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Our Journey
Follow our 1200 kilometre walk, across Europe, from Southern Germany to South East England, and hear about the people we meet on the way.
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Should I do something with this experience?
2007-08-25 13:55:00
I know I promised to write about a couple of things that we encountered on the walk but never did. When the walk was finished I just wanted to put it out of my mind. I have no idea why I did not want to embrace the success. It seems it needed some time and now I am proud as punch about our achievement! Maybe I will fire of a couple more emails about the inconsistancy of wireless access, toilet paper and public right of way accross Europe!But back to the question of what will I do with the experience. I think I wrote about it before; when I was younger I never let myself be stopped by any kind of barrier or hurdle. I was so good at the 'head down and go through anything' thing. The walk showed me that I have not lost it and on top of that I have got fantastic support in Gary to do ANYTHING (he is very indulgend!)Here is my new project where I will need some of that grit and determination to get up and do stuff to get a little closer to my goal every day.
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Sad news
2007-08-25 13:49:00
Gary's mum Lily died in July. Her bravery and encouragement when we were away is a great lesson for us. We miss her very much and the memory of this walk will be dedicated to her.
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Es ist vorbei
2007-06-08 13:36:00
Auch mein Dank geht an Alle die uns auf unserer Reise unterstuetzt haben. Eure ‘hits’, Kommentare und E-mails haben uns immer gerade zum richtigen Zeitpunkt erreicht, genau dann wenn wir es gebraucht haben. Die letzten zwei Tage seit dem wir daheim angekommen sind, sind etwas verwischt. Gary und ich hatten Schwierigkeiten gerade zu denken und vollstaendige Saetze herauszubringen war auch nicht einfach. Heute ist alles etwas besser und wir scheinen uns zu erholen. Ich bin sehr dankbar das Gary und ich diese Reise zusammen so solide ueberstanden haben. Wir sind noch verheiratet, reden immer noch miteinander und hatten auch in der letzten Woche noch Gespraechsstoff beim Abendessen. Es hat sich gut abgewechselt wer schneller laufen konnte und weniger Schmerzen hatte und die Person hat dann auf den anderen aufgepasst. Unser Code ‘Wie geht es dir aus 10’ hat bis (fast) zum Schluss gut geklappt. 1 ist ‘mir geht es super und nix tut weh’ und 10 ist ‘ich kann keinen einzigen ...
It is over
2007-06-08 13:35:00
My thanks to everybody who supported us on this journey. Your hits on our blog, comments and e-mails always came at the right time, just when we needed a boost. The last two days since we have arrived home have been a bit of a blur. Gary and I have had difficulties to think straight and even forming whole sentences has been a challenge.Today everything is much easier and we seem to be recovering. I am so grateful that Gary and I have survived this journey together. We are still married, still talk to each other and even during the last week we had stuff to chat about over dinner. We took turns in who could walk faster and was in less pain and that person simply looked after the other. Our code of ‘How are you out of 10’ worked well until (nearly) the end. 1 is ‘I am feeling great, nothing is hurting’ and 10 is ‘I can not walk another step, I am really hurting badly’ We had the same rhythm and Gary always managed to cheer me up when I needed it. What helped us...
Thank you
2007-06-07 17:11:00
Late on Tuesday I bashed out a quick entry to tell everyone that we were home. My intention was to write something more substantial the following day. But whatever had kept us going for the previous 39 days ran out and yesterday we just did not feel capable of doing anything that required energy or clarity of thought. On our walking days, we always had a target location to walk to. It was rarely an easy target and when we reached it, we generally felt that we could not walk another step. Manageable aches and pains and general tiredness all seemed to increase with proximity to our destination. Such seems to be the psychology of achieving difficult goals. Reaching our ultimate goal seems to have had the same effect, increased by an order or two of magnitude. Whilst the journey was a wonderful and fun experience, getting up day after day at 7:30, excepting the 3 rest days, knowing that one is going to face a physical challenge, eventually takes its toll. I had thought that I would...
