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Madden NFL 08
2007-05-24 21:05:00
Featuring Ozzy Osbourne. Not as a player :D but his current song " I don't wanna stop" is one of the EAtraX you can hear in the game. EA'll give further details next week, let's see.
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Sin City - the game?
2007-05-24 14:46:00
Redmile Entertainment saved the rights for Sin City games, the publisher is able to develop several games based on Frank Miller's popular comics."Sin City has a wide community, the crime-noir scenery, the hyperreal actionscenes and the detailed characters are a remarkable basis for videogames", said Chester Aldridge ( Redmile Entertainment )
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Colin McRae: Dirt
2007-05-24 14:32:00
The new demo of the visual wonder Colin McRae : Dirt is available.The 830mb file contains 3 Cars, 3 Tracks and 3 different race types.Codemasters newest game uses the Neon engine for awesome FX. Welcome to reality.U can download the game here
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Rayman Ravin Rabbids 2
2007-05-23 19:47:00
The french developer Ubisoft announced the follower of their popular minigames collection "Rayman Ravi ng Rabbi ts" within the Ubidays in Paris. Further details and release platforms are still unknown.
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Duke Nukem Forever
2007-05-23 17:25:00
3DRealms, the developer of Duke Nuke mFore ver is looking for a programmer, due to that the company released a 2nd screenshot of the current engine. The shot is directly out of the game, the level's a black box to focus the view on the model.
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Heated keyboard
2007-05-23 17:15:00
ToolTopia offers a heated keyboard from V8 Tools for cold gamerfingers. There are 3 different levels: Off, natural handtemperature and Bodytemperature.The device is connected over an USB port, powered by a powerplug and costs 44$.If you want to buy one of these very useful gadgets, do it here
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Need for Speed 11
2007-05-23 15:10:00
Need for Speed 11 is coming.The first teaser is available, including a mazda RX7 and it's way to wasteyard: maybe the latest part of the popular NFS series contains a realtime damageengine for the cars - finally.Anyway, I'm curious about it :D
E.T.: Quake Wars Release shifted
2007-05-22 20:41:00
Tactical like BF2, rapid like Quake 4: that's how Enemy Territory Quakewars shall be. Unfortunately, the development isn't rapid, too; the fans have to wait longer once again. The US dealer Gametop acquainted that the release of Splash Damage's masterpieces will be shifted from June to beginning of July.
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Second Life gets better graphics
2007-05-22 17:45:00
Linden Lab, the developers of Second Life want to give their simulation a new look. Due to that, they bought 2 new graphic technologies: Windlight and Nimble.Both products are created by Windward Mark Interactive and provide more realistic illumination and clouds.
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The Sims Pet Stories
2007-05-22 17:23:00
~1 month before release, the first screenshots for the standalone Sims game "Pet Stories " are available. You can play as Alice who needs to win the local Dog Show competition (and the large cash prize) with her loveable dog Sam in order to save her house. Or follow Stephen, an executive chef whose highly predictable life is thrown into chaos when he’s forced to take care of his cousin’s spoiled cat, Diva.The release is 21th june.Screenshots are here
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Hitman film adaption - this year
2007-05-22 16:59:00
There'll be a film adaption of popular killersim Hitman - already this year!The shooting began yet 2 months ago in the bulgarian city Sofia.The bald killer played by Timothy Olyphant ( Deadwood, Die Hard 4.0 ) has to fight against M:I 2 villain Dougray Scott.Director of the movie is Xavier Gens, the release is fall 2007- Are 6 months for shooting, postproduction and promotion enough? Hitman is a good basis for an awesome movie, but the production time is too short. We'll see.
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Magic Mouse - the future of computer control
2007-05-22 15:02:00
5 WPI undergraduates designed a 3D computer mouse you wear as a ring on one of your fingers. The Magic Mouse on the basis of ultrasonic allows 3-Dimensional Computer Navigation: You can move the cursor by moving the ring-wearing finger, if you want to zoom just move your hand closer to the screen.For detecting the fingermovement, the GPS technique is used: time difference of arrival (TDOA). Every 16 milliseconds, five receivers detect ultrasound waves emitted by a transmitter worn on the finger. Differences in the time it takes the sound waves to reach the receivers are translated into the distance between the transmitter and each receiver. The students wrote a software which computes this operation.Surprisingly, the complex device uses the Plug&Play technology, no drivers are needed.Maybe in a few years we can play our games using this nice gadget.
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