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What's happening in Stockholm, Sweden? Pixi's personal diary. Tips, good music, design, fashion and life in the capital of Sweden.


Between Bird Cherry and Lilac Blossoms ...
2007-05-11 15:49:00
In Sweden, some people think that the time between the Bird Cherry blossoms and the blooming Lila c s is the most beautiful. Everything in nature is fresh and green and lovely and promising ... and this time is right now, the 11th of May. We have lots of nature in Sweden. And in Stockholm. And we are big fans of Mother Nature. And some people say that she, Mother Nature, is our God. Not God
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Guerilla Art - The Roundabout Dog at Ropsten
2007-05-07 01:33:00
This Roundabout Dog has been scaring the drivers at the Ropsten roundabout for some time now. His pal, they were two for some time, has disapperad. I wonder where. Probably he went to look for some nicer company ...
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Just a lazy Saturday in Stockholm ...
2007-05-06 00:40:00
Just a lazy Saturday afternoon in Stockholm . Sitting on the grass. In the park. The Berzelii park ... And the weather is becoming warmer ... Yes!
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May Day = May 1st = Labour Day in Stockholm
2007-05-01 21:23:00
Today, when I passed Humlegården, the big park in Östermalm, the Stockholm labourers where busy organizing themselves for their annual May Day Manifestation. Still going strong! ... or are they? Anyway, the Social Democratic Party is mobilizing for the next election under their new party leader Mona Sahlin. The first woman in history to lead the Swedish Labour Party. By the way, the weather is
Walpurgis Night Bonfire
2007-05-01 07:44:00
God! it was cold yesterday! Freezing cold we stood there by the bonfire trying to welcome the spring, listen to the singing and be happy. It wasn't easy, when all we wanted was to get back home ... Yesterday it was not only the birthday of our King Carl XVI Gustaf, he's now 61, it was also St. Walpurgis Eve. One of the most tradition-rich and dangerous - yes, dangerous! - times of the Swedish
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Outside Berns Salonger in Stockholm, Sweden ...
2007-04-29 19:22:00
Outside Berns Salonger in Berzelii Park the cherry trees are blooming. If you didn't know, Stockholm is a green city, or becoming green very soon. But many of our trees are not OK. At least 4000 trees are damaged in one way or another. So 21 million Sek will be set aside to replant and "renovate" our trees. But this budget will cover only 400 of them. And the elm trees will gradually disappear
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I live in the cherry tree blossoms ...
2007-04-28 15:38:00
Outside my windows the cherry trees are in full blossom. Spring is finally here to stay! In Stockholm. But the temperature is unreliable - one day you have to put on your winter coat, the next you are desperate, looking for you summer shorts. And every morning the weather report is hot stuff in the morning news ... I live in the city center. Outside my windows the cherry trees are in full bloom
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7600 Stockholmers are very busy ...
2007-04-15 20:50:00
these days. With hard work in their allotment gardens. Preparing the soil, planning what to plant - vegetables, flowers, berries and fruit trees. And growing your own early potatoes for midsummer is a luxury! Your see - we, the Stockholmers, are farmers, or gardeners, at heart. I live in the central part of Stockholm. It takes me 5 minutes by my new bicycle to Stureplan, right in the city center
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Orange Juice, the Central Station, Stockholm ...
2007-04-14 21:17:00
A dull early morning in early April at the Central Station in Stockholm . Waiting for the train to Gothenburg. I sipped my orange juice and read that the most eco-friendly transport is going by train ... : "During a one-way trip between Stockholm and Gothenburg an average car gives off an average of 44.5 kilos of carbon dioxide into the air. An entire SJ train with up to 300 passengers gives
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At Globen, there are things going on ...
2007-04-09 09:35:00
At Globe n, the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, there are things going on. Not only concerts and big sports events. Outside, people do serious business. Selling "black-market"-tickets. Hot-dogs. And earplugs ... öronproppar ...
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Lionel Richie in Stockholm!
2007-04-08 10:56:00
Lionel Rich ie at Globen, the Globe Arena, in Stock holm yesterday: "Hello, is it me you're looking for?" "Yeeessss!", we shouted. And we sang, we danced, we cried, laughed and we remebered all the romantic, happy, sad and lonely moments we've had together with Three Times A Lady, Hello, All Night Long, Endless Love, We Are The World, Say You Say Me ... all the Lionel Richie classics. We were
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Sweden - Fun Facts ... 6 million eggs ...
2007-04-06 20:35:00
Tomorrow, at Easter Eve, we Swedes will eat 6 millions of eggs, according to the Swedish Egg branch organization. During the week of Easter we eat 2,000 tons of eggs. In case you wonder what we are up to here in Stockholm, Sweden , during Easter time ...
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Happy Easter! - from Pixi in Stockholm
2007-04-05 23:13:00
Traditional Swedish East er twigs at the market, Östermalmstorg - we call them Påskris. Coloured feathers decorations on birch-twigs. And here you can read more about Swedish Easter traditions! Happy Easter - Glad Påsk, from Pixi in Stock holm , Sweden!
Stockholm - Fun Facts ...
2007-04-04 20:00:00
Do you know that there are more hairdressers in Stock holm than there are public waste-paper bins? I didn't know that, until today ...