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Day 39 – 44 km walked – Total of 842 km walked – Home
2007-06-06 01:24:00
A short entry for the time being to say that we are home - we'll do fuller update tomorrow when we begin our recovery. Do we need it - hell yes we do.The closer we got to home, the more difficult it became to stop walking and find somewhere to sleep - the desire to get home was just too strong and we ended up walking 44 Km. The imperially inclined can do the maths and find that it is just over a standard marathon - with 13 Kg rucksucks of course."Do you think you can walk another 10Km or so, with that pain?""I can try".We started at 9 am this morning and got home around 9:30 pm this evening. We are tired, in good spirits and our feet hurt. A few beers and a little wine has been consumed but now it is time for bed.Thank you to you all for your support.Musical choices and reflection to follow
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Day 38 – 25 km walked – Total of 798 km walked – Lenham
2007-06-04 22:31:00
After yesterday's very hilly walk, we woke up a little stiffer than we were used to in Belgium. All in a days work for a walker not to look like an old age pensioner when getting up from breakfast. Breakfast needs a special mention today. After 36 days of Continental breakfasts with endless reams of bread rolls, ham and cheese and yesterday's said B&B which did not instill enough confidence in us to go for the full Monty (wise decision as we ended up with hard boiled poached eggs on toast) we went for it today. Lovely sausage and Internet connection, what else does a girl need in the morning :) A special prize goes to Dem who was the only reader who spotted Gary's deliberate mistake of mixing up the North Downs with the South Downs. Just checking that you are all paying attention! Either nobody else is reading or you are not PAYING ATTENTION!! To be truthful – we sometimes find it difficult to make the verbal difference between East and West. Yes, yes, we know we are walking ...
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Day 37 – 26 Km walked today – 773 Km walked in total - Wye
2007-06-04 09:13:00
I'm really proud of us today. Despite being on the way home, we were at a low relatively low ebb yesterday evening. In part, this was because we lost our rythtmn but perhaps more because we had come so far but some old physical concerns made us doubt whether we could finish it off. But today was a new day and we walked 26Km up hill, down hill, up hill...and so on. It felt more like 30Km and was certainly more strenuous than that distance in the flatness of Belgium. And the scenery was wonderful. We started out, as we ended yesterday, on the South Downs Way and what a contrast to Belgium. I will not day that we didn't notice the hills but we certainly didn't mind them, given the rewards. But after lunch, a minor wrong turn found us on the Pilgrim's Way. These days, the South Downs Way is better for walkers, as the a lot of the Pilgrim's Way is tarmac. But on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the tarmac was quiet and it was a special feeling to walk where so many feet had walked before...
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Day 36 – 14 Km walked today – 747 Km walked in total (need to check)
2007-06-02 09:10:00
This was an odd sort of day. We started it in the beautiful city of Bruges and ended it in a bottom of the range Bed and Breakfast in Folkestone, sitting in our tiny room, eating takeaway Chinese food from a carton with a plastic fork. In between we had very mixed emotions. Forced to take more public transport than we would have liked, we were keen to walk. But somehow, the day of rest plus the non-walking transport, got us out of our rhythm. Nonetheless, we were determined and started walking pretty late in the day by recent standards – 3pm. And the walk was a real, welcome back to England wake-up call, after the flatness of Belgium. We climbed and climbed until we reached the top of the famous white cliffs. After that, we enjoyed a glorious, but hilly, walk along the coast to Folkestone, when our stamina ran out around 7pm and we started to hurt badly in old and new places. So it was any port in a storm...but preferably Folkestone. But it was good to be back in England and...
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2007-06-01 22:56:00
There are a number of reasons why we chose the slightly longer route via Ostend, rather than drop down to Calais. Two of those reasons were Leuven and Bruges. A decision that seemed to be completely vindicated by our thoroughly enjoyable stays in each place. Tomorrow, went our perfect plan, we would walk our last 20 Kilometres in Belgium, take the ferry from Ostend and begin our walk up the North Downs Way from Dover. Unfortunately, however, it turns out that the fast ferry from Ostend to Dover is no more. Actually, we knew this yesterday but were unfazed because there is a ferry to Ramsgate. Our only decision then, was whether to walk from Ramsgate, probably via Canterbury, or whether to get a train to Dover and stick to the original route. But when we looked at booking today, it turns out that although the Ferry takes car and motorbike passengers, it does not take foot passengers. At first, I thought this was quite funny but as the evening progressed, I became more and more piss...
