. De hecho, no estoy blogueando tan seguido como quisiera, debido a, debo admitirlo, mi adicción a Flickr. Pero resulta, al fin...
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Doors of / Puertas de / Portas de / Portes de Palermo III
2008-08-27 04:24:00
Photo courtesy by Yunus (Yedman).Door. Entrance. The first impression we have of a place. It tells a lot about the inhabitants of a house. Palermo Viejo became the home of artists, designers, writers, photographers, arquitects, and many other creative professionals, and we can try to imagine what stories lay behind each of these colorful doors and houses of the neighborhood. We can observe a variety of styles, as well, which are part of our past. What about your door?*Puerta. Entrada. La primera impresión que tenemos de un lugar. Nos dice mucho acerca de las personas que habitan la casa. Palermo Viejo se ha convertido en hogar de artistas, diseñadores, escritores, fotógrafos, arquitectos, y muchos otros profesionales creativos. Podemos tratar de imaginar qué historias se esconden detrás de cada una de estas puertas y casas coloridas del barrio, así como observar la variedad de estilos presentes, que son parte de nuestro pasado. ¿Qué nos dice tu puerta?*Porta. Entrada. A primeira imp...
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Writers and Palermo Viejo / Escritores y PV / Escritores e PV / Écrivains e
2008-08-15 04:19:00
Rayuela and the Arlt alley.Did you know that the heart of Palermo Viejo and a couple of streets were named after famous Argentine writers?Plaza Serrano, considered the center of the neighborhood, was named after Julio Cortázar, who used to live in the area.Built in 1910 for servants, the Arlt passageway was named after Roberto Arlt, who lived there at the time he used to work for the newspaper Crítica. This narrow alley reaches halfway down the block and has houses on both sides. It is not so admired as other alleys in the neighborhood.In 1996, Serrano, between Santa Fe Ave. and Honduras St., became Jorge Luis Borges. The writer lived in 2135 Serrano St. when he was a child.*El corazón de Palermo Viejo y un par de cuadras homenajean a famosos escritores argentinos.Plaza Serrano, considerada el centro del barrio, es en realidad Plaza Cortázar: resulta que Julio Cortázar vivió a metros de allí, en la calle Honduras.Construido en 1910 para la servidumbre, el pasaje Arlt, en Gurruchaga,...
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Bookstores / Librerías / Livrarias / Librairies
2008-08-02 02:23:00
Crack Up: Costa Rica 4767Eterna Cadencia: Honduras 5574La Boutique del Libro: Thames 1762Prometeo: Honduras & ArmeniaRecursos Infantiles: Jorge L. Borges 1766 (for children / para chicos / para crianças / pour les enfants).First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
Art gifts for Friendship Day / En este Día del Amigo, regalá arte! / Neste
2008-07-18 19:23:00
Dans le jour de l?amitié, choisissez de l?art pour vos amis. Variety of wall hangings, home accents and jewelry.Also check out Atípica?s items on sale. Reduced prices! Aprovechen también la liquidación de Atípica. Precios rebajados! Aproveitem também a liquidação da Atípica. Ofertas! Profitez aussi des soldes d?Atípica! El Salvador 4510. First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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Rolling flea market / Mercado de pulgas rodante / Des antiquités en roulant
2008-07-17 20:57:00
For 38 years Mr. Hugo Zeppa has been selling unusual antiques with his rolling flea market: old lanterns, pots, cameras, images of Evita, Cortazar, and many other objects. He used to stop at Av. Juan B. Justo Ave. then at Plaza Serrano, but lately we can always find him at the corner of Paraguay and Scalabrini Ortiz.Hace 38 años que Hugo Zeppa vende insólitas antigüedades en su mercadito de pulgas rodante: viejos faroles, sifones, cacharros, cámaras de fotos, imágenes de Evita, Cortázar y muchos objetos más. Solía parar en la Av. Juan B. Justo y luego en la Placita Serrano pero últimamente lo podemos encontrar siempre en la esquina de Paraguay y Scalabrini Ortíz.Faz 38 anos que Hugo Zeppa vende antiguidades nas ruas de Palermo Viejo: velhos faróis, câmeras de fotos, imagens de Evita, Cortazar e muitos outros objetos de outros tempos. Ele acostumava parar na Av. Juan B. Justo, logo na Praça Serrano . Atualmente, podemos encontrá-lo na esquina das ruas Paraguay e Scalabrini Ortiz.*Il ...
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Second interview on the radio / Segunda entrevista en la radio / Segunda en
2008-07-12 18:07:00
I was interviewed again about Web 2.0 and blogging on FM Cultura last night. Thanks, Martin.*Me entrevistaron nuevamente sobre la Web 2.0 y blogging en FM Cultura anoche. Gracias, Martin.*Fui entrevistada novamente sobre a Web 2.0 e blogging na FM Cultura ontem à noite. Obrigada, Martin.*Hier soir, j'ai été interviewé un autre fois à propos de la Web 2.0 et blogs par la radio FM Cultura. Merci, Martin!First trilingual blog about the trendiest shops, restaurants, hotels & places of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires. Get special offers & fresh finds. Trendy Palermo Viejo: because trends happen too fast for print.
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