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Stockholm, Strandvägen - late March
2007-04-03 20:53:00
On a beautiful day in March . In Stock holm , Stra ndvägen, Östermalm. In Sweden. I had an espresso at the café at Moderna Muséet, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and this was part of my view ...
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Momma - new restaurant at Södermalm!
2007-04-02 10:27:00
Restaurant Momma opened last week. Address: Renstiernas gata 30, at Södermalm, Stockholm. On the menu: Traditional Swedish food, updated and "modernized". Basic, rustic, easy-going, sometimes elegant. This is Momma. Sounds interesting! I'm a bit fed up with the international-kitchen-restaurants taking over Stockholm. Updated traditional Swedish restaurants is what we, hmm, I want!
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Therese Alshammar - Congrats!
2007-04-01 10:04:00
photo: DN There se Alshammar - the first Swedish woman to win the World Championship title - 50m butterfly. And this was yesterday, not in Stockholm, but in Melbourne! Congrats Therese! And congrats DN for this amazing picture!
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Al Gore in Stockholm!
2007-03-31 08:19:00
Yesterday afternoon Al Gore visited Stock holm at Kulturhuset, the Cultural Center at Sergels torg. To give a talk on global environmental issues. Thousands of people came. Those who didn't get at ticket, they were free by the way, stood outside, watching him broadcasted live on a huge TV screen. I was at work, and you were probably not there either. So here is an interview where mr Gore
This is how it goes ... Så här var det ...
2007-03-30 23:44:00
"This is how it goes" ... "Så här var det" ... At Karlaplan, Stockholm. The play, by Neil LaBute, at Playhouse Theatre, Sibyllegatan ...
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Spring is here in Stockholm
2007-03-29 22:41:00
and so are the tourists ... taking photos. But not of the Royal Palace. I wonder why.
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Robert Rauschenberg - at Moderna Muséet
2007-03-28 19:54:00
Rauschenbergs Combines ... this afternoon I went to the exhibition at Modern a Muséet, the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Stockholm. I love Robe rt Rauschenberg and his art. Always done it and Rauschenberg has a long history with Sweden, Moderna Muséet and Pontus Hultén, the director in the 60's. Why isn't the art life in Stockholm as open and unpretentious and FUN today 2007 as it was in New York
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Bike Skeppshult! Did I tell you?
2007-03-27 21:49:00
Did I tell you of my new bike? Here it is ... a brand new Swedish made Skeppshult Nova bicycle! I bought it at Cykloteket at Norra Station in Stockholm last Saturday. I think I was in the store for about two hours trying different bikes, looking at the latest bike-gear, discussing pro's and con's with the guy helping me around. At last I made up my mind. I went for this Nova Skeppshult!
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Bob Dylan - in Stockholm!
2007-03-26 10:37:00
This guy I know made a profit. On Bob Dylan . After a sleepless night outside in the cold street queuing for tickets to Bob Dylan's concert at Debaser at Medborgarplatsen in Stock holm tomorrow Tuesday, he got hold of 4 tickets. Kept one for himself and sold the others. Net profit 3 x 4200 Sek = 12 600 Sek. Lucky him! Yes, Bob Dylan is touring Sweden - Stockholm March 27 at Debaser, March 28 at
Recipe - Swedish Waffles
2007-03-25 11:25:00
Today March 25 is "the" Våffeldagen in Sweden - the official Waffle Day. Actually , it is the Feast of the Annunciation, or Lady Day, nine months to the day before Christmas. The very day the Archangel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary that she was pregnant. And today we eat tons of Waffles. Don't ask me what the Annunciation really has to do with Waffles, but waffles we eat! Heart-shaped, crisp,
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Sweden Time - Summer (Daylight Savings) Time
2007-03-25 08:50:00
This night everybody had to do it. At 2 o'clock in the morning. And that was everybody! Everybody in Stockholm and in Sweden - and in Europe! We had to shift to Summer Time ... But, as always, we didn't seem to remember - is it one hour forward or one hour back? And the answer is as always - 1 hour forward! 2 o'clock becomes 3 o'clock and we get ligheter evenings and darker mornings. I always
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Art - Edholm & Rehnberg at Millesgården
2007-03-24 22:38:00
I went to an opening today. The Ann Edholm & Håkan Rehnberg exhibition at Millesgården, Carl Milles studio museum in Lidingö, the island just by Stockholm. Ann Edholm shows gigantic intellectualized paintings, Håkan Rehnberg strict geometrical sculptures and subtle coloured sheets of paintings. But too much thinking to get into their art in my opinion, not much feelings expressed. But as
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H&M - Design by Madonna
2007-03-23 23:22:00
Photo: Erich Stering / DN At 10 o'clock this morning H&M at Hamngatan in Stockholm opened the doors. People had been queuing for hours, girls had skipped school, to grab one of 10 trenchcoats signed by Madonna . And to be the first to buy the Desi gn ed by Madonna-collection launched today. Although this collection is bigger and not as exclusive as the ones Stella McCartney and Victor & Rolf did
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2007-03-22 08:36:00
Hello and welcome to my diary from Stockholm, Sweden! Part of Stockholm Travel, an Insider's Travel Guide to my city, Stockholm. Here you'll find my personal news and tips on what's going on. Hope you'll enjoy it!
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