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Day 35 Day of Rest - Bruges
2007-05-31 21:14:00
An early investigation shows that Bruges is littered with Belgian chocolate shops.........................
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Day 34 – 20 km walked – Total of 733 km walked – Bruges
2007-05-31 21:02:00
The last hour of yesterday's walk was one of two very brief times on this trip when I truly did not enjoy our journey. We had to walk on a narrow but busy road - drivers seemed to have little regard for us and cut it very fine, leaving dangerously little room when passing. Also a very strong wind had come up and we had to walk under some fragile looking trees - and my foot was hurting. When we eventually got to the only hotel in the area, we had to make such an inconvenient detour for, it was not exactly the Ritz. This morning everything looked different again, with a blue sky and the sun was shining (we have been incredibly lucky with the weather – for the last week it has only rained just after we reached our hotel for the day or at night). We quickly found a very pleasant off road cycling way that would take us back to the Ghent – Bruges canal. In fact today was the most pleasant walk we have completed since we entered Belgium. The canal was lined by mature trees and fi...
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Scientific research continues
2007-05-30 21:09:00
I have some good news and some bad news.My research confirms that Chimay trappist beer is truly one of the world's primier beers.Unfortunately, however, I have unable to determine whether "red label" at 7% or "blue label" at 9% is the best manifestation of this wonderful brew.Rest assured, I will continue to pursue my investigation with renewed vigour, knowing we have but a few days left country....and gawd bless all who sail in her...hic
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Day 33 – 23 km walked –total walked of 713 km – Aalter
2007-05-30 20:27:00
I ended yesterday's entry with the words “it is now just two relatively short walks to get to Bruges”.I hadn't measured it out myself and probably should have written: Doris tells me it is now just two relatively short walks to Bruges. The key word here, as Doris pointed out when I asked her, is “relatively”.Less than 30Km each she now informs me. As you can see, today was over 20Km and tomorrow's walking into Bruges is at leat 25Km. Actually, today's walk would have been slightly shorter, had we not had to take a long detour away from our route to get to our hotel. The hotel is, by the way, is pleasantly situated within hearing distance of a busy ring-road and has air conditioning that periodically leaps into action with all the subtlety of a Concorde taking off. It could be an interesting night and I might have to foresake my intended sobriety for some of that special Belgian sleeping potion. The walk itself was a pleasant one along the banks of the canal that ru...
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Day 32 – 22 km walked –total walked of 690 km – Ghent
2007-05-29 22:07:00
Today was cold and windy – the first time that we have experienced those conditions. Now, Doris had laughed at me for bringing a woolly hat and gloves. But there is nothing laughable about cold ears or hands and it was she who felt the biting wind first and was quick to take advantage of my prescient purchases, hitherto carried for 31 unused days. But it was not much longer before my ears began to suffer, the wind whistled through my missing tooth, and I needed to get creative with my cap. This made Doris dissolve into giggles, only surpassed when I remembered that my wind-stopper jacket has a hood for this very purpose. I will admit that it is not my best look but is was very effective and enabled us both to carry on toastily. Ghent is a sprawling conurbation, so for the only the second time on this journey, we decided to skip the walk the purist walk into the centre and enjoyed the luxury of train transport for a couple of stops. You may recall that, after Würzbu...
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Day 31 – 19 km walked –total walked of 668 km – Dendermonde
2007-05-28 21:52:00
As we have already said, our choice of destinations is now driven by where we can get accommodation rather than what seems to be a sensible walking target. We booked this evening's accommodation two days ago, at the same time as we booked last night's in Bornem. Incidentally, although last night's hotel was delightful, there was, unfortunately, a market on the square the next day and we woken early by hosiery and cheese which arrived around 5:30 am. Today's walk was shorter than originally estimated, once we had taken Doris's famous “straight-cuts”, and we arrived in Dendermonde at around 14:00, having previously informed the owners that we would be there around 16:00. Not usually an issue but, on this occasion, it could have been, as we were staying in a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel. Concerns increased as the tail end of our walk took us through endless industrial landscapes, into a place that turned out to be a lot bigger than we realised. Well researched a...
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Day 30 – 20 km walked –total walked of 649 km – Bornem
2007-05-27 21:16:00
Today we had a choice: walk around 30 Km, or more, on reasonably attractive but indirect cycle ways or walk 20 Km on a cycle way that tracks the main road. Having walked 30 Km yesterday, we opted for the latter. It was physically less taxing than the first option but, in the past, we have found that the predominantly road based walking seems to take more out of us mentally – today was no different. It did, however, have the virtue of getting us to our destination just after 15:00, in plenty of time for a much needed siesta. Our hotel is small but has a very large and staggeringly busy restaurant. Emboldened by this, I asked for all local options and ended up with a slightly off tasting beer, brewed in this very town, and eel in a thick spinach sauce. The latter was good but will not be racing to the top of my all time list. As for the beer, I do wonder if it was not quite right or, perhaps, I have finally met a beer I didn't like very much – quite a shocker, especially in Belg...
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Day 29 - postscript
2007-05-26 23:29:00
I have woken up briefly, to report that travel and accommodation in Belgium continues to frustrate us. After days of straight roads, cycle ways and canals, we find that there is not direct-ish route west towards Ghent. Instead, we are going to have to take a meandering route that goes north then back again south. This would be fine if we knew that we were going to be enjoying glorious scenery and pleasant walking but, unfortunately, we know that it will be compromises made up of cycle ways and roads. The temptation to jump on a train has never been greater. Nonetheless, we both want to complete the journey on foot, so will stick at it, at least for the time being, accepting that for now, the pleasure of travelling is being replaced by the pleasure of arriving.
Day 29 – 29 km walked – a total of 629 km – Mechelen
2007-05-26 22:05:00
It is Saturday night, 9pm and Gary has just fallen asleep – oh we do lead an exciting life!!! We are getting tired - not necessarily physically but more mentally. No, we are not in bad spirits - quite the opposite but to do this walk we had to adapt our lives to a completely new routine and have found that we need to go with the daily flow to keep ourselves sane. We had agreed to meet up with friends and family before the walk - we also had this idea of pre-arranging private accommodation with kind people. But it turned out that we needed to be fairly selfish and single minded to do what we are doing. We needed to listen to our bodies, see what the terrain asked of us and adapt the length of our walk accordingly. We tend not to think ahead more than a day, as it seems that we can not cope with much more. My apologies to everybody we did not meet and the nearly forgotten 40th birthday of my brother-in-law Tony. Happy birthday again!!!!!! Since Belgium and finding accommodation i...
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Day 28 – 19 Km walked today – total walked of 600 Km - Leuven
2007-05-25 22:14:00
Eagle-eyed observers may have noticed that the delights of Chimay Dubbel caused me to mistype yesterday's total walked which I have now corrected to 581 Km. Spookily, today's walk of 19 Km makes our total walked to a round 600 Km, with no cheating or rounding up. With no marked cycle ways to Leuven, we decided that today was about “getting the job done.” Originally, we intended to try to navigate from village to village, on back roads. But starting out in rain and missing the cycle way out of town, we found ourselves on a 19 Km, dead straight, flat, road to Leuven – respect to the Romans who did a lot of stuff around here – nice one boys. By the way, it is not just the roads that are straight – have a look at this cycle way from yesterday. The previous night Doris had done her usual bargain hunting and come up with an amazing deal on a hotel in Leuven. Also, as I had spent some time working in Leuven a long time ago, I knew it was a nice place unless the bulld...
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Day 27 – 23 km walked today – total walked of 581 km - Tienen
2007-05-24 23:09:00
Today was a lesson in relativity. After a joyless day, yesterday, I woke this morning wondering how many such days I could tolerate before concluding that this was not what our journey was about, jumping on a train to Oostend and completing the last few days in England. As it turned out, we cracked Belgium's enigma code – to a point – and had good day that ended in a pleasing swell of Chianti and Chimay. After 5 days in Belgium, buying walking maps that didn't show footpaths, we acquired a map that showed the various cycle routes. The secret to the routes, it turned out, was that the numbers on the sign-posts that we saw littered across the county are not route numbers but destinations – like a bizarre topographical Chinese Takeaway, designed to save a couple of bytes, destinations are referred to as numbers, not words. Equipped with the code, it was easy to navigate. So today, we navigated along pleasant walkways – well cycle-ways really – having to consult neither ...
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Day 26 – 20 km walked – a total of 558 km - St. Truiden
2007-05-23 22:38:00
We did not exactly fight over who would write this blog because we both felt we might end up writing an angry tirade about the lack of signed walk ways or at least reliable walking maps in Belgium. If you ever wondered what the Romans did for the Belgians, have a look at the map and the road between Tongeres and St. Truiden. It is straight and busy and we ended up walking most of it today. We tried once to venture off to walk between quiet fruit trees but ended up at a dead end where a river blocked our way and the only option left was to retrace our steps. Gary was a trooper, he had not slept well last night and his rucksack felt incredibly heavy this morning. He could not get comfortable and ended up with back ache. But he just walked on and on and eventually we made it. He cheered up when we realised that due to the Champions League Final, the town had organised a Ladies shopping evening. We have never seen that many women all dressed up, lingering in a town center. The weath...
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Day 25 – 29 Km walked today, making an overall total of 538 Km - Tongeren
2007-05-22 22:29:00
A mixed day in terms of both weather and walking. This morning was warm and misty, before clearing up to give us blazing sunshine around lunchtime, followed by a humid afternoon of thunderstorms and rain. Walking was just as mixed. This morning we knocked out the kilometres, crossing the river Muese, just south of Maastricht, around lunchtime. But then things went a bit wobbly. Having crossed the Muese, a very wide river, we still had to cross the Albert Canal, which runs parallel and is just as wide. We had two choices. Either walk south a couple of kilometres to the bridge marked on the cycle route and then trudge north again. Or clamber up a slope to the road bridge which would take us a more direct route when we arrived at the other side. We chose the latter. Whether the alternative would have been any better, we will never know but we soon found that our chosen route did not, in fact, offer us a direct route east. Instead, we had to head north, to get over a mighty hill and t...
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Day 24 – 22km walked – that makes a total of 509 km - Saint Martins Vo
2007-05-22 19:04:00
As Gary mentioned yesterday – due to lack of hotel choices we had to walk south *gasp* and go back north today. Luckily, we found that they do have marked walk ways in Belgium – they do not co-ordinate with my map of the area but we picked up a really pleasant walk past Plombiere and after about 3 hours walking, we were back on track going slightly north and mainly west. We followed a route marked with a red and white sign through some picturesque scenery until it abruptly ended between a broken bridge and barb-wired fields in the middle of nowhere. As going back is not an option for us, we opted for trespassing and immediately faced a man who claimed he only spoke Dutch even though we were in Belgium. He mentioned the word 'privee' several times (in French??) which we duly ignored. I whipped out the map and with my biggest smile asked him to point us in the right direction. It took us about 10 minutes of uphill walking (a big feature of today) to get back on track. L...
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Day 23 – 22 Kilometres walked today – total walked:487 Kilometres – K
2007-05-22 18:43:00
After just over three weeks in Germany, early this afternoon we crossed over the border into Belgium. We went via a very popular tourist destination where the borders of Germany, Holland and Belgium all meet at a single point. Actually, there is nothing much to see, except a post in the ground representing the exact spot. The lack of much else did not, however, stop swarms of people coming to the slightly naff cafés and gift shops. Below is a picture of people milling around the very spot. I do have a picture of the cafés and gift shops, to prove that they exist, but it is slightly less exciting than the picture below, so I'll spare you the bandwidth. We then descended the hill into Belgium, not intending to walk too far today, having already managed to get past the rather large conurbation which is Aachen, with the help of an 8 minute train ride to avoid the worst of the street slogging (or so we thought). Alas things didn't go quite as planned. We decided to walk all ...
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Day 4 – 26 Kilometres : Total so far 100 Kilometres
2007-05-02 13:45:00
Doris has already covered most our our day and, in particular, the surprise visit of Gisela, Toni, Juliana and Felix which was a real treat.Here are some other random thoughts on our journey so far.Every day seems to begin and end the same way – limping. More often than not, this is due to stiffness and minor tweaks that are soon walked off. Last night at dinner, Doris commented that she “had lost control of her feet”. I wonder whether it will ever be thus? And have to admit to a certain satisfaction in this “badge of honour” of a tough day, soon shaken off.My troublesome tendons may or may not turn out to be more serious. Doris said not to mention them but I feel that an update is necessary. As we are now only occasionally on-line, I feel like a war zone hostage or Big Brother participant, unaware of what the public at large or the tabloid press are saying about by Archilles Tendons. I feel the need to put my side of the story.In short, today was tough. I really didn't ...
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Day 3 – Feet Don't Fail Me Now
2007-04-30 19:01:00
Today was a day that my feet decided to reject the rest of my body. Buoyed up by our achievements of the previous two days, we had no hesitation in taking on a walk of 22 kilometres through endless rolling countryside and lovely Franken villages, that would end in the beautiful old town of Wertheim. Unfortunately, after about 18 Kilometres, my feet felt as if they had been cooked in a deep fat fryer. Everything from my ankles down hurt like hell, all in subtlety different ways.Top of the list were my always troublesome Archilles Tendons. I always knew, from my previous experience, that they could be my biggest physical challenge and could turn out to Archillies Heel. After two trouble free days, they decided to remind me of their existence. With immense patience and encouragement form Doris, I managed to hobble a few Kilometres, before taking a break to have a serious think, some 4 kilometres from our destination. A rest and a change of footwear rejuvenated me but the...
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Day 2 – Urban Hill Climb
2007-04-29 18:59:00
We are tired – really tired.Most of this morning and early afternoon was spent negotiating our way through the urban landscape of Wuertzburg. Now, as urban landscapes go, Wuertzburg is pretty good, well beautiful actually, but when you want to get up a hill and all of the streets run across rather than up, then it can be a tad frustrating. So this morning was spent pounding pavements, with many wrong turns, mostly up hill. The early part of this afternoon was tracking dual carriageways, that even in Wuertzburg are not very pretty, to try to escape the city. Eventually we managed to hit greenery, weaving our way through hillside after hillside of vineyards.Then, having started at 8:30 and achieved out target distance by 14:30 we had a difficult choice. The next village likely to have accommodation was nearly another 10 kilometres away - way beyond what we should be trying it achieve on our second day, in temperatures still around 30 degrees Celsius. After a long hard think, not fue...
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Day 1 - Generosity
2007-04-28 18:46:00
As we were let down by a connectivity provider, we do not have a regular connection to the Internet. We are, therefore, going to be reliant on wireless hotspots and friendly people that we meet, to be able to make future posts. Consequently, this and future posts are likely to lag behind events and be batched up, with multiple days in single posts.We have completed our first day. We set off at 8:30, arriving at our destination of Bergtheim around 16:00, having walked 22 Kilometres on a hot cloudless day, in temperatures that nudged above 30 degrees Celsius. We are both really proud of ourselves. Self-doubt about our ability to cope has not been vanquished but it has certainly had a poke in the eye. Doing it day after day is, of course, another matter but now we know we can walk that sort of distance,on a hot day, carrying over 12 Kilograms and that was a big hurdle to clear.It was tough but we coped well. Tomorrow may well turn out to be tougher, as we will start with the aches and ...
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Reality bites
2007-04-27 14:12:00
Tomorrow will be the first day of our walk. It arrives with two sobering pieces of reality. The first is the weight of our fully packed rucksacks. Although Doris's is slightly smaller in terms of volume, our respective packs both come in at just over 11 Kilograms. For the Americans and older Brits, that is a shade over 24 pounds, or 1.7 Stones. Gulp! I have to admit to mild panic when I first discovered this. Since then, I have been engaging in what I believe is known as “self-talk”, telling myself that it doesn't feel too bad, as I stride manfully between train, 'plane, escalator and car. But tomorrow there will be no train, 'plane, escalator or car – just Shanks's Pony. Add to this, the fact that our first offered accommodation is something like 25 kilometres away - more than our average target daily of 20 kilometres. Doris has gotten royally sick of me bleating on about how we are not fit and that we need to use the early part of the journey to get fit. I am sorry...